Americas Correctional System, Rehabilitation or Punishment Introduction The United States has been credited to be among the countries in the world that have an advanced and elaborate criminal justice system. The systems have evolved over time to encompass the various stages through which the state dispenses justice and maintain order in the society. The correctional
Criminal justice is a field that is growing day by day and is gradually integrating new careers to improving every offender's welfare. One of the jobs that I have found most favorable is working as a victim advocate at the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Fort Knox, KY. The job is found at
In the recent years, there has been an increase in the police brutality involving African- Americans. This issue has gathered national attention. This is because many people believe that the police are treating the African-American people unfairly. There has been a series of brutal killings by the police and this has led to increased racial
Abstract Crisis intervention is one of the essential aspects of social work, in which practitioners have to be aware of practice strategies and how to implement them. In the interview reported case under consideration, the interviewee came into contact with the case of an individual who had been diagnosed with mental health and developmental issues
Field Parole Officers are an important part of the criminal justice system. Their work entails digging into a criminal’s past to identify whether they display patterns that may show the possibility of committing a crime in the future. They assess and identify prisoners who qualify for parole and they must possess character traits that help
How juvenile cases can be heard in adult court Juveniles have their court system. However, there are some instances when they can be tried in adult courts. The trial of a juvenile in adult courts can be a result of involvement in a serious crime, the juvenile being an older minor, having gone through a
Barriers and Challenges of the Criminal Justice System The size of the jury is one of the issues in this case because how justice is administered is now different. In recent times, judges in the US claim that a 6-person jury is substandard compared to a 12 person, arguing that the superior one will attain
Juvenile Delinquency The rise in crimes committed by youth under the age of 18 has resulted in the criminal justice system redefining its laws to cater to this minority and unique group. Causalities for this rise in criminality among this age group have been attributed to a myriad of factors such as societal moral decadence,
Criminal Event This paper analyzes a criminal event using a positivist and classical perspective from the Washington post article. The authors of this article are Peter Hermann and Clarence Williams, and the story was drafted on Monday, February 24, 2014. A brief highlight of this criminal event exhibits how eight daylight killings took place in
Precious: Victim Rights Precious is a movie derived from certain controversial provenance material, and it is characterized by well-arranged images with mind blogging performances. It is designed for individuals who can stomach and cope with the sight and utterances often present in the rape environment. The story revolves around an illiterate teenage girl who is
Understanding Law Enforcement in the United States In general, the term Law Enforcement is a term that is used to describe the individuals and agencies responsible for the enforcement and maintenance of public order as well as public safety (Kessler, 2007). The aspects included in law enforcement are preventing, detecting, and investigating crime. Furthermore, it
Jury Nullification Jury nullification describes a constitutional doctrine that permits juries to free criminal defendants even when they are guilty of an offense.   Juries are required to examine the facts of a case presented and give their judgment. The jury invalidates a law he believes has been wrongly applied to the defendant. For instance, in
Richard Ramirez: A Serial Killer Introduction Dirk Cameron Gibson is the author of the book Serial Killing for Profit: Multiple Murders for Money. The book is a case study, a genre that outlines biographies of several serial killers who have terrorized the United States of America in the previous years. The multiple cases of murder
Annotated Bibliography Barker, Thomas, and Human Kelly. Crimes of the big four motorcycle gangs. Journal of Criminal Justice, 37.2 (2009): 174-179. Print. In this research, Barker, and Human categorize motorcycle clubs into deviant and conventional classes. They indicate that a significant percentage of deviant clubs are basically outlaw motorcycle gangs. They cite that besides operating
Three Styles of Law Enforcement A study conducted by James Q. Wilson revealed that law enforcement agencies have only three distinctive policing styles, which include the legalistic, the watchman, and the service styles. Those operating under the legalistic style are mainly guided by the established laws. They normally display professionalism when performing their law enforcement
Abstract Terrorism refers to the organized use of threat and violence that intentionally targets and disregards the safety of civilians, as a way of coercion or intimidation for political, religious, or ideological reasons (White, 2011). The 9/11 attacks against the United States revealed the extent to which the US was vulnerable to terrorist attacks; therefore,
Double Jeopardy The American law prohibits the practice of risking an individual’s liberty twice. The Double Jeopardy Clause, as indicated in the Fifth Amendment, states that no individual shall be subjected to the same felony twice nor be deprived of liberty or property without due process of law (Rudstein, 2004, p. 1). For instance, if
Abstract Rehabilitating young offenders has become an increasingly debated subject. With a sizable number of these juveniles being re-offenders, the correctional programs have turned rehabilitation and treatment a primary priority. Due to age, young offenders are treated contrarily than adult criminals. There is more emphasis on rehabilitation and treatment than just penance. In recent years,
New Georgia Juvenile Justice Code When formulating legal structures and laws, all interested parties should be involved. This is to ensure that sound legal legislations that can handle all possible case scenarios are achieved. Such is the case of the Georgia juvenile code, which was re-written after exhaustive research and grouping of “traditionally opposing legal
Abstract Rehabilitating young offenders has become an increasingly debated subject. With a sizable number of these juveniles being re-offenders, the correctional programs have turned rehabilitation and treatment into a primary priority. Due to age, young offenders are treated more contrarily than adult criminals. There is more emphasis on rehabilitation and treatment than just penance. In
Law Enforcement Stress Levels Stress can adversely affect the performance of law enforcement officers because it increases fatigue, thereby impairing their decision-making competencies. This will compromise the officers’ ability to protect themselves and the public too. This paper identifies causes, symptoms, and treatments of law enforcement stress levels. The causes of officer stress can be
Early Warning Systems for Officer Performance (EWSOP) Studies have pointed out that a few officers in any police department are largely responsible for most of the citizen complaints regarding its overall performance. With the help of EWSOP, a data-based police management tool, supervisors can readily identify such officers, intervene with them, often through counseling or
Post-War America: Crime Rates Introduction  Criminals maintain a relationship between crime and place. They often make decisions to engage in delinquent and unethical behaviors. As a result, they have to examine the place as an assurance that they will neither be arrested nor arraigned in a court of law facing criminal charges. Criminal activities can
Diversity Training Diversity training assists employers and employees navigate cases of complex relationships that may develop in work environments. An understanding of cultures and concerns that may be held by different personnel in a work environment such as employers and employees may be more productive and tend to enjoy a relatively harmonious work community. In
Human Trafficking Introduction Human trafficking is a criminal activity often referred to as modern slavery and involves the exploitation of an individual through forced labor or sexual activity (Potts, 2003). According to estimates by the State Department’s Office of Trafficking in Persons, more than one million children and women have trafficked around the world annually,
Law Enforcement Function Criminal justice refers to the process of upholding social control through deterrent procedures aimed at alleviating crime. The deterrent system takes into account sanctions and penalties upon those who violate laws (Akers, 2011). This function is a set of agencies and practices established by governments in an attempt to promote social justice.
