Chapter 16: Concepts for Study and Discussion Question 1 The ideal fluid strength for embalming the normal adult body is determined by the recommendations from the manufacturer since most fluid companies make different arterial fluids. For an ‘average body,’ however, a milder solution can be used during the start of the embalming process (Mayer 320).
Leadership Competencies In relation to stiff competition in today’s modern organizations, the success or failure of an entity lies with its leadership strengths. However, leadership styles vary from one individual to another depending on their individual traits. A good leader has the attributes to inspire others to produce results. Thus, the best way to gauge
Challenges to American Democracy Introduction America is highly considered a land full of opportunities. It is the only country in the world where people perceive that democracy is real, and where equality is pretty emphasized. Trust is extremely crucial in an individual’s life while empathy assists in understanding what other people are feeling. Civil engagement
Advertising Language Introduction Advertising denotes the form of communication used to encourage or sway an audience into acting in a certain manner towards a product. Therefore, advertising is aimed at motivating individuals to continue, or take new modes of action. Advertising language refers to how such information necessary to persuade or encourage people is delivered
Widespread Epidemics in Africa AIDS continues to be a widespread epidemic in Africa with the single most number of reported cases worldwide. The spread of HIV/AIDS is due to a lack of knowledge about this disease. It is important that campaigns against this disease are encouraged to educate people on the prevention measures to safeguard
The Modern Politics Introduction The world of politics has undergone many changes in the last few decades. Some of these changes include the active participation of women in politics, as well as, persons from the entertainment industry (Holt 59-68). An example of an active politician from the entertainment industry is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. As such,
Ethical Considerations of Qualitative Research This is a summary of ethical considerations of qualitative research using chapter three of the book qualitative research methods for social sciences by Bruce Berg and Howard Lune. The chapter starts by giving an overview of the ethical roles of social scientists in conducting qualitative researches. It acknowledges that social
Workplace Learning Workplace learning has enormous benefits for the organization and its employees. For the organization, workplace learning would improve the workflow process and efficiency as well as the ability to better assist clients. It also will improve staff confidence and ability to work with other employees. In addition, organizations would benefit from staff learning
Traffic Accidents in Qatar The issue of traffic accidents is a global issue due to the high rate at which traffic accidents have been on the rise over time.  The matter becomes even worse when the case is in developing countries. Developing countries have recorded the highest rates of traffic accidents varying from minor to
The Role of Innovation on Strategy Formation and Implementation Strategy formulation and implementation entail problem structuring, generation of tentative solutions, and evaluation of the proposed solutions. The process is based on creativity, perceptual skills, and imagination to ensure that the strategies meet the objectives of the project in question. For a model to be useful
Supplemental Security Income Supplementary security income (SSI) is a program run by social security that pays monthly checks to people with limited income and resources. The people are usually aged 65 years and above, blind or disabled. Blind or disabled children, as well as adults, can get SSI. Under SSI, a child is defined as
Neo- Aristotle’s Five Canons vs. Burke’s Pentad Introduction Aristotle and many Greek rhetoricians in his time believed that rhetoric had five canons: invention, style, arrangement, memory and delivery. For some centuries now, these principles have been the basis for analyzing speeches and other related forms of communication (Ballif & Moran 55). Invention: This refers to
Chapter 3: Getting Started – Research Terminologies Chapter 3 defines methodology as the process through which one studies a subject of interest, without being able to tell what the research will amount to. There are two major types of research methodologies namely; qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative methodology is used when the researcher intends to use
Theories in Action Introduction Communication accommodation theory is the theoretical perspective that examines the fundamental enthusiasm of what happens when two different communicators shift their style of communication. These communicator accommodation theorists squabble that during communication, different individuals try to adjust or accommodate their communication style to others. They manage to do this through divergence
Judges Developing Laws Case law refers to a set of rulings developed under the common law system by judges who review and make new interpretations of the law (Ponzetto & Fernandez, 2008). Judicial precedents have several advantages, including the ease with which lower courts make rulings under similar circumstances. This acts as a guide to
People’s Privacy over the Internet and Social Media Introduction Privacy is generally termed as the right of any person to control his or her own individual information and to decide whether to keep or disclose information. Privacy is an elemental human right accepted by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Presently, two billion
Comparison and Contrast between Apple and Samsung Companies Apple and Samsung are considered the greatest manufactures of electronics throughout the decades. They are also among the biggest rivalry among all the other companies that produce electronics. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs are the people who founded the Apple Company in 1976. During this time, the
Comparative ReligionThe Masjid Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque and West Angeles Church of God in Christ are old worship houses established in Los Angeles in the mid-early ’90s and mid-’40s as worship centers, fulfilling the desire for worship among the people. Both houses of worship have seen unprecedented growth over the years to be named community
Understanding my Culture The key questions for understanding my culture What are my mission and the mission of the organization? What are my vision and the vision of the organization? What are my core values and those of the organization? What is the brand promise of the organization? What I need to do to create
The United States Supermarket Retail Market Overview The US supermarket retail market consists of large multinational and national companies that sell household goods directly to customers who are the end-users of those products.  The major players in this market are discount retail supermarket chains that sell a wide range of consumer products, for example, grocery,
Rhetorical Features The religious text is emphatic on the virtues of praising Allah and therefore encourages people to take up his worship while warning others against the negative consequences of refusing to do so. In order to pass this message, various rhetorical features have been used including proverbs, Antithesis, positive self-representation and pathos as shown
The Value of Public Sculpture Santa Barbara consists of many art collections. Their museum struggles for the collections in order to facilitate the exploration of visual arts by locals and visitors. Sculptures occupy a great position in artistic fields. Santa Barbara is the home of many sculptures, for example, the mentors by Aris Demetrios. Sculptures
DNA Testing: History and Advocacy Introduction In two different articles, Mustian (2013) cites cases where Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) testing has been successfully used to nub criminals. The first case was in 2012 and involved a burglar who sneaked into a Jefferson Parish home and made away with a number of electronics. In his endeavors, “the
Specimen Days In relation to the novel “Specimen Days” by Michel Cunningham, critical points of view are raised including the otherness of trauma. In his book, Cunningham is more concerned with the post-traumatic effects and tries to involve it with loss during the industrialization period. He further associates it with proficiencies of homeliness, displacement, and
Rhetorical analysis of Mrs. Clinton Mrs. Clinton is a staunch woman who is dedicated to fighting for the rights of humanity all over the world. She began her work after gaining the First Lady Status in the United States back in 1993. Through being the First Lady and outside her office capacities, Mrs. Clinton has
Taylor Brands It is appropriate for the west to adjust the firm’s beta downwards in light of the firm operating leverage decreasing. The reason is that the beta of the firm indicates how the firm is affected by changes in the market. Therefore decreasing the operating leverage will reduce the effects changes in the market
General Colin Powell for President Introduction General Colin Powell is a retired general in the US Army and a US statesman. He also served as a US Secretary of State between 2001 and 2005. This was under George W. Bush, the former US President (Powell, 2012). This presentation is on why General Colin Powell should
Computer Science Personal Statement The digital world has an increasing number of computer enthusiasts that thrive to use the increasing number of software and applications developed for computer use. These enthusiasts are divided between those keen on learning new tricks being developed in the software and application interfaces, while the other group is keen to
Issues of Contemporary Canada: Missing Aboriginal Introduction Aboriginal women face significant issues in the contemporary world stemming from the aspects of the colonial history of Canada. This also includes the imposition of the relative patriarchal system, especially in the formerly egalitarian native societies. Violence against aboriginal women has been one of the significant problems they
Motivation Case Study Expectancy Theory             The theory that could be best applied to this case is the expectancy theory. The theory states that motivation is a rational process. People will put extra or less effort into their work after rationally calculating the pros and cons of working hard. The theory states that individuals consider
Juvenile Delinquency The rise in crimes committed by youth under the age of 18 has resulted in the criminal justice system redefining its laws to cater to this minority and unique group. Causalities for this rise in criminality among this age group have been attributed to a myriad of factors such as societal moral decadence,
The Flower Exercise Abstract In life, an individual is required to make everyday decisions. These decisions determine how well or badly the individual will lead his/her life. It is necessary that an individual gets to know himself/herself better to ensure that the decisions made do not contradict his values, goals, likes, and dislikes. This paper
Criminal Event This paper analyzes a criminal event using a positivist and classical perspective from the Washington post article. The authors of this article are Peter Hermann and Clarence Williams, and the story was drafted on Monday, February 24, 2014. A brief highlight of this criminal event exhibits how eight daylight killings took place in
Union Membership Rates in Canada and the United States Canada and the United States (US) have economic experiences that are roughly comparable. These countries are also having an increasing degree of economic integration. However, the union membership rates of these countries have continued to differ over the past three decades. It is clear that economic
Experiencing a Live Art Event I recently attended a live event at the Denver Art Complex for performing arts on 7th February 2014, which is located in Denver, Colorado. The venue was at the Garner Galleria Theatre and the theatrical show was titled “Girls Only: The secret comedy of women”. The comedy is directed by
Slavery Introduction The concept of slavery and slave trade has been considered as one of the oldest institutions in the history of humanity. This is because it has been practiced for many years in every continent in the world. This means that there is nothing peculiar about the institution of slavery because it has been
Introduction The theories of multimedia learning include a cognitive theory known as the multimedia principle, which is responsible for all the theories. The theory states that people learn better from words and pictures rather than from words alone. This is why as a teacher I have to use both pictures or images and words while
Analytic or Assessment Tools Analytic Tool for Financial Analysis Benchmarking This is a term that refers to the process whereby the management in an organization compares financial ratios of their performance standard and practices to those from top performance. Developments from learning through benchmarking may lead to running an organization more efficiently and cost-effectively. One
Situational Leadership Situational leadership is considered as being the best approach to leadership because of its ability to fit into all situational contexts requiring varying levels of leadership and management competencies (Cassidy & Kreitner, 2009, p. 33). This attribute has made situational leadership to be employed extensively by leaders in resolving issues due to its
Consumer Products Consumer products refer to goods that have completed the production process and are readily available for consumption. They generally fall under four categories that include convenience, shopping, specialty, and unsought products. People will purchase commodities based on the internal and the external forces that create consumer attention depending on his/her needs. Therefore, the
Sociology: Parenting Styles Introduction Parenting styles have a great influence on a child’s development. The parenting styles adopted and implemented, impact the relationship between children and their parents as well as their cognitive growth and development. There are several parenting styles adopted including authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved or neglectful styles. This article will examine
Economic Effects This paper seeks to discuss the arguments that are raised for and against the use of GDP to measure societal wellbeing. It also seeks to explain why a policymaker needs not only to consider the traditional methods of measuring society’s well-being but also the non-traditional methods. Over the years, Gross Domestic product has
Pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Welcome to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Here, ready yourself to see Golgotha’s Chapel, three Stations of the Cross, and most importantly, the burial and resurrection location of Jesus Christ. The Church is located at the place where a temple dedicated to Aphrodite was situated. Built
Cultural and Ethnic Studies: Harlem Renaissance Poets Countee Cullen, as well as Langston Hughes, signifies the most reputable poets of the Harlem Renaissance. Some of their most recognized poems are “From the Dark Tower” by Cullen and “As I Grew Older” by Hughes. These poems demonstrate the troubles encountered by African Americans in the community

What Good is Community Greening?

