The great poet, Dante Aguilera's book, Divine Comedy discusses several incontinent sins. In Inferno, the first part of the book, he narrated his journey in the woods and an attack by three beasts. He uses symbolism, imagery and metaphorical language to explain the theme of lust. In his life, he was “lost in the woods”
Kingstone takes on different personas and voices hence it is hard to identify her character traits. In the entire memoir, her traits are at times rebellious, imaginative and curious, developing scenarios about her unnamed aunt, lashing against her mother at her teenage and cruel where she torments a quiet poor girl in school. Her character
Gender Roles and Its Effect on Today’s Society Gender roles encompass the responsibilities and behaviors that people learn and adapt from their communities and cultural norms. A deviation of the prescribed gender roles is met with derision from the members of the community. Gender roles are often the source of taboos and rules, especially in
College Experience I am enrolled at a college to pursue a degree at the age of 27-year old. It is obvious I am not a typical 18-year old escorted to college by parents, and carrying a set of new books and pens. In my case, the most important aspect has been planning my life schedule
Corporate Sponsorship Corporate sponsorship involves companies financially supporting events both charitable and profitable to enhance their public relations and image. Corporate sponsorship provides an avenue for a company to market itself and to strengthen the loyalty of its customers by simply being associated with an event. The concept of corporate sponsorship is a relatively new
Marriage and Family Culture envisages personal values, beliefs, and goals that may influence marriage, family, and partner choices. Different cultural customs teach people about different values and priorities with regard to making marriage decisions and establishing a family. The differences in cultural values and beliefs require couples to blend, negotiate and accommodate each other when
Why the Debate on Globalisation Is So Divisive The world today is so interconnected than ever before, and this is evident in every sphere of society. Globalisation has fostered deep worldwide interconnectedness that cuts across the domains of politics, economics, culture, security, and the environment (McGrew, 2008). Due to globalisation, the effects of decisions and
Recreation Facility Audit: Long Stratton Leisure Centre Introduction Consideration for people with disabilities in building and facility planning has been a requirement in the federal construction policy. In New South Wales, the New South Wales Disability Inclusion Act of 2014 (DIA) is the main policy that emphasizes the consideration of the disabled in the design
Gender Roles and Its Effect on Today’s Society Gender roles encompass the responsibilities and behaviors that people learn and adapt from their communities and cultural norms. A deviation of the prescribed gender roles is met with derision from the members of the community. Gender roles are often the source of taboos and rules, especially in
Air Pollution’s Effect on Nature Article Critique This article provides an avenue to assess some of the causalities of air pollution, especially caused by hazardous gases that are released into the atmosphere. However, it is shallow since the causalities are limited to gaseous elements, but should rather be broad-based to include other more intricate causalities.
Research Ethics Going through the case studies on ethical standards in the field of research, I was struck by one idea. Throughout the case studies, it is clear that human life is invaluable. Several sets of laws and rules are set in place to ensure human subjects are protected from torturous and demeaning research procedures.
American Idol Winners American Idol is a music Reality TV Show, which is popularly known for producing music icons, such as Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks. Phillip LaDon Phillips, Jr. was the winner in the eleventh season of the American Idol edition in the year 2012. Phillip Phillips was born in September 1990 in Albany,
Providence Human Services and Women’s Center: A Collaborative Framework Introduction This paper discusses why and how Providence Human Services and Women’s Center, High Desert Inc can partner together in order to bring about a more impactful change in Kern County and surrounding regions. A Collaborative Framework Women’s Center, High Desert Inc is a not-for-profit organization
Article Review: The Long Road Home The article rudimentary talks about the Atlantic Hurricane season in 2005, which produced three severe storms including Katrina, Rita, and Wilma that left most American citizens living in the coastal regions in very devastating conditions (Cutter et al 10). In particular, the article focuses on Hurricane Katrina, which even
Advertising Language Introduction Advertising denotes the form of communication used to encourage or sway an audience into acting in a certain manner towards a product. Therefore, advertising is aimed at motivating individuals to continue, or take new modes of action. Advertising language refers to how such information necessary to persuade or encourage people is delivered
Understanding my Culture The key questions for understanding my culture What are my mission and the mission of the organization? What are my vision and the vision of the organization? What are my core values and those of the organization? What is the brand promise of the organization? What I need to do to create
Issues of Contemporary Canada: Missing Aboriginal Introduction Aboriginal women face significant issues in the contemporary world stemming from the aspects of the colonial history of Canada. This also includes the imposition of the relative patriarchal system, especially in the formerly egalitarian native societies. Violence against aboriginal women has been one of the significant problems they

What Good is Community Greening?

What Good is Community Greening? David Malakoff, who is the author of this article holds B.A. in human ecology and has written for Science Magazine and The Washington Post. After reading the article I conclude that the author is qualified to write about this subject, as he is able to put across research-based evidence on
“Should Poetry Be Taught In Business School, and Why?” The question of whether poetry should be taught in business schools lies within the framework of this discussion. This essay touches on factual evidence regarding the inclusion of poetry in business schools. Therefore, my position regarding this topic is in favor of the subject, that teaching
Advertisement Analysis The goal of advertisements is to persuade the target audience to buy the goods and services offered by an organization. Companies invest a lot of money in advertisements in exchange for a handsome return on their investment.  This return comes in the form of high profits and enhanced popularity as the advertisements sell
Zombies According to various definitions, a Zombie is an animated corpse with its roots in the African voodoo religion. They originated from the belief that dead bodies are controlled using magic and the person who raised them is the only one who can control them. According to the sola Report published in August 2012, this
In The Cloud Cloud computing has become a useful tool in providing computing and storage resources. Cloud computing is a form of computing that depends on the distribution of computing items, instead of using servers to perform applications. Recent growth in cloud computing has been influenced by new developments that are attractive to its users,
Violent Media is Good for Kids Violent Media Is Good For Kids is an article written by Jones, in which he attempts to support the fact that violent media can have positive effects on kids exposed to it. This argument is interesting since it refutes myriads of articles, books, and publications where the authors seem
Public speaking anxiety There are many reasons why I panic when giving a public speech.  One of the reasons is that I fear being criticized for what will say since sometimes I might not be too sure whether the information that I will present before the audience is true, logical, supported by facts or not.
EFL/ESL language systems and the language skills Question Imagine that you work in a language school. You have just received a new student from Korea who wants to study English prior to entering a university in the U.S. The student takes the placement test, which is all grammar and vocabulary and mostly multiple choice. She
Towards More Strategic and Self Directed Careers The present economic context, marked by increased competition has forced organizations to deploy human resources activities until recently neglected. According to the article “Towards More Strategic and Self Directed Careers”, more companies and organizations have started developing and enhancing organized plans and career development systems for their employees.
Location Quotient Analysis: Calgary Region With reference to the uploaded data, there is a concentration of certain industries in my region. This is with respect to the high LQs values for certain industries in the region. For example, the LQs values for industries in trade, finance, manufacturing, and professionals are higher in comparison to the
ZARA: IT for Fast Fashion What are the benefits of installing a modern operating system as compared to staying with the current one? Installing a modern operating system and upgrading from DOS would provide the company with numerous benefits, though it would incur costs relating to installation and maintenance. Such benefits would include an operating
Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions by Elizabeth Cady Stanton Gender equality is an issue that affects all countries worldwide. There are dozens of campaigns in the whole world that pertain to issues of gender equality. Many countries rarely give priority to issues that pertain to women’s rights (Burgan 45). In first-world countries, women have more
Contractors’ Attributes and their Effects on the Success of A Road Construction Project Since the construction industry is one of the most vital industries that create significant impacts on the economic development within any economy, it is in the interest of every leader to ensure that the construction industry within their jurisdiction is up to
Responsibility A responsible human being is an individual that can act devoid of control or supervision since she/he is liable for her/his conduct. Responsibility could entail the duties of a person towards other people. Being responsible to other people encompasses three factors that include accountability (being unfailing and dependable towards them), dedication (being psychologically or
A fundraising event to help the temple collect funds Introduction I write this letter as a proposal to create a successful fundraising event that will assist the temple in raising a considerable amount of funds that will cater to its expenses.  I will accomplish this by taking advantage of big sports events that take place
Invention of Airplanes Introduction The invention of airplanes has been among the most captivating innovations that human beings have ever made. Before its invention, people could take months, or even years to arrive at different destinations. Nowadays, a commercial plane can carry hundreds of people across continents within a very short time. Airplanes have facilitated
Food Security Undoubtedly, the debate about food insecurity is getting tenser as countries struggle to look for ways to achieve food security. Food security is one aspect that is believed to be a very important issue in a country. Unfortunately, the majority of countries suffer from the menace of food insecurity, particularly the underdeveloped, and
Vision and Reflection in James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ Introduction More often than not, many artistic pieces of writing encompass the portrayal of characters and their roles in the story or the thematic content of the writing. Through the use of such techniques as conversations and action representations of the nature and temperaments of the cast,
History of American Childhood Question one Childhood had been defined long ago in America as a period in one’s life where one requires a generous amount of affection, separation from the adult world, and the freedom of working hard. However, children were always subjected to demands from society. Across all eras and in all geographical
Critical Evaluation Thesis Statement Although modern society has embraced feminism, women are still limited by their gender in exercising their freedom of choice in occupation and attainment of economical independence. Outline of the Critical Evaluation Essay In her article titled “Now We Can Begin”, Eastman outlines some of the challenges that current women are still
Mark Twain, Mankind, and the Story Mark Twain has an interesting piece about superiority and the low animals. In a society of wanton deaths of humanity caused by humanity itself as well as the cruelty against the animals for little reasons, tend to augment the dimension of Twain that man is truly a dangerous animal
We can live without Petroleum Introduction The petroleum industry was established in 1846, by a Canadian geologist known as Dr. Abraham Gesner. He discovered that oil was a distilled component from coal through which kerosene would be drawn off for illuminant purposes. Multiple firms, later on, began extracting oil from shale. The kerosene was cheaper
Differences between Canada and the Philippines Outline Philippine occupies an area of about 300,000 square kilometers and has a population of about 91,077,287 according to the census data released in July 2007. The most prominent Philippine religious groups include Roman Catholic, Aglipayan, Evangelical, and Christian. This country is in the continent of Asia and its
Understanding the concept of “vehement, burning and impetuous love” from the eyes of Bernard of Clairvaux Teachings on the love for God touch on critical adjectives of emotions and passion are a reality. In determining the love for God, he uses adjectives such as vehement, burning, as well as impetuous practically to illustrate the nature
Reality TV Shows in China The reception of reality TV shows by the public in China creates an interesting scenario, which is rather paradoxical. According to He (2012), reality TV shows have become increasingly popular than documentaries, dramas, or comedies in China’s mainland. Just like popular international reality TV, China has picked up this trend,
Argumentative Essay on the Use of Technology Internet use is among the debatable issues at both national and international levels. There are varied opinions from different authors explaining various issues surrounding internet technology. Among the authors who discussed matters of the Internet, including Hillary Clinton, who gave out a speech on the advantages and negative
Physical Activity Introduction There is a public perception that the youth of this generation lack physical exercise. This view is supported by the fact that contrary to the past when most leisure activities like football games were done physically outdoor, advancement in technology has created many non-physical leisure activities, which are done indoors, such as
Communication, Gender, and Culture Cultural value dimensions play a significant role in shaping an individual’s way of life, for instance, social interaction. Individualism-Collectivism and power distance are among the most important cultural value dimensions that shape an individual. These two dimensions have continually influenced my personality as I interact with people from different cultural backgrounds.
A Novel New Mobile Phone-based System Surveillance in Haiti for Cholera Studies affirm that the beginning of cholera in Haiti increasingly underlined the need for the implementation of a novel alert and response system as a complement to the national surveillance system. Although the state structure had been capable of sensing and approving the eruption,
Changing the Oil in Your Car The process of changing the oil in your car is an important one because it helps in maintaining your car’s engine. If you make any mistake in this process, then you risk damaging your car engine. For this reason, the instructions provided do not reflect the right process of
Literature Review The initial researches and studies review the relationship between the wind speed vertical profile and the ElNino Southern oscillation using wavelet analysis. The section will provide a clear analysis and arguments from the various studies to argue for the relationship between wind speed and the El Nino Southern oscillations. Cushman-Roisin and Beckers (2011)
Orange Strengths                                           Compassionate Loving Self-Respect Caring Outstanding Welcoming Understanding(Smith 65) Weaknesses Loudness Perfectionist Impatient(Smith 65) On Team Projects: I am outstanding and understanding when working with other people (Smith 69). In team projects, I try to understand the team members and their abilities. This is important to ensure a person contributes to the project
Party Platforms Generally, during the election period, political parties stipulate their agendas and objectives as a declaration of what they intend to do for the electorate. These agendas are developed into a statement known as a political party platform. In regard to this, the Libertarian Party platform addresses a number of issues which include economic
Quality Assessment in Health Service Organizations When describing aspects of quality assessment in a health care system the main focus is relied on improving the service delivery and ensuring that the most appropriate interventions and technological innovations are adopted to enhance best practices in the field. In a business set-up quality assessment is done to

