The term “white-collar crime” was coined by Edwin Sutherland in the year 1939, as an approach of challenging the typical theories and stereotypes. During that era, crime was generally regarded to be an undertaking of disadvantaged young men who were raised in decaying neighborhoods and broken households. As an expert in the field of criminology
The Hillside Strangler Introduction The dramatic case study of  The Hillside Strangler is a psychological study of a brutal murderer charged with numerous crimes which include rape and murder among other crimes. These crimes were gruesome secrets unknown to all including the murderer (Schwarz, 2001). The case focuses on Ken Bianchi a handsome, friendly, and
Criminology Crime news is considered as the most read news. For this reason, such news is normally given the first priority in any news bulletin or newspaper. It goes without saying that there is no day that ends without crime reports. Below are some pieces of news that were considered as hot crime news between
  Abstract This study will ascertain the impacts of alcoholism on domestic violence. The association of alcoholism with domestic violence is touchy and sensitive since it draws together a friendly and an anti-sociable conduct. United States Congress has enacted some major laws aimed at assisting victims of domestic violence. Aggressive married men have highly developed
Background With the rising number of terror attacks, current literature on crime prevention indicates that crime rate has been on the rise worldwide. Major cities with sophisticated crime prevention mechanisms have not been left out because the number of crime rate is also rising even in these cities (Clancey, 2011). According to Yilmaz (2013), community