What Good is Community Greening? David Malakoff, who is the author of this article holds B.A. in human ecology and has written for Science Magazine and The Washington Post. After reading the article I conclude that the author is qualified to write about this subject, as he is able to put across research-based evidence on
Art Analysis: Madonna and Child Enthroned by Lippo Vianni Introduction Gothic Art is the combination of sculpture, painting, music, and architecture distinctive in the central part of Europe during the middle ages. It was initially developed from Romanesque art and subsequently had a great influence for many centuries, particularly the period between mid-12th to the
Report of Digital Forensic Analysis Mountain corps Inc: Case Number: 08-01842-06/ unauthorized disclosure of corporate information and data Company: Mountain Corps Inc. Address: 141 leway, Indianapolis, Chicago. Date: March 17, 2012 Examiners: Edward Thoms Internal Investigation Team: Scott Jowsh (Lead Specialist, computer-forensics-,   Fox Johns (West Mountain Clinique IT department). Requester: Mountain corps
The Impact of the “Cult of True Womanhood” on 19th Century Reform Efforts Introduction The Cult of True Womanhood is an ideology that emerged in the mid-nineteenth century between 1820 and 1860. This new ideology prevailed mainly in the United States and Great Britain among the middle class. It defined women as pillars of virtue.
“Should Poetry Be Taught In Business School, and Why?” The question of whether poetry should be taught in business schools lies within the framework of this discussion. This essay touches on factual evidence regarding the inclusion of poetry in business schools. Therefore, my position regarding this topic is in favor of the subject, that teaching
Mahindra and Mahindra (B): An Emerging Global Giant Unique Strategies for Emerging-Market Companies             The most common strategies employed by emerging-market companies are the Low-optimizer strategy, low-cost partner strategy, global consolidator strategy, global first-mover strategy, and merger & acquisition strategy. In the low-optimizer strategy, companies put more focus on the products and processes that suit
Modifying Project Schedules for Time and Resource Constraints A project in its most basic definition is a set of coordinated activities with defined starting and finishing times undertook to achieve certain objectives. During the life of a project, it is likely to undergo time, cost, quality, and resource constraints. This, therefore, brings up the need
Precious: Victim Rights Precious is a movie derived from certain controversial provenance material, and it is characterized by well-arranged images with mind blogging performances. It is designed for individuals who can stomach and cope with the sight and utterances often present in the rape environment. The story revolves around an illiterate teenage girl who is
Strategic Plan for Starbucks Introduction A strategic plan involves long-term strategies, purpose, and goals that an organization puts in place to succeed in the market environment. Due to changes in technology and customer needs, companies usually employ tactics that can help them to overcome threats posed by their competitors. This can be achieved by taking
Competitive Advantage and CSR The topical coverage in the two documents is mainly oriented on the responsibility of companies to the social welfare of the community. Companies have a responsibility of ensuring that the community around them is taken care of or rather, can benefit from the company’s operations. The fact that the company operates
Ethics and Strategy Ethics are a necessary virtue in all aspects of life. This is especially the case in the field of business. Liver notes that upholding ethical standards and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is rewarding to both the giver and the recipient. I agree with this argument because adherence to CSR and ethical standards
Law and Order Federal Law and Local Law Federal laws are laws that are passed by the federal government and are enforced by the United States government agencies (Siegel, 2010). In the United States, it consists of the US constitution, treaties, the federal common law, and the federal statutes and regulations. The federal law is
Promotion of the Green Culture within Organizations The world today is characterized by a greening culture that has been integrated into the core facet of society to avert the effects of climate change and promote sustainable environmental protection. There are myriads of laws, rules, and regulations that have been formed and implemented at the government
A Technological Model for Knowledge Creation in Group Problem Solving Research Methodology Introduction Knowledge creation in group problem solving is important in any given organization as it fosters a competitive advantage to perpetuate quality organizational performance (Chen, 2010). According to Geoffrey (2012), the dynamics and complexity of the modern-day business environment demand knowledge creation and
Gender and Emotional Intelligence Human emotions result from the interaction between physiological stimulation and the appraisal of situation identification. Whenever an individual is exposed to physiological stimulation, the stimuli, as well as the signs and conditions around the individual will determine the emotions that the individual will experience. Individuals respond to physiological stimuli differently. The
Government Involvement There have been many debates regarding the role of the government towards social and economic welfare. On one side, it is argued that the government should not take part in social activities since it leads to debts that do not always promise direct individual benefits. However, liberals believe that the government plays a
Race and Media Media has played an important role within American society and will continue to play a great role in the perception of White Americans on African Americans. The media does this by placing emphasis on specific areas of a given race and over time, the society paints an image of the society in
Kids Getting Older Young Researches that have been done in recent years have shown that kids are growing faster than ever before. Marketers admit that kids between the ages of 3 to 5 years today behave more like kids of ages 8 and 9 of the past decades. They are more aware of brand influences
Buddhist Nirvana and the Christian Heavens Introduction Buddhism and Christianity are some of the most popular religions in the world. Buddhism is centered on the life and doctrines of Gautama Buddha while Christianity revolves around the life and doctrines of Jesus Christ. Buddhism is a non-theistic religion (does not believe in one God) while Christianity
Civilization Civilization is a combination of strategies that a state, empire, or a group of people incorporates in its policies with the aim of achieving a general turn in the way it administers and operates in its administration. Examples of civilization are African civilization, Islamic civilization, and Olmec civilization. The evidence adduced by Ivan Van
Advertisement Analysis The goal of advertisements is to persuade the target audience to buy the goods and services offered by an organization. Companies invest a lot of money in advertisements in exchange for a handsome return on their investment.  This return comes in the form of high profits and enhanced popularity as the advertisements sell
Monetary Policy Question 1: The collapse of the gold standard The gold standard monetary policy collapsed at the beginning of the First World War when countries embraced inflationary policies to finance the costly war. These inflationary policies were also used after the war ended as countries were undertaking reconstruction efforts. Differing inflationary experiences during these
Empowering America’s Middle-Class Citizens Introduction As a global leader, America is well known for implementing viable and sustainable policies that focus on fostering civilization, economic stability, and democracy. Notably, the country places particular emphasis on safeguarding its economic stability. This is an essential factor of effective functioning and assures its populace of continued upward growth
Path-Goal Theory of Leadership The Path-Goal theory can be best applied to the leading case of Jonathan, Stephanie’s supervisor. The theory proposes that leaders usually seek to create satisfied and highly performing employees by ensuring that employee effort leads to high performance that should be rewarded. The main task of the leader is to create
The Partial Rapture Position Definition of Terms In the bible, the term “rapture” appears many times, and some individuals in the field of eschatology may be inhibited from believing in its existence for that sole reason. However, teachings surrounding the rapture exist in the bible, and for this reason, its existence should be accorded the
How Business Can Use New Technology to Increase Organization’s Profitability Information is critical, and the rapid development in technology has increased the significance of information in every aspect of human life. The current business environment is dynamic and vulnerable to change owing to technology, innovation, awareness, and demand from consumers. Technology has had a substantial
The Structure of FI Model and the Shift of this Model in Recent Years and Consequences Due to the Shift Introduction Financial models are the methods used by financial institutions, such as banks to generate loans, funding, and income for their activities. Initially, banks used the originate to hold model, but they have changed over
Article Summary The article involves an exploratory study of both external and internal factors that primarily enhanced athletic transition to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs (CSOTC). The authors posit a research gap in this transition to a few elite sports training centers in the world and hence the necessity to close this gap.
The Rogue Valley Transit District (RVTD) Campaign Strategies and Tactics Due to the prevailing challenges experienced by RVTD, such as a lack of enough funds to support its public transit services, the company is unable to ensure the efficiency and reliability of its services, and its existence is threatened in the end. As such, the
Railroads, Adaptability, Competition and the Shuttle Train This article focuses on the evolution of rail transport and surveys various factors that may have contributed to that evolution. The author tries to give an explanation of how railway transport like any other transportation industry can respond to changes in market demand. He focuses on the various
Every human being is concerned with what happens when one dies. This question is one of the major reasons why humankind invented religion thousands, thousands of years ago. To date, religion continues to be a major influential force, with such ideologies continuing to fuel a non-ending debate. From Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and every other
Zombies According to various definitions, a Zombie is an animated corpse with its roots in the African voodoo religion. They originated from the belief that dead bodies are controlled using magic and the person who raised them is the only one who can control them. According to the sola Report published in August 2012, this
Leadership Movie Analysis The movie “Officer and a Gentleman” is not only about romance, but also love as growth and as learning to acknowledge other individuals for whom and what they are. Even though there is a lot of romance in the movie, what makes it so unique is that the romance and everything else
In The Cloud Cloud computing has become a useful tool in providing computing and storage resources. Cloud computing is a form of computing that depends on the distribution of computing items, instead of using servers to perform applications. Recent growth in cloud computing has been influenced by new developments that are attractive to its users,
Contributions of the Moorish Empire to European, African, and world civilizations The Moors provided a lot to European civilization. In addition, Moors’s expulsion from Italy was a serious drawback to European countries. The Moor took the area away from the Visigoths, including the big record of kingdoms demurred by the Moslems. However, under the concept
Managerial Problems involved in the Government Construction Companies (Case Study) As a project manager, I have faced and still face various managerial problems while dealing with the contractor and the consultant. Some of these difficulties directly relate to the construction process while others are outcomes of oblique minor activities. Surprisingly, most of the challenges are
Grading CP: A response to Leslie Mondo Leslie believes that the appropriate grade for Community Psychology’s efforts is B. In her opinion, these efforts are above average but still not yet 100 percent successful. She credits the program for requiring that recipients of social welfare programs should not receive them indefinitely. Instead, they should find
Irelands building control system failed and needed reform. However, the new building control regulations place significant burdens on architects and designers. Evaluate this statement-making reference to relevant legal authority in support of your evaluation. Building control systems are very important to ensure safety and quality compliance by the owners of the building. Just like the
Report of the Taman Inquiry into the investigation of the Prosecution of Derek Harvey-Zenk Summary The Police Services Act entails the law that was enacted by the government of Manitoba on 14 April 2009 following a tragedy that occurred in Canada. The tragedy involved the unfortunate death of Crystal Taman that came about due to
Separate Entity Advantages             The concept of a separate legal entity allows companies to make contracts by using their own names and seal. Under this principle, companies live and conduct their activities to their own competence. The company is in a position to carry on its business, generate revenues, hire employees, and pay its taxes.
Introduction United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) runs programs aimed at caring for women on a global platform. The programs develop tools to encourage and support women to improve their lives. More importantly, the programs are platforms to assist women engaging in sex work due to the multiple dangers they face on a
Child Exposure and Infanticide in the Classical World The exposure of children was a serious problem in many parts of the world such as the Roman Empire. It affected the social, political, psychological, and economic aspects of life. It is a common practice where children abandoned in unsafe places during the war end up suffering
Organic Foods Introduction Organic foods are produced using organic methods of farming that involve less synthetic and modern inputs. Organic foods are nutritious because they are not processed via irradiation or with the help of chemical food additives, and industrial solvents. Organic foods are produced by complying with organic standards that are set by national
Defining Deviancy Down In 1993, Senator Daniel Moynihan surprised the nation by stating that the country was defining deviancy down through normalizing deviant behaviors to accommodate societal moral decay. He claimed that a limit should always be placed where a certain amount of deviant actions would be acceptable. His critique circumvented the likelihood that certain
Position paper for the Model United Nations The issues before the models of United Nations: El Salvador views on weapons of mass destruction and what it has done to try to prevent it, the relationship between disbarment and development, and how the country is trying to prevent an arms race in outer space. Measures to
Credible Sources Credible sources enable writers and researchers to produce legitimate scholarly work based on real and accurate references to support their arguments. The prudent use of credible sources enables writers to write high-quality academic papers without plagiarizing other scholars’ works. Credible sources have unique attributes that distinguish them from the litany of scholarly materials
Is human capital a company’s most valuable strategic resource? The human capital constituting knowledge workers and their productivity is the most important asset in the organization due to varied reasons. Human capital remains an essential asset in organizations because they create the goods and services offered by an organization. In this way, knowledge workers contribute
Annotated Bibliography on Technology in Nursing Introduction There has been an increased use of barcode technology in healthcare in the recent past as a strategy to reduce medical errors and the cost of care. In the last five decades, there have been significant efforts among healthcare providers to adopt barcode technology to enhance their service
Divine Chocolate Company 1.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to analyze the external forces affecting the UK confectionery industry and specifically, Divine Chocolate UK. The report will therefore delve into the PESTLE analysis of the confectionery industry, with a special focus on Divine Chocolate. Additionally, the report will detail Divine Chocolate’s Porter’s Five
Data Saturation and Sample Size and its Limitation on Qualitative Research Education research is primarily qualitative. This is due to the fact that the data to be studied is already available from secondary sources of information. In qualitative research, small size is normally chosen compared to quantitative research which factors in large sample sizes from
Response for Cognitive Development The YouTube video shows the intelligence tests at Oxford University.  The video studies seven people from different backgrounds. This assists in determining the sources and ability of people to think intelligently.  The people were to be subjected to the latest intelligent tests in the battle of brains.   In order to for
Cognitive Processes Associated with Languages Knowing a language involves more than knowing what form it takes: it involves knowing how it functions too. According to (Putz et al, 2010, pg.85), in reference to grown-ups, what is unique regarding linguistics is the employment of conceptual perspective of language to classify and explain language itself. Language is
Impacts of the Minneapolis Teamsters’ Strike An overview of the strike The Minneapolis teamsters’ strike is sometimes referred to as a police riot. This was the biggest and the most significant yet very violent union movement within the state labor history (Palmer,1). In fact, it was one of the major movements in national labor history.
History: Boeing Company is the leading aircraft manufacturers in terms of production and sales. This American corporation design manufactures and sells fixed-winged aircraft, satellites, and rockets. William Boeing trained in woodwork at Yale University and founded the Boeing Company on July 15, 1916. Boeing and George Westerville, a Navy engineer, then embarked on a plan

Why is Planning Political?

