3.0. A COLLECTION OF NUMBERS AS A MATHEMATICAL OBJECT Exercise 1: Pick three other applications and propose natural groupings of numbers for those applications. i. Group of whole numbers e.g.{0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} are applicable in of coordinates axes for graphical representation. ii. Group of rational number for instance { 31, 32, 74 } are applicable in precise proration
The salient points of this chapter are the fact that the relationship between urban life and poverty, urban experience, and education as well as the urban life and the life of parents. This life has been taken as a disgusting life being perceived by many people. For instance, from the discussion, we can see that
I learnt that Leadership typically does need negotiation, and great leaders are always competent negotiators. It requires appeal to interests of the people, communicate with them, and present your ideas to convince them to follow your lead-all of these are elements of effective negotiation. There is a planning process before commencing talks which include planning
What is it like to be a mother? What are the traditional roles of women in the family? Are girls' expectations consistent with the institution of family vastly different from those outlined two centuries ago? Or do women now have the ability to direct their own lives in terms of family, education, and career? The
Socialization entails the process of learning what is expected from oneself by the community they interact with. Through socialization, individuals understand what is termed normal and how to maintain respectful borders when interacting with others. Besides, through socialization, humans learn unacceptable behavior and the negative treatments that accompany behaviors outside the norm. My personality has
Question 1 Culture is a complex concept that encompasses many facets of human life, including language, beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, material objects, and technologies. Culture is not static but is constantly evolving, changing, and adapting to new environments and influences. It is a shared and learned phenomenon deeply embedded in people's everyday lives worldwide. Surface
School-aged children between the ages of five and twelve are in a crucial physical and cognitive development period, where they learn to interact with their environment and develop skills crucial to their future. When assessing School-aged children, the assessment techniques should be matched to the child's characteristics and level of development, considering the physical and
Abstract Parental care and involvement as well as co-curricular activities in schools are demonstrated as a key and major factor in the academic performance and outcomes of many children. Therefore, the major goal for this study and research is to investigate if parental care and involvement as well as the participation in co-curricular activities in
Trigger warnings are warnings at the beginning of a blog, article, or video that indicates the emotional distress and potential trauma that an audience can have upon reading, listening, or viewing. The blog, article, and video may include items such as suicide, rape, sexual abuse, among others. The study discusses the views that other authors
Aguilera-Hermida, A. P. (2020). College students’ use and acceptance of emergency online learning due to Covid-19. International Journal of Educational Research Open, 1, 100011. https://reader.elsevier.com/reader/sd/pii/S266637402030011X?token=545606E2A6C6CE 02FEA7618F84BE85D2B632085023A5A84D0ADBB0C15AF732F9D0B9A7986A47C 33E907045CA87DE1690 Due to the spread of Covid-19 globally, higher education has advanced in delivering education through the introduction of technology. The author affirms the introduction of online learning has played a
Unit Title: Communication Skills Unit Description The Unit shall be included in any course relating to communication, leadership and media. The unit shall be involved in enhancing communication and public speaking. The unit shall include listening skills while in a midst of people (Stevens, Mills & Kuchel, 2019). The unit shall also involve enabling the
Introduction Intercultural communication is becoming more imperative in a world where almost everything is international. Traditionally, only diplomats and international managers showed concern for Intercultural communication and its effects on society. Today people from all over the world communicate with each other. Current technologies and the internet have caused this phenomenon to occur frequently. This
Introduction Comparing Fractions The activity aims at assisting students to develop flexibility with a number of strategies. It sets expectations for various procedures of ordering fractions. Although determining a common denominator of comparing fractions is a good strategy, it is inefficient for numerous pairs of fractions (Ebby, Sirinides, Supovitz, & Oettinger, 2013). For instance, in
Statement of Purpose This class is committed to taking care of each student’s needs. Classroom management will therefore be an aspect of teaching. Due to different categories and needs of the eight students in the classroom, it is important that thelearning environment is suitable to all the scholars. This will be achieved by creating a
In the life of a student and a teacher, timing is all that matters. This means that in the lives of these two groups of people, assessments that are performed at the right time bring out the difference between how one may gather data for the purpose of evaluation, and how assessments can be used
According to the findings in the article “Education Gap Grows”, Education is slowly failing as an equalizer in the American society. As mentioned, education has had the capability of “lifting the less advantaged children and improving their chances for success as adults”. This has been on for many decades until recently when it was noted
Introduction Having a healthy environment in elementary schools is of paramount importance. It ensures the success of any educational programs that are implemented. It is fundamental for the realization of desirable learning outcomes that are of quality. To improve the health of the surrounding the key thing is prevention. Steps have to be taken towards
Introduction Starting school is a very important period for young children, as well as their families and educators. It is one of the major challenges that children face in their early years, and a huge step for them and their families. A child’s transition to primary school can be influenced by various contexts, including the
  INSTITUTION FOCUSED STUDY UCL INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION 2 ABSTRACT This study, using the case of Lagos Business School, examines the various strategies employed by higher education institutions to administer their employability skills to students and how effective those strategies are in enhancing the students’ employability and job retention capacities. The study utilized qualitative analysis
Abstract The job market for fresh university graduates in Qatar has been hard to navigate considering that most expats are finding it hard to bag a job in the industries dominated by Qataris. On the other hand, Qataris graduates are not satisfied with the Qatarisation program that has been implemented by the government, as they
Abstract The paper aims at highlighting the concepts of assessment in early childhood. It gives an insight of the various methods of assessment that can be used to assess with a young child. There is an explanation of different forms of formal and informal assessments methods. The paper also highlights the factors to consider when
Introduction Comparing Fractions The activity aims at assisting students to develop flexibility with a number of strategies. It sets expectations for various procedures of ordering fractions. Although determining a common denominator of comparing fractions is a good strategy, it is inefficient for numerous pairs of fractions (Ebby, Sirinides, Supovitz, & Oettinger, 2013). For instance, in
Studying abroad has become an important aspect to the higher education sectors of many counties, because studying abroad will make students advance in many aspects of their life. Studying abroad will help students to become better in their life and in many aspects it will cater their academic, personal, cultural and carrier growth. Education is
Education and Community-Based Programs Quality and health of life depend on various factors and systems, mostly on well- functioning health and medical care system. However, making developments within existing systems, such as improving policies and programs effectively improves the health of many individuals in the community. For the community to perform well in the health