How Police Subcultures Undermine Agencies Code of Ethics A police officer’s daily challenge involves adhering to the law enforcement agency’s code of conduct while living up to the expectations of colleagues in the police force. In many cases, police officers encounter tough ethical dilemmas where they have to choose between serving agency interests, and maintaining
Police Brutality Police brutality has been an issue for a long period in the law enforcement department and has led to injuries to many people and worse conditions eventually resulting in death of the victims. The reason behind selecting this issue is that it is an ethical concern that has been exposed in several instances
Abstract Essentially, this essay explicates the United States’ anti-terrorism policies and the effect of the government’s response to terrorism as far as the fundamental civil liberties of the American citizens is concerned. That is, while terrorists continually endeavor to improve in their line of attack and hideousness of ensuing terrorism operates, the government of the
Abstract Social control theory gives a look into the reasons that make persons to avoid involvement in criminal behavior and gives factors that predispose individuals towards crime in the community. They argue that conform to the presumed norms of the society, or otherwise anti-criminal behavior because they do not want to go against the authorities,
Gangs A gang is a group of two or more individuals who claim a given territory for the purpose of carrying out illegal activities. They involve themselves in all manner of crimes ranging from hate crimes, rape or even murder. Gangs conduct calculated and pre-planned engagements, either individually or collectively. Gang structures vary from simple
The abolition of slave trade in the early 19th century was a major step towards ending cruelty, agony, and injustice against humanity. However, what seemed as a triumph against centuries of human rights abuses would soon afterwards become an illusion as slave trade took a new form now understood as human trafficking. Despite reforms in
Real Evidence What is evidence and what role does it play in crime investigations?  These are questions that every police officer should have clear answers, and a deeper understanding of the context. The United Nations Office of on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) defines evidence as anything that is presented to back or oppose an allegation
Homeland Security Explain, as specifically as possible, how the function of homeland security is managed at the state and local levels Provision of appropriate protection to American citizens from any form of terrorist threat is the sole function role of the Homeland Security. It is a requirement that everyone including state and local governments must
Crime A crime is an action or omission that constitutes an offense that maybe punishable by law and may be prosecuted by the state (Manza 89). Genetics determine our personality traits and a predisposition to personality disorders. Some people are born aggressive and over react when offended. Others are naturally calm or passive and do
Roles and functions of police Law enforcement agencies are among the most ever-present groups of the public. The police, therefore, are mainly the observable government representatives. During time of need, crisis, danger and difficulty when a person does not know what to do or who to approach, police station or a police is the most
Cruise and Port Security in the U.S. post 9/11 Introduction Port security is a global concern for various stakeholders such as private businessmen, national and international security agencies.  The U.S. government has had to make changes in the implementation of strict security measures post 9/11 to prevent penetration of terrorist attacks. The government has spent
Policing In Partnership: A Case Study in Crime Prevention The above article was written by three authors, Barton, Harry and Nestor in the year 2013, and the authors investigated how a multi-agency and a partnership approach to prevent criminal acts could help the law enforcement to effectively curb the crimes by utilizing their resources and
Introduction The main reason why the constitution of America was constructed is to safeguard the rights of all individual citizens. Under the fourth amendment, all American citizens have the right to be secure in their homes, as persons and against unnecessary and unreasonable searches and seizure (Birrel, n.d.). The fourth amendment therefore guarantees all the
Incident command system (ICS) ICS is a kind of tool for command, management, and synchronization of a response and offers a means of coordinating efforts of individual agencies as they work together towards a common goal of the stabilization on an incident and life protection, property as well as the environment. The ICS utilize the
Policing In Partnership: A Case Study in Crime Prevention The above article was written by three authors, Barton, Harry and Nestor in the year 2013, and the authors investigated how a multi-agency and a partnership approach to prevent criminal acts could help the law enforcement to effectively curb the crimes by utilizing their resources and
Mobile Computing and Social Networking Introduction The medical world has embraced information technology, particularly the growing mobile computing technology. Initially, it was used as a source of information regarding health issues. Persons were able to interact with others via blogs, social networks, video content on the internet, and use search engines to determine the state
Value of Footprint Crime Scene Investigations Forensic investigators visit crime scenes to collect evidence utilized to solve the illegal injustices committed in a particular area. The evidence collected includes impressions of footwear patterns referred to as footprints. Small and large footprints can be collected and presented in a courtroom. However, it is crucial to ensure
Private Prisons versus Standard Prisons in the U.S. Private prisons imprison 5.3% of the inmates, adult people in the US. This study shows the chosen outcome of 1999 analysis of administrators who scrutinized private prisons in the US and its territories. Amongst the conclusions of concern, the private segment went through substantial problems with employees’
Criminal Investigation Presently, people’s life is frequently distressed by terrorist strikes and other connected criminal activities. Being impacted by the notions of specific factions and radicals, some persons make a decision to wipe out the lives of human beings to fight for the issues they deem significant. On April 19, 1995, the state of Oklahoma
RICO Since when they emerged in 1800, the Mafia have infiltrated the economic and social fabric of Italy and their affect is now felt globally. Indeed, they are among the most widespread and notorious criminals worldwide. Currently, several groups of the Mafia exist in the United States. The groups include the Neapolitan or Camorra Mafia,
Discussion 1 and Special Dropbox (To be done by the Client) WEEK 2 – CHAPTER 2 The Crime Scene Hate Crime Violence of bigotry and intolerance that has the intention to intimidate and hurt a person because of that person’s ethnicity, race disability religion, or national origin is hate crime. Vandalism, explosives, physical brutality and
White Collar Crime White collar crime refers to crime perpetrated in the upper class by respectable professionals, businesses, and even governments in the course of their legitimate occupation, activities, or responsibilities, which are capable of causing widespread social harm on the people they are expected to advance their wellbeing. For example, the Ford Motor Company
Overcrowding in Correctional Facilities Introduction Correctional facilities have in the recent past received negative publicity because of their correctional ineffectiveness, which is largely contributed by the increasing demand for more space that is not always available to accommodate the ever-growing number of inmates in various correctional facilities (Farrington & Nuttall, 1980). The rate of overcrowding
Crime Prevention The primary objective of crime prevention is to minimize the risk of falling victim (Collins, Ricks, VanMeter, & Ricks, 2000). Successful crime prevention programs support a safer community by improving the attitudes, behaviors, and perception of safety that help members of the community to feel safe. Crime prevention requires collective effort (Collins, Ricks,
Human Trafficking in the United States and Mexico Human beings have been traded as products aimed to benefit some individuals who use them in forced labor and other selfish means for quite a long time. Traditionally, slavery acted as a global menace where people coerced their slaves to work under unbearable conditions and without earning
Data Collection Methods in Criminology Research Maintaining objectivity during criminal investigations is the key to prevent bias and safeguard people’s right to fair and equal treatment before the law. Criminal investigators can only achieve this goal by obtaining unbiased information necessary to understand the facts of each case and draw valid conclusions. The essay analyses