Why is Planning Political? Planning often has an impact on the communities due to its implementation, which involves political aspects such as mobilization of resources, feasibility, and resolution of conflict. Politicians play a big role in determining the fate of the proposed plans as they may endorse or disapprove of them depending on their political
Disabilities Kindergarten The Executive Summary Golden Kids Kindergarten (GKK) will be a social enterprise based in Saudi Arabia particularly within the Eastern region, focusing on helping disabled children. The company will take the form of a kindergarten targeted towards disabled children, particularly children with difficulties in speaking, pronouncing words, or children that have slower understanding

Sample Research Paper on The family

The family What image of “family” comes to mind when you hear the term used in these ways? Does this image represent your family too?  The word family has been used several times to define many factors such as feelings and emotions, high moral standards, children, ancestors, and even business operations. These definitions tend to
Central Texas Ecoregion The ecoregion in Texas has various natural features that could provide a relevant understanding of nature. Based on its size and location, Central Texas Region is said to be a unique state. It covers 266,807 sq., and 15 of the 50 states can be located within its borders. A large tract of
Media Trends and Designs 201 Home About Us Media Features Modern Trends Pace Setters Contact Us   Articles Presented by: Melissa Rowe   Sharing Communication Insights      Blog 1: Are you struggling to put it down on paper? Retrieved from: Are you passionate about writing? Well, researchers in the academic field have established
Global Business Entry Plans In order to achieve success in the market and the industry in which the firm is operating, there is a need to initiate effective plans to ensure effective entry into the desired market. Firms often integrate various strategies that will make sure that firms are well-positioned in the market besides allowing
Stayer’s Approach to Leadership Development Introduction Leadership development is a term that defines a systematic and well-organized way of improving a person’s or organizational leadership excellence. It is equally a process of enhancing the growth of personal traits that will improve an individual’s leadership competence and effectiveness (Hughes, 2004). This is done through a series
Factors that Influence Food Habits and Culture Food habits refer to why and the manner in which individuals eat, the type of food they consume, individuals they share food with, and the ways individuals get, store, use, and discard food. There are various factors that influence food habits and culture for instance, geographical factors, individual’s
Second-Wave Feminism The second-wave feminism movement, also known as the feminist movement, is an era of feminist activity that commenced in the United States in the early 1960s and proceeded through the late 1990s. The movement expanded the debate regarding gender equality to a wide range of issues: family, reproductive rights, the workplace, de facto
Men in the Sun Men in the sun is a book that tries to bring out the social, political, and human realities of Palestinian people at a time of regional and international scramble. Kanafani uses three characters that are male to bring out the idea of hardship that people faced in exile and how they
Violent Media is Good for Kids Violent Media Is Good For Kids is an article written by Jones, in which he attempts to support the fact that violent media can have positive effects on kids exposed to it. This argument is interesting since it refutes myriads of articles, books, and publications where the authors seem
Stereotypes of Muslims Introduction Months and years after the unfortunate attacks on the United States of America on September 11, 2001, Muslims became permanent fixtures in American and Western media like never before. Muslims in these countries were viewed with suspicion such that negative stereotypic phrases such as ‘all Muslims are terrorists’ became commonplace. These
Twelve Years A Slave Gender inequality is one of the main social problems that people are facing in the world we are living in. It mostly involves suppressing one gender that is to be inferior to the other. In the current world, women are taken to be the inferior gender; thus, are generally considered the
Ancient Chinese Contributions The ancient Chinese have been recognized worldwide for creativity in inventing many things used in modern society. The inventions recognized their ability to enhance human activities.  In ancient China, there are great inventions that include papermaking, gunpowder, the compass, porcelain, seed drill, iron plows, deep drilling, toilet paper, printing-movable type, and row
Ethical Code of Conduct for South Texas Health System Introduction Every acute care facility is faced with ethical dilemmas that staff members have to deal with every day. This paper focuses on developing an ethical code of conduct for an acute care facility in which the South Texas Health facility has been selected. This facility
Emotions and stress of organizational change A number of organizational theories support the troublesome results of organizational change. This maintains especially for concepts in a business environment. The discussion here is that change can deteriorate a company’s stability and responsibility, resulting in stress and misunderstandings within the company. A destabilized procedure follows rules that require
Cross-Cultural Management Executive Summary Geert Hofstede’s analysis gives a clear description of the different national cultures that rely on the research conducted across subsidiaries of a multinational corporation that has its operations in over 64 countries. This analysis may help business people or even travelers to have a better understanding of the intercultural differences that
Social Media Application in Government: Earthquake Detection through Twitter Social networks are platforms that enable people to engage with each other online. The use of social networks has become very popular in today’s day and age. Governments around the world have realized that to engage constructively with their citizens, they also need to participate in
Crisis Management for MovilExpress 1 Definition of crisis management 2 Purpose of Crisis Management Team.. 2 Internal landscape survey. 2 External landscape survey. 2 Strategic Planning For Movil 3 Crisis Management for MovilExpress             Movil Express is a Telecommunication Company that has the intention of expanding and tapping into the growing market of internet voice,
Ethical Behavior Introduction The paper discusses ethical behavior in both the work place and the educational institutions such as universities and colleges. Employees are the most significant threats to any organization as they have internal access to data. As a result of this, they should apply ethical behaviors to avoid problems like misuse of data,
The Role of Innovation in Strategy Formation and Implementation Drug companies do not have much information regarding innovation as research takes a lot of time before it is adopted. Kodak’s failure is majorly due to resistance to change. The company thought that adopting innovation would lead to the collapse of the film business on which
Public speaking anxiety There are many reasons why I panic when giving a public speech.  One of the reasons is that I fear being criticized for what will say since sometimes I might not be too sure whether the information that I will present before the audience is true, logical, supported by facts or not.
Resident Rights The article “Medicare coverage skilled nursing facility care” is an in-depth analysis of various concepts related to resident rights. The article is a guideline provided by Medicare to healthcare personnel and patients. It discusses basic issues such as Medicare and skilled care definitions and purposes in the introduction before elaborating the need for
Current Strategic and Service Delivery Issues The Nadler-Tushman model uses a three-step process for organizational analysis that includes inputs, transformational process, and the output, which are all looped together (Nadler & Tushman, 1977). For the analysis of the case study, the tools of the model that will be in use are environment, resources, informal structure
Social Media Presentation Introduction A brief history of Twitter Twitter was founded about seven years ago (Benn & Holmes, 2009). Since then, it has grown to become a giant microblogging site. Twitter is said to be a brainchild of a group of programmers. These programmers were Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone. These three
Code of Ethics Do you agree with the idea of a “living Code of Ethics”? I do agree with the concept of a “living code of ethics” because it helps in defining behaviors and actions when it comes to handling any human personnel in a business without necessarily creating any form of friction. Verbos et
An Observation of Adult Daycare Program The adult daycare program that I visited provided daytime care for adults in a group setting in society. The program was located at St Francis of Assisi parish. The program was for adults who returned to their residences and caregivers at the end of the day. In this program,
Students for Philanthropy Recruitment Speech January 12, 2014, marked a very significant day. It marked the passing of 4 years since a dreadful 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. The significance of this date is not just a remembrance for the people of Haiti, but it signifies a time when all of us can stand up
Salary Negotiation When an employer presents a salary less than expected by the job applicants, they should first collect their wage study details, latest efficiency assessments that document the applied job, and any other appropriate details. Be conscious of the organization’s plan regarding the settlement. Some companies are restricted by financial restrictions and can only
What is Ethics? A few years back, a sociologist known as Baumhart Raymond asked business personalities, what they understood by the term ‘ethics’ (Velasquez et al., 1987). Some responded that ethics is a term that refers to what their feelings inform them that is wrong or right, others said ethics made reference to their religious
Understanding Law Enforcement in the United States In general, the term Law Enforcement is a term that is used to describe the individuals and agencies responsible for the enforcement and maintenance of public order as well as public safety (Kessler, 2007). The aspects included in law enforcement are preventing, detecting, and investigating crime. Furthermore, it
EFL/ESL language systems and the language skills Question Imagine that you work in a language school. You have just received a new student from Korea who wants to study English prior to entering a university in the U.S. The student takes the placement test, which is all grammar and vocabulary and mostly multiple choice. She
Case Study: Business Ethics and Laws Course about Starbucks Question 1 Starbucks Corporation has been concerned with the integration of social responsibility in relation to its overall corporate strategy. The main reason behind this integration is to enhance the image and reputation of the company. In addition, Starbucks Corporation ensures that it offers effective services
Strategic Management: External Analysis Introduction Harley Davidson (HD) comes out as one of the best motorcycle producers across the globe. The organization focuses on exploiting diversity in the production and distribution of products and services in the motorcycle industry. In modern society, various business entities apply PEST and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis tools in the
Private Cloud What is a Private Cloud? A private cloud is one of the specific models in cloud computing that involves a secure and distinct cloud basement where only a specified client operates. Compared to the other cloud models, the private cloud provides computing power as one of the services within a relatively virtualized environment.
The New Audi Advertisement Organizations invest in advertisements when selling their goods and services to their consumers. Advertisements persuade consumers to purchase their products by employing various theories and principles. For instance, advertisements appeal to the target audience’s logic, emotions, and belief systems. Thus, consumers end up buying products that they really do not need
Tesla Motors Incorporation To: From: Date: Re: Memo Tesla Motors demonstrated an increasing trend in their revenues over the years, rising from $413.3million to $2.0billion between the fiscal year 2010 and 2013. Percentage operational costs in general expenses, selling costs, and administrative costs also dropped substantially, reducing from 36.30% to 14.18%. This enabled Tesla’s bottom-line
Breaking Bad Breaking Bad is one of the most successful programs in television history during the golden age with scenes more determined, certain, and captivating. The characters used in the program assist in showing an extraordinary sense of guilt, moral transformation, control, and complicity. The series is a portrayal of a cultural phenomenon with the
Towards More Strategic and Self Directed Careers The present economic context, marked by increased competition has forced organizations to deploy human resources activities until recently neglected. According to the article “Towards More Strategic and Self Directed Careers”, more companies and organizations have started developing and enhancing organized plans and career development systems for their employees.
Effect of War on the Health and Life of Children The ongoing war between Israel and Palestine has brought about the continuous infringement of the rights of citizens. The rights of both the Palestinians and Israelites have been violated in many ways because of Israel occupying the Palestinian territory. In fact, the war has resulted
Northwest Construction CO., Inc. The cases provide an analysis of Bob Hawkins and Lou Naber who are co-owners of Northwest construction co., inc.  The two partners started the business ten years ago. Based on the partnership agreements, the two partners almost share the ownership of the company and have identical employment. However, their personal affairs
Wal-Mart’s SWOT Analysis Introduction SWOT is an acronym referring to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Management teams often use SWOT analysis to identify internal and external factors that can possibly affect the company’s future performance (Faarup, 2010, p. 182-184). Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, can use SWOT analysis results to enhance its performance as it
Religious Studies The past few years have seen debates about secularism, alongside atheism and theism taking the center stage of the debates. The world has experienced the emergence of small industries of different books by different authors, portraying different issues on the same topic. The argument is that religious beliefs have been outmoded, superseded by
The Fifth Discipline Summary             The Fifth Discipline assists the managers in understanding how they can effectively modify the essential assumptions, values, and norms in an organization. The basic underlying principle behind this summary is to develop system thinking, where the focus is the interrelations of different systems with a large system. Personal mastery and
Globalization and International Strategy 3rd March 2014, Strategic Marketing Manager, Apple telecommunication equipment Limited, 637 Springfield Ave, Maplewood NJ 07040, New Jersey. The Chief Executive Officer, Apple Telecommunication Equipment limited 637 Springfield Ave Maplewood NJ 07040, New Jersey. Dear Madam, Following the main agenda in our last meeting and your request for identifying a country
What is a patent? ). A product or service is said to be a patent if it is new, it represents an inventive step and if it is invented for industrial application. (Pharmaceutical Salts and Co-Crystals 322-324). What were Edison’s, most famous patents? Edison has been credited with inventing many innovations that including his first
Lending Institutions, Health Care and Human Capital Introduction The world’s countries are categorized into two main groups. The first group belongs to the countries that are highly industrialized, are politically and economically stable, and hold the highest levels of individual health. The other group lacks all of the above, and the countries belonging to this
Compare between IT in-house and Cloud computing Risk Management Risk management in Cloud computing calls for changes to be made in the organization and workload profile, as moving data to the cloud platform comes with substantial risks. The risks that can be experienced in cloud computing include data security and cloud failure. Risk management in
Money Laundering Schemes against HSBC Although the United States government made huge steps in tracking the money laundering ills of the HSBC, there was laxity in reprimanding those responsible. The cash penalties issued against HSBC should not have been an excuse for the prosecution to differ the case. This was going against the punitive laws
The President of the United States is considered the most powerful political leader in the world, as the office bearer has the ability to work with Congress to declare war on countries deemed to be engaging in terrorist acts and nuclear weapons that threaten global peace. In some instances, however, Presidents have made their own
Canada Macroeconomic Insights Innis Lecture: A Canadian policy for broad-based prosperity by Daniel Trefler is an article that provides a vivid picture of the prevailing macroeconomic situation in Canada. This article aims at exploring various factors that contribute to the worsening economic situation in Canada as well as various measures that can be used to
Comparison between Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud Risk management Public cloud computing in risk management represents an essential change in the leading model of provisioning information technology, altering the responsibility distribution for information safety along with it. Instead of maintaining systems and data on servers and networks located on companies, organizations and premises,
