Introduction Education is the basic right of every child regardless of the fact where they are born, whether or not their parents are educated and want their children to learn or if their country has an education system accessible for all classes of citizens or not. Lack of education systems is the plight of underdeveloped
A person who has used the internet in the past few days has probably come across a couple of memes. Evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins was the first person to introduce the word meme in 1976. Mimema is a Greek word that brought about meme name. According to Richard, memes are a form of propagation of
Statement of the title Textbook: How the Holy Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization; describes the Holy Bible as not been a foreign book. It has become accessible, acquainted, and a reliable source and mediator of intellectual, moral, and spiritual ideals in the west. Chapter 12: Why educate your subjects: explores the importance of

Sample IT Paper on Informatics

Definitions Informatics is a discipline that constitutes the typification, impartation of information and its processing in original systems which are designed (Baker et al., 2016). It has cognitive, computational and aspects of the society. The main aspect of informatics is the changing of information be it through communication or computation or whether by artifacts or
Guns are inherent in the United States. The gun culture stems from America's colonial history, revolutionary roots, and the second amendment of the US constitution. The constitution declares that controlled governance is essential to maintain the security of a free state; thus, people are allowed to bear and keep arms. Gun owners claim that firearms
Crime refers to any act that is punishable by law). Criminal offense can be caused by poverty among members of the society, negligence and drug abuse. Crime does not affect individuals only, but it also affects the society in many negative ways. Criminal offence leads to distrust among of the society, declining of communities and
Since the onset of the novel Coronavirus, livelihood among people globally has changed. Social distancing, self-isolation, and travel restrictions have all affected economic activities, therefore testing the delicate sectors that act as backbone of the world's economy. Tourism sector was the first to feel this impact. The other sectors have followed making the disease to
 ADOPTION AND IMPLEMENTATION In the computing world, the terms adoption and implementation could bring quite a controversy. Some IT personnel would use them interchangeably to mean the same thing. However, these two terms are primarily different concepts. Adoption simply refers to the transfer between a system that is being used and the system that
Abstract. Fake news has been rampant globally especially in manipulating voters during the election season. The United States and France are some of the countries that act as a good example for this. The creation of these fake news has brought about division in the society and the media sector has not been able to
3.0. A COLLECTION OF NUMBERS AS A MATHEMATICAL OBJECT Exercise 1: Pick three other applications and propose natural groupings of numbers for those applications. i. Group of whole numbers e.g.{0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} are applicable in of coordinates axes for graphical representation. ii. Group of rational number for instance { 31, 32, 74 } are applicable in precise proration
The material fact means scenario or option that is essential or important to a Francis in deciding whether to engage in a transaction of replacing the whole commercial kitchen at a cost of $23,000 or repairing the kitchen appliances at a cost of $4,900.Francis decided to engage in a transaction of replacing the commercial kitchen
PART I Introduction Forum of business personnel are experiencing shortcomings of income, and want to find out strategies that can be utilize to curb or mitigate the dismal income generation and rather lead to business prosperity and development and there fore it is mandatory to carry out research. Statement of the Problem The prime sentiment
Deliverable 04 – Worksheet 1. Market research has determined the following changes in market shares based on the different combinations of music choices for the two clubs: if both clubs play country, the new club (Club 1) does very well with a 24% increase in market share. If Club 1 plays country and the competing
Column Q1.1A.Inquires, would you classify your organization as one mainly seeking to make a profit; as a charity or voluntary sector organization; or as a government financed body (either by central or local government)? Options 1. Seeking a profit (i.e. a commercial business) 2. Charity / voluntary sector 3. Government financed body Findings Under the
Kenya is among the top leading tourist attraction countries in Africa and it has a huge potential in the growth of tourism. The country has encouraged tourism because it`s a pillar for Tourism Development and Infrastructure in Kenya 2 social and economic development, as replicated in many third world countries. Kenya is privileged with wonderful
The Enlightenment Era, also referred as the Age of Reason was an intelligent and cultural campaign in the seventeenth and eighteenth century that insisted reason over superstition and ENLIGHTENMENT ERA AND MODERN SCIENCE 2 science over religious beliefs. It was in Europe that this amazing era took place and the results of free thinking led
The National park instantaneously generates to the mind the picture of cosmic innate space in which fauna and flora prosper and shelter from the actions of human beings. It is because the term is intimately connected to the imagery of the wild nature; thus connecting the term with the questions of the nations which seems
Introduction Communication is a crucial tool used in creating and maintaining relationships and interacting with other members of society. Hypnosis is a limitation that makes one unable to communicate and interact with others voluntarily. Various theories can be used to examine and explain hypnosis such as the social cognitive theory, the role theory, the disassociation
Social media are interactive computer – assisted technologies that facilitate the generation and exchange of information, and interests via virtual means and networks. Social media can also be defined by using seven fundamental and functional building blocks namely identity, conversations sharing, presence relationships, reputation and groups. Some of these social media platforms include social networking(Facebook,
Introduction The United Nations System comprises the United Nations and the other six organs. These include the General Assembly, the Security Council, the UN Secretariat, International Justice Court, Economic, and Social Council and Trusteeship Council. The Secretary-General of the United Nations chairs the body where it meets twice in a year to coordinate the system’s
Christianity was first introduced in the city of Jerusalem in the first century. According to Levy (2016), the city is located in Judea roman province. The province served as a cross-cultural of the mecca of farms and progressive cities. Accordingly, the residents were pagans and practiced polytheistic cultural beliefs. The Jewish quickly learned the religion
In modern societies today, individuals strive to obtain and achieve things that are classified and identified as desirable. These factors range from economic to cultural necessities and are greatly influenced by social force such as social class, gender, and education. Life chances subject an individual to various opportunities in life and can quickly transform individual’s
As the name sounds, Gun Control is a strategy through which regulation of gun selling and their usage are provided by the law as well as who to use them (Lott 210). However, in the paper we are going to discuss the economic theory of the gun control, its relationship between the current and future
The salient points of this chapter are the fact that the relationship between urban life and poverty, urban experience, and education as well as the urban life and the life of parents. This life has been taken as a disgusting life being perceived by many people. For instance, from the discussion, we can see that
As defined by the VRIN framework, companies that hold and leverage precious, uncommon, unique and skills and capacities will indeed successfully establish enduring solid positions in the market. Lufthansa's capital ability is vital since they enable the airline to spend on outside benefits that accrue (Redpath et al., 2017). These both assist Lufthansa in defending
Alcohol advertising is subject to rules, albeit many of them are "self-regulatory" rather than legally obligatory. "Liquor advertisements did not appear on any national or local television for much of the twentieth century, with the industry honoring a self-imposed ban from 1948 to 1996." In 2012, "NBC began accepting spirits [advertisements during] shows airing after
Hamlet Shakespeare's first series of excellent essays are among his successful, exciting, and best plays. The play illustrates factors transpiring death, power, love, family, and deception without offering the audience a solution to these problems. The play through the various characters such as Hamlet, who is the prince, Claudius who is the cousin to Hamlet
I learnt that Leadership typically does need negotiation, and great leaders are always competent negotiators. It requires appeal to interests of the people, communicate with them, and present your ideas to convince them to follow your lead-all of these are elements of effective negotiation. There is a planning process before commencing talks which include planning
The Westminster electoral system has traditionally used the FPTP, which is a majoritarian system in which the UK is divided into 650 constituencies, each of which elects a representative for their area. It has been claimed that the existing Westminster electoral system has caused a democratic deficit. The current system is undeniably in need of
Businesses should adopt an ethical code to guarantee that everybody in the organization understands the company’s  mission, values, and guidelines. It offers workers a foundation for understanding which laws exist from a legal and regulatory standpoint, as well as how to operate in the gray regions of real worth ethics that might not be clear. Make
William Kyle Carpenter is a United States marine who retired from medicine. Kyle received the military honor in 2010. Carpenter’s military honor is the highest in the United States. Among all individuals that have been awarded a military honor, William is the youngest. Corporal Kyle received the military honor after his act in Afghanistan (Greenbaum, 2015).
Freud defined narcissism as adoration that individuals accord themselves when they are an object of sexual desire. According to Freud, narcissism is neurosis. Throughout human life, each person has the same level of narcissism. Additionally, Freud explains that there exist two types of narcissism, secondary and primary. As for primary narcissism, it is present from
EHR automates the drug and exam ordering processes in healthcare facilities, resulting in uniform, readable, and full orders. Patients obtain better medical care when health care providers have access to complete and accurate information. EHRs can help doctors diagnose diseases more quickly and reduce or even avoid medical errors, resulting in better patient outcomes. By
According to Barnes, d. And Weldcamp, m. (1981), the Code of Ethics was developed by Captain Jean Muhlisen of the urban center palladium as Chairman of the Business Committee of the CA Peace Fisher analysis Association. Moral ethics may be a secondary discipline that examines the character, remedy, and effectiveness of criminal justice. It examines
What is it like to be a mother? What are the traditional roles of women in the family? Are girls' expectations consistent with the institution of family vastly different from those outlined two centuries ago? Or do women now have the ability to direct their own lives in terms of family, education, and career? The
Business ethics is a difficult topic to explain. The wide range of categories and areas of public ethics that exist between any company and the consumer or the general public makes disciplining business ethics extremely difficult. Corporate offices, as well as local businesses for mothers and cooks, can set up business ethics. It must address
Leadership can be explained as one's ability to lead a group of followers effectively in an organization. Effective leadership comprises the ability to motivate, take responsibility, and bear a vision to successfully run business enterprises. In contemporary settings, the two vital leadership approaches that are popularly applied in the business world include democratic leadership and
The malevolent concept evokes an unending theological and philosophical inquest that affirms three concrete propositions: evil exists, God is almighty, and God is perfect. The epistemic question arising from evil is whether the world comprises an undesirable state of affairs that offers the basis for an argument that inspires unreasonable beliefs about the existence of
An evaluation of the United State's international policy defines the country's role in the world, implying the overall character, purpose, and direction of America's participation in international affairs and the overall relationship with the rest of the world. The role of the U.S. can be defined as establishing a general context and framework for policymakers
While Silicon Valley has been the engine of economic development over the past few decades, the wealth is not distributed equally in its occupants. Like the majority of the workers in Silicon Valley, the outcomes of the living wage challenge indicate a lower performance than workers after the major recession. The middle class is the
I reckon the words of George Couros that one’s legacy as an educator is determined by the impact you bear on your students. This is a noble idea about legacy because when you empower students to own their learning, they become creators, dreamers, builders, and tinkerers. An empowered lot grows into innovators who bring about
Performing a medical examination is a time and resource-intensive course. Critically, participant identification and maintenance are vital to lowering the cost and amount of time spent on clinical research. Conducting quality research plays a significant role in assessing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of healthcare systems and processes, while subject recruitment of adequate participants is a
Socialization entails the process of learning what is expected from oneself by the community they interact with. Through socialization, individuals understand what is termed normal and how to maintain respectful borders when interacting with others. Besides, through socialization, humans learn unacceptable behavior and the negative treatments that accompany behaviors outside the norm. My personality has
Weingarten Rule Weingarten’s rule is a principle advocating for the rights of employees to have representatives in investigatory interviews. This rule allows the employees to request a union representative without interference from the board of management. The Union representatives advise the employees while also acting as witnesses. The union representatives remain civil in their interactions
Theories in sociology explain the reasons for and possible solutions for world social problems. The theories include structural-functionalism and conflict theory. Structural functionalism focuses on the organization of society. Social institutions under functionalism are government, law, religion, and education. Functionalism has a historical significance to studies of families (Kingsbury & Scanzoni, 2022). Conflict theory studies
Many factors contribute to barriers in the healthcare system. These factors are cost, lack of insurance, and long waiting times. Cultural and linguistic differences also make it difficult for people to communicate with healthcare providers. Additionally, some people may live in rural areas with limited access to healthcare facilities. The United States needs to address
Performance I performed pretty well in the game. I got all the words in the test right. However, I was unable to decipher the message. I did not realize that the coded words meant ‘did you pass this test?’ (National Geographic Video, 2017). The game shows that individuals fail to notice unexpected objects that pop
Different cultures exist in the world. Each society has a unique way of carrying out business interactions—cultural differences in our increasingly connected world challenge good customer service. Understanding cultural diversity in the world is essential to enhancing customer satisfaction. A customer service responsive to all cultures is needed to surmount communication challenges. Excellent customer service
INTRODUCTION It is very clear that most people in a society suffer with disappointments that lead them to sustain their integrity. Disappointments may come about when one engages in risky health behaviour, rejection in romantic relationship, where there is conflict between people and even the groups, negative feedback in working environment and schools, loss of
We typically assume when arguing political and economic problems that arguments may be won or lost in terms of the topic at hand. We nevertheless observe "the recurring antagonism of individuals and groups on multiple, unrelated matters" despite the fact that there is a lot of debate that appears to be pertinent and is based
Introduction Enterprise Resource Planning is defined as a system software that is always created to help in the organizing, simplification, and automating the operations performed by various corporations within their different departments, such as the human resource, financial, distribution, and procurement sectors, in addition to some other areas of operation within the enterprise. The ERP
Part A – Descriptive questions: 1. Discuss ways an enrolled nurse could identify needs of the person in palliative care, and their family or carers, when providing palliative care support to them. Include in your response examples of specific assessment tools a nurse may use and common needs and preferences they must identify (Bolt et
Introduction Megacities in general can be defined as extremely large urban centers that are home to more than 10 million people. In the recent past, there has been an extremely rising rate of these cities that is mainly contributed to by the constant rural–urban migration of a majority of people within a country. This constant
Introduction Criminal liability is an aspect that is normally said to be an illegal act that is done by a person and the executed act can further lead into the person involved to be responsible towards any damage caused thus risking being arrested and in the long run be charged in a court of law.
