Gender roles in the 19th and 21st centuries Gender issues have been covered in education for centuries since the struggle for gender equality has also been in existence for a long period. Gender roles are defined as the attitudes, behavior, and values that the community deems appropriate for different genders. Women and men have been
Privacy: Technology, Surveillance, and Freedom. Discuss the employee claims that counter businesses’ justification of electronic surveillance. Employers limit privacy at workplaces to reinforce the security of their enterprises, avoid liability, as well as ensure the availability of fundamental resources required for operations by their human resources. These employers use software programs and video cameras for
Business Plan: Arcade VR Lounge Executive Summary The founding of Arcade VR Lounge as a specialized virtual reality (VR) service company is the culmination of several months of research on the technological and demographical trends in individual and corporate consumer markets. The results of the studies are integrated with years of experience of the founder
Presidential Vs. Parliamentary Systems The article titled “The Perils of Presidentialism” by Linz Juan fits the topic of this essay. I will this reading material as the basis for evaluating the best system of governance.  Indeed, a government represents a set of machinery and agencies that supports political authority. Additionally, it is a system and
Diversity Essay Diversity is multifaceted as it includes race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and disability. To work with broad arrays of diversity, it is imperative for social workers to undergo training on cultural competence to learn on how to eradicate barriers that they prevent the provision of care among the different group. The
Philosophy in Nursing Nursing is one of the most energy-consuming and stressful professions. It requires dedication and utmost commitment as it involves the care of other humans. Among healthcare professionals, nurses spend the most time with patients, which makes qualities such as effective interpersonal relationships, empathy, communication skills, and cultural diversity important in this career.
Compare and Contrast Ancient Rome with Modern-Day America Introduction There are notable similarities and differences between Ancient Rome and modern-day America. Researchers have agreed that superpower societies eventually collapse. Though it is long since Ancient Rome collapsed, in its place we see in 2019, the United States, a new superpower exercising its dominance. Opinions are
Schizophrenia Question 1 The positive symptoms can be recognized easily by the people around the victim since these symptoms can be manifested through unusual speech or behavior. These symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech, abnormal motor behavior, and disorganized behavior (Barch). In contrast, negative symptoms are hardly recognized by people. These symptoms include motivation and
Maternal, Infant, and Child Health The improvement of maternal, infant, and child wellbeing is an important societal goal in the United States. The health of infants, children, and mothers influences that of the next generation. Currently, the USA maternal and infant mortality rates are high. Leadership is important in addressing this issue. Leadership First Steps
Gender Roles and Its Effect on Today’s Society Gender roles encompass the responsibilities and behaviors that people learn and adapt from their communities and cultural norms. A deviation of the prescribed gender roles is met with derision from the members of the community. Gender roles are often the source of taboos and rules, especially in
Right to Strike Strike refers to the temporary withdrawal of services by workers with the aim of airing their grievances or make a deal with the employers. In the United States, the right to strike is under the Labor Management Relations Act which restricts the activities and power of the labor unions. As a result,
Reflection Base on Conflict Managing conflict among people in intimate relationships is a complex process. As such, the paper by Overall et al. (2009) raises several issues. First, does empathy play a role in regulating intimate relationships? I have seen from my previous relationships that many relationship issues require both partners to show empathy to
Appraisal of Proposals In recent years, New York City has had to deal with a lack of housing given the increase in the homeless population. According to the 2017 report by the Coalition for the Homeless, more than 62,000 people currently sleep under the street shelters. This implies that there has been a 79 percent
Vision Vision refers to the ability to think and plan for the future through simply perceiving visuals and imagination. Therefore, action needs to be taken so that a vision can take effect in any society. I would like an integrated management system in real estate, to be my world-changing initiative. An integrated management system in
China-United States Trade War Historically, the United States has been involved in several trade wars with several nations, such as Japan and even the European Union. The United States also has a long history of trade wars with China dating back to the 1990s. Through the use of Section 301 of the United States Trade
Social Effects of the World Bank and IMF on Kenya No country, particularly in Africa, has been able to achieve development out of its resources. Many countries, particularly African nations continually have budgetary deficits, most of which borrowing both locally and internationally, donor funding and grants help to plug. Kenya is not an exception to
Impact of the News Media on Own Life News media broadcasts emotional content that can adversely \affects the psychological well-being of viewers by altering mood, affecting thinking, and influencing a change of behavior. I have watched the government utilize major media outlets to communicate biased information and propaganda and observed a lot of misreporting of
New York Slave Revolt of 1712 New York is a city with a good reputation with regard to social and economic progress. However, history reveals that in the 17th and 18th centuries, New York was a focal point for the slave trade. Here, African men, women, and children were sold and used as slaves by
Effectiveness Improvement at Home Depot The management style at Home Depot gives the employees the independence and freedom to make decisions regarding their contributions to the daily operations of the company. As such, the level of engagement allowed in the company permits employees to take ownership of the company’s operations of success. However, this does
Gender Hegemony and Dual Consciousness Part 1: Gender hegemony is a gender order that favors one gender group; for instance, hegemonic masculinity over the other gender, mainly hegemonic femininities. The gender of a person had less to do with the physical characteristics of a person and was mainly learned after birth. The role of a
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Among Military Personnel and Veterans Servicemen and women especially those on active duty are at an increased risk of encountering exceptionally traumatizing, catastrophic, and threatening events that ultimately affect their psychological and physical well-being. Exposure to these events can lead to cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a result, the
Deciding to Eliminate Employee Programs Situational metrics The strategic areas are employee performance and staff retention. Hence, the metrics to be used in examining the value addition of the organizational wellness and work-life balance programs include the level of performance, behavior change, and physical and mental wellness. Broad array of wellness and work-life balance programs
Assignment 3 Accountability and World Politics Accountability is a broad term referring to how government decisions and policies align with strategic objectives. The decisions made by a government are subjected to oversight to ensure that they directly map to the needs of the people. Such accountability is important because it directly contributes to good governance
“The Class Struggles in France, 1848-1850” by Karl Marx Part I: The Defeat of June 1848 The July Revolution that took place in 1830 ushered in a new era in France. With the installation of Louis Philippe, the Duke of Orleans, as the king, the country entered a new era marked by a major shift
All about Ecuador South America as a continental is home to a rich cultural heritage stemming from ancient and modern interactions. Individual countries in the continent are home to some of the world’s famous animal species and plants. One such country in the continent is Ecuador: a northwesterly country in South America that boasts of
Clausewitz on the Trinity of the People, Military, and Government General Carl Philipp Gottfried Von Clausewitz is best known for his 1832 book On War. The piece of literature is a classic treatise on wars that are based on Clausewitz’s observations and battle experience during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. In the
Modern Youth The question of youth and morality has always dogged different generations since time immemorial. From the times of Cicero in ancient Rome to the modern world the actions of the youth have always been put under the microscope due to their perceived untoward behavior. Modern youth in a bid to express their need
Ethics in the Workplace Part A Question 1 Business ethical standards vary according to the culture and corporate laws that regulate corporate management and operations in various countries. For example, receiving gifts maybe abhorred and termed as corruption in the United States of America though it is a widely practiced and accepted behavior in Japan
College Experience I am enrolled at a college to pursue a degree at the age of 27-year old. It is obvious I am not a typical 18-year old escorted to college by parents, and carrying a set of new books and pens. In my case, the most important aspect has been planning my life schedule
The Characteristics of Services Services have key characteristics that separate them from goods. These characteristics include intangibility, inseparability, perishability, client relationship, customer effort, and uniformity, forming the distinguishing features of them from goods. Intangibility: This is the inability to touch, feel or smell services. While goods such as a car can be touched or felt,
The primary source selected is about the chronicle of higher education. This chronicle talks about movements seen all around the universities against racism and slavery. These movements include Rhodes must fall. This movement arose in South Africa, where the students wanted the removal of the Cecil Rhodes monument. Cecil Rhodes was a diamond mining baron,
Social media Social media refers to websites and applications that enable users to generate and share content or to partake in social networking. Due to advancements in technology and communication over the years, social media sites have not only increased but also opened up new possibilities such as their use by organizations as a recruitment
Leadership in Flux Analyze the problems at this company as portrayed in the scenario. The bureaucratic nature of organizations where senior managers utilize a top-down approach when dealing with workers creates communication and leadership problems. In this case study, the production manager fails to demonstrate effective communication by ignoring issues raised by Berta, a member
Deciding to Eliminate Employee Programs The CEO at Rex Technologies is contemplating retaining health insurance, sick leave, child care, and paid vacation programs. The decision is as per the analysis conducted in this week’s case study. However, the CEO is in a dilemma to make the right decision using metrics that provides accurate data and
Challenges faced by the Elderly Aging comes with different challenges, including the loss of independence, which is one of the leading causes of the decline of physical ability. As observe many older adults remain highly self-sufficient, others require much care because most of them lack jobs so that finance can be an issue for them.
Certifications and Continuing Education in Your Professional Role Professional growth calls for joining a professional organization that provides members with unlimited opportunities. As a respiratory therapist, the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) is a professional body that can keep me informed about important trends in the industry, emerging technologies, new legislations, and other useful
The Creation of Patriarchal Marriage Historically, the marriage institution has dimmed the role of a woman giving rise to patriarchy and gender inequality.  In a world where the “welfare state” has been jeopardized, a woman’s only option of survival is to “marry well”; this is a way of economic security. Nevertheless, once married, her husband’s
Covert Leadership Model Covert Leadership, per Henry Mintzberg, depicts how present-day pioneers may lead the entire gathering of laborers by inspiring them to perform and utilize their talents. Henry Mintzberg, who spent a day with Bramwell Tovey, director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, found that Tovey does not work like an outright ruler but rehearses
Strategic Plan for Zara Fashion Company Introduction This essay discusses the strategic analysis of Zara Fashion Company. The items under discussion include strategic plan, management, formulation, ethical consideration, social responsibility. In addition, the analysis evaluates how Zara gains competitive advantage, how it measures the effectiveness of its strategies, and how it performs environmental scanning. Consequently,
Depressive and Bipolar Disorders People normally experience highs and lows on a day-to-day basis. However, the concern arises when people’s disturbances of mood require clinical attention. When a person’s mood disturbances reach this point, it is highly likely that they have either a depressive or bipolar disorder. Depressive and bipolar disorders have a significant impact
Health Care Accounting Fraud in health care systems is a widespread crime affecting medical facilities worldwide. Some healthcare personnel engages in a series of dishonest filings in order to make a profit. This unethical behavior is similar to that occurring in other business organizations by employees on daily basis. Perpetrators can sell prescription drugs at
Sparkle Inc. Marketing Plan Pricing and Distribution Strategy Proper pricing and distribution strategies are essential to any startup seeking to make a name for itself in the ever-competitive modern market. Sparkle Inc. is a startup company that deals in coffee production, processing, distribution, and retailing. Sparkle Inc.’s coffee product is named Pico. The primary target
Apartheid in South Africa Apartheid was a South African philosophy that initiated the separation of the races among South Africans. The ideology was established by the members of the National Party who were aiming at controlling the South African economy as well as its political system. Racial discrimination was the norm during the period of
New Product Launching in the UK: HP Professional Computer The New Product and the Target Market HP (Hewlett Packard) has designed a new computer, loaded with software for professional and business use. It is a new product that is not in existence currently. It is special computer and laptop with special features that only suits
humn 3981 assign 4 PART A Writing on the wall: Culture, Identity, and Politics In the essay, Culture, Identity, and Politics, Green and Sue illustrate the Latin American way of life and politics. The people are not only known for their love of soap operas but also their love of literature and music. However, their
Mixed Race and Identities’ Politics In a sense, humans cannot escape political identity. It is particularly difficult to accept an interpretation of politics that ignores groupings according to race. The groupings have been used, both rightly and wrongly to further political objectives in modern societies. From a political perspective, identity politics offer the minority a
Benefits of Yoga in Managing Depression among the Elderly Introduction Depression is a complex mental illness that has profound effects on the elderly. Indeed, depression is caused by a collection of genetic, biochemical, and psychological factors, and can negatively affect a person or society. The World Health Organization has projected that depression will be the
Major regulations and agencies that oversee the health care industry Introduction In the contemporary healthcare industry, regulation plays a fundamental role in streamlining the implementation of major programs and sustaining positive patient outcomes and experiences. These regulations cuts across federal, state, and local government and can identify related health risks and effective mitigation strategies. Accordingly,
Transition to Workplace In medical practice, transition to the workplace is seen as a rite of passage that nurses must go through. Essentially, the transition can either be seamless or be full of challenges. Numerous strategies can be utilized by nursing students to prepare them for transition to the workplace at a time when they
Personality Personality type generally refers to the psychological classification of individuals. My personality type is Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging abbreviated as INTJ. People with this personality type project self-confidence emanating from knowledge systems they embark on developing at young ages. INTJs are very aware of what they do know and what they do not know.
End of Life Care Funeral Ceremony Across the globe and in different cultures, a funeral ceremony is a way of paying respect to the loved ones who have passed away. The end life care and the burial process allows people to offer their loved ones a respectful farewell. Hospice facilities prepare families and friends for
Introduction             Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that results in to build of sticky mucus in the digestive system and the lungs. Consequently, the condition causes infections in the lungs and difficulties in digesting food. Usually, the symptoms of the disorder vary from one child to another but a child’s condition worsens with time.
