Case Study Essay on Business Ethics and Laws Course about Starbucks

Case Study: Business Ethics and Laws Course about Starbucks

Question 1

Starbucks Corporation is concerned with integration of social responsibility in relation to its general corporate strategy. The major reason behind the integration is enhancement of the company’s reputation and image. Additionally, the corporation ensures it offers services that are effective to the community and it protects the environment. Such activities are of great importance in illustrating organizational values with reference to the vision and mission statements. The organization as well focuses on the development of its reputation among consumers while also integrating substantive mechanisms towards maximization of revenues at lower operation costs. According to the text, Starbucks focus is on implementation of the concept “people first and profit last”. This is an indication it will have little reasons to worry about profits once it address the preferences and needs of consumers.

Question 2

According to the corporations operations and benefits to employees, I believe Starbucks is unique. This is attributed to the tendency of the organization to focus on promotion of its core values instead of worrying about the short-term losses. Employees also play critical roles in achievement of success and the competitive advantage seen in the industry. Starbucks Corporation uses some benefits like health insurance, paid time off and other perks to keep the employees happy, as such, this increases their commitment to achievement of the corporation’s goals. Additionally, the benefits reduce the turnover rate of employees.

Question 3

I think the corporation uses both social and ethical responsible activities and the provision of products within an environment that is preferred by consumers. Starbucks Corporation offers its consumers quality coffee. Additionally, the corporation ensures the procurement experience and atmosphere of the coffee entity are ideal in addressing consumers preferences. According to the organization dignity and respect is valuable towards enhancing the interaction between the Starbucks and the consumers. The corporation focuses on execution of its duties to the community with the purpose of trusting and respecting their customers.