Internet privacy entails the ordinance or right of personal privacy regarding storing, regenerating, providing the third parties, and showing information concerning a person through the internet. Internet privacy is crucial as it can help safeguard an individual and their loved ones' identification and other personal distinctive information from any possible threat. Furthermore, it guarantees a
Leadership is an essential asset owned by an organization. It is generally referred to as a person's ability to guide, inspire and allow others to contribute to the success of an organization. A leadership challenge concerns how a leader mobilizes people in an organization and its effectiveness (Rocha et al.). Leadership can even become more
Urban traffic problems are now crucial in most of the countries in terms of congestion, road safety and the environment all together. Many cities worldwide are establishing change of their transport solutions from private convertibles to more environment-friendly and citizen engrossed means (Hofer et al., 2018). Some cities has entrenched plans to introduce measures of
Geopolitical Phenomenological Influence On Population A phenomenological community is a group of people who share values, religion, interests, and beliefs(Patterson,2018). They are bonded together because of their shared interest. Religion influences the population in that some churches believe that family planning is going against the law of nature this has significantly led to population increase.
A development plan comprises relevant goals, skills and competencies a healthcare worker needs for the continuous development of one's career. It includes the following; Self-assessment At this point, I will scrutinize my present situation and the way it relates to my career objectives. I will identify the interests and skills I have, and by doing
Introduction. APRNS are registered nurses who have advanced in terms of education status that is they have gone beyond normal nursing and done masters and a doctorate in nursing, they have also advanced in practice and they have become specialist nurses for instance you find them being referred as; nurse-midwife, nurse anesthetic, clinical nurse specialists
Introduction Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder is basically constrain in a child resulted from a pregnant mother exposing the developing child in the womb to alcohol. FASD comprise Partial FAS, Alcohol related Neurodevelopment Disorder; (ARND), Fetal-Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), and Fetal-Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) (Philip, et, al. 475). These disorders includes damaging the child’s cerebral matter that ends
Introduction The Nakagin Capsule Tower building was planned and constructed by a popular architect from Japan known as Kisho Kurokawa in the year 1972. Located in Tokyo, this plan takes into account various ideologies of recyclability, exchangeability, and metabolism as the model for sustainable architecture. The building comprises of 144 capsules with two towers consisting
The Parliament Act 1911 and Parliament Act 1949 mean that Parliament can overrule the Court in the UK constitution. However, the Human Rights Act 1998 was introduced to put duties on Ministers to observe rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. Hence, it is no longer the case that Parliament reigns supreme in the
Introduction The Ancient Greek art flourished during the Classical Period. It was one of the most important art forms in Western culture during this period, and it inspired all subsequent Western art. Greek art practiced a realistic representation of human figures, animals, and plants. The Greeks were great innovators in the arts, particularly in sculpture
British colonial control was repressive throughout the Americas. The British favored colonial control over kingly rule. England aimed to make colonies self-sufficient and improve colonists' lives. Many colonists could not abide being under an overlord they couldn't see or visit. They believed the British simply wanted their devotion and obedience in exchange for trade, riches,
Introduction Infertility is a topical problem in gynecology, and it requires a delegated approach, treatment, and analysis. Causes of infertility presently encountered in couples are numerous: endometriosis, psychological, fibroids, idiopathy, cervical mucus problems, ovarian, anatomical, and male factors, whereat infertility is most often multifunctional. In most parts of the world, procreation is synonymous for couples,
China has embarked on an ambitious high-speed catch-up with the US and Russia in its space program. The country is investing millions of dollars in the space program and has recently put its first space station called Tiangong (Heavenly Palace) into orbit. After that, it launched the Tianhe-1, which is the initial and primary module
Power is derived from the ability to influence through coercion or inducements to attain the desired outcome. A country is powerful if it can get what it wants by directly influencing others through force or incentives. In normal circumstances, a country is deemed powerful if it has a strong and powerful military and can project
Introduction 1.1 Overview of the Corona Crisis The world is in the midst of the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic that is caused by SARSCoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, often shortened to coronavirus). This is having a greater impact on human health and the global economy than any other health crisis in the
1. The Recruitment Process 1.1 Introduction and definition The process of recruiting involves hiring people for a job so that they undertake a specific role. Similarly, the process of selection involves the identification and selection of appropriate candidates for a specific job. 1 In normal circumstances, recruitment is carried out by the human resource department
Whenever someone hears about the word "slavery," the thing that immediately comes to mind is the images of people in shackles crammed inside ships and transported across the Atlantic Ocean. Such a depiction seems to belong to the distant past. Article 7(2) (c) of the Rome Statute defines slavery as "the exercise of any or
Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology is a steerable trenchless construction technique that offers an alternative for installing underground pipes, conduits and cables (Wang and Sterling, 2007; Onsarigo, Adamtey and Atalah, 2014; Krechowicz and Krechowicz, 2021) . HDD technology was first introduced in the 1970s in California, USA and has since grown to a yearly multi-billion-dollar
Smoking tobacco or cigarettes is a very harmful activity or hobby that people should strive to avoid. Significantly, individuals who are already involved with smoking tobacco should evaluate themselves and find appropriate means to quit smoking. Over the years, tobacco smoking has been associated with various health risks ranging from lung cancer, cancer of the
Perinatal loss is when parents lose their child during pregnancy or after birth. Families are biologically, emotionally, culturally, and spiritually exhausted during perinatal grief. It is estimated that there are over 2.7 million deaths annually across the world, and about 5.69 percent for every 1000 births in the U.S (Ely & Driscoll, 2020). Parents who
Being positioned in the healthcare system to take care of patients and tending to their needs while at the same time applying my acquired skills would be my perfect definition of nursing. Although the professional field has its fair share of problems ranging from long working hours, dangerous working environments to lack of enough staff
Define CAM Complementary and alternative medicine is the term for medical products and practices that are not part of standard medical aims to achieve the healing effects of medicine, but which lacks biological plausibility and is untested or proven ineffective. Describe the patient who uses CAM the most The patient who uses CAM the
Terrorism is a terminology that has been trending on news more often from all over the world. It is now perceived to be an international problem whose solution is far to be found. The international community has since combined efforts in order to eliminate the assailants and thus restore the tranquility that came along with
Since it is the staff of the company who accept and enhance a particular culture within the firm, human resources do have a significant role to play in organizational culture. Any intended change to the organizational culture must be made by and with the help of the personnel. Recruitment, selection, and training are fundamental HRM
In the book sociology of health, illness, and health in Canada, Strohschein and Weitz introduce us to the social and medical model approaches to disability. According to these authors, health sociology is so essential because it clarifies the crucial role that social factors play in impacting the well-being of individuals, groups, and society as a
Nurse preceptors majorly use evidence-based practices to assist new registered nurses in a particular unit by offering very important feedback, setting their learning aims and objectives, teaching hospital protocols, and encouraging critical thinking. It entirely takes the effort, time, and proper education to become a nurse preceptor. Genetics is considered the study of heredity, or
The formulation and implementation of all guidelines, rules, and procedures for the administration of the state's healthcare system are part of Massachusetts' healthcare policy. The diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of physical and mental illness and injury are all included in the Massachusetts healthcare system. The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission (HPC) is an established governmental organization
Community engagement is the inclusion of a community in decision-making and practices in a particular sector. The health sectors, which include and implement various effective community engagement practices, can significantly improve the health issues related to the community by incorporating multiple stakeholders and bringing to attention some of their views and problem. Health officers can
COVID 19 is one of the emerging health issues that highly affects the low incoming country. COVID 19 first incidence was reported in China in December 2019, which later spread to different parts of the continent. According to Chapman (2010), Social determinants refer to the places where people are born. There are various social determinants
Health facilities should also ensure that nurses have safe working conditions. The environment should be as conducive as possible for nurses to dispatch their service (Iglehart, 2013) . Nurses are best suited to address all issues revolving around dispensing healthcare services. Nurses' innovation care delivery role is committed to ensuring that disease prevention efforts are
Clinical Assessment The nurse should ask TH about her medical history, specifically about any hypertension or other cardiovascular conditions. The nurse should also ask about TH's family hypertension or cardiovascular disease history. Additionally, the nurse should ask TH about her lifestyle, diet, and any stressors she may be experiencing. The nurse should ask about TH's
Retirement is a time of transition that can be both exciting and daunting. For many, it is a time to enjoy the fruits of their labour and to have the time to pursue long-held hobbies and interests finally. However, retirement can also be a time of uncertainty, particularly when it comes to financial planning and
Donating an organ entails surgically removing it from one person and transplanting it into another. In the United States, organ transplantation has a long history that dates back to the early 19th century. In the early days of organ donation, most organs were donated by cadavers or deceased persons (Lewis et al.). Today, however, the majority
Childhood vaccinations are a medical procedure that is recommended in order to help protect children from potentially deadly diseases. The vaccines help to build immunity against the diseases, and they are typically given to children before they are old enough to be exposed to the diseases (Amin et al. 1-20). However, some parents are reluctant
Personal selling is essential to a company's marketing strategy and is used to increase sales and profits. Personal selling is the direct interaction between a seller and a potential customer, face-to-face or over the phone. It is used to promote products and services and to persuade customers to purchase them (Cuevas, 2018). Personal selling is
Stagflation is an economic phenomenon that occurs when the prices of goods and services increase, but economic growth slows down or stagnates. The supply chain shock of 2021 has been one of the main drivers of stagflation (Ivanov, 2021). The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the global supply chain, disrupting the production and transportation of
The history of racism and its consequences in the United States is complex and multifaceted. The legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws have played a significant role in shaping the experiences of African Americans in this country. African Americans were subjected to oppression, discrimination, and violence for centuries, while they were systematically denied access
Introduction Project management requires both expert assistance and experience, as I noticed in my first week activity of core workshop related to change maker certificate. From the standpoints of learning and performance, to attend the workshop was a brand-new experience for me. I have learned an organised method for having grip on change maker phenomenon.