Sample Research Paper on Anorexia

Anorexia Introduction Due to the high rate of increase in cases of disorders in food injection, especially in women who have reported severe behavioral problems with respect to food, the attention of scientists has been significantly captured. There have been two main disorders related to food that has been witnessed in adolescents and adults; anorexia
Personal Identity Personal identity can be described as a persistent yet distinct character or attribute that a person exhibits. One’s personal identity is regarded to be continuous and needs to be exhibited day in day out. It is a question of life and death. In philosophy, personal identity theory is one that seeks to answer
Sustainability Framework for Millipore Millipore should adopt the Natural Step sustainability framework to strengthen its commitment to sustainability efforts, and further, make them more effective and durable. The framework conceptualizes sustainability from the perspective of nature’s needs, and those of the society, rather than those of running a business. The strategy can enable Millipore to
Racial microaggression Racial microaggressions are commonly spoken or non-verbal insults, snubs, or slights whether deliberate or accidental, which expose aggression towards individuals from different racial backgrounds. Some examples of racial microaggression include such incidences where a White-colored couple comes into contact with a Black man on the street, and the lady instantly grips her bag
Anti-Bullying Personal Development Plan This incorporates a strategic approach that offers guidance in the learning process via immediate supportive needs in the development and achievement of long-term goals. The key aspect that I will focus on is anti-bullying because it will assist in developing current skills at work and in institutions. Development Objectives To enhance
Introduction Over the last three decades, economic ties between the US and China have expanded substantially. Between 1979 and 2013, trade between the two countries rose from $2 Billion to $562 Billion. Today, China is the US’s “second-largest trade partner, its third-largest export market, and its biggest source of imports”[1]. Over the same period, the
Human Error in Food and Beverage Industry The food and beverage companies operate at multiple levels of society. Families can grow crops for home consumption. Moreover, communities can trade home-based and fresh produce. Multinational corporations can purchase products in various parts of the world. The Food and Beverage industry is under constant pressure to meet
Introduction In the 1970 s, this genre of music came into existence taking America by storm. It emerged from the South Bronx of New York with mostly Black Americans and Latinos.  Hip-hop was influenced by the daily situations that the African Americans and Latinos faced in a daily situation. Their life as a community that
Whisper of Aids “A Whisper of Aids” is one of the most inspiring speeches of all time given by Mary Fisher during the Republican National Convention held in the year 1992. The address was issued at times when AIDS was seldom discussed in public. The principal objective of “A Whisper of Aids” was to break
Critiquing Internet Sources This paper criticizes how a blog, podcast, or video scrutinizes Internet sources on global citizenship and multicultural understanding. The Blog It incorporates an educational approach that highlights information concerning multicultural understanding and global citizenship. Kris Olds, the author of this blog that was drafted on March 11, 2012, claims that internationally, the
Immigrant Reform and Control Act The law was passed in 1986 with an intention to protect as well as preserve jobs for Americans and aliens who are legally allowed to do them. The law demands that employers do not recruit or hire any worker without authorization by the law to work (Sommerville, 2007). The government
The Fly Effect Campaign against Heroin abuse It is such a pity that a problem previously thought to be confined to cities or even desperate persons is today our main threat. Heroin has deepened its roots among teens and young adults from all spheres of life. This is a report of what the state and
Shakespeare’s Play Titled “Titus Andronicus” Human beings do not expect a love story to have any form of violence, revenge, and murder. However, William Shakespeare’s plays titled “Titus Andronicus” have massive brutality and cruel deaths. Titus Andronicus, as the Roman General, spearheaded a ten-year war. The war was so tragic that Titus lost his twenty-one
Raising the Minimum Wage In recent decades, income inequality in America has increased considerably. Addressing the problem through raising minimum wages has sparked debate in the political discourse about its impact on the economy. Increasing the minimum wage will not harm the American economy, but will rather help it rejuvenate. The federal and state governments
MacDonald’s Corporate MacDonald’s Corporation Date: To: Insert Business Partner’s Name From: Insert Observer’s Name Re: Observing Services within MacDonald’s Corporation. MacDonald’s Corporation is fast food restaurant that offers various products and services to their clients. For many years since the organization was established, MacDonald’s Corporation, through its management, has ensured that it provides quality and
How Interview Contributes to My Understanding of My Issue Facebook is a social function that links us with the people, brands, and institutions we are concerned about. By June 2013, Facebook had approximately 1.2 billion followers internationally, enabling make it a platform loaded with prospective for learning (Bosch 185-190). Facebook’s objective is to unlock and
Abstract The high levels of obesity in India have prompted the need for weight loss mechanisms. Zyloprim is a new product being launched in the market amidst high competition and limiting social and legal circumstances. For instance, the legal limitations are based on the food, poison, and drug policy that require strict quality control of
Biographies I have always believed that hard work always generates good results. In a similar way, continuous efforts rather than intelligence and strength act as the key for unlocking the potential of every individual. While I was growing up, science has always been among my favorite subjects. My passion for sciences, especially mathematics, biology, chemistry,
Open Online Courses The increasing use and adaption of technology into our daily lives have resulted in dynamic inventions for its applications. One such dynamic invention is through the online learning environment. This is an evolution of the education system from the normal physical attendance in a classroom environment, to a system where learning materials
Dialect exploration: the Southern American dialect Introduction Trudgill (2004) said that contact between different British dialects would have occurred in the American settlements, which have led to the appearance of new, mixed dialects not precisely like any others spoken in the homeland (2). On analyzing the linguistic features in one’s speech, one will be able
Joel Sartore Sartore was born in the year 1962. He is an American photographer brought up in Ponca City and has an unending passion for nature. Joel has contributed greatly to social development in the field of education, authorship, and motivation. He is a 20-year contributor to the National Geographic Magazine having the best photo
Corrosion Chemistry Video Summary Corrosion is a chemical process through which metals disintegrate. Rust, for example, is a product of corrosion. It occurs when iron reacts with water and oxygen. Rust is a hydrated iron oxide that is formed through a series of reactions. First, iron loses electrons to form iron II ions. Second, water
How Interview Contributes to My Understanding of My Issue Facebook is a social function that links us with the people, brands, and institutions we are concerned about. By June 2013, Facebook had approximately 1.2 billion followers internationally, enabling make it a platform loaded with prospective for learning (Bosch 185-190). Facebook’s objective is to unlock and
Dialect exploration: the Southern American dialect Introduction Trudgill (2004) said that contact between different British dialects would have occurred in the American settlements, which have led to the appearance of new, mixed dialects not precisely like any others spoken in the homeland (2). On analyzing the linguistic features in one’s speech, one will be able
The Reasons for Marriage Breakages Introduction Marriage is an institution formed by two people based on mutual understanding and love. However, it reaches a time when the two members develop some differences and decide to go apart. This hurts society as well as all the individual members of a family. Young couples are seen to
Work and Business The concept of work means different things to different people. Some consider this aspect as an opportunity to enrich other people’s lives, while others consider work as an opportunity to amass wealth and power for themselves. For instance, work can be an opportunity to be compassionate and to embrace cultural diversity. On
Compliance and Mercantilism Introduction  The aspects of international trade and organizational practices are inseparable. In any particular region, organizational efficiency directly influences the features of international trade. In order for a country to be fruitful, it has to ascertain the aspects of international trade and organizational practices (Cragg 2012). This study shall examine two theories
Descriptive Report Culture is a broad discipline that refers to the practices that are highly valued by a given group of people. In most cases, these lines of practice define the behavior of this particular group of persons. There exists an array of aspects that comprises the culture of a given group of individuals. These
Climate Change Introduction: Identifying the Problem The market is said to have failed when the competitive outcome of the market is not efficient and beneficial to society as a whole. When the negative impacts of economic activity did not fall on those conducting it, but to the blameless and the future generation, the market has
Introduction In the 1970 s, this genre of music came into existence taking America by storm. It emerged from the South Bronx of New York with mostly Black Americans and Latinos.  Hip-hop was influenced by the daily situations that the African Americans and Latinos faced in a daily situation. Their life as a community that
Critiquing Internet Sources This paper criticizes how a blog, podcast, or video scrutinizes Internet sources on global citizenship and multicultural understanding. The Blog It incorporates an educational approach that highlights information concerning multicultural understanding and global citizenship. Kris Olds, the author of this blog that was drafted in March 11, 201,2 claims that internationally, the
Whisper of Aids “A Whisper of Aids” is one of the most inspiring speeches of all time given by Mary Fisher during the Republican National Convention held in the year 1992. The address was issued at times when AIDS was seldom discussed in public. The principal objective of “A Whisper of Aids” was to break
Thesis Paper Based On the Film Maria Full of Grace 2004 Financial constraint is a major reason behind the immense drug dealing across the globe. Acting as a drug mule is a manifestation of modest work that at its core is unique in relation to different types of misuse, for instance being compelled to slave
Career Interview with two professionals Interview with Lisa Hunter (Advisor for Hospitality Business Washington State University) and Sara Stout (Academic Advisor for students currently certified in Management and Operations Washington State University) Me: Thank you Sara for setting sometime amidst your busy schedule to share with me insights            on your career. I am Beverly
The Fly Effect Campaign against Heroin abuse It is such a pity that a problem previously thought to be confined to cities or even desperate persons is today our main threat. Heroin has deepened its roots among the teens and young adults from all spheres of life. This is a report of what the state
Reflective Essay       Introduction The cognition and learning concepts applied in the education psychology require an individual’s social and environmental factors in order to facilitate productivity in curricula activities. These concepts help in bringing out distinctive abilities and subject matter domains within an individual in terms of the way they plan, solve their problems, reason
Investing in Your Life There occur instances when an individual gains interest to dig deep into the beliefs that are held in our lives in order to understand our lives better. Peter Singer questions about the equality and worth of human life in his report, “What Should a Billionaire Give and What Should You?” In
Dental Specialty-Orthodontics My teeth have been in braces for almost two years now, and I got to know that the repositioning of teeth that I was undergoing is under orthodontics specialty in dentistry. I became interested in learning more about that field, and that is why I scheduled an interview with my orthodontist, Dr. O.
Luxury Brands A luxury brand could be defined as a business or an industry that deals with manufacturing, processing or distribution of goods that are considered to be a source of luxury and comfort. Economically, luxurious goods are those goods that play the role of adding to the basic life some comfort. Unlike basic needs,
MacDonald’s Corporation Date: To: Insert Business Partner’s Name From: Insert Observer’s Name Re: Observing Services within MacDonald’s Corporation. MacDonald’s Corporation is fast food restaurants that offer various products and services to their clients. For many years since the organization was established, MacDonald’s Corporation, through its management, has ensured that it provides quality and timely products
