Introduction English law is the common law legal system of England and Wales, comprising mainly criminal law and civil law, each branch comprising its own court and procedures (Darbyshire,Penny 2007).English criminal law concerns offences, their prevention and the consequences in England and wales. criminal conduct is considered to be a wrong against the whole community,
1. The issue here is that Henry feels Jacob is bleaching the contract that they had agreed on. Although the contract was not written, Henry feels that Jacob, his boss, takes advantage of his position. On the other hand, Jacob decides to change his mind to extend the off for Henry, but he does not
1. INTRODUCTION The fact pattern in this case raises a number of pertinent issues for determination. First, whether Dollar Construction Ltd (hereinafter “Dollar”) has breached the construction contract by failing to update its master programme to Newton University (“the University”). Secondly, what is the status of the master programme and subsequent changes thereto? Thirdly, whether

Sample Case Study Paper on BS Law

From the contract signed between Weinstein and the company, there are some issues of concern. First, the company assumed that imposing high fines on an employee would stop him from sexual abuse. Second, the company also thought that no employee could afford to raise such an amount as a fine. Considering the second assumption, it
The US Commission on Civil Rights (CCR) was established in 1957 under the reign of president Dwight Eisenhower. The CCR was formed to investigate, report, and make recommendations on citizens' civil rights. These matters concerning civil rights are mainly investigations on inequity founded on gender, race, disability, nationality (Heriot, 2018). The public is informed about
In most cases, people who have suffered from Covid-19 make a full recovery, although the symptoms may persist in some patients after treatment. If the symptoms persist for more than four weeks after treatment, it is referred to as the long-lasting health effects of Covid-19. The first case of Covid-19, also known as SARS-CoV-2, was
Slavery, Artificial Intelligence and Brands Ethical Dilemma in the Modern World Summary of the case In the quest to become more competitive in the global market, multinational corporations have been accused of bypassing structured regulations and failing to promote ethical standards in their operations. However, the host governments abstain from interventions because the MNCs might
Different scholars and scientists have researched and written about salmonella and other related health problems. Journals and articles have been published to explain what salmonella is, how it is spread, prevention measures, and how it is treated. Hassan et al. (2019) provide crucial information about salmonella. The article highlights salmonella symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and
Case Study Analysis: What Bike Riding Can Teach You The Naming of the Program The name “Juvenile Contemplative Boot Camp” best suits the program because it is a description of the planned rehabilitation of the behavioral maladjustment exhibited by the enrolled teenagers. The program design encourages a conducive environment that enables young ones to meditate
Abstract This paper seeks to evaluate the tire impression as an alternative form of evidence, particularly in Aaron Hernandez’s case. The introductory part provides the other alternatives and a justification for the tire impression as a means of addressing the pieces of evidence in a case. Aaron Hernandez’s case is summarized in the next part
Executive Summary The research evaluated the Walmart Inc case study by evaluating the situational analysis and problem-solving approaches. It emerged that Walmart is the biggest retail business in the world with over $514 billion in revenue in 2018. The company has relied on a strategy to expand since its creation in 1962. The research has
Introduction The case study presents essential factors that emerged in Cumberland Metal Industries (CMI) during the introduction of a new product in the market. The business needed to focus on the prevailing conditions and provide the best way forward to introduce the new design to prospective customers. The facts surrounding the case study revolves around
Enron was found after the merger of InterNorth Incorporated located at Omaha and Houston Natural Gas Company. Kenneth Lay the former chief executive of Houston Gas Company became the chairman and CEO of Enron and rebranded Enron into a supplier and trader of energy. The company took advantage of placing bets on future fuel prices
Question One In business law, personal jurisdiction is the power that a court possesses to make a decision about a particular case (Klerman, 2012). In the given case study, Orin a citizen of Ohio suffers internal injuries after consuming Power Up!, a carbonated energy drink manufactured by Quik Results, Inc. (QRI) a manufacturing company based
Case number 2-9 My reflection on the salient issues in this case are that racism, discrimination and lack of inclusivity are a big challenge for organizations, most notably academic institutions. According to the given case study, institutions have an ethical and moral responsibility to make policies and procedures to ensure racism and discrimination is not
Police brutality and racial discrimination is still a major issue in the United States. This year has seen a rise in police brutality and discrimination cases, and that can be attributed to the fact that the Trump administration has failed to address the issue effectively. Even during the presidential campaigns, President Trump failed to offer
Introduction Block et al. is a study that involves the adult's take on children's reports on whether legal proceedings that involve children can lead to justice. Studies carried out on children’s false memories on full events draw considerable attention in the current legal system. What is more, serious criminal offenses that involve children pose a
What are the symptoms (that is, what appears to be going wrong?) The Surf-N-Turf (SNT) was one of the fastest growing food chain in the 1990s. A new franchise was set up in Indianapolis by a local businessman. After two years of successful operations, profitability and positive reviews on Yelp and other social media sites, the new
