Healthcare professionals are responsible for ensuring that patients' rights are upheld and protected. This is essential to delivering quality care and providing a safe and secure environment for patients. The American Hospital Association's Patients' Bill of Rights (AHA) outlines patients' and healthcare professionals' specific rights and responsibilities (Olejarczyk & Young, 2019). To ensure these rights
Community treatment orders (CTOs) refer to a treatment plan for people with labels of having a spiritual crisis, emotional disorders, sad or low energy, or troubled. CTO involves being treated outside of a psycho prison. People who have been placed under CTO have a legal order to get treated for their labels at mandatory therapy
Introduction The purpose of the case study is to evaluate about the effectiveness of Tesco equal employment opportunity strategy to solve the diversity issue in the company. The Tesco is the British international grocery and all-purpose merchandise retailer. It has headquarter in Welwyn garden city, Hertfordshire in England UK. The company is the third largest
7-2-1 Journal Reflection: Creating a Movement Creating a movement is often inspired by ideas and feelings that change the way people think and act. The movements are created by people with visions to help understand issues and initiate changes that benefit people in societies. The black Lives Matter movement champions the rights of the black population
Royal Veterinary College – Ethical Posing Introduction The concept of ethics covers a very wide scope with multiple definitions and perspectives from which actions and/or decisions are viewed. In contemporary society, the definition of ethics has expanded even more as it not only relates to the interaction between humans but also to the manner in
Ethics in Patient Care Introduction The case in question involves a 64-year-old patient who was brought in due to non-healing wounds on her lower extremities (pyoderma gangrenosum). The patient had been previously advised to follow wound management techniques but she ignored the instructions. Over time, it was established that she had psychological issues, specifically mood
Astroturf and Manipulation of Media Messages There is so much information around, but a substantial percentage of the message is inaccurate. The media is known to disseminate emotional and sensitive content that adversely affects people either emotionally or influences their thinking. In most cases, information communicated through the media elicits emotions and creates anxiety, sadness,
Access to Health Care The ethical issue of justice regarding equitable access to healthcare services is the topic of research. The topic is selected for investigation because the majority of the people are living without medical insurance. In addition, the medical costs are high making it difficult for many people to access healthcare services and
Social Responsibilities of Businesses The Board of Directors acted justly in selling Family Dollar to Dollar Tree rather than to Dollar General. Like most businesses, Family Dollar had a social responsibility of making profits for its investors. However, businesses are not only obligated to investors but also to other stakeholders such as employees, customers, and
Drug Testing in Employment Drug abuse poses unprecedented threats to employees as well as clients. The threats that drug users pose to other people in the workplace have created ethical dilemmas for employers in deciding whether to have drug testing programs in their workplaces or not. Employers believe that requisite drug testing creates a safe
Essay 4: Hired Guns and Ethical Perspectives Within the context of Kantian deontological ethics, ‘hired guns’ are fair if used for the right purpose and by the right side of justice. The use of ‘hired guns’ reflect one of the most complex phenomena in the practice of law and justice and has attracted various perspectives
Essay 2: Consent and Utilitarian Ethics Consent is an essential aspect in human relations. It determines the differences between what would be perceived as unethical conduct in human relations and what would be considered ethical. For this reason, consent has become an essential element in all areas in which human relations are concerned including medical
Whistleblowing Similarities between Daniel Ellsberg and Mark Felt Whistleblowing Cases Both Daniel Ellsberg and Mark Felt exhibited heroic acts by exposing corrupt cases that unfolded within the United States government. Their courageous acts displayed proper intent to protect the public from potential harm. The Frontline Whistleblower News posits that Daniel Ellsberg, a former analyst of
Applying Ethical Theory in a Case Study The Ethical Issue JoEllen takes an overdose of prescription drugs and upon admission, claims that no medical intervention should be administered. Consequently, as JoEllen’s condition deteriorates, her son arrives with a signed directive that she should not be placed on any life support. The medical professionals are worried
Ethical Code of Conduct for South Texas Health System Introduction Every acute care facility is faced with ethical dilemmas that staff members have to deal with every day. This paper focuses on developing an ethical code of conduct for an acute care facility in which the South Texas Health facility has been selected. This facility
Code of Ethics Do you agree with the idea of a “living Code of Ethics”? I do agree with the concept of a “living code of ethics” because it helps in defining behaviors and actions when it comes to handling any human personnel in a business without necessarily creating any form of friction. Verbos et