STEEPLE ANALYSIS AND BALANCED SCORECARD FOR RESTRUCTURING THE ENROLLMENT DEPARTMENT IN A COLLEGE The STEEPLE analysis takes into account the social, technological, economic, environmental, political and legal factors affecting the institution. Social Factors. The institution is planning on reducing the required minimum education level for admission from a diploma to a certificate so as to
1. Explain the essential difference between effective and ineffective teachers. Many a time the answers have tried to be sort to provide what elements and factors surmount to students development and learning. Varying from providing different organizational structures in curriculum and instructional way of approach, but none of them provided the outcomes as expected. According
As technology is being introduced in education, its use in teaching still pose a challenge. Although many schools today have technology at their disposal, equipped teachers, and ambiance environment, application of technology in classroom is still minimal. Pedagogical belief leads to low level application of technology by teachers in class. Use of technology in education
Institutional social welfare is proactive, available to everyone regardless of need, and it is in place to prevent problems. Some examples are social security and public education. I believe this form of social service is beneficial for everyone because it does not leave out anyone based on if they need the coverage or not. This
Chua (2011) states that she has never allowed her children to attend sleepovers, be in a school play, have a play date among other recreational and co-curriculum activities that their peers engaged in. Using the terms “Chinese mother” and “Western parents” loosely, research has shown marked and quantifiable differences between Chinese parenting styles and Western
INTERNATIONAL SERVICE LEARNING: IMPROVING THE LIVING CONDITIONS OF UNDERPRIVILEGED COMMUNITIES AROUND THE WORLD   Introduction International Service Learning (ISL) is a non- governmental organization that focuses on providing both professionals and students with an opportunity to engage in organized activities aimed at helping underprivileged populations in different countries. The organization was conceived in 1994. Through
Cooperative groups, also referred to as cooperative learning, is a study group where students work in small groups for learning purposes and the assessment is done, bringing out an estimated performance. It reduces independent working and fosters cooperation among students exposing them to different cultures and ethnicities so as to enhance cohesiveness as they grow
Early childhood curriculum refers various elements that help a child development both cognitively and socially. Curriculum is also essential in the development of the learning abilities of a child. Tersely, without curriculum, a child is likely to suffer from various hardships such as problem resolution and social skills in their future lives. Children need an
Does social media has a positive or negative impact on students? Social media has permeated every sphere of life in the modern world. As access to internet and social media-enabling electronic gadgets such as smartphones and computers continue to rise, almost everybody and every part of the globe is becoming connected through social media platforms.
Introduction The present society is one that has been characterized by extensive commercialization as everything has an attached price and the trend of conspicuous consumption has apparently been embraced in diverse sectors of life. Essentially, the media and political specialists continually remind us that the present educational system must nurture learners to cultivate a competitive
Introduction Essentially, children between the ages of 3-5 years have a higher infinity to early developmental delays that may result in attention deficiency disorders and hyperactivity. The condition tends to affect the children’s overall behavior. The extent of this condition is particularly notable among preschoolers in early childhood classes where the victims tend to experiences
My interest in the field of global technology and development has pushed me to strengthen my work experiences, studies, and training through further education. My bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science has been a life-changing achievement and has motivated me to invest in a Master’s degree. Currently, I plan to pursue the Global Technology and Development
Gender roles in the 19th and 21st centuries Gender issues have been covered in education for centuries since the struggle for gender equality has also been in existence for a long period. Gender roles are defined as the attitudes, behavior, and values that the community deems appropriate for different genders. Women and men have been
The description of the function of macronutrients The common micronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are responsible for the provision of energy to the body system. The body requires such energy to maintain most of its functions such as various physical activities. The nutrients are also important in strengthening tissue structures, regulating the hormonal
Educating Kids about Mental Health When dealing with children who have mental conditions, it is the teachers’ responsibility to ensure that these children not only feel comfortable in their environment but also that the other students understand their predicament and what to do to help them. Nevertheless, explaining to young children about mental health issues
Reaction Paper Adoption of technology in key areas of human life necessitates the incorporation of technology within the education curricula at an early age. When introduced in early childhood education classrooms, learners have ample time master familiarize themselves with technologies that they are bound to encounter in society. However, early childhood teachers play a vital
Reflection: Role of Examinations Chapter four is concerned with how teachers can collect data and develop research plans. Teachers can use documents, artifacts, and student work for data collection. According to Dana & Yendol-Hoppey (2009), how teachers view students’ assignments and papers is of the essence in data collection and the development of research strategies.
Self-Efficacy Self-efficacy is an essential forecaster of the academic performance of developmental students. Equally, personal participation is essential in any learning process because a student needs to actively engage with the tutor as well as other peers to make the learning process successful. The personal functioning of developmental students also affects to what extent they
The Effects of Pregnancy on College Students Introduction Pregnancy among college students is a subject of intense debate globally due to the challenges associated with the matter. Society finds it hard to keep silent about issues related to the birth and rearing of children, especially when the involved parents are young. More than one million
Organizational Culture Definition of Organizational Culture An organization is a common platform through which individuals work together to earn profits and a livelihood for themselves. To ensure that employees achieve their dreams while an organization achieves its set goals it is important to develop working styles or operating procedures. Unique working styles contribute to an
Abstract The concept of Gender Dysphoria is critical in understanding sexuality and gender identity. The idea describes individuals discontented with their assigned gender. Gender identity also refers to a person’s identification based on his or her sexual affiliation. Indeed, the notion of Gender Dysphoria is central in defining and understanding transgender health care issues. The
Assistive Technologies Applications in Mental Retardation Instruction Educators delivering mental retardation instructions rely on assistive technologies to aid the students to learn. The variable speed recorders, talking calculators, videotaped social skills, and electronic worksheets help mentally retarded students to learn new concepts and skills, as well as compensation for their present learning disabilities. The variable
Perspectives on Learning and Knowing: Hinduism Way of Knowing and the Enneagram Paradigm Comparison The Hinduism way of knowing and the enneagram Paradigm have some differences and similarities. Hinduism is an indigenous, eastern way of knowing that revolves around two types of learning theories, each with its methodology and goals. The first theory focuses on
Request for Education Commission We are an international educational consultancy based in Kuwait. Our main purpose is to foster Kuwait students of relevant age and qualifications to get accepted into their dream universities overseas. Over the past years, the consultancy focused on actualizing the educational ambitions of students who dreamed of studying in the United
