Nurse preceptors majorly use evidence-based practices to assist new registered nurses in a particular unit by offering very important feedback, setting their learning aims and objectives, teaching hospital protocols, and encouraging critical thinking. It entirely takes the effort, time, and proper education to become a nurse preceptor. Genetics is considered the study of heredity, or
Donating an organ entails surgically removing it from one person and transplanting it into another. In the United States, organ transplantation has a long history that dates back to the early 19th century. In the early days of organ donation, most organs were donated by cadavers or deceased persons (Lewis et al.). Today, however, the majority
Triggers for Psoriasis The most common triggers for Psoriasis are environmental and lifestyle factors, including stress, infections, skin injury, and certain medications. Stress, for example, can cause the release of certain hormones that aggravate psoriasis, while certain infections and medications can trigger flare-ups (Kamiya et al., 2019). Psoriasis can also be triggered by diet, such
Individual personality can be more influenced by genetics than how parents shape one's personality (Niitsu et el., 2019). Changes in epigenetic can largely impact individual behaviour since it makes neuron structure and its functions change. This distortion in epigenetic impacts the growth of some organisms in the human brain, which alters how neurons work in
Sexual orientation refers to the gender someone is attracted to emotionally, romantically, and sexually while gender identity is a personal sense of maleness or femaleness. These two are the most astounding sex differences in the way men and women behave. Although these two phenomena play a significant part in human life, their root components are
Existing primates are typified by their anatomical features. Apparently, a majority of these features are not unique to the order but are rather a combination that distinguishes them from other mammals. The classification has been substantial due to historical attention on the adaptive terms, such as convergence and orbital size, elongated tarsal bones, an opposable
Paresthesia is a medical condition that is commonly described as the feeling of pins and needles. "It is defined as a sensation of numbness, tingling or pricking of the person's skin mostly in the legs, arms, feet, and hands with no apparent long term physical effect."(Bradley et al., 2017, p. 332). Paresthesia condition can either
The operon is a set of genes regulated by a single promoter site. In more specific terms operon is a stretch of genes made up of adjacent genes such as structural genes, regulatory genes, and an operator gene (Feinauer et al., 2016). Thus, an operon is a functional element of the transcription and regulation of
The genetic engineering involves manipulation of the DNA of any living organism. DNA is a biomolecule made up of nucleotides and nucleotides, in turn, consist three main components which include, a phosphate, sugar, and a nitrogenous base. Several nucleotides are joined together by phosphate bonds to make up a strand of DNA, and two strands
Introduction A Recent trend in medicine has been marked by the development of molecular science. Copeland explains that special interests have been directed in targeting particular macromolecules that are associated with a disease or has pathogenic bioactivity 1 . Enzymes are some of the prevalent biomolecules with continued exploitation in the development of drugs. Enzymes
Super-Herb Artemisinin (Antimalarial Drugs) Kills Parasites (Plasmodium), Cancer Cells, Viruses and Other Pathogens and Mammalian Diseases   Abstract Artemisinin is extracted from a Chinese herb known as Artemisia annual and is firmly established as an effective treatment of malaria. Nevertheless, its effectiveness extends to the treatment of parasitic infections such as schistosomiasis. Artemisinin is composed
Morphological evolution trait is shaped by a combination of evolutionary forces that is genetic drift, natural selection, and gene flow. The realization of these influence of the forces mentioned above in human morphology variation primarily has been left to inferences of examination of the distribution pattern in the trait variance. Evolution is an extensive procedure
About one-third of what we eat directly or indirectly benefits from honey bee pollination (Kaplan). Food crops such as almonds, blueberries, cherries, and melon depend on honey bees for pollination to produce their fruits. Other crops would yield significantly less without honey bee pollination. According to the American Beekeeping Federation, honey bees contribute more than