Lack of Significant Health Care for Small and Medium Enterprises Abelson Reed.(2019). Employer Health Insurance Is Increasingly Unaffordable, Study Finds. The New York Times. Retrieved from In her article, Reed Abelson highlights the main reason why many small and medium enterprises cannot be able to provide health insurance benefits for their employees is affordability.
Culture in Animals Culture has been thought to separate humans from animals for a long time. This position has been unchallenged by researchers until recently. Apparently, scientists have discovered that animals have some basic behaviors that constitute a culture. Today, the conception that animals do not have a definitive culture has been contested by many
Cultural and ethnic studies Cultural development is determined by several factors such as economic activities, language, gender roles, politics, and biology. The class has helped shed light on how each of these factors has shaped communities and the influences of each on different communities. Gender roles have been in existence for centuries and this is
NUR 408 Final The majority of countries across the globe are striving to improve the health status of their populations. The attempts to improve the health and well-being of the people are supported by national and local policies and plans. Regrettably, health care systems are facing myriad problems with regard to equity. Equity seeks to
Week 8 The New Testament illustrates Jesus’ utilization of different teaching approaches to pass the gospel to His audience. Jesus told his disciples and audience numerous parables to enlighten them about the kingdom of God. During his time, Jesus was also considered a famous teacher of the word of God, as he used relatable examples
Impacts of the Cold War After the end of World War II, there was an emergence of the Cold War between the U.S and the Soviet Union. Ironically, towards the end of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States were allies, who contributed significantly to ending the war. However, they developed philosophical
Current Research in Cognitive Psychology II Creativity Mullet, D. R., Willerson, A., Lamb, K. N., & Kettler, T. (2016). Examining teacher perceptions of creativity: A systematic review of the literature. Thinking Skills and Creativity. 21: 9-30. Creativity entails the ability to generate new ideas or being able to connect ideas in place to generate new
7-2-1 Journal Reflection: Creating a Movement Creating a movement is often inspired by ideas and feelings that change the way people think and act. The movements are created by people with visions to help understand issues and initiate changes that benefit people in societies. The black Lives Matter movement champions the rights of the black population
Professionalism and Social Media Use In my use of social media, I have identified some conversations and posts that I have shared with others that may be inappropriate based on professional nursing standards. At one time, I came into contact with a band singer that my friends and I adored after he had an accident
Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Deep Vein Thrombosis Comparison of the Pathophysiology of Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Deep Venous Thrombosis Chronic Venous Insufficiency is a blood disorder that reduces the quality of life as well as productivity. The disorder is usually caused by the backward flow or blockage of the venous blood, which eventually causes venous
Media Coverage Media sources play a critical of enlightening the public on emerging issues. However, the media sources have been known for reporting the same event differently because of their inclination towards particular ideologies. As the way information is presented is likely to influence public opinion differently. Hence, the trend has an impact on public
Policy Recommendations on Raising the Minimum Wage in Texas Wages represent an essential factor in the capacities of communities, households, and individuals to meet their needs. The levels of wage that individuals earn are a critical indicator of their capacities to access and utilize services and socioeconomic resources for their wellbeing, and a determinant of
Challenges of Global Human Resource Management Human resource departments are transforming as many global organizations continue to grow their operations, and face numerous and complex problems. The transformation of human resource management is associated with numerous rapid changes that businesses encounter in their operations. These changes may be a result of various factors such as
The description of the function of macronutrients The common micronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are responsible for the provision of energy to the body system. The body requires such energy to maintain most of its functions such as various physical activities. The nutrients are also important in strengthening tissue structures, regulating the hormonal
Candidate Position Paper: Joe Biden and John Delaney on Abortion The upcoming 2020 election in the U.S. features many candidates with widely varying views and perspectives concerning different issues of public policy. One of these issues is abortion, which continues to be a controversial topic owing to the implications of induced abortion on the rights
Root Cause Analysis: Case Study In a nursing context, such as that in the case under review in this paper, sentinel events are adverse occurrences whose consequences include serious harm or deaths of patients in the care of a health service. These events occur independent of the condition of a patient and reflect deficiencies in
Executive Summary A newborn baby under the age of 28 days is prone to a considerable risk of dying. As such, it is significant for the infant to be breastfed appropriately. In addition, the best care should be provided during this period to increase the chances of survival and lay the basis for a healthy
Improving Safety Culture through Enhanced Incident Reporting Incident reporting systems are integral in the success of medical organizations. Incident reporting promotes shifts the blames from individuals to the system when incidents occur. It is imperative to note that elaborate safety culture is common among well-established medical facilities. However, it is important to sustain a safe
Educating Kids about Mental Health When dealing with children who have mental conditions, it is the teachers’ responsibility to ensure that these children not only feel comfortable in their environment but also that the other students understand their predicament and what to do to help them. Nevertheless, explaining to young children about mental health issues
Human Development: Critical Role of Sustainable Business Practices Human development refers to the process or efforts of expanding and improving the freedoms and opportunities of human societies and their members and improving their wellbeing. It concerns society members’ acquisition of real freedom and opportunities to decide whom to become, the way to live, and ways
MNGT 3711 A1 Part A: Discussion Questions Question 1: Describe the “performance-expectations gap” evident in this case – what were the stakeholders’ concerns and how did their expectations differ from the company’s performance? The concept of the “performance-expectation gap” describes the failure of an organization to achieve the desired goals and objectives. The concept can also
Virginia Beach Community Assessment Health is a complex result of where people live, learn, and work as well as the lifestyle and behaviors that a given population has adopted. As such. assessment of the current health status of a given community is not only related to health data and its outcomes, but also to various
Multiculturalism Policy in Canada Question 3: Policies Constituting Canadian Multiculturalism Policy Multiculturalism was originally used to counter biculturalism in Canada. The use of multiculturalism terminology has extended beyond Canada. For example, it was adopted in Australia.  In Canada, multiculturalism is used to refer to a society consisting of diverse ethnicity and culture. Additionally, it refers
Evaluating the Evidence: Handwashing in Improving Patient Safety and Preventing HAIs Healthcare associated infections (HAIs), also known as nosocomial infections, are considered the most common and severe complications in the healthcare context. These are infections that occur in patients after 48 hours or more of admission to a healthcare facility, and were not present in
Occult Bacteremia in A Baby Occult bacteremia is characterized by fever and bacteria in the bloodstream of a child. Such a child may look well, and the source of the infection may be unknown. It is common in infants under three months and those between 3 months and three years of age. It is hard
Stress and Immunity Different Types of Immunities Immunity is the ability of an individual’s body to resist harmful external substances from intruding into his/her blood system. The concept involves both specific and non-specific elements. The non-specific elements often act as a barrier to a wide range of external substances, particularly the biotic and abiotic pathogens,
Thinking About Roles How the Roles of Community Health Nurse as a Researcher and Educator Overlap Community health nursing is a diverse discipline. As such, a community health nurse can engage in research-based roles, yet these roles can extend to cover those of educators in the nursing sector partly. As a researcher, a community health
The Research Process: Industrial Psychology Industrial organization psychology is a branch of psychology concerned with the application of the principles and tenets of psychology to industries and related organizations. Industrial organization (I/O) psychology focuses on the physical and mental well-being of workers in the workplace in relation to workers’ productivity. In contemporary workplaces, the emotional
Stakeholders in Sustainable Business Transformation Part A Question 1 Almost 50 percent of the global population still relies on basic cookstoves and open fires that are fueled by wood or coal to this day. Over the years, this practice has been described as unsustainable because of its adverse impacts not only on human lives but
Prevention of Falls and Fall-Related Injuries Among the Elderly The increase in the aging population is becoming a concern for stakeholders involved in the global healthcare sector. An increase in the population of people aged 65 and older has been witnessed in both affluent and low-income countries in recent years. According to McPake & Mahal
Philosophy What is the philosophical method? This is a systemic method used by philosophers to provide arguments and reasons concerning problems affecting human life in modern societies. Vaughn posits that the philosophical method largely involves the careful framing and analysis of arguments (77). Therefore, to provide reasons and explain why certain problems occur, philosophers employ
Stakeholders in Sustainable Business Transformation Part A: Clean Cookstoves Question 1 The adoption of clean cookstoves is one of the emerging trends in environmental conservation. Clean cookstoves reduce environmental impacts of open fire cooking such as carbon IV oxide emission, which is a key concern in the context of contemporary efforts towards climate conservation. Key
Nursing Research In the 1980s, the American government established the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, which came up with the Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) meant to improve the quality of healthcare service in America. When using the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) method to research the medical field, researchers rely on the PICOT question as it
Child Collectors World Child is a non-profit adoption agency based in London. The organization is Hague accredited and helps with international adoptions. The Duncan family is a family of 10, eight siblings and two parents Bruce and Marilyn Duncan. All the eight children under Duncan’s care were adopted and seven out of the eight are
Health Care versus Politics The article featured here is the Kaiser Health News Morning Briefing published on January 13, 2020. Based on this article, the interest groups include the American President Donald Trump, Trump’s administration, voters, Americans, health insurance groups, and health care providers. Issues that interest these parties are politics and health care access.
Electronic Medical Record Introduction Electronic medical record (EMR) has impacted positively on patient care and the work lives of medical practitioners. Recently, medical knowledge, practices, guidelines, and processes have greatly changed. For instance, an evidence-based practice implemented by medical professionals has fundamentally improved the quality of care provided to patients. As a consequence, the lives
Input-Transformation-Process The Input-Transformation-Process encompasses activities that have inputs that transform or add specific value to them. Most transformations usually aim at producing good products or services, and the output of the transformation has to be appealing and reliable. The inputs for a process include material, information, and customers. These inputs allow the production of outputs
Determinants of Supply and Demand Demand and Supply in microeconomics are used for price determination in the market. Supply and demand curves are used to illustrate changes in the price of various commodities. As the price for McDonald’s pizza decreases, its demand and supply go up. The changes in demand and supply cause the demand
Organizational Management and Leadership Part A: Canadian Leaders Part A 2: Canadian Business Leaders Organizational leadership is an instrumental determinant of the success of any given organization. As such, for an organization to be labeled as successful or well managed, its leadership also has to be effective and efficient. An example of such an organization
Life-Changing Economics Q1 If I were in Jane’s shoes, the current situation would significantly change my economic outlook. My expenditure would be on the most important and urgent things at the expense of those that are not important. For instance, I would join an affordable college and drop out of Freedom University, which due to
Interoperability Today, a nursing practice largely relies on the use of systems and electronic records. Technological systems have enhanced the provision of care as professionals are capable of collecting, storing, and processing patient data promptly. For example, health workers are able to capture and manage a patient’s data regarding diagnosis, medication, and care intervention. Interoperability
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Part A Q.1: It is possible to develop a universal set of ethical standards in business despite differences in culture and perceptions of right and wrong among societies across the world. This is because the basis of morality is human nature, rather than differences in culture and perceptions of right
Change and innovation on Patient Safety Patient safety describes various forms of activities that can promote the effective development of harm prevention strategies in a healthcare system. It entails the comprehensive investigation of possible harms and related error incidents to improve the overall wellbeing of the patients (Litchfield et al., 2018).  The introduction of change
Murfreesboro Restaurant Introduction to Company Murfreesboro Restaurant is a fast-food restaurant located in Murfreesboro City. Many like to refer to the restaurant’s cooking as “Melting your Face.” It serves various foods, such as donuts, ice cream, hot chicken, and some hard-to-find canned or pickled items for Murfreesboro’s residents. The restaurant’s target market is the youth
Forces and Public Issues in Industry Part A Question 1 The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) was in the spotlight following adverse impacts of its operations on the quality and availability of fresh water to local communities. The public issue led to the shutting down of one of the company’s bottling plants in the state of Kerala,
Factors Involved in Pencil Making Pencils are ubiquitously used as writing tools. Discovered in the late 1400s, pencils are the oldest writing tools still in existence today. Pencils are made from wood and graphite and the process of pencil making has been refined for years. Currently, the pencil-making process in America is mechanized with pencil
Caring for Vulnerable Populations Child maltreatment entails all forms of abuse and negligence of a child by a parent, caregiver, or any other individual in a custodial responsibility. Child abuse is a significant problem that affects children’s physical and emotional health status. According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS), an estimated 1,720
Occupational Therapy Critical Success Factors Occupational Therapy Critical Success Factors The success of the occupational health industry in Baltimore, Maryland, like in all other areas, relies on the ability of the industry to anticipate external changes and adapt. Performance is linked to the ability of organizations offering occupational therapy to align or adapt their strategies
Stakeholder Responsibilities in Consumer Protection Part A Question 1 Diversity is the variation in crucial human characteristics thereby distinguishing a person from other people or groups from other groups. Elements of workplace diversity include ethnicity, race, age such as being young or elderly, gender, as well as national origin (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). When one
Lesson Manuscript The church is an important place as it helps people to establish a relationship with God. God is the giver of everything including life hence forming a positive and close relationship with him is important. However, like other social institutions, the church faces numerous challenges that interfere with its development. At some point
Behavioral and Emotional Screening Tool BASC 2 primarily targets children between age 3 and 18 years. The set of assessments is non-time-consuming only requiring 5 minutes for its completion. Its modus operandi revolves around a series of comparisons between pre-designated and retrieved co-information mainly drawn from parents, teachers, and student self-analysis. Conoley notes that instructions
Professional Nursing Organizations Professional organizations and associations in nursing are critical in developing a flow of ideas, and proactive work to create and maintain a healthy profession that advocates for the patients’ and nurses’ needs, and enhances trust in the society. The major concern of the health industry is to provide quality and safe patient
High Staff Turnover Organizations face many human resources and other organizational problems that require a strategic change to address them. Most often, the management is able to put in place strategies and measures to handle these issues. However, sometimes it is difficult for the management to identify the main problem affecting the effective flow of
Exploring Monopolies and Oligopolies Facebook is one of the world’s largest social media platforms in terms of valuation, revenue, and membership. Over the past few years, the company which was founded in 2004, has morphed into an international corporation with interests in the technology industry and marketing. Ideally, the company operates in an oligopoly market