Le Corbusier (1929) The book formulates the new principles of town planning, assuming the site is ideal, that is, it is level. An ideal site gives a normal way out of the problem. The population consists of three types of people: the citizens (their entire lives are in the city as they work and live
The Metro-Boston Area Introduction The main objective of this paper is to study the Metro-Boston area. The paper will discuss the Boston area from two perspectives. First, I have decided to discuss the Metro-Boston area from an urban-ecology perspective. In this context, urban-ecology refers to the study of the ecosystems, especially human beings, who live
Tourism and Hospitality Industry in UAE Introduction             Tourism defines the act of traveling for fun, recreational or business reasons that usually take place within a limited duration of time. This act is usually linked with international travel but it may as well refer to the travel from one location to another within the same
The Effects of War on an Economy Wars always inflict extensive expenses on the domestic economy. Particularly, civil wars are destructive of economic infrastructure and human lives. This types of wars threaten the state’s institutions, undermine its legitimacy, rule of law, and the rights of property security (Koistinen, 2012).  Again, an internal war brings great
Maslow on Management Introduction Management refers to the process of coordinating efforts of people who are working in a particular organization so that the desired goals and objectives of the firm may be accomplished. This involves the management team in the organization undertaking five functions that it allocates to its departments. The functions involve keeping
Yoga Typology Yoga is a spiritual exercise that includes simple meditation, breath control, and it is mostly practiced for health purposes and relaxation, especially done by the Hindus. The aim of yoga in this case of Sheldon’s system is to give students a better understanding of their essence. Somatotypes, the variety of the physique, and
Application of Facebook by the US Government The main role of Facebook as a social networking site is to serve as a platform that connects people and enable them to engage and share about the various aspects affecting their life. The ability of Facebook media to make concise updates in real-time has encouraged many governments
Abstract Values and attitudes are faces of admiration with which every person in the society regards an object; the admiration that everyone is concerned about. However, in search of a counselor, a person should look for one who is both professionally and expertly qualified as well as motivated by an authentic yearning to help others.
Abstract  This paper will address factors underlying the development of new counselors as they grow into professionals. As such, the aim of the paper is to reveal some of the fears and doubts that those wishing to become or are already training as counselors face. In essence, the discussion unveils ways in which Corey and
HR Management: Google Inc. Introduction Google Inc. is listed among the largest internet search sites, engines, and providers of advertising services globally. The company aims at ensuring functions, operations, and practices at the firm are professional, supportive, respectable, and encouraging to employees and consumers. The company has recorded success and extensive growth and development rates.
Budget Bill The government’s intent to get involved in crown corporations and the CBC’s collective agreements is likely to interfere with the journalist’s autonomy. Since every action by the journalists will be open to discussion, there are limitations on the state intent to advise crown corporations and the CBC on how to negotiate with employees.
In defense of Globalization Globalization has been a subject to many debates due to its endless controversy on the impact it has on development issues. Those who oppose globalization view it as an enemy of man’s development. Hence, many critics of globalization tend to look at globalization from an economical perspective (Bhagwati, 2007). Globalization is
Location Quotient Analysis: Calgary Region With reference to the uploaded data, there is a concentration of certain industries in my region. This is with respect to the high LQs values for certain industries in the region. For example, the LQs values for industries in trade, finance, manufacturing, and professionals are higher in comparison to the
Planning and PESTLE Analysis Planning Coca-Cola Company experiences intense competition in the soft drink company and has to adopt better planning techniques in order to contain the effects associated with this competition.  Therefore, planning forms part of the industrial analysis techniques that the Coca-Cola Company undertakes. Planning involves the coordination of all tasks attained to
Organizational Psychology The study of the performance and behavior of people, such as differing abilities of individuals, preferences, and personality is known as psychology. As human beings, it is important to study organizations to promote performance and ensure that the goals of the organizations are met. Organizational psychology involves the study of the relationship between
The Performance Incentive Program 1         Introduction 1.1        Background information A performance incentive project is an arranged action that is intended to motivate and encourage individual employees to attain the set organizational targets. It aims at influencing individuals to do what is expected of them. Most often, organizations have their performance incentive programs grouped in line
Social Justice Introduction Social justice is not a new term. Since time immemorial, social justice and injustice have been a practical phenomenon in various and diverse societies of the globe. Societies that uphold social justice have provided people with an opportunity to be free. Such societies have developed and continue to develop (Berik, 2009). On
Social Identity and Terrorist Political Violence Introduction Despite the many attempts by social scientists to explain the motivation behind terrorist violence, no single explanation is universally accepted. While some believe that economic interests drive terrorist acts, others argue that terrorism is a psychological phenomenon. This essay argues that political violence is rooted in psychological aspects
Human Trafficking in Thailand Introduction Thailand is not only transit but also a source and destination for children, men, and women who are trafficked for purposes of forced labor and sexual exploitation. Traffickers in Thailand are presented with the opportunity to defraud or coerce by migrants who come into the country illegally without documentation (Thailand
Programming The IT world is awash with positive sentiments about applications such as Skype and Google docs, for their contribution to productivity at work. Google docs, for example, can enable persons living continents apart to work together. These applications, nonetheless, are only able to perform simple work and cannot be of much help to programmers.
Emerging Technologies 1 The risk of not sharing knowledge with others At IVK, employees worked independently. This led to several issues in the organization. Even after being fired from the organization, some employees were still accessing the company resources. The lowest moment in the organization happened when the company’s system was hacked. When employees such
The current state of Cambodia Cambodia lies in Southeast Asia in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula. It is approximately 181,035 square kilometers in size. This is a report on the current state of Cambodia. The Cambodian economy currently follows an open market system and has progressed rapidly in the last decade. Amid the
Puberty Puberty is a growth process through which every person has to undergo. It refers to the transition from one’s childhood into adulthood (Weiner, 2003). At this time, girls and boys start growing and developing sex organs. In addition, their bodies become capable of reproducing. During this time, our bodies grow faster compared to any
Organizational Behavior Organizational behavior refers to the interaction and interdependency between the people within the organization and other variables in the organization. Learning in an organization can be evaluated by the way that people behave. This also helps to look at how each person in the organization acquires knowledge. Learning within an organization takes place
Lynching Introduction Lynching is a term used to define murder that is usually executed by a group of people as a form of punishment especially by burning, hanging, as well as shooting with the aim of intimidating a particular group of people. This practice has been used by dominant groups of people to curb any
Community Profile Presentation Wal-Mart Stores Company is always committed to the maximum ethical standards in the conduct of its business all over the world. This is made possible by the ethical responsibility of the executives in making sure that laws and regulations that affect them are adhered to. Executives’ ethical responsibilities Raising ethic concern First
Philosophy to Our Lives Philosophy in its self can be described as the fundamental nature of knowledge and reality that we experience. We can also term philosophy as the questioning of human reasoning and logical arguments of life. This gives a broad understanding of the subject philosophy far much above our beliefs in life. Philosophy
Mortar and Pestle Mortar refers to a bowl-shaped holder made from ceramic, hardwood, or stone, while pestle refers to a blunt, club-shaped object that is used for milling by grinding or crushing, or pounding substances like grains, herbs, or medicines. The substances to be milled are placed at the base of the mortar then the
Statement of Interest on Application of a PhD in Nutrition Program In my childhood, I was not aware of the health problems that could be brought about by poor eating habits. Thus, my body weight increased overwhelmingly until I would not take it anymore.  This created by interests in understanding the healthy eating habits.  In
Management and Organizations Self-assessment involves standards identification by students and their judgments on whether they have met these standards. Self-assessment in students involves the process of evaluating what is good work in any particular situation. Reflection involves students processing their endeavors and understanding their progress in their activities (Towndrow 36). In reflection, learners act from
ZARA: IT for Fast Fashion What are the benefits of installing a modern operating system as compared to staying with the current one? Installing a modern operating system and upgrading from DOS would provide the company with numerous benefits, though it would incur costs relating to installation and maintenance. Such benefits would include an operating
Journal #2 Cognitive Area Types of Leaders Authoritarian/Autocratic leaders: These types of leaders provide lucid expectations for what is supposed to be done, how it is supposed to be done, and when it should have been accomplished. They also try to make a clear distinction between themselves and the subjects, to demonstrate that they are
Contingent Valuation Critical Hausman (2012) has done research on contingent valuation methods and come up with the conclusion that it is hopeless. Its results cannot be effectively used to formulate policies, as it is oftentimes flawed. According to Hausman, and a number of other experts, there are three major problems that make it unreliable. These
Economic Impact Analysis versus Cost-Benefit Analysis This paper seeks to analyze Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) and a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) for a sporting event that is of medium size.  Economic impact Analysis provides basic information on gross money streams, while CBA presents a more precise and reasonable overview of the exact cost and profits. This
Healthy Bite Cafeteria Mission The mission of this business is to establish the leading cafeteria that provides an opportunity for people to live healthily. Healthy Bite Cafeteria will exclusively provide healthy diet foods to its customers. It will be different from other cafeterias in the fact that ours will encompass services of health nutritionists in
Table of Contents Task 1: Assignment 3 Introduction 3 1.1 Approaches to self-managed learning 3 1.2 Ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged 4 1.3 The benefits of self-managed learning to the individual and organization 7 Task 2: Assignment 8 Demonstrating the ability to take responsibility for personal and
Article Review: China’s Military Sahgal, Arun. “China’s Military Modernization: Responses from India”. Washington: National Bureau of Asian Research, 2012 pp. 276-305 Article Summary The above article examines the effects of innovation of the Chinese military and the tactical posture of India. The article also outlines India’s reactions to these growing concerns. The article gives a
Medical Marijuana According to the National and California laws, it is illegal to use, cultivate or transport medical marijuana. County statutes of California allow the use of marijuana in legal medical cases. These statutes are granted to cities and counties the mandate to pass regulations that conflict with the National laws. These powers include authority
Case Analysis on the Real Chocolate Company Inc 1.0. Introduction The Real Chocolate Company Incorporation is one of the significant business players within the gourmet chocolate segment in the broad industry of chocolate and confectionery. Sarah Smith, who is currently the CEO of this company, founded the company in the year 1981. The company has
Organizational Change and Human Sustainability Organizations that want to succeed have recognized the importance of shifting their mind/focus from technology or expertise as the driver and remedy, to technology, whereby people use decisions to generate solutions.  This means that technology facilitates access to knowledge and information and people are required to apply decision-making and judgment,
Viktor Ianukovych (ex-president of Ukraine) Viktor Ianukovych was the president of Ukraine from February 2010 until when the Ukrainian parliament impeached him from power in February 2014. He is still hoping that he is the head of the Ukrainian state based on an argument that the citizens of Ukraine elected him democratically. The Ukrainian officials
One of the most dynamic ways of expressing cultures and showing the variations in heritage across the world is the way people adorn themselves for various occasions or events. This is a concept that the tidal institute seeks to exploit as it is contemplating the springing up of a product that will not only express
Marketing Plan for Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes in the US Market Background Oral-B electric toothbrushes are products, which are slim and light making them easy to use. James Gamble and William Proctor started Proctor & Gamble Company, which produces these products in the USA. In addition to toothbrushes, the company also produces other personal effects, such
Leadership Manipulation and Ethics in Storytelling Storytelling is a tool that leaders use to manipulate their subjects and motivate them. The article points out why this is unethical. It claims that getting someone to do something without the consent of that particular individual is unethical (Auvinen, Lamsa, Sinoten & Takala, 2013). Therefore, the article is
Manufacturing Normally, everything we use in our homes is manufactured apart from most wholesome foodstuffs. Since manufacturing usually uses machines, tools as well as labor to create products for use or sale, then it is right to say that baked foods like cookies, cakes, pies, and others are manufactured. Each one of these is vital
Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions by Elizabeth Cady Stanton Gender equality is an issue that affects all countries worldwide. There are dozens of campaigns in the whole world that pertain to issues of gender equality. Many countries rarely give priority to issues that pertain to women’s rights (Burgan 45). In first-world countries, women have more
Recruitment and Compensation Reaction to Comments Human resource practitioner executive functions include hiring, training, orientating new employees, developing employees’ careers, and developing good public relations. The manager also acts as an intermediary between the employees and the employer. He is also responsible for ensuring the working environment is safe and conducive to working. High retention
It is imperative for the government and institutions of higher learning to understand a student’s background (Gluth, 2003). The primary aim of this study is to incorporate aspects of errors second language learners make into the curriculum. In order for the second language learners to be competent in writing and reading the target language, incorporation
Brand Comparison In most cases, manufacturers will produce products that are almost the same. However, they will differentiate those products in one way or the other. This essay compares and contrasts coca-cola soda with Pepsi soda. The two products are the same in terms of the type of product, but different in terms of pricing
Foreign Direct Investment Introduction             Many policymakers are largely concerned with how to attract foreign direct investment in their countries. Additionally, the sender countries are concerned with the facilities, policies, and political stability of the host countries. Foreign direct investment is the investment in the production and businesses of a nation by either an individual
Hope and promise of Democracy Studies show that, as a low-ranking United States legislator emanating from Illinois, Obama got an uplifting force or propelling power that thrust him to the nationwide eminence at the democratic concord of 2004. This occurred at a time when he conveyed an inspiring crucial discourse, “The Audacity of Hope,” which
Design of Democracy Journal entry: Summary for Book I, II, and III Leviathan is a book written by Thomas Hobbes. It shows the basic arrangement of a societal contract conjecture from a political viewpoint. Hobbes’ work has remained the framework on which other political thinkers have outlined the social contract theories. Hobbes’ work comprises the

