Business Studies Coursework Assignment on Module 2 Discussion 3 Develop a Scale 2 Vision

The purpose of this assignment is to express a vision for Scale2 in a manner that conveys to all stakeholders what the team plans to achieve and how it will benefit the residents and county.


Refer to the Scale2 document, the introductory Scale2 lecture,. Write your own Vision for the Scale2 project. Remember that your Vision will be used to guide the development team, provide context for the Assisted Living community stakeholders and build support across the county government leaders who will be paying for the project.

Important note:  One of the most important themes in this course is managing scope. That means that we emphasize that the business analyst must document what the client asked for, with precision, and communicate this to the developers.  We all can see interesting ways in which this project could be enhanced – more sensors, more alerts, etc.  Please resist that temptation. The point here is not to design the ultimate system for this client. It is to document exactly what they are asking for and explore the design space so that the developers will know what we have committed to deliver.  Since the county government is the client, there is little or no money available to enhance the statement of work.

Initial/Original Post

Post your vision statement for Scale2. It should be no more than 100 words and should be designed to give all stakeholders a succinct statement of the purpose of the Scale2 IoT project. Consider it to be a type of elevator speech that could be used to quickly inform an executive or other stakeholder about the purpose of the project.