Nursing Informatics Discussion 1: Introductions and Informatics/Health Care Policy Nursing Informatics Coordinator I have served as a nursing informatics coordinator. I was allowed to shadow a nurse informatics coordinator during my nursing clinical while I was in nursing school. As a nursing informatics coordinator, my responsibilities are to select and prepare new and effective technology
Mental Health Introduction Mental health is a serious issue in America. A large portion of the American population has mental issues and needs immediate psychiatric help. According to the videos, regarding mental health by CBS, the mental health of Americans is well below average and requires immediate attention. Most Americans need access to psychiatrists and
Principles of Ethical Decision Making The nursing practice is challenging because nurses encounter situations depicting autonomy or betrayal. In addition, nurses experience ethical dilemmas affecting their ability to make sound decisions. Therefore, the ability of a nurse to influence patient care outcomes relies on different factors, each of which a practicing nurse has the authority
Business Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance Strategic management addresses the need for creating solutions for problems or opportunities identified within organizations. The authors of the article explore the strategic management field sentiments towards corporate governance, business ethics, and social responsibility concepts. The article also addresses the roles that strategic management should play regarding these
Reaction Paper Adoption of technology in key areas of human life necessitates the incorporation of technology within the education curricula at an early age. When introduced in early childhood education classrooms, learners have ample time master familiarize themselves with technologies that they are bound to encounter in society. However, early childhood teachers play a vital
Research Project Report Conclusions and Validity During the experiment, 20 regular consumers of soft drinks from The Coca Cola Company were subjected to the decision to differentiate between unlabeled soft drinks and tested on their capability to distinguish products by their manufacturers. From the results of the experiment, only four people were able to successfully
Caring Dialogue What is caring as the ethical grounding in nursing? Caring defines the basis of upholding ethics in nursing practice. Hence, provision of care is viewed as the ability of a nurse to establish and sustain relationships with the clients. In nursing and caring, nurses do not primarily focus on ethical principles but show
Nursing Model Suchman’s nursing model empowers a patient to make fundamental decisions, act in a definite manner and share experiences of illness with other people. A person identifies the onset of illness during the first stage in which he or she recognizes a physical sensation or feelings of physical weakness like muscle ache, a cognition
Ethical Dilemma In this case study, Chris finds himself in a dilemma. He is facing challenging options of disclosing secret information about Park manufacturing to Pat, a purchasing director at Alcorn. Moreover, Chris is facing a situation in which he may be forced to reveal little information about Park Products to Pat to stay within
Motivational Processes Affecting Learning Question 1 Adaptive motivational patterns enhance learning and assist an individual to achieve performance goals because they establish, maintain, and enable the individual to attain challenging and valuable goals. Conversely, maladaptive motivational patterns hinder learning and goal achievement because they dissuade the individual from striving for goals even if the said
Peer Review Paper titled “Reinforcement and Types of Reinforcers” APA Assignment Peer Review Criteria Rating Comments APA Formatting APA style (Cover Page, Consistent Font, Formal Style of Writing, and Reference Section     Developing   The writer should ensure the cover page has the title of the paper, name of the author, and the institution.
Policy Discussion Questions 3 Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal disability insurance program that seeks to supplement the income of individuals who are rendered incapable of engaging in any substantial income-generating activity due to mental and/or physical disability that lasts for a minimum of 12 months (Social Security Administration n.pag). Individuals who meet
Motivating a High-Potential Person Identifying and retaining high-performing employees is a crucial talent strategy successful organizations implement. Most organizations perceive such employees as innovators and leaders they need to stay competitive in a competitive and often disruptive business environment. However, organizations face challenges retaining such employees because of the competitive talent market. Two strategies that
Medicare Health Program National Healthcare Expenditure (NHE) grew 4.6% to $3.6trillion in 2018 accounting for 17.7% of the Gross Domestic Product and is projected to grow at an average rate of 5.5% per year for 2018-27 to reach nearly $6 trillion as reported by the CMS. 21 percent of the total NHE budget was channeled
Copyright Concerns Summary of Ethical and Legal Facts of the Case Ralph was dishonest with SDX Alliance Manger. Had he disclosed to the manager that he had used the code in the previous company, he would have saved the company the time and resources spent in rewriting the entire code. The start-up company where Ralph
Impact of Discrimination on Racial and Economic Inequality A comprehensive study and analysis of contemporary racial and economic inequality in the United States cannot be done without considering the impact of past economic, racial and economic discrimination. Racial inequality is concerned with the study of the advantages and disparities affecting the various racial groups in
Growing Leaders: Nurse Leader Development Introduction The healthcare environment has been increasingly complex, particularly due to emerging technologies, new inventions, and changes in care methods. The use of evidence-based practice principles in all care environments has particularly resulted in the constant need for nurse leaders who can take up responsibilities, initiate change, and promote monitoring
Financial Strategic Planning The healthcare industry is changing more than ever. The future success of healthcare practice depends on how best hospital administrators plan both on the financial dimension and strategically to address the ever-increasing demands. Financial and strategic planning is preparing for the unknown to ensure professionals and health care facilities are equipped to
Macy’s and the Retail Industry Introduction In the year 2018-2019, more than 3900 retail stores have been closed in the United States alone. This number has been the highest since the beginning of retail store tracking research in 2012, and a 59% jump from the number that closed in 2017 (Valinsky, 2020). One of the
Magic, Science, and Religion Part 1 A I enrolled in this class because I want to gain a deeper understanding of religion and develop knowledge of magic. I believe religion plays a crucial role in the society of uniting members. Religion also is one of the determinants of how people interact and react to situations.
Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies Question 1 Nursing is a career that involves numerous core competencies that regulate and define it. In my career as a nurse, I have been involved in several activities and performed numerous responsibilities. I am a team member and a team leader in the healthcare facility I am
Informed Consent In the context of scientific research, informed consent represents a critical element of the credibility and value of a study. It describes the process of obtaining permission from patients or other respondents before conducting an intervention on them, or before disclosing personal details/information. Informed consent is dependent on an individual’s clear understanding and
Strategies for Dissemination of EBP In their article, Leeman & Sandelowski (2012) explore methodologies for use in qualitative research. One of the methodologies explored in the article is identifying causal mechanisms. Leeman & Sandelowski (2012) argue that qualitative studies are easily amenable to have them uncover causal mechanisms, thus contributing to building a theory that
Processing Trauma Human beings are exposed to traumatic events in everyday life. Charlie Leonard, a 68-year-old widow, lost his wife of 42 years died five months ago. Charlie has since withdrawn from the activities he used to participate in; he no longer attends church service and bible study. Additionally, Charlie no longer enjoys watching baseball
Q Case Analysis Q had recently raised $15 million in a Series A round and had expanded from New York to Chicago and San Francisco, with high customer satisfaction in all three markets. As CEO, Teran knew that he wanted Q to keep growing—the question was how. Should it focus on acquiring more customers in
Royal Veterinary College – Ethical Posing Introduction The concept of ethics covers a very wide scope with multiple definitions and perspectives from which actions and/or decisions are viewed. In contemporary society, the definition of ethics has expanded even more as it not only relates to the interaction between humans but also to the manner in
Athleisure Trends: Market Analysis Introduction Athleisure has increasingly grown as a lifestyle choice among many people. Previously, athletic wear was considered mostly during workouts and other intense exercise activities, a trend that has since changed as more people recognize the comfort offered by athleisure. In contemporary times, athleisure has gained popularity for both workouts and
Introduction Since the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in 2014, the army has been struggling to return to its pre-war operational state. A constitution of different HR companies forms the new Standard Requirements Code (SRC) – 12 structure. According to Field Manual (FM), 1-0, the SRC 12 force structure should consist of (i) A
Reflection: Role of Examinations Chapter four is concerned with how teachers can collect data and develop research plans. Teachers can use documents, artifacts, and student work for data collection. According to Dana & Yendol-Hoppey (2009), how teachers view students’ assignments and papers is of the essence in data collection and the development of research strategies.
Bracketing Bracketing describes a method that applies primarily in qualitative research to mitigate the potential impact of preconceptions (biases) on the research process. In the process of research, individuals run the risk of their unacknowledged pre-conceptions relating to the research having a deleterious effect on the process of study. This risk is especially significant when
United States military troops have in the past intervened in foreign countries. The United States has one of the most equipped and well-trained armies in the world and its presence in some of the regions such as Iraq and Lebanon can be deemed as the United States trying to assert its power in these regions.
Competent Care in a Culturally Diverse Nation: Film Review The YouTube video “Competent Care in A Culturally Diverse Nation” by Joe Turner, addresses various aspects of competent care in the healthcare environment, particularly in reference to the work of nurses. The video starts with a description of what cultural competence is, and its place in
Class consciousness in The United States Within contemporary society, people live and do things based on where they are able to fit comfortably. Those who can afford that which is expensive life and prefer what is affordable to them and that trend cascades down the chain of economic muscle. It is out of such awareness
Business Ethics and Society Part A Question 1 The need to create a universal set of ethical standards for businesses can be attributed to the similarity between people’s religious, cultural, and social beliefs. The global population is large, and many businesses are run around the world. With this perspective in mind, it is close to
Jim Bean Bathroom-Break Policy In recent decades, new ways of thinking with regard to the approach to management have emerged. Indeed, there has been a gradual shift from the traditional approach to modern approaches to management. The traditional approach to management uses management functions such as organization, leadership, and control, as well as planning. However,
Private Consumption – Supply / Demand List three (3) goods or services that you buy frequently.  Fill in the following details for each good or service in the provided table:   The current price and the quantity that you normally buy. A higher price than the current price and the quantity that you would buy
Management in public safety Management is a vital human resource component that oversees the overall operations of the organization through planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. The organization relies heavily on the management team for efficient performance and productivity. There are several types of management personnel including the Chief Executive officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO),
Gonorrhea As the second highly infectious disease in the United States, gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted illness (STI). People with gonorrhea are likely to develop low immunity, inflammation of the pelvic, sterility, and extrauterine pregnancy. Due to the increased rates, it is important to review the causes, symptoms, prevalence, prevention, and treatment of Gonorrhea. As
Grounded Theory and Thematic Analysis in Research Grounded Theory Method of Analysis The grounded theory method of the analysis entails the use of inductive and deductive thinking to generate theory from data systematically. One of the goals of using this method is the formulation of a hypothesis basing on conceptual ideas. Another goal of using
The United States Constitution Concept of Rights and Responsibilities The constitution of the United States is the supreme law in the country. The declaration of the independent document signed when the United Stated gained independence is the primary influence on the American constitution. The constitution acted as a basis for the enhancement of human liberty
Melatonin as a Viable Adjunct Therapy for Chronic Periodontitis Melatonin is a substance that is secreted by human multiple organs. Besides facilitating the regulation of the circadian cycle, melatonin also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on human tissues. The oral cavity is often an easy target for pathologic conditions, such as periodontitis and cancer. Scientific
Inventory Control and Product Recall Crisis Management Part I Inventory control is the process employed by a company to track and manage its operations such as warehousing and storage, and shipping. Generating maximum profit from the least inventory investment is the ultimate goal of inventory control. Businesses need to integrate effective inventory control in their
“On the Good Life” The story, On the good life, offers insights into the true meaning of life and happiness and is based on the teachings of Aristotle. Aristotle argues that happiness depends on an individual’s actions, as it is the core purpose of each individual’s life (Johnson, 1978). In the story, Aristotle opines that
Why are People the Most Important Aspect in an Analytics-Driven Culture? Today’s business environment is largely digital thus the analytics culture is an essential component of gaining a competitive advantage. Indeed, organizations use data analytics to support decision-making. The decision-making should be embedded in organizational culture to inform people about their responsibilities in the wake
Regulation of Alcohol Advertising Scientific research and study reveal that there is a huge relation between product advertisement and consumer’s inclination to purchase the same products. Advertisement of drug substances such as alcohol and cigarettes promotes the use of drugs more so among new users. The relation between drug advertisement and drug use more so
Delegation in Healthcare Nursing practice is a multidisciplinary collaboration exercise in which individuals with different capabilities perform distinct roles. Different categories of nurses have distinct role descriptions assigned to them by the Australian code of practice for nurses. Additionally, delegation practice has to take these different levels of competency into consideration. Through case analysis, this
Cost Behavior Cost behavior is described as the way costs incurred in an organization are influenced by the respective activities involved. It is the relationship between total costs and the level of business activities. The behavior of fixed, variable, and mixed costs determine budget decision-making in organizations. Fixed costs are described as the expenses that
The Critical and Feminist Perspectives The novel Across A Hundred Mountains by Reyna Grande gives a story of how a character, Juana, grew up from adolescence to adulthood facing numerous problems in the process. Juana’s life and encounters connect to the critical and feminist perspectives. Juana’s adolescence, in particular, was challenging mainly because of the
Part A What is materialism? Materialism is a form of metaphysics that asserts that matter is the universe’s fundamental reality and that the actions of material components are the only rational explanations for all phenomena in the universe (Barbour 66). In this perspective, spirituality and religion are considered unable to explain fundamental phenomena in the
Impact of Addictions Gambling, while seemingly unharmful, is increasingly becoming a problem across the world. Addiction to gambling (problem gambling/disordered gambling/pathological gambling) is a cause for worry to the society given its resultant effects on the individual and the society, and the number of people affected by the addiction. In the U.S. alone, an estimated
Social Problems A social problem refers to an issue or a condition that negatively affects a large group of people in a society and needs to be addressed accordingly. There are numerous examples of social issues such as poverty, mental illness, being orphaned, and disability that has an initial impact on the individual. This is
Early and Middle Adulthood Early and middle adulthood stages are occupied by many age-related changes, especially in social and intimate relationship development. It is in early and middle adulthood that romantic relationships start to develop into more committed and serious ones. Adults in the early and middle stages experience changes in their social and intimate
Need to Understand US Healthcare System among APNs Understanding the features and functioning of the system of healthcare delivery in the US is important to support effectiveness in the roles of advanced practice nurses in leadership, education of nursing staff, advocacy for patients’ interests in healthcare, guidance, policy-making, and contributions to critical thinking in decision-making.