Abstract Health care being a primary human demand, should not be offered based on the social wellness of the individuals that receive it but should always be geared towards providing equity for all. We encounter several instances of social-based classification of individuals when they head for the medical care resources, and it seems normal thin
As defined by the VRIN framework, companies that hold and leverage precious, uncommon, unique and skills and capacities will indeed successfully establish enduring solid positions in the market. Lufthansa's capital ability is vital since they enable the airline to spend on outside benefits that accrue (Redpath et al., 2017). These both assist Lufthansa in defending
The research sought to investigate factors contributing to poor academic performance in university. Research shows that personal constraints such as financial difficulty and study skill methods such as time management are some of the factors that contribute to poor academic performance (Evans, 2012). The current study investigated the factors that contribute to poor academic performance
Strategic Changes and Financial Performance: Case of Microsoft Introduction Microsoft Corporation has been one of the World’s leading providers in the areas of software and, products and services in the technological industry. It has for long enjoyed its industries competitive position through a variety of product portfolios. Major factors to its increased financial performance can
Social Media Management: Case of Starbucks Introduction Various studies done on the online platform have identified that most companies have involved themselves in Social Media Manager hiring given the progressive nature in the technology sector (Montalvo, 2011). Such companies, most which have gone international; personal-electronics; standardized testing; environmental services; hotel services; and human capital have
Child abuse or molestation can be manifested in various ways. These could be in the form of physical violence, emotional abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. Normally, the children in question do not have the prerogative to deny the actions carried out on them due to various reasons. The reasons include intimidation since those who perform
Introduction This case study identifies the concepts of working in partnership and examines the level of its responsibilities. The case study highlights the partnership between the professionals from a primary school and an agency that operates in the event of staff absence. The analyses are based on a primary school which works for the public
This study set out to establish the challenges that Commercial Banks encountered in ensuring a successful organisation structure. The objectives of the study were to establish the challenges that the managers experienced in the structuring process, the strategies used to overcome them and explore the role of various stakeholders in the process. Additionally the study
Introduction Diabetes is a metabolic disorder associated with the inability of the body to produce any or enough insulin thus resulting in elevated levels of blood sugar. In some cases, the insulin may be produced, but the insulin receptors in the body are insensitive to insulin. Two types of this metabolic disorder exist, type 1
Normal accidents are system failures and risks that are inevitable. Despite all the efforts to reduce them, they will always persist. Normal and system accidents are synonymous. The two terms are used interchangeably. In our everyday encounter, we engage in a variety of activities, which we presume to be all safe but not always the
Economic and financial stability are one of the key goals of any nation. When a country is able to maintain a fairly constant output growth with low and stable inflation, it is considered economically stable. On the other hand, when it is able to monitor and control its expenses, control its borrowing, make savings and
The events of September 11, 2001 left 2,996 people dead and property worth millions destroyed in US. It was the day America faced the worst terror attack in its history. Many Towers in New York City were brought down by suicide bombs. Al-Qaeda, an Arab terrorist group, was blamed for the attacks rendering Arab and
RIGHT OF SALE IN A JOINT TENANCY INTRODUCTION The Law of Property Act provides for the owning of land by more than one person. This can be done in two ways. First, you can own property as tenants in common. This means that you all have a right to posses the property (unity of possession).
Every day we are exposed to sound in our environment; these are sounds from radio and television, traffic and household appliances. Usually, these sounds don't damage our hearing as they are at secure levels. Too loud sounds, even for a short time, or both durable and strong can be harmful to our ears. Loud sounds
The CSI Effect on the criminal justice system in the U.S Introduction The Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Effect refers to a phenomenon often reported through prosecutors with claims that TV shows concerning scientific crime solutions have led to reluctance among actual jurors in voting for their conviction. In America, popular media has also indicated crucial concerns
Domestic and family violence occurs when an individual deliberately physically abuses or uses violent or controlling behavior towards a family member to maintain authority and control over him/her or for any other reason. Children, women, and the elderly are the most vulnerable people to family and domestic violence (Gould et al., 2012). This paper highlights
The organization and its managers acted very unethically. The fact that someone in the organization knew about the hidden explicit scenes and decided to take no action is pretty reckless. It’s also immoral for them to have been so careless as to take the risk of rolling out the game with the hidden explicit scenes
Executive Summary This report would discuss the Total Quality Management. In the opinion of Smith TQM is a process by which organization and workers can develop the most effective and efficient, involved in the constantly growth of the making of merchandise and services. According to (Gilbert, G. 1992) it is a mixture of excellence management
Joanne and Mike require a very crucial decision when it comes to their son James and his condition. They want to be sure that their son is well taken care of and at the same time follow the path of God. Mike and his wife Joanne place their faith in God and postpone James treatment.