What is Ethics? A few years back, a sociologist known as Baumhart Raymond asked business personalities, what they understood by the term ‘ethics’ (Velasquez et al., 1987). Some responded that ethics is a term that refers to what their feelings inform them that is wrong or right, others said ethics made reference to their religious
Community Profile Presentation Wal-Mart Stores Company is always committed to the maximum ethical standards in the conduct of its business all over the world. This is made possible by the ethical responsibility of the executives in making sure that laws and regulations that affect them are adhered to. Executives’ ethical responsibilities Raising ethic concern First

Sample Argumentative Essay on Ethics

Argumentative Essay on Ethics Introduction Ethics refers to the basic concepts and fundamental principles that emanate from the conduct of humans. Ethics entail the evaluation of universal values that range from the essential of equality of human beings to obedience and compliance with the laws of the land. This is also coupled with concerns over
Ethical Leadership In today’s unstable world, ethics and values are present at all ranks of managers and administrators– leaders who dedicate their time and vigor to leading the route of ethical creation. This wider idea of ethical leadership endows leaders to integrate and be precise regarding their individual ethics and ideals. It is vital for
Involvement and responsibility to the community YMCA operates under two key pillars: enhancing youth development programs, and educating on a healthy living style as a standard measure of social wellness. The target population here includes individuals from different social backgrounds, young and old, rich and poor as well as Christians and no-Christians. Factors that have
Utilitarian Theory of Morality Morality is an aspect that determines whether individuals conduct themselves in the right or wrong way in an organizational setting. A moral theory reveals why people choose to act in particular ways by verifying if an action is right or if it is executed in a wrong manner. In a business,
Indians and Alcohol (Native American) Introduction Native Americans are persons residing in the United States from other ethnic countries, such as India. The Native American Indians are associated with extensive usage of alcohol. Over twelve percent of deaths among American Indians are associated with the consumption of alcohol. The Native American Indians utilize alcohol diversely
Social and Ethical Issues facing Business and Users In the current business environment, the need for ethical leaders is very crucial. The current technological development in business has led to high levels of transparency. Companies provide their employees with smartphones, laptops, and even cars with different motives (Bateman, Thomas & Scott 36). This article tries
Ethical arguments for death penalty Introduction  Capital punishment or what is commonly referred to as the death penalty defines a particular legal process where an individual is usually assassinated as a form of punishment for engaging in a particular type of crime. The legal decree that is usually given for this type of punishment is
Representation in Popular Culture; Female Stereotypes Male-dominated fields like business fields, political fields, and external trade fields are a challenge to women. Indeed, women find themselves pressurized in legitimating their positions. For instance, in the past, when financing a business plan, a woman had to present it to different institutions of finance in order to
Ethical Dilemma I have a friend who works as a nurse in one of the local health facilities. For the privacy and confidentiality reasons, I will not illustrate her name or the name of the facility in which she offers her nursing skills and services for the well-being of the patients. She has to encounter
Marijuana Some countries have legalized marijuana while others are still debating on whether they should or should not legalize it. In the same vain, a reasonable number of American states have legalized marijuana use. It is interesting to note that even scientists are divided on whether marijuana should be legalized or not. Whoever thinks that
Ethics in Stem Cell Research The science of obtaining stem cells from an embryo began in 1998, when biotechnology scientists realized that human embryonic stem cells (HESC) could be used in search for cures of diseases and injuries (The Stem Cell Debate n. p). The cells were found to be pluripotent, which is the ability
Reality TV The article “The Reality Principle: The rise and rise of a television genre” by Kelefa Sanneh is an interesting discussion of issues surrounding reality television. Back in 1973, Margaret Mead wrote an article in TV Guide about the show called “An American Family” broadcasted on Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in which she was
Ethics in Counseling: Group Therapy versus Individual Counseling Introduction Ethics refer to educational, scientific, professional, and cultural values or principles applied in various environments and settings. Counseling is a philosophical profession involving empowering people from diverse backgrounds and families. Counseling is conducted to accomplish various goals associated with careers, education, and professions. More so, it