Leadership: Moses Moses was appointed by God to lead his people out of Egypt. Although he was not an experienced leader, God relied on him to negotiate the terms of the Israelites exit from Egypt. His leadership skills not only earned him the trust of his followers but also helped him convince Pharaoh that it
Group Behavior and Teamwork Many organizations are currently utilizing teamwork to execute projects in order to respond promptly to the ever-growing market needs as well as to attain stability in the competitive business market. Teamwork is important in solving complex problems in addition to attaining innovative organizational goals since each team member possesses unique skills
Bioethics in Contemporary HealthCare Contemporary healthcare, which encompasses the fields of medicine and nursing, is subject to constant technological changes. Changes in technology transform the actual practice of medicine and nursing as it introduces new ideas, techniques, and methods of practice. indeed, amidst all this change, confusion is usually rife and numerous ethical dilemmas arise.
Comparative Analysis: Code of Ethics and Standards for Practice Introduction The essential aspect that professionals in the healthcare industry must uphold is the code of ethics that significantly applies to their roles. Whereas the different codes have some resemblances, numerous sets of rules must be followed by healthcare practitioners. The diverse sets of rules include
Capstone Paper Over a long period of time, healthcare systems have exposed patients to extreme danger, including deaths due to malpractices and system flaws. Medical errors like wrong dosage forms, missed dose, misdiagnosis, surgery on wrong patients, and wrong time interval are today’s norm in healthcare systems that interfere greatly with patient’s health outcomes. While
Stakeholder Responsibilities in Consumer protection Part A Question 1 Workplace diversity is described as the availability of people with different personal characteristics in the workplace. The most commonly cited forms of workplace diversity include race, religion, and gender. However, there are more than these, including differences in thinking styles and socio-economic backgrounds. Some of these
Definition and Examples of Pseudo-transformational leadership Pseudo-transformational leadership is an antithesis of transformational leadership. It may be defined as the habit by some leaders to pretend to care about the progress and success of the employees. These leaders are characterized by behaviors such as being exploitative, manipulative, self-seeking, inspirational but with a hidden motive, and
The Contrast between Mark 6:4 and Luke 4:24 Jesus preached to the people of Galileo and Nazareth on different topics including what is expected from them by believers. In both the first and the second visit of Christ to his hometown, he mentioned that the prophets are not respected in their hometown. The observation of
Economics Question 1 Every household has its unique consumption possibilities. Human beings are both rational and irrational animals who, in a free market, have a wide range of goods and services to choose from. The choices of consumers are, however, dependent on their income levels, the price of goods and services offered in the market,
The GM Workers Sit Down 1936 It can be stated that industrial unionism was created from sit-down strikes. From the victory of rubber workers to the GM’s workers sit-down of 1936, it is comprehensible that workers took the initiative to change their working conditions. Through the sit-down strikes, workers found an avenue they could use
Dehydration among the Elderly Water is one of the most important nutrients for the propagation of life. The body uses the resource for a number of important activities, including transportation of nutrients and wastes, regulation of body temperature, supporting cell functions, and maintenance of the structure of tissues. As such, the lack of or inadequacy
Case Law-Werth vs Taylor Question a According to the case study, the case ended up the way I expected. I expected to see the court ruling in favor of Dr. Taylor. The course awarded disposition in favor of the doctor because he performed an emergency blood transfusion for the client’s best interest. In this case,
Hand Hygiene for the Prevention of Infection in Neonates Introduction Hygiene is one of the most prevalent causes of neonatal infections in healthcare facilities. According to Kuti et al. (2019), more than 25% of the neonatal deaths that occur each year can be attributed to sepsis, which is a result of infections. These infections mostly
Age of European Explorations and Conquest European nations embarked on myriad global explorations and conquests at the start of the fifteenth century. The period between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries is often referred to as the age of exploration. The period saw Europe expand its influence in America, Africa, and Asia. The inherent competition between
Role of Women in Rome, Mesopotamia, and India Civilization Today, most women enjoy equality although society is still largely patriarchal. The same can not be said for ancient women. Indeed, gender discrimination was rife, in fact, it was a way of life. In the ancient civilizations, most societies regarded women as of low social class; thus,
People/Predictive Analytics Big data is fast changing how people work with many organizations witnessing a surge in the amount of data. The introduction and use of big data by organizations have in a way replaced the human workforce. Big data also serves as a significant innovative force to organizational staff with the knowledge and capacity
African American Wives and Perceived Stressful Experiences Statement of Purpose The statement of purpose is the topic of research in which a whole research article revolves. The significance of the statement of focus is that it helps an author to focus on a specific dimension and research only about the topic. In this research study,
Policy Memo: Housing Problem in Florida Florida is known as America’s destination for tourism and vacation. However, this is gradually changing because of the housing crisis that has hit the coastal state in recent years. According to reports, in 2019, Florida’s affordable housing was ranked 15th among the most expensive states by the “state housing
Case Study Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Given the dynamics of the working environment and the potential of intimidation today, the United States Department of Justice estimates that 80% of all rape cases occur at the workplace. The case brought against the Denver County jail is an example of sexual harassment at the workplace. Analysis of a
Relationship between Instructor Personality and Performance Background Personality traits affect multiple aspects of a person’s life and work. According to a study conducted by Ali (2019), personality traits are found to affect aspects such as interpersonal communication, innovativeness, and general satisfaction with life and work. Similarly, Feldman (1986) also reported research conducted on the link
Essay 1: University Mission and Program Outcomes The Psychology BA program that I have been taking at the University of Charleston has been of great benefit to me. Over the years, I have taken various courses that have shaped my life not only within the academic context but also in the general life skills context.
Obesity in Aboriginal Population A continued increase in prevalence rates of overweight and obesity is being witnessed around the world with the latter becoming a major health concern in Canada. Obesity is seen as a major problem in the Aboriginal population where the prevalence rates are reported to be higher than the national average. According
Organizational Job Satisfaction Evaluation Job satisfaction is one of the fundamental determinants of employee’s attitudes towards work as well as the probability of their turnover. The level of job satisfaction affects employee performance in many ways, including reduced productivity as a result of low morale, and reduced innovativeness. Accordingly, organizations go to great lengths to
Corporate Sponsorship Corporate sponsorship involves companies financially supporting events both charitable and profitable to enhance their public relations and image. Corporate sponsorship provides an avenue for a company to market itself and to strengthen the loyalty of its customers by simply being associated with an event. The concept of corporate sponsorship is a relatively new
Classical Macroeconomic Model The classical macroeconomic model of economics espouses that the market economy is self-regulating as prices of commodities and wages of individuals adjust freely to the vagaries of demand over time. The model holds that when the economy is good both wages and prices of commodities go up and during an economic downturn
Discussion 6: Making Ethical Choices Persuading and manipulating workers to donate towards a charity is unethical. The use of facts and data by the business communicators to persuade and manipulate workers into donating directly violates the principle of autonomy. The principle of autonomy exemplifies the right of an individual to be left alone and accorded
Article on Process Costing Summary The article by Labro (2019) titled “Costing systems. Foundations and Trends in Accounting,” provides a recent and well-researched study into the accounting concept of cost. Cost accounting involves numerous divergent costing concepts ranging from job and process costing to hybrid costing. Process costing is applied in cases involving mass production
Demand and Healthcare Uninsured in The United States Based on the information collected by Census Bureau, the number of uninsured Americans rose for the second time in a decade. In 2018, the rate of uninsured Americans increased by 8.5% compared to 2017. In 2019, there were 27.5 million uninsured Americans (Martinez & Baron, 2020). This
Organizational Change Management Organizational change management is one of the crucial aspects of organizational operations. For effective change management, an organization has to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned with the need for change and the intended change process. Additionally, the management has to be supportive of the change and motivate the other stakeholders towards
Mercedes Benz In its quest to expand its global business, Mercedes has attempted to appeal to a broad array of customers. The car manufacturing company has in the recent past targeted women through the She’s Mercedes campaign and positioned the CLA model to appeal to the younger generation. The intention of Mercedes marketing campaigns is
Financial Decision Making: Time Warner, Inc. Making financial decisions can be challenging especially when the objective is to improve the financial report. Various financial ratios give the impression of what the business looks like at any given time. With a current ratio of less than 1, Time Warner, Inc. should be increasing the value of
Motivations Characteristics of High Performing Teams Teamwork amongst employees is significant in ensuring the objectives and goals of an organization are achieved.   High-performing teams have common goals, visions, and objectives that are shared by all team members.  The members have open communication where they openly express their feelings and thoughts, and they focus on finding
Medicaid Healthcare Insurance Medicaid The healthcare system in the U.S has evolved over the years to include the implementation of healthcare insurance programs such as Medicare, S-Chip, and Medicaid.  Medicaid is a health plan for millions of Americans from a low-income status that is administered by states according to federal requirements. Rosenberg (2018) reported that
How Does our Economy Work? Roles of Firm’s in Our Macro-Economy In economics, producers, most firms, play crucial roles in the economy. All corporations across the world employ different factors of production, including labor, to produce various goods and services. They pay workers, thereby creating income flow to households. Besides, households spend their income on
Discussion 5 The Importance of Knowing the Scope of Business Being Reviewed When Using Financial Statements Financial statements are the essential organizational records that reflect the overall financial business activities, results, and position. The organization can monitor its operations, attract investors and maintain stakeholders based on a strong financial position. Knowing the scope of business
Rebellion in Adolescents The rebellious nature of adolescents shows in different ways. For instance, rebellious adolescents are often involved in fast driving, violent arguments, shoplifting, and flouting of rules. Rebellion is a risky behavior demonstrated by the youth which the parents have to contend with on a daily basis. Rebellious adolescents mention the need for
Management Theory Management is a business aspect that has a wide range of duties that other parts of an organization, such as accounting, may not have. The tasks managers can perform depend on a broad set of skills while those that accountants undertake to depend on a particular expertise. Despite the difference between management and
Ethical and Legal Management An alliance between a patient’s cultural identity and a clinician’s cultural competency can improve nurse-patient communication and ultimately reduce health disparities in an oncology unit. However, health disparities in a cancer care setting can be increased by communication barriers between the nurse and patients. In most cases, nurses are often unaware
Ethics in Patient Care Introduction The case in question involves a 64-year-old patient who was brought in due to non-healing wounds on her lower extremities (pyoderma gangrenosum). The patient had been previously advised to follow wound management techniques but she ignored the instructions. Over time, it was established that she had psychological issues, specifically mood
Social Work Practice Contrasting Problem-Solving and Strengths-Based Approach The strengths-based approach has changed social work theory and practice. The approach mainly focuses on an individual’s self-determination and strength. Tong (2001) argues that the strengths-based approach sees clients as resourceful and resilient when they are in adverse conditions. Thus, the approach helps them to build on
Individual Strategic Analysis and Decision-Making Introduction Ryanair is one of the largest budget airlines in Europe. It was established by the Ryan family in 1985 with the main objective being provision of an alternative to state monopoly airline, Aer Lingus. When it began its operations, Ryanair provided scheduled passenger services between the UK and Ireland,
An Essay Reflecting On Your Desire to Pursue a Nursing Career Choosing a career is a very crucial step in life that requires thoughtful decision-making, since the workplace is where many people spend most of their time in their lifespan, making a living. Different people engage different thoughts while choosing a career, for instance, nursing
Type 1 vs. Type 2 and Patient Education Diabetes is a group of diseases that result from the presence of too much glucose in the blood. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Both types have several similarities and differences. The two differ in risk factors, age of onset,
Karl Marx Question #3 Capitalism refers to a political and economic system in which a country or state’s a trade and production industry are privately controlled for profit-making motives (Jahan & Ahmed). The system can also be referred to as a free enterprise or private enterprise. There are various features that distinguish a capitalistic system
Significance of the Study Reduction of Gaps The study conducted at Georgia’s inner-city emergency departments revealed that there is a lack of value-based care as a result of the ineffective use of Health Information Technology (HIT) by the hospital administrators. This incompetence is a result of several gaps both in the human resources and the
Prejudice Based on Ms. Davis’ replication and the study by CNN, racial identification and prejudice come out clearly and way early in children’s formative years. Since a child is black, a white child quickly dubs him/her bad and dumb, even without interaction or inference. On the other hand, a black child views a white child
Literature Review on Animal Assisted Therapy Animal-assisted therapy is a nonconventional therapeutic intervention that focuses on improving the physical and mental health of patients through the use of trained and untrained domestic animals and pets. Animal-assisted therapy has been applied, with success, to improve the physical and psychological health of patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s
Radio Advertisement Marketing strategy plays a significant role in promoting the sale of particular goods or services. The method of advertising, such as the use of social media, newspapers and magazines, billboards, posters, television, and Radio, influences the sales of products. Additionally, means of advertising depend on entrepreneurs’ understanding of their customers, market research, the
Importance of Nutrition in Health Promotion Food choices can affect an individual’s overall health, including how they feel today and in the future. It is estimated that about 33.8 percent of U.S. adults and 17.5 percent of children are obese, a condition that has been brought about by poor nutrition habits. Obese people are also
Personal values Personal values refer to the characteristics of behaviors that guide us and motivate decision-making.  Examples of personal values include loyalty, respect, love, honesty, and trust, achievement, respect, and being respected. In all values, the importance depends on the way the individual uses the value towards others or how they behave.  This research will
The Statement of Cash Flows In the financial accounting context, a cash flow statement refers to a financial statement showing the manner in which the balance sheet account changes as well as income influence cash and cash equivalents. Essentially, the cash flow statement focuses on the inflow and outflow of cash in a business. However,
Astroturf and Manipulation of Media Messages There is so much information around, but a substantial percentage of the message is inaccurate. The media is known to disseminate emotional and sensitive content that adversely affects people either emotionally or influences their thinking. In most cases, information communicated through the media elicits emotions and creates anxiety, sadness,
Transitional and Transformational Change Bill Clinton once said, ‘The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.’ The concept of change and its uncertainties has, over the years, promoting the development of different approaches to managing them among many businesses. Notably, there are three types of change, which
Critique of an Article by Guevara et al. (2019) In the article by Guevara, Parra, and Rojas (2019), the focus of research is investigating the significance of a nursing intervention relative to usual care in increasing adherence to therapeutic regimens among patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension. The study further aimed to explore the
MGT 7800 The overall strategy of a business entity is to maximize its profitability while improving its competitiveness. These two elements of a business complement each other in perfect synergy. It would be difficult to achieve one without the other. Nevertheless, the real debate is not how to achieve competitiveness and profitability but how to
Human Experience across the Health-Illness Continuum Introduction The Health-illness continuum is a model of care depicting the two extremes paradigms of health and illness. The model envisages health and illness along a continuum in which one the high end is health and wellness while the other extreme is represented by high-level illness and poor health.