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Vulnerable Populations Coronavirus, the causative agent of COVID-19, was first discovered in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. The first spreading virus soon became a global health issue with the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring a global health emergency on 30th January 2020. With no vaccine nor treatment interventions available to
Instruction of Students with Severe Disabilities Title: Communication Skills for Children with Severe Learning Difficulties Author: Patricia Mutumburanzou Source: European Journal of Educational Sciences, EJES The Primary Problem and / Issue Addressed The article addresses communication among students with learning disabilities. According to Mutumburanzou (2018), children with learning disabilities have reduced ability to communicate in
Role of Instructors in Promoting Social Change Instructors perform essential roles in promoting social change. They are regarded as agents of change in and out of the classroom. Online instructors promote social change through education and fulfillment of their mission as agents of change. I would promote progressive social change in two ways. The first
Professional Development Workshop A professional development workshop has been designed to train teachers on their digital rights and responsibilities as a strategy to enhance the efficiency of the teachers in training their learners on the use of digital technologies. The workshop has various objectives including increasing teachers’ awareness of concepts such as digital citizenship, digital
Goals of Each Component of 5E Lesson Cycle 5E lesson cycle consists of five phases, which include; engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. Each component or phase has a distinct goal. Engagement Phase This is the first phase of the 5E lesson cycle and its main role is to attract the learners’ attention. Here, the
The Value of Mentorship for Online Doctoral Students Mentorship is defined as a successful triadic confluence of professional skill, values, and relationships that are mutually beneficial within either an informal or formal mentoring category (Nieto, 2016). Academic mentors are known to play crucial roles in doctoral programs. A crucial role played by academic mentors in
Areas of Responsibility in Classroom Management Classroom management involves the appropriate use of resources, procedures, and teaching methods to promote a sound and effective learning environment. Teachers play essential roles in classroom management as they are involved in classroom design, formulation of rules, enforcing discipline, scheduling class tasks, organizing learning activities, designing instructional techniques, and
Knowledge Management in Teams Knowledge sharing among organizational teams is very significant in promoting innovative ideas and information to achieve the set objectives. Knowledge can either be implicit or explicit as per the distinction made by Svetlik, Stavrou‐Costea, & Lin (2007) in their article on knowledge sharing and firm innovation capability: an empirical study. International Journal
Literature Review The idea of learning pods has increasingly received attention across the United States during this coronavirus pandemic. However, many Americans have questioned the benefits of such an alternative learning process. Apart from that, issues related to strategies to deal with disruptive behavior situations in classrooms, improve social skills amongst students during remote learning,
Guidelines for Safe and Ethical Digital Behavior Introduction Students in today’s society are technologically shrewd and capable of navigating and using various web-based platforms. They can create, connect, and collaborate with global digital audiences using the web. However, the introduction of technology in classroom settings adds to the complexity of ethical digital behaviors. Students do
Teamwork and Leadership in an Education Environment Leadership and stakeholder engagement are essential in allowing organizations to establish the right approaches to fulfill varied goals and missions formulated. Stakeholder engagement represents methods in which leaders influence positive outcomes resulting from effective relationship management. Presently, business and educational entities are making stakeholder engagement a priority to
Literature Review: Early Alert systems in Higher Education Institutions of higher learning attempt to reduce attrition rates by creating and implementing innovative success tools that promote student retention, engagement, and perseverance. According to Dwyer (2017), one way of identifying students facing academic difficulties is using an early alert system (EAS), which is designed to help
Evaluating Design-Based Research The use of technology in institutions of higher learning is seen both as an opportunity to promote learning and as a pedagogical challenge. Whenever the issue of digitalization and education is raised, the principle of ‘pedagogy before technology’ is often cited.  As learning institutions continue to incorporate the use of technology in
Introduction The theories of multimedia learning include a cognitive theory known as the multimedia principle, which is responsible for all the theories. The theory states that people learn better from words and pictures rather than from words alone. This is why as a teacher I have to use both pictures or images and words while
Data Saturation and Sample Size and its Limitation on Qualitative Research Education research is primarily qualitative. This is due to the fact that the data to be studied is already available from secondary sources of information. In qualitative research, small size is normally chosen compared to quantitative research which factors in large sample sizes from
Response for Cognitive Development The YouTube video shows the intelligence tests at Oxford University.  The video studies seven people from different backgrounds. This assists in determining the sources and ability of people to think intelligently.  The people were to be subjected to the latest intelligent tests in the battle of brains.   In order to for
Educational Leadership The results of the` Least Preferred Coworker’ measure are obtained by the LPC theory that focuses on the theories of transformational and charismatic leadership in the organization. The LPC model involves the various rating on a person’s personality to evaluate his or her suitability to work with another. The model involves various aspects
The purpose of education Ever stopped at a point to think of the purpose of education? The subject of the purpose of education excites scholars, teachers, and generally any group of thoughtful persons. What really is the purpose of education? The usual answer to this .is the acquisition of knowledge, the study of books, and
Career Goals Analysis The career goals analysis has possibly been the most important of all subjects discussed in the MBA program application. However, it may present itself as a surprise to many to realize that a number of prospective students do not have well-defined career objectives. Considerably, the primary step to resolving this situation would
Stress of College Stress is defined as the force, applied or system, which has deformation or strain effects on the body. It can be emotional i.e. the one occurring in situations that students consider challenging, or physical stress that is a physical reaction of the body to various triggers such as pain. The causes of
Emergency Preparedness and Response in the Community Workplace Disasters can occur at any time in the community and their impacts may be felt for a long time, especially when specific measures are not undertaken. Collaboration between the community and the agencies that deal with emergency preparedness can create positive results in the lives of victims
Hero’s Narrative Introduction Education is an important aspect that enhances executive functioning in the modern-day environment. Besides, parents, students, learning institutions, and the government invest heavily in this sector. It is widely agreed that quality education is supportive of sustainable growth and development. Further, it equips individuals with relevant skills, competencies, and knowledge that enable
Occupation Focus: Health Care Administration The health care field is endowed with numerous opportunities that enhance growth and success. With new improvements and innovations, many people are joining the industry to start their careers, as the field offers more chances for advancement. Health care administrators manage hospitals, nursing homes, and other health agencies. They can
Online Courses Introduction Online courses have become more popular in today’s world due to changes in lifestyle and technology. Nowadays, students are searching for convenient ways to achieve their education goals while numerous colleges have embraced technology by offering online courses. Students have options to choose any college that may be offering their preferred courses.