Physician-assisted Suicide Introduction             Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) entails a doctor deliberately and purposely offering a patient the understanding or support or both necessitated in committing suicide, encompassing counseling concerning lethal doses of medication, and prescribing the lethal doses or providing them. PAS and euthanasia are commonly merged under the umbrella expression “assisted dying”, an instance
Economic Development and Healthy Environment Recently, several environmental activists have been advocating for a green environment by pushing companies to adhere to certain environmental standards, such as avoiding pollution to the environment through air and liquid pollution among other forms of pollution (Liu, 2010). The major point of view of this argument is that a
Economic Development and Healthy Environment Recently, several environmental activists have been advocating for a green environment by pushing companies to adhere to certain environmental standards, such as avoiding pollution to the environment through air and liquid pollution among other forms of pollution (Liu, 2010). The major point of view of this argument is that a
I think that private employees should have no expectation of privacy when using company computers, phones, or pagers. Private employees have no protection of the fourth Amendment that could have given them protection against unreasonable search and seizure (Miller & Jentz, 2012). In fact, the current court decisions have even disregarded the claim of public
Ethical Theories and Dilemma Human life is full of instances that require decisions. Decision making processes can adopt any format deemed fit by the decision maker. However, due to the social-ethical nature of human survival, most of the decisions made end up affecting external persons either directly or indirectly (Malhotra & Miller, 1998, p. 266;
Ethical theories This essay seeks to analyze the issue of whistle blowing in government and business institutions based on the major classical ethical theories, such as utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics, as well as relativism, ethical egoism and emotivism. The paper will also describe, compare, and explain the ethical theories and provide the perspectives in
BP’s Code of Conduct A company’s code of conduct presents guidelines towards responsible behavior, and expresses the basis for explain the main ethical dilemmas that the company may face in its operations.  Companies must be keen on ethics because all employees look upon them for guidance and development of moral behaviors. BP’s code of ethics
Business Code of Ethics Introduction             Verizon Communications, which has for a long time been branded as Verizon is a United State’s telecommunications firm, and a corporate component linked to the Dow Jones. The company was formerly known as Bell Atlantic, which is one of the seven companies that branched from AT & T Corporation.
ValuJet Flight 592 Background As a way of reducing cost and providing cheap air travels to its customers, ValuJet airline hired SabreTech to do maintenance work on its airplane. However, even though ValuJet Company had a well-elaborated maintenance rule for SabreTech to follow in maintaining its airplane, SabreTech did not adhere to the rules. Accordingly,
Paradyne Corporation Ethical Case Paradyne Corporation managers and engineers used deception to win a bid to supply SSA with an off-the-shelf P8400 system between 1980 and 1981. During pre-award demonstration, Paradyne deceitfully placed its labels over those of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) manufactured computer, while disguising it to be its own off-the-shelf product. In reality,
Nanotechnology and ethical issues A nanometer is the minimum piece of quantity being a billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology is the science of using very tiny particles on the nanoscale. Application of nanotechnology is very useful in today’s world especially in the medical field. Shatkin (2012) states that “the promise of nanotechnology  is – to
Ethics are motivational ideas mainly concerned with the good and bad values of a society in line with the moral obligations. They are circumstances in which two alternatives which neither can resolve situations in a morally acceptable manner, are put on measure for choice. In such an instance, personal or societal moral guidelines cannot provide
An Ethically Transformed Organization The ability of an organization to maintain both business and societal ethics in its operation has become the key aspect of profitability and success in business. Many organizations have branded themselves ethically transformed but only a few acts like it. An ethically transformed organization is one that focuses more on the
Ethics and Human Rights in a Civilized Society Business ethics and civilization refer to the corporate or professional principles that are applied or observed in the business environment so as to guard the behavior and conduct of the players in the scene. In a broad term, it refers to ethics relating to labour, human rights,
Ethical Danger Signs Team Project 2 Morality is generally defined in terms of a particular standard of accepted behavior in a community. Moral exclusion on the other hand occurs when there is display of a certain standard of behavior considered unjust is meted to an excluded group in a society. It is simply said, a
Ethics in business We have to confess and admit that ethics has integrally become part of our everyday life. In every situation, organization, or whatever place, there are moral behaviors that we are obliged to exhibit. Not every person understands what ethics is, although we struggle everyday to make sure that we, together with the
Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid The monetary crisis that affected Asia and Latin American markets significantly shrunk the appeal associated with budding markets. Consequently, a number of Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) globally slackened investments and started to devise risk–reward configurations for these markets. MNCs have learnt to align their strategies in a way that
Forced Labor in the Global Electronics Industry Although the slave trade ended in the nineteenth century, a great number of people are still living in slavery through forced labor. Global electronic industry is thriving on the labor provided by young migrant women workers, whose rights are constantly violated with impunity (Smith, Sonnenfeld, Pellow and Hightower
Week 1 Discussion Resolving ethical business challenges Marketing of the “Breakaway” game faces a number of ethical and legal issues, which Karl has to deal with. In the ethical scene, Karl has to determine whether going to market a game that places its focus on nudity, gambling, and violence is acceptable in this region. In
IRBs in Different Settings A common type of research is that which investigators obtain information or data from human subjects through direct interaction, including surveys or in-person interviews. Essentially, such interactions must be done while protecting the rights as well as the welfare of the human subjects, and this is where the Institutional Review Board
Ethical Egoism Ethical theories are widely applied in the criminal justice system where they serve various purposes. According to Spurgeon, Dennis and Chipman (1999), an ethical theory serves two purposes. First is to provide a rational justification of the fundamental moral principles or rules usually manifested in moral judgement. Secondly, is to help “resolve any
Ethic in Advertisement Research design Research design refers to a detailed study plan that a person intends to follow incorporating all aspects of studying a scientific problem in more consistent and rational way. The purpose of a research design is to ensure that whatever findings we would get from the research process enable. The main

Sample Applied Ethics Essay on Death

Applied Ethics Question 1 Death in the context of a necessary evil has been the object of debates as to whether it is actually that undesirable or not. In the consideration of death as an evil, it is described as a loss to the person who dies and thus bad for the dead. However, stoic
Introduction Ethics comprises the moral principles that govern and influence an individual or group’s conduct and behavior. Although laws and legislations outline how humans ought to live and coexist, there are the intrinsic intuitions that are more assertive and dictate our day-to-day life. One of the most controversial subjects is abortion, in the context of
Abstract This paper discusses the essence of professional ethics. With a case study on agents of the undercover narcotic squad, the paper exposes some of the misdeeds and ethically improper practices that majority professionals find easily compromised. The interrelation of the professional ethics and social mannerism is highlighted with the revelation of holistic effects. It
Should gay marriage be legalized? Introduction The 28th of October, 2014 will ever be remembered by the gay community in the United States. This is because of the decision by the Supreme Court to not hear the appeal brought before it against the lower court ruling that had banned same sex marriage in five states
Week 6 Discussion Question 1 According to the article “Resolving Business Challenges”, the Cornco Company is at a dilemma because the entry of other companies in the market is likely to increase their production cost in an effort to counterattack the competition. Therefore, the company’s officials, Jake and George come up with the idea of
Introduction The Science Museum Group Journal, a creation of the Science Museum Group that comprises various Museums in the UK, is a forum that showcases peer-reviewed papers. The mother organization, The Science Museum Group, Comprises of four national museums of the United Kingdom which include: The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, The Science
Introduction Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest establishments in the world that manufactures soft drinks. The company has established many branches all over the world with the coca cola brand being known worldwide due to the excellent distribution network. The company statistics estimate that over one billion of the company products are consumed daily

Sample Paper on Equestrian Games

Equestrian Games Article: ‘Beautiful, connected and winning over the equestrian world: Monaco Royal Charlotte Casiraghi leads talented crop of socialites riding at Olympic-level’ by Olivia Fleming Cultural implications of the article From the cultural perspective, the prevalent issues are mild and mostly supportive of the sport itself and of the article in review. Horsemanship and
Ethical Dilemma Ms. Ami Davidson was involved in a horrible gun attack. She was rushed to a private hospital where she continued to receive occupational therapy. She was however unable to pay for the bill. As the leading medical practitioner, there was a decision to make regarding the continued occupational therapy and the outstanding bills.