Introduction Ethical leadership plays a significant role in originating and maintaining the reputation of any business. The critical focus of moral leadership in the workplace is on the values, beliefs, and guiding principles that individuals and their organisations share as a whole. Business leaders must uphold and act as role models for the moral values
Assessment Data There are a number of other assessment data that would substantiate the diagnosis of menopause. One would be if the patient has a family history of menopause occurring at an early age. Another would be if the patient has a personal history of medical conditions known to cause early menopause, such as cancer
Michael K lives in a period of enormous upheaval and bloodshed. The novel takes place in apartheid-era South Africa. Michael K is a black man who was born into poverty and adversity. He is an illegitimate child, and his mother dies shortly after giving birth. Michael K is raised by his grandmother, a very religious
Question 1. The connection between neoliberalism and security Neoliberalism is a political and economic ideology that promotes individualism, free trade, and deregulation. It frequently goes hand in hand with privatization, deregulation, and economic liberalization. One of the most controversial aspects of neoliberalism is its connection to security. Neoliberalism has been accused of making the world
The webinar hosted by Families USA is about the importance of health care for all and how to ensure better everyone has access to quality, affordable health care. The event’s speakers discussed the importance of health care for everyone and how it is beneficial not only for individuals and families but also for communities and
Justification I. Employment A. Recruiting and Hiring: It is essential to have a policy that outlines how to recruit and hire new employees, as it allows the organization to ensure that they are hiring qualified individuals who meet the necessary criteria. The policy can also help protect the organization from any potential legal issues. B.
Question 1 Culture is a complex concept that encompasses many facets of human life, including language, beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, material objects, and technologies. Culture is not static but is constantly evolving, changing, and adapting to new environments and influences. It is a shared and learned phenomenon deeply embedded in people's everyday lives worldwide. Surface
PART 1 Discussion: Museums in Qatar, Creating Narratives at a time of Global Unease The article, Museums in Qatar: Creating Narratives at a time of Global Unease, discusses the beginning of political influence in the world or art and pottery in Qatar. It showcases the reasons for the emergence of the Qatar Museum Authority (QMA)
Appearance entails how someone or something looks. The notion is not a reality but a mere form of deception. Appearances, in a real sense, are masks that individuals put in for their advantage in life. On the other hand, truth in literature works refers to the state of things as they exist. The ability to
1. What is your age? Were you born premature or with any health conditions? Age is a factor in human development. Knowing the patient’s age is compulsory to determine the counseling strategies. 2. What was your birth weight? What are your current height and weight? Excess body weight is harmful to all health aspects. The
The Healthcare delivery model refers to the mechanisms aimed at providing healthcare services that meet the health-related wants of people. Services in the healthcare sector are delivered and financed by the public and private sectors. The members within a healthcare setting include; Nurses, physicians, nurse assistants, and government-registered dieticians. The issues influencing the delivery of
Executive Summary This report aims to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Apple’s Employee Performance Management System by applying the Performance Management Cycle discussed in the lecture. The performance management cycle consists of four stages: setting objectives, monitoring performance, evaluating performance, and taking corrective action. The report has identified that Apple has a well-defined set
Introduction Margaret Fuller was born in the year 1810 in a region known as Cambridgeport, located in Massachusetts. Fuller was the oldest child of Timothy and Margaret. Margaret Fuller grew up to be an influential writer. Fuller was ranked as the most influential individual in the 1800s. Fuller was also considered very innovative in her
Introduction America elected its third president during the elections conducted in 1800. The third president elected was Thomas Jefferson, who was a democratic-republican leader. Numerous Political parties were not common in the previous election of the second president Of the United States of America. But upon reaching the year the 1790s, several political parties were
Introduction The perspectives of the organizational structures keep on changing daily. In today's digital world, we have organizational structures that function under the influence of technology. Therefore, businesses today use modern organizational structures to boost their ideas and goals. Modern organizational structures enable a business to gather the opinions of all staff members in an
  The Industrial Revolution changed the face of American industry. During the industrial revolution, the agricultural and craftsmanship economy's status changed abruptly to become an industrial and machinery-based economy. However, the machinery and industrial economy had started earlier in the United Kingdom and then, later on, spread to the remaining parts of the world (Mohajan,
 Problem/Patient o 70 years old patient with congestive heart failure  Intervention o Implanting a cardioverter defibrillator o Attending biventricular pacing treatment  Comparison o Perindopril o Lisinopril o Enalapril  Outcome o Heart failure o Heart attacks o High blood pressure Data collected from medical stations and hospitals indicates that the number of
Introduction Day to day we come across people having different types of behaviors that define their characters. Some of the behaviors may be good or be a bother to others. However, people generate behaviors as a result of the events that have taken place in their lives and the type of surrounding that they are
Royal Dutch Shell is one of the world's largest oil and gas companies. With a history dating back to the late 19th century, Shell has established itself as a leading player in the global energy industry, with a diverse portfolio of products and services that include oil and gas exploration, production, refining, and marketing. On
In the past, women have been perceived as unfit for combat roles in the Canadian military, which accounts for the domination of men. Low physical ability, high risks involved in war operations, and weak emotional control are among the reasons tabled to defend the exclusion of women. Some have argued that military actions occur in
Introduction Notably, the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 was an iconic political reform campaign that paved the way for the replacement of the absolute monarchy in the Ottoman Empire with a constitutional one. The Young Turks, under the flagship of the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), led an uprising against Sultan Abdulhamid II aimed
The cost of living and inflation are related economic concepts that can significantly impact the standard of living of individuals and households. The cost of living refers to the amount of money a person or household requires to maintain their current standard of living. In contrast, inflation refers to the surge in the overall value
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions in the global economy, and supply chains have been one of the most affected areas. The pandemic has highlighted the vulnerabilities in supply chains and their interconnectedness, making it crucial for companies to understand the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain. To begin, the pandemic has
The Brittany Maynard case refers to a 29-year-old woman diagnosed with terminal brain cancer who chose to end her life through physician-assisted suicide in 2014. However, the decision raised some issues about the ethical and legal implications of physician-assisted suicide since it is professionally unethical according to medical code of ethics in contrast to personal
The issue presented in the video is the lack of resilience and healing among Black communities in the United States. Dr. Emeka Show, a psychologist and trauma specialist, explains that due to the legacy of racism and oppression, Black people are often unable to process trauma and build resilience in the face of adversity. He
School-aged children between the ages of five and twelve are in a crucial physical and cognitive development period, where they learn to interact with their environment and develop skills crucial to their future. When assessing School-aged children, the assessment techniques should be matched to the child's characteristics and level of development, considering the physical and
The nursing shortage is a growing concern in the healthcare industry, as it is negatively impacting patient outcomes. A variety of causes contribute to this shortfall, including an aging population, a decline in available nurses, and a scarcity of competent nurses. As a result, patients are experiencing longer wait times, less access to care, and
Triggers for Psoriasis The most common triggers for Psoriasis are environmental and lifestyle factors, including stress, infections, skin injury, and certain medications. Stress, for example, can cause the release of certain hormones that aggravate psoriasis, while certain infections and medications can trigger flare-ups (Kamiya et al., 2019). Psoriasis can also be triggered by diet, such
Healthcare professionals are responsible for ensuring that patients' rights are upheld and protected. This is essential to delivering quality care and providing a safe and secure environment for patients. The American Hospital Association's Patients' Bill of Rights (AHA) outlines patients' and healthcare professionals' specific rights and responsibilities (Olejarczyk & Young, 2019). To ensure these rights
Loneliness is a growing problem in today's society, and its effects can be felt in many areas, from mental to physical health. According to research, loneliness can significantly impact a person's quality of life, and it appears to be a problem that is not going away anytime soon. A variety of social, cultural, and evolutionary
The Godfather one is a movie about the story of the Corleone Mafia Family. The movie The Godfather is considered as the greatest reflection of organized crimes, mafia, and gangster murderous activities. Released in 1972, The Godfather became one of the most popular crime fiction movie and won the Academy Awards of 1973. Major characters
Strict liability is both a tort and criminal law that does not depend on actual negligence or intent to harm for it to be applied. Legal responsibilities under strict liability are absolute since the plaintiff does not need to prove malicious intent or negligence. In strict liability, the plaintiff only needs to prove that the
Introduction The film Early Intervention: The Missing Link foregrounds the challenges faced by parents of deaf children. A catchy phrase is used to introduce the topic of presentation in the video. Rachel Benedict, the narrator of the film pivots on describing how deaf people are a normal community using different method of communication confident, not
HEALTH INFORMATICS AT JOHN HOPKINS HOSPITAL About: The John Hopkins Hospital is a non- profit academic medical Centre in Baltimore, Maryland, that sets healthcare standards in patient care, research and education. Health Informatics at John Hopkins Hospital:  John Hopkins is renowned for its single, integrated electronic medical record system that incorporates scheduling registration, clinical
Introducing Nursing and social worker professions have challenging and unsuitable working conditions that lead to high turnover rates. CHE Behavioral Health offers digital therapy services aimed at behavioral and mental health. CHE employs licensed clinical social workers and psychiatric nurses to offer psychological therapy to their patients through digital communication. However, the facility has a
Psychosis is a medical condition that interferes with one's thoughts and perceptions, making it difficult to distinguish what is real. Psychosocial interventions are used to treat psychosis by targeting behavioral, cognitive, biological, and interpersonal environment factors. Significant challenges follow the onset of psychosis and the current role of psychosocial interventions is characterized by improving psychotic
Operation Geronimo by U.S Navy SEALS that executed Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011, raising questions on the legality and permissibility of targeted executions. The U.S laws justify the killing since he was a leader of an organized armed group that had engaged in combat at a scale and intensity that warrant the applicability
Purpose Statement Most chronic bronchitis patients are addicted to smoking despite the adverse effects of the behavior on the respiratory system. This project evaluates the efficacy of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems ENDS as an aid tool for smoking cessation among chronic bronchitis patients. Background Information Chronic bronchitis is a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) that
Mathematics, physics, and engineering are the key foundational sciences. However, unlike religion, science is the intellectual and practical systemic study describing the structure and natural world based on facts. Contrastingly, Christianity stems from the belief in God, the universe's creation, and life's existence. However, the complementary view of both subjects indicate partial similarity and engages
1. The Pope is the highest level of clergy in the Catholic Church, with explicit respect and authority granted by the Christian ecclesiological doctrine. The papal supremacy perceives the Pope as the source and foundation of unity due to his office as Vicar of Christ. Ecclesiastic privileges in the doctrine guide monarchial actions and succession
After realizing that Germany would lose World War 1 on November 9, 1918, Keiser Wilhelm 11 was abdicated as the British Emperor and King of Prussia. The news spread through London in the evening when people returned home from watching the Lord Mayor's show. Keiser's administration led to unrest in Britain and a naval mutiny
Topic 1: The Communication Process Communication is a fundamental practice where people develop and share thoughts, information, views, facts, and feelings. Assertive, aggressive, passive, and passive-aggressive communication types depend on the kind of interaction. Playing a management or leadership role in an organization, I would practice assertive communication to express my thoughts without infringing the
Subjecting prisoners to extreme weather conditions constitutes "cruel and unusual punishment." The Eighth Amendment of the U.S constitution constrains brutal and unusual punishments, immoderate fines, and bails (Terwiel 2). Cruel and unusual punishments feature inhumane treatment in prisons that impose severe suffering and harm on the inmates. States that are reluctant to install air conditioning
The federal judiciary is a branch of the federal government created under the U.S constitution and federal government laws. The primary role of the judiciary is to interpret the law, resolve disputes, and provide justice to citizens. The judiciary evaluates the constitutionality of federal statutes and settles other legal disputes (Mawar, 2018). Pre-existing norms and
The Chicago History Museum has over decades been a significant historical as well as cultural institution in the city of Chicago. It was founded in 1856 and has been and since then it has been collecting, preserving, and interpreting the rich history of the city of Chicago as well as the state of Illinois for
The Medieval Song website explores medieval music, with contributions from different scholars and performers. It is organized with the main page providing a brief overview of the project, listing the artists and scholars who have contributed to the project, and providing a few sample tracks. The main page also links to the project's website, which
Apple Inc. is a global company facing the challenges of increased competition and the challenge of diversifying its workforce. Operating as an international company, it faces increasingly intense competition in the market (Garcia Marrero, 2019). Apple must also manage a diverse workforce as the company continues to expand its operations into new markets and countries.