DNA Testing: History and Advocacy Introduction In two different articles, Mustian (2013) cites cases where Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) testing has been successfully used to nub criminals. The first case was in 2012 and involved a burglar who sneaked into a Jefferson Parish home and made away with a number of electronics. In his endeavors, “the
Central Texas Ecoregion The ecoregion in Texas has various natural features that could provide a relevant understanding of nature. Based on its size and location, Central Texas Region is said to be a unique state. It covers 266,807 sq., and 15 of the 50 states can be located within its borders. A large tract of
Resident Rights The article “Medicare coverage skilled nursing facility care” is an in-depth analysis of various concepts related to resident rights. The article is a guideline provided by Medicare to healthcare personnel and patients. It discusses basic issues such as Medicare and skilled care definitions and purposes in the introduction before elaborating the need for
Biotechnological Issues: Cloning From the paper presented, I would say that, yes I have understood how the technology is being applied, and especially in the cloning process, to produce genetic copies of a biological entity. The various ways in which the application of the technology can be beneficial to the human being such as in
Workforce Diversity at General Motors Introduction Globalization trends impact differently on the diversity of workplaces. Currently, human resource management departments face the challenge of managing employees from diverse backgrounds. Conceptually, workplace diversity denotes how employees differ in terms of ethnicity, physical abilities, gender, religion, age, and lifestyle (Barak, 2013). Individuals in these settings have distinct
Abstract A working brain may not be necessarily healthy, but a healthy brain is good for efficient capabilities. To have a healthy working brain, the mind ought to be nourished, subjected to exercises, mind and body activities that help the body to get relieved. The mind also requires spiritual nourishment, so that it can be
Hydraulic Fracturing For decades, fossil fuels and natural gas have been the principal sources of energy in domestic and industrial appliances. The global demand for energy has been on an exponential rise and experts warn on the depletion of oil and natural gas resources and recommendations the use of alternative sources of energy. Declining demand
The Genetic Science of CSI Introduction In the animal kingdom, acts of aggression are essential for survival because they help the animals obtain food, protect their territory and also gain access to mates. The forms of aggressive behavior in animals are favored by the process of natural selection, due to the fact that they facilitate
Cell Therapy and Alzheimer’s disease Introduction Various diseases affect humans, including non-communicable and communicable ones (Draper 121-143). Examples of non-communicable diseases are cancer, diabetes, while communicable ones are malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and many others. These diseases trigger a number of effects in humans ranging from severe fever, loss of memory, body emaciation, and many others
Plains Buffalo A large number of buffalo once wandered North America, grazing the prairies and plains and populating the mountains. Historical reports around the time of Columbus’ landing portray the creatures’ significance to the indigenous individuals. As stated by explorers, “the fields were dark and showed up as though in movement” with plains buffalo herds.
Cell Therapy and Alzheimer’s disease Introduction Various diseases affect humans, including non-communicable and communicable ones (Draper 121-143). Examples of non-communicable diseases are cancer, diabetes, while communicable ones are malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and many others. These diseases trigger a number of effects in humans ranging from severe fever, loss of memory, body emaciation, and many others
The Growth of Technology and Fewer Jobs for Human Beings              Technology defines the process of creating, modifying, and using tools, machines, and skills as reliable methods of organization to address certain situations intended to solve particular problems, modify existing resolutions to challenges, achieve certain objectives, manage applied inputs as well as perform certain functions.