Introduction Surveillance is the act of closely observing, watching or supervising the actions and behaviour of a particular individual or individuals with the purpose of influencing, managing, directing or protecting them (Lyon, 2007). Surveillance can be done from a distance, for instance, by use of CCTV cameras, at close proximity or by interception of communication
The following are reasons why savings is important in Macroeconomics 1) Banks will give a higher return and better interest rates for the people who save more. 2) Poor returns on risky stocks and bonds make savings with a good interest rate more favorable 3) For those people who see a bleak future in the
Case Study on Database security: Advantages and Disadvantages of TTX Company Ltd. Introduction Database security is the most desirable policy for an organization that protects the availability, confidentiality as well as integrity of the organization’s databases. Confidentiality of the database is enforced by encryption technique that is done for storage and in-transit data. The Integrity
1.1 Background of the Study Diabetes is a group of diseases or conditions which are caused by the presence of excess glucose (the sugar found in the blood). This condition arises due to defects in the secretion of insulin by the pancreas or the insulin it makes is inadequate and cannot work as expected (
Introduction A policy entails a course of action or decision making tool that aims at achieving a desired change or effect. In aviation context, policies support the administrative directions of their organizations as a way of changing the environment around them (Tolpa, 2012) Policy making process in Aviation Industry The main reason or policy creation
Is Suicide among Teens Accurately Identified and Reported One of the major causes of death among teenagers is suicide. However, the World Health Organization Mortality Database indicates that many countries in the world do not have data with regards to suicide. In many countries, suicide cases are inaccurately identified and reported due to a multiplicity
The unnerving Tales of the Grim Sleeper documentary demonstrates how the society we live in gives little attention to crimes against black women. The Documentary is about Franklin, a serial killer who targeted dozens of black women between 1985 and 2010 (Broomfield Tales of the Grim Sleeper). “How did this happen?” The director of the
First Report, Un-American Activities in Washington State First Report, Un-American Activities in Washington State is a very comprehensive report detailing various functions of the committee and the constitution of the committee. The report describes the members of the committee and their roles about the cases as they are addressed by the committee. Most importantly, the
The unnerving Tales of the Grim Sleeper documentary demonstrates how the society we live in gives little attention to crimes against black women. The Documentary is about Franklin, a serial killer who targeted dozens of black women between 1985 and 2010 (Broomfield Tales of the Grim Sleeper). “How did this happen?” The director of the
Introduction. Mass wasting is the process by which soil, sand, regolith, and rocks move downslope typically as a mass largely under a force of gravity. It is a type of erosion, and it is capable of making significant changes to the side of a mountain. These changes can happen suddenly, as in one minute the
Introduction A critical review of the case study Absolute Vodka reveals some fundamental aspects that are essential aspects of the enterprise performance. The case is an illustration of the company marketing and advertising strategies that it has employed to enter and penetrate numerous markets. This includes the adverts, the media used, and budget among others
Executive Summary The great depression of late 1940s and the more recent, severe 2008 global financial crisis (GFC) in the world finance sector in conjunction with political turmoil emanated from such issues as income disparity, environmental degradation, global warming, Industrial accidents, work-place gender inequality, exploitation of labour and large scale emigration, eviction and poverty of
A mass shooting, an incident in which four or more people are killed at a public location, generally being so irrational, horrifying and disturbing, understandably creates public outrage and outcry. Recent mass shootings have reignited the debate over the extent to which mental illness is responsible for mass shootings, and if it should be a
Background Serial killers are often associated with the perpetration of willful murder .The Australian Criminal Code defines willful murder to basically mean the intentional, unlawful killing of another person. 1 The burden to prove guilt in murder cases are usually the prosecutor’s. This means that the prosecutor on a given case must strive to prove
Introduction Anticipatory breach of contract has been defined under the Black’s Law Dictionary 2 nd Edition to mean nonperformance of a contractual promise before the contract is completed. An Anticipatory breach can also be referred to as renunciation. Repudiation of a contractual obligation can occur in two forms. The first instance is where a party
Significant life event based on Mrs. Garry case study These are common changes in people's circumstances that affect them during their life time and their way of living is never the same after the occurrence of that event. The life event can be uncommon and anticipated which basically happen to every individual in their life
Introduction Sociology tries to explain how the society is structured, functions, develops, and how human beings encounter social problems. This is a very wide concept that has numerous theories developed over time to help explain the issues, struggles, and possible solutions. In this essay, the focus will be on some concepts, perspectives, or rather theories