Income Distribution and Labor Markets Income redistribution refers to the practice of leveling income distribution between the rich and poor through direct transfers. A top earner, says a producer, may favor income redistribution because it increases the consumer base since the poor have more income to spend. This leads to increased demand for commodities of
Presidential Leadership in Domestic/Budget Policy-Making One of the expectations of every American is to have the president play a leading role in domestic or budget policy-making. In most cases, individuals running for the presidency in the U.S. outline some of the policy changes they would like to enforce during their tenure. In this regard, candidates
Singh .P, Mujawar.N, Mharkar.R and Kaur . H (2016) .Effect of Video and Mobile                                                             Games on Children’s Behavior, Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing 2016, 7(5), 488-492 Effects of video and mobile games on children Children prefer to play video or mobile games rather than engage with their peers. Playing video and mobile phone games
Week 2 Discussion: The Structure and Behavior of Public Organizations The classical organization theory incorporated scientific management, bureaucratic and administrative theory. The classical way of thinking evolved during the first half of the 19th century. The theory focuses on the formal structure of an organization envisaging systematic processes meant to make bureaucracy more efficient and
The Equal Rights Movement Introduction The equal rights movement, also referred to as the civil rights movement was a struggle for social justice, which ran for approximately two decades. The struggle came immediately after the abolition of slavery and was based on the realization that while slavery had been stopped, there was still a lot
Benchmark – Diversity, Biases, and Special Populations Introduction Culture is a unique identity that distinguishes people in a diverse society. As such, culturally competent counselors are better placed to understand and respect the cultural identities of their patients. The report focuses on single African-American and Korean people who are notable examples of special groups in
Conflict Resolution Techniques Most Appropriate Conflict Resolution Technique Based on the case study, the most appropriate conflict resolution technique that Benji can apply in the situation is the smooth or accommodative technique. By utilizing this technique, Benji should first discuss the interpersonal conflict with the members of Bob’s team and Bob to understand the major
Course Evaluation The course content is well planned. The course is largely interactive, which would make it easy for students to grasp its contents. However, the execution of the course has room for improvement.  If the areas of concern are addressed, then the benefit of the course would increase. The areas that I believe need
Corporate Subsidy Most domestic companies often receive government support in form of subsidies such as grants, tax breaks, which often arise from the taxpayer money.   The government gives several types of subsidies, such as export, production, employment, tax, transport subsidies. While these forms of assistance are valued for their overall effects on business productivity,  production
CDC Event Assessment Wizard The movie ‘Deep Impact’, presents one of the most potentially damaging crises in the world. The movie begins when an amateur astronaut, Leo Biederman recognizes a strange object in space. The object is later found to be a comet heading for the earth. The effects of the comet striking the earth
Information Governance Data governance relates to the ability of the new clinic to exercise control and accountability of data generated by diverse healthcare systems. The practice of governing data includes the formulation and implementation of data policies and standards that control the utilization of data in the clinic. The core intention of data governance is
Comprehensive Learning Assessment Organizational change management is one of the most difficult processes in any organization. Change is inevitable, and every transition affects all stakeholders in a firm no matter how small the change may be. Finding strategies to effectively manage change processes can be one of the ways to foster change initiatives and the
Introduction The use of executive orders by the Presidents of the United States has been one of the considerations made in evaluating their foreign policy competencies. As such, different presidents score differently with regards to their use of executive orders based on the justifications for the use of such orders. The executive order gives the
Leadership Development Important Features The model offers leadership that integrates all individuals through the hierarchy of the organization. Leadership is cultivated through the ranks hence ensuring continuity. Essentially, the involvement of junior professionals provides a framework for career development and growth. The on-job learning through individualized instruction models, experimental, and social learning designs provide the
The Building of the United States In Chapter 6, “The intimately oppressed,” Zinn narrates how women, both White and of color, were oppressed by law as well as men. Prior to being forced to work, women had other responsibilities. Women were expected to be the child bearers, and they would give birth to as many
Social Media and Public Relations The age of social media is a reality that cannot be overlooked in any sphere of human interactions in the modern age. Social media has transformed the world and made all information that anyone may need available with ease. For this reason, Public Relations must evolve with social media and
February 02, 2020 Mr. David Rebuck, Director Division of Gaming Enforcement Dear Mr. Rebuck, Attached is a report on the fraud cases facing casinos in New Jersey, the casino revenues, community benefits, and the risks they are likely to encounter. The report analyses the role of the casinos in New Jersey’s revenue and their contribution
The Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770 The Boston Massacre occurred when British soldiers fired at a group of American colonists in King Street, Boston, killing five men and injuring several others. This paper examines two accounts given from a patriotic and a loyalist’s point of view in deciding which is believable. Discussion 1 Having
The Ruling Ideas: Marxist Analysis of American Popular Culture Part 1 German Ideology is a collection of manuscripts comprising of polemics written by communist philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It is based on the argument of what distinguishes humans from animals. It provides an in-depth analysis of the relation between the concepts of human
Staff Development Program I have attended a continuing education program (CEP) that was organized and financed by the management of my workplace through the Human Resource Department. Ideally, CEP is training that involves adults returning to formal learning and instruction to stay up to date and relevant in their careers. The idea is to impart
Reflection on Learning I have learned all the competencies recommended by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) which will help improve my care delivery approaches, skills, and expertise. The DNP degree integrates evidence-based, patient care technology, healthcare policy and advocacy, interprofessional collaboration, scientific underpinnings for practice, organizational and system leadership, and advanced nursing
Hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism comes as a result of the production of low thyroid hormones in the body leading to low metabolic activities. The condition is caused by inactive thyroid glands due to sickness, use of some medications, radiation treatment, or even surgical removal of part or all of the thyroid hormones. All parts of the body
Ethical Concerns Surrounding Google Contract The article “Google code of ethics on military contracts could hinder Pentagon work” by Lea (2018) provides a factual example of the impact and effects of corporate ethics in the contemporary corporate environment. Ethics are the moral principles upon which an individual, society, or organization’s activities are based. Ethics provides
Effects of Pregnancy on Diabetic Women Diabetes is becoming common among pregnant women. The failure to manage the condition properly during pregnancy could result in serious complications to both the mother and child that could result in miscarriage or death. The effects we will respond to the PICO, what are the effects of pregnancy in
Compensation: External competitiveness and Defining Competitiveness and Defining Pay Level Every organization’s objective is to gain a competitive advantage over its competition to enable the firm to retain its employees and attract more customers. Some of the factors that can help a company achieve such an objective are market competitiveness and internal consistency. This paper
Independent Contracting in Nursing Nurses can provide nursing services in patients’ homes following referrals by health care groups providing services to patients. Independent contracting is an avenue for employment for many APNs. There are specific elements that ought to be considered by a nurse seeking to become an independent contractor or seeking a place of
There are several famous lesbians and gay men around the world. Lesbians include renowned personalities like Elen DeGeneres, an American TV show host, and Portia de Rossi, an Australian-American model, and philanthropist. Openly gay men include personalities like Olly Alexander, a songwriter and musician, and Bob Allen, an American politician. This paper highlights the influence
Impact of Pay-for-performance in a Healthcare Organization Pay-for-performance is the policy of offering increases in the compensation of employees based on their individual performances on the job. In the healthcare environment, experts refer to this policy as value-based purchasing, involving the provision of financial incentives to physicians, healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, and groups for their
Alzheimer’s Causes, Signs, and Symptoms Alzheimer’s is an illness that leads brain cells to degenerate. Alzheimer’s is deemed as the leading cause of dementia which is a progressive decline in social, behavioral, and thinking skills. Alzheimer’s not only affected individuals suffering from the illness but also their loved ones because they have to be physically
DNP and Ph.D. in Nursing The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) are two of the highest qualifications in nursing. Both qualifications prepare nursing professionals for advanced practice roles, but the orientation of their skills, competencies, and mandates within nursing differ significantly. While the Ph.D. is primarily a role of scholarship
Assessing Preoperational and Concrete Operational Thinking in Children Various theories have been established to explain different aspects of child development. The cognitive development in children is particularly described through Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and Vygotsky’s theory, which stresses the important role of social interactions on children’s cognitive development. These theories are continuously tested over
Leadership Integration Essay 2 Basic Collection Methods to Keep a Business Competitive Contemporary business organizations are acing fierce and aggressive competitive rivalry. It is increasingly becoming hard for businesses to remain competitive in their respective markets. Competition can reduce the overall market share, improve efficiency, lower prices, and elicit innovative thoughts and ideas among entities.