Common Octopus – Octopus Vulgaris Introduction The common octopus – Octopus Vulgaris is mostly found on continental shelves, such as in the U.S South Atlantic Bight. It is a highly valued species regularly taken as a bycatch in wire mesh taps put for Black Sea Bass, Centropristis striata. Though it is not a targeted species,
Insects Pollinating Plants Just as mating is essential for the continuity of the animal kingdom, pollination is vital for reproduction in plants. Pollination is defined as the transfer of pollen grains from the male part of a flower to the female part of the same flower or of another flower (Australian Museum). There are two
Towards a Safe, Clean, and Portable Rain Harvesting System in South Africa             Water is a source of life and a scarce commodity. Twenty percent of South Africans lack access to this life-sustaining commodity. Rainfall easily helps to reduce the number of people who lack access to water through connection to the domestic supply. By
Neuroscience The topic for the discussion is Neuroscience, which is a branch of Biology that deals with the scientific study of the nervous system. It offers the learners with an appealing experience of this emerging scientific, multidisciplinary and collaborative field in Biological science. I chose it because in the twentieth century, the indiscriminate obstacle between
Correlation between Uncontrolled Cell Division and Cancer Introduction Cancer is a process whereby normal cells lose the regulatory mechanisms, divide uncontrollably, and spread all over the body. Cancer normally develops as soon as mutations take place in the normal regulatory genes, a process is known as carcinogenesis. Cancer is generally a class of illness that
Differences in the cell cycle events between animal, plant, and bacterial cells Cell cycle events portray some differences between different living things. In all three living things, their cells divide, a process referred to as mitosis. The mitosis stage differs and it encompasses four phases. During development, the cell cycle functions endlessly with newly created
Celiac Disease Introduction Celiac disease (CD) is a congenital disorder of the intestines that causes damage to the small intestine and hampers the absorption of nutrients. Individuals suffering from this disease are intolerant to a type of protein known as gluten. Gluten is a protein constituent in barley, rye, and wheat (Fasano & Catassi, 2001).
Meat Causes Cancer The connection between meat consumption and cancer has been argued for a long time. In 1987, researchers from Japan found cancerous compounds in lab animals that consumed meat. Academic assessments show that people have linked meat and cancer. Red meat and charred meat is linked with the disease. Many people shift to
  Article Review – Supplements Athletics and Herbal Supplements Describe the main points presented in the article This article presents the current issues and concerns regarding herbal supplement use in the sports sector. The article focuses on the reasons why athletes turn to herbal supplements, the current contemporary issues raised about the herbs and their
Expression of chlorophyll in E coli using synthetic biology Just like the name photosynthesis suggests, the leaf uses energy from light to make the food it requires to conduct its internal processes. This research seeks to explore the successful expression of chlorophyll in E. coli so that it can contribute to the production of energy
In Situ Elasticity Modulation with Dynamic Substrates to Direct Cell Introduction The research on cell fabrication that has been carried out using different moduli indicates that elasticity of the substrate affects the cell contractile forces and other cell functions including differentiation and cytoskeletal organization. For example, when one is injured, the fibroblasts differentiate into myofibroblasts,
Biosecurity System on the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Spread Introduction Biosecurity in its immediate context is a set of exhaustive preventive measures biologically, technologically and naturally designed to reduce the prevalent transmission of various infectious and hence dangerous diseases that may pose a disastrous threat to the life of various animals and plants (Csiro,28).
