The National park instantaneously generates to the mind the picture of cosmic innate space in which fauna and flora prosper and shelter from the actions of human beings. It is because the term is intimately connected to the imagery of the wild nature; thus connecting the term with the questions of the nations which seems
1. What parts of our economy rely heavily on fossil fuels? The most consuming sectors of fossil fuels in our economy are automotive sectors which consist of vehicles. Manufacturing sectors which mostly consists of industries also consume a lot of fossil fuels. Power industries whose main aim is to generate electricity also rely heavily on
Widespread Epidemics in Africa AIDS continues to be a widespread epidemic in Africa with the single most number of reported cases worldwide. The spread of HIV/AIDS is due to a lack of knowledge about this disease. It is important that campaigns against this disease are encouraged to educate people on the prevention measures to safeguard
The City of Salonica Salonica, also known as Thessalonica is a city in Greece that was founded in 315 B.C. The city has a rich history that spans a period of more than 2000 years. During the Roman Empire era, it was a large city that was the center of economic activity, and also served
Escoffier & 3 Regions of France One of the global’s first superstar chefs was Escoffier Augustine. He was born on October 28, 1846, in Villeneuve-Loubet in France. He was the son of Jean-Baptise and his mother was called Madeleine Civatte. Escoffier had a vision of becoming a sculptor during his early years. His grandfather was
GIS Solutions for Environmental Management What is the technology of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)? GIS is a software technology that enables a practically limitless amount of data to be connected to a geographic site. Attached with a digital map, the system enables the user to observe places, events, features, and ecological transformations with unique clarity,
History of Geography in India Indian Geography has developed quickly in the past decades. Extensive thinking about it is popular with us today. A large number of expert geographers show contentment over the pattern of development; in any case, many people appear to be disappointed (Karan, 1992). All such considerations are communicated in distinctive works
Popular Culture in Minnesota The Minnesotan culture is borrowed from the U.S culture with impacts from polish Americans, German Americans, Scandinavian Americans, Native Americans, Irish, and various other migrant assemblies. Minnesota nice is a stereotypical Minnesotan characteristics behavior that has a solid feeling of group selective to those with imparted convictions. Potlucks, ordinarily with a
Popular Culture in Minnesota The Minnesotan culture is borrowed from the U.S culture with impacts from polish Americans, German Americans, Scandinavian Americans, Native Americans, Irish, and various other migrant assemblies. Minnesota nice is a stereotypical Minnesotan characteristics behavior that has a solid feeling of group selective to those with imparted convictions. Potlucks, ordinarily with a
Desertification of the Sahel The term desertification refers to the degradation of land in arid, semiarid, and dry sub-humid areas, which has been caused by various factors, including climate change and human activities (Kharin 1). The phenomenon reduces land productivity, stability, and biodiversity of flora and fauna. Although the phenomenon has existed for years, the
The Impact of 20th Century Wars on the Geography of Modern Europe War in Europe in the past centuries was almost a daily event. It was caused by various reasons both political and religious and as a result, wars and conflict had a great impact on the history of Europe. The wars that were said
Climate Change in Zimbabwe Introduction Climate change is a persistent problem that has different ways of impacting the holistic well-being of populations from across the globe. Organizations and nation-states at the national, regional, and international levels adopt practical measures to curb the effects and safeguard the welfare of their populations. The International Panel on Climate
Problem with Water Sources in Michigan Michigan drinking water comes from different sources. Some of the commonly known water sources of drinking water in the region include Great Lakes, streams, inland lakes, rivers, and underground waters among other sources. Despite having operational laws and regulations that control the contamination of water sources in Michigan, the
Geography Geography entails more than simply the name of places and locations. The shallow meaning of the term geography has its origins in Greek language whereby the word geo was used to mean earth and graphein meaning to write; hence, geography is literally the representation of the earth. Geography further entails the study of spatial
Push and Pull Factors in Syrian Migration Since the beginning of the civil war in 2011, many people have migrated from Syria to other countries, especially in Europe and America. The mass migration has been attributed to the civil disturbances, which have affected the country. In 2011, the pro-democracy protests against the incumbent president Assad
Human impacts on environment Polluting materials from industries are directed into streams, rivers and large water bodies thereby affecting freshness of water. Algae bacterial feed on these materials leading to poisoning of the atmosphere thought their breathing mechanism. Plant life affects atmospheric air balance through continuous formation of water cycle that end up forming run
King Leopold’s Ghost Why King Leopold acquired Congo Congo has been known for its capacity in rubber production. Although other economic activities were available from early days, rubber was the most treasured product by the Congolese people. Leopold’s desire to rule this state was motivated by the fact that he realized the economic potential that
Introduction Global climate change is the increase in the average level of global temperatures caused by emission of gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other gases. The gases are usually emitted in a number of ways, such as burning of fossil fuels, industrial emission and deforestation. The high level of emission of carbon
