Aviation Sample Essay Paper on the General Aviation Safety

The General Aviation Safety


The general aviation safety is a very crucial subject. The National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) statistics indicate that the general aviation has recorded the highest aviation accidents rate especially within the civil aviation. Every year, the NTSB continuously record an overall of about 1500 accidents. In most cases, the pilots involved are found not to have ample knowledge, skills or the regular training to fly safely, specifically in uncertain climatic conditions. Additionally, the average number of accidents for the private aircraft has increased by about 20% (Susan, 2013).

Improving the general aviation safety

In reaction to the alarming trends in the general aviation accidents rate, the chairman of the NTSB recommended that more strict safety standards be put in place for the general aviation aircraft. According to the chairman, the general aviation pilots do not learn from the mistakes made by their colleagues. Even though for the past 2 years the commercial aviation has had a very good safety record with no lethal accidents, the NTSB has continuously recorded about 1500 every year. The NTSB believes that, sufficient education, training and screening for dangerous behaviors are essential for the improvement of the general aviation safety. Suggestions that are included in the NTSB web site include; guidance materials that contain information about the use of internet, satellite in addition to other data sources for accessing weather information. It is necessary for the pilots to be able to access flight simulators that contain specific equipments such as the electronic avionics displays. The knowledge tests given to the pilots should also test for awareness of climatic conditions, use of particular instruments, as well as the use of glass cockpits (Susan, 2013).


Improving the general aviation safety is essential for the purpose of ensuring the safety of both the pilot and the passengers. This would help minimize the rate of accidents in the general aviation. Apart from pilot training, it is also essential for the aircraft maintenance staff to stay updated with their training and the most recent best practices for the inspection and maintenance of the circuit breakers, the electronic systems and the old wiring.




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