Math Teaching Learning math remains an interesting activity as it encourages learners to engage and generate their own ideas. Thus, educators have a role to fulfill in fostering a learning environment that encourages questioning math concepts and allows learners to strive to find math solutions. Nevertheless, an ideal school system should relate subjects to future
Naturalization of Indigenous Knowledge Although Canadian learning approach in ancient times was based on storytelling, a number of issues or requirements, which determined success achieved by this approach is cultivating knowledge compression to learners (Edge, 2012; Leroy, 2009). In the understanding of Cree narrative and indigenous story telling by learners, McLeod observes that this objective
How Children Learn to Read Introduction Reading cannot be emphasized as part of a child’s learning process. The ability to learn helps a child in his/her future academic lives, and therefore the need to train them early on reading skills. The importance of reading has particularly been appreciated by law as stipulated in the No
Thinking Map as a Transformational Language for Learning It is important to understand and enhance learning processes through development of instructional strategies that are appropriate and effective for both teachers and students. According to Hyerle, thinking maps is a visual tool that combines metacognition together with students’ thinking and learning. It is a tool that
iTunes U iTunes U refers to a specialized area of the Apple iTunes store that enables Higher Education Institutions to avail audio and visual content for subscription and download (Itunes.ucl.ac.uk, 2014). There are various ways through which iTunes u works for instance, one can create a course by printing a course as an individual tutor
Congress has spelt out clearly its position on the present welfare reform, and it has enacted the TANF program in order to address various marriage issues. In this short survey, four college students were in order to gauge their awareness on welfare reform and TANF, as well as how their level of understanding will accept
Social and Prosocial Behavior Significance Introduction Prosocial behavior aims at benefitting others. Individuals prone to acting in a beneficial way to others are characterized by certain attributes, which they develop during childhood and early adulthood. Various factors mediate the engagement of children and adolescents in prosocial behaviors. Situational and individual factors are associated with prosocial
Civil Engineering Plan Civil engineering is one of the courses offered in SDSU, and there are various conditions that must be fulfilled for an individual to succeed in it. One must have sufficient mathematical knowledge in order to solve equation requiring differentiation and integration to be a successful student. A student must also enroll for
How College Degree can lead People to a better Life in the Community Having a college degree is the key pathway to success. Presently, without college education, it is most likely that one will not secure a good job in the current competitive labor market. Majority of the organization do not consider interviewing a person
Teaching Occupation Introduction Teaching is a profession that gives tutors a platform to impart knowledge and skills to students. It assists them to learn various aspects that are available in their chosen area of study, such as arts or sciences. The purpose of this paper is to depict vital concepts concerning teaching profession and their
  Bullying In Schools Bullying is described as an act of violence, malice, or discrimination against a person due to several factors. In takes many forms, which can be categorized as verbal, indirect, non-verbal, physical, and cyber or electronic bullying. All this types of bullying have several core factors that link them together, which are
How Can Teacher Develop Students’ Vocabulary? Introduction Developing vocabulary in young children is a vital task that a teacher must demonstrate in order to make significant influence on children. The teacher must be equipped with basic knowledge and relevant techniques in order to develop vocabulary in young children. There are different theories that provide different
Scottsdale Community College Scottsdale Community College Library is normally committed to teaching as well as promoting information literacy, provides quality library services and resources and supports the curriculum and information demands of the college fraternity. This Library has a broad collection of books, journals, multimedia sources and electronic databases. This collection comprises of several formats
The Benefit of Seminary Schools have always been viewed as a factory that makes men out of boys (Cowen 19). Seminaries, just like any other institutions that offer vocational and professional training, have a mandate of offering quality educational processes. In the case of a seminary, the object of training involved is to educate the
Scholarship committee: I understood the importance of education when I was very young boy. My parents did not get the opportunity of attaining a good education and as a result were not able to get jobs that could earn them decent salaries. As a result of financial difficulty that our family was facing, none of
My Experience with Curriculum Education has not been left out in the technological advancement that has rocked the 21st century. Distant learning is a trend that has grown rapidly since its inception. Many learning institutions have come up with strategies to adopt the new learning system to meet the students’ needs. However, like any educational
Introduction Interprofessional Education (IPE) is a program that aims to make varied health professionals study together with the purpose of helping them to learn to cooperate with each other as they care for patients. Examples of professionals in the health sector are doctors, counselors, nurses, radiographers, dentists, physiotherapists, and pharmacists. Enhancing cooperation between these professionals
Human brains naturally yearn for understanding and meaning making most people curious throughout their lifetime (Armstrong, 2010).  Every human being despite their origin, culture or race naturally aspires to thrive. The process of thriving requires certain conditions such as the tendency to succeed, get appreciation, feel the sense of belonging or inclusion, feeling safe and
Learn Transportation Planning the Unit Theme. The theme of this instruction manual is transportation and safety. It is intended to help pupils know how to find their way around the city and direction from home to school. It focuses on the modes of transport, grammar and vocabulary used in transportation, asking for directions, and drawing
Eight-Year Career Plan Part 1 An eight-year career plan in mass communication requires resilience and much networking as it is a challenging trade to break into. Students often do not make into the industry because they are scared of taking up the few opportunities and maximizing on the rewards of their current statuses. Mass communication
Students Subculture Interview The lesbian youth subculture has continuously increased in numbers in American universities with many lesbians coming out at younger ages. This trend has drastically affected their education and the experiences they pass through in school. The average age where lesbians first self-identify is currently 16 as compared to the 1980s when ladies
Leadership Styles in the School Setting Schools require leaders who are able to research and implement effective decision-making strategies within their environments for greater success. Such leaders must possess the most applicable style of leadership that promotes unity and ensures that he works together with people in the community peacefully. There are several methods of
Self-development Plan Leadership involves directing people to realize goo outcome. A good leader is one who inspires and motivates people towards working to achieve success in an organization. For leadership to be effective enough, a leader must share knowledge beyond the normal learning classroom and engaging in ethical practices. Leaders may involve themselves in education
Vocational Education and Training in Australia Vocation education and training is an integral part of tertiary education that encompasses provision of a range of activities that are focused towards provision of accredited knowledge, which is tailored towards acquisition of technical and job oriented skills. According to Clarke and Winch (2009, p. 80), vocation education and
Morgan State University While it is a historically and predominantly black institution, students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds continue to study at the university. The mission it rides on today is to enroll a socio-economically diverse student body with good academic status. It also aims to provide the full-range of experiences and facilities that
The Health Consequences of Sleep Deprivation Austin, Bess. “Sleep Deprivation in the college student a problem worth addressing.” Intercollegiate center for Nursing education (2007): 1-27. According to the author, sleep deprivation is common in the young adult college population. This article contends that sleep deprivation is associated with poor physical health, this means that people
Improving PK-12 Education Research carried out on performance levels in public K-12 schools have revealed many challenges that are involved within the system that contribute to low standards of education. Longitudinal data on a national platform has provided significant evidence that shows that most graduates from the PK-12 school system are not ready for life
What is practicum? Practicum is a teaching method embraced in teaching, medicine, and nursing professions. The practice entails organization of a series of work related activities while training an individual. This strategy has proven to be effective in teaching adult students as they learn how to perform the task through relating theory and practice. In
Concept Mapping and Problem Based Learning Introduction One of the primary objectives in education is the transmission of information from the educators to the learners. Part of the knowledge transmitted from educators to learners may be skills related to specific tasks and knowledge pertaining to particular subject matters. The application of the skills transmitted may
Findings As a result of my research three major themes emerged: The characteristics of American Students and Faculty: All of the participants agree that American people at U, in general, are friendly, helpful, and nice. One of the participant stated, “ I think the secret of their success is their smile”. Another one said, “

Sample Paper on Education

Education My curiosity in education began when I was still in high school. I looked forward to proceeding with education to my highest level. I excelled in sciences and religion. As a high school graduate, I excelled and got a chance in public university where I undertook a Bachelor’s degree course in Foundations of religion.