Abstract This literature is peer-reviewed with many opinions, which are concerning the issue of suicidal cases that incorporate assistance from physicians commonly known as euthanasia. In this case, a doctor or any other health specialist helps patients that they feel they ought to end their lives. Many people visit clinics to seek for help in
Abstract The prevalence and incidence of spinal cord injury has remained stable from the year 2012 to 2013. The incidence stayed at 40 new cases per a million people in the United States. The prevalence increased slightly to an average of 273,000 people from around 200 000 people in 2012. Spinal cord injuries are accompanied
Answer the Question. (Causes of War & Peace) Q1. Explain the baltimore classification of viruses and the type of nucleic acid found in visions of each type. Give one example of each of the group Viruses are fast becoming the cause of serious illnesses that are non-treatable. However, not every individual is aware of the
Palmetto palm belongs to the kingdom plantae, order Arecaceae, subfamiffy Coryphoidea, tribe sabaleae, Genus sabal and the species S.Palmetto.This plant which is also called cabbage palm, blue palmetto, Carolina Palmetto, common Palmetto.Sabal Palmetto and also Sabal palm. is a plant which is  belongs to one of the species of Palmetto Palm(Arecaceae,genus Sabal).It is the native
Germany E. coli Outbreak A large bacterial infection outbreak hit central Europe in the spring of 2011(Karch et al, 2012). The pathogen involved was a unique strain of Escherichia coli, O104:H4 belonging to the class enteroaggregative E. coli that leads to the development of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). Preliminary reports indicated that the outbreak emanated
Answer the Question. (Causes of War & Peace) Q1. Explain the baltimore classification of viruses and the type of nucleic acid found in visions of each type. Give one example of each of the group Viruses are fast becoming the cause of serious illnesses that are non-treatable. However, not every individual is aware of the
Literature Review Regarding the Nutritional Influences on the Lifestyle Introduction             Healthy eating habits depends on the lifestyle that a person lives. Most people live in environments that do not satisfy healthy balanced diet. In order to maintain the body’s fitness, people should eat a balanced diet and do practice often. For the body
Functions carried out by Telomerase Telomerase is described as the enzyme that is in charge of maintaining the extent of telomeres by adding the guanine-rich successions. They include the core sections of the eukaryotic chromosomes. They are active structures with their terminal DNA continuously being established and degraded, and the cells that divide duplicate their
GLP study plan Introduction The good laboratory practice principles were issued by the FDA as mandatory regulatory requirements for laboratory practitioners on 29th June 1979. Even though the FDA has altered the contents of the regulations stipulated in the GLP guidelines, the scope has remained unaltered and still applies for non-clinical safety practices applied for
What other functions are carried out by Telomerase? Introduction  First, a vivid description of telomere and telomerase shall be provided, along with how they are involved in DNA break response. Specifically, the the role of the telomerase enzyme in DNA break response will be examined (Gomez et al. 2012) as well as their involvement
An assessment of potential biosecurity risks associated with the farm From the visit, there are certain things that are observed and are a source of great risks to the farmer. To begin with, there are sections of the farm fence that have fallen over but the farmer has not made any attempts to mend them.
Cellular Membrane The eukaryotic cell has several parts, which perform a variety of function within and around the cells. Of key interest is the cell membrane, which performs the functions of the cell membranes and cell wall available in the plant cells. As such, the main function of this part is to percolate the kinds
Abstract The results of this experiment that was testing the effect of environmental factors on enzyme activity level of Hydrogen Peroxidase showed that the execution of hydrogen peroxidase was incredibly influenced by each of the five variables, temperature, concentration level of the enzyme, boiling, inhibition by hydroxylamine, and pH. Of the conditions we tried, this

Sample Article Review Paper on Obesity

Recent advances in the pathophysiology and pharmacological treatment of obesity: Article Review Part 1: Background Due to the high prevalence of obesity among children and adults alike across the globe, the World Health Organization has declared the condition a global health concern. The condition is now ranked among the five leading causes of death globally.