Raising the Minimum Wage In recent decades, the income inequality in America has increased considerably. Addressing the problem through raising minimum wages has sparked debate in the political discourse about its impact on the economy. Increasing the minimum wage will not harm the American economy, but will rather help it rejuvenate. The federal and state
Personal Philosophy of Adult Education Education and learning are essential to all society efforts for positive transformation. My work as an adult teacher will be to help individuals, the society as well as its institutions to take on a learning attitude. I consider education as a basis of human life. I believe that individuals yearn
Career Exploration through Informational Interviews Muhtar Kent is the choice candidate for this informational interview. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Coca-Cola Company, the leading international soft drinks manufacturer (Bell, 2004). Apart from his success at the helm of a thriving international company, Kent makes it his business to visit stores across the
Joel Sartore Sartore was born in the year 1962. He is an American photographer brought up in the Ponca City and has an unending passion for nature. Joel has contributed greatly to social development in the field of education, authorship, and motivation. He is a 20-year contributor to the National Geographic Magazine having the best
Corrosion Chemistry Video Summary Corrosion is a chemical process through which metals disintegrate. Rust, for example, is a product of corrosion. It occurs when iron reacts with water and oxygen. Rust is a hydrated iron oxide that is formed through a series of reactions. First, iron loses electrons to form iron II ions. Second, water
Argumentative Essay: Do you feel that the prevalence of online connecting that occurs through social networking sites, texting, IM, and email impedes real conversation? Introduction It is no doubt that online connections that occur through social networking sites, texting, IM, and email enable individuals to organize and manage their real-world relationships, and gives them the
Case Study: Identifying Behavioral Function ABC Analysis Antecedent Behavior Consequence The teacher asks Lisa to stop playing dolls Lisa screams “No” and continues to play with her dolls The teacher tells Lisa to put her dolls down again The teacher tells Lisa to put down her dolls Lisa looks down and clings to her doll.
Theater Fire, Chicago 1903 Fire tragedies are among the tragedies that can usually be prevented by placing certain safety measures into place. The 1903 Iroquois fire tragedy in Chicago is one of the deadliest theater fire tragedies in United States history. On the afternoon of 30 December, people mostly women and children had gathered in
Summary/response paper for President Obama’s speech Introduction This is a summary of the speech of Barrack Obama concerning the economy of America, which he made in New York. The speech concentrated on the economy of the United States of America by then and a comparison was made between the past economic conditions and the current
Emergencies/Disasters Emergencies and disasters are sometimes not predictable. Some of the disasters may include wildfires, tornadoes, floods, and landslides, among many others. Adequate preparedness on the actions to take in case of any emergency or disaster is a very crucial thing. In order to prepare for disasters, I have done the following: prepared an emergency
Benefits of immigration Introduction Global economic, social, and political factors have played a vital role in creating various scenarios and situations in the way the citizens of various countries can move into, interact with citizens and find residence in another country. These observable dynamics come about as emergent issues depending on the paradigm shift or
Drugs Sale and use should be Legalized The issue about drugs and their use has remained to be a problem in the society for a very long time now. Many bad consequences result from the use and sale of the drugs (Wojcik n.p.). The cause of the many severe problems associated with the use of
Conflicting Interests among Different Players in the Scholarly Scientific Journals Publishing Industry Introduction Conflict of interest refers to financial conduct that inappropriately influences the actions of publishers, editors, and authors (Wagner 41). A scientific journal is a periodical publication whose intention is to further the progress of research. It is the means through which researchers
A Doctor’s Journey with Patience Introduction The journey to becoming a medical practitioner is a long and rugged road, which begins with, and involves a continuously endless process of learning and studying. The years of basic studies and skill acquisition involves long hours of toil. At the end of the study period, the product, or
Electronic Journal Submission-5th (Chapter 7) Meaning and Sources of Presidential Authority and Leadership Presidential authority is the power to influence.  Presidents are required to do much more than what their authority permits them to do.  The powers to persuade and bargain are the key ways that the head of state utilizes to instill policy. It
Ukraine Crisis The Cause of the Crisis The root cause of the current crisis in the nation of Ukraine is a matter of speculation. Different sources have tried to bring out the real cause of the problem. According to Igor (n.d) of Russia Direct, the cause of this crisis is closely associated with the events
Politics-Administration Dichotomy is a theory that defines public administration boundaries and affirms the normative connection between administrators and elected officials in a democratic society. Public administration, on the other hand, has two definitions; the first is an evaluation of how the government implements its policy, and secondly, it is a discipline in academics that studies
Hybrid Cars Reflective Essay As an English writer, I have learned many things including how to express myself and how to dig for information for the things that seem to be contradicting me or things that I did not know about. Since the time I came into this institution, I have learned how important literature
Personal Cultural Analysis Part 1: The Identification of Culture I grew up in a Chinese middle-class family and our family resided in Beijing, the capital city of china. My father worked as a lecturer at Peking University. My mother on the other hand worked as a manager at the bank of china. Because I am
Abstract Throughout the years, the depiction of women in movies has evolved. The depiction of women evolved from that of homemakers and nurturers to that of empowered women with increased gender contradictory responsibilities that once had the masculine inclination. “Thelma and Louise” is a 1991 film that stars two women, a server, and a homemaker.
Cholera My disease of choice is Cholera. It is a transmittable disease that causes terrible watery diarrhea that can result in dehydration and even death if not treated on time. The devastating dehydration is an outstanding trait of the infection and is the primary cause of death. It is known to be an intestinal disease
Interaction: The True Determination of Human Identity One main distinction between the human identity and other animals is the rationality of thought and association. Better said, the human race forms a special identity of gathering of like status and direction quite unlike the pedagogy of association within the society. Various qualities of the human race
Global Governance Reforms The global governance concept is witnessed all over the world whether through NGO campaigns or environmental protection against the vast exploitation of world natural resources. All of these fall under the general idea of global governance. On the other hand, global governance has been faced with various setbacks that are posed by
Lying Online Online communication involves the transmission of information via data innovative platforms. The data innovative platforms include search engines, social media, peer groups, and various blogs. Face-to-face communication involves transmitting a message when in direct contact with a particular person. No mediator or intermediary is present when face-to-face communication takes place. The aspects of
Potential Negative Impacts of Overpopulation Introduction Overpopulation refers to the imbalance between people occupying a certain geographical area and the available resources. Generally, the population increases on a daily basis while the resources remain constant or dwindle away. According to the World Overpopulation Awareness (WOA), in 1994 there were 3.95 million births and 2.29 million
Revising Police Services Police are proxies of the Government who come into straight link with protest masses as they place themselves amid the aims of the demonstration and the activists themselves. In isolation, their planned aims are to uphold public order and safeguard the object of aim together with public organizations. Additionally, they uphold the
Evaluation for Louisiana State University Alexandria Foundation Introduction The Louisiana State University Alexandria (LSUA) Foundation is a non-profit making organization that offers undergraduate degrees in various disciplines. It is located in Louisiana, and Alexandria, in the United States of America. The university is a community-based foundation that relies on self and private funds to collect
Is PowerPoint an Effective Presentation? PowerPoint is a visual display presentation program that is popular in presenting the information. Despite its extensive use, its style of displaying information has received criticism on whether it makes effective communication. Tufte is a critic who feels that PowerPoint presentations can be very domineering to the audience due to
Age controversy in relationships Relationships entail the commitment of people who have mutual connectivity that prompts them to view and treat each other more than friends. Though there may be differences, the people in a relationship share similar interests and experiences. The relationship may be that of a man and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or
Strengths and weaknesses of my writing Writing is one of the learning skills that require an extensive skill set, vocabulary use, punctuation, and proper command. Good writing skills may be regarded as an automatic ticket to greater academic achievement and better college grade grammar for a learner in any institution. As a college student, my
Dependency on Cellphones Introduction Recent advances in mobile technology have exponentially increased the capabilities of mobile phones and hence the range of their application. Development of the smartphone, which can access the Internet and install software or applications that can perform various tasks has created increased convenience for the use of mobile phones. As a
Learning Theories The learning theories that relate to my experiences as an adult learner include behaviorism and constructivism. I learn by using instructions and examples. I use instructions in performing various functions, for instance, to find the instructional materials that I will use, assess the available materials, specify learning activities, and make a decision on
Sustainability Framework for Millipore Millipore should adopt the Natural Step sustainability framework to strengthen its commitment to sustainability efforts, and further, make them more effective and durable. The framework conceptualizes sustainability from the perspective of nature’s needs, and those of society, rather than those of running a business. The strategy can enable Millipore to integrate
Racial microaggression Racial microaggressions are commonly spoken or non-verbal insults, snubs, or slights whether deliberate or accidental, which expose aggression towards individuals from different racial backgrounds. Some examples of racial microaggression include such incidences where a White-colored couple comes into contact with a Black man on the street, and the lady instantly grips her bag
Summary of the articles The shadow web In the recent past, the internet has been greatly under the control of both communication corporations as well as the governments of various countries in the world. For instance, on the 29th of January, the Egyptian government shut down the internet to secure their interest in winning over
The History and Mission of Young Men’s Christian Association A lot of people benefit from the sports and fitness exercises provided by their local Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), or “Y” as they are usually identified. However, even those acquainted with the organization’s programs might not be familiar with its history or mission. The Young
Persuasive Essay Introduction Assisted Reproductive Technology can be defined diversely due to the different and multiple fertility treatments involved. This essay will therefore focus on Assisted Reproductive Technology aligned to fertility treatment procedures involving the artificial handling of an egg and a sperm. Assisted Reproductive Technology involves a doctor retrieving an egg from a woman’s
Policy A policy refers to the guidelines or the protocol observed by entities so that they can achieve their intended outcomes. Organizations make policies that aim at prioritizing their decisions based on the impact they will make (Dye, 1992). In light of this, public policy involves the continuous identification of goals that lack contradictions, aimed
Reflection of a Virtual Tour to Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History This is a panoramic virtual tour, which permits visitors using smartphones and desktop computers to take a virtual self-guided walking tour on the basis of a room-by-room access to the entire museum. Through this tour, visitors are able to navigate from one

