The EU competition law arises from articles 109 to 110 of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union. EU competition Law regulates the business behavior of companies operating within the single market to ensure that they do not engage in anti-competitive practices. It prevents dominant companies from abusing their market dominance and prohibits
Negligence and Personal Injury Law What lawsuits might Rosa bring? What would the result of each be? Based on personal injury law, general negligence depicts a situation where an individual’s action or inaction constitutes a failure of acting with proper reasonable care, causing harm to another person. Two main types of negligence exist under negligence
Separate Entity Advantages             The concept of a separate legal entity allows companies to make contracts by using their own names and seal. Under this principle, companies live and conduct their activities to their own competence. The company is in a position to carry on its business, generate revenues, hire employees, and pay its taxes.
Liability in Partnership In a partnership, partners generally have unlimited personal liability to third parties in case obligations arise. Whether a person is liable to such obligations of the partnership depends on whether he is a legal partner or not. The paper uses the provided case study to determine the liability of various individuals connected
Importance of Law in Business Environment Introduction Law plays an essential role in ensuring a smooth operation of businesses. Law offers ethical standards that ensure disputes that emerge in the running of business are solved amicably. Without the law, it would be quite difficult to carry on business effectively. Business people normally make ethical decision
Coursework: Business Law The concept of “stare decisis” applies to situations where a trial or appellate court upholds a decision based on comparison with a precedent case. While high court may not invoke stare decisis based on a ruling of a lower court, the lower court can only invoke stare decisis based on a precedent
Business Law Types torts Chris should apply and what he should allege in the lawsuit A tort can be defined as some civil wrong from which a person may obtain remedy mostly in the form of damages (that is, the aggrieved party is compensated for any damages or injuries suffered). In tort actions, three elements
Business Ethics A right is an ethical, social, or legal principle of entitlement or freedom; implying that it is a fundamental normative rule to which people are owed according to a given social convention, legal system, or ethical theory. On the other hand, a legal right is that bestowed on an individual by a particular
Formation of the Limited Liability Company    Relevancy of the Limited Liability Company in Achieving Their Goals Limited Liability Company, which is abbreviated as LLC, is one of the forms of the private limited company. Limited Liability Company has a structure that is both similar to the corporation as well as the partnership. However, the
CSR- CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Organizations and business enterprises are mandated with an obligation of giving back to the society though various activities commonly termed as CSR activities. This article aims at explaining what CSR is, the concept of CSR in relation to the commercial reality, international laws regarding CSR, effectiveness of these laws, corporate legislation