  Executive Summary As simple as it may seem, the pencil is a very essential tool in the academic setting. The manufacture of the pencil involves a lot of input in terms of resources and time. The Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 pre-sharpened pencil, sold at Wal-Mart for 5.93 USD per 30 unit pack, is a
Praesal v. Johnson This case occurred between Johnson and Praesal that took place in 1998. In this case, Johnson, an epileptic patient was driving and suddenly he got his epileptic attacks while driving which made him to cause a road accident. The tragedy involved Ronald Peterson, an epileptic person who suffered a major mal seizure
Parties to the Case Study The major parties to the case study are divided between the accused, and the panel reviewing the suitability of employment of the accused. The accused is Becky Darrien who has been suspended from her job due to her increased weight which the institutions is impeding the effective and productive execution

Sample Essay on Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics In history, code of ethics has a significant place in many professional. Their present form has perhaps outlived their usefulness. Reference to codes can be assumed to be typically of all professionals. It seems to be an important piece of information if one is proceeding on the assumptions that the codes are
Transracial Adoption Transracial adoption has been a controversial topic among human right groups and the American society in the recent past. The subject has evoked acrimonious argument and counter arguments between those who perceive the act as beneficial to vulnerable children and those who view it as being injurious to children of black descent. Strategies
Importance of Military development The American military is currently the strongest in the world. This counts both in relativity to other nations and in absolute terms. Even though the dominance of American forces is still challengeable when they fight the enemy on his home ground, they are undisputed powers of the air, sea, and space.
Biomedical Ethics First case Legally, the case study puts the physician in a very sensitive position that requires one to think critically to decide what the physician should do or should not do about the issue. On one hand, if the physician contravenes the law, the patient in a court of law might prosecute her
Moral Compass The role of human values in business leadership Morality is concerned with the core values that act as guidelines in the society and regulates the behavior of individuals. All aspects of life require people to be morally upright because there are consequences of breaking moral norms. Such effects include loss of employment and
The Question Concerning Technology’ by Heidegger Introduction Martin Heidegger was an authentic and significant thinker of the twentieth century (Hanks 99) Critics perceive him as an obscurantist and charlatan. Some scholars despise his thinking due to the fact that he was linked with the Nazis. However, Heidegger’s reasoning on the philosophy in the contemporary society
Ethics and the Business Executive: A Case Study of BP Introduction   The corporate history of BP has transcended several phases of struggle and prosperity spanning over a century. William D’Arcy, a wealthy Englishman who had invested all his savings in the quest for oil in the Middle East initial and operated under the corporate
Research Ethics and Integrity Approval of any research material or report requires the perusal and evaluation by professional and academic experts to validate the content, presentation, and quality of any research. However, how can the integrity of the research process, respondents, and material be protected and managed? Is there a standard methodology and standard for
Community Engagement Activity Journal Spending time with Motherland group, a non-profit organization focusing to help the orphaned children, was a beautiful experience. In this activity, I hired a Nissan to transport a bail of different sized clothes to this institution whose proportions were equal. There are a few pairs of sandals, which my parents and
Implications and significance of the study The significance of a research cannot be ignored more so when it comes to the examination of its implications for social change. Essentially, the definition of social change is inclined to the acceptance, welcoming, and encouragement of social change activity in a community (Callahan et al). Apart from influencing
Purdue University Question 1 Enacted in the 1970s, the University’s code of honor is very explicit on how it expects its students to behave both in and outside the university compound (Frost, James, Alan, and Casimir 12). Discovering the truth during academic pursuit and helping in the dissemination of what is learnt in classroom settings
Croatia Border Crack Down Immigrants from Serbia have camped in Croatia since the beginning of the war in their country. They lack the basic amenities including food, clothing and shelter. Croatian government has been reluctant in welcoming the immigrant to share its resources because they fear eruption of conflicts between the locals and the new
Product and Food Safety Introduction Product and food safety is a core requirement in ethical business practice. As companies and big business ventures move towards globalization, significant focus should be given to product and food safety. Increased cases of deaths and illnesses related to product and food safety is a major drawback in the global
Ethics: Bridgestone/Firestone inc. Tire Recall 2000 Introduction Firestone Tire and Rubber Company was founded in 1904 by Harvey Firestone to manufacture automobile tires. During the establishment, it was located in Akron, Ohio. The first automobile pneumatic or inflatable tires were manufactured and put on Ford Motor Company’s iconic model in 1908. Since then, the company
