Analysis Video Interview

Analysis Video Interview


According to Byers, Slack & Parent (2012), video taking in sports is among the upcoming technologies employed for competition and marketing. The Adidas inspirational video is a combination of diverse sports commercial to form a video commercial, which features various athletes like Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Tyson Gay and Lance Armstrong. These champions prevail in diverse sports such as boxing and basketball. The main message in the commercial is that everyone is a champion. This study examines upcoming technology and publicity of sports communication in relation to the video clip. The study examines how modern technology shapes market sport to mainstream consumers. The study seeks to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the film for sport communication. Other elements under review include the images, message, and music applied in sports advertisements.


There are diverse strengths realized from the video application. Other than entertaining and advertising, the spirit of fighting and succeeding is injected to the viewers. This is made possible by the use of appealing images, music and messages. The images are appealing as highly movements of the athletes, especially Usain Bolt are rhyming with the beats of the song (You Tube, 2011). The athletes seem in good shape as they fight to remain standing and ahead of the rest. Through the movements and the song, the audience is emotionally moved to keep up the fighting spirit and overcome obstacles just as the participants in the video. Various participants are seen rising above the obstacles and exercise. Others are working hard to maintain better records while others aim like Usain Bolt is aiming at breaking some records. These connected records depict the desire to work hard and succeed in different depicted games. The message therefore that is emphasized is the need to be champions. At the end of the video, the participants are seen at the top positions and others gripping newer records. This message is especially important in keeping up the fighting spirit in games (You Tube, 2011). The audience is thus united towards reaching the main objective, which is to conquer. As a high quality (HD), the quality of this video can be described as unsurpassed, based on the applied contemporary techniques and application of the Dartfish, Quintic and iBoxer software. In addition to the HD, the form of music applied draws the audience towards the sports. The song by the group Rhema Soul has been used to instill the spirit of championship into the viewers and players alike.


Technology has been applied in games in diverse ways like in media broadcasting and communications and analysis of performance. Technological advancements have been used to gather sports information for training, competition, and team building through advertisements. Through software packages like Dartfish, high definition images are employed to collect information. Such software have been essential in offering standard images for consumer review and analysis. This application is therefore essential to athletes, coaches, and analysts in acquiring response from diverse performance factors. Through technology, abilities in terms of techniques, tactics and physique of the athletes are monitored (Weinberg & Goujiel, 2010). By employing devices such as cameras and camcorders, it has likewise been realized that athletes’ performance and their experiences are improved. Technology through sports communication has been realized to play a highly significant role at the elite level. Together with innovation, it has been realized to result to competitive advantage.

In sports, information is relayed concerning the movement of the athletes through advanced devices like sensors and muscular measurement machines. These devices together with other technologies like accelerometers, GPS, Radar guns and timing lights are necessary for the evaluation of the performance of the athletes and thus essential in the analysis of the progress of the athletes (Byers, Slack & Parent, 2012). As part of technological advancements, camcorders do not offer information on the exerted forces by the movements of the athletes. This is limiting in the analysis of the performance of the athletes and thus the progress of every athlete. Technology for evaluation and improvement of performance among the athletes is essential for straightforward and quick information. Complicated technology results to failure in the execution and achievement in sports. Through effective timing system and video-graphy, performance of the athletes the audience are able to analyzed the performance and competency of the sportspersons. As a marketing tool, the advert has incorporated the sportspeople into the plan. These enable the characters to show their flexibility, speed and power. Therefore, everyone is able to participate as a fun runner.

Diverse benefits are experienced in sports communication through the video. From this combined video clip, the audience is much encouraged to try sports, as everyone is a champion. The video has skillfully incorporated diverse athletes to attract a wider range of sports fanatics. This technique is essential in influencing the audience to support a given team in addition to forming teamwork. By involving other participants to resemble Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and Tyson Gay the manager desires to attract wider groups of audience. This is because in as much as there would be other limitations in terms of the games played , the audience would understand the essence of the message by seeing victors in different games. The audience may fail to understand the message relayed, but they will capture the spirit of success spread through the champions. Technological enhancement in sports perceived from the example is essential in the creation of the spirit of success and marketing of sports events.

Previously, sports was known as a physical exercise where people showed their physical prowess and hobbies (Parent & Slack, 2007). Through technology, sports have been a source of employment, a uniting factor amidst diversity and entertainment. Present technologies like camcorders have been instrumental towards meeting these goals. Other than using latest and influencing songs, special and successful athletes have been employed in such advertisements to draw masses towards sports activities. Not only can this form of advert applied in a single game, it is applied in diverse games and thus more instrumental in the meetings marketing objectives. Such adverts are also essential in specific games to restore sanity and calmness especially before and after highly contested games.

This advert is essential, as it has enhanced positive communication and social characters. This importance comes into play in challenging times where the advert lifts the morals of a society through the theme of victory. Through the main message of the advert, everyone can perceive himself or herself as a champion. It is essential in the creation of unity as diverse people come together to overcome a common challenge. By unifying the people, the advert enables people from different Backgrounds, race, identity, and politics start meaningful conversations. This has been made especially possible by incorporating successful artists from diverse backgrounds and races. By applying Dartfish web, analysts are able to examine the footage and establish the strength and weakness of a particular game. Analysts are able to depict predictable and measurable abilities of the players. Quintic biomechanical software is an analysis used in technical evaluations when combined with the iBoxer software (Weinberg & Goujiel, 2010). This software is indispensable, as analysts are able to depict that forces applied in the body when the replays are in slow motion. Analysts are additionally able to examine better approaches of maximizing the techniques. Significant software mainly applied in this advert is the SimulCam. This technology enables the screen to be blended for perfect coaching tool. This technique has made it possible for different participants taking part in different games play as though it is in one game.

This form of publicity is however challenging, as there are diverse limitations, such as language barrier (Brown, 2003). English has been used in the music as the main form of communication to the audience who come from different backgrounds. However, not every nation prefers English as a language. It is therefore necessary for the director to translate the music into other international languages for discernment. Even though, the contributors are sought from different games, they are not from different races and thus may fail to represent some nations well. This factor may fail to unite the universe on the quest of championship in games. In as much as there would be fanatics of champions such as Michael Phelps and Tyson Gay, they may fail to understand the specific message relayed. The viewer may somehow be chicaned as one may work hard but fail to become a champion. This has been evident as competitors work harder and become smarter in the game thus becoming the real victors in the game. However, for the sake of advertisements, the tactic is applied to unite the audience to instill the spirit of hard work and teamwork.


Video taking is among the featuring technologies in sports communication as it offers diverse benefits like competition and marketing. The present case has been an Adidas inspirational video; a combination of diverse sports commercial to form a video commercial. From the video, various athletes like Usain Bolt, and Tyson Gay have been featured in addition to other sport contributors. These champions have prevailed in diverse sports like in boxing and basketball and thus have been instrumental in relaying the message of victory through hard work. Through them, the audience can emulate the spirit of hard work and perseverance. Through their perspectives, the viewer is able to forge on with the hope of becoming a victor after the toil. Diverse strengths of the film for sport communication have been highlighted in the study, such as the power to unite diverse nations and forming the spirit of teamwork. Some of the challenges highlighted include language limitation as English is not a national language in other regions. It may also be deceiving to literary assume that in every game everyone is a champion. The reality is that a loser and a winner must exist in every game. This is nevertheless a tactic applied in advertisements. The video is thus a creative form of entertainment as well as an advertising medium. Images, message and music have been applied in sports advertisements to instill the spirit of winning on to the viewers


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