Relationship between uneven development and the geographical location of Kenya Despite the end of colonialism, there still exists a lot of economic, cultural and social development among the different nations in the world. Third world countries still experience major development issues even though they have been liberated from the previous colonial rule. Most African nations
Has globalization been of benefit to all players in the global economy? Globalization can be divided into three parts. It has an effect on societies and economies, through worldwide transportation network, business and communication. Even though supporters think globalization is a good way of making a better world, and it takes good influences to our
Africa should be in control of endangered species laws Economics of trade if Africa regulates its endangered species There has been mounting apprehension universally that trade in endangered species should be measured, over the last 30 years. Trade in wildlife is big business projected to be worth billions of dollars per annum. As wildlife and
Earthquakes It would take roughly 24 million earthquakes of magnitude 2 to release the same energy as one earthquake of magnitude 7 (Day 15). This means, for all the energy stored in the fault to be released fully then 24 million magnitude 2 earthquakes must occur in order to prevent the magnitude 7 earthquake from
Early Bicycles of the 20th Century Transportation and globalization have been closely related. Transportation ensured a faster globalization process by facilitating quicker and efficient movement of commodities, together with people, from one place to another. As a result, transportation has greatly contributed towards growth and maintenance of the cohesion of different economies from the time
Russian economic, geological and political studies General features of economy in the periods of Yeltsin’s market reforms The two essential and mutually dependent goals – both stabilizing the macro-economy and achieving economic reformation – marked the changeover from a central plan to a market based economy. This concerned the implementation of financial strategies that promoted
Questions from Aide et al What are the three trends negatively impacting forested areas in Latin America? [3marks]   Patterns of change and ecological consequence-Moist forest biome, together with their high levels of biodiversity continue to be major areas of woody vegetation loss. Dry forests have also experienced immense deforestation.   Municipality scale drivers- The
Libya             Libya is a nation that is situated in the Maghreb states in the northern region of Africa. In terms of size, Libya is ranked fourth as compared to all other African nations, and seventeenth as compared to all the global nations. The country occupies a total landmass of 1.8 million Km2 and its
Abstract Caspian are the apex predators in the Caspian Sea ecosystem, and hence have a critical role in the control of the populations of other species, and the stability and sustainability of the ecosystem. However, the population of the seals has reduced drastically, with the current seal population being nearly a tenth of that of
Table of Contents The Effects of Climate Change in the Financial Industry. 3 Introduction. 3 Climate Change Events that Affect the Financial Industry. 3 Climate Change and the Banking Sector 4 Climate Change and the Insurance Sector 7 Discussion of Findings. 10 Conclusion. 11 References. 13 The Effects of Climate Change in the Financial Industry
Guangzhou (Canton) China Guangzhou City is the capital of Guangdong, a province that is located in Southern China. The city has grown from a small merchant town during its origin to one of the most significant cities in modern China. The city lies close to the head of the Peal River and approximately 145 km
New Mexico State of U.S New Mexico is a state located in the Southwestern and Western regions of the United States (Burgan 2008). It is the 6th sparsely populated state in United States. The state was admitted into the union of United States in the year 1912 and it is the 5th largest state (Burgan
Climate-induced Migration and Conflict What happened? What conflict? Climate change changes habitats and as a result, the lands’ carrying capacity is no longer able to maintain indigenous population. At the moment, Bangladesh is faced with such a change, and this has compelled the locals to migrate to other resource-rich locations. Sadly, not many locales are
Geographies of War, Occupation, Resistance, and Terrorism Many are considering the current international geopolitical strife between the world’s greatest powers and the world is raising economic powers as a third world war. On the one side stands America, UK and their allies such as Israel, France, Israel, Turkey and the Cooperation Council for the Arab
Geographical Issues SECTION ONE The first section uses articles from the Lagos Vanguard in articulating how geographical themes are exemplified in the region. Etomi calls for compliance with environmental laws- February 12, 2015 Environmental geography deals with the interrelationship between humans and their environment, and the articulated solutions to problems arising from the interaction. The
Colombia and Mexico After the meetings of Senator John McCain, which took place in Canada, the Senator commenced a three-day tour in Colombia as well as Mexico. The then Senator Obama had not specified any organized tour to Latin America despite the fact that Obama had stipulated the policies targeting the area in a latest
The Wilderness, Recreation, and Preservation Putting into account the fact that civilized life is full of challenges, problems and other issues that create the need for solitude, spirituality, rest or even challenges, among others, there is no reason why the environment should not be described as a need. This is considering that all these create
The Morals of Climate Change Through the proliferation of technological and scientific discoveries, society has undergone a spiritual transition that has elicited the erosion of cultural barriers and an upsurge in global awareness. The central concord of the hominid populace is becoming increasingly ostensible. The onset of climate change, albeit disputed by many, is bound
Sustainable Tourism: Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve Introduction Modern mass tourism in China has a history of about thirty years. The market has been