Educational Leadership Philosophy A leader is somebody who gets tasks implemented through others. Through their leadership abilities, leaders cause positive changes in individuals and social systems (Wang, Law, Hackett, Wang, & Chen, 2005). Effective leadership enhances the motivation, performance, and morale of followers through various mechanisms. These mechanisms include being a role model to followers,
The Impact of NCLB Introduction  The NCLB Act originated from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and the consolidation of the latter Act was in 1965. The NCLB Act became evident in 2001, and the Act focuses on standards, utmost levels of accountability, and parental options (Hamilton, Heilig & Pazey, 2014). More specifically, the Act
Saudi Arabian International Students in America Discussion Every new non-resident immigrant individual experiences hurdles in adapting to a new environment. The same applies to the international students who seek to further their education in a foreign land. The international students in the United States of America have a problem adapting to their new environment because
Task 1: Self Managed Learning Essay 1.0 Introduction Self- managed learning is a process, which involves the application of meta-cognition, behavioral or motivational strategies to enhance the learning process. The learner who uses self-management strategies are said to be the most effective since the achievement of their academic goals is driven by self-regulation (Talay-Ongan and
1.0 Abstract Advancements in the technology and a reduction in the cost of acquiring technology has made nearly 60 % of  public schools in Saudi Arabia to have connections to the internet and incorporate education programs that are powered by technology in enhancing learning in the school curriculum. Due to an increase in the use
Career and Educational Paper When I completed high school, I had a deep desire to become someone influential in the society through impacting essential strategies regarding the economical, management, and developmental aspects. In order to achieve this vast knowledge and ability, I enrolled in the best college within our community where I knew I would
Education in emergencies Introduction There is rarely any precedence given to education in emergencies especially in poor developing countries. The governments would rather direct their meager and mostly insufficient aid towards sustaining increasing refugee populations to ensure their survival. Ensuring children in emergencies access quality education is extremely important in the efforts to not only
Promoting Educational Innovation and Change  Introduction The paper seeks to discuss the effectiveness of the approaches and shared concepts on leadership discussed in the assigned readings by Kouzes and Posner (2003). The leadership framework explained by Kouzes and Pozner (2003) emphasizes on the relational approach of leadership. Both suggest that successful leadership is made possible
Ethical decision making within college campuses The Principle of ethics is a broad subject that defines how people behave when they are presented with different situations. It involves decision making to determine the best action that we should take in a particular situation. At college campuses, students should make decisions that are significant to education
Accommodation Support Plan: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Introduction Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a common childhood brain disorder affecting young children and teenagers. It can however spread to adulthood based on the severity of the disorder and the symptoms. Major symptoms include difficulty in paying attention or remaining focused, the patients being challenged to control
Transactional leadership This literature review examines scholarly literature that different researchers have documented as pertains to leadership. Evidence indicates that contemporary scholars have introduced two styles of leadership, transactional and transformational leadership, which are commonly being used to manage organizations in the 21st century society. As argued by Gardiner (2006) in his literature, transactional leadership,
Abstract The effects of educational leadership on the global society have attracted the attention of several researchers. This research proposal concentrates on role of educational leadership in the creation of sober intellect among individuals in Saudi Arabia. It introduces educational leadership giving a background to the study and at the same time stating why it
Social Media and Society The lives of a large population have been taken by the use of social media sites that have become a pop culture phenomenon. Opinions are suggestive that social media have affected the society as well as our lives (Karli 201). Therefore, although the social media has immense positive influence to individual,
Abstract Schools have an important role in promoting equity and inclusion. This paper, therefore, provided an analysis of studies related to this aspect particularly focusing on students with an autism disorder.  The assessment illustrated that inclusion can be encouraged by changing schools rather than changing the students. For this reason, schools can promote inclusion by
Administrative Empowerment Models Introduction The integration of women in higher education faces numerous external and internal barriers (Trinidad & Normore, 2005). These barriers can be used to explain why there is a lack of women in university administration, with some self-excluding themselves from leadership responsibilities (Tomàs, Lavie, del Mar Duran, & Guillamon, 2010). These barriers
The Effectiveness of Social Media on the Lexical Competence of English Language Users : A Case Study of Higher Education Learners in Jordan With the Arab spring, people rushed to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to voice their concerns to the outside world (Crystal, 2001). In most cases, they use English to
My Philosophy of Education One of the abilities that set humans apart from other living things is their ability to pass information and knowledge from one generation to the next, thanks to the sophistication of human language. However, language alone is not sufficient for effective passing of information and knowledge; both the educator and the
Religion and Feminism The article covers a research gap by investigating the role of religion in the lives of Christian and Muslim women. It tries to explain how religion shapes views on feminism, gender roles, and women’s issues. The research identified a particular sample of Protestant Christian and Muslim women who gave their opinions on
Transformational and Transactional Leadership in the UAE Schools Introduction My principal uses the both the transformational and transactional models to enhance the students’ and staffs’ performance in the schools. Considering his experience in the education field, my principal is able to instill a sense of transformation and growth through his leadership style. His leadership style
History and Concepts of Administrative Empowerment – WHE Brief Introduction In spite of the continued significant advancements in the workforce by women in the past years, there are still changes to be made to overcome systems of exclusion and biases. Given that women continue to play increasingly significant roles in leadership and administration of higher
Exploring Structure and Process The paper seeks to explore the organization structure of high schools in New Hampshire as well as evaluating the significant of student collaboration with teachers in developing successful competency and student based learning programs. An in-depth evaluation of the structure of the schools revealed that the schools were shifting away from
DNR Orders in School DNR orders are given out to school administration and teachers from medical practitioners, upon the request of the child’s parent. These orders have raised a lot of debate in various platforms and many people may not fully comprehend what the orders mean or why they are issued. The all handicapped children
The Value of Community Resources Write a paper in which you assess the value of community resources on educational institutions. A community is a group of people that share common interests, problems, and resources and have a united will to find local solutions to the mutual issues affecting them (Witten, Exeter, & Field, 2003, p.