Sample Argumentative Essay on Ethics

Argumentative Essay on Ethics Introduction Ethics refers to the basic concepts and fundamental principles that emanate from the conduct of humans. Ethics entail the evaluation of universal values that range from the essential of equality of human beings to obedience and compliance with the laws of the land. This is also coupled with concerns over
Labor Union Democracy Labor unions have played a principal role in promoting the democratic process. Unions exist to give their members a voice. Democracy strengthens labor unions and encourages efficiency. These unions have an immense following, which gives them political muscle. They have played a part in promoting a liberal philosophy, the foundation of democracy.
Social Worker Involvement A social worker requires to know about the history of the family dynamic life course that focuses on both unpredictable and predictable changes that can affect the behavior of the entire family across their life course.  The dynamic life course focuses on all major stages of development from conception to adulthood that
Media and Democracy The role of information and journalism is to execute duties related to economic, political, social, and cultural aspects that take place in a modern democracy. Currently, the role of media is to convey information to the public concerning politics, social and economic aspects that affect society.  Through journalism, people are able to
Walsh Sanctions It is one of the Board of Public Accountancy’s main obligations to defend the people’s welfare by ensuring that all the regulated persons are competent.  The competency of an individual is evaluated by the board through the administration of Certified Public Accountants assessments, issuance of permits and legal certificates, and by supervising the
Negro Slave Family in the United States of America Howard University Professor E. Franklin Frazier’s book, Negro Slave Family in the United States of America, is regarded as the initial comprehensive review of the family life of the African Americans who thrived from the colonial-era slavery, along through the slavery period and its emancipation, to
The state of China for the Last Twenty Years from the Year 2011 China’s government has gradually been changing since nineteen ninety-one after the cold world war. During this period, the agenda of socialism was abolished and all parties that supported socialism withdrew their support. The government of China has changed from one party leadership
Established in 2006 by Carnegie Endowment, Carnegie Middle East Centre is an open scrutiny policy center located in Lebanon and Beirut for international peace purposes. Championed by Paul Salem as the director, it tackles some of the difficulties experienced in economic and political development and transforms the Arab Middle East to bring out a better
Smarts in Business is not about IQ In the article “Smarts in Business is Not About IQ,” Richard Karlgaard offers an interesting twist of smarts, a phenomenon usually related to general intelligence by academics.  According to Karlgaard, smarts refer to an individual’s learning, thinking, and application capability, for which many have been measured using cognitive
The Cow Protection Movement in India Introduction The Holy Cow The cow protection movement occurred in British India intending to end cow slaughter. Swami Dayananda Saraswati founded it with the support from Arya Samaj. The movement lobbied for the protection of cows across India.  According to the Hindu religion, a cow is a sacred animal
Best Buy Marketing Strategy The competition from the online retailer stores today is crippling the operations of block and mortar retailers such as circuit city. The main reason for the success of the online stores was their lower operational costs due to not requiring a physical location. The savings on rent and the associated costs
Various access controls applied in Local Area Networks WPA and WEP encryption Almost all wireless equipment supports various types of encryption, a technology that scrambles all messages conveyed over the networks in order to make them unreadable by human beings. Several such technologies for wireless networks have emerged and are widely used today because their
Various access controls Various access controls applied in Local Area Networks WPA and WEP encryption Almost all wireless equipment supports various types of encryption, a technology that scrambles all messages conveyed over the networks in order to make them unreadable by human beings. Several such technologies for wireless networks have emerged and are widely used
Jury Nullification Jury nullification describes a constitutional doctrine that permits juries to free criminal defendants even when they are guilty of an offense.   Juries are required to examine the facts of a case presented and give their judgment. The jury invalidates a law he believes has been wrongly applied to the defendant. For instance, in
International Management Culture Profile With a population of close to 130 million, Japan is among the countries with the largest population in the world. The island country also stands as the biggest urban area worldwide, and is a conglomerate of 6852 islands, having Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido, and Honshu as the largest of all the islands.
Strategic Management: Mission, Vision, and Stakeholders The onset of strategic management is the development of the mission and vision statements of the organization with the aim of addressing the needs and preferences of the consumers. The essence of strategic management is the ability of an organization to utilize unique vision and mission statements toward the
Climate Change and Potential Generic Public Policy Solutions Climate change is the gradual change in weather conditions over a long period of time. Human-induced climate change is becoming more of a concern. There have been several potential generic public policy solutions that have been suggested to solve this problem. One of these solutions is adapting
City of Riverside v. Inland Empire Patients case Riverside city by zoning ordinances passed a declaration that dispensaries in California that dealt with medical marijuana were not allowed to operate in the city. To invoke the provision, the city, on the other hand, acted with nuisance to protest against a facility that the defendants were
Introduction Major series of reforms began to be experienced in china beginning the year 1978, a period termed by many economists as the post-reform era. Economic change in China is an international matter. These reforms privileged major sectors of the economy ranging from market dynamics over planning, private sectoral ownership over the public, foreign investments,
Acquisition plan Integration between two companies is more complex than just exchanging money for the other organization’s shares. Integration is plagued by various challenges that might hinder the success of the integration if not dealt with. It is, therefore, critical to analyze the challenges integration offers and possible solutions to deal with the challenges. Challenges
Morals With respect to Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, Mr. Allen was right when he stole the car by force and took his son to the hospital. Based on this principle, Mr. Allen approached the stranger and requested him to lend him his car because that was the right thing for him to do. In
The Four Noble Truths and how they relate to one Another According to Hinduism, Buddhism is founded under the doctrines and teachings of Buddha. The Four Noble Truths are the most essential teachings of Buddhism that were trained by Buddha himself. They comprise a summary of the entire teachings of Buddhism and reflect on how

Sample Philosophy Essay on Skepticism

Skepticism Skepticism is basically doubting attitudes towards values, plans, facts, or knowledge. However, people could also relate skepticism to critical thinking. In the dialogue mainly by Socrates, Theaetetus, and Theodorus, Socrates uses the phrase, motion is the source of what is called being and becoming, and inactivity of not-being and destruction. He uses the phrase
Nordstrom Case 17: Nordstrom Rewards its Customers Q1.             An effective loyalty program should target potential consumers after undertaking an analysis of the company’s customer groups (Butscher, 2002). The program should be linked to business goals of raising extra revenues. The loyalty program should elicit more revenues from an increased consumer base because of the

Sample Music Review Paper on Thriller

Thriller Thriller is the highest-selling album of all time, with analysts estimating that it sold more than 100 million copies. It was the sixth album of recording artist (late) Michael Jackson, who many consider the best musician of all time. Thriller was an Epic Records production and was released in November 1982. Michael Jackson was
The Folly of Persistent borrowing Sometime last month, the US Federal Reserve ascertained what many economists had suspected: for the first time in five years, the decline in household debts had halted. In fact, the debt had just not leveled off; it had started to rise again. Shah and Chaudhuri, using a series of graphs,
The Role and Performance of International Monetary Fund Introduction The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established 60 years ago during the Bretton Woods forum in the U.S. in 1944. After World War II, the British and the United States discovered that the previous gold customary to which the currencies for a number of countries were
The 2009 Chrysler-Fiat Strategic Alliance Executive Summary Historically, Chrysler has always been the third-largest manufacturer of automobiles in North America, after General Motors (GM) and Ford in market share; and still maintained the same position designation even after the entry of the new Asian OEMs. It was founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler and manufactured
Learning from Community Psychology According to Duncan et al. (12), community psychology refers to a department of psychology that studies a person’s ecological communications and traditions in the society that affect people in the community. Community psychology concentrates on social concerns, social organizations, and other situations that influence personalities, assemblies, and administrations. As a science,
Generations in the Workplace The modern workplace hosts people from diverse races, gender, backgrounds, and generations. Generational diversity or gap, in particular, poses unique challenges in the workplace, which are the subject of discussion of this paper. Generational gap affects how employees communicate and relate with each other in the workplace. Hawley (187) write that
Office Applications Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint are some of the most widely used office computer applications. This paper discusses the major features of each and their importance in the office environment. Microsoft Word is a document processing program that is used to process information from other sources and present it in textual
Issues of Contemporary Canada: Missing Aboriginal Aboriginal women face significant issues in the contemporary world stemming from the aspects of the colonial history of Canada. This also includes the imposition of the relative patriarchal system, especially in the formerly egalitarian native societies. According to the 2006 statistics, about 4 percent of the total Canadian population
International Trade The World Trade Organization has about 150 members from all parts of the world (Cattaneo, 2010). Among these members, around two-thirds of them are developing countries. These groups usually play a very significant as well as an active role within the world trade organization and international trade in general. There are a number
Defining Deviancy Up Deviancy has attained such perplexing fractions that there has been the need to take on a singular kind of denial. The epidemic was tackled simply by setting away from the majority of illnesses. The threshold was reduced for what is ready to be termed normal with the intention of keeping the level
Abstract This study will discuss how person-centered counseling can assist sexual minority adolescents in accommodating their sexual identity. Sexual minority adolescents are encountering stigmatization in their daily life while some of them are not capable of explaining why they are in that situation. A person-centered approach is fundamental in tackling the problem of sexual identity,
Low-Cost Loans Entice Students More for the Cash than a Degree: A Response In this article, Josh Mitchell writes that some Americans who find themselves in the weak job market are turning to federal student aid just for the sake of taking out low-cost loans instead of attaining education that will boost their job prospects.
Elements of a Transformational Leader Transformational leadership is considered the best leadership style because of the leader’s ability to motivate followers to achieve greater positive changes, more than what they had planned to accomplish. This paper briefly describes the key elements of a transformational leader. The first key element of a transformational leader is the
Global Financial Crisis Introduction The global economic or financial crisis (GFC/GEC) is generally believed to have started in the month of August 2007 (Gale & Allen, 2007). GEC began with a credit crunch after the US investors lost confidence in the value of the sub-prime mortgage that had resulted from the liquidity crisis. Consequently, this

Sample Essay Paper on World War 1

World War 1 World War 1 started in Europe and was indeed a global war. It began in 1914 and ended in 1924. Indeed, the war marked the fifth-worst battle ever experienced in history. Information and statistics showcased the deaths of more than 9M war combatants who were involved in the case. The latter led
Case 2: Bolivia Introduction The concept of microfinance began in Bolivia in the early 1980s. Other neighboring countries had already adopted the practice. Microfinance began in Bolivia at a time when the country was under a financial crisis. It was also battling with issues of high population and low economy. However, the country has seen
Importance of Investment Bankers in Understanding Marketing Studies reveal that investment banking is part of the financial services industry and it provides a vital range of services to corporations globally. This field assists organizations in acquiring funds and advising for a wide range of transactions that an organization can indulge in (Werr 890). Thus, the
Contractors’ Attributes and their Effects on the Success of A Road Construction Project Since the construction industry is one of the most vital industries that create significant impacts on the economic development within any economy, it is in the interest of every leader to ensure that the construction industry within their jurisdiction is up to
Securities Fraud This concept encompasses a variety of white-collar illegal activities revolving around the deception of investors and other crimes aimed at manipulating financial markets (Straney, 2011). In this type of white-collar crime, an individual or an organization misrepresents information that the investors rely on to make their long and short-term decisions concerning their projects.
Telecommunications Sector 1.0 Introduction The telecommunications sector is a very important constituent of the U.S. national infrastructure and plays a major task in national security. The sector offers direct commutation to public utilities, consumers, and industry. These services together with the inherent telecommunications infrastructure are important factors in the maintenance of modern socio-economic life. Undeniably,
Academic Journal International Finance Corporation Summary Background of the Organization The International Finance Corporation (IFC) was established in the year 1956. It started as a private sector by the World Bank Group. Its mandate was to advance economic developments through investing in order to lower the poverty level and promote development (International Finance Corporation annual