Introduction to Graduate Studies in Public Safety Once enrolled into an undergraduate program, one is expected to survey the subjects offered and focus in one area. In this case, he or she will graduate with a clear direction on what course to follow in life. In most cases, one can settle in a job after
Introduction to Graduate Studies in Public Safety Once enrolled into an undergraduate program, one is expected to survey the subjects offered and focus in one area. In this case, he or she will graduate with a clear direction on what course to follow in life. In most cases, one can settle in a job after
Introduction             Various debates have been carried out concerning the interaction between the church and its interpretation with the church. Religious freedom has been the topic of discussion because its interaction with federalism has somehow been volatile. Americans are a diverse population that subscribe to different religious faiths or organizations. Therefore, the concept of religious
Victimization paradox Victimization is normally a complex emotional process which impacts behaviour and perceptions in both direct and indirect ways. Victimization paradox is whereby women have higher terrorism fear as compared to men. This paradox is revealed by the inequality between the lower possibilities for women becoming victims and the much fear they show of
Murder, Robbery or Drug Distribution Introduction The case study I choose to analyze in this paper concerns a robbery incident. This took place on October 11, 2011 forcing the complainant to inform the police on the occurrence. He informed the police that during the operation, the suspects scared him with a gun to execute the
Domestic Violence Introduction Statistics on domestic violence among womenfolk paint a grim picture on the situation of women in the society. Domestic violence is among the most common types of atrocities against women and a major public health problem affecting women across all races and walks of life (Klap et al., 2007; Bent-Goodley, 2004). The
Introduction For quite long, Americans have been known for their set of values, mostly the value of freedom and independence. This is reflected in a number of Constitutional Amendments that puts extreme emphasis on various forms of freedom and liberty, encompassed in the American bill of rights. Due process is a legal principle that the
Police Administration: Structures, Processes and Behavior The organization of the police has evolved significantly for quite a while and Charles R. Swanson has documented it in his book Police Administration: Structures, Processes, and Behavior. According to Swanson, a number of aspects and concepts have influenced American policing. Therefore, this paper presents an evaluation to this
Introduction The is an ongoing debate whether the juvenile court is effective in providing justice for young people involved in serious offenses. The case of Nathaniel Brazil is a modest example of horrendous crimes committed by the juveniles. In this particular case, he shot his teacher using a 25-caliber handgun. Interestingly, Brazil was not subjected
Wrongful convictions Introduction There is no remedy for an innocent person who is executed. The rising cases of innocent victims on death row has intensified the debate on the death penalty. The differences that exist between supporters and proposers of capital offenses could be reduced if the aspect of wrongful convictions was tabled before the
Authority to search and seizure came as a result of the exceptions made to the fourth amendment of the constitution. The fourth amendment protects US citizens from unreasonable searches by the police on their house, properties, their bodies and even their papers. The amendment aims at protecting the privacy of all citizens irrespective of their
Abstract The increased terrorist’s activities have provided a very difficult task for governments to manage. Whereas the problems resulting from terrorism can be dealt with in a court of law, it is a difficult situation to handle a criminal. As such, other approaches like the drone system have been developed as an approach to deal
Hancock Human Resource Being among the top-aiming organizations in the manufacturing industry, Hancock manufacturing strives to create a strong workforce with the common goals and visions that are in line with the overall organizational structure as well as the laid down objectives. One of the roles of the human resource department is therefore to inculcate
Discipline within law enforcement agencies This paper will look at discipline within law enforcement agencies, and analyze two cases; the counseling of two officers: Officer Roger Tumer and Officer Rebecca Snowden. Discipline within law agencies should include responsible and ethical conduct of employees. Police officers and other law enforcement agencies should not try to take
DUI Task Force Experiment Research indicates that globally, approximately three out of ten people are involved in alcohol-related accidents in their lifetime. It is notable that 75% of drivers charged of driving while impaired are either drunkards or alcoholics (Robin, 1991). In order to eradicate the problem, countries have come up with DUI taskforces that
Abstract Governments have often used prohibition as a strategy of addressing social problems and vices for years for the wellbeing of the society. However, over the years, prohibition has appeared to encourage the emergence and growth of organized crime. This research demonstrates how prohibition of production and sell of alcohol in the United States between
Socio-economic Background Communication is an important element in the establishment, maintenance and development of human interpersonal relationships, particularly for the achievement of social integration and interaction (Buzatu&Pipas, 2014). The process of communication involves several steps, all working towards the main goal of passing information. The process of communication involves both verbal and non-verbal messages, which
Private Prisons Introduction Prisons are places where people are physically confined after they have been charged with criminal cases.The prisons acts as correctional facilities and rehabilitation centers where people charged with criminal activities are subjected for behavior changes. Over the years, the government has controlled, managed, and administered the activities and operations of the prisons.On
Diversity of Judges in Judicial Courts Studies have shown there is need to consider the composition of judges in the judicial system. There is need to include more women lawyers and minority in the judicial bars. It is a reality that even with the diversity of the American citizens and diversity of the law students
John F Kennedy Introduction Every year, files of convicted criminals are usually reviewed by the state-governors’ investigators. Where justified, they make recommendations for clemency. This study comprises a report by the investigator reviewing the case of President J. F. Kennedy. Investigator’s objective is to reveal the truth behind the killings. Like most of the crimes,
Introduction Hundreds and thousands of children fail to attend school without valid excuses or reasons. This has influenced an increase in truancy across major regions in the United States. For example, one fifth of students enrolled in schools failed to attend without a valid excuse in 2002 in New York. As a result, levels of
Juvenile Violent Crimes: An Analysis of Juvenile Crimes in U.S The aim of punishing a criminal, whether in the form of fine, imprisonment or probation, is to foster citizen’s safety through the removal of offenders and deterrence of potential offenders. Over the past decades, there has been a heated debate as social and philosophic analysts
Abstract Juvenile Boot camps (also known as shock incarceration camps) programs are military like programs that act as an alternative to the traditional detention services. They have come under criticism in regard to their effectiveness since the method is highly controversial. Part of the population has been supporting the boot camp ideologies, while others differ
How criminal profiling assist in apprehending murders in the United States In many countries including Canada and the United States of America, some form of criminal profiling are undertaken to assist in the investigations of serial crimes. The profiler is an investigator, or a professional psychologist who examines evidence presented from the scenes of crime,
Probation drug screen results research Research Question The research would seek to answer the question; is there a relationship between the small number of probation officers and the few numbers of the screened defendants? Purpose and General Outline There have been cases of probation officers not being able to carry out their functions well. This
Conducting a Risk Assessment Risk assessment has been described as the process by which people or organizations identify possible hazards in an area and examine and gauge the danger and associated risks to decide on the best methods of doing away or handling the danger. The main purpose of conducting risk assessment is to eliminate
Short Paper: Ethical Policy Ethics defined Ethics refers to generally accepted set of rules that govern the conduct of an individual, or the conduct of people within a particular profession. Ethical policy and ethical policy document Ethical policy documents stipulate clearly the codes of conduct that offer important guidelines on how workers should relate with