Case Analysis and Strategies of Intervention Plan Part 1: Case Analysis War Trauma Trauma is a psychological response to disturbing and distressing events that stress and overwhelm the human ability to cope with different emotions and situations. Trauma causes damage to the normal operation of the human mind as it reduces the consciousness and sensitivity
IT in the Global Economy Industrial Policy Industrial policy refers to policies that stimulate the development and growth of all or part of the global economy and promote structural change across the world. I agree that the United States should have an industrial policy to promote development and growth in its economy. The goal of
Diabetic Neuropathy Diabetic neuropathy describes a form of damage to the nerves that is possible in patients with diabetes. It is essentially a complication of diabetes that influences damage to the system of nerves in the body, primarily in a patients’ legs and feet. Considering the critical importance of nerves in the body, particularly in
Social Work and Human Services             Human and social service is a diverse discipline and it is critical in society. The profession is an avenue for improving peoples’ lives. Consequently, anyone working in this field must figure out how humans think and apply relevant skills to promote positive habits among people and organizations. While social
Alegent Health Case Study Overview Based on the case study, Alegent Health is a large non-profit healthcare organization with 7 hospitals having about 2,000 beds and more than 200 clinic and outpatient locations, 1,200 physicians, and over 7,500 employees working throughout the organization. At some point, Alegent had a high turnover rate coupled with over
Theories Reflection- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Theory There are several theories or approaches important in social work practice. Some of these approaches include crisis and task-centered practice, cognitive-behavioral practice, humanistic practice, empowerment and advocacy, systems and ecological practice, anti-oppressive and multicultural sensitivity approaches to practice, as well as strengths, narrative, and solution practice. The theory or
Tajik Migrants to Russia: A Focus on HIV Infections and Transmissions Introduction Across Central Asia, Tajikistan is considered to be the most impoverished country, owing to the poor state of its economy. Due to the poor economic conditions of their motherland, the people of Tajikistan, known as Tajiks, have been migrating to Russia in search
E-Sourcing Benefits of E-Procurement Adopting e-procurement for purchasing is becoming a widely accepted method for purchasing in organizations. E-procurement has many benefits to the firm, including reducing paperwork, reduced costs, increasing transaction speed, and increased productivity. Online transactions reduce paperwork as all data used in the procurement is stored electronically where little space is required,
Time Management The majority of my time is spent working. I work for a minimum of eight hours a day from Monday to Friday; thus, I accumulate a total of 50 hours a week in my workplace. Most of the remaining time is spent with my family. Since I have two children, I dedicate as
Module 6: Whistleblowing Describe the elements of Whistleblowing The elements of whistle-blowing envisage the why, what, and where. Before the employees are encouraged to speak up against injustice or ethical violations, there have to be laws or established ethical frameworks to justify reasons why they must speak up. Besides, whistleblowing is only effective if employees
The Second World War The Second World War was a war that was fought by almost all major nations in the world. The Second World War started in 1939 and ended in 1945 after six years of death, pain, and suffering. The Second World War involved more than thirty countries allied in two main antagonistic
Abstract Crisis intervention is one of the essential aspects of social work, in which practitioners have to be aware of practice strategies and how to implement them. In the interview reported case under consideration, the interviewee came into contact with the case of an individual who had been diagnosed with mental health and developmental issues
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding David Hume, in his groundbreaking scholarly work An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, analyzes the human understanding of the nitty-gritty of Christianity as a religious belief system. In the article, Hume analyzes the concept of miracles in the Christian religion and how it impacts people’s understanding of the dogma of Christianity.
Week 2 Discussion: The Structure and Behavior of Public Organizations The classical organization theory incorporated scientific management, bureaucratic and administrative theory. The classical way of thinking evolved during the first half of the 19th century. The theory focuses on the formal structure of an organization envisaging systematic processes meant to make bureaucracy more efficient and
The Equal Rights Movement Introduction The equal rights movement, also referred to as the civil rights movement was a struggle for social justice, which ran for approximately two decades. The struggle came immediately after the abolition of slavery and was based on the realization that while slavery had been stopped, there was still a lot
Benchmark – Diversity, Biases, and Special Populations Introduction Culture is a unique identity that distinguishes people in a diverse society. As such, culturally competent counselors are better placed to understand and respect the cultural identities of their patients. The report focuses on single African-American and Korean people who are notable examples of special groups in
Conflict Resolution Techniques Most Appropriate Conflict Resolution Technique Based on the case study, the most appropriate conflict resolution technique that Benji can apply in the situation is the smooth or accommodative technique. By utilizing this technique, Benji should first discuss the interpersonal conflict with the members of Bob’s team and Bob to understand the major
Course Evaluation The course content is well planned. The course is largely interactive, which would make it easy for students to grasp its contents. However, the execution of the course has room for improvement.  If the areas of concern are addressed, then the benefit of the course would increase. The areas that I believe need
MGT 7800 The evolution of Amazon from a meager garage bookstore to the largest superstore in the world is both bewildering and informative. The initial focus that Jeff Bezos had for Amazon was a large online bookstore. However, this focus changed to an online marketplace for all types of products and services. The first reason
Corporate Subsidy Most domestic companies often receive government support in form of subsidies such as grants, tax breaks, which often arise from the taxpayer money.   The government gives several types of subsidies, such as export, production, employment, tax, transport subsidies. While these forms of assistance are valued for their overall effects on business productivity,  production
Information Governance Data governance relates to the ability of the new clinic to exercise control and accountability of data generated by diverse healthcare systems. The practice of governing data includes the formulation and implementation of data policies and standards that control the utilization of data in the clinic. The core intention of data governance is
Medical Advice to Michael Ann’s Husband Serious medical conditions weigh on the patients and loved ones. It is not uncommon for the immediate family members to be anxious, panicked, and depressed thus unable to make the right healthcare decisions for their loved ones who are unable to do so for themselves. Therefore, the role of
Comprehensive Learning Assessment Organizational change management is one of the most difficult processes in any organization. Change is inevitable, and every transition affects all stakeholders in a firm no matter how small the change may be. Finding strategies to effectively manage change processes can be one of the ways to foster change initiatives and the
Introduction The use of executive orders by the Presidents of the United States has been one of the considerations made in evaluating their foreign policy competencies. As such, different presidents score differently with regards to their use of executive orders based on the justifications for the use of such orders. The executive order gives the
Leadership Development Important Features The model offers leadership that integrates all individuals through the hierarchy of the organization. Leadership is cultivated through the ranks hence ensuring continuity. Essentially, the involvement of junior professionals provides a framework for career development and growth. The on-job learning through individualized instruction models, experimental, and social learning designs provide the
The Building of the United States In Chapter 6, “The intimately oppressed,” Zinn narrates how women, both White and of color, were oppressed by law as well as men. Prior to being forced to work, women had other responsibilities. Women were expected to be the child bearers, and they would give birth to as many
Nurses in Homeless Care Individual success requires extensive planning and understanding of one’s weaknesses and strengths. As a trained professional, I believe having a well-structured mission is important in ensuring the proper achievement of goals. It would also help in reducing the number of complexities encountered in the growth and development process Miami Rescue Mission
Social Media and Public Relations The age of social media is a reality that cannot be overlooked in any sphere of human interactions in the modern age. Social media has transformed the world and made all information that anyone may need available with ease. For this reason, Public Relations must evolve with social media and
Branded Products. A Brand influences people’s views and attitudes towards a product. Therefore, a brand that meets the customer’s needs creates a long-lasting relationship. Additionally, satisfied customers might associate a need with a brand to the point of visualizing the brand whenever a need arises, therefore, remain loyal. This paper reflects on my association with
Interest Groups and Social Media The emergence and growth of interest groups in the socio-political scene is a huge game changer and very evident. The supremacy and monopolistic nature of political parties are being challenged by interest groups. Per Dür (2019), an interest group is an organization that seeks to try and sway public opinion.
Commentaries Implementing Victim’s Rights Commentary Beatty and Gregorie, in this article, develop a compelling argument on why corrections professionals should be tasked with the role of implementing victims’ rights despite the heavy burden of ensuring that perpetrators are punished that they already have.  I agree with the authors that the victims’ rights should be considered
Ways of Knowing in Nursing Nursing is viewed as art and science. Thus, the nursing profession requires one to play different roles to physically, emotionally, and spiritually meet the needs of patients through a holistic approach. Hence, one ought to understand nursing science for him or her to offer the best healthcare. Barbara Carper proposed
Case Study: Bristol-Myers Squibb Overview The case is about Bristol-Myers Squibb that has witnessed a turnaround in fortunes. Being one of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide, Bristol-Myers is renowned for its innovative research. This notwithstanding, it was determined several years ago that the firm had a performance management system that was not helping to achieve
Market Analysis of YUM Brand Yum Brand is a strong, fast food company that operates more than 37,000 operational units globally. The company owns renowned global fast-food chains such as KFC and Taco Bell (Yum Brand, 2019). The entity has been successful in building a strong, most respected, and trusted brand in the world. Yum
Ebola virus cross-sectional study This article is based on a study that was undertaken with the purpose of evaluating the Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of healthcare professionals in Conakry had on the Ebola virus. Given that this was a cross-sectional study, there are various strengths and weaknesses that can be identified. One of the strengths
Mere Christianity Summary Lewis in chapter one “The law of human nature” talks about human character and nature. He stipulates that every individual has an understanding of what is right and wrong based on their culture and upbringing. Human interaction is made easier and peaceful when those involved in the interaction have an understanding of
Importance of Job Satisfaction Introduction Job satisfaction is an important phenomenon in healthcare organizations. This phenomenon can be influenced by factors like a healthy working environment, competitive pay, manageable workload, competitive pay, evident progress of patients, in addition to the adequate staff.  Job satisfaction in healthcare organizations is important since; improves the quality of care
Analysis of Selected Adult Learning Theories Adult learning theories explore concepts related to change in behavior and experience, and they are organized sets of principles that give insight into the way adults acquire, retain, and recall knowledge. Knowing and understanding the various learning theories help people to understand how learning occurs. Over the years, several
Recovery Audit Contractor The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), by 1990, had declared Medicare at high risk for improper payments and fraud due to its decentralized administrative structure, size, and scope. In 2002, the Improper Payments Information Act was enacted by congress. The act required all federal agencies to estimate and report annual amounts of
Sociology of Diversity Q1: Give an example of a group of people who have been represented as inferior in the history of Canada, and discuss how this form of representation may influence the identity formation of individuals who are identified as part of that group. When discussing your example, consider why identity formation is complex
Marketing Issues and Recommendations Introduction In a highly competitive business environment, the choice of business model and marketing strategy is one of the aspects that can significantly affect business performance. When dealing with products, various factors influence purchase decisions, and the ability of the manufacturer to identify the needs of consumers and to market with
Euthanasia moral issues There are various ethical issues surrounding euthanasia. Euthanasia is among the most divisive healthcare topics in contemporary healthcare. Regardless of the arguments against euthanasia, it should be legalized because of the satisfactory moral arguments for it, especially when it is undertaken for the sake of saving terminally ill patients from unnecessary suffering.