Sample Essay on Is MOOC here to stay

Is MOOC here to stay? To MOOC or not to MOOC? Will MOOC’s revolutionize education? Are they just hype? Please share your thoughts and engage your fellow participants in a discussion of all things MOOC MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. MOOC allow individuals who are willing to attend to do so freely without
Gender Roles and Its Effect on Today’s Society Gender roles encompass the responsibilities and behaviors that people learn and adapt from their communities and cultural norms. A deviation of the prescribed gender roles is met with derision from the members of the community. Gender roles are often the source of taboos and rules, especially in
Application of the acceptance or rejection rates of academic journals Acceptance Rates and Submission Requirements of journals A health administration journal with at least a 50% acceptance rate BMC medical informatics and decision making 63% Submission requirements: It is important to confirm the email addresses, the name of the manuscript on the cover letter
Introduction The vision of the new customer division of Adobe will be to achieve high level of customer satisfaction through consultative customer engagement. The business model for this division would be to bring all employees on board to discuss customer needs. However, the new model is likely to be affected by the trends, assumptions made
Public Administration Reform Policy Introduction A change process in a public administration structure necessitates reforms in addition to the modernization of vital civil service sectors. In reforming such institutions in the Michigan State, the Public Administration Reform Policy plays a significant role. It establishes a platform for the improvement of coherence and coordination in other
Effects of basketball hobby and how it has affected my life to date Playing basketball has been my hobby since I was sixteen years of age and has had a great impact in my life. I have nurtured this hobby until I was 28 years of age. I am currently 32 years old and have
WK3 Discussion: Challenging Myths and Stereotypes Whether you believe the term” mental retardation’ should be changed to term” intellectual disabilities,’ and why? I believe the term intellectual disabilities should replace the term mental retardation nationwide. The term mental retardation is condemned by many people as offensive and has a negative connotation .According to (Marcia et
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: Procedural Safeguard Michael is a student who has emotional disability that was discovered by his parents and teachers who detected the problem early enough. The parents and teachers had tried several problem solving methods to him help through his educational needs. However, despite the parents and teachers’ efforts, it was
SUBJECT: Incorporating Inclusive and Anti-Oppressive Practices in Human Service Delivery Introduction There is a need to include the views of the citizens in policy making, if the concept of democracy is to be realized. Most of the governments elected by the citizens never involve them in discussion over the policies that are put in place
Should Religion be Allowed in Schools The social world comprises of a diversify set of people based on their cultural beliefs, attitude, norms and behaviors. This diversity arises due to the variation in the way people organize themselves in accordance to their values and perspectives. Religion refers to a systemized arrangement, which incorporates people’s beliefs
  Symbolism in What you pawn I will Redeem Cover Letter What you pawn I will Redeem is a story by Alexie Sherman that focuses on American Indian culture. This essay will look at symbolism within the story as it has been used frequently within it to develop the main theme of cultural disintegration. The
Online Fashion Boutique The fashion industry is typically consumer market goods. It is distinguished by easy exit and entry, fickle consumer preferences, short product life, several competitors and infinite retail alternatives, manufacturing and marketing. Just like any other business, the powerful the fashion industry; the more cash is percolated within the society. This paper examines
Application: Personal Reflection The adult education program has changed in the new era bringing in diversity to the forefront; if institution and education facilities are to embrace diversity, change must take place through internet researching, understanding the change, and implementing it. The primary concern of learning is to integrate ideas practically through experience. The learning
Weight Loss Surgeries Weight gain and ultimately obesity is increasingly becoming a concern of many health practitioners, governments, and individuals across the world. With this concern, however, medical professionals have seen this as a means of cashing in on the predicament that faces many people; weigh gain, in what has now become a multibillion business
Infant and Toddler Disorders Scholarly Article Review Discussion of the focus of the research The research was focused on the importance of success realized after global preventive efforts of Tay-Sachs disease, which has been common among Jewish people. According to Zelnika et al. (2011), the disease commonly affects offspring from consanguineous parents. It is a
Transparency in Non-Governmental Organizations Transparency is the state of being free from pretense and allowing an organization to be easily viewed by the relevant sources while NGO is a legal entity with common goals and commonly written rules. Transparency is an intricate part of the principle of democratic governance. To enhance transparency, NGOs have acted
Introduction The information centric economy and the internet continue to change the way businesses perform their daily activities (McAllister, 2007). More business organizations, financial institutions and even educational institutions are relying more on the internet and information for service delivery and execution of daily activities. With this reliance, there has been a surge in the
Practical Applications of the Maximum Power Transfer Theorem The internet is currently an important tool of acquiring any information that a person requires; as a result, it has become an inevitable way of life to human beings. As I was perusing the online pages, I came across an intriguing topic in the electrical and mechanical
Media Silence on Youth Unemployment The issue of unemployment among the youth in society has escalated, rendering majority to stay idle after they graduate.  Unemployment is a situation that has made young people to suffer because it increases poverty rates in society. I choose this subject over the rest to articulate on how firms, such
Article Review In the article, The Cool twists of Language, David Bellos discusses aspects of language especially the impact that change of sound may have in usage and also in spelling. He talks the word “cool” to use as an example to elaborate his point. For instance, it can mean stylish, desirable or glamorous. It
Remote Monitoring of Patient Vital Signs Using Mobile Computing Technology Technological advances have continued to transform the way people perform routine activities in various spheres of life. Health care is among the areas in which technological advances is having incredible impact in ensuring the delivery of quality services. More specifically, the advances in mobile computing
The Speech the Graduates Didn’t Hear The speech written by Jacob Neusner “The Speech the Graduate didn’t Hear” addresses immense contribution the university staff has put in couple of years (four years) while preparing students for the real job market. Although this task was very involving, their pride is not in their educational achievement that
Sustainability and CSR Framework Recommendations to address CSR challenges Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are the regulations that companies adhere to ensure they functions according to the internal policies and international norms. In Australian companies, many firms have failed to overcome the challenges of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The CSR involves the company
My Statement on Choice My decision to take a graduate business degree came because of informed assessment of the benefits arising from the process. I realized that pursuing a graduate business degree would add value to my current degree. This is because I will take a specialist course, such as MBA degree that will set
How to Read like a Writer Written information is so common that human beings find themselves reading in their daily lives. It can entail reading a book, billboards, internet, or any other document. It is an inevitable act because it is a way of passing information from one point to another. However, reading is an
Written assignment Citizenship is the legal status that a person has in a certain country whose law recognizes him or her as a full member of the country and has the rights that members of the country are entitled to. In most cases, citizenship is acquired through birth but other accepted ways of acquiring it
Effects of English as a Global Language English language is gaining significant momentum in the global social arena with its contributions affecting all areas of human activities. Nunan’s article presents keys facts about the effects of this language on matters related to education policies and curriculum development in countries within the Asia-Pacific region. The findings
Women and Consumption The article “Bridging the Gap: Feminism, Fashion and Consumption” by Angela McRobbie provides an insight into the inequalities between women of different classes in fashion industry. Firstly, the article identifies the failure of feminist scholars in recognizing the diversity within the category of women, and how such diversity contributes to the perpetuation
  What’s in a Name “Michelle?” Introduction What is in a name? This is a commonly asked question that attracts discussions on different platforms. The power of a name and the value that it attracts has been immortalized in different works of art such as poetry and in other platforms such as religious ceremonies (Atkins
Admission Essay English has always been my favorite subject since my childhood days, although it is not my native language. I have decided to major in English because English is a universal language, and anyone who does not understand the language tends to encounter some difficulties in communication. My desire is to instill knowledge to
Los Angeles Fire Department: Personnel Expenses Introduction The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAPD) is dedicated to save life and foster the economic growth. To accomplish this mission, LAFD perform personnel services, including recruitment and training to hire the best employees and staffing levels to serve the community better. The personnel cost incurred by LAFD in
Emotions and Implications From the photograph, several elements of emotions can be observed. People seem to be walking towards a particular destination. The area through which they are walking is dry or semi arid as can be evidenced by the scattered vegetation and the presence of shrubs on the background. Their only means of transport
Cover letter My Name Address Phone No E-mail Address   Date   The Director Consumer Acquisitions Inc 1715 Indian Wood Circle Suite 200 Maumee, OH 43537   Re: Assistant Marketing Manager Trainee Position Advertised on MacysJobs. Dear Sir/Madam: I read the announcement concerning the above position with the greatest of interest. If you are in
Modern Human Trafficking What is human trafficking? There have been conflicting categorizations of criminal activities that constitute human trafficking among researchers, organizations, and criminal justice systems (Bakirci 160). However, all the actions considered to be trafficking involve some form of exploitation of victims. Such activities include sexual exploitation and forced labor. Despite lack of a
Intellectual Autobiography Why you chose the area(s) of study you did throughout your education and at APUS? Having been out of the processes of education for a considerable length of time, it was a challenge choosing a subject of study that not only comes out as viable, but also works towards making positive impact in
Safety Safety refers to the act of being protected from any physical or psychological harm, error or accidents. In an organization, managerial team ought to prioritize the safety of all the stakeholders and identify hazards and risks prior to any accident. There are various methods and techniques developed to enhance organizational health and safety programs.
Stigma of Drug Addiction In the article, Development and Psychometric Evaluation of Scales that Assess Stigma Associated With Illicit Drug Users: Substance Use & Misuse, stigma and stigmatization is associated with substance abuse and the community perception (Palamar, Kiang, & Halkitis, 2011). The article highlights the various factors that are related to stigma and stigmatization of
SUSTAINABILITY The lifestyles and operations of the current era are not considering the life of tomorrow. People are living in this world as if they are no other generations that will come after the current one. The environment is being subjected to various kinds of pollution and inefficient use of the available limited resources. With
Randy Pausch Last Lecture video It is tricky to criticize a dying person. I think this is an extraordinary video for Randy’s wife, family, kids, and companions to watch, and despite the fact that it has some great life lessons that are not progressive yet need rehashing now and again, this video is not elegantly
Romantic Love is a Poor Basis for Marriage It is quite difficult to refute that being in love creates a wonderful feeling to both lovers. People should understand why many songs have been composed about romantic love while several authors have written books that focus solely on this topic. Romantic love involves having a deep
Mainstreaming Ill and Disabled Students into Public School System Introduction There is a high tension between exclusion and inclusion which has been a powerful educational force in the culture of the United States (US). Public schools have experienced stages that involve incorporating huge numbers of children with disabilities into the classrooms (Vignes, et al. 477).
Wolfgang puck Wolfgang Puck is an Australian. He is well-known for his enormous restaurant territory. He started cooking together with his mother since he was a youth. By merging classical French tactics with influence from California and Asia as well as by use of best ingredients from the local suppliers, Puck changed the way in
Issue Diagnosis: The California Stray Pets Case- AB 1634 MEMORANDUM TO: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger FROM: SUBJECT: Recommendation to support The California Stray Pets Case- AB 1634 DATE: Issue Statement:  The California Assembly Bill 1634 sought to provide a compulsory neutering of dogs and cats within 16 weeks of age if the owners do not
Emergency Vigilance Discussion 1  Working with Incident Command System (ICS) provides a wide experience in handling and managing disasters which are unavoidable. Well-being and security are essential aspects of human actuality since time immemorial. The first thing when I wake up in the morning is to observe and see to it that measures are in
  Having a Good Sleep-Stress Management Currently, I go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at around 4 am. However, on certain occasions, I do find myself awake at 2 am and I cannot tell exactly when I again fall asleep. I experience a unique sleeping environment and it all depends on my
Public Policy Tools Introduction Public policy encompasses the governing policies of a community that are embodied in the community’s legislative and judicial enactments which are the foundations on which the acts that are to be regarded as contrary to public good are determined (Guess & Farnham, 2011). The main objective of this paper is to
“Diagonal Slice” Management A diagonal slice kind of management as Merlin Olson quotes it entails a situation where the management allows for participatory kind of decision making. This invariably occurs at the instances where the pertinent personnel in each point of the organizational structure are picked to help in the decision making. For example in
Media Convergence The media undertakes a vital function in the society. I don’t know how the modern world would be without the media coverage which, I suppose, a primitive darkness of information would be covering the world. Most people do not understand the complexity that comes with media and the vital role it plays. Media
Media Silence on Youth Unemployment  Introduction Recently, the media has been silent on the increased youth unemployment affecting most of the economies across the world. The media has a strong influence to cause social and economic transformation in any economy, since has direct contact with the citizens. Youth unemployment has become a major problem in
Criteria for choosing communication media Communication is the act of media refers to a channel of sending and receiving data and information from one individual to another. The most important part of a company to establish well is communication and a close contact (Fill and Hughes 81). To achieve effective communication, one has to choose
Human Creation Theories and Beliefs There are mysteries that people have tried to understand in the world. The origins of humankind are one of the greatest mysteries that have continued to baffle people and over the past centuries, people have come up with various theories with efforts to understand the origins of humankind. Various societies