Mass media, simply referred to as the media can be defined as the channels of communication that encompass the transmission of information in some way, shape or form to large numbers of people. In a little over half a century, the influence of the media has witnessed an exponential growth owed to the ever evolving
Starting an Analytical Unit Introduction Data refers to a collection of scores by assessing characteristics and performance levels of a subject. Data collections methods are diverse ensuring a researcher acquires sufficient, relevant, reliable, and accurate information. They include conducting interviews, application of questionnaires, and observations among others. These methods facilitate either qualitative or quantitative data
New Technology in Law Enforcement The age old adage, “set a thief to catch a thief” has played an important role in catching up with the current crop of criminals, highly motivated through increased technological advancements. Crime is gradually shifting from manual to automatic or digital nature. Physical crime has been characterized by high levels
Disciplining Judges Judicial officers are employees of federal and state courts and their role is to ensure fair application of justice. In Texas, judges are expected to respect to the Code of Judicial Conduct, which command them to honor the judicial office and enhance confidence in the legal system. A senior judge can take appropriate
Isis Terrorist Group Terrorism has been one of the world’s major international problems. As early as the 18th century, there were fears of terror attacks. These however were majorly based on ideological and political differences. At the time, there have been changes in the face of terror. The main basis of terror in the world
Gun Violence It can be described as any form of violence that involves the use of dangerous materials such as guns to fight. Violence is a real problem that is growing at an alarming rate in the U.S and the entire globe, thus it should be properly understood, and dealt with (Robinson, 2013). There are
The Biological Theory of Deviance During the early 20th century, after the development of the Darwin theory, Cesaro Lombroso, who was a famous Italian medical criminologist, came up with the theory of deviance. In developing the theory, the criminologist employed and applied principles and schools of thought based on a unique set of beliefs. These
The Three Strikes Law The overall rationale underlying the three strikes law The three strikes law is generally referred to as proposition 184; it was created by the voters in 1994 (The Secretary of state, 2015). The criminal law proposed long prison terms for specific repeat criminals. This law demands that an individual convicted of
Education and Training Programs Available to Inmates across America Prisons have been very closely associated with severe punishments in addition to the restrictions and the general loss of rights. Traditionally, prisons have been thought as places where wrong doers are restricted, for a period of time, coupled with correction in form of punishments until such
Ethics in Criminal Procedure Ethics can be described as a subdivision of philosophy that deals with values concerning human behavior, with reference to the correctness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the reasons behind those actions (Braswell, McCarthy & McCarthy, 2014).  It also involves organizing, defending and promoting conceptions
Ethics Judicial punishment may not be administered as a way of promoting the good of the criminal and of the society but as a way of punishing the criminal for the wrong, he has committed (Kant, 3). The principle of equality determines the quality and quantity of the punishment a criminal is to receive. This
Rank 1: Storefront Police Officers I ranked this program first since I believe it is the best towards discouraging crime in the community. Primarily this program increases the risks of committing a crime since it establishes police centers in neighborhoods. It is relatively low cost since it involves community policing with only a few policemen
Improving Correctional Officer’s Professionalism Introduction Unlike previously, job performance standards in the corrections department have grown increasingly demanding. As a service industry, the public expects high quality performance at all times. Besides providing security, correctional officers perform various other responsibilities including following up emergency procedures, supervising daily activities of the in mates, transporting in mates
Cuba Prisons are known for the torture both mental and physical that the inmates are forced to endure. Correctional institutions, in general, though meant to make the inmates better people do more harm than good to the people. Though the inmate comes out a better person in most cases, the torture that they have to
Abstract An uncomplicated definition of crisis is a situation deemed to be threatening, and that has the potential to cause harm, to the people, property, and an enterprise. A crisis can also interrupt the normal business operations, as well as the overall reputation of an organization. Most experts believe that with proper communication, a crisis
Arguments For and Against Capital Punishment Introduction Capital punishment remains one of the most contested issues in the society today. The ultimate objective of criminal justice system is rehabilitating the criminals in order to safeguard the society from individuals who have not been rehabilitated. Proponents of capital punishment have been able indicate convincingly that capital
Personality disorders and criminal behavior Narcissistic personality disorder The antisocial personality disorder is categorized in the DSM-IV as a group of people who are not able to abide by the social norms; these people show consistent criminal and antisocial behavior, linking the disorder to criminal activities (Dougherty & Moeller, 2001). Because the disorder is immensely
Human Rights and Freedoms: Environmental Rights Introduction The United Nations Charter principles recognize that inherent dignity provide equal and inalienable rights to all members belonging to the human family. Thus, it is a foundation that ensures the human family enjoys freedom, peace, and justice across the global platform. It is however vital to note that
Introduction to Criminal Justice Criminal justice refers to the use of criminal law and criminal procedures to punish offenders and maintain order in the society. The society defines crimes by setting standards for acceptable and unacceptable behavior (Croddy & Hayes, 2012, p. 7). Acts that injure the society are prohibited using specific laws. This means,
Death Penalty Introduction Philip Kayser claimed the United States government was losing the sense of delivering justice at a fast and worrying pace. This is because rapists, murderers, and other criminals are being sentenced to and facing the death penalty. He asserted that prisons and death penalty are not biblical forms of delivering justice. This
Criminal Justice System Nick Wing and Lilly Workneh authored an article on March 2015 through the Huffington-post blog affirming that, police officers and prosecutors are treating black people in the music industry as criminals. They observed that, rappers from the black community write songs about the struggles, failures, societal ills and successes they experience. They
A New Correctional Facility Correctional facilities play an integral role in the criminal justice system. All manner of criminals are sent to these facilities in order to serve their jail sentences. Systems and practices have been put in place as a countermeasure to deter or control the social menace brought by crime. These systems and
Juvenile Delinquency That Join Gangs Introduction Juvenile delinquency is a behavior associated with the young children or juveniles as is commonly referred. The negative behavior exhibited by these children may result in crimes and subsequent legal action. Several communities have witnessed an increase in such crimes. This paper therefore seeks to explore the concept of
  Crime Control Crime is the act of committing an offense or violating the government set rules and laws. It is considered to be a subject that attracts the interest of the public, and the general society believes that the state government and law enforcers have a responsibility of solving the crime problems and maintaining
FBI Reforms The twenty first century dawned with a scourge of terrorism attacks. The main one being the September 11. Terrorism has since become a global threat that requires security agents to stay alert in countering and mitigating any threats. Reuveny and Thompson (2010) claim that terrorism attacks are used to induce fear for the
Introduction The ethics awareness inventory (EAI) score is a tool used to help us understand the way we approach ethical dilemmas in our daily lives. The more we understand this tool the more we can utilize it effectively in making ethical choices (Pollock, 2012). This essay describes my ethical learning style as reflected by EAI