The Digital Economy Article 1: How Should We Measure the Digital Economy? The article, authored by Erik Brynjolfsson and Avinash Collis, relates to measuring the digital economy in tandem with the conventional economy. The authors posit that policymakers and regulators err by failing to recognize digital marketing in their calculation of GDP (38). Additionally, the
Psychology Psychology is the study of people’s behavior including how they act, think, and feel. This definition explains more about the causes of normative and atypical behavior amongst human beings. The concept of psychology also helps to understand the connection between people’s social relationships, the brain, and the chemicals that influence their vision and human
Childhood Obesity In many countries, child obesity has reached endemic levels, and natural and environmental factors are the causes of obesity. Child obesity is a complex medical condition that increases the risk of other diseases and health problems, such as certain cancers, high blood pressure, and heart disease, among others. Essentially, obesity occurs when individuals
Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois on Black Progress The experience of African Americans in the U.S. has influenced American history in several ways. However, the major themes surrounding the African American experience in the United States are those of exploitation and discrimination. For African Americans, the question has been how long the exploitation and
Promoting inclusivity Given the nature of modern societies, diversity is inevitable. In learning institutions, such as MGH Institute of Health Professions, diversity is a norm. The administration plays an important role in promoting inclusivity. Students also have an important role in making sure that inclusivity is achieved at the organization. One of the ways in
Conflict Resolution Conflicts arise due to poor communication and a lack of enough resources to enable nurses to meet their job demands. I experienced a conflict that affected the delivery of care to patients in one hospital that I was working in a few years back. One morning I reported for my shift only to
Systemic Lupus Erythematous Occurrence Systematic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disorder with a worldwide occurrence. However, women are more likely to be affected than men, with young women in reproductive years being the easy target (Bertsias, Cervera & Boumpas, 2012). SLE occurs when the immune system, the body’s defense, releases antibodies that attack the
IF1203 Macroeconomics Coursework The study of a country’s current and expected macroeconomic environment is essential in the formulation of macroeconomic policies, both fiscal and monetary. The Great Depression exposed the failure of authorities to study both current and future macroeconomic expectations and thus unable to institute policies aimed at averting an economic depression of such
Understanding consumer Behavior Merchandise buyers need to understand what criteria are used by consumers in making buying decisions for them to be able to compete well in the competitive retailing market. When the marketer is aware of this, it is possible to come up with marketing plans that reflect what a large number of their
Effect of Divorce: Developmental Fact Sheet Developmental Issue: Divorce The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines divorce as a legal dissolution of marriage, resulting in couples being freed from their matrimonial responsibilities. Divorce affects the divorced couple, children, and society at large, with these diverse effects categorized as emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and educational effects. Emotional Effects of Divorce
Money and happiness Case summary The case is based on the question of whether absolute income directly impacts happiness. According to Richard Easterlin, only a person’s income in relation to the impact of the income of the people living around them has an impact on happiness. However, a study that was undertaken year later with
Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) is one of the most recurrent implications of prematurity as well as a cause of neonatal mortality in addition to morbidity. RDS particularly affects neonates delivered before eight months of gestational time; however, the disease is also prevalent in full-term newborns with delayed lung maturation caused by
Job Stress and Burnout Job stress and burnout lead to the mental, emotional, and physical strain that makes people ineffective. When such situations persist, job output is affected and the organization fails to achieve its target. Personally, I was once employed as a manager in a certain organization. Management entailed various activities that made me
Professional Development Plan Introduction The path to professional development can be a challenge if not pursued with care. The choice of a career in itself is a concern that many people find difficult to go through. In my decision to be an MSN trained nurse, I had some professional goals and interests, and undertaking the
Experiences in Wilson Creek care Facility Wilson Creek healthcare facility is an expansive institution dealing offering several services such as wellness programs, residential and assisted living places, and long-term care among others. Wilson Creek is located in Michigan and it sits on eight acres of land providing residents with a place where they can easily
Love and Relationships Love is an adventure and many people who have experienced it have different stories and points of view to tell. Many have deep scars as a result of love in relationships yet they will not give up the hope of finding “true satisfaction.” As a result, some have dated only for a
Stigma and Disease To be of use to the populace I would endeavor to crusade for the importance of birth control and the effects of early pregnancies in churches, schools, shelters, and homes etcetera. In the same breathe I would also partner with private and public health service providers to create awareness on infectious and
The Revolution of Warfare Humans have engaged in armed conflict and wars since time immemorial thus the phenomenon termed war is synonymous with human existence. Human beings being irrational animals have warlike genes in their inherent genetic makeup which makes them inclined to war and destruction. Throughout the course of history, the phenomenon of war
The Importance and Responsibility of Paying Taxes in Liberia The collapse of Liberia’s economy during the civil war led to the country’s financial system having problems. However, Liberia’s financial system improved since the election of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2006. The major source of government revenue in Liberia is taxed, which are levied on
Production Cost Analysis and Estimation Applied Problems Problem 1   Workers Employed Quantity of Pizzas Produced per Week 0 0 1 75 2 180 3 360 4 600 5 900 6 1140 7 1260 8 1360   Employees Cost of Ovens  Labor Cost   Total Cost Quantities of Pizza Calculation of Pizza Costs Average Cost
Postoperative Rehab Patient Education on Patient Management Pain is regarded as a highly personal and multifaceted experience for people of all ages although it is common among people who have undergone medical procedures. It is only the person experiencing pain who can say how and whenever it exists. Common victims of pain are elderly patients
Population and Public Health Response I agree with my classmate that it is not appropriate to term healthcare systems as sickness care systems. Indeed, a well-functioning healthcare system defends the given population against threats to its health status (Krebs, 2016). The healthcare systems are meant to improve the health status of individuals and communities rather
Menocchio and the Humanist Philosophy Introduction Traditional philosophers worked within different environmental conditions. The renaissance period, for instance, brought with it a lot of philosophical changes and different schools of thought. Amidst the dominance of the religious movement, the humanist/reformation movement was also growing. The humanist movement was characterized by the value for knowledge and
The 2020 Democratic Primaries are proving to be a battle of wits for candidates. The race, which has attracted interesting demography of candidates, continues to unearth speculations over who will eventually win the race and carry the party’s ticket in November’s presidential elections. So far, the primaries have attracted 12 candidates, including former vice president
Child Abuse and Maltreatment Infants are most commonly subjected to various types of abuse and neglect. Some of these abuses include physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse and neglect. In most cases, physical abuse amongst this age group usually shows up as unexplainable cuts, burns, scars, and bruises. Besides, sexual abuses amongst infants often go
The Affordable Care Act The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became law on March 23, 2010. The Act took effect on January 1, 2014, when subsidies for individuals and small employer groups began to flow, the Medicaid expansions took effect, and state Health insurance Exchanges began to operate. The Act has several objectives including
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Epidemiology Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disease of the gastrointestinal system. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disease affecting the gastrointestinal system. IBS occurs in fifteen percent of women and 10 percent of men with peak prevalence from 29-40 years. It affects women twice as men. 25-50% of the affected seek
Reaction Paper Introduction: Article Summary The article “why Ebola keeps coming back” by Weller, discusses the history of Ebola with a focus on its causes as well as why it keeps coming back. The start of the article discusses the reactions of the public to an Ebola breakout in DR Congo. The possibility of the
Building Long-Term Success Part A: Case Study- Uber and London Taxis Question 1 Stakeholder analysis is a tool that helps in identifying an organization’s relevant or key stakeholders and their interests, clarifying the views or perceptions of stakeholders of the organization, identifying fundamental strategic issues, and rolling out the process of determining support and interest
Concept Exploration Virginia Henderson’s need theory is one of the most commonly used ones in today’s society. Many refer to Virginia Henderson as the modern-day Mother of Nursing. Virginia was a noted author and nursing educator, and the need theory is believed to be based on practice and her education. She argues that to promote
The Self Knowledge Process Humans have an innate ability to understand their thoughts, sensations, feelings, and beliefs. The ability of the average human mind to perceive its thoughts, beliefs, and emotions is what constitutes the concept of self-knowledge. Self-knowledge involves the concepts of self-awareness and self-consciousness which are critical elements in human psychology. The process
Hypnosis in Dental Setting Hypnosis serves as an alternative to general anesthesia and sedation in the dental setting. This procedure can either be applied as relaxation therapy or as a Hypno-sedation. Moreover, it has a wide array of applications in dental care ranging from maxillofacial interventions to treatment of patients with a severe gag reflex.
Introduction Women think that they have been robbed of their rights for too long, forced to suffer deprivations in silence, and only rarely if ever, allowed to open their mouths. Without precedent for the human fight for liberation and freedom, women altogether progressed in the U.S.A during the last part of the 1960s, which incited
Healthcare Informatics Research and Innovation Technology and technological innovation are increasingly changing the way different sectors handle their activities. The health care sector is not an exception, where technological advancements are finding their way in health care record keeping, management, and retrieval. The passage of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH)
Virtual Teams The technological revolution has transformed many organizations into modern workplaces. The need to stay ahead of the competition and to survive in the modern economy forces organizations to adopt innovative approaches. For example, a virtual team is one of the innovative approaches that is increasingly gaining more appeal as opposed to traditional face-to-face
Conflict Theory vs. Feminist Theory Inequality does not exist in a vacuum in the modern world; particularly, in an era that globalization has increased diversity. The differences between races, genders, ethnicities and biological and environmental backgrounds have been on display in society for centuries, with more societies exhibiting higher inequalities than others. While the number
Inter-Professional Education Inter-professional education (IPE) is a pedagogical approach to learning meant to prepare pharmacists to competently provide patient care in collaborative team settings. In essence, I have learned that IPE help pharmacists to successfully work with multidisciplinary teams of professionals through enhanced teamwork, collaboration, communication, and understanding one’s roles. Equally, I have learned IPE
Leadership Intervention Reflection Paper The leadership style that impresses me the most is servant leadership because it tends to enrich the lives of all concerned, build better teams and organizations, and create a caring and just world. I understand servant leadership is a timeless idea, but it emerges when the leader feels a natural urge
Christchurch Mosque Shootings Christchurch mosque shootings in Venezuela took place on March 15, 2019, where 50 people were killed and over 50 others were injured. The shootings were carried out by a 28-year-old man Brenton Tarrant. Brenton arrived at Christchurch mosque in the afternoon and started shooting indiscriminately at the worshippers inside the mosque. After
Information and Computer Literacy Technological advancements have made it necessary for technology to be incorporated into the modern nursing and medicine fields. For purposes of increasing the quality of healthcare delivered in the average American healthcare facility, various aspects of technology have been integrated into both medicine and nursing practice. An example is an informatics,
Information Technology Competencies Though information technology is improving service delivery in the healthcare system, there is much concern about the competency of the healthcare providers to use the search system. According to Fetter, the use of information technology can only lead to better service delivery if the nurses have skills in the use of computers
Bartolome de Las Casas Bartolome de Las Casas was a Spanish conquistador who partook in the conquering and annexation of the New World, the Americas. Bartolome de Las Casas stands out from the litany of Spanish generals, soldiers, and folks who made the colonialism voyages to the Americas due to his role as an advocate
Health Disparities Health disparities occur among communities because of various factors. The most common influencer of the phenomenon is the existence of different socio-economic statuses, some of which are culturally tied. Identifying one’s social category can help to understand the health experiences of individuals and communities, and thus make appropriate decisions with regards to access
Pharmaceutical Waste Management in Healthcare Hospitals and homes commonly use pharmaceutical products, most of which have no clear disposal channels at the point of use. Most of these wastes from both hospitals and wastes end up in the soil, surface water and even drinking water. The pharmaceutical wastes deposited on soil from human excretion, and
Ethical Pitfalls for Psychology Professionals Ethical pitfalls are potential areas where psychology professionals can violate the rights of the general public while on duty, leading to psychological misconduct. These misconducts range from poor professional communication to fraudulent activities. Two complaints of psychology-misconduct as per Greyner and Lewis (2012) are boundary violations and poor business practices.
Katherine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory Katherine Kolcaba developed the theory of comfort in the 1990s after conducting an analysis of the concept of comfort. To achieve that, she examined literature from various disciplines such as nursing and medicine. The model is a middle-range concept that is commonly used in research, education, and health practice. Essentially, the
Identifying a Framework The nursing framework that highlights the importance of knowledge, as a component of the socio-cultural orientation basic conditioning factor, in enhancing the prevention of hazards is Dorothea Orem’s self-care theory. The theory assumes that when an individual has knowledge of potential health problems, there are high chances that self-care behaviors will be
Denial of Healthcare Policy for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Introduction Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBQT) people across the world have faced numerous challenges over the years. From the denial of their rights to assemble associate with others and even to marry, the LGBQT have faced significant challenges over the years, and have
Dreams and Night Terrors Close to a third of an entire human’s life is spent sleeping. With a life expectancy of about 79 years, close to 25 years of that entire lifespan is spent sleeping. Sleep is defined by lessened heights of physical activity and sensory cognizance. While some animals do not sleep, others can
Book Critique: When Madness Comes Home by Victoria Secunda The acclaimed author of When Madness Comes Home, Victoria Secunda, has experienced mental illness firsthand. The author’s extraordinary empathy inflects this book as a companion to someone living with schizophrenia. Her painful personal experience has served as the origin of this book, a radical study of
Talent Management What is the problem that Hausmann poses to the company? Hausmann is an elderly accounts expert at Medignostics pharmaceuticals. He was a beneficiary of the government-sponsored Part-Time Statute for the Elderly. This state program provided a way for firms to ease older employees and provide employment for the younger, much more vibrant population.
Healthcare Coverage Plans at Seamus Company In efforts towards cost reduction, organizations are developing innovative approaches for healthcare coverage. Besides salaries, healthcare is the other principal employee-related cost that is incurred by employers. As such, any strategy for the reduction of healthcare coverage costs is always welcome. For Seamus Company, the healthcare coverage costs have
Purposeful Classroom Environments Purposeful learning environments enhance diversity and encourage students to exploit their potentials. Encouraging diversity in cultural texts, facilitating class discussions, and varying the learning styles maximize learning effectiveness and encourage learners to incorporate religious perspectives in learning. In purposeful learning environments, educators incorporate alternative viewpoints or histories from diverse perspectives. The texts
The Role of Advanced Practice Nurses in Policy Formulation: Transformational Leadership Policy formulation is an essential part of advanced nursing practice because policies can define various standards and incorporate them into healthcare practice for the delivery of safe and quality healthcare services (Burke, 2016). The nursing profession is based on the science of caring as
Free Trade Areas and Difference from Colonization Trade is the backbone of the contemporary world. Even more important today is free trade that aims at removing trade barriers and traditional national protectionist tendencies that often hinder the smooth flow of trade. Part of the agitation for free trade is the fact that it is mutually
Strategies for Collaboration Special academic goals are best achieved when teachers, colleagues, and families collaborate. There are broad arrays of strategies that I intend to use to foster a collaborative relationship with colleagues and families. Foremost, commitment to staff development represents a strategy I intend to adopt to foster collaboration with colleagues and leaders. Baker
Capital Punishment and Equal Treatment of Criminals The capital punishment practice has attracted debates on whether it is justified or not. I do not support capital punishment because it is irreversible and can potentially lead to the execution of innocent people. The Eighth Amendment supports capital punishment if it is not deemed as cruel based
Enterprise Risk Management– IT Risk Management The problem in Equifax The main problem that was facing Equifax is related to the data breach that occurred between May and July 2017. Hackers discovered that Equifax’s systems had unpatched vulnerabilities in early 2017. They breached the apache struts of the company before handing it over to another
Case Study: Caught in a Cyber Blind Given the factors in this situation, what, if any, ethical issues exist? The case presents two tempting solutions: plagiarizing and ghostwriting. The former entails copying someone else’s work and presenting it as your own without acknowledging the author. The latter entails having someone else do the work for
Being a Therapist in the Real World Family therapists understand how social policies shape the profession and clients’ lives. Such insights can inform the policy formulation and modification process. However, very few family therapists are included in the policy-making process (Jordan & Seponski, 2018). Studies indicate that therapists’ roles are strictly confined to the policy
History of People and Honey Bees Bees are renowned for their role in pollination and honey production. Human interaction with honeybees has often been based on products like honey and wax that humans can harvest from honeybee colonies. To determine when the relationship between humans and honeybees began, researchers have examined the presence of archeological
Pneumonectomy Pneumonectomy is an extensive surgical process that involves the removal of one lung or part of the organ. This surgical procedure is often performed to extract growths on the organ or remove a contaminated lung. In some instances, the lung is removed to treat conditions like tuberculosis and traumatic lung injury. However, not all
Process Control in Computerized Manufacturing When manufacturing is simplified, it involves a system of several processes. Process control is mostly utilized in a computerized manufacturing process and can range from simple manuals to programmable logic controls. The procedure plays a vital role in the working of a computerized plant process by monitoring, controlling, and eliminating
Dreams Essay Numerous theories have been developed to explain the occurrence of dreams during sleep and their meaning. Some people believe that dreams are meant to show people their future, warn them of unexpected events, or protect them from intense emotions while others believe that dreams are simply made up, have no specific function, and
NRSE 4550 Levels of Evidence Directions: Search the OHIO University online databases for 2 research articles. Each must be a different level of evidence on the research hierarchy. Answer the following questions: Article 1 APA reference: Shin, S., Park, J.-H., & Bae, S.-H. (2018). Nurse staffing and nurse outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Nursing
How Robots Could Help People with Disabilities Live Quality Lives Introduction Disability is one of the most incapacitating conditions, whether one is born with it or gets it through an accident, illness, or natural progression. It is even more difficult for individuals who get the disability along with their lives. People with different forms of
Healthcare Technology Trends The rapid growth of technology over the past few years has enabled healthcare professionals to share medical information via the internet. Thousands of people including teens, youths, and adults visit these sites on daily basis in search of effective healthcare content to manage their health and well-being. Obtaining online medical information has
Transformation of Aboriginal Family Life in Canada The Aboriginal people were the original inhabitants of Canada way before their colonization by the French and British in the 16th century. Aboriginal communities in Canada, such as the Inuit and Metis, had cohesive systems of governance, language, culture, and family structures that regulated their interactions and relations.
