Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Among Military Personnel and Veterans Servicemen and women especially those on active duty are at an increased risk of encountering exceptionally traumatizing, catastrophic, and threatening events that ultimately affect their psychological and physical well-being. Exposure to these events can lead to cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a result, the
Deciding to Eliminate Employee Programs Situational metrics The strategic areas are employee performance and staff retention. Hence, the metrics to be used in examining the value addition of the organizational wellness and work-life balance programs include the level of performance, behavior change, and physical and mental wellness. Broad array of wellness and work-life balance programs
Assignment 3 Accountability and World Politics Accountability is a broad term referring to how government decisions and policies align with strategic objectives. The decisions made by a government are subjected to oversight to ensure that they directly map to the needs of the people. Such accountability is important because it directly contributes to good governance
“The Class Struggles in France, 1848-1850” by Karl Marx Part I: The Defeat of June 1848 The July Revolution that took place in 1830 ushered in a new era in France. With the installation of Louis Philippe, the Duke of Orleans, as the king, the country entered a new era marked by a major shift
All about Ecuador South America as a continental is home to a rich cultural heritage stemming from ancient and modern interactions. Individual countries in the continent are home to some of the world’s famous animal species and plants. One such country in the continent is Ecuador: a northwesterly country in South America that boasts of
Clausewitz on the Trinity of the People, Military, and Government General Carl Philipp Gottfried Von Clausewitz is best known for his 1832 book On War. The piece of literature is a classic treatise on wars that are based on Clausewitz’s observations and battle experience during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. In the
Modern Youth The question of youth and morality has always dogged different generations since time immemorial. From the times of Cicero in ancient Rome to the modern world the actions of the youth have always been put under the microscope due to their perceived untoward behavior. Modern youth in a bid to express their need
Ethics in the Workplace Part A Question 1 Business ethical standards vary according to the culture and corporate laws that regulate corporate management and operations in various countries. For example, receiving gifts maybe abhorred and termed as corruption in the United States of America though it is a widely practiced and accepted behavior in Japan
College Experience I am enrolled at a college to pursue a degree at the age of 27-year old. It is obvious I am not a typical 18-year old escorted to college by parents, and carrying a set of new books and pens. In my case, the most important aspect has been planning my life schedule
The Characteristics of Services Services have key characteristics that separate them from goods. These characteristics include intangibility, inseparability, perishability, client relationship, customer effort, and uniformity, forming the distinguishing features of them from goods. Intangibility: This is the inability to touch, feel or smell services. While goods such as a car can be touched or felt,