Sample Case Study on Grand Theft

Grand Theft The process of criminal justice entails numerous steps beginning with investigation of criminal offense and ends with the release or conviction of an offender. The process of conviction entails the full or partial withdrawal of the suspect from the community with the objective of subjecting him or her to correctional supervision. The success
Literature Review Racial profiling is a term that has been used to imply racism in criminal justice and covers other social groups with or without the aspect of race. According an article by Schuck et al., it is imperative for definitions of racial profiling not to be conflated with other definitions used in law enforcement
The Exclusionary Rule Bradley, C. (2012). Is the exclusionary rule dead? The Journal of criminal & criminology, 102(1), 1-23. The article reviews the Herring, Davis and Hudson cases, together with other court cases that have considered the Herring case in their decisions. The article establishes that the U.S Supreme Court has this far not eliminated
Death penalty             Death penalty, also known capital punishment, is a form of punishment meted to a convicted person. The criminal offences that can attract such punishment are capital crimes. The term capital was derived from Latin word, Capitalis, which literary means “the head”. The practice was widely used in many societies in the past.
A trial by jury or jury trial is a legal proceeding where a jury either makes a finding of a fact or a decision, which then direct the actions of the judge. It is different from a bench trial where a panel of judges makes all decisions. It consists of five steps: the selection of
Criminal Justice Definition and Functions of a Judge A judge represents a person who is truly impartial, deciding each case as on its merits as they appear to him/her following the reason for deciding as required by the law. Judges are obliged to undertake numerous workloads on behaving of the state government and their citizens.
Gun sale and control Introduction             Gun control describes laws as well as policies that control the manufacture, sale, exchange, ownership, development, and usage of firearms. The concept is mainly employed to describe domestic regulation of possession, distribution, and usage of firearms, which particularly include weapons classified as small arms. These laws and policies vary
Counseling, counselor, offenders Introduction Counseling mainly entails implementing practices that help individuals improve their wellbeing, relieve anguish and maladjustment as well as resolve conflicts. The objective of offender counseling is generally based on two key arguments (Jones & Bartlett 5). The first position contends that the objective of offender counseling intends to decrease recidivism. The
Sexual Assault in prisons Based on numerous concerns raised about sexual assault/harassment in prisons, I decided to carry out independent and all-inclusive research regarding the same. To achieve this, I first identified the prison I would get my sample size for interviewing or rather my respondents. Interviewing everyone may be tedious and unrealistic and hence
Leadership: Personal Issues and the Rules of Law Police officers play a critical role in ensuring that all citizens, as well as foreigners living in a particular geographic area, are adequately protected. Police officers are part of the government, and the government has a responsibility of serving the interests of the public. According to the
Police Discretion Introduction Police discretion is a very significant issue in matters that concerns criminal justice. There has been constant predicament between strict enforcement of the law and the spirit of the statute. Broadly, discretion can be described as an individuals’ ability to make decisions based on the principle of the course of actions. During
Jurisville The criminal case between Glossip v Gross, heard in the Supreme Court on June 29 2015 is an example of criminal cases heard before an appropriate court. The case involved prisoners who were under death sentences and had sought action of the Supreme Court to change their sentences after Oklahoma court had found them
Prevalence of Juvenile Delinquency among Adolescents Juvenile delinquency is an imprecise, ill-defined, social, legal and clinical label for a wide variety of law-violating behavior. An underage offender can be involved in a variety of acts that violate the law ranging from misdemeanors like school violence to felonies like robbery with violence. Juvenile delinquency among the
Functions of Criminal Justice Agencies and Recent Initiatives for their Improvement The police, courts and corrections are all agencies of the criminal justice system. The agencies operate in synchrony to achieve their legal and ethical responsibilities of preventing and reducing the level of crime. The criminal justice agencies run together in a systematic and coordinated
Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency: Drug Use among Inner City Youth Using the Social Disorganization Theory Drug use is a social problem that has been affecting global communities for decades. Inner cities across United States therefore continue to record high numbers of youths using and abusing drugs. This study will focus on drug use among youths
Annotated Bibliography: Cyber Bullying Adams, F. D., & Lawrence, G. J. (2011). Bullying Victims: The Effects Last into College. American Secondary Education, 40(1), 4-13. Adams and Lawrence authored about cyber bullying based on a scientific view. As a result, they ensured the journal was published in a format supporting the use of scientific facts and
Annotated Bibliography: Cybercrime and Terrorism Covault, C. (2010). Cyber Threat Challenges Intelligence Capability, Aviation Week, and Space Technology. Headline News, 146(6), 20. Covault authored this article in order to emphasize that the United States should to be aware that cybercrime, mainly terrorism, poses great harm to the nation. Covault asserted that cybercrimes have been expanding
Cyberstalking Baughman, L. L. (2010). Friend request or foe? Confirming the misuse of internet and social networking sites by domestic violence perpetrators. Widener Law Journal, 19(3), 933-966 This article provides pertinent information, particularly in numbers of internet users in the US. From the study, it is apparent that 79 percent of American adults were online
Sadistic Sexual Assault Introduction Sadistic sexual assault is a form of abuse involving acts of torture, violence, over-control, ritual involvements, and emotional abuse. Persons from both genders can experience sadistic sexual assault at any age. For example, male children can experience sadistic sexual abuse perpetrated by either friends or family members. Young female children however
International Terrorism Introduction International terrorism entails a “premeditated thereat or threat or use of violence by individuals…or substantial groups…to obtain…a social objective through intimidation of a…larger audience” (Gaibulloeve and Sandler, 2008, p. 5). Terrorist organizations such as the Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East, Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Al-Shabaab in
Book Review: Trust in the Law: Encouraging Public Cooperation with the Police and Courts. One of the most persistent questions in the fight against crime is the reason why people comply with the authority. This question has formed the basis of social inquiry for many authorities across different divides. Tom R Tyler, together with Yuen
Sexual Assault in the Military Introduction Among the problems that the military faces is sexual assault. The United States’ Department of Defense defines sexual assault as follows: Intentional sexual contact characterized by use of force, threats, intimidation, or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent. The term includes a broad
Evidence against Anne Ellison and Others   Subject: Evidence against Anne Ellison and Others To: New Chief Attorney, USA Date: October 24, 2015 From: Special Agent T.S. Pittkins, Anti-Terrorism Unit Issue Presented Thanks for taking over the case, Anne Ellison. The case has undergone intensive investigation and is in the later stages. With the finalization
Socioeconomic and Political Issues Due to Cyber Crimes and Terrorism Introduction The security landscape regarding cyberspaces has been evolving due to the increasing cyber threats being witnessed. Cyber criminals have enhanced their skills ensuring they conduct criminal activities through the internet without being noticed or identified. As a result, various public and private security agencies
Cyber Ethics and Cyber Terrorism Cyber terrorism refers to the actions undertaken by cyber criminals due to lack of cyber ethics in order to use force and violence against innocent victims within cyberspaces. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defined terrorism as unlawful acts involving criminals striving to intimidate, coerce, force, threaten, and violate people and
Police and Community Relations Community policing was introduced so solve a myriad of challenges to improve the service in a friendly manner to the community they serve. This service rendered is to be above reproach and must involve the community. In developing such partnership with the community the philosophy is enhanced there is much trust
Cyber stalking Introduction The National Cyber Security Alliance defines cyber stalking as the acts and behaviors of harassing, threatening, and violating online users repeatedly. It asserts that, more than twenty percent online users in America fall prey to cyber stalking. The perpetrators target victims they can easily unending send emails, text messages, and social media
Police and Community Relations Community policing was introduced so solve a myriad of challenges to improve the service in a friendly manner to the community they serve. This service rendered is to be above reproach and must involve the community. In developing such partnership with the community the philosophy is enhanced there is much trust
Psychological Support Agency Framework in Support of a National Catastrophic Event Introduction The occurrence of a catastrophic event in a nation may lead to economic, social, and political hardships in the country.  As much as the country may put in place measures to prevent the occurrence of disasters, some of them happen without any prior
FBI Training vs. Paramilitary Training Many law enforcement agencies train their agents in the necessary processes and procedures involved in the protection and enforcement of the law to ensure adherence to laid down procedure and proper law enforcement. Depending on the agency, however, the training received for each of the law enforcement agencies are specifically
Describe the Methodological Design Purpose of the research There has been an ongoing debate in the United States concerning the legalization of marijuana and its impact not only on the youths but also the criminal justice system. There are those in favor and those against the move to legalize marijuana with the latter arguing that
Mandatory arrest and domestic violence Introduction Domestic violence which is also known by different names such as the spouse abuse or even the domestic abuse is a behavioral pattern that encompasses abuse and violence of a spouse within the domestic set up. Domestic set up include intimate relationships such as marriage, cohabitation, or simply a