Sample Paper on Copyrights Basics

Part I: Copyright Basics Copyright defines the exclusive right offered to an assignee to produce intellectual works as well as give other people permission for the use. Copyright is automatic when an idea is reduced to a tangible format. Governments in most provides for automatic legal rights for all ideas converted into a tangible form
“Diagonal Slice” Management A diagonal slice kind of management as Merlin Olson quotes it entails a situation where the management allows for participatory kind of decision making. This invariably occurs at the instances where the pertinent personnel in each point of the organizational structure are picked to help in the decision making. For example in
Media Silence on Youth Unemployment  Introduction Recently, the media has been silent on the increased youth unemployment affecting most of the economies across the world. The media has a strong influence to cause social and economic transformation in any economy, since has direct contact with the citizens. Youth unemployment has become a major problem in
Film Scene From the film “The white Cliffs of Dover”, the most fascinating scene revolves around Susan. She had met her lover who, even before long enough (or before getting along in their relationship) happens to depart (die) while safeguarding the interests of his state during world war one mission. Two main aspects are brought

Sample Paper on Copyright Basics

Part I: Copyright Basics Copyright defines the exclusive right offered to an assignee to produce intellectual works as well as give other people permission for the use. Copyright is automatic when an idea is reduced to a tangible format. Governments in most provides for automatic legal rights for all ideas converted into a tangible form
Globalization and Global Differences There is a common misapprehension that the Latin American market is a homogeneous market. However, the reality is completely the opposite as each country within the Latin American market has its own unique features that it identifies with including segments that collectively span much of the reward and risk scales (Deal
The Great Debaters Reflection Paper “The great debaters” movie is based on a debate team that goes on to win the national championship. I found its plot similar to almost all other sport related movies, following the same concept as they do. For instance it begins with leading up by getting great advisory from the
Annotated Bibliography: Can Gay Parents Raise Well-adjusted Children? Bos, Henny, and Nanette Gartrell. “Adolescents of the USA National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Can family characteristics counteract the negative effects of stigmatization?” Family Process 49.4 (2010): 559-572. This article investigates the influence of homophobic stigmatization on the well-being of seventeen-year-old teenagers that were born via donor

Sample Paper on Allan Greenspan Speech

Academic Integrity Seminar Allan Greenspan Speech The speech by Alan Greenspan was great and, in my perspective, he was realistic when he addressed the potential of business ethics. This is evident when he mentioned the significance of information technology to foster economic value when it imparts new ethics that reduce uncertainty in a business. He
Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics Introduction Child observation exercise is an important undertaking that tries to relate the connectivity and differences between interpretation and observation. Observing a child in a particular setting can help in identifying their unique characteristics and possibly make informed strategies when addressing its issues. This being the case, this paper will
Family Communication Introduction Communication in any place is the key that can open any door. The absence of many other things in a family can be wished away but not communication. Family communication is a dynamic tool through whose fabric the entire family if woven together. This unique tool is not tied to only what
The Relationship between the News Article and the Study The paper will seek to compare the relationship between a news article and a research study. The research study evaluates the social media influence over sharing of ideas and opinions. Today, the use of social networks has been influential in allowing people to share their views
Middle aged life In the assignment, a middle-aged woman was interviewed; the results of the interview were then analyzed using two developmental psychology theorists. The purpose of the interview is to gain a clear understanding of the development of the middle-aged adult. The structure of the questionnaire did not ask the interviewee about their feeling.

Sample Term Paper on Trains

Trains 1.0 Introduction A train can be defined as a type of rail transport that comprise of a series of vehicles that usually runs on a rail track to transport goods and passengers. Trains have highly impacted lives of individuals in various ways across the globe. At first trains were recognized as the slowest means
Your Professional Toolkit Introduction Effective learning involves the active participation of both teachers and learners through sharing of ideas about the process and methods used in teaching. Participation of both students and teachers in the process of education makes learning interesting, which helps in boosting learning outcomes. The learners are able to understand and comprehend
Title Agenda Setting The article critically analyzes the roles that have been played by the media in the political scene in the recent years across the globe. Mass media is often believed to be the mediator between voters and politicians. In the past, politicians used to present their views verbally to the voters. However, the
Online Learning and Research. Online learning and Research has a variety of strengths. This style is readily available for the college students any place any time. There is high level and quality of dialogues. The researcher receives content that he/she can raise questions to his/her instructor on matters he/she cannot understand. Resources on what one
Happiness can never be derived from an external party but from within. It is an individual aspect. Deborah Tannen’s theory emphasizes this in her writing “You Just Don’t Understand” on the importance of independence. She states that in as much as both genders are dependent on independence and intimacy, women are more dependent on intimacy.
Racial Justice Correlation with increased rates of violence: A case study of Black African Americans in America Introduction The idea of racial profiling has surged lately as one that appears to drive approach at the state and government levels. In the investigation of race and wrongdoing, racial profiling alludes to the utilization of an individual’s
Bee world The life of bees circles around their hive, which forms both their work place (factory) for manufacturing honey, and their habitat. In order for them to manufacture honey, they are compelled to gather pollen obtained from plants. Honey bees collect nectar from flowers during the summer season so that when winter comes, they
Government Funding of Public Schools Public schools were among the top recipients of state and local funding accounting for thereabouts of one-fifth of the total government spending as of 1996 (Moser and Rubenstein 63). While the governments continue to spend billions in public schools, more is still needed in equal distribution of the resources given
Labor Problems in the United States In order to survive in the current socioeconomic environment, one needs stable and rewarding employment. This gives individuals an opportunity to cater for the costs and lead comfortable lives. Indirectly, it prevents health complications that emanate from unnecessary psychological distresses. Regardless of this recognition, the American workforce continues to
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 1.0 Introduction Consuming alcohol of any amount during pregnancy cannot be regarded as harmless to the fetus. Even though a causal relationship between alcohol consumption during pregnancy and the toxic effects on the unborn child has not yet been established, it is evident that the idea of responsible drinking and low risk
Advocacy for Diverse Clientele  Introduction The paper will provide a comprehensive analysis of a culturally diverse population of homeless men in Westside of Atlanta, Georgia. It is estimated that close to 12 per cent of Atlanta population is homeless. The paper will seek to outline the various ways that can be used to solve the
Nation Building The United States invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a war mission to promote the democratic space and fight global terrorism (Mylonas 23). The military action resulted in extensive damage of the infrastructure in Iraq, the bombings left the major towns, buildings and other structures down to the knees. Consequently, the US decided
Various pediatric institutions specifically the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Society of Pediatrics have advised the variation of time length to exposure of children to technology (Roeser, 2010). For instance, these institutions have argued that infants aged between 0 and 2 years should never be granted any technological experience (Levesque, 2012). Children aged
Public policy paper The public policy and the agenda setting The policy to be discussed in the essay is ‘Garbage collection in the Latin America’. The tremendous increase in population in the Latin America has led to increase in garbage to several tones a day. The increase in population is as a result of large

Sample English Essay Paper on Steroids

Ethnography Paper: Interviews Significance of the study Athletes, football players, boxers among other high profile personalities have been caught or detected to have used steroids “for all the wrong and illegal reasons”. The public is left to wonder what steroids are, whether they are beneficial, whether medications have been allowed, their benefits to the users
Reflection The purpose of the research is to draw a relationship on the effects of media silence on the rate of unemployment of the youths. In the essay I started by analyzing and explaining the important role that the media plays in the society at large in disseminating important information for the purpose of growth
Catherine II’s Politics of Enlightened Absolutism Enlightened Absolutism refers to the political policies of the 18th century in which monarchs followed the ideas of legal, economic, religious, social and learning reforms. These reforms were mainly steered by the educated lot of the time and were inspired by enlightenment. This essay discusses how one such educated
The magic of games in life expectancy Everybody wish to have a healthy and pro-longed life. The roadmap to a healthy and pro-longed lifestyle is simple but can only be effective if practiced frequently. This paper explores the magic of games as a tool to pro-long the life of mankind, the top regrets of dying
Introduction The decline of marine habitat destruction, decline in fisheries resources and loss of precious aquatic life like sea turtles have raised concern and the need to establish Marine Protected Ares. The advocacy for the marine protected areas is to bring back the natural environmental conditions for the aquatic life as a way of solving
Cognitive Biases Introduction Cognitive biases affect the quality of decision making and outcomes. Reports have linked many disasters and accidents to cognitive biases, where people have made errors and mistake in judgment. For instance, in 1996, eight mountain climbers lost their lives on Mount Everest when they were caught by a snowstorm at the top.
Abstract The Master Plan addresses runway, terminal, help/subordinate, ground get to, and individual’s mover offices and office upgrades to improve the general working productivity of the Airport. This paper abridges the foundation and arranging investigations that prompted the favoured advancement idea. The favoured advancement plan for O’Hare is delineated in the Future ALP. This arrangement
Gun Control Gun control took center stage in the United States law in 1930s as The National Firearms Act of 1934. However, on October 22 1968, U.S President Lyndon B. Johnson, over three decades after it first inception signed the act into law (Mohun. 2013 p. 303). This doctrine was enacted as a U.S. federal
Can sex & sexuality in the media for youth become an educational source instead of taboo? Introduction This study aims at exploring the media as an educational source that can be used to inform the youth about sex and sexuality instead of taboos. In the contemporary society, the media platform has taken the youths like
Combat and operational Stress in the Military Unit Military personnel are deployed in handling various duties that are in line with security and state’s defence. At some point, they are entitled to military actions, which amount to battles, environmental changes, reduced quality of life, and international wars, especially on the current intense war on terrorism.
  The 12 Angry Men The American film, 12 angry men has received a lot of popularity in the recent past owing to its message that is contemporary. Directed in 1957 by Sydney Lumet, the play has been performed in a number of platforms to convey various aspects. Because of the theme conveyed in the
Global Warming Introduction Over the years, the earth’s average temperatures have been on a gradual rise, with each new century recording higher temperatures than the previous one. Global warming is a term that describes the overall rise in earth’s atmospheric temperatures, often associated with changes in atmospheric greenhouse gases (elsewhere abbreviated as GHG). As a
Descriptive statistics Executive summary This project seeks to test the null hypothesis that the mean height of the male university students in the USA is always equal to 70 inches against an alternative hypothesis that this mean is not equal to 70 inches. In order to test this hypothesis, I will collect the height of