Question one Discuss some of the reasons why a prosecutor would offer a defendant a plea agreement. The prosecutor may offer a defendant a plea agreement to get a defendant to admit guilt, accept punishment, and avoid trial costs and delays (Walen, 2019). Discuss your thoughts on plea bargaining. Plea bargaining is a critical part
George A. Romero's The Night of the Living Dead is a work from its era, with roots in American popular culture in the 1960s. The movie reveals historical context, racism, and the masks of social division. Ideally, this movie effectively illustrates classism and gender inequality. Two main characters, Ben and Barbara, clearly highlight social divisions
Taylorism is a production strategy that seeks to decrease the number of skills necessary to accomplish a job by splitting the operations into tiny parts. Taylorism strives to boost productivity and decrease training durations in order to increase production levels. Taylorism was started by engineer Frederick Taylor. He invented this approach in the twentieth century
The prevalence of HIV/AIDS has spotlighted various aspects of care required for the infected population, with dietary considerations being crucial. The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) provides guidelines on nutritional care for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Nutrition is important in the context of HIV/AIDS due to its impact on immune function, disease progression, and
Information governance is a framework through which an organization like 247E&G manages its information assets. It includes policies, processes, and technologies that 247E&G uses to ensure that their information is accurate, complete, and compliant with applicable laws and regulations IG offers a way to deal with the opportunities and risks that come with creating information,
Abstract Depression is a mental disorder that is characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in widespread anxiety and fear, as well as increased levels of depression and other mental health issues. The impact of the pandemic on mental health is due to
It is widely accepted that staff development is crucial in ensuring that employees have the skills and knowledge required to fulfill their roles effectively. In youth justice services, this is particularly important given the nature of the work and the need to maintain high standards of professional practice to protect young people from harm. Supervision
Information Technology (IT) has become a very critical and essential part of many grown and upcoming business enterprises at every corner of the globe, ranging from the most significant international business corporations who operate large mainframe computer systems the middle ones as well as extreme databases to the tiny businesses owning a single computer (Buntin
Consciousness is a state in which one knows and understands their specific thinking, feelings, surroundings, and state of existence. Multitasking is the ability of a person to perform various jobs or tasks at the same times (Nijboer et al, 2016). Multitasking is always a good idea to adopt since it enables one to carry out
Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a program under the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) strategy (CBP, 2021). Through the program, CBP works to strengthen global supply chains and improve US border security. CTPAT is a voluntary program that entrusts the CBP to maintain a high cargo security level through close relationships
My most recent purchase is an online game. I bought the game because I see ads about this game on nearly other gaming apps that I am using. A couple of my friends also have the game and have given positive review. Once I downloaded the app and created an account, I was given a
Architecture is the science and the art of designing physical structures and buildings. Architecture has been evolving during the Greco-Roman period, and each of these structures has its influence during different periods (Hodne, 2020). This paper will discuss architectural work from Apollo Belvedere’s statute and Emperor Nero’s Golden house. Apollo Belvedere is a seven-foot statute
Introduction English law is the common law legal system of England and Wales, comprising mainly criminal law and civil law, each branch comprising its own court and procedures (Darbyshire,Penny 2007).English criminal law concerns offences, their prevention and the consequences in England and wales. criminal conduct is considered to be a wrong against the whole community,
Introduction A social worker advocates for the disadvantaged individuals, groups and family by serving as a voice of justice. By following the code of ethics and values set by the National Association of Social workers, a social worker is able offer healthcare help to the vulnerable group. Reamer (1998), the social core values include service,
Introduction Working in healthcare field requires one to work cooperatively and efficiently with his co- workers and other stakeholders. A single visit requires collaboration among multidisciplinary group of clinicians, administrative staff, patients and their loved ones. This maybe through direct or indirect interaction and also communicating information to the team. There are different types of
Organization culture change is defined as any alliteration in one or more elements of the organization .This change can be in form of new product or process, new method of doing work ,new organization structure and change in personnel policy or employee benefits. There are two types of organization change. Planned change involves actions based
Sporting events have become an essential part of modern life. This is because of the value and interest they present to the societies and economies at large. According to Jones (2014), Event management is the process of employing project management to create and implement small or large-scale events such as sports, festivals, among others. The case
Introduction History is full of information regarding rock formation and the processes that leads to their formation. According to Wager, Brown & Wadsworth (1960), among the most common types of rocks are the igneous rocks that forms layered intrusions. These rocks have recorded the oldest one more that 4.2 and distributed in various locations and
Abstract Software engineering has become one of the most debated and important filed in the modern world. This is due to the service and capabilities that it has awarded economies and promises to continue bettering service delivery. The complexity of modern software and purpose has demanded call for attention in its quality. Therefore, improved methods
The introduction of Cultural Communication competence (ICC 12) by Byram challenged the idea of Communicative patterns that were relevant in the foreign language education field at the time of study. Bryam’s (1997 53) model captured the factors thar are involved in intercultural communication. Through the model the qualities of an intercultural speaker were described in
Introduction The evolution of technology is increasing, similar to how individual info is saved, notwithstanding if it's individual health data, financial reports, as well as additional individual info reserved on the cloud-based podium. Digital safety worries are faced by dissimilar individuals and establishments worldwide due to the internet. The internet exposes people to the issues
Aristotle's Politics (2000) initiates with a number of general claims and thoughts on the society of his age. Through his volume, he attempts to grasp the overall need of being human and asserts that the idea of attaining a good gives a purpose to a society and causes action. He also makes a claim on
Zoom Goal – Zoom provides frictionless video communication environment in order to encourage professional interaction (Zoom, 2021). Industry- online video technology industry (Zoom, 2021) Product; meetings (Zoom, 2021) Information technology  Offer processing- In order to use zoom, you must first create an account. Management believes that customers should be required to set up personal
AlternativeSource Inc. (ASI), a firm that installs wind, solar, and water-generated energy systems, has named Jorge as the worldwide team manager to handle some new global teams. ASI has selected Jorge. The former employees of a gas exploration company in North America that Jorge worked for were just a phone call away. Team members and
While The Gift of the Magi is a magnificent work in and of itself, O' Henri's novel is also painful and inspirational at once. O' Henry uses the Three Magi as a symbol in his stories (The 3 Wisemen). They bring gifts for Jesus, including gold, frankincense, and myrrh, when they arrive at Bethlehem. Fragrant
It is the most important of the current set of presidential rulemaking requirements because it sets up the Office of legal affairs and Information to look into the rulemaking of covered agencies. Sharing ideas on how to deal with problems and accomplish the tasks that must be completed each day. Interest organizations, government agencies, and
In this case, I can vouch for the integrity of the story. Based on the novel "Free State of Jones" by James Patterson. Newton Knight ordered a solid force to march into Jones County and declare it a loyal Union ally to bring down the Confederacy there. Michael Ross' clumsy and poorly thought-out script squanders
The profession of a nurse is primarily reliant on verbal and written communication. As a result of this, interactions between therapists and their patients can either improve or deteriorate. As of the time of this writing (Younas and Maddigan (2019, p. 1622). Everything comes down to perspective at the end of the day. Aspects of
Place leadership, by design, is engaged with rallying, leading, organizing, and supporting institutional transformation systems and tactics across organizational and institutional borders. Place is a major driver of individuals' exposure to social exclusion, poverty, and societal potential; developing effective place leadership is a social policy imperative that must not be left to prospect (Robin, 2020).
Introduction The business setting in which organizations operate has changed significantly during the last few years. Most businesses compete in a global environment, offering new opportunities but also new requirements. The ever-increasing internationalization has several implications for industrial firms. It has an impact on corporate owners and control, the geographic placement of production sites, and
Technology influences many sectors in society. New trends in the community arise due to innovations. The Communication sector has also been affected by the growth in technology. New means of conveying messages have been developed, such as social media. The change in communication technology has affected many sectors, including; academics, various professions, social interactions, and
According to “Katz, D. L., Doughty, K. N., Geagan, K., Jenkins, D. A., & Gardner, C. D." (2019), A branch of public health that deals with how people relate with the environment promotes well being, human health and fosters safe and healthy communities I referred to as environmental health. For any public health system, environmental
1. The issue here is that Henry feels Jacob is bleaching the contract that they had agreed on. Although the contract was not written, Henry feels that Jacob, his boss, takes advantage of his position. On the other hand, Jacob decides to change his mind to extend the off for Henry, but he does not
After Robert Hoover was elected the president, people had hope in him he would revive the economy. Considering his strong managerial skills in the corporate world, he was perceived to be the best person to revive the economy (p.1002). The change started to be experienced in 1929 when most Americans became fully employed and received
Canadian cinema has been in a state of long-term adolescence compared to many other national cinemas since the beginning of the industry, in a sense that it is lost in the ability to establish its identity on a national cinematic scale. This continual struggle is represented in Denis Villeneuve’s Incendies (2010) through religious comparisons, language
Introduction Shameless (Michael Hissrich and Terri Murphy 2011) is a television drama series that aired on Showmax for twelve seasons. The plot is on a family of six headed by Frank Gallager, who is an alcoholic. Their estranged mother, Monica, is also an addict. She moves away and comes back and when she is about
Community treatment orders (CTOs) refer to a treatment plan for people with labels of having a spiritual crisis, emotional disorders, sad or low energy, or troubled. CTO involves being treated outside of a psycho prison. People who have been placed under CTO have a legal order to get treated for their labels at mandatory therapy
The development and incorporation of technology in education have made learning easier. In the traditional classroom set-up, the teacher would stand in front of the class and relay knowledge while the students sat and listened. This teacher-centered form of teaching was not a suitable way of learning. Technology-driven learning has been instrumental in making classroom
Blaise Pascal was a French scientist, philosopher, and mathematician during the 17th century. Furthermore, he was an early developer in the games of theory and probability and associated with the invention of the first digital calculator. His colleague Daniel Bernoulli was a Swiss mathematician who was best known for his efforts in different scientific fields
A Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a tactic which involves establishing an abroad physical presence by obtaining productive assets like labour, equipment, capital, plant, land and technology. FDIs are of several types which include mergers and acquisitions, integrations and joint ventures. Some of the aims of FDIs include obtaining access to other markets, accessing knowledge
Climate change Climate change is the long-term shift of temperatures and weather in an area (Society, 2021). The. climatic conditions of a particular place include wind patterns, average rainfall, and seasonal temperatures. Sometimes it is linked with destructive weather occurrences, for example, floods, winter storms, and hurricanes (Society, 2021). This paper will discuss about climate
For most Americans, work is a huge part of their lives as it occupies most of their thoughts, time, and conversations. Since they spend most of their time working, most Americans identify themselves based on their work believing that work is their identity. What these people fail to understand is, they are not their work.