Criminal Justice Policy SB In the United States, just like several other countries, great success and achievements have been witnessed in police departments in recent years. These are highlighted in the significant reduction of crime rates and several other illegal activities in which civilians are involved. Research indicates that crime rates in the US have
Racial Profiling on Juveniles in Urban Communities Introduction             Racial profiling defines an act of believing or suspecting that a person belonging to a certain race is a criminal because of existing stereotypes about that race. As explained by Rice (2010), racial profiling defines discriminatory acts carried out by law enforcement executives against targeted individuals
Forensic Investigation Forensic biology is vital in this case because it will be used to know the time since the death of a person. After death, the human body decomposes in different stages; each stage of decomposition has its unique biological characteristics which can be used to estimate the time since death. Each stage of
Stress in Policing Introduction There is no doubt that policing is one of the occupations that places the stakeholders involved at continuous risks. Globally, police officers play a similar role in maintaining law and order in the society, and this implies that they have to deal with citizens on the wrong side of the law.
Comprehensive Exam: Theory Theory Question 2 There is an argument that “There is nothing new under of the sun” except for the new development in criminology, the so-called “life course theories of criminality.” The life course approaches or perspectives have for a long time been used in myriads of subject matters including criminology, psychology, history,
Police Brutality Introduction Police brutality denotes the abuse of power through ill-treatment and unnecessary infliction of too much force by personnel responsible for law enforcement while undertaking their official obligations (The United States Department of Justice par. 1-4). In the course of the last one and a half years, almost two thousand individuals have been
Ethan Couch Case Introduction             Community supervision, which defines an alternative correctional approach to incarceration, is widely being recognized as a viable option that allows offenders to receive important rehabilitative services. According to Klingele (2013), the use of community supervision in place of incarceration is solely intended to reduce the disproportionately growing incarceration rates that
Terrorism events in US since 9/11 It is agreeable that terrorism has become a global menace in recent years with numerous innocent lives being lost throughout the world to acts of terrorism. Various bodies and individuals have different definitions of terrorism, with the UN General Assembly defining it as criminal behaviors or actions that are
Arbitration in Mediation The concept, principle and act of victim-offender mediation originated in Kitchener, Ontario after two young lads were said to have destroyed private properties after getting drunk and going on a rampage (Johnstone & Van Ness, 2007, p. 212). After being taken to the court, the boys were allowed to go to the
Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Plea The Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Plea also known as the insanity defense is a scenario in a court of law where the defendant is exempted from any criminal actions or behaviors due to perceived mental illness (Fersch, 2005). Such rulings are common in countries such as
Racism in Police Introduction The issue of racism in police is increasingly because a topic of debate across the United States. Racism in police can be described as a set of attitudes, convictions, and undertakings that are employed in the justification of inferiorly or superiorly treating racial groups by the law enforcement officers. Racism entails
Capstone 1 Which aspect/strategy of Policing do you consider the most important and why? Policing is a fundamental role in criminal justice. Over the past few early centuries, there were minimal to no policing for normal citizens. Policing is simply the implementation of law and order by the police and federal law enforcement agencies (Bernard
Introduction Background Information Criminal activity in residential areas is mainly restricted to breaking and entering and stealing from dwellings. When breakage occurs with the aim of committing a felony, as well as when a felony is committed within a residential area without breaking, the aspect of residential burglary comes to mind. Several issues have been
Technology in Law Enforcement Technology is currently used virtually in most places with the criminal justice system heavily relying on the use of information systems to implement law and order. The criminal justice agency remains one of the state agencies that heavily rely on technology to help analyze and curb various instances of crime in
Terrorism events in US since 9/11 It is agreeable that terrorism has become a global menace in recent years with numerous innocent lives being lost throughout the world to acts of terrorism. Various bodies and individuals have different definitions of terrorism, with the UN General Assembly defining it as criminal behaviors or actions that are
The recommendations for improving successful reentry of offenders into the community. What are the key issues individual prisoners’ faces when leaving incarceration? Incarceration is the confinement of a person by the judicial system convicted with crimes whether before or after criminal conviction and it apply to both adults and juveniles. Inmate go through experiences affecting
White-Collar Crimes: Case Study of Julian Assange A white-color crime is a nonviolent offense or crime that is committed by high or middle-status individuals such as government and business professionals involving the use of manipulation and deceit in their job duties for financial gain. Standard white color crimes are money laundering, copyright infringement, embezzlement, insider
Racism in Police Introduction The issue of racism in police is increasingly because a topic of debate across the United States. Racism in police can be described as a set of attitudes, convictions, and undertakings that are employed in the justification of inferiorly or superiorly treating racial groups by the law enforcement officers. Racism entails
The collection of evidence starts immediately after the investigator identifies and documents the crime scene (Karagiozis, 2005). Generally, the easy to lose pieces of evidence, fragile and any evidence that needs to be moved should be collected first. Since other forms of evidence may not be correctly documented, the investigator should reinforce the evidence with
Administration Position Problem Statement In the recent past, there has been an increase in the level of rape cases in both men’s and the women’s prisons across the country. This concern has diverse effects on the health and the social status of the various inmates in the country. The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was
Illicit Drug Decriminalization, Legalization and Drug Control Policies The debate on illicit drug decriminalization, legalization and removal of penalties on drug abuse has been going on for some time, as policy makers strive to find solutions to drug trafficking and use. Drug use and dependence has become a major threat to global health, particularly in
Administration Position Problem Statement In the recent past, there has been an increase in the level of rape cases in both men’s and the women’s prisons across the country. This concern has diverse effects on the health and the social status of the various inmates in the country. The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was
Abstract Military sexual assault is a prevalent concept among many military disciplines, notwithstanding several efforts to end the menace. Certainly, the militaries’ deficiency of advancement has been traced to originate from the intricacy caused by sexual assaults. To establish efficient approaches and plans aimed at terminating sexual assault in the military, there is a need
Roles in Cross-Disciplinary Case Management There is a growing concern in the society today regarding the number of young people in the juvenile system. Different stakeholders from the parents, school, juvenile courts, and service have a difficult task in stopping young people from ending up in the juvenile system as well as incorporating them once
Correctional Issues: Custody vs. Treatment Treatment is more important than custody in the context of correctional policy in criminal justice because of the long-term and sustainable solution it offers for the behavioral or criminal problem. While conviction and punishment of guilty offenders is an important element of the criminal justice system, I believe that delivering
Sociological Episodes: Interactions between a Bartender and Clients Introduction I went to the Showtime Lounge to assemble data that would be usable in my study. The study intends to make innovative contributions to the understanding of customer and bartender practices that help in attaining central activities in the appreciation service encounter. This will go a
Criminal Justice: RJ 3000 Chapter 7 Assignment 1 A person is convicted of criminal homicide if he knowingly, recklessly or intentionally causes another one to die (California, 2015). In addition, a person is liable for criminal homicide if he causes death of another by way of criminal negligence. Corpus Delicti describes the evidence that shows
Police-Community Relations Introduction Building and maintaining community trust is the cornerstone of successful policing and law enforcement. The success of police not only depends on the development of their own capabilities and skills but also on the creation of competent community relationships. Community policing acknowledge that the police department succeeds in achieving their goals by
How juvenile cases can be heard in adult court Juveniles have their court system. However, there are some instances when they can be tried in adult courts. Trial of a juvenile in adult courts can be a result of involvement in a serious crime, the juvenile being an older minor, having gone through a rehabilitation
Comparison between United Arab Emirates and US The US and UAE share some things but greatly differ in other aspects like business practice, ethical standards, bribery laws among other things.  To do business in both countries you must be able to meet the legal and ethical standards that have been set by bodies that are
Abstract This paper assesses the nature of dementia as a neurodegenerative and debilitating condition in a patient’s life and the ethical and cultural problems that relate with its diagnosis, treatment, and management. The context of this assessment is recognition that Dementia is one of the greatest concerns in global healthcare today. The condition involves damage
Discuss the importance and reliability of crime statistics when researching into crime rates. Introduction Statistics, whether qualitative or quantitative, is critical in any sphere of the society. It paints a picture of trends in the past and present while also providing a platform for giving projection on future trends. Statistics is therefore critical in planning