Sample English Project Paper on Poetry

Project Paper The 20th and 21st centuries have seen poetry grow to different levels. Just like music, poetry has played an integral role in the lives of human beings both in the old and modern generations. It should be noted that, ever since, poetry has changed undergone a number of changes thanks to the poets
Online Dating I do agree with online dating. This is due to the technological advancements experienced globally today. With the world of cyberspace, there are a number of activities as well as trends that have been developed in the recent years. Moreover, with new sites continually coming up, many people in the world today are
How Tablets Affect Contemporary Literacy The use of technology has continued to change and shape the way literacy instructions are delivered. The use of tablet technology has been increasingly finding value in the contemporary society. Young people at home, before preschool, as well as the early childhood, teenage, and adulthood have all embraced in one
Annotated Bibliography Topic: How texting impact teen literacy Thesis statement: With texting among teenagers rising immensely in recent years, research findings show that it can have both beneficial and detrimental impact on teen literacy. Beverly Plester, Clare Wood and Victoria Bell. “ Txt msg n school literacy: does texting and knowledge of text abbreviations adversely
Floating Charge Floating charge is a lien bestowed on an asset, and is bound to change its quantity. A charge can be registered on an asset allowing the owner to continue using it normally.[1] When there is failure on the part of the owner or the person who borrowed, the person who borrowed  goes to
David H Buss Introduction             Human personality describes a dynamic and well-coordinated set of attributes held by certain individuals and which play a unique role in influencing their thoughts, feelings, conducts and motivations. It defines a pattern of cognitions, feelings, conducts and social alterations constantly portrayed over a considerable period of time thereby influencing one’s
Energy Question 1: Future Energy Trends The last five decades (from the 1960s) have seen a continual evolution in the energy sector, with dominant energy trends changing every now and then. Since then, petroleum has been replaced by nuclear as the dominant energy source, and nuclear has also since been replaced by coal. Now, the
Discuss exchange in the New World.  How do you think the exchange of ideas, people, and artifacts affected the cultures of the Americas?  What were some limitations to the exchanges?  Do we see the continuation of Pre-Hispanic New World cultural influences today?  How is exchange today similar or different from exchange in the past?  
Introduction Rural urban migration witnessed in China during the reform era was huge. This has been attributed to the severe poverty in the rural areas and the plenty of opportunity in the urban areas. Hessler (327) points out to the group of young people who have been leaving manor of the Taos in the recent
Early childhood education Outline Early childhood education provides teaching, leadership and assistance either formally or/and informally to the young children who are of tender age of between infant to eight years. Early childhood education is therefore a critical step that entails building the basics for a child’s learning and development where the child is able
Hannifah:        Hello Titus, have you ever been to Qatar? Titus:  Yes I have been to that beautiful country twice although I did not get enough time to tour many places due to work commitments and the heat conditions of the place. Generally, I liked the beautiful scenery of the country and the vast culture of
Introduction ‘Trifles’ is a play involving dialogue among characters to create deep meaning based on different attitudes between the two genders. Women speak alone to assert male and female genders have separate attributes in the society. Conversely, ‘The Glass Menagerie’ is a modern play involving intense dialogue to illustrate fantasy, dreams, and illusions. It seeks
Illegal Immigrants Illegal immigration remains one of the most controversial issues in the world and specifically, in the United States. The political, social, and economic elements are at the centre of illegal immigration (Ngai 71). Some of the citizens and politicians of the host country may feel that the illegal immigrants are out to take
Children in war: The Innocent Victims Introduction A child can be defined as a person aged below eighteen years old according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). A child ought to take pleasure in distinct and specific privileges. These rights include unlimited rights of association while maintaining relations with
Psychical Therapist Introduction This paper provides a critical look at my chosen profession and my plans on how the requirements of this profession will be achieved. Physical therapy is my profession of choice. I have had the desire of pursuing this career since my early childhood years. In addition, I have always had an inward
Police Diversity Week 2 Where were the primary mistakes made, if any? The primary mistake that the law enforcers made including the police and justice department is ignoring the cultural background of an individual involved in a crime while executing judgment. Some of the criminal activities can be justified with respect to the belief and
Wine and Beverage Over consumption of alcohol has a negative effect on individuals, as it impairs their thinking and judgment. Wine has a relatively higher percentage of alcohol content as compared to beer. From the floor manager’s report, the time taken to consume four bottles of wine is very short, and this would result in
Copyright is not optimised to foster musical creativity. Discuss this statement with reference to examples. Since the 1990s numerous researchers have documented how creativity suffers at the hands of corporations that benefit through the exploitation of copyright and trade mark regulations. Giving a copyright owner a virtual monopoly by the prevention of the unauthorized replication
Abstract The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) concept has emerged as one of the most essential decision-making tools when dealing with geographically distributed data. GIS is extensively used in production and display of several types of maps for various purposes. This paper describes how symbols and scales are important in representing geographical phenomena on maps. It
Sampling Strategy and Sample Size for a Quantitative Research Plan Introduction Following the needs to determine the benefits of NGOs in South Africa, one important objective of the sample and sampling method will be to ensure generalization of data that proves to be coherent to the study requirements. One important aspect of any research is
Why I love my Country             The United States is the most lovable country one could ever hope to live in. Americans are a likable lot, and the public institutions are functional and reliable. As a country, we enjoy high levels of freedom, more than, I suppose, the citizens of any other country in the
Unit VI Essay: Conflict Resolution Introduction We are living in a society of conflicts that may affect nations, communities, and individuals. Warring communities or countries engaging in civil wars are all as a result of conflicts. A conflict cannot be disregarded since its aftermath can bring other detrimental effects such as deaths. Conflict resolution, therefore,
Topic one: Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults? Violent crimes among the youths and minors have increased in the recent times. Last year the media reported of a teen that killed eleven people including teachers. The questions that arise is whether such a criminal should be tried in an adult or
Abstract This study will focus on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), its causes and symptoms, controversies in its diagnosis, challenges faced by clinicians as well as patients in handling the disorder, and treatment of DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder was once referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder due to existence of numerous distinct personality states. Dissociative disorders
Fire and Emergency Services Major Issues  Based on our case, it is clear that the cylinder involved in the incident was the 2216-psi cylinder. The cylinder is surrounded with carbon that is similar to other psi cylinders. The cylinder did not allow much space for pressure adjustments. This led to the probable bursts of the

Sample English Essay on The Wedding

The Wedding This is a wedding stimulation, no one is getting married for real but we want the entire quests to feel the real wedding experience in this Gala dinner event. We will use a Bride and a Groom, wedding cake, and wedding photographs for sharing an amazing life experience. It will be a wonderful
Introduction Food & Beverage operations not only deals with the preparation and service of food in the eateries, but is also concerned with how the guests experience the service in their rooms, restaurants, bars, banquets, pool, conventions, corporate meetings and or small seminars; these are the places where most guests interact. The food and beverage
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Limits of Scientific Experimentation In the novels, scientists have assumed their creativity for personal gain. Their main objective is to escape from the moral life where there are consequences for every negative action. They have created human forms to quench their amoral thirst. However, these novels
“IS as a Reference Discipline” Introduction In the past, information system (IS) researchers believed that it had emerged as a reference discipline. This article offers a new opinion that IS, as a discipline, has fully emerged as a discipline in its own right, and can now serve as reference discipline to another. Conventional Wisdom In
Beauty Supply Problem Statement Accounting Solutions Inc is an accounting firm that has 50 employees. Every year, it organizes a dinner party for its employees to motivate the employees making them feeling as part of a family in the company. During this year’s event, it is faced with the challenge of selecting the best restaurant
Roadblock to Implementations of Z10 Standards ANSI/AIHA Z10 is an occupational health and safety management system. The standardized system was initially approved on July 25th 2005. It was developed as a tool to assist companies in mitigating risks, injuries and operational expenses through continuous improvement. Once ANSI standards acquire quasi status, they are regarded as
My interaction with the labor union The history of labor unions dates back to the formative years of the United States in the late 18th century. During that era, workers were forced to work for long hours for a very little pay. They had no say concerning their working conditions, and there was no provision
Prediction of Future Feelings and Behavior Gertner exposes the research done by Gilbert, a psychologist, and Lowenstein on how people predict their future feelings and behavior. According to Gilbert, predictions made by people about how they will feel in future are usually wrong. The effects of future possession of things or activities on their feelings
My Literacy Journey The views that an individual holds on literacy, what one writes or reads is to a large extent shaped by the prior experiences that the individual is exposed to as she matures. These experiences form a foundation upon which an individual builds her literary outlook. Therefore to understand an individual’s literary outlook,
The Benefits of Working Together In a simple language, working together entails people coming together to work towards attaining a common goal. The exercise helps people combine their resources for a common cause thereby enhances their output. As a way of appreciating the benefits of working together, many college professors encourage students to form study
Festival by the Sea Introduction Festival by the Sea (FBTS) has been successful in organizing events, particularly for entertainment, in New Brunswick, through sponsorship deals. FBTS is a non-profit making firm that is run by a few salaried workers and temporary employees, thus, has managed to save on expenses. However, FBTS has experienced four years
  Critical Reasoning Introduction Critical reasoning represents an applied philosophy and decision-making area and tool of the faculty that cuts across different disciplines. As an applied tool in decision-making, critical reasoning outlines various stages of finding a precise solution to the challenges that students face in their daily lives. The process of decision-making, for this
Topic: Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults? Introduction The question of whether or not minors should be tried as adults is debatable. This is because of the magnitude of crimes that they commit. What happens if a child is reported to have killed their parent? Or that he or she murdered
Personal Statement to Enter the Master’s Program My interest has always been to take part in an activity that is linked to creating a healthy environment and caring for people. The desire enabled me to go for a career that would land me in a work environment that can bring change to people’s lives through
  Combating Ethnic Profiling It was a bright sunny day, the sky was a soft shade of blue and there was a slight breeze in the air. I stepped out of my Mother’s red shiny car as she said ‘Good Luck’ to me. I forced up a weak smile as I shoved the door, and it made

Sample Essay on Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery Lithium-Ion batteries, also described as Li-ion, are a class of rechargeable batteries whose principal components are the lithium ions. They are usually used in handy electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras and so on. Li-ion battery technology is relatively new and is, thus, yet to be fully adopted in automotive. However,
Introduction Research is a Cautious study regarding a given field, theme, or an issue, aimed at discovering truths, ideologies or principles. The systematic and a focused process towards getting an in depth information, analyzing and drawing a conclusion is very key in any research. The researcher would be lead to a specific methodology depending on
A Special Place My bedroom is the place I cherish in the whole world. This is the place where I can be who I am without the peeving eyes and the judging attitude of the world. It is the place where I can unravel my innermost emotions, ambitions, and desires. I easily get away from
Statement of purpose I am an undergraduate student at Miami University majoring in Finance. This has given me skills to explore intensely into the field of finance, marketing, management as well as corporate strategy. It has also given me more skills in numerical skills like financial mathematics. I have especially taken pleasure in the international

Sample Essay on Battery SLI

Battery SLI Discussions presented on lead acid battery indicate a prolonged life phases commonly classified as formatting, peak and decline phases. The three phases make lead acid battery more effective and its usage more efficient compared to other existing groups of wet cells. In the formatting phase, the lead-acid device has sponge like plates, which
The Solution to Aching Shoulders for the Road Warriors Introduction Have you ever been in a situation where you are compelled to keep hauling your relatively heavy computer bag on your shoulders through the airport or the bus park after trying to execute some work in the tiny seatback trays? You will realize that in
Chapter 1: The Therapeutic Factors The relevance of group therapy to therapeutic help is outlined as being highly effective due to its equality in individual therapy in providing help. Therapeutic change is portrayed as a process involving intensive interplay of various elemental factor described as therapeutic factors by the authors, and which revolve around human
Similarities and Differences between iPhone and BlackBerry Human beings use mobile technology in almost all the activities in the modern world. Mobile technology has made things easy. One can sit in a room and talk to someone else through mobile without having to move (Younkins, 2000). Like other technologies, phones have improved the living standards

Sample Term Paper on Sexuality

Sexuality Sexuality is involvement in sexual intercourse. The Bible mentions it severally indicating a very close relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Sex was designed by God during creation therefore; it is sacred and reserved for the married couples only. Sexual intercourse outside marriage is perceived to be sinful and God will judge. At no single