Introduction The Atlantic Bluefin tuna constitutes among the fastest, most attractive, and largest fish of the world. Their body shape is designed for speed and maximum endurance, and their coloring, shimmering silver-white on the bottom and metallic blue on the top, aids them in camouflaging easily within the waters both from below and above. The
The Boxwood Turtle Introduction There are six subspecies of box turtles including two located in Mexico. The rest are sited across United States. This research will discuss the Eastern Boxwood Turtle also known as Terrapene Carolina. Among the four turtle species located in United States, the Eastern Box turtle is mainly found in the state
Article Summary The genetics article by Monte Morin of the Los Angeles Times seeks to expound some studies conducted on how DNA tests have proven reliable in the discovery of fetal disorders on fetus. The article has basically argued that accurate screening of expectant mothers can be used in identification of possible cases of genetic
100 Greatest Discoveries in Genetics Review The discovery that DNA carries genetic material was one the greatest recorded in the film documentary. Alfred Hershy and Martha Chase are two scientists who performed a series of experiments to prove that DNA comprises of the genetic material. During the period, scientists assumed that the proteins were involved
Annotated Bibliography: Should Animals be used in scientific testing? The question on whether animals should be used in scientific testing has been a contentious topic for a long time. The following are some of the scholarly articles that justify the use of animals in scientific tests. Lapuste, T., Grosu, H., Popa, R., Popa, D., Dronca,
Introduction Research has it that in the United States alone, there are about 26 million animals being taken to the laboratories to be used for scientific researches. These animals have been used by scientists to develop some vaccines, medicines, and to check the suitability of some substances for human and animal use, including the safety

Sample Research Paper on Leukemia

Leukemia Introduction Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the production of white blood cells. The cells that are produced are abnormal and cannot complete their function effectively. This research paper will discuss leukemia, and assess how it affects the anatomy and physiology of the affected patient. The paper will compare the anatomy and
Negative Response on Healthy Eating Habits Obesity is a situation when individuals are so overweight that the weight becomes a threat to their health. Obesity normally results from over-eating and lack of exercises. Unhealthy diets increase the chances of developing obesity in individuals through overeating (Edelstein, & Sharlin, 2009). Obesity incidences have risen in the

Sample Essay on Strep Throat

Definition of Pharyngitis Pharyngitis also known as sore throat is a sore irritation of the pharynx. Strep throat is an ailment that causes pharyngitis. It is infectivity with germs known as Group A streptococcus bacteria. This illness is normally spread from one individual to the other through contact with fluids from the nose or saliva
Discussion Questions Question One: Development of the human embryo After an egg has been fertilized, it is called a zygote and becomes cleavage. What this means is that mitotic division within the cell begins. The mitotic cell division converts the zygote to a multicellular organism. After the first cleavage, 1 cell becomes 2 cells, after
Human Cloning Introduction Cloning of Dolly the Sheep was a first on many fronts. First, it represented the first mammal ever to be cloned from a somatic cell. It also set a benchmark on which to evaluate other animal cloning experiments going forward. Secondly, her cloning was the start of controversy and panic in regards
How can the Science of Bioengineering of crops and plants be applied to increase the production of food, in order to solve the problem of food shortage in the world? Part one The world’s population has significantly increased by 2.3 billion people in the last forty years, by the year 2040; it is approximated that
Effects of Cocaine on Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Drugs have significant levels of effects on the lives of those using them. Different drugs have different effects on the people that use them. Cocaine’s effects on the brain have not been well understood by the scientific community. However, the effects appear significant to the human brain given
Obesity among Students 1.0 Introduction The prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased in most parts of the world during the last few decades among children, adolescents and adults alike. With the increased occurrence of childhood and adolescence obesity, health problems previously considered to be associated mainly with the adult obesity are now observed more
Bacterial and Fungal Toxins Bacterial and fungal toxins are formed by microorganisms. Bacteria and fungi participate in harmless biological processes in the body but also interfere with the normal functioning of the body by causing diseases. They produce toxins which are injurious to the body and may cause different diseases. “Toxins are those substances mostly
Parasites Knight, K. (2013). How parasites turn victims into zombies. The Journal of experimental biology, 216(1). In one of the experiments conducted to understand the molecular mechanisms used by the Ophiocordyceps to control the mind of their hosts, Knight (2013) wrote in support of previous studies indicating that these parasites are species-specific. According to this
PART 1: A TOPIC OUTLINE Abstract Introduction Mechanisms of mind controlling parasites Types of mind controlling parasites Ophiocordyceps unilateralis Glyptapanteles Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga Comparison of the 3 mind controlling parasites Ophiocordyceps unilateralis Morphology Diversity Life cycle Geographic distribution Host impact Mechanisms for controlling host Glyptapanteles Morphology Diversity Life cycle Geographic distribution Host impact Mechanisms for controlling