Overview and Rationale In the early 1940s, German American physicist and social scientist Kurt Lewin developed an ideal framework for companies and people to understand the process of organizational change. The method of Lewin is often called the three-stage hypothesis. According to his interpretation, this process of organizational transformation involves freezing, transition or change, and
The UALR Data Governance Council will report to the Data Trustees. Data Trustees are executive-level officers appointed by the Chancellor in collaboration with the university president to establish strategic planning priorities and reporting needs regarding all institutional data and information. Members of the Data Trustees shall include the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost, Vice
Describe a situation that would cause adequate expectations to increase, thereby narrowing the width of the zone of tolerance. Customer expectations make up the higher end of the zone of tolerance while adequate expectations make up the lower end (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). Customer expectations can be divided into two categories: desired and adequate performance.
Introduction Elderly Americans comprise the only group of the American population whose healthcare is globally insured as an entitlement. The majority of the country's poor people and those who cannot afford primary care rely on Medicaid, a federal/state program to attain the kind of service necessary for their wellbeing. Nonetheless, the elderly demands for long-term
Part A: Show Information The musical drama by John Kander and Fred Ebb Kiss of the Spider Woman was initially authored by Terence McNally. This musical is influenced by Manuel Puig's novel and was initially run in London's West End in 1992. In 1993, the musical ran on Broadway and was crowned with Tony Awards
Credits: NASA "The Eagle has landed…" Mission Objective The primary objective of Apollo 11 was to complete a national goal set by President John F. Kennedy on May 25, 1961: perform a crewed lunar landing and return to Earth. Additional flight objectives included scientific exploration by the lunar module, or LM, crew; deployment of a
Graduation is a crucial transitional moment for anyone in life as it marks forward progress from one point of life to another. Graduation in academic pursuit is more fulfilling as it marks the use of knowledge to attain life goals. This is what graduation meant for individuals attending grammar school, including Maya Angelou, who projected
In the article “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?" author Jean Twenge discusses the impacts of modern digital technologies on current generations. The author reveals different trends associated with the increased use of technological devices among the young generation. The author points out that technological devices are associated with high occurrences of depression and suicidal thoughts,
The concept of leaving a legacy is the desire to be remembered for significant contributions to humanity and the world around one's life. In some cases, one's contribution can be so unique that the world around becomes totally changed. Nonetheless, for humans, the majority leave a modest impact that does not change the world but
Kenneth Goldsmith's manifesto "Let's Get Lost" illustrates that spending time on the internet is not an actual waste of time but a productive and creative endeavor in the appropriate theoretical and philosophical context. In my opinion, in the prelude, Kenneth Goldsmith seems to be grappling with numerous concepts before narrowing on a primary idea of
American front led to near-constant repression and devastation of its troops and colonial residents. Nonetheless, the adoption of open-minded situational analysis led Britain to massive developments in planning, diplomacy, logistics, operations, strategy, and tactics, making it the most advanced naval force. The reason Britain trumped over French troops in the French and Indian War in
Cinema is not dead. The pandemic has bottlenecked the entertainment, and once the pandemic is over, viewers would still opt to watch movies in larger theatres. The purpose of cinema is to entertain and allow viewers to relax and be liberated, at least for hours. Also, cinema can convey emotions via its pictures, communicate technology
Rural regions of the third-world Frequently, nations are disadvantaged in terms of power access. The substantial expense of providing lighting services in sparsely inhabited, isolated rural power systems is often inaccessible due to challenging terrain and low demand. Expensive to adapt to urban planning programs. However, countryside electrification has promoted production, better healthcare, and education
1. INTRODUCTION The fact pattern in this case raises a number of pertinent issues for determination. First, whether Dollar Construction Ltd (hereinafter “Dollar”) has breached the construction contract by failing to update its master programme to Newton University (“the University”). Secondly, what is the status of the master programme and subsequent changes thereto? Thirdly, whether
INTRODUCTION Background Technology has transformed the world of communication to a level that was unimaginable in some years back. Today, internet has become a way of life for millions of people who depend on it to make a living. The development of the various mobile Applications has enabled people to interact with different environments for
William Kyle Carpenter is a United States marine who retired from medicine. Kyle received the military honor in 2010. Carpenter’s military honor is the highest in the United States. Among all individuals that have been awarded a military honor, William is the youngest. Corporal Kyle received the military honor after his act in Afghanistan (Greenbaum, 2015).
Business ethics play a vital role in organization. In addition, business ethics aims to protect the employees and stakeholders who are a crucial part of a company. Employee behavior determines the repute of the company in the market. Organizations that prioritize shareholders and employees are more productive. Mondragon Cooperative Corporation represents a business group composed
Question 1 Living economies support and emphasize business models that are natural and social sustaining by eliminating environmental threats when conducting business. Living economies are long-sustainable as they minimize the impacts of global warming. Novo Nordisk is a multi- national pharmaceutical company that is committed in its model to zero environmental impact in operations and
City planning fosters positive interactions between people and places, creating a vibrant urban neighborhood. Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT presents the Urban Network Analysis UNA, which is software that uses links, nods, and buildings to connect people and places. The UNA is designed to maximize interactions between people and businesses while minimizing frictions. City planning
Opening the Meeting  Invite Lee and Linda for one hour meeting in my office.  Warmly greet Linda and Lee.  Share coffe or any beverage during the meeting to foster secure space for open conversation.  Explain to Linda and Lee the purpose of calling the meeting by acknowledging the conflict existing between
How team members applied the steps in preparation for opening statements in negotiation. The first step we made in our group was knowing our strategy. Knowing the most suitable strategy to close the most favorable deal for your party. The outcomes we projected from the deal and our counterparties’ expectations would help us come up
Introduction Gun violence is a catastrophe affecting over 500 people's lives globally. Gun-related violence threatens fundamental human rights of life and safety. In the US, gun violence has been on the rise affecting mainly the marginalized communities such as; people of color and women. Two study publications relatable to violence mitigation have featured in this
The British authorities presented the Proclamation of 1763 at the end of the Indian- French conflict to placate Native Americans by limiting territories expansion by European immigrants. A proclamation line was established, which divided British possessions on the Atlantic coast. The Royal proclamation was issued by King George 111 to claim British territories in North
Question 4: Consider the key issues that Environmental Art (or Land Art) was responding to in the late 20 th and early 21 st centuries. Referring to the work of 2 artists, analyze whether their art has had positive and/or negative effects on the environment. During the late 20 th and the beginning of the
Depending on the intent, money spent in electoral politics may be a form of free speech or corruption. The Court has passed several legislations in regards to funds raised in electoral politics. Campaign money is a form of speech used to convey and deliver the voters' political message. Funding for electoral politics is perceived as
Identity is what distinguishes oneself from the other. Psychological-based theories by John Locke and soul-based theories by Rene Descartes are identical concepts that demonstrate identity. The concepts are based on substances such as finite intelligence, bodies, and God. Consciousness is the awareness of the thought or memory and is the property of thought. Depending on
Puberty is a transition stage from childhood to adulthood. Puberty is triggered when the pituitary gland produces progesterone and testosterone hormones in girls and boys, respectively. Arrival of puberty in boys and girls to influence growth changes may appear earlier or later than anticipated. Early and late puberty makes individuals fit in less, potentially causing
Socioeconomic and cultural status impact physical and cognitive development in early childhood stages. The socioeconomic and cultural background shape the environment the children grow in. The kind of environment that a child interacts with when growing influences their behaviors and mentality. Socioeconomic status is the social and financial position in society. The environment is influenced
Peter is sixteen years boy in eleventh grade suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD. Peter is an active child who needs support to fight ASD. Peter has a communication problem, but he is very responsive to photographs and drawings. Peter has some behavioral abnormalities and does not enjoy the company of other children. He is
Virgin and Child. 1150-1200 Virgin and Child in Majesty-1175-1200 When you look at these two paintings, you realize that both of them are sculptures of two women each holding a child. The central subject of the two sculptures are the two women and their children. The ambiance of the two sculptures is eye catching and
After watching the movie, there are several issues related to sustainable development goals that were expressed. The setting of the movie depicts the state of a country where poverty and illiteracy have agonized people. Some of the goals related to the movie include: – Goal 1; No poverty: – Most of the people featured in

Sample Case Study Paper on BS Law

From the contract signed between Weinstein and the company, there are some issues of concern. First, the company assumed that imposing high fines on an employee would stop him from sexual abuse. Second, the company also thought that no employee could afford to raise such an amount as a fine. Considering the second assumption, it
In literature, the theme of a story or film is generally what the book or the movie is about. in a real sense, the concepts that recur and pervade through a book or a film are always reinforced by motifs. The recurring element that has symbolic significance in a narrative is the motif. When reading
Individual personality can be more influenced by genetics than how parents shape one's personality (Niitsu et el., 2019). Changes in epigenetic can largely impact individual behaviour since it makes neuron structure and its functions change. This distortion in epigenetic impacts the growth of some organisms in the human brain, which alters how neurons work in
Business Ethics Literature Review an Organizational Design Perspective Bahram, S., & Maupetit, C. (2013). Importance of core values of ethics, integrity and accountability in the European corporate governance codes. Journal of Management & Governance. Retrieved from ctx_ver=Z39.88 2004&ctx_enc=info%3Aofi%2Fenc%3AUTF8&rfr_id=info:sid/ m&rft_val_fmt=info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:journal&rft.genre=article&rft.atitle=Core+values+v alues+role%. In this journal article, European corporate governance legislation and laws are reviewed in connection
Zoom Goal – Zoom provides frictionless video communication environment in order to encourage professional interaction (Zoom, 2021). Industry- online video technology industry (Zoom, 2021) Product; meetings (Zoom, 2021) Information technology  Offer processing- In order to use zoom, you must first create an account. Management believes that customers should be required to set up personal
AlternativeSource Inc. (ASI), a firm that installs wind, solar, and water-generated energy systems, has named Jorge as the worldwide team manager to handle some new global teams. ASI has selected Jorge. The former employees of a gas exploration company in North America that Jorge worked for were just a phone call away. Team members and
It is the most important of the current set of presidential rulemaking requirements because it sets up the Office of legal affairs and Information to look into the rulemaking of covered agencies. Sharing ideas on how to deal with problems and accomplish the tasks that must be completed each day. Interest organizations, government agencies, and
In this case, I can vouch for the integrity of the story. Based on the novel "Free State of Jones" by James Patterson. Newton Knight ordered a solid force to march into Jones County and declare it a loyal Union ally to bring down the Confederacy there. Michael Ross' clumsy and poorly thought-out script squanders
The profession of a nurse is primarily reliant on verbal and written communication. As a result of this, interactions between therapists and their patients can either improve or deteriorate. As of the time of this writing (Younas and Maddigan (2019, p. 1622). Everything comes down to perspective at the end of the day. Aspects of
Organizationa change refers to the shift of an organization from former state to another. Change cannot be evaded, be it personal or professional level. It is an important aspect for our growth more so when looking at it from the professional view (Galli, 2018). From the change readiness survey result, it can be deduced that
Instructions  Demonstrate advance understanding of mental health assessement based on contemporary literature and supporting evidence base.  Critically, evualuate the effectivenes of implementing and evaluating care interventions to meet the needs of individuals and their families.  Critically appraise the effectiveness of own role in understanding an assessing and delivery care to an individual
The rise in precarious labor in the past few decades has prompted a vast corpus of inquiry into its health consequences. While there is no one definition of precarious employment, Scott- Marshall et al. (369) identify it as a multifaceted construct covering characteristics of job insecurity, including both contract duration and insecurity perceptions, personalized bargaining,
Introduction The business setting in which organizations operate has changed significantly during the last few years. Most businesses compete in a global environment, offering new opportunities but also new requirements. The ever-increasing internationalization has several implications for industrial firms. It has an impact on corporate owners and control, the geographic placement of production sites, and
Place leadership, by design, is engaged with rallying, leading, organizing, and supporting institutional transformation systems and tactics across organizational and institutional borders. Place is a major driver of individuals' exposure to social exclusion, poverty, and societal potential; developing effective place leadership is a social policy imperative that must not be left to prospect (Robin, 2020).