Sample Paper on Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a persistent problem in higher education as well as in the business world Trust is usually the basis of scholarship in schools. Innovation can persist only in the atmosphere of fairness and confidence. You have to be capable of trusting that your classmates are sincere in submitting their work and they should have
Personal Statement My fascination with the dynamic nature of the world began back in high school. I was so interested in understanding how people from different backgrounds and nationalities related with one another that I wanted to explore the reason behind the existing as well as future relationships between nations. It all started with the
Introduction In the hotel industry, maximizing sales and high-quality service provisions while maintaining a loyal and satisfied customer base can be a daunting task. Vibrant leadership in a hotel enterprise should involve clear guidelines on how the hotel revenue or yield is to be managed (Hotel, Catering & Institutional Management Association, 2002). Such programs should
Causes and Effects of Divorce Individuals in the whole world have traditionally chosen to stay together as husband and wife from the past to the present in an arrangement called marriage, where they live as companions to each other. Divorce comes about when some couples fail to keep together their relationship and divorce acts a
Discourse of the Legal Community Every community uses a different method of dialogue to construct meaning and communicate with one another. The use of discourse has been placed I form of communities over the past few decades. A community of discourse describes a group of people how belong to a given academic discipline or those
Research Question There have been quite a number of prior studies that only focused on the functional declines for a short period of time. However, as much as all the participants would have aged equally, those studies do not indicate the effects of aging. This study was therefore designed to evaluate long-term decline in functionality
Word Document Formatting Word formatting is a noble exercise that has been in existence since the times of the ancient Greeks. The formatting itself involves providing the word document with the correct theme and style. In the academic world, very many styles are globally accepted. However, each of these styles has its own rules that
Scoliosis Disorder The humans’ backbone, commonly known as the spine, is a skeletal structure comprising vertebrates. It contains individual bones referred to as a vertebra that holds the spinal canal, which encompasses and shields the spinal cord. The spine is usually vertical and straight. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature on the backbone. There are many
COMMUNITY LAYOUT Denver is the highest populated city in the state of Colorado. It is situated amid the eastern foothills of Rocky Mountains and the high plains. The city experiences extreme snowstorms every three to four years and has a high possibility of thunderstorms due to the unique positioning of the city off the eastern
Part 1 Topic: Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults? Introduction The question of whether minors should be tried as adults is debatable. This is because of the degree of crimes that they commit. What happens if a child is reported to have killed his/her parent(s)? Or that he or she murdered
Contemporary Global Issues 3: Food Security in Ethiopia Executive Summary Many countries in the world including the developed nations deal with issues of food insecurity. They incur millions of dollars to ensure that they have enough food in their food banks to feed their citizens during famine. Ethiopia is one developing country that has achieved
Second Language Learning This paper is a summary of the chapters that were provided.  The chapters contain the original works, with all the references and citations. This paper also includes the writer’s reflection on each section and three questions about the section. Interactional Competence in Language Learning, Teaching and Testing Interactional competence involves consciousness about

Sample Essay on Journaling

Journaling Journaling is fundamental in organizing research projects while maintaining research notes in one place. Many people perceive journaling as something that anyone can do, but they rarely concentrate on the practice to know what it entails. For the last three days that I have been recording incidences that happen in my day-to-day life, journaling

Sample Case study on Insurance

 What is the insurance principle and what is its importance is to the insurance industry? The insurance principle is a risk management principle that is based on assumptions of expected certain expected outcomes whereby the law of averages is applied either in theory or in practice to estimate the outcomes. The importance of this principle
Research Review In the article Inclusion for Special Education Students: Advantages and Benefits (2012), Keren Perles articulates that education systems across the globe are embracing inclusion. She defines inclusion as the incorporation of students with disabilities in the general classroom education. Perles emphasizes that inclusion in educational institutions though does not include all students with

Sample Essay on Bigfoot

  Bigfoot             Bigfoot is a term used to refer to an ape-like creature that is arguably said to be found in forested regions in North America. The Bigfoot is usually illustrated as a huge and hairy bipedal creature that ranges between two and three meters in heights and weighs about five hundred Pounds. Witnesses
The Importance of Liberal Arts Degree in College Benson, Michael. The Irreplaceable Value of the Liberal Arts. 18 June 2012. 15 March 2015. <>. Michael Benson reckons that there is a perceived notion in the society where liberal arts subjects are deemed useless. Those pursuing such courses are considered unlucky since they have no employment
Greek Warfare Introduction War was eminent among ancient Greeks because of the material benefits that came with victory in Wars depending on the magnitude and size of the conflict. War involved a variety of conflicts ranging from minor skirmishes between neighboring cities, lengthy rivalry between rich empires to civil Wars and large-scale battles that involved
MEMO TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Advantages and disadvantages of hiring disabled workers People with disabilities face many challenges with lack of employment opportunities being the most rampant. Many employers are reluctant to hire people with disabilities due to myths regarding their productivity, loyalty, as well as costs associated with retaining, hiring, and firing them. A
Introduction Environmental sustainability requires deliberate efforts by mankind to engage in practices that protect planetary boundaries (Baykan, 2007), promotes social equity and the overall quality of life (Conrad & Cassar, 2014). However, this expectation has not been achieved because of the close coupling of economic development and carbon emission. Today, environmental degradation is evident as
News Item Suspense Crime Story This is the first news item to articulate on and it entails an element of suspense. The narration reveals how a woman stabbed a Longmont mother and took away the baby from her womb. According to the storyline, a woman aged 35 years was accused to have committed the
Summary Summary of the Article Locating Service Facilities to Reduce Lost Demand Competition in the market is taking a different approach with regards to the application of technology in businesses. The article is developed on the idea of the application of technology to business enterprises. One of the applications is cloud computing that helps the
Non-Linear Programming Central Idea and Theoretical Contribution The central idea of the article is how to use non-linear programming equation to solve various issues. The paper looks at how non linear equation can be used to solve different practical problems such as selecting portfolios, planning water resources, and constrained regression. A part from using non-linear

Sample Essay on Media Culture

Media Culture With the increasing advances in media landscape, a lot of incorporation of social media systems into communication approaches has been witnessed. The populace has been able to expand communicational frameworks with minimal regard to physical proximities. This has led to the emergence of a culture characterized by massive participation. This participation has gone
  Drought and social conflict Whether the natural hazards have disastrous consequences is largely dependent on  how the community respond that particular hazard, one of the major hazards that is present in the word today is the issue of conflict (Ward 12). Conflict is one of the major social concepts that many countries, especially those in
Psychoanalysis to Zombie Movie Movie goers at times find dialogue hard to impress people, but they are easily impressed by visual images. Some visual images naturally provide viewers with a variety of psychological effects. To give significant messages in the film, the author must depict the visual images that allow the spectators to have a
Strategic Intelligence (SI) Value of Strategic Intelligence to Policy and Decision Makers Strategic intelligence refers to the intelligence essential for the formulation of strategy, policy, and military plans and operations at a national and theater levels (Davies 3). There exist varied motives behind the widespread use of strategic intelligence especially among national policy makers and
Smoking Ban Introduction Smoking in general has many effects on human health. Tobacco is the most common abused substance in the community as a whole. Schools, hospitals, work places, and other public areas are the main concern for the public focusing on the ban of smoking due to its effects. Smoking is advancing quickly like
Discrimination The issue of sex discrimination might be very devastating to a number of people, particularly women and children in many of the developing world.  Many of the women and girl children are particularly oppressed at say shops, homes, market places, market places, and entirely everywhere, their presence is (Healey, p. 2-6). Africa and a
Summary of the Article a Genetic Algorithm for Flow shop Sequencing The paper explores the use of genetic algorithm in solving sequence problems. This is where the researcher transposes through various means that are used to arrive at a lasting solution. Use of chromosomal representation, selection mechanism, and mutation are genetic defining mechanism that tries
Does Cellphone Make People Less or More Connected? Cellphone use has predominantly increased all over the world and is becoming the most preferred mode of communication for everyone. A mobile is principally a hand-held telephone that makes and receives phone calls over radio links in a broad geographical zone. Cellular phones are essential items nowadays
Summary Hingorani, Kamal, Woodard, Donald and Askari-DaneshNasrin. Exploring How Smartphones Support Students’ Lives. Issues in Information Systems. 2012. 13(2): 33-40 The article demystifies the use of smartphones by students and all stakeholders in the education system. Hingorani and others argue there is an increased demand for connectivity among students, universities and the educators in shaping
Martin Luther King Martin Luther King was best known for the role he played in the progression of civil rights through nonviolent demonstrations that were based on Christian beliefs. During his life, King was awarded several accolades for his intellect and his method of fighting racial inequality. His famous speech, dubbed “I have a Dream,”
Executive Summary The present project was aimed at determining the safety issues in lithium batteries in the coiled tubing in oil and gas industry and to design an alternative battery that is more advanced in effectiveness and relative safety. From this study, it was confirmed that the lithium batteries has the potential of failure. This
Admission Letter NYU The fact that I am an international student, New York University is the best place for me to be and further my studies. The following reasons are some of the aspects that would make me want to study and expound my knowledge base in NYU: NYU has grown with time hence the
Community Service for Drug and Alcohol Addicts Introduction Drug and alcohol abuse is a worldwide problem that affects the addicts, those close to them, and the community alike. It involves virtually all facets of a person’s life whether at work, school, and home with their family, or out in the community. As Madden (2013) affirms,
Korean Friend I am an international student from Korea who is studying in the United States. As an international student, I am often forced by circumstances to communicate in the two languages namely, Korean and English, albeit at different situations. For example, when I am communicating with either my family or friends back at home,
Gun Control Gun control is a contagious issue that has raised an array of arguments among various stakeholders. Gun control refers to the regulations put across to check the production, distribution, sale, and the use of firearms (Branas, 2034). These laws are associated with regulating the possession and use of guns among the public. Public
Introduction This interview was carried out with a 22-year-old student from the University of Southern California with a visual disability. For confidentiality purposes, the respondent’s initials will be used to represent him. Since the respondent is visually disabled, I had to introduce myself prior to carrying out the interview, and to avoid the use of
Women in Management The traditional role of women has been revolutionized over time, and currently women have more rights compared to their counterparts in the 18th and 19th centuries. Most cultures appeared to look down on the women and degraded them to being of a lower status than men in society. Culture and religion were
My Idea of a Successful College Career My idea is built on several tenets, I personally believe that these tenets are important and will help me to achieve my goals in college. Many people have different views regarding the factors that determine their success in college.  In my opinion, the success is exhibited by my
Introduction The question of whether selling of human organs should be legalized has been the subject of debate between those who support the sale of organs in order to save lives, and those who are opposed to it from a moral and ethical point of view. Leading surgeons are among the key proponents of legalising
The obesity rate in New York State and what steps NYS is taking to decrease it Lifestyle induced diseases and illnesses continue to affect most Americans due to the nature of the lifestyle they operate in. This has been attributed due to poor eating habits with no physical exercises leading to the accumulation of fats
The American Latinos Ethical underrepresentation is one the challenges facing America today with the impact felt in the country’s productive sectors. Americans classify themselves on the basis of culture, language and lifestyle, and this form of classification tends to affect some of the most sensitive processes like nation projects (Levine, González & Martínez-Sussmann, 2009). For