Sample Essay on Tricked

Tricked Discuss “Boyfriending in” as it is described in the film. What is the process of this practice? What does it tell you about the pimps/traffickers who use this practice? The movie tricked sheds light on human trafficking and sex trade especially in the United States. In the movie the term ‘boy friending in’ is
Abstract Though the interconnection between delinquency and substance abuse in adolescence is well recorded, significantly less is known about substance-use initiation in early years for juvenile delinquent populaces. Many males and females use at least one substance (except cigarettes) like alcohol, marijuana, or inhalants by age 13. Alcohol use allegedly occurs by age 10 for
Punishment and Correction             Punishment in criminal justice system defines an infliction or even imposition of a detrimental action upon an individual or a group of people as retribution for engaging in a behavior that is considered unacceptable, violating or threatening to societal norms or rules and laws through which a societal group is controlled.
Law Enforcement Misconduct Law enforcement misconduct consists of unethical or illegal acts by law enforcement officers during the conduct of their duties that results in the violations of an individual’s constitutional rights. Misconduct is pervasive in the police departments with the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project stating that on an annual basis about 1% of
Punishment and Correction             Punishment in criminal justice system defines an infliction or even imposition of a detrimental action upon an individual or a group of people as retribution for engaging in a behavior that is considered unacceptable, violating or threatening to societal norms or rules and laws through which a societal group is controlled.
Introduction The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the country’s head civil rights enactment. The Act banned segregation on the premise of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, required equivalent access to public spots and employment, and upheld integration of schools and the privilege to vote. It did not end segregation, yet it opened
Criminal Justice Ethics Ethical theories are an important part of the decision-making process and in criminal justice especially, they are important in ensuring that the best outcomes are achieved in every situation. The criminal justice field is broad and accommodates numerous ethical theories in its fold. This paper thus analyzes the ethical theories articulated in

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Agencies all over the World are vested with unique responsibilities. These ensure that programs of a country progress as needed. One such agency that has been in the limelight is the United States citizenship and immigration service (USCIS). It is a wide agency under the homeland security vested with overseeing immigration aspects. The United States
Criminological theories Introduction Criminology is the scientific study of the causes of crime. Criminology studies are guided by several theories mainly from sociology; biology and psychology fields. The scientific study of the causes of delinquency and crime has been historically guided by theories. A study conducted by Weisburd, Groff & Yang (2012) reveals that the
Explanation of the Article and its Findings Nagin, Daniel S., and Greg Pogarsky. (2003). An Experimental Investigation of Deterrence: Cheating, Self-Serving Bias, and Impulsivity. Criminology 41: 167- 193. Introduction The article provides details of a randomized study that was done by Nagin Daniel and Greg Pogarsky in 2003 to determine various elements of individual and
Edmund Kemper Biography Edmund Emil Kemper was born on December 18, 1948 in California. He committed the abduction and killed several women in the 1970s. Further, he murdered his grandparents, as well as his mother. After his parents divorced in 1957, he moved with his mother and his siblings to Montana. He had difficult relation

