Business Studies: Research Paper on Organizational and Executive Coaching

What discoveries have you made in your research and how does this information inform your ability to evaluate effective coaching and its impact on organizations?

Consider these guiding questions: 

• What core concepts have you internalized about coaching? How will these concepts inform your approach in a developmental/coaching relationship?
• What values have you identified in the profession of organizational and executive coaching that you will use as the basis for integration of your faith?
• How can effective coaching impact the strategic outcomes of an organization’s leadership and therefore the organization itself?
• What key concepts can you articulate in managing the coaching relationship(s) that appear necessary in an effective coaching encounter?

Your thread must be 600–750 words. Cite sources, including the course texts, and include a reference list in current APA format.
Coachbook 2011 by: Bergquist, William ISBN-13: 978-1-4565-6295-3 Edition/Copyright: 2011 Published: 2011 Executive Coaching for Results 7 by: Underhill ISBN-13: 978-1-57675-448-1 Edition/Copyright: 7 Published: 2007
Other sources must be peer reviewed journals.