Abstract Introduction Sleep disturbance is a very common side effect of cancer treatment. It affects the physiological and psychological functioning of a patient. It can persist throughout the treatment and can be more prevalent among breast cancer survivors. Breast cancer is common among women globally. According to American Cancer Researchers lack of sleep affects the
Introduction Nurses are fundamental professionals who are pillars in health promotion programs. Achieving quality of care is necessary to lower mortality and morbidity rates (Jackson, 2022). The Ottawa Charter initiated Health promotion that aims at upgrading health at the community level. It is also critical is shortening hospitalization and lowering the hospital bills that usually
Question 1 What is the value-based healthcare and how it differs from similar models of healthcare, such as pay-for service model and etc. Value-based healthcare refers to a healthcare delivery model through which providers, comprising physicians and hospitals, are paid according to patient health outcomes (NEJM Catalyst, 2017). Under the agreements stated in value-based care,
Introduction Older patients are often reported to be involved in adverse fall events. Nurses within the healthcare settings have a significant role in ensuring that the old are secure in their hospital beds since they could result in severe injuries. Hospitals utilize various policies that assess the risk of falls among geriatric patients, including the
Nursing theories are guiding principles that govern procedures of delivering the best care to patients. I agree with this post regarding Merle Mishel and her theory of uncertainty in illness. The theory is typical of individual health behavior; more precisely, it is a transactional model regarding stress and coping. Lazarus and Folkman shaped the Model.
  Marketing plan- portable blending machine Introduction/cover letter Today, the customized connected product and service categories are booming, owing to people's growing desire and awareness in preserving a flexible lifestyle and job execution convenience. This has resulted in the establishment of numerous new product categories and the emergence of numerous new service categories, such as
1.0 background/introduction Introducing a new product to the market involves various strategic techniques especially when there is an already existing competitor. .strategies involve aggressive marketing in all advertisement platforms. The current global market structure is too competitive and requires a lot of strategic planning to make sales. This needs the development of a new technological
Q1 Sport has the potential to improve the lives of Aboriginal peoples, according to the Canadian Ministry of Health. Indeed, Aboriginal Peoples across Canada have long considered athletics as a tool of alleviating some of their communities' negative features, particularly those affecting their children (Forsyth, et l 2021). In order to promote aboriginal sports, the
Dementia is mainly associated with gradual brain function impairment affecting cognition, behaviour, speech, mobility, and memory. An individual’s functional ability and health declines as the disease progresses. Their personality may also change. Although there are several forms of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common. Dementia can affect younger people; however, it is more prevalent
The US Commission on Civil Rights (CCR) was established in 1957 under the reign of president Dwight Eisenhower. The CCR was formed to investigate, report, and make recommendations on citizens' civil rights. These matters concerning civil rights are mainly investigations on inequity founded on gender, race, disability, nationality (Heriot, 2018). The public is informed about
Human and civil rights are essentials aspects of a nation's political system and individual rights. These rights are formulated in every country's justice system to guide institutions and the public. Historical and contemporary events promoting civil and human rights have played a significant role in shaping political systems and understanding the critical aspects of these
In most cases, people who have suffered from Covid-19 make a full recovery, although the symptoms may persist in some patients after treatment. If the symptoms persist for more than four weeks after treatment, it is referred to as the long-lasting health effects of Covid-19. The first case of Covid-19, also known as SARS-CoV-2, was
Introduction While middle childhood development usually refers to growth before puberty throughout the early school years, adolescence refers to puberty as an unavoidable biological shift during that period. These growth phases fine-tune the progressive modification of psychological, physical, and social methods that educate anybody throughout a lifetime. However, the early to middle stages of adulthood
Introduction Innovation management refers to introducing and coming up with new ideas for the development of a business. For the ideas to be effective to the business, they should be prioritized, implemented, and put into practice. Various studies have shown that the rate of innovation usually varies significantly from one country to another. This report
Right to possess and carry guns The right to the possession and carrying of guns, also known as the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, allows people to own weapons for their defense when their lives are in danger. Only a small number of countries in the world recognize the right to
This paper focuses majorly on the causes and effects low economic growth and developments in urban areas or communities. The research mainly embraces the major causes of reduced growth and development of the economy. They include poor healthcare facilities, political instability, flight on capital, and low levels of education. The effects associated with low economic
Information Technology (IT) has become a very critical and essential part of many grown and upcoming business enterprises at every corner of the globe, ranging from the most significant international business corporations who operate large mainframe computer systems the middle ones as well as extreme databases to the tiny businesses owning a single computer (Buntin
Consciousness is a state in which one knows and understands their specific thinking, feelings, surroundings, and state of existence. Multitasking is the ability of a person to perform various jobs or tasks at the same times (Nijboer et al, 2016). Multitasking is always a good idea to adopt since it enables one to carry out
Cancel culture is defined as attempting and trying to exclude and boycott an individual for reasons such as the violation of social and societal norms. The concept of cancel culture involves withdrawing or cancelling the support for an individual after doing or saying something that is considered offensive and unpleasant to the general society (Sucharov
The manner in which migrants are being handles has really been a major push into the public eye recently as reports regarding the overcrowding as well as the unhygienic conditions experienced in the American border imprisonment bodies. The Canadian government has various ways in which they handle or deal with similar matters and issues associated
The surrounding influences on the company’s management. Although most of a manager’s time is spent in interactions with subordinates inside the organization, managers must also deal with the issues in the external environment. These include micro, market and the macro environments. The environmental concepts refer to the sum total of the variables that may include
Abstract Parental care and involvement as well as co-curricular activities in schools are demonstrated as a key and major factor in the academic performance and outcomes of many children. Therefore, the major goal for this study and research is to investigate if parental care and involvement as well as the participation in co-curricular activities in
Domestic water use is apparently the greatest important use of water for a large number of people. The domestic water use comprises of water used each and every day in a home house. These uses include water used for the common household purposes which include bathing, food preparation, drinking purposes, washing clothes as well as
Introduction Customer relationship management (CRM) is vital for a business entity such as Airbnb for it facilitates connecting and building a relationship with the customers (Rahimi, 2017). Mobile, cloud and social media are fundamental elements of reinventing CRM in the hotel industry. Fundamentally, CRM is vertical business, if companies seek for automation and optimization. If
Section 1 The writing process is something people differently. There exists no standard way or incorrect format to write. It could be a very messy and fluid process. During the unit, I managed to explore various ways through which my identity as a writer developed alongside my understanding of the methods of written composition. Reading
Introduction The year 2008 was termed as the year of financial crisis due to the crumbling of financial institutions into bankruptcy and liquidation. From the perspective of economists, 2008 was the worst financial crisis to ever occur since the Great Depression (Adu-Gyamfi, 2016). Lehman Brothers, an invest-banking firm, was amid the global financial crisis. Lehman
Background information about the organ The organ affected by Graves' disease is the thyroid gland. The thyroid is thumb-sized and is located at the base of the neck in front of the windpipe and right below the Adam's apple. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ. It has two lobes connected to the isthmus in the
Wealth inequality is not just limited in to how much a particular country possesses, but how much wealth is distributed within a society. Every society has its own unique factors that make them different; inequality brings about many problems as various attributes of the society are made uneven, for instance, views, attitudes and beliefs. Financial
The basic urge to feel worthwhile to oneself and others is very vital in adolescence. Before becoming perpetrators, most children have somehow been victimized and in a way not had their basic necessities, thus some commit crimes as the sole means for survival. Offering children a healthy activity alternatives can greatly boost in reducing children
Over the past few years, tragedy of mass shootings and killing has struck the US multiple times. Millions of people have been killed as a result of poor utilization of assault style guns. US has been ranked as the country with the highest number of gun shootings globally as well as gun ownership. The gun
Introduction Ethical issues in business covers a lot of arear that there has been an introduction of business ethic classes in numerous universities. Each and every business employee is required to understand the importance of ethical issues and how the influence in carrying out a business and managing the employees, should there be any case
Introduction British women have witnessed a massive transformation during the four years of World War I. The women were affected both positively and negatively, bringing about a significant change in society. It led to the social, economic, and political change in women's concept bringing them to the light. The Great War is a watershed in
INTRODUCTION Terrorism, the idea it presents is broad. It comes from both friends and enemies to humanity. To those who are friends, they commit economic terrorism and sabotage to those who elected them. The enemies, those who are known and not known, collude and act against the nature and growth of humanity. In essence, whether
American enlightenment can be traced back to the 18 th century as argued by the ‘America a Concise History’. Among the outstanding colonial Americans who propelled the enlightenment ideas was Benjamin franklin whose ideas on the various aspects of leadership shaped the American social development in the century. The facets of his influence are identifiable
Americas Correctional System, Rehabilitation or Punishment Introduction The United States has been credited to be among the countries in the world that have an advanced and elaborate criminal justice system. The systems have evolved over time to encompass the various stages through which the state dispenses justice and maintain order in the society. The correctional
Explain the three kinds of being, God, Christ and Creatures, in the system of Conway. How does she explain the relationship between these three kinds of being? Conway states that there are three kinds of substances, including God, Christ and creatures. According to Anne Conway, the substance of God comprises of pure spirit, and the
Coca-cola should adopt internal assessment as part of its strategic plan to explore the company’s competency, competitive viability in the market and cost position. Using the internal factor evaluation matrix, financial ratios analysis and the overall analysis of internal capabilities, the data generated from an internal assessment is essential since Coca-cola can use it to
Question 1 Ace Pty Ltd has adopted two methods for depreciating the assets of the firm namely diminishing value and prime cost. IFR has specified the terms that must be met to claim depreciation. That the assets must last longer than one year and must have useful life that is determinable. The property must not
Homeland Security Act was created by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by consolidating diverse bureaus and agencies. Homeland Security Act was enacted in 2002 by the United States Congress after the terrorist attacks in Washington, DC, Pennyslvania and New York City on September 11, 2001.The core mission of the Homeland Security Act is to
According to big Clarke (2016), data is a large volume of data in a field that extracts information and analyzes it in a systematic manner that could be cumbersome when dealt with by traditional software. Big data analytics have several benefits that include portfolio risk reevaluation, increasing customer loyalty as well as improving customer engagement,
Strategic Cybersecurity Risk Management Plan 1 Mission statement: Design and implement a cybersecurity risk management program for the organization for adoption in the Company’s strategic plan. 2 Vision statement: Cultivate a security-focused mindset into all our business assets and operations. 3 Introduction From the earlier days, being in an environment that guaranteed the security of
Abstract Using archival data, this study will show that when a firm reduces its state and local income tax expense, it has a positive impact on firm value. Tax savings in general represents increased value to shareholders. Firms must balance tax savings with increased reputational and audit risks associated with aggressive tax planning. State tax
Introduction In the finance world, a three-statement model is used to links income statement, cash flow and balance sheet statements into one connected but dynamic financial model.  These models form the foundation of building more advanced financial models like discounted cash flow, merger models among other financial models. In so doing, it becomes easy to
Project Title: Jobs Increasing or Decreasing between 2019 and 2029. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics contains data for the fastest growing occupations and fastest declining occupations. It displays data in 2019 and is projected in 2029. Data recorded describes how some areas are growing and how fast other sites are declining to lead to
Reply 1 It is very reasonable for Thomas to be shocked and exhausted after reading chapter 14 of Rothe and Kauzlarich’s book of 2016. The fact that the list of corporate offenders was so long is worrying. I understand how Thomas must feel that his family purchases their products from most of the worst corporate
Sexual orientation refers to the gender someone is attracted to emotionally, romantically, and sexually while gender identity is a personal sense of maleness or femaleness. These two are the most astounding sex differences in the way men and women behave. Although these two phenomena play a significant part in human life, their root components are
Over the years, music has played an enormous role in influencing people’s psychology. Songs have the ability to bring emotions and many thoughts in the listener. Notably, music is subtly one of the major factors in which individuals identify with one group and enhance their attachments to society. It shapes people’s way of life and
Globalization has made many countries to consider forming regional blocks for trading reasons. MERCOSUR is a regional trade that includes countries in South America. The member countries include brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Venezuela is also a member state, although its membership was suspended in 2016. The associate countries to the block include chile, Bolivia,
The entertainment industry is continually changing because of new technologies. Advancement in technology has transformed the entertainment industry in many ways whether it is television, films, or music streaming. The continuously changing environment is shifting how entertainment is created and sold. The changes in the way things are made has made other things in the
A brief introduction to the topic area Various projects that have been undertaken have exposed human beings and other organisms to adverse effects of pollution such as global warming and displacement. Many organizations have developed a need to evaluate projects by conducting environmental impact assessment tests. It is meant to establish the project's impact on
Slavery, Artificial Intelligence and Brands Ethical Dilemma in the Modern World Summary of the case In the quest to become more competitive in the global market, multinational corporations have been accused of bypassing structured regulations and failing to promote ethical standards in their operations. However, the host governments abstain from interventions because the MNCs might
Introduction. Infanticide is the act of causing the death of very little or young children; deliberately, this action was mostly done to archive some special by a concerned society. It was mostly practiced in the past. Many societies permitted this exercise around the world, and it was spread widely to many communities. It is true
Introduction. Negotiation can be a unique discussion used to solve disagreements and reach agreements between two or more given parties. Negotiation occurs every time within an organization or workplace. The negotiation process may arise between employee and employer, between the coworkers or departments, and professionals may negotiate things like compensation, project timeline, and contract terms.