Task 1: Are Libraries Finished? Introduction Technology has advanced in the 21st century. Many cash transactions are taking place online with marketing and sales of products taking precedence in most companies World-wide (Hill 29). The advent of technology has brought about more efficient and faster methods of reading as well as transacting business online. Reading
Personal Biography Taking courses In High School and College I started my education at Local learning institutions in my home country. I was a naïve student since I had never interacted with different people from other nations. I had learnt only first language, which I could use comfortably and did not have enough knowledge concerning
Importance of the NTM department should allowing more internship hours for students Executive Summary The world market changes considerably from time to time depending on some factors including technological diversity and the extent of innovation by the world technological sector to diversify the serve provision sector. Students in networking management need a lot of exposure
Abstract The research covered will establish the factors influencing the effectiveness of domestic violence treatment programs. These will be highlighted through the literature gathered, with facts substantiating on the findings. It will also give a description of the methods used, results and a conclusion about how the treatment programs on victims of domestic violence are
Super Internet Cyber Business Description A1. New Products and Services Business Name: Supper Internet Cyber The super Internet Cyber will focus on providing a fast internet speed to its clients and will gear in offering advanced communication channels, a proper working environment, and improved entertainments conditions. Additionally, the cyber offers beverages, snacks and light foods
Abstract This essay paper presents an analysis of the current situation of dormitories at Texas A&M University and gives recommendations for necessary changes. At the current state, the dormitory in this reputed institution is considered to be in dilapidated state, thus requiring comprehensive changes and improvements. After thorough and insightful research, the paper suggests significant
Reasons for Teaching Languages I have been planning to upgrade my skills and knowledge in my education career for many years. As an undergraduate, I took my time acquiring the basic knowledge that was meant to determine my destiny. After graduating, I applied and later secured a teaching job that was meant to allow me
Reflection Education plays an essential role in personal and professional development. This enables individuals to develop their knowledge in different aspects related to their surroundings. it 9is through education that an individual can have the ability of relating different theoretical frameworks developed for academic purposes in the realization of the application of the emerging concepts
Assistive Technology Introduction Many students in learning institutions are faced with disabilities in one way or the other; some are visually impaired, blind, deaf, crippled etc. The students with disabilities find it difficult to adapt to the requirements in classrooms, social events and places or even at workstations. This highlights the need for inclusivity in
Bilingual Education Technically, most education systems use more than one language to pass knowledge to students. This signifies that most school programs are bilingual. Bilingual education involves passing knowledge to students using at least two languages. Bilingual education allows students that use native languages to link such languages to the mainstream language, as their native
Should K-12 Schools Utilize More Resources To Prevent Bullying? Introduction Even as the international education community has been grappling with the issue of bullying in schools for nearly four decades, after the pioneering research in this area by Dan Olweus, the stakeholders in the education sector only began to treat the issue of bullying with
Creating a Vision of Success Case summary The case “who should create the school’s vision” establishes an understanding of school policing as the sole responsibility of the school principal, teaching staff, and the community at large (Theodore, 2011). As the new principal of Light-Ville Junior-Senior School, Susan Potter is charged with three key responsibilities: making
Motivating Teaching Staff and Students One of the primary responsibilities of education leaders is to ensure students’ success, in both academic and non-academic perspectives. However, achieving impressive school performance is not an easy task as it requires collaborative inputs from the school administration, teachers, students, and the entire community. According to Edmunds and Bauserman (2006),
Let the Committee Decide: Case Assessment From the perspectives of leadership, the case “Let the Committee Decide” is centered on a new superintendent, Dr. Quillen, who is expected to make a decision concerning petty cash funds (Theodore, 2011). Contrary to the expectations of district’s central office staffs, the superintendent decides to create a special committee
Distance Learning in High Schools Goals The objective of this strategic plan is to boost learning among students without access to learning institutions caused by physical disabilities. The problem faced by students with physical disabilities regarding their access to education cannot be ignored since students with disabilities form a large percentage of the total students’
Academics Achievement and Challenges in Foster Care Students Over the years, the foster care systems haveconsistently offered ahome to minors who are separated from their biological parents for varying reasons. In the United States, for example, the Children’s Bureau estimates that 402,000 children are in foster care placement on any given day (Children’s Rights, 2014).
