5 Paragraph Essay Outline Worksheet

5 Paragraph Essay Outline Worksheet

A 5 paragraph essay outline worksheet can be defined as a template that enables students to follow a standard structure in writing a five paragraph essay while staying on the topic. The five paragraph essay is a classic format for most compositions. Although this is not the only format that is used in writing essays, it is an important model that you should have in mind especially while starting to develop your essay writing skills.

Creating an outline worksheet for your five paragraph essay will benefit you especially if writing essays gives you headache. In some cases, your teacher or lecturer will demand that you present your arguments using five paragraphs. In that case, you should come up with this outline before you continue writing your essay.

Formatting a 5 paragraph essay outline worksheet

It is not a must that you come up with a diagram outline. You can use word processor or a paper and a pen to format or to create your outline worksheet. There are also outline generators online that you can use to create your outline for a five paragraph essay. However, the most important thing is to come up with an outline worksheet that makes sense and one that you can use while writing your five paragraph essay. Therefore, strive to create an outline that enables you to write an awesome five paragraph essay using the right information or components.

Components of an outline worksheet for a 5 paragraph essay

  1. Topic

You need a topic to write a five paragraph essay. Your instructor might give you a topic to write on or specify the parameters of the subject. Follow the specified instructions while choosing the topic for your essay.

  1. Thesis statement

On the basis of your stance towards the topic, come up with a thesis statement that will act as the controlling idea of your essay. Every sentence and paragraph in the essay should be tied to your thesis statement.

  1. Arguments

You need three arguments that will underscore your stated thesis statement in the essay. Each argument will have a paragraph of its own in the essay.

  1. Topic sentences

A topic sentence is the major point or assertion that will be covered or addressed in a paragraph. Each body paragraph of a five paragraph essay should have a topic sentence at the beginning.

  1. Supporting ideas

Each argument should have supporting ideas. These can be facts, data, or quotes. The arguments and their supporting ideas should be aimed at substantiating your thesis statement.

  1. Hook

You need a hook for the introduction so that it can capture the attention of the readers. It is advisable that you develop your hook after the other elements or sections because you will have known what you will include in your essay.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion should restate the stated thesis statement in different words. It should also give the essay a good sense of completion by including your closing thoughts.

Example of a 5 paragraph essay outline worksheet

Title: Movie going hazards

  1. Introduction
  1. Introductory statement
  2. Thesis statement: Though I am a fan of movies, I like watching movies at home.
  1. Body
  1. Topic sentence of the first argument (First body paragraph): Visiting the theater is a process with its difficulties.
  2. Poor weather
  3. Limited parking and long drive
  4. Queuing to purchase a ticket for a long time
  5. Topic sentence for the second argument (Second body paragraph): The theater is a problem itself.
  6. Problems of an old theater including worn-out seat and smelly carpet.
  7. Problems of new theaters including noise from other movie theaters and small size.
  8. Rubber-like and dirty floors especially towards the end of a movie.
  • Topic sentence for the third argument (third body paragraph): Some patrons in the movie theaters are annoying.
  1. Bad behaviors include talking loudly and running in the theater.
  2. Disturbances and human noise.
  1. Conclusion
  1. Closing statement
  2. Restate thesis statement: I like watching movies at the comfort of my home because it is safe and clean.

Example of an essay written using this 5 paragraph essay outline worksheet


I am a fan of movies. My friends know about characters in different movies and their roles by asking me. However, some of my friends no longer ask me to accompany them while going to watch movies in theaters. Though I am a fan of movies, I like watching movies at home because visiting the theater is a problem, theaters themselves are problematic and some patrons behave badly.


Visiting the theater is a process with its own difficulties. Sometimes, the weather is rainy, cold or humid. The highway is also congested some days and on arrival, you have to look for a space to park your car. Additionally, you have to queue to buy a ticket, not mentioning the fact that you might miss a seat in the theater.

After making it to a box office and purchasing tickets, you still have to face the problematic theater. If you visited an old theater, you have to adjust to a musty smell and escaped springs that lurk in cracked leather or faded plush seats. With most theaters occupying small spaces, you have to bear with the noise from the adjacent theaters. The noise is very loud especially if the movies in the next theaters involve a karate war or racing cars. And for both new and old theaters, the floors appear to have rubber cement coating. Towards the end of the movie, your shoes will almost be pried off from the floor because the compound that spill from soda as well as crushed Ju-Jubes and hardened bubble gum becomes sealed on them.

Some patrons in the movie theaters are annoying. Kids keep moving along the aisles of the theater in giggling packs. There are also teenagers who attempt to impress their colleagues by whistling, talking and making hilarious noises. Some adults behave like they are watching a movie in their homes by commenting loudly about the stars in a movie while others try to give reasons why the stars are no longer good. There are also people crinkling candy wrappers, dropping crushed ice or popcorn tubs on the theater’s floor. Others burp and cough endlessly while some stand frequently moving to the wash rooms repeatedly.


It was after my arrival back home from a movie theater that I made a decision not to be going to the movie theaters. The problems of getting to the movie theater and those of the theaters as well as the people in them were tiring. In the day that followed, I had a cable television service installed at home. Although I may watch movies after other people have already watched them, I like watching movies at the comfort of my home because it is safe and clean. I am more relaxed watching movies at home without disturbances from other people.

Additional tips for creating and using a 5 paragraph essay outline workout

  • Include all components of the introduction

Including all the necessary components of an introductory paragraph of a 5 paragraph essay in your outline worksheet especially a thesis statement is very important. A thesis acts like a mini-outline that tells readers what your essay is all about. Also include a grabber or hook and background information to capture the interest of your readers.

  • Organize your arguments properly

After the introduction, the body section should start with a paragraph that presents the strongest argument. It should also be tied to the transition that is included in the introductory paragraph. The body should also have supporting ideas linked to the main argument or thesis statement properly. A transitional hook should be included at the end of each paragraph. All arguments should be presented on the basis of their importance or strength in the outline worksheet for a 5 paragraph essay.

  • Have topic sentences for each body paragraph

After reading the first sentence of each paragraph or the topic sentence, readers should know what exactly the paragraph is all about. Therefore, make sure that each body paragraph section in your outline worksheet starts with a good topic sentence that relates to your thesis statement.

  • Write a nice conclusion

Just like the introduction, the conclusion is very important and it should also have all elements that make it more effective. In your 5 paragraph essay outline worksheet, include points that will enable you to restate your thesis statement, summarize the three major arguments or points and give a final statement to signal the end of your essay to the readers.

Get help with your outline worksheet for a 5 paragraph essay

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