Article title: With liberty and justice for some: How the law is used to destroy equality and protect the powerful Author: Glenn Greenwald Introduction Fallacies are normally regarded as faulty or invalid arguments meant to attract the attention of an individual. Although they are psychologically persuasive, fallacies can be incorrect when subjected to scrutiny and
Introduction A country's traditions, culture, and language play a critical role in impacting the wellbeing and structure of a society. Culture is regarded as a way of life that is characterized of learned, variations, and social, adaptive, shared, and continuous aspects. A tradition normally reflects the beliefs and customs that are transferred from one generation
Introduction Just like any other sport, hockey has been subjected to significant changes over time and is usually guided by the economic forces of demand and supply. Any new initiative or commission in the sports industry is often back-tested to ensure that the demand for this initiative is substantial. Similarly, before hockey became professional sport,
Social media or social media platforms can well be described as ways in which people connect globally through websites and applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter amongst many others. Through these platforms, they can send text messages, audios, pictures, and video clips. According to a higher percentage of the youth social media brings about
Overall in history, many events seek to become turning points that affect the environment that individuals live. The focal points make the foundation for continuities and changes in many parts of the world. In Britain, the Industrial Revolution was of great significance in staging civilization and mechanism of conducting essential activities. The changes impacted on
The two films, Colors (1988), Directed by Dennis Hopper and Training Day (2001), Directed by Antoine Fuqua tackled the interconnected issues of gang violence in Los Angeles, a city where streets are overrun by drug dealers, and the controversial nature of the police response. After watching the two films I came to recognize that the
Graff, Cathy & Russel, gratify that the idea of a college education in our society is perceived as a brilliant option for many apprentices. In explain this; the authors argued that the society considers that colleges’ education will help students earn a degree necessary in making them land into stable job (Graff, Cathy & Russels
What does Plato think is problematic about human embodiment, and why is this bad particularly for bodies interpreted as female? The physical roles, and cognitive features of both males and females are highly based on their physical aspects. Unlike men who are portrayed as having physical strength, high intelligence and authority, the traditional perspective towards
Question one: Event impacts and legacies Events have environmental, economic, political, and social cultural impacts. Social cultural impacts brought about by events include solidarity within the community, social reconciliation, and social pride. Allen 2011, illustrates how the citizens of Geelong gained a sense of pride after their team won the AFL premiership. Also, when
Marcus Dixon was an average 18-year-old senior high school student at Pepperell High School. Born and raised in Rome, he was making good grades, participating in football, and had the attention of beautiful girls. It was a common practice for senior boys to look for a hookup. It is what most teenagers are doing. Dixon
Millennials are the demographic cohort following generation X and preceding generation Z. They are said to be the most educated and generally marked by the usage of the internet, mobile devices, and social media, which is why sometimes they are termed as digital natives. I believe that education is more important to millennials than previous
There is a set of legal and social institutions for enforcing criminal law following a defined set of procedural rules and limitations in every country or state. Since time immemorial, people who defile these regulations must face justice under the law. Incarcerated people are in for a correction, and most of them feel stigmatized due
Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints. Its symptoms are mainly pain, swelling, and stiffness. Any joint in the body can be affected by the disease, but it is common in the knee. Knee arthritis can be a hindrance to many everyday activities to a patient. Knee arthritis can limit one from walking
In the article titled "The Lion-Gazet E Mosaic at Khirbat Al-Mafjar," Doris Behrens- Abouseif claims that Khirbat Palace has for a long period been exceptional and a good example of how Umayyad arts have developed. 1 Besides, the author depicts the sculptress applied showed the early Islamic period metalwork while the media portray the opposite:
DSM-5 criteria offer the listing of disorders and conditions for 2020 submision.F06.4 represents the medical treatment for anxiety disorders for physiological conditions. Additional conditions which need clinical attention, mental illness, substance abuse.  Z56.9 Other Problem Related to Employment  Z56.82 Problem Related to Current Military Deployment Status  Z63.0 Relationship Distress with a spouse
Problem-solving is among the essential skills that even healthcare requires for the effective operation of the practice. The concept involves various models and techniques that are readily available for evaluation and solving an extensive range of issues in the health care sector. Problems in the health care practice differ with the extent of complexity which
Part A In modern times, human resource management has relentlessly transformed incredibly, especially in corporations that are going global because of the aggregate demand to hire and retain the industrious workforce (Sandhu et al., 2017). Therefore, a leader’s role in managing employees has not only shifted towards developing and implementing effective performance management systems but
The nursing profession covers a vast scope and is a lot more than just practical tasks. Unlike other professions, nursing emphasizes more on balancing many types of knowledge: practical, emotional, and social. It also emphasizes more on balancing many different titles such as educator, supporter, mentor and mentee. Moreover, balancing the stress and exhaustion that
Businesses exist primarily to maximize profits. Establishing a successful business requires the owner to implement effective business models and strategies to eliminate the business environment's challenges. Despite thriving towards profit maximization and sometimes operating within the same market, small and large businesses differ in that large businesses require a massive investment of capital to start
A good strategy for recruiting employees helps in finding the best clientele to work in the organization. Recruiting methods include social and online recruiting, employment branding, and mobile outreach. Each method of recruiting has its advantages and disadvantages. The method that attracts my attention is the online recruiting. According to (Rahman et al. 2014),online recruiting
Abstract Dentistry is a broad but worth it a career to venture in. the cost of studying dentistry is sharply rising, and the prices to offer its services the dental profession has more benefits then throwbacks. According to Gilavand (2016), a dentist has the chance to grow their careers since the field is not overpopulated.
Lean manufacturing aims at eliminating wastes during the production process. Waste occurs when the activities in an enterprise do not add any value. According to Shah & Ward (2003 pp 129-149), lean manufacturing offers companies an opportunity to improve their practices and eliminate waste. It helps in reducing costs and producing high-quality products. Toyota should
This assignment will be based on Shonagon’s first passage- “Especially Delightful Is the First Day.” Shonagon grabs a reader’s attention from the first sentence in the passage to the last through her descriptive writing style. She is also conservative especially of her surroundings thus creating an imaginative environment for the reader, (Shonagon, 2006, 3). In
Social and Behavioral Health Sciences Consistency and dedication to a healthy diet program have been instrumental factors in realizing my behavioral change. In addition, motivation from close friends and family members has been essential in this journey. In the first journal entry, I indicated that skipping breakfast was one of the worst habits that I
The pros and cons of coercion Psychologists Bertram Raven and John French identified Coercive Power as one of the five types of power, (Moran & Farley, 2018, 5). They defined it as a situation where employees follow instructions forcefully. In such a situation, supervisors or employers punish employees not complying with the orders or instructions
Understanding learning foundations requires comprehensive research concerning the various methods that can be applied.  The major theories are Piaget and Vygotsky's theories. This essay aims to explain how to research to find out about the different learning foundations. The research specifically aims at understanding the differences between Piaget's and Vygotsky's views of learning. It also
Netflix incorporation began in 1997 as an online subscription service that allows users to stream and access movies, documentaries and films. The company also creates original programs via the internet. The videos and films may be streamed or mailed to consumers in their homes. The company boasts of a great number of customers who turns
The current dynamic changes in complexity of projects have greatly influenced how managers and project teams develops, control and analyze projects. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) contains the various methods used to manage projects on any complexity and provides a better understanding of implementing project activities in line with scope, time and performance.