Qualitative and Quantitative research From a general viewpoint, quantitative research is a type of research that focuses its attention on analyzing numerical data whereas qualitative research is a type of research that uses words and phrases in its data analysis. The nature of qualitative research is that it approaches issues inductively so that it can
Scholar Practitioner A scholar practitioner is a training model that focuses on programs that incorporates practice in education department. This theory involves a conceptual framework that instills learning among students in professional education program. According to this approach, a psychologist is a consumer of research and a scholar in education. As a practitioner, this individual
Special Educational Needs; Inclusion Young persons who have joined school recently may require special educational needs to progress at the same level with other students who are their peers. Special educational needs (SEN) apply to enable children with learning difficulties, communication problems, medical problems, disabilities, and social difficulties to progress in education with ease. The
A Critical Evaluation of the Research Approaches in the Paper             This paper is compares two research approaches that were used to study the effectiveness of tele-guidance in two different modes at two sites. The locations where the tele-guidance took place are Norwegian University of Technology and Science in Trondheim (NTNU) and Institute of Education
LGBT and Education Policies There is a widespread harassment and violence on LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) students, but many states is the United States are taking measures aimed at ensuring that schools are safer for all students regardless of their sexual orientations and that of their parents. It is true that children from
A Look into Ethical Responsibilities of Early Childhood Educators and Professionals Ethical Responsibilities for early childhood professionals are clear-cut and well spelled out. They involve core values and behaviors that guide childhood educators and professionals in their thinking, prioritizing their responsibilitiesand in their decision-making at all times when dealing with a child or the child’s
Personal Reflection – Do you believe in Transformation? In psychology, transformation involves moving from unconscious desires to attain critical thoughts that promote individual’s well being. According to Erikson’s life span theory, humans are rational and conscious, as they actively endeavor to establish actions that intend to contribute toward their own developmental progress (Baucum, 2006). Transformation
Children and Athletics Introduction Sports and physical training are fundamental in the early development and growth of children (Bennett et al, 2008). The skills gained during physical training, play and sports activities play a key role in the child’s holistic development. Through sports participation, children learn important life values including teamwork, fair play, honesty, adherence
Improving reading levels Understanding English language is a paramount goal for most of the international students (Fanshao, 2009). This has been fueled by the immense growth of English language as a common way of communicating and transacting businesses. However, teachers have continuously faced challenges in formulating the most effective teaching method for English as a
Abstract This paper proposes to study the roles of leadership at all levels in primary school by comparing the situation in Saudi Arabia and Scotland. Little has been studied about Saudi Arabia.However, the available research and empirical evidence indicates that leadership at all level has not been comprehensively used in Saudi Arabia. This explains the
SIOP Literacy Lesson Plan and Reflection Background   Topic: Overview of Phonics   Grade level: ESL students (Low level)   Length of Lesson: 20 Minutes   Date: October 29th, 2015   Proficiency level: Beginners   Standards: ESL students (Low level). Overview of Phonics   Preparation   Content Objectives Discuss the relevancy of teaching phonics to
Fundamental Motor Skills Fundamental motor skills are basic reflexes performed by the child’s muscles in response to a need or reactionary skill. In the developmental stages of the child, the motor skills are usually slow, as the child’s brain system has not developed much, especially the part regarding balance and motor reception and transition. Children
Curriculum Design Question: Design a curriculum based upon the information provided by the following source. Ellaway, R. (2012). eMedical teacher. eMedical Teacher. 34:2590261. doi: 10.3109/0142159X.2012.662451 Address the theory upon to base curriculum design, and defend your choice. Include the key elements of instructional design, teaching goals, objectives, methods of assessment (include examples of the types
A critical review of approaches to teacher leadership of learning and implications Definition of ‘Teacher Leadership Assorted several different names have been used to refer to teacher leadership but they barely mean the same thing (Watkins 5). Furthermore, several scholars have attempted to define it differently. According to Duncombe and Kathleen (88), the broad definition
Research Design As the key stakeholders in a developmental education program, each design has a unique perspective as to which program components contribute to success, a phenomenological research design has been selected to explore the realities of the experience for each involved (Cresswell, 2013). Johnson & Christensen (2013) claimed that phenomenological research design encompasses striving
Research Design As the key stakeholders in a developmental education program, each design has a unique perspective as to which program components contribute to success, a phenomenological research design has been selected to explore the realities of the experience for each involved (Cresswell, 2013). Johnson & Christensen (2013) claimed that phenomenological research design encompasses striving
The Education of Minority Children 0-5 Introduction Studies conducted in the past have clearly shown that most national schools are faced with unique challenges in their efforts to provide equal learning opportunities to all students. Factors, such as family social structure, income, and parents’ levels of education are known to have greater impacts on education
Feminism Theory Introduction Feminism is based on the beliefs that both women and men deserve equality and fairness in all aspects of life. The movement faces emerging challenges as global communities is continuously becoming interconnected and the movements formed by the activists with an aim of mitigating gender inequality moving across the borders continue to
Reflect On, Discuss and Review Your Development to Date Of Teaching and Leadership Skills Introduction to the Self-evaluation The concept of teacher leadership has significantly developed over the last decade. Many aspects have been introduced into the concept to help improve the teaching outcomes in schools. The new approach to the concept of teacher leadership
Impacts of Social Networking Sites-Facebook- on Learning English as Foreign Language (EFL) Literature Review In the contemporary world, social networking sites (SNSs) such as Facebook and Twitter are playing important roles in learning English as Foreign Language (EFL). Lee and Kim (2014) sought to examine the application of digital media for learning English as a
Analysis of Researchers’ techniques in three articles Article 1 Q.1: Describe the reflections given at the beginning of the article that led the researcher to conduct the particular action research study (what problem was identified by the researcher, and why was it important?) Answer:In her article, Ahrensfocuses on the problem of shortcomingsin a sixth-grade reading
Impact of Technology on Teacher Efficacy and Instruction Time Literature Review Technology incorporation in classroom learning with IPAD and TABLET has the possibility of encouraging students to enhance their problem-solving skills, become critical thinkers, and aids them in their willingness to contribute to a rising technical world. Currently, the education system in the United States
Application of Systems Approach in the Education sector Leaders in the education sector can implement the systems approach to lead effectively and manage the institutions.  The approach entails integrating all segments of the organization into one system that operates towards achieving a common goal.  The different departments in the educational establishments can be likened to
Challenges International Students Face in Classroom Literature Review Introduction Globalization of higher education has been on the rise for different societies internationally. Despite the fact there is an increase in the number of students travelling abroad for studies annually, very little has been done to address the needs of students during their adaptation period to
The Importance of Early Childhood Intervention Introduction Early intervention approach provides lasting improvements among children as it enhances skills and abilities to address persistent social problems transmitted among generations.  Consequently, the government saves public funds utilized in conducting long term tests to determine policies crucial in providing children with emotional and social security for the
Online Informal Learning of English Review of Literature For effective online informal learning of the English language, students must get involved in the generated social environments for them to learn the language successfully and communicate with one another in an evocative perspective. Aside from offering learners an open platform, social networking sites (SNSs) make the
Case Study: Higher Education Case – an issue of Morale Summary of Key elements in the case Overview Midwest Regional University, MRU, is a regional institution with an enrollment of 20,000 students and employing 650 tenured, 390 adjunct faculty, and 1600 staff members. The institution’s programs target professional mid- and executive-level positions in business and