Sample Research Paper on BP Oil Spill

BP Oil Spill Introduction The BP oil disaster occurred in the Gulf of Mexico on 20 April 2010. The BP oil disaster killed eleven people and it happened to be the biggest marine oil spill ever recorded in the history of the petroleum industry. According to the estimates by the U.S government, the amount of
Short Report on Case Studies Case Study 4-1: Diagnosing the Causes of Poor Performance The fact that learners complained of the poor performance of the trainer, Heather, in the case study shows that she could not train properly. This signals a deficiency in procedural knowledge as opposed to the abundant declarative knowledge that she possesses
Responsibility A responsible human being is an individual that can act devoid of control or supervision since she/he is liable for her/his conduct. Responsibility could entail the duties of a person towards other people. Being responsible to other people encompasses three factors that include accountability (being unfailing and dependable towards them), dedication (being psychologically or
A fundraising event to help the temple collect funds Introduction I write this letter as a proposal to create a successful fundraising event that will assist the temple in raising a considerable amount of funds that will cater to its expenses.  I will accomplish this by taking advantage of big sports events that take place
Invention of Airplanes Introduction The invention of airplanes has been among the most captivating innovations that human beings have ever made. Before its invention, people could take months, or even years to arrive at different destinations. Nowadays, a commercial plane can carry hundreds of people across continents within a very short time. Airplanes have facilitated
Food Security Undoubtedly, the debate about food insecurity is getting tenser as countries struggle to look for ways to achieve food security. Food security is one aspect that is believed to be a very important issue in a country. Unfortunately, the majority of countries suffer from the menace of food insecurity, particularly the underdeveloped, and
The City of Salonica Salonica, also known as Thessalonica is a city in Greece that was founded in 315 B.C. The city has a rich history that spans a period of more than 2000 years. During the Roman Empire era, it was a large city that was the center of economic activity, and also served
Democracy and Materialism Some of the civic virtues of democracy, such as its acquisitive foundation, can lead to materialism in society. The basic function of democracy as the guarantor of individual possession for each member of the society provides a strong foundation that leads to materialism. The protection of private property in democratic states acts
Organizational Leadership: Ethical Decision Making The presentation discusses ethics in organizational leadership that influence ethical decision-making. The presentation is relevant in promoting the understanding of leadership perception in organizations.  The learners can enhance their presentation by proving strong arguments. In making the arguments of leadership ethics, there need to be strong points. This assists in
Operations Management Introduction A modern organization endeavors to excel in large customization, lean production, flexible manufacturing, customer-centric provision, among other factors. The ability to achieve these qualities helps the organization sustain its operations. Operations management involves transforming ideas into products, as well as planning and controlling all the structures and systems that generate goods and
Admission Essay Administrative and leadership roles provide one with an opportunity to align healthcare organizations with the quality provision of health. Therefore, a degree in this field and subsequent qualifications make my future exciting. Again, there is a need for large proportions of students to find motivation in healthcare leadership roles. This is because there
Long Term Benefits of Breastfeeding Cases of mothers not breastfeeding their babies have been on the increase in the recent past.  The increase in these cases largely relates to a lack of information among women (Jarvis, 2011). For example, it is arguable that very few women understand both the short-term and long-term benefits of breastfeeding.
Abstain or Contraception for Teen Pregnancy Reduction Teen pregnancy is and has been a major problem in many countries for over a decade now even after the introduction of contraceptives. It is a worldwide problem that has seen many families through a lot of challenges here and there. At least, in every 10 females, there
The Floridas Hotel Mission Statement The Floridas Hotel is a new enterprise that specifically targets motorcycle riders in Florida. One thing we know about Florida is that it offers breathtaking scenery for motorcycle riders.  The state boasts some impressive highways and byways that match those found anywhere else in the United States. In addition, it
Educational Leadership The results of the` Least Preferred Coworker’ measure are obtained by the LPC theory that focuses on the theories of transformational and charismatic leadership in the organization. The LPC model involves the various rating on a person’s personality to evaluate his or her suitability to work with another. The model involves various aspects
Biotechnological Issues: Cloning From the paper presented, I would say that, yes I have understood how the technology is being applied, and especially in the cloning process, to produce genetic copies of a biological entity. The various ways in which the application of the technology can be beneficial to the human being such as in
Nonverbal Teaching Communication is a process of receiving and sending messages that enable human beings to share information, skills, and attitudes. It is composed of verbal and nonverbal communication dimensions. Nonverbal communication is communication without the use of either speech or words. It involves apparent behaviors such as touching, facial expressions, eyes and tone variation,
Race and media Introduction For a long period, the Native Americans who are the majority people in the USA have considered African Americans as non-citizens for the USA. They have regarded them as immigrants that settled in the USA simply for the convenience of the rich people. Consequently, for a long period, African Americans had
NIOSH Report on Preventing Deaths and Injuries to Fire Fighters during Live-Fire Life-fire training practice is an important factor in the structure of a fire fighting program. The conclusion reached in this report has offered important recommendations for the prevention of a similar incidence happening in the future. The report recommended that the adjunct Instructor
Critical Thinking on Seven Different Religions Introduction The study of religion introduces the diversity and richness of religious thoughts, practices, experiences, and institutions as they are found in living traditions in various parts of the world. Religion is more than a belief in a deity; it is a philosophy and a way of life. Religion
Statistics Qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis are two terms used in analyzing statistical data. Qualitative analysis refers to the process by which data is analyzed in the detailed description and observable features rather than the use of numbers. Qualitative analysis interprets data by means of natural language description. For example, when referring to the height
Help People about CBRM Limited support from schools, family members, and communities has made many students run away from schools.  Others abandon school due to their own drawbacks, such as crime or poor family background. Others also leave schools due to their learning disabilities (Hunnicutt, 2009). The aforementioned facets have meant that students who generally
Richard Ramirez: A Serial Killer Introduction Dirk Cameron Gibson is the author of the book Serial Killing for Profit: Multiple Murders for Money. The book is a case study, a genre that outlines biographies of several serial killers who have terrorized the United States of America in the previous years. The multiple cases of murder
Book Review A Stone of Hope: Prophetic Religion and the Death of Jim Crow Today, American citizens enjoy equal rights irrespective of their race. These rights were fought for by the black civil rights workers and acquired by ending the era of Jim Crow in the South. In his book, A Stone of Hope: Prophetic
Vision and Reflection in James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ Introduction More often than not, many artistic pieces of writing encompass the portrayal of characters and their roles in the story or the thematic content of the writing. Through the use of such techniques as conversations and action representations of the nature and temperaments of the cast,
Running Documentation on Personal Learning Total Quality Management (TQM) concepts are combinations of approaches used to ensure long-term success in every area of production or service delivery (Hewitt-Edmond, 2009, p. 66). With the concept of TQM in mind, there is a need for every participant to improve on business processes and to diversify its product
Escoffier & 3 Regions of France One of the global’s first superstar chefs was Escoffier Augustine. He was born on October 28, 1846, in Villeneuve-Loubet in France. He was the son of Jean-Baptise and his mother was called Madeleine Civatte. Escoffier had a vision of becoming a sculptor during his early years. His grandfather was
Avon Case Study How Avon Should Handle HR Globally             Avon is a leading beauty product company and the largest direct seller in the world. The company has a large network of sales representatives, reaching numbers of well above 5.8 million. These representatives are highly spread out geographically, with a global reach of 100 countries.
The Aspects of Globalization The entire world is in a phase where different communities, nations, and religions are continuously interchanging numerous ideologies, products and services, culture, and solving common problems together in the era of globalization. Some observers argue that globalization is creating new prosperity and spreading economic treatment while others dispute this argument saying
Print Advertising Currently, in the world of entertaining web-based marketing, popular strategies, and high manufacturing television ads, print advertisement continues to be the most effective way for promoters to reach their viewers. The printed structure, whether it is for publications, billboards, or newspapers, sets particular difficulties for ad developers. A message or an idea must
Safety Training Program at Barrick Gold Corporation Barrick Gold Corporation is an international company engaged in the production and sale of gold. The company is also involved in gold exploration and mining development activities and is among the world’s largest and most successful gold companies. Barrick has one of the most comprehensive safety-training programs in
Women Disadvantaged in Leadership Introduction In the contemporary world, women have been increasingly praised for the excellent skills they have in leadership. Women at times manifest leadership styles more than men, especially those associated with cases of effective performance in leadership. Nevertheless, most people in modern times prefer male bosses to female ones, and it
Apply and Critically Evaluate Feminist Theory for Explaining ‘Terrorism’ Introduction Feminism is the theory that suggests both sexes should be uniform in all areas, that is politically, economically, and socially. Feminists reckon that women should be given an equal share of society’s opportunities as men. Estelle Freedman, an American historian, defined feminism by stating that
Annotated Bibliography Barker, Thomas, and Human Kelly. Crimes of the big four motorcycle gangs. Journal of Criminal Justice, 37.2 (2009): 174-179. Print. In this research, Barker, and Human categorize motorcycle clubs into deviant and conventional classes. They indicate that a significant percentage of deviant clubs are basically outlaw motorcycle gangs. They cite that besides operating
Big Rock Brewery Introduction Big Rock Brewery is an alcoholic beverage manufacturing company that is located in Alberta Canada. It was founded in the year 1985 by Ed McNally, who was acting on behalf of barley growers after he realized that barley was mostly used to feed cattle in Alberta (McClearn 13). Since then, the
History of American Childhood Question one Childhood had been defined long ago in America as a period in one’s life where one requires a generous amount of affection, separation from the adult world, and the freedom of working hard. However, children were always subjected to demands from society. Across all eras and in all geographical
Response to the Project of Annecto Annecto is an organization that works with people in communities at the individual level and communally. The company seeks to identify approaches that are favorable to society to offer support services to individuals, families, and perform other voluntary tasks. It seeks to establish connections between the local communities making
Successful Aging There are things that happen abruptly and we do not have any option but to face them. Time is limited, how one spends their last days is a vital question. In the last part of my life, I would travel to see all those individuals I cherish most on the planet who I
Ideal Parenting Parenting is the process of nurturing a newborn from birth to maturity. Parents take up the role of providing material, financial, and emotional needs of the child as he develops into an adult. Several society members enjoy the responsibility of parenting. This is because parenting is not limited to biological parents only. Some
Are Business and Social Responsibility Incompatible? Background The relationship between business and social responsibility has always been widely discussed, with various scholars in the field examining and analyzing the concepts of social responsibility and its compatibility with business. Although some arguments may purport that it is not the responsibility of the business to be socially
Human relation school Abstract The human relations school of management thought has grown in terms of influence since its emergence in interwar America. Human relations theory influences the structure of relationships in most workplaces. There is an argument that the approach is much superior in its outcomes compared to the scientific management approach. The emergence
Ethical Principles The concerns regarding studies with human subjects engage subjects varying from voluntary contribution with respect to fair assortment and impartiality (Gallagher, 2010). The following is a discussion of two ethical principles that are vital to the performance of research concerning human subjects. Informed Consent: It exists to make sure that every study engaging
Applying to Universities I am writing to apply for admission at Northeastern University. Currently, I am majoring in Industrial Engineering, and I am seeking to transfer to your institution of higher learning. I have several reasons that have made me seek transfer to your institution. I want to transfer because I had a bad first
Ethical Leadership In today’s unstable world, ethics and values are present at all ranks of managers and administrators– leaders who dedicate their time and vigor to leading the route of ethical creation. This wider idea of ethical leadership endows leaders to integrate and be precise regarding their individual ethics and ideals. It is vital for
Crucial Factors Researcher Must Consider in Choosing s Research Design. A research design provides the structure of any given scientific work by giving directions and the systematic process of the research. First and foremost, the researcher should note that the research method they choose will affect their findings and the conclusion of the results. A
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Designs Both qualitative and quantitative research are used in clinical practice, with the qualitative methods used to give complete and detailed descriptions of a phenomenon, while the quantitative methods are used to present statistical models that explain the phenomenon (In LoBiondo-Wood & In Haber, 2014). Strengths of Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Abstract This research paper focused on whether rising wages helped the economy. However, from the literature review, it was evident that varied opinions exist concerning the effects of rising wages on the economy. For example, some scholars believed that raising wages helped improve the economy by increasing money circulation (Ang & Xie, 2013). Further, some
Essays on the World War II experience of Japanese Americans The Second World War was one of the central events of the twentieth century that left Japanese and Americans with a significant scar. The six continents participated in the war with Americans and Japanese becoming the major participants causing a significant number of deaths and
Argument Organizer Friedman’s Conclusion Explanation of argument Your Criticism 1)     The primary responsibility of the CEO is to advance the shareholders’ desires.   The CEO is an employee of the shareholders of the corporation, and therefore has the responsibility of ensuring that he/she works in accordance with their liking, rules of conduct, and objectives. In
Critical Evaluation Thesis Statement Although modern society has embraced feminism, women are still limited by their gender in exercising their freedom of choice in occupation and attainment of economical independence. Outline of the Critical Evaluation Essay In her article titled “Now We Can Begin”, Eastman outlines some of the challenges that current women are still
E-Marketing Owing to industrialization in most of the sectors in various countries, a number of more advanced measures have been initiated to increase the levels of sales. These measures are skillfully selected to ensure that the strategy adopted results in the desired goals. Among the key changes resulting adoption of more advanced and sophisticated technologies