Introduction The dichotomy of power and knowledge remains one of the fundamental elements that drive the discourses on modern society. It is essential to consider the different strategies that have been adopted in addressing the balance between power and the conceptualization of knowledge. The issues surrounding the monopolization of knowledge and the link between these

Sample Business Paper on CSM

Wal-Mart is a retailer that one can say it possesses the brick-and-mortar space, making it easily accessible to most people in the United States who are 15 minutes away from the closest Wal-Mart store. However, despite all this success, Wal-Mart has failed to cross the digital divide and is continuously losing buyers to significant e-commerce
Different scholars and scientists have researched and written about salmonella and other related health problems. Journals and articles have been published to explain what salmonella is, how it is spread, prevention measures, and how it is treated. Hassan et al. (2019) provide crucial information about salmonella. The article highlights salmonella symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and
How can the biopsychosocial medical interview model address the unique needs of older adults with Alzheimer’s? Abstract Over the years, researchers have proposed various non-medical and psychosocial models for the treatment of Alzheimer's. Nonetheless, addressing Alzheimer's patients' unique needs using a model that integrates biological, social, and psychosocial processes in its management. Present models provide
Introduction In analyzing different works of literature, it is possible to retrieve mountains of pertinent information that resonate with human societies. For instance, literature provides insights into what dominant themes inspire authors, encounters in life, and decision-making, which may be critical to informing human interactions, personal development, and social movement. In this regard, I will
This week's discussion will evaluate Judith Seitzer’s works Family Changes and Changing Family Demography. This piece is interesting because it provides insights into the changing family demographics and the impacts on children's development. The author effectively utilizes a survey model to collect population data serves about family demographics. This approach is appropriate because it facilitates
As the world progresses to greater sophistication and advancement, the global society also increases in diversity. As such, people with different backgrounds and beliefs increase their interaction, which creates the need for increasing intercultural contact to avoid any wrong recognition about cultures and respect other cultures from different countries and settings. Otherwise, the globe will
Thank you, Johnson, for putting forward such an objective discussion about chronic kidney disease. I am pleased by the organization of your work and the detailed discussions of various concepts. Indeed healthcare providers are concerned by the significant rise of kidney conditions, which involves losing kidney functions over time. According to the National Kidney Foundation
Since the advent of the 21 st century, Zombies have increasingly dominated the landscape of popular culture with greater diversity in the representations of the undead being imagined. An increasing volume of narratives about zombies introduces human sexuality themes, granting the living dead their own sexual identities. The concept of zombie sexuality evokes a provocative
The professional teams sports industry stands out due to its unique structure as it is the only sector where production is organized and implemented by leagues. This distinct organizational framework is the outcome of the industry-specific production and competitiveness of parties involved. external stakeholders of the industry often view individual teams as firms and consider
Many perceive unemployment as an undesirable phenomenon and consider full employment an ultimate economic goal. However, a moderate unemployment level ensures that the economy blossoms and the efficient use of economic resources for maximum production. Although keeping the unemployment rate low is a desirable objective, countries need careful examination as unemployment plays an essential role
Payout Ratio, and Future Prospects for BHP GroupWACC 1. Computing BHP's WACC The Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) refers to the average expected rate that a firm is expected to pay its security holders for financing its assets. As the firm's average cost of capital, it uses weights to measure the burden of a
Effects of E-books on the Purchasing and Reading of Fiction and Non-fiction Undoubtedly, technological advancement and innovation have revolutionized the twenty- first century in various ways, including reading and purchasing of both fiction and non-fiction literature in their electronic forms. A recent study conducted by the Book Industry Study Group, which focused on analyzing consumers’
Executive Summary Ashley's place is a profit-making living community located at South Woodbridge neighborhood in Lodi, Californian state. This senior care community is found in a city containing middle-income earners whose average income, according to Lil Martin's report, it is estimated to be 44, 500 USD (Enström and Ghosh, 2016). The assisted living community is

Sample Law Paper on Federalism

Perhaps I might consider the logic applied in this post; however, some ideas need much elaboration. Federalism used today is not exactly what it was when the constitution was adopted. In simple terms, federalism has kept evolving, and many alterations keep on occurring, thus terming this as not being active as said in the post
  Yeo S.L. and Pang A. Summary This research was greatly influenced by the increasing number of multicultural organizations wiling to and operating in the ever internationalizing and globalizing economy. Therefore, Yeo and Pang (2017) focused on understanding the significant role that cultural values impact on public relations practice using Singapore as the study population.
Background and clinical significance of sleep disorders Immense cases of chronic sleep disorders and sleep loss have been reported. The clinical industry being the primary affected sector in public health has not impacted awareness to the general public despite the increasing opportunities in scientific research and the global expansion of clinical activities (Dijk et al.,
Wellness is defined by Freeman et al. (2017)is a state of being aware and active in processing choices that promote a healthy fulfilling life or being completely active in both physical, social and mental well-being with no mere infirmity or disease impacts. Using the four education lenses to expound on the mental issue, history allows
Introduction Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is one of the neurological diseases which are rarely found. For example, among a thousand individuals only two might have this disorder (Riederer, Kopp and Pearson, 2012).  The disease involves the neurons mainly the motor neurons. Neurons aids in the transmission of impulse from the central nervous system to the
Purpose- the federal express is a shipping American firm whose main purpose is to ship and deliver cargo worldwide. The company delivers cargo in time hence flexible and reliable. Moreover, the firm provides transport services for express cargo delivery and freights globally (Senn 115). The business is the largest shipping firm since it coordinates with
Background Information According to statistics from the Harvard Business Review (2018), there are currently more than one billion people willing to learn the English language, while in 2012, close to two billion were speaking the language at a useful level. As more multinational organizations continually mandate the use of English as the main language of
Background Information The underlying factor that distinguishes successful from unsuccessful organizations is their performance. Often, the success story of any business establishment is pegged on a number of parameters including profitability, size of the business, number of employees, geographical coverage and even stock performance for the listed companies. With the success or failure of a
Introduction Sovereign states do not exist in a vacuum as they operate and relate with other nations and multinational organizations on the international plane. The relationships and interactions between different states and multinational organizations in the international plane are based on several foreign policy models. Foreign policy approaches, such as the rational actor and bureaucratic
Nike is one of the largest multinational companies, based on revenues. The company primarily produces and distributes sports footwear, apparel, and equipment. The company is also well known for its well-educated and skilled workforce. Nike has one of the best workforce because it has effectively allocated it resources to the human resource personnel. The company
The nexus of corruption, poverty, and politics is at the root cause of both poverty and political instability in the West African nation of Mali. Mali is bedeviled by an unending cycle of political instability characterized by military coups, secession movements, and Islamic jihadist terrorist insurgencies. Grand corruption has left the majority of Malians languishing
Part A: Two Short Critical Reflections Critique of Website Definitions of Latin America And Evaluation of Authenticity According to Owlocation, Latin America refers to the 21 countries in the American continent that speak Latin. The link to the website is America. Wikipedia defines Latin America as a region that consists of entire South American
Number#1: Comparison of Elementary School Teachers and NBA Basketball Players Wages Teachers play a vital and valuable role in providing the students with fundamental tools, such as learning skills, literacy, mathematical competency, and organization skills, for success in life. On the other hand, the basketball players provide specific entertainment that society can still function well
Spiritual leadership can be explained as a pathway towards knowing God and where God needs his people to take initiatives based on His methods and work in reliance on His power. The spiritual condition answers the condition that God wants people to be at, and the displays of this condition are in the lifestyle people
Trigger warnings are warnings at the beginning of a blog, article, or video that indicates the emotional distress and potential trauma that an audience can have upon reading, listening, or viewing. The blog, article, and video may include items such as suicide, rape, sexual abuse, among others. The study discusses the views that other authors
Devlin, K.J (1998) defines mathematics as the science of patterns .It is the study of number, shape, motion, change, and space. This is a way of describing relationships between numbers and other measurable quantities. Mathematics teaching and learning has now become a problem almost all over the world. This article investigates the reasons why the

Sample Science Paper on Copper

Introduction Copper is one of the metals used widely globally, it is extracted through various steps involving technologies such as hydrometallurgy that was first used in China. Also, it was first extracted in Sweden. The metal posse’s different raw components and they consist of Malachite, chalcopyrite, and chalcocite (Cu 2 S,) and Cuprites (Cu 2
Diets for Digestive System Disorder A digestive disorder is an issue that takes place in the digestive tract ("Peptic ulcer: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia", 2020). This paper discusses peptic ulcers and the dietary requirements needed to help people suffering from it recover. Peptic ulcers are an open raw area or wound found in the lining of
The study of how habits reflect and structure the psychological processes of their members is termed as cultural psychology. Cultural psychology is mainly a new routine that keeps on producing notable proof that challenge psychologists’ perception of human nature. This essay explains how to deal with cultural diversity and definition and example of the ratchet
Case Study Analysis: What Bike Riding Can Teach You The Naming of the Program The name “Juvenile Contemplative Boot Camp” best suits the program because it is a description of the planned rehabilitation of the behavioral maladjustment exhibited by the enrolled teenagers. The program design encourages a conducive environment that enables young ones to meditate
Growth is the fundamental goal of every enterprise from its inception. Startups can face challenges in increasing their market outreach due to the industry of the already established enterprises and competition from new players, thus leaving them with only one option: to invest in creativity as a way to achieve cutting-edge innovation. Established enterprises still
Article Summary The article titled The Doctor Behind the Disputed Covid Data, published in the New York times on the 27th of July 2020 (Gabler & Rabin, 2020), seeks to give insight into the practice of the once-celebrated vascular surgeon, Dr Sapan Desai, and his two disputed covid 19 research articles done by him in
Demographics Variations in a population's age, size, gender balance, ethnicity, and race directly influence resources to be employed, and ultimately costs of healthcare provision as there are specific health risks associated closely with specific demographics. According to the NIDCD (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders) (2019), presbycusis (age- related hearing loss) is a
As the first world war ended and American troops returned home, the African American soldiers who had fought beside their white compatriots, having experienced nonracist treatment as they fought abroad, returned home to an America that barely recognized their service. Expectations were still that they would abide by the segregative laws that discriminated against them
Toyota Production System: The Concept of SMED SMED is an acronym for the Single-Minute Exchange of Dies. The concept is a technological advancement in production that dramatically minimizes the time taken to complete equipment changeovers in a manufacturing process. Essentially, SMED is a revolution in the manufacturing industry because it enhances rapid and efficient changeover
Imminent Dystopian Surveillance: The Risk of Losing Liberty to Cameras Imminent Dystopian Surveillance: The Risk of Losing Liberty to Cameras Gaze perception is a biological phenomenon known to many because of its peculiar feeling: a prickling on the back of the neck. An astonishing pace of technological advancement has made commonplace surveillance cameras that can
Should Businesses Be Liable When Customers Misuse Products They Provide? Yes Deficiencies marring product liability law have sparked a heated global debate. Pro- manufacturers arguments posit that a manufacturer’s responsibility ends when a consumer freely chooses to buy a product, an action that inevitably carries consequences. Contrariwise, consumer activists praise tort law as an essential
INTRODUCTION In the everyday life scenario, people are faced with different problems that seek well- structured interventions to solve. Robbins (2014) defined problem-solving as the process of providing solutions to problems that seem sophisticated and complex. There will be a need to put the requisite problem-solving techniques into practice when faced with a problem, which

Sample Essay Paper on Waterfalls

Canada is a country that is growing economically at a high rate. This progress has made it possible for work to be made available for foreign workers to fill up the country. In conjunction with immigration experts, the government has made it easier for foreigners to get a job in Canada. They help people get
Students worldwide face the controversy of either taking a job as they undergo their studies or concentrating on their studies. Notably, the work experience and extra income gained is often weighed against the hours of devoted study lost in the process. There is a high population of students employed in the United States while attending
The General Background and Main Phases of the History of Clean Air Act of the USA The General Background The Clean Air Act was ratified to protect the environment and human health from pollution. In particular, the Act addresses issues pertinent to emissions that pollute the air and outdoors. According to the Clean Air Act,
The one largely untold narrative of Orientalism is how the Western society associated the Middle East with the “deviant” behavior of male homosexuality. This occurrence had been going on for hundreds of years, particularly among Western historians, travelers, artists, and writers. Based on this conception, the world’s preconception of Orientalism was not desirable. Regardless of
Existing primates are typified by their anatomical features. Apparently, a majority of these features are not unique to the order but are rather a combination that distinguishes them from other mammals. The classification has been substantial due to historical attention on the adaptive terms, such as convergence and orbital size, elongated tarsal bones, an opposable
Artificial intelligence is a technological creation of contemporary society, which has impacted the operations in different sectors. By definition, artificial intelligence refers to machines' work processing, which would require a lot of intelligence if performed by humans (Wisskirchen, et al. 9). The impact of artificial intelligence has been beneficial and also worrying. For example, the consensus