With Direct Reference to Robert Dearden’s Understanding of Autonomy, Individual Autonomy Should be regarded as the Aim of Education Introduction There is a basic problem concerning the primary aim of education which has not been solved despite the development of several different philosophies around it. The problem is that proper aim and guiding ideals of
Impacts of Social Networking Sites-Facebook- on Learning English as Foreign Language (EFL) Literature Review In the contemporary world, social networking sites (SNSs) such as Facebook and Twitter are playing important roles in learning English as Foreign Language (EFL). Lee and Kim (2014) sought to examine the application of digital media for learning English as a
Developing teaching, learning and assessment in education and training 1.1 The application of pedagogical principles in own area of specialism Learning disabilities is a specialty area where it is critical to focus on children with one or more shortfalls in academic areas. Children with learning disabilities have deficits when it comes to processing skills in
Career Counseling Needs for Youths in Foster Care in the Transition to Higher Education Educational and career opportunities have rapidly changed over the years in contemporary times, resulting in the continuous need for informed decision making in education and career choices. While all youths in all schools and residential settings need to be guided to
Abstract Education plays a key role in the development of life today. With the changing times and emerging social, economic and spiritual challenges in the world, educators must be able to build students’ abilities. Education must remain a long-term process to the student, something that can be encouraged by the teachers. The secular worldview of
The Impact of Early Intervention and Special Education on Children with Down syndrome Introduction Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects children from an early age, causing them to portray cognitive and developmental problems. As one of the most challenging developmental disorders, parents may find it difficult to ensure that they provide the required
Use of social media in learning Introduction Modern generation has seen a rapid development regarding technology, which plays an integral role in the lives of humans today. One of the significant technological developments evident today is social media, which has been adopted in various contexts including companies, social organizations, as well as learning institutions (Moran
Use of social media in learning Introduction Modern generation has seen a rapid development regarding technology, which plays an integral role in the lives of humans today. One of the significant technological developments evident today is social media, which has been adopted in various contexts including companies, social organizations, as well as learning institutions (Moran
Benefits of Exercise: Research proposal Introduction Background Information The prevalence of many lifestyle diseases has increased greatly in the past few years. Diseases such as diabetes and obesity have continued to hold back the world population over the years due to inability to be managed or controlled effectively. Such lifestyle diseases require behavior modification efforts
Consultations in Early Childhood Setting Reasons for Selecting Early Childhood Program The reason for choosing an early childhood program is because this is the basis of education for all individuals as it forms the foundation for a child’s learning as well as other developmental realms. Additionally, it is important to keep in check the running
Improving the Learning Processes for Students with Mild Cognitive Impairment Introduction Cognitive impairment is a collective term for intellectual impairment that is used to refer to the people whose intelligence quotients (IQ) are below seventy of the mean of their age groups. The condition may originate from birth or it may be acquired through infection.
Family involvement and student learning: The roles of mother and father Family involvement, precisely father and mother participation, in the education of a child has been a significant issue in the education realm. Most educators believe that their students would have been more successful if their parents were involved in key education practices. Ideally, parent

Sample Essay on Kids Watching

Kids Watching Introduction Kid watching is an informal assessment of kids aimed at monitoring they learn and interact with others and how they make judgments. It involves watching how they read, write, do mathematical and scientific problems and how they interact with group members. It goes further into monitoring how they participate in games and
Attitudes Towards Disability The documentary is a narration of real-life experiences of people with disabilities revealing how they cope with encountred challenges as well as other people’s attitude towards them. All the interviewees state that they feel a need for independence and fear being dependent on others. Additionally, many individuals think that disabled people cannot
Teaching Older Adults Introduction It is never too late to learn and it’s never too late for older adults to acquire and build on new information. With the rise of the number of older adults returning to class, educators have come to realize that older adult students are basically different from young and adult students
Senior  Adult’s Learning and teaching Adragology Senior adult also known as older adult learning and teaching is defined as a form of formal, informal and non-formal learning process that is undertaken by older adults after having a break from their initial continuous learning process. The process is usually referred to as adragology and is usually
Teaching Older Adults Technology Introduction Growth and advancement in technology in the past 50 years has led to a greater challenge among the older generation, in terms of catching up with latest trends. The fact remains that the people born during 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and even 1970s did not grow up with the privileges of

Sample Essay on Kids Watching

Kids Watching Introduction Kid watching is an informal assessment of kids aimed at monitoring they learn and interact with others and how they make judgments. It involves watching how they read, write, do mathematical and scientific problems and how they interact with group members. It goes further into monitoring how they participate in games and
Money and Politics Introduction Politics is big business and nations have changed from the previously known “people republics” to large business corporations and labor unions. Long are the days when men of integrity, with high level of education, and vision for the country got elected to position of influence to steer the country forward. The
Attitudes Towards Disability The documentary is a narration of real-life experiences of people with disabilities revealing how they cope with encountred challenges as well as other people’s attitude towards them. All the interviewees state that they feel a need for independence and fear being dependent on others. Additionally, many individuals think that disabled people cannot
Teaching Older Adults Introduction It is never too late to learn and it’s never too late for older adults to acquire and build on new information. With the rise of the number of older adults returning to class, educators have come to realize that older adult students are basically different from young and adult students
Senior  Adult’s Learning and teaching Adragology Senior adult also known as older adult learning and teaching is defined as a form of formal, informal and non-formal learning process that is undertaken by older adults after having a break from their initial continuous learning process. The process is usually referred to as adragology and is usually
Ethics Issue in Elementary School Counseling: Keep a Professional Distance Introduction People are guided and governed by rules and regulations that are on paper. There are, however, some that are not written down, and one is expected to follow; they are instincts and could also be referred to as ethics. Ethical issues are one of
Becoming a Licensed Teacher in Colorado Completion Timeline In order to be certified as a teacher in Colorado one must complete a bachelor’s degree from the state accredited institutions or the applicant will have to be evaluated by the Colorado State Board of Education so as to be deemed fit for certification in their specialized
Movie Stars and Sensuous Scars Brown begins the book by telling the readers his personal stories. He recognizes that the best way to create a culture is to share individual experiences with others. The readers would find elements from their lives in the stories. Before he discusses the disability rights movement, Brown tells people his
Critique: My Pedagogy It is always the desire of every teacher to create a meaningful and engaging school experience for the students. This is the only way in which they can meet their interests while at the same time achieve their goals as teachers. A philosopher’s pedagogy was developed after conceptualization of the methods that
A Culturally Inclusive Classroom A culturally inclusive classroom creates an environment where staff and students appreciate and accommodate diversity thus creating a positive learning experience for everyone. Schools comprise of individuals from different ethnicities, religions, social and economic status, sexual orientations and political views. These are the factors that account for hard lives experienced by
Families and Disabilities Disability was often considered a curse or a punishment from God. Disabled people were marginalized in the community, and others were forced to stay indoors as a means of hiding the shame. Today, the world has made huge steps towards ensuring that the disabled people live a normal life. Many of the
Annotated Bibliography; Socio-cultural Theory in Learning Second Language Lee, M. S. (2015). Implementing the sociocultural theory while teaching ESL. SPACE: Student Perspectives about Civic Engagement, 1(1), 6. The article focuses on the importance of using Vygotsky’s Socio-cultural Theory in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) especially to adult learners.  It provides the experience and reflection of