Research Methods; Emotional Appeal in Ads Research Choice The choice of the research method to be used depends on the research purpose. The study will apply a quantitative mixed-method technique in data collection because the data needed has both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Quantitative data will be obtained to determine the demographic composition of respondents
Contributions of Religion to Civilization Contributions of religion to civilization have been one of the emerging concerns across the globe in recent years. Few studies such as “Religious communities and human flourishing,” have been at the forefront to critique this particular issue. The article argues that active participation in religious activities significantly impacts an individual’s
Instant Pot’s Pressure Cooker Section 1: Motivation and Involvement Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs and Its Application The company will largely focus on the production of luxurious multi-functional pressure cookers. Although times have changed and other effective cookers are penetrating the global market, the target market for this luxurious multi-functional product will remain to be
Forces and Public Issues in Industry Part A Question 1: The “performance-expectations gap” The performance-expectations gap, in this case, refers to the gap between TCCC’s organizational performance and the expectations of the stakeholders. On the one hand, TCCC was flourishing in its business, priding itself as the world’s largest beverage company as of 2015, and making
Registered Nurse Professional Career Introduction Registered nurses are professionals involved in the provision of care in a broad array of settings. The notable settings include hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and care homes. In addition, registered nurses also educate patients and caregivers about a wide variety of health issues. Registered Nurse (RN) is an exciting career
Modern Social Welfare in a Global Context Canada is one of the nations in the world that provides social welfare to individuals in the community who are unable to cater to their daily needs. Social welfare is offered to the elderly, disabled, and unemployed people in the community in a bid to help them access
Solution-Focused Family Therapy The field of psychology is slowly evolving and adapting to study, evaluate, and present solutions to peoples’ behavioral and cognitive needs effectively. The modern field of psychology incorporates the use of solution-focused family therapy as a therapeutic model for solving modern psychological issues. Solution-focused family therapy is widely accepted due to its
Alfred Adlers safeguarding tendencies Aggression is among Alfred Adler’s safeguarding tendencies. Aggression is a common self-defense mechanism that people tend to use when they are or the impression that their self-esteem is under attack. Aggression might come in various forms, including undervaluation of the efforts made by others to attack one’s self-esteem, issuing blame on
Determining the effect of position on heel pressure in older adults The study questioned is designed to bring a correlation between the position of heel pressure and older people. It’s qualitative in nature though the viable who are older adults are quantitative in nature. The dependent variable is position on heel pressure while the independent
Employment Discrimination and Sexual Harassment-Case of Nike In 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Nike, a leading sportswear and apparel company. The complainants were four ex-workers of Nike who worked in the company’s headquarters in Oregon. They claimed that Nike discriminated against them in terms of payment and ignored widespread sexual harassment against women
Quality Improvement Advanced registered nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses play various roles in different health settings. They not only help in providing primary care to patients, but they also help in leadership management practices across various health settings. This paper focus on the roles of advanced registered nurse practitioners and other advanced practice
Internal Environment: Strength and Weaknesses Corporate Structure Netflix Inc. has a unitary corporate structure that involves a hierarchy for maintaining executive control and direction throughout the company’s operations. However, the company has a relatively flat corporate culture when compared to corporations that have hierarchical organizational architecture. The following are the characteristics that define Netflix’s corporate
Overcoming Opioid Addiction among Adults in America Abstract Opioid addiction is a major problem worldwide. Close to 36 million people abuse opioids worldwide, even as an estimated 2.1 million abuse these drugs in the U.S. Opioids are among the major causes of deaths in the U.S., accounting for more than 72,000 overdose deaths and 13,000
Office Party Blame Gam Vicarious liability is a concept in law in which employers take up the burden of their employees. This concept enables an employee, who is the injured party, to seek compensation or recover their losses from the employer. Employers have the responsibility of monitoring employees to decrease any risk that may happen
Licensing Requirement For Rehabilitation Service Provider Healthcare service provision entails the maintenance and improvement of the health status of people. Healthcare service provision covers a wide array of services like an emergency, preventive, rehabilitative, hospital, diagnostic, primary, palliative, and home care. All the aforementioned services are geared towards making healthcare accessible and high quality. The
Heart Failure Chronic heart failure is a prevalent health condition responsible for high mortality and recurrent hospitalization. To address the heart failure problem, physicians have conducted trials using disease-modifying drugs. Although the disease-modifying drugs are effective in reducing mortality rates, the burden of hospitalization has not been adequately addressed in trials. The trials discussed within
Am I an Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur has traits like self-confidence, self-discipline and motivation, risk-taking ability, strong interpersonal skills, creative thinking and innovation, and problem-solving skills. Entrepreneurs should be confident in the business for it to flourish. They need to believe that they are able to do whatever it takes for a business to succeed. Self-discipline
Article Critique Health workers risk their lives as they are always at the vanguard of any response aimed at controlling and containing epidemics. The risk to the lives of health workers increases exponentially in cases of highly infectious diseases like Ebola. In 2014 a massive Ebola outbreak was reported in West Africa by the World
Field Parole Officers are an important part of the criminal justice system. Their work entails digging into a criminal’s past to identify whether they display patterns that may show the possibility of committing a crime in the future. They assess and identify prisoners who qualify for parole and they must possess character traits that help
How juvenile cases can be heard in adult court Juveniles have their court system. However, there are some instances when they can be tried in adult courts. The trial of a juvenile in adult courts can be a result of involvement in a serious crime, the juvenile being an older minor, having gone through a
Current Trends – Big Data Big data is a term used to describe large data sets that are stored and analyzed computationally to provide information relating to human behavior and interactions. In recent years, big data has emerged among the most noteworthy topics of organizational psychology. Big data was not relevant until the 2000s when
Value of Human Life Value of human life refers to the monetary value given to a human’s life. It is also known as human life value (H.L.V.).  There are two main methods of calculating the value of human life (Kuchyna 2015). The first is the human capital method in which an individual’s net expected earnings
Religious Discrimination against Muslims in the United States Religious discrimination is treating individuals differently due to their religious beliefs and practices. There are several religious groups in the United States and they include; Christians, Catholics, Muslims, and Hindus among others. Religious freedom is a right covered under the United States Constitution by the First Amendment.
Tesla Plans of Diversifying Into Other Business Tesla is experiencing a lot of competition in the market, and CEO Elon Musk is planning for diversification as a tool of remaining competitive. The leadership of Tesla is planning a significant international expansion to help them in dealing with business losses experienced at the start of 2019
The danger of a Single Story-Islam Religion The different perceptions and perspectives in the world tend to be regarded as strange by people who do not ascribe to them. People live by what they believe and what they know about religion. gender, and marriage among other social aspects. Reports of crimes against certain religions are
Controversies in Nursing High nurse to patient ratio results to the burnout syndrome opening room for errors and increased mortality rates. Nurses comprise of 55% of the hospital staff and nursing is also the area most affected by costs reductions. The reformers consider nurses an expense to be cut by increasing hours and reducing the
Race and Family Representations in The Media Race and family are among the themes that are covered by the media on television. Usually, television shows reflect how race and family play out in society. While some of the depictions are accurate, others are stereotypical and exaggerated.  Among the TV shows that show the media’s stereotypical
Cause and Effect of the Seven Years War The Seven Years War was a global military conflict that was experienced between 1756 and 1763. The war involved most of the great powers of the time including Great Britain and France. The Seven Years War fought in numerous battlefronts such as the West African coast, North
Living in a Global World The sociological perspective of society has subtly transformed from local to global. There is a gradual emergence of global structures and events further describing the complex interactions invariably taking place within the macro environment. The forces of social responsibility and globalization are the principal factors for the transformation. Social responsibility
Nike Although the world is constantly changing and new innovative products are being introduced in the market, some top brands, such as Nike, have managed to remain relevant over the years. Nike is still one of the most valuable brands globally. Its products are used and accepted by people from different generations. Their ability to
Journal 3.c. Prompt Evaluating Team Values and Effectiveness Competence Competence is used as a framework to help focus the members’ behavior on the factors that matter for the healthcare team thus driving success for the organization. Beyond possessing various skills, members of my healthcare team value competence by effectively undertaking their roles associated with the
Liberation Theory Con and Roberts had very contradicting theories about black liberation one being on whether reconciliation between the oppressor and the oppressed is necessary before liberation.  Con argued that there was a big divide among the people from the 400 years of slavery, he believed this brought about too much pain, anger, and resentment
Orientation and training            I believe that money is the most important tool that a manager has for motivating employees. As much as other factors might impact the motivation of employees, money plays an important role in the motivation of employees. In the absence of money, a majority of employees, especially
Assessing and Treating Clients with Psychosis and Schizophrenia Pakistani Woman with Delusional Thought Processes Psychosis and Schizophrenia are conditions that affect the normal functioning of the human brain. Persons with these symptoms are not able to think properly, which leads to an inability to function normally. Treating the conditions requires that psychiatrists conduct a proper
Long-term Effects of Pain in Infants Pain in infants has been known to induce significant long-term behavioral and physiological reactions in infants, including those born prematurely. Infants can experience pain that can occur from teething, circumcision, and vaccine shots, among others. Infants can experience pain in different health circumstances such as illness or accidents. Pain
Massage Therapy Alternative therapies have been used in healthcare and in communities to assist people to deal with symptoms associated with different diseases. Some of the accepted forms of alternative therapies that have been accepted and are used in the mainstream healthcare system today include acupuncture, Ayurveda, massage therapy, and yoga. Massage therapy uses manual
‘The Hotel Paris’ New Ethics, Justice and Fair Treatment Process Question 1 Hotel Paris’ New Process. The head of HR and her team developed a new code of ethics and comprehensive ethical guidelines that all employees have to read and understand.  Everyone, including the firm’s top executives, has to undertake an ethics training program. The
Basic Facilitation Skills Creating a comfortable environment and fostering a good working relationship are critical for any counseling session. For that matter, building rapport, setting the therapeutic environment and managing group dynamics are the essential facilitation skills that counselors utilize to establish an appropriate working relationship. Building a rapport is important because it helps a
The Impact of Globalization on Health Globalization and attendant interconnectedness have created numerous opportunities for people from diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds to meet, interact, and conduct their affairs together. This is because of the effects of technology in countering the significance of traditional barriers against communications, transportation, and general interactions of people and
Social Determinants            Social determinants affect people’s access to healthcare services. Common social determinants such as varying income levels, literacy levels, gender, culture, race, and variations in physical environments affect healthcare provision. Discriminatory experiences in healthcare facilities affect patients’ ability to access to quality of healthcare services that they need. The
The thing that I consider most important in a job The thing that I consider most important in a job is fulfillment from successful performance. It is the experience of doing and achieving what I am passionate about and love and reaching the height of success in it. This motivation lies in the desire to
Customer service experience I took a Mexican friend of mine by the name of Mike to a shop of Michelin Tires around my vicinity. Upon arrival at the shop, all the attendants were willing to help. Mike’s English is conspicuously poor. Upon noticing that Mark was not good at English, the attendant summoned a multilingual
Beta-Alanine Supplementation and Sports Performance Beta-alanine is a supplementation recently discovered to boost sports performance by increasing fatigue threshold and limiting muscular acidosis. Consequently, it has been incorporated into almost every pre-workout formulation available in the market. Critical results have been presented to affect the inclusion of this supplement in the training regimen of sportspersons.