Product and Food Safety Introduction Product and food safety is a core requirement in ethical business practice. As companies and big business ventures move towards globalization, significant focus should be given to product and food safety. Increased cases of deaths and illnesses related to product and food safety is a major drawback in the global
Ethics: Bridgestone/Firestone inc. Tire Recall 2000 Introduction Firestone Tire and Rubber Company was founded in 1904 by Harvey Firestone to manufacture automobile tires. During the establishment, it was located in Akron, Ohio. The first automobile pneumatic or inflatable tires were manufactured and put on Ford Motor Company’s iconic model in 1908. Since then, the company
Question One: Facts The facts related to the case are: Adkins was admitted to the Hospital after falling to get a hip replacement. She has diabetes, which has resulted in poor circulation in her extremities and signs related to necrotic tissue. The patient is 83 years old and lives with her son. She is a
Ethical Leadership Introduction Organizational culture is an important aspect in many organizations. By developing a sound organization culture, firms can mold employees into what they feel best suits the mission, vision, and goals the organization is trying to achieve. At the center of a sound organization culture is sound leadership that not only believes in
Triple Bottom Line Reporting Abstract The increasing demand of stakeholders for broader information regarding the operations and financial position of business organizations has triggered several business entities to incorporate data about organization sustainability. The acknowledgement that there are predetermined resources that organizations need to utilize today and in the future operations have necessitated the need
Analyzing Unethical Behavior In the context of ethical practices required by the various criminal investigations department, the officers are usually required to carry out their duties with utmost integrity while strictly adhering to the standards set out by the constitution (Kelling, Wasserman, & Williams, 1988). To uphold dignity in the activities conducted by the police
  Cloning is “Playing God” Recent advancements in science and technology have enabled humans to achieve much in research, medicine, computation and aviation. While most of the advances have been welcomed, given their effect in easing human life, some of these advances and current have left questions on whether humanity is going too far in
Cloning is “Playing God” Recent advancements in science and technology have enabled humans to achieve much in research, medicine, computation and aviation. While most of the advances have been welcomed, given their effect in easing human life, some of these advances and current have left questions on whether humanity is going too far in its
Abstract Peace and stability concerns have become global challenges facing the world today. This has reached a point that even the international organizations established to assist in enhancing global efforts are becoming overwhelmed with several philosophies rather than authenticities. The United Nations Commission of Human Rights (UNCHR) is a United Nation body that was established
Ethics and Social Responsibility There is a growing anticipation that businesses ought to carry out their activities in a socially responsible and ethical approach toward every stakeholder. Business ethics denotes adherence to moral principles of management roles while social responsibility signifies the obligations that an organization has regarding its legal accountabilities to the welfare of
The Titanic The Titanic passenger liner sank in the early morning of the 15th of April 1912. The tragedy took place in the North Atlantic Ocean, four days after its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City began. Back in that time, the Titanic was the largest passenger liner in operation. It is estimated
Socialism Versus Capitalism Capitalism and How It Differs from Socialism Capitalism is an economic system, in which a society’s production capacity is accomplished by private individuals, whose interest is profit maximization and not consumers’ needs. Concentration of private capital in the hands of a few, as a result of competition, technological advancement, and standard labor
What Do Good Teachers Want From Students? Although teachers can never be the same, the things they want from students are not different. While some teachers are a bit lenient, others are extremely strict. Similarly, some teachers are friendly and approachable to students, while others appear very professional and unapproachable. However, even though different teachers
My Reaction as a Traveler in the Titanic When It Went Down If I were on board on the Titanic when it went down, I would have reacted the same way I do when faced with a fearful situation. Firstly, I sweat a lot when afraid, regardless of the weather conditions, and I end up
What it Must be Like to be Blind and Deaf ‘Seeing is believing and others deceiving’, they say; however, that does not make any sense to me because I am blind and deaf.  I cannot see or  hear people around me. Worse is the case when  friends or  family members have to touch  to make

Sample Essay on The Titanic

The Titanic The titanic accident was a tragic incident that occurred in the early morning of 15 April 1992. It happenedwhen the ship hit the iceberg in the sea and developed numerousholes that allowed water in and made the ship capsize and eventually sink (Bartolic et al. 700). There were very few safety boats and