Sample English Essay on Solution

Solution I propose installing an air conditioning system to avoid losing residents, keep our usual profit, and cover our expenses during the summer. Installing air conditioners in the West Campus Apartments will take four to five months. Therefore, we need about two semesters to get all the work done. In this case, we need to
There has been huge concern on the consequences of drinking coffee over the years among individuals and health organizations. According to the coffee consumption statistics, there has been an annual 20 percent increase in sales per year with an average of 18 billion dollar market in the United States alone. It is also evident that
Affirmative action in realization of the American dream This Paper relates how the American Dream of a nation where life is good, endowed with riches and options for all as per the capacity accomplishments can be improved with emphasis on Affirmative action; struggle to have more opportunities for women or racial, ethnic and national origin
Why Middle East has Negative Reputation The Middle East is a geographical region that consists mostly of Arabic counties which are found in the Western Side of Asia. It is believed that the countries in that particular geographic region were named the Middle East by the British India Office in 1850 and it was mostly
Annotated Bibliography: The Right Age for Marriage in the United States Burrows, Kathryn. “Age preferences in dating advertisements by homosexuals and heterosexuals: From sociobiological to sociological explanations.” Archives of sexual behavior 42.2 (2013): 203-211. In this article, Burrows examines the age preference in dating and marriage in both homosexual and heterosexual relationships. Particularly, Burrows evaluates
Article Summary: Alcohol-Related Traffic Deaths The leading cause of deaths as a result of road accidents in the mid 1970s was driving under the influence of alcohol. The trend was especially common among youths aged between 16 and 20 with up to two-thirds traffic-related fatalities within this age bracket caused by alcohol intake. Due to
Should Parents avoid Vaccinating their Children? Outline Introduction a) Introduce the concept of vaccination. b) Provide an overview of the aspects of vaccination C) Mention the importance of vaccination The body Each paragraph in the body should focus on the subject of vaccination to: a) Explain the importance of vaccination. b) Analyze the reasons against
Images in Advertising An advertisement is an announcement put in the public domain with the intention of promoting a commodity, service or an event, or making public a job opening. Ogden and Rarick define advertising as a tactic that marketers deploy to convey messages to their customers and stakeholders (1). This essay approaches imagery advertising
Author Profile: Katherine Mansfield Biography Early life The late 19th century and the beginning of 20th century met an evolution of art in various spectrums where there was an emergence of modernist writers. On 14th October 1888, Katherine Mansfield Beauchamp Murry was born in Wellington, New Zealand in Australia. She was born to an affluent
Article Summary: Vocational Rehabilitation Adults suffering from psychotic disorders require vocational rehabilitation. The paper is a study of the impact of a vocational rehabilitations program for people suffering from psychotic disorders. The study was conducted in conjunction with health and welfare services. Vocational rehabilitation enables people suffering from psychotic disorders to work in some kinds
Dragons at China, Qing Dynasty to 21st century In China, dragon has been an instrumental part of the culture. Originally, it was thought to be a spiritual being until its image became more vivid in the Zhou dynasty (Balmer, Illia and Brena 63). This paper takes a historical overview of the Chinese dragon with a
The Island of Dr Moreau and Vivisection The term vivisection is no longer seen as an expression that is familiar to a few number of scientists that work in the field. It is now known to millions of people all over the world. The issue of vivisection is perhaps best explained by Herbert George Wells
Advertising Overload Online Advertising refers to paid advertising that publishers put on their websites to enable them reach customers easily by providing them a wide range of products that suit their needs. However, online advertising has lead to information overload. The concept has resulted to misrepresentation, unrealistic expectations, false images, and great confusion among children.
Autobiography Profile Personal Life and Source of Inspiration I am a student perusing a bachelor’s degree in computer information technology in the United States. Studying abroad required me to learn a few cultural aspects and languages to enhance my stay in the states. I am a native speaker of the Arabic language, but I also

Sample Essay on Happiness

Happiness This is an emotional state of flourishing or well being. Happiness is mainly associated with pleasant emotions. John Stewart Mill had a great contribution to utilitarianism through differentiating between happiness and contentment. Mill said that, “it is better to be Socrates disgruntled than a pig satisfied,” which he supports by saying that if the
Technology and Its Effect on People’s Life There has been tremendous growth and development in the world in terms of technology. It has taken over power and it is evidenced by its impact on people’s lifestyle. The computer and the internet era has seen the rise of development and changes in so many sectors of

English Essay on Utopia

Utopia Starting a new country is a complex process, as the country will require a government to implement rules and administer the population; economic activities for the population to survive on; effective education and health sectors; and proper communication network; among other requirements. The country also requires reaction sites and sporting activities where people can
Application for Scholarship Since I was about six years of age, I was already dreaming of what I would like to become in the future. My parents started to take me to different malls and hotels during the weekends. I became curious of owning such business entities. A successful businessperson is always independent, and always
Factories Labor Introduction Technology has led to the development of sophisticated products. It has helped organizations to produce enough goods and services to meet demand in the market. Technology has had a huge impact on the young and old generations in the world. In every homestead in the world, there are instances of one or
Mass Media and Activism Introduction The media has powerful impacts on the political, social and economic aspects in the society. This is because the media is symbolic and persuasive and thus the capability to manipulate the minds of the readers and the viewers. Activist media encourages the readers to be active on matters of social
Global Marketing Strategy of Toyota in the United Kingdom Company Overview The Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational company that has its headquarters in Toyota City, Japan. It is a corporation that is in the automotive business as an industry leader with quite remarkable statistics in revenues, production, and employee turnover. The company is considered
The Economies of Global Warming Global warming: the Problem Global warming is a major issue that has confronted many policy makers in the whole world. In terms of the economic analysis, the issue of greenhouse gas emissions that cause the planetary climate changes has represented both an environmental externality and the overuse of the common
Women and Political Leadership Global evolution has seen the number of women participating and competing for political positions and roles. Studies show that in the past decade, more women across the globe have been elected to political positions.[1] For example in Africa, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected as President of Liberia in 2005. Moreover, in
Ernest Hemingway was an American novelist, journalist, dramatist, poet, non-fiction artist and mainly a short-story writer. Everybody is destined to a similar end in this world; the history of his life, what he did, the way he died, and generally, his legacy differentiate him from the rest of the people in the world. As a
Economics: The Employment Effects of the Minimum Wage Over the years, economists have argued for the fact that the imposition of a minimum wage higher than the market wage would initiate a reduction in employment as well as bring about an increase in unemployment particularly among young and relatively unskilled workers. This is especially true
The use of Animals in Experiments Introduction The world is confronted with a new disease. It is lethal. The health of an infected person deteriorates fast. The patient sees death in his eyes. He is certain. Death is here. It is his/or her time to rest. The disease has no cure. Luckily, a scientist thinks
Mistreatment of Women at the Workplace Women at the workplace have made a lot of positive change, even though inequality persists. On average, women made 77 cents for every dollar a man made in 2010 (Smith 2015, p1). A gender gap persists and it needs rectification. Treatment of women at work varies with societies. In
Benefits of Single Sex School Single sex school, otherwise known as single-sex education can be defined as the practice of carrying out education where the female and the male students are in separate classes, buildings or even schools. It is where the school administration concentrates on teaching males and females separately despite the similarity in
Bermuda Triangle The twilight Zone, the Hoodoo Sea, The Limbo of the Lost, the Devil’s Triangle, The Magic Rhombus, The Port of Missing Ships, and The Triangle of Death are some of the names linked to Bermuda Triangle (Shumway and Rosenberg 4). An overview of these names already gives a perception of negativity, evil, and
Are children smarter or more socialized because of Internet? INTRODUCTION Background Would people refute the fact that technology has brought light to the world? If there is an aspect that people worldwide need to appreciate, then it is technology. The world has undergone great evolution, and this is seen in the scientific discoveries, machinery, modern
Brief Introduction Will Holder’s design works include writings, public performances, books, and other publications. His design works revolve around investigations into the existing gap between object and language, as well as the transformative processes in publication (Holder 2012, p.11). As an English designer, Will holder is a co-publisher and a self-publisher of numerous English books
El Castillo: the Eco-fairy Castle This paper presents a discussion on questions based on the case study of El Castillo: the Eco-fairy Castle  Questions 1. A. Identify the key resources and capabilities that were critical for El Castillo developing a successful strategic advantage in the face of difficult external challenges. Three categories of resources are
Capital punishment Introduction The society punishes its people in order to discourage them from committing similar or other crimes. It also deters and discourages the would-be criminals from engaging in unlawful activities. However, capital punishment poses a great controversy in its usage because many people are unsure of its usage criteria. The questions that linger
Your name Address City, S.C. Zip Code Date   (Insert Name) Address City, S.C Zip Code Dear Sir/Madam, I am pleased to present to you the findings of the report on how to improve online instructions at UMUC. The findings of the report are as follows: Immediate feedback to students makes it easier for students

Sample Essay on Healthy Food

Healthy Food Most favorite My favorite snack is Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. This snack is made from corn flakes. It is food fit for vegeterians since it has no caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol. Since it has a bland taste, sugar is added to it for sweetening. There are various types of flakes. However, the flakes at
Comparison between New York and Paris Cities I spent the better part of my childhood in New York City and I understand the architectural design, culture, and the people living in New York. I have had the privilege to travel to various destinations across the world with my family but one iconic city really caught
Character Analysis of Ophelia Madness is a theme that is utilized effectively by Shakespeare in Hamlet to establish the chaos that occur in the court of Denmark. Characters in the play suffer from resentment and betrayal. One such character is Ophelia, who, in madness, can adequately reveal how the feminine character endeavors to have a
Color Run Introduction Volunteering for events is a course that is gearedto enabling students to get a deeper understanding of event organizing, management, and the broader events field(Merril, 2005). As such, I decided to volunteer for the Swiss Color Run of March, 2014 held at the Albert Park. The event, which ran from 9am to
Emotional Intelligence Introduction Emotional intelligence entails the ability of an individual to identify, regulate, and process his or her emotions. When perceived in relation to mental health, high emotional intelligence is associated with improvements in terms of effectiveness and efficiency in the execution of work related responsibilities and in the quality of social interactions of
Picture Description Introduction These are two-colored photos titled powerful photos. The photos were taken by a photographer outside the house. The photos depict elapse of time and focuses on a man holding a boy in early age and during his old age. Description and analysis The first photo was taken during the man and boy’s
Final Portfolio Rhetorical situation Taking this class has really helped in improving my writing and made me have renewed respect for the written word. The different forms of writing and the presentations of the text to different audiencesand situations was a real eye opener for me. There were certain literary mysteries, especially concerning authors that
  Texting While Driving General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To create awareness about the potential perils of texting while in the process of Driving Introduction The phrases do not drink and drive is very common. Texting is the same as drinking, that is, when one is driving. Many deaths are caused by road accidents.
Tradition in ‘The Lottery’ The concept of tradition and its importance in a societal set up forms the key theme of the story ‘The Lottery’ by Shirley Jackson. In the story, the aspect of tradition is exemplified through various descriptions and referrals to past events, and the allusion that things have happened in a specific
Are Human Beings Predictably Irrational? A Ted video by Dan Ariely, Are We in Control of Our Decisions? Provides an explanation of what it means to say that human beings are predictably irrational. He presents several examples that show that humans tend to make mistakes in their decision making and reasoning and worse is that
Fox News Broadcast Fox News is biased in the way advertisements are carried out. Liberal bias is one of the strategy Fox is using to conduct its business. GPO organization think tanks together with wall street journal and Washington times form an powerful news channel. Fox has denied any acts of being involved in favors
Abstract Having industrialized earlier than the developing world, the developed world has had and continues to have a far greater carbon footprint. Under such circumstances, it is only fair that developed countries take greater responsibility and the lead in the mitigation measures against global warming.  However, developed countries are not entirely to blame for the

Sample English Essay on ArcSys

ArcSys Introduction ArcSys is actively looking for investment in a service it has in the market. The service is web-based, aimed at linking employers, companies, and institutions with job seekers. For this service, the company needs an investment of 20, 000 US dollars. This amount will be used for web-design, marketing, and logistics. In return,
“Taking a life does not have to be through killing, all actions that minimize the quality of life of an individual without an opportunity for improvement constitutes a denial of the right to live”. Introduction Trial of juveniles brings about a myriad debates as to whether some of the sentences are unconstitutional. Subjection of juveniles
Artist’s Statement The choice of characters in any piece of work is essential towards its success in relaying the desired message. It is on the basis of this argument that this artist statement supports the characterization in the American Movie ‘The Avengers’ 2012. The visual argument created based on the movie’s character clearly supports this