The primary source selected is about the chronicle of higher education. This chronicle talks about movements seen all around the universities against racism and slavery. These movements include Rhodes must fall. This movement arose in South Africa, where the students wanted the removal of the Cecil Rhodes monument. Cecil Rhodes was a diamond mining baron,
Social media Social media refers to websites and applications that enable users to generate and share content or to partake in social networking. Due to advancements in technology and communication over the years, social media sites have not only increased but also opened up new possibilities such as their use by organizations as a recruitment
Leadership in Flux Analyze the problems at this company as portrayed in the scenario. The bureaucratic nature of organizations where senior managers utilize a top-down approach when dealing with workers creates communication and leadership problems. In this case study, the production manager fails to demonstrate effective communication by ignoring issues raised by Berta, a member
Deciding to Eliminate Employee Programs The CEO at Rex Technologies is contemplating retaining health insurance, sick leave, child care, and paid vacation programs. The decision is as per the analysis conducted in this week’s case study. However, the CEO is in a dilemma to make the right decision using metrics that provides accurate data and
Challenges faced by the Elderly Aging comes with different challenges, including the loss of independence, which is one of the leading causes of the decline of physical ability. As observe many older adults remain highly self-sufficient, others require much care because most of them lack jobs so that finance can be an issue for them.
Certifications and Continuing Education in Your Professional Role Professional growth calls for joining a professional organization that provides members with unlimited opportunities. As a respiratory therapist, the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) is a professional body that can keep me informed about important trends in the industry, emerging technologies, new legislations, and other useful
The Creation of Patriarchal Marriage Historically, the marriage institution has dimmed the role of a woman giving rise to patriarchy and gender inequality.  In a world where the “welfare state” has been jeopardized, a woman’s only option of survival is to “marry well”; this is a way of economic security. Nevertheless, once married, her husband’s
Covert Leadership Model Covert Leadership, per Henry Mintzberg, depicts how present-day pioneers may lead the entire gathering of laborers by inspiring them to perform and utilize their talents. Henry Mintzberg, who spent a day with Bramwell Tovey, director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, found that Tovey does not work like an outright ruler but rehearses
Strategic Plan for Zara Fashion Company Introduction This essay discusses the strategic analysis of Zara Fashion Company. The items under discussion include strategic plan, management, formulation, ethical consideration, social responsibility. In addition, the analysis evaluates how Zara gains competitive advantage, how it measures the effectiveness of its strategies, and how it performs environmental scanning. Consequently,
Depressive and Bipolar Disorders People normally experience highs and lows on a day-to-day basis. However, the concern arises when people’s disturbances of mood require clinical attention. When a person’s mood disturbances reach this point, it is highly likely that they have either a depressive or bipolar disorder. Depressive and bipolar disorders have a significant impact