Pragmatism and Religion At the introductory part of the lecture, we are reminded of an ideal proposed tough-mindedness prior to tender-mindedness and suggest pragmatism as their intervention. It is stated that tough-mindedness supersedes the hypothesis of the external existing universe of tender-mindedness within our limited experience and that any pragmatic hypothesis should be neglected more
Mark Twain, Mankind, and the Story Mark Twain has an interesting piece about superiority and the low animals. In a society of wanton deaths of humanity caused by humanity itself as well as the cruelty against the animals for little reasons, tend to augment the dimension of Twain that man is truly a dangerous animal
Understanding community psychology Community psychology aims to evaluate the people living in the context of communities as well as the wider society. Such psychology strikes a relationship between the individual to the communities as well as the society so that the researcher evaluates the quality of life of people, their communities, and society. The professionalism
Brand Position Introduction This report profiles the top 100 global brands of 2013. Apart from listing from the first to the hundredth, it discusses how these companies built their brands and thus enhanced their positions in the market. The best-ranked brand was Apple. Following the discussion, the report has outlined six basic principles that successful
Sprawl, Housing, and Urban Design Concept Gordon and Richardson Ewing Cause of urban sprawl Argue that spread and rate of urban sprawl is determined by market dynamics such as investors preference for locations which are further characterized by economical efficiency Does not relate urban sprawl to a single factor but instead argues that urban sprawl
McClelland’s Motivation Theory McClelland’s theory of motivation is of great importance to practicing managers. To achieve greater productivity in human labor, employees must be motivated at all times. Successful managers recognize that motivation varies among individuals and each employee is motivated differently. Research by McClelland’s achievement theory indicates that individual motivation occurs as a result
Alderfer’s ERG Theory Question a This theory was developed by Clayton Alderfer. He categorized human needs into three types: existence, relatedness, and growth. Existence needs comprise an individual’s physical and psychological related safety needs like food, shelter, and good working conditions. Relatedness needs include the desire of an individual to socialize with other people, be
Research Design and Sampling Research Design The research study will adopt a qualitative approach. The collection of data will be through an interview of different groups of people regarding their perspective of slavery in the past and modern society. The qualitative method will be appropriate in analyzing the data collected from the interviews and comparing
Definition of Financial Terms Government bonds: these are debt securities issued by the federal government to support its spending with an assurance of paying periodic interests and repaying the face value to the bearer at the end date. In most cases, Government bonds are denominated the nation’s currency. If issued in terms of foreign currency,
Joseph Andrews Essay Review of Joseph Andrew Joseph Andrews is the major character in the novel. He is a built young man with an attractive physical appearance yet he is just a servant at Mr. Booby’s. He is also a staunch Christian and this has given him recognition by Mr. Adams who is the head
Feminist Response to Sex Work Introduction Sex work is a common activity among some women. It has been in practice for a long time in spite of the efforts made to reduce the vice. Some women get involved in the act because they want to while circumstances force others into the vice. Either way, across
Challenges and Opportunities of UAE Tourism and Hospitality Industry Post Winning Expo 2020 Introduction             Travel and tourism have increasingly proven to be important and famous leisure activities around the world. With this activity playing a critical role in various sectors within the global society, different countries particularly in the UAE have integrated it within
Operations Strategy and Process Design in Starbucks The aspect of operations management is of utmost importance in any enterprise. The company will experience a management crisis if the appropriate structures are absent (Chaston 2009). The levels of effectiveness rely on the efforts of management. The management has to ascertain all the essential requirements for the
Request for Proposal to Organize an Annual Football Tournament for College Students in Qatar In the recent past, games including football have gained prominence in post-secondary institutions in Qatar. As one way of building awareness about the challenges that college students face and viable solutions to the same, this institution wishes to invite proposals from
Definition The worldwide economic crisis alludes to an investment situation where the economies of nations everywhere throughout the world have been destroyed. The GDP of nations that are going down are in the negative zone. There is an extreme liquidity crunch and nations and governments far and wide are wildly making moves to battle this
Positive Impacts of Technology in Organizations Owing to industrialization in various sectors of the US economy, technological embracement has been manifested in most industries. Technological considerations refer to the use of advanced technologies in most of the processes of organizational operations. In the current century, technological integration majorly refers to the use of various computing
. Culture Immersion Experience-The Ancient Cat             Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium also have a large collection of cats that are in bronze and wood as they were mummified in this form. The Egyptians’ love for cats dates back to 6000 years ago when they resolved to have the cat as a domesticated animal rather
Market Structure and Elasticity of Demand This paper analyzes the agricultural industry with a particular focus on fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest sources of food globally and most doctors across the globe recommend their patients to take such foods for quick recovery and to foster a healthier lifestyle. Statements about the
Children Language Intervention to promote Children’s sign language development For a long period of time, most researchers, teachers, and parents have operated under the influence of a basic assumption that gaining skills on how to read or write is a process that can only begin when a child starts obtaining school-based instructions that can only
Critical Analysis Report: Case Study- Sharp Corporation Introduction Sharp Corporation is a manufacturing company that produces electronic goods for its clientele. The Japanese domestic market was recovered in 2009, leading the company to generate an operating income of JPY 51.9 billion, which was an improvement of JPY 107.3 billion as compared to the operating loss
Labor Force and GDP Analysis From economics point of view, labor force entails all those people who are ready and willing to work. Labor force is different to the populace, as there are members in the societies who are unable to carry out any task due to disabilities, situations or they do not want to
Guns and Crimes in the United States Introduction to the Research Question One of the most serious problems that major metropolitan cities in the United States are facing relates to gun violence. Unfortunately, numerous studies have proven that the problem has been getting worse over the years. For example, according to the study conducted by
Leadership, Morality and the Community The Link between Leadership, Morality and the Community The three aspects, namely leadership, community, and morality link with one another. They interrelate because leaders do not lead in vacuums. They require communities to lead which have moral principles to guide the people living in those communities. On the other hand,
Social Work and Human Services NASW Code of Ethics             The NASW Code of Ethics starts by affirming that every one of us has an inherent right to access resources that we require in order to deal with day-to-day life problems as well as to fulfill our goals by maximizing our potential. The discipline of
We can live without Petroleum Introduction The petroleum industry was established in 1846, by a Canadian geologist known as Dr. Abraham Gesner. He discovered that oil was a distilled component from coal through which kerosene would be drawn off for illuminant purposes. Multiple firms, later on, began extracting oil from shale. The kerosene was cheaper
The Rise of Monotheism The Israelites who returned to Judah after being exiled in Babylon conflicted with the Samaritans over their religious practices. After being held as captives by Nebuchadnezzar for 70 years, there was a renewed belief and trust in Yahweh among those who survived. However, the Samaritans who also considered themselves as being
Animal Activism Animal activists are the people who have taken the initiative to fight for animal rights. This is in a bid to protect them from human acts that are malicious and dangerous. In the recent past, the world has witnessed many cases of animal abuse in most communities. This has contributed to the emergence
Business law Part A Question 1 Several legal issues arise from day-to-day promises and agreements between two individuals or two groups of people. These give rise to contracts of various nature is, therefore, necessary to identify valid contracts in order to provide remedies to contract breaches. A simple contract must meet a set of requirements
Internal Memorandum From: To: Dean of the University Date: 19th March 2014 Subject: Need for Gymnasium within the University I write to request for an introduction of a gymnasium in the institution. Having a gymnasium in the institution will create numerous benefits to individuals, as well as, the institution. With a gymnasium, individuals will feel
Organs of the United Nations The United Nations refers to an international organization of independent countries. These countries join the organization out of their own free will to work for global peace, enhance friendship among all countries, and promote social and economic progress. The organization was established on October 24, 1945, with 51 member countries.
One Economics, Many Recipes Globalization describes the recent and rapid process of intercontinental economic, social, and political integration. This allows people to communicate, travel, and invest internationally and helps market their produces widely, acquire capital and human resources more efficiently share advanced technology and enjoy economics of scale. The idea of financial globalization was brought
Out- of Wed-Lock Birth Rates Are Soaring Marriage wedlock comprises siblings being delivered outside marriage; a condition known as illegitimacy (Harris, 2009). As per the figures released by the government of the United States in 2007, illegitimate siblings born were about 41 percent out of all siblings born in that year. In the early 1970s,
Recommendations for Affordable Care Act Every American should laud the healthcare reform package that President Obama signed back in 2010, as its goals are meant to benefit everyone. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that every citizen enjoys quality healthcare, and at affordable prices. We cannot start judging the impact of the law before
Coca-Cola Product Life Cycle Analysis Coca-Cola is presently undergoing the maturity stage, which has a longer duration than the three other stages in the product life cycle. The managers of companies with products at this stage, such as Coca-Cola, have to show particular concern about the product (Lussier, 2008). This stage is characterized by a peak
How to Stay Competitive in the Leather and Fur Industry The most challenging aspect of management and leadership that the organization faces during policy formulation and implementation is competition. Competition is a force to reckon with in the market and business arena. In this particular case, there is a challenge of a new entry that
1.0 Abstract This study aims at researching various factors hindering Dubai’s city from going green. The country is globally recognized for arid land with extremely high temperatures coupled with consequent evaporative losses. This can be attributed to the citizens exploiting natural environmental resources in the country. This research will therefore focus on current environmental situations
Industry and Competitive Analysis Situation Analysis Lathery Rides offers a premium hand auto washing administration. The fundamental business sector requirement is a premium auto washing administration that is far less grating than the conventionally programmed auto washes (Mplans 2). Market Summary Lathery Rides have great data about the business and know an incredible arrangement about
The Self-Determination Act of 1991-20 Years Revisited The Legal-Ethical Implications for Nursing Practice From the article, it was noted that advance directions were envisioned to lessen uncertainty for families and health care providers in conditions where patients were not able to raise or express their desires (Duke, Yarbrough, and Pang, 2009). However, when advanced directions
Differences between Canada and the Philippines Outline Philippine occupies an area of about 300,000 square kilometers and has a population of about 91,077,287 according to the census data released in July 2007. The most prominent Philippine religious groups include Roman Catholic, Aglipayan, Evangelical, and Christian. This country is in the continent of Asia and its
Organizational Motivation and Leadership in the Workplace Introduction In every organization where more than one person is involved, it is almost inevitable to work together without facing some form of disagreement or conflict. Often, the conflicts in workplaces emanate from conflicting ideas and interests between or among the various stakeholders. Conflict must always be perceived
Jobs and Communication I have worked in various positions in the past (I must confess that the jobs that came with a good work environment did not pay well) where I loved the work environment and I was always happy to wake up each day and go to work. All these companies offered a good
Legalization of drugs Introduction             Drug legalization, which can as well be termed as drug liberalization, defines the process of excluding or reducing certain laws that prohibit the use of particular drugs (Andrew, 2003). Among the various reasons that have been given in favor of drug legalization include constant failure by the current drug policies
Health Care System and Reform The United States healthcare structure is the subject of much polarizing open deliberation. At one point, there are individuals who contend that Americans have the most excellent health care system on the planet, indicating the openly accessible state-of-the-art offices and medical technology that have become profoundly typical of the framework.
Hermits in Orthodox Christianity A hermit in Christianity is a person who has dedicated his or her life to religious conviction and is usually isolated from society. They spend their time in solitude in secluded places such as deserts practicing Christianity; hence they lead a monastic life. People have practiced eremitic life since ancient times;
Understanding the concept of “vehement, burning and impetuous love” from the eyes of Bernard of Clairvaux Teachings on the love for God touch on critical adjectives of emotions and passion are a reality. In determining the love for God, he uses adjectives such as vehement, burning, as well as impetuous practically to illustrate the nature
Abstract Understanding the community helping process is an important step towards initiating change in the community to address various problems facing its population. This understanding is particularly important to individuals, groups, and organizations offering social and human services in the community, as it will enable them to possess essential competencies that can make the community-helping
Relationship between Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction The competitive nature of the global economy has meant that organizations have to look for ways of increasing the productivity of their employees in order to enhance performance and profitability. Two of the most important elements that influence employee performance are job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Job satisfaction
Three Styles of Law Enforcement A study conducted by James Q. Wilson revealed that law enforcement agencies have only three distinctive policing styles, which include the legalistic, the watchman, and the service styles. Those operating under the legalistic style are mainly guided by the established laws. They normally display professionalism when performing their law enforcement
Greek Civilization A colony refers to a distinctive territory under a specific ruler. In the colonial period of the 10th Century, Europe established colonies in America in order to harness the economic opportunities in America and establish political power and prestige. Knossos is an ancient monumental figure in the history of Greece. The term refers
The purpose of education Ever stopped at a point to think of the purpose of education? The subject of the purpose of education excites scholars, teachers, and generally any group of thoughtful persons. What really is the purpose of education? The usual answer to this .is the acquisition of knowledge, the study of books, and
European Integration Part of the drive towards globalization has been the continued interdependence among world nations. These nations have in the past and even in the present formed alliances meant to bring together their shared interests and goals, and work towards overcoming challenges that they face together. The European Union is one such alliance, which
Globalization and culture The sociological framework of analysis is a combination of models and tools used to describe patterns of behavior and aids in a proper understanding of social settings and cultural practices. The evaluation process, in this case, is to determine how certain cultural behaviors conform to changes within particular environments and the response