Sample Essay on Freedom vs. Security

Freedom vs. Security Introduction Freedom is regarded as the rights that are enshrined to a person by the law while security is the protection that is given to the freedom and the persons guaranteed to these freedoms. Sullivan (p. 33) notes that both freedom and security guarantee one to not to be deprived of freedom
Gun Violence amongst Teenagers in the United States Introduction On several occasions, teenagers in the United States have been involved in violent crimes as perpetrators, victims or witnesses (David & Simon, 2014). Violent crimes involve a deliberate use of physical force or power against another person group or community, which may result in injury, death,
Importance of Communication Communication is one of the crucial components in every successful organization. Effective communication entails proper flow of information from one person to another in the right time and the right context. Law enforcement organization includes group associations starting from local neighborhood watch groups up to the international groups. These organizations are established
Abstract White-collar crimes continue to occur around the world and they affect everyone. While a specific street crime might have one or two victims, white-collar crimes have a large number of victims, and on certain levels, some are so shocking that they actually may affect all members of society. They are of various types. But
Chimel vs. California Citation Chimel vs California 395 U.S. 752, 89 S. Ct. 2034, 23 L. Ed.2d 685 (1969) Facts A rare store coin was robbed and Ted Chimel was the main suspect according to the police investigations. On 13th September 1965, three police officers went to Chimel’s home at Santa Ana armed with an

Sample Essay on Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency Introduction Juvenile delinquency is a fundamental social and economic problem not only in the United States but globally. Shoemaker (2013) states that juvenile delinquency encompasses set of behaviors that define an individual and are always not in line with the expectations and ethical beliefs of particular social structure and group. Significantly, studies have
Ethics and Professional Behavior Introduction This paper will be premised on analyzing the correlation between ethics and professional behavior, particularly in the administration of criminal justice. An explanation regarding the role of critical thinking in the relationship of ethics and professional behavior will be given. In addition, this paper will give a proposal for a
Annotated Bibliography: Criminal Justice and Excited Delirium Baldwin, S. (2014). Excited delirium syndrome (ExDS): Understanding the issues and reducing the risks associated with police use of force (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. In this dissertation, Baldwin focuses on an investigation of the meaning attributed to the excited delirium syndrome and the influence of

Sample Essay on Hazard Mitigation

Hazard Mitigation Introduction Hazard refers to any activity, process or phenomenon that causes risk to human life, and property or creates an adverse impact upon the environment. It is hard to prevent such events  since they occur abruptly and they may happen in large magnitude. However, it is possible to manage and to reduce the
Sex Offender Registry The history of sex offender registry dates back to around 1994 when some states required convicted sex offenders to register with the local police. In 1996, Jacob Wetterling CACSVOA demanded that all states should implement a registration program for sex offenders. However, the implementation was not properly executed and the up to
Injustice in Wealth Gap, Mass Incarceration and/or Racialized Policing The explosion of incarceration and criminalization in the post-civil rights period is basically a project in macro injustice and racism. Also, it is a program deeply linked to change political economics in high levels of capitalism. Multinational globalization looks for cheaper labor more profit. Maximization plays
Injustice in Wealth Gap, Mass Incarceration and/or Racialized Policing The explosion of incarceration and criminalization in the post-civil rights period is basically a project in macro injustice and racism. Also, it is a program deeply linked to change political economics in high levels of capitalism. Multinational globalization looks for cheaper labor more profit. Maximization plays

Sample Essay on Criminal Law Exam

Criminal Law Exam Question 1 Dusky v. United States, 362 U.S. 402 (1960) was a landmark United States Supreme Court case that dealt with Milton Dusky petition against the decision made by a lower court. Milton Dusky was charged with playing a part in the rape and kidnapping of an underage female, both of which

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Fingerprints Fingerprints boast a long history in their use for individual identification. The uniqueness of individual fingerprints makes them one of the best individualizers, and therefore they are used as identification tools in program enrolment, identification documents, and most importantly in investigating crimes (Cherry & Imwinkelried, 2006). Interestingly, although fingerprint identification has been employed in
The Police: History, Structure, and Functions Introduction Police are law administration officers often regarded either negatively or positively depending on how they execute their duties. Recently, they have been judged and criticized for engaging in illegal and unethical activities. For example, some police officers have been accused of being racists for shooting innocent members of
How Human Nature Relates to Crime Crime is condemned everywhere in the world. While various attempts have been made to control crime, none of them has been successful. Since the nineteenth century, various studies have been done to explain the relationship between crime and human nature (Walsh 50). Several researchers with explanations on how humans
Homicide Crime Investigation Overview The homicide crime scene is the most crucial scene which needs careful analysis and also protection as investigation is being conducted. The main aim is always to find out what happened and identify the main perpetrators of the crime. This requires intelligent and careful examination of the crime scene accompanied with
The Life of Anatoly Onoprienko Anatoly was among the many killers that committed several murdersin Eastern Europe. The serial killer confessed in one of his interviews after his arrest that he had committed 52 murders in a period of six years from 1989 to 1996 in Ukraine (Newton, 2008). Most of the murders were committed
Unethical Police Operations Introduction It is extremely difficult to separate police service from corruption, misconduct and brutality occasioned by police officers. Studies have elaborated that in situations,where an officer uses force, it is important for the officer in question to justify such use of force (Bergman& Berman-Barrett, 2015). Criminal justice and law enforcement is governed by
Questions What are the family’s influences on delinquent behavior? Crosswhite and Kerpelman support that family contributes significantly as the strongest forces of socializing in the life of a person (611). A family, therefore, acts as the foundation of human society. It plays a core role of teaching children various ways of controlling improper behaviors. Families,

Criminological Research Paper

Criminological Research Paper This research paper evaluates Bernard Madoff, a renowned American fraudster who perpetrated the world’s largest Ponzi scheme; an evaluation that will be carried out with the help of Anomie theory. The essay will attempt to explain why Madoff became a fraudster. The first part starts by evaluating Anomie theory. The second part
Immigration Policy Introduction After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the United States’ immigration system was changed to bolster existing security measures. The terror attack led to altering of immigration policies as well.  Discussions regarding the immigration policies had been a staple of nightly news since the 1990s while the Free Trade Agreements realigned economies in
Crime prevention in relation to the views of the classical school of criminology According to the beliefs of the classical school of criminology, people have free will and that they make decisions whether or not to commit crimes. Classical theory contends that wrongdoing is a result of natural forces and forces of this world, like
Generational Differences in the Criminal Justice Workforce The are several agencies in the criminal justice system, which include the law enforcement, comprising the courts, police as well as corrections. The main objective of the agencies is to promote safety in the society. In addition, the agencies perform different roles that make it possible to achieve
Victimization How Victims May Protect Themselves from Victimization If victims choose to remain silent, the silence leads to shame and guilt, which results in additional victimization and usually further defending the abusers from accountability for their actions. In such cases, the victims are left with more pain and heartache. Studies have established that recovering from