In reading this case study, who or what is the Threat Actor? What is the Threat Action? Please describe the difference between the two as well. Threat actor is a person or a group of people who attack search engine to attack various industries. The persons attack the industries through the use of unlimited number
Introduction Employees are considered as the basic unit in all forms of organizations. Perhaps, it is because they are tasked with the responsibility of carrying out the day to day activities that facilitate organizations to realize their primary objectives (Mellahi and Frynas 76). The advent of Information Technology revolutionized the manner that organizations operate because
How identity theft occurs Identity theft is a crime that involves acquiring financial or personal information of a person working in a business or a business itself and use that information to steal resources of the business or the finances of the business (Parent, 2018). The stolen information can be used to take the company's
The case highlights a crisis of leadership that arises from a culture of leadership that does not involve the stakeholders in planning. The problems highlighted in the case study began when the stakeholders voted for a strategic plan without developing it. The teachers appear appalled by the suggestion to take part in developing a strategic
Recent Crisis Communication Case Study Section One Overview This paper looks into the case of Tesco horse-meat scandal with a view to analyze it using the situational crisis communication theory by Coombs. First, the paper will present what an organizational crisis is and why Tesco’s case is categorized as a crisis of the organization. An
Code of Ethics in Software Development Background Copyright act in various countries grants rights to the initial producer of the product (Adams, 2004). The initial producer of product has exclusive rights to authorize or not to authorize the reproduction of his product. However, the initial owner of the product can transfer the rights of ownership
Fisher’s and t-test equation Summary The report analyses the relationship between Fisher’s equation and the t-test. It will use data from two countries to try to prove the relationship. The report will use two countries, United State data, and the United Kingdom data as examples. The analysis will be done using various methods as the
Comprehensive Emergency Management Introduction Comprehensive Emergency Management refers to the actions, decisions, responsibilities, and tasks that are undertaken by the pertinent authorities with the sole aim of preparing, recovering, responding, or mitigating the effects of a disaster, which could be manmade or caused by natural phenomena. A Comprehensive Emergency Management plan requires that the responders
The Influence of Auditor and Client Section 404 The Influence of Auditor and client section 404 About the paper This paper investigates the remediation of Sarbanes – Oxley of the section 404. It looks at the control deficiencies under the levels of the severity. It does this before the financial statement of the date. The
Multicultural Communication Multicultural communication The United States of America is a country with many immigrants. These immigrants range from the early settlers to the current day’s immigrants, a situation that presents ethnic and cultural diversity in the region. In addition, the immigrants have distinct physical features, norms, languages and customs. This has presented a challenge
Knowledge-based theory of the firm     Knowledge-based theory of the firm Introduction In the past decade, information technologies have advanced so rapidly that they now play a leading role in determining the success of an organization. As such, the knowledge-based theory of the firm was formulated in this contemporary context. This theory asserts that
INNOVATION AT IBM Innovation at IBM Introduction International Business Machines Corp (IBM) is renowned worldwide for inventing, developing and manufacturing some of the most revolutionary information technologies such as personal computers, software, microelectronics and storage systems. The company has been in the technology industry for almost one hundred years. Its success has been built upon
Survey one:1 Social readjustment scale survey report on students Student total courses last semester Grades/ GPA Survey score Student:1 2 B/ 3.0 113 Student :2 2 A/4.0 615 Student :3 3 A/4.0 111 Student:4 4 2A,2B -3.5 0 Student:5 4 A/4.0 274 Write a summary on the above surveys and find the correlation between life
Cross Cultural Management Executive Summary The analysis by Gert Hofstede’s provides a clear description of varying national cultures that are dependent on research carried out across subsidiaries of Multinational Corporation that has operations in more than sixty four countries. The analysis assist business people or travelers to acquire a better understanding of intercultural differences existing
Stayer’s Approach to Leadership Development Introduction Leadership development refers to a term defining a well-organized and systematic way to improve organization leadership and a person’s excellence. Equally, it is a process of enhancing personal growth traits that can improve an individual competence in leadership and their effectiveness (Hughes, 2004). This can be achieved through a
Case Study: Business Ethics and Laws Course about Starbucks Question 1 Starbucks Corporation is concerned with integration of social responsibility in relation to its general corporate strategy. The major reason behind the integration is enhancement of the company’s reputation and image. Additionally, the corporation ensures it offers services that are effective to the community and