Reality TV Shows in China The reception of reality TV shows by the public in China creates an interesting scenario, which is rather paradoxical. According to He (2012), reality TV shows have become increasingly popular than documentaries, dramas, or comedies in China’s mainland. Just like popular international reality TV, China has picked up this trend,
The Persecution of Falun Gong Since the birth of communism, a number of controversies, as well as resistance to its practices have been witnessed in China.  One such episode is the Persecution of Fulani Gong. The Fulan Gong persecution was a campaign initiated in July 1999 by the Chinese Communist Party with an aim of
Introduction McDonald’s leads in convenient foods and beverages with profits of around 25 billion dollars and more than one million workers serving the clients across the globe. McDonald’s has a snack business of Beverages and Foods with PepsiCo brands being sold in almost 120 nations and over 24,000 restaurants worldwide that offer 24-hour service. The
The Introduction of Russia Economy, Political and Culture Russia is located in Northern Asia, between Europe and the North Pacific Ocean. It also borders the Arctic Ocean. Its capital city is Moscow and has a population of about 142 million people. It has a geographical coverage of about 17,075,200 sq km. Russia became a reality
Organizations Should Strive to Create a Positive Organizational Culture Creating a positive organizational culture (POC) is believed to have extremely positive benefits for organizations that embrace it. The POC is responsible for all motivating outcomes that make an organization to be more effective and its personnel more satisfied with their work (Froman, 2010, p. 61-62).
Women in the WorkForce Introduction Active participation of women in meaningful employment has direct positive implications on their wellbeing. Seemingly, the number of single mothers and female-headed families in society continues to rise. This implies that the population that depends on the earnings and work of this facet of the population is also rising. Research
Literature Review: Management And Leadership Introduction Business organizations are in constant pursuit of transforming their managers into leaders and subordinates into followers. A manager operates from a power pedestal, while a leader creates a platform of influence in order to encourage and motivate (Vera &Crossan, 2004, p. 230). Nevertheless, organizations need to balance managerial capabilities
The Apparent Operational Challenges Facing Apples Company Apple Company has been a leading profit-making company in California for many decades. A lot of concern has been made concerning some of the tangible products offered by Apple such as Tablet computers, smartphones, Aluminum PowerBook, and music stores. Despite the positive move achieved by this company, many
Motivation Theories Introduction Motivation is the readiness to put forth high altitudes of effort towards achieving organizational objectives. Meeting the requirements and attaining the objectives of both the company and the workforce is frequently challenging for administrators in all kinds of organizations. Thorndike’s (1911) law of effort states that were a past effort led to
Electronic Health Records (EHR) With the growing need for the provision of the best healthcare information to clients in a globally interconnected world, the healthcare industry has opted to move towards the adaptation of an Electronic Health Records system. Electronic Health Records refer to electronic versions of patient healthcare records produced in any healthcare setting.
Online Buying and Selling Antiques Store: The business model created is an online antique store that primarily deals in the buying and selling of antiques to collectors. Numerous collectors around the world face the problem of locating antiques for sale or finding the right buyer to sell antiques to. The business will be aimed at
Divides and influence on personality Social psychologists’ studies on personal behaviors indicate a relative level of individual conformity to social norms.  Their reports found out different levels of personal conformity with the social norms to affect their personal orientation of idiocentric.  These social psychologists’ numerous investigations, using a variety of methods have empirically demonstrated the
Factors Determining the Peaceful Rise of China The 21st century has exemplified tectonic shifts in the realms of International relations with China being a major player. China’s rapid economic development and rise have drawn the attention of the entire world (Guo, S. 2006, 238). Ideally, a country’s growth is inherently dependent on internal factors. However,
Introduction Background Information on the Second World War Adolf Hitler’s desire to fulfill his personal interests on behalf of his country, together with his supporters known as the Nationwide Socialists or Nazis has often been regarded as one of the major causes that sparked the Second World War.  After the First World War, much of
Table of Contents Introduction and Research Questions Importance of the research Research objectives Research Methodology Literature Review: Chapter 1-Criticism and Historical Background of the problem : Chapter 2- Analysis and Discussions : Chapter 3- Conclusion and Recommendations References Appendices Abstract Saudi Arabia has a very strong economy. The core of Saudi Arabia’s economy is the
Homelessness On average, more than 600,000 Americans spend their night out in the cold on a single night. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reported in its 2012 Annual Homeless Assessment Report that 633,782 people were homeless during a single night count in January 2012 (p. 4). The majority (62%) of the homeless
Arab-Americans and Muslims There has been a skeptical view of the Arab Muslims by the Americans for many years. Since the grant of freedom by the Europeans, there have been consistent civil wars experienced in Arab countries. This has resulted in the development of stereotypes of the Arabs by the Americans transferred from generation to
Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI), of Seattle Introduction For far too long, racial discrimination has been part of American society and a great contributor of existing social disparities. In the recent past, several community initiatives have been established to try and curb this vice. The Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) of Seattle, Washington
Impacts of Science and Technology on Society Introduction Although modern science is of comparatively latest origin, having originated with Galileo approximately 4 centuries ago, it has made incredibly fast advancement and entirely changed outwardly the way human beings live. It is supposed that the life of human beings has transformed more in the last century
Improving Management Practices in New Zealand Problem This paper reviews the management practices in New Zealand by the Ministry of Economic Development (MED). The aim of the research is to benchmark the economic performance of New Zealand against some of the best performing economies in the world, such as the US, Japan, the UK, and
Unemployment Rates The official definition of the unemployment rate is the part of the labor force that remains unemployed for at least six months. The US government defines the labor force as those people above the age of sixteen who are employable and willing to be employed. The paper analyzes US unemployment rates statistics for
Fashion and Inner Self The fashion industry is among the major sectors of the economy in today’s world. Fashion-related industries represent a huge proportion of consumer markets in the Western economies (Nam, 2007, p.102). The term fashion describes a person’s style in dressing, accessories, footwear, and hairstyle. It has taken a center stage in media
Economic Indicators Introduction Economic indicators define various statistics that are mainly used by economists to gain more understanding about the current and future conditions of the economy (Cecilia, 2003). These indicators are used by investors to make major decisions on whether to invest and the sector of the economy in which to invest depending on
Career Goals Analysis The career goals analysis has possibly been the most important of all subjects discussed in the MBA program application. However, it may present itself as a surprise to many to realize that a number of prospective students do not have well-defined career objectives. Considerably, the primary step to resolving this situation would
Part I: Racial Discrimination in America Race is a very important social issue globally because many people use racial variations to discriminate against other people. The currently observed racism in America originated around the 1400s during the onset of the colonialism era. When the European white settlers began colonizing the Americans, they adopted the assumption
Argumentative Essay on the Use of Technology Internet use is among the debatable issues at both national and international levels. There are varied opinions from different authors explaining various issues surrounding internet technology. Among the authors who discussed matters of the Internet, including Hillary Clinton, who gave out a speech on the advantages and negative
Literature Review The Internet and Social Media as a Marketing Tool The business world today is fast becoming technologically driven, with social networking sites and the internet being the most widely used avenues to reach a wider range of clients. This is due to the availability of several approaches and media of communication targeting clients
Question 1 The technique used is hierarchical in nature and involves the use of folders and sub-folders, where similar items are stored together. The technique is easy to see through and the user should try to strike a balance in-depth/ breadth because of too much piling up of files in the folders and subfolders (
Involvement and responsibility to the community YMCA operates under two key pillars: enhancing youth development programs, and educating on a healthy living style as a standard measure of social wellness. The target population here includes individuals from different social backgrounds, young and old, rich and poor as well as Christians and no-Christians. Factors that have
Spirituality in the Places of Work: A Wake-up Call from The American Dream Despite the fact that the American dream was created out of a need to liberate citizens through the principle of the personal right to freedom, it has transmuted. The dream has changed into an acquisitive, self-serving nightmare and has stirred a wealth-creating
Classical sociological theorists Classical sociological theories owe their origins to the societal events that took place in Europe between the 1800s and early 1900s when various theorists such as Auguste Comte, Max Weber, Karl Marx, Herbert Spencer, and Emile Durkheim formulated theories in an attempt to explain and offer solutions to the issues in society
Physical Activity Introduction There is a public perception that the youth of this generation lack physical exercise. This view is supported by the fact that contrary to the past when most leisure activities like football games were done physically outdoor, advancement in technology has created many non-physical leisure activities, which are done indoors, such as
Population dynamics Any discussion of population dynamics tends to concentrate on population growth, usually considered as a scourge of sustainable development, and a thing that can be easily fixed by implementing mitigation measures. However, such an approach is simplistic as population dynamics is a complex and nuanced issue (Bloom n.d). Population dynamics not only involves
Humanitarian Law and the International Criminal Court The International humanitarian law presides over armed conflicts and/or war as well as the resultant effects. The goal of its implementation is to minimize the effect of war on people and protect property. The main universally accepted tools of the International Humanitarian law are the four Geneva Conventions.
Employment at Will Exceptions At-will employment implies that an employer can fire a worker at whatever time for any grounds, with the exception of an illegitimate one, or for no grounds without incurring adverse legal consequences. Similarly, a worker enjoys the freedom to terminate employment at whatever time, for any or no reasonable explanation without
Introduction Human resource management is a procedure tasked with planning, developing, and organizing the workforce or physical and human resources in an organization. It involves attracting potential employees in order for human resource managers to select, train, assess, and reward persons successfully introduced to work in the organization. Leadership and cultural issues as well as
Best Practice Approach for Reviewing a Case Study Effective case study review is characterized by four main requirements; the case study itself, instructions from the professor, writing materials, and proper working environment. A case study enables the researcher/learner to apply the concepts they have learned for the analysis of the issues identified in the case
Workforce Diversity at General Motors Introduction Globalization trends impact differently on the diversity of workplaces. Currently, human resource management departments face the challenge of managing employees from diverse backgrounds. Conceptually, workplace diversity denotes how employees differ in terms of ethnicity, physical abilities, gender, religion, age, and lifestyle (Barak, 2013). Individuals in these settings have distinct
Economic Investment in Norway Norway is a small, modern, and vastly industrialized nation, with an extensive array of opportunities and ranked amongst the biggest worldwide, in terms of the success of a variety of economic sectors. It has an excellent economic framework and a steady political environment that make it a good spot for long-term
Leadership traits In chapter two of his book “Good to Great,” Jim Collins seeks to identify unique and exceptional leadership traits that transform a company from an average to an excellent financial performer. He found out that exceptional companies utilize “Level 5 leadership” characteristics that range from simple supervision to well-planned executive decision-making. He further
Social Media Criminal Cases in the United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates has witnessed a number of social media criminal cases in recent years. Some of the cases include posts of parody videos on youtube, posts on Twitter of speculative allegations of corruption and prejudice against senior police officers, and people throwing insults at
Westminster Products Background Westminster is a company that deals in health products. It is operational in numerous locales including Europe, the Latin American area, and the Pacific locale. One of the company’s main objectives is to revamp its inventory management system. Westminster Company has to take appropriate measures that will ascertain the success of the
Case Study Situation The case is about the Chinese advertising industry. The Chinese media industry has always been under strict state control in terms of editorial content. The Chinese government has very strict regulations for both electronic and print media. However, it is interesting to note that, unlike other sectors, the outdoor advertising industry began
African Culture Retention in the Caribbean Introduction The Caribbean culture is among the most diverse cultures of the world, composed of a blend of European colonialists, Africans, Indians, and the native indigenous tribes. Culture is among the least retained facets of human life. It is easily lost through hybridization and acculturation as people from different
Knowledge Management Knowledge management presents a great challenge to numerous companies and a badly established approach will bring about failure. Before an organization can implement an information management strategy, it is imperative to appreciate the importance of both knowledge management and knowledge sharing. This paper analyzes the elements of knowledge management sharing and its importance
Total Risk Analysis Every CEO understands the core of risk assessment in risk management. Risk assessment assists in forecasting the success of the company, in addition to minimizing imminent negative effects. As a CPO, I have a responsibility to provide the total risk analysis, as I am well placed in detecting uncertainties in a given
Conflict in Ukraine Introduction The conflict in Ukraine has been going on for several months now and has reached an escalation point where the regime of Victor Yanukovych is completely coming to an end. The conflict is mainly about liberty. It is not just about political expression, but also for the purpose of exploring new
Economic Impacts of Increasing Minimum Wage The US Federal Government has proposed that the minimum wage be increased from $ 7.25 to $ 10.10 per hour. However, economic analysts differ in opinion about the potential economic impacts of this proposal. The paper analyses various opinions presented in The Wall Street Journal on the effects of
Julie and Julia Description of the film Julie and Julia Julie and Julia are one of the 2009 Columbian hit comedy films depicting elements of life contrast in the early ages of a young lady Julie Powell. From the film, the young Julie Powell lives under her inspiration of cooking 524 recipes within a period
Human Rights Law Human rights laws were established by the core legal aspects based on international legislation. This indicates that the human rights laws were based on international treaties signed by different states across the world. They gave basics for civil, economic, and social rights of the citizens. Concerning the World Bank, the viewpoint of
Mental Health as a Pressing Issue in Education Introduction  To all learners, mental health is of utmost importance in the sense that it affects all aspects of how the students approach education. It also affects students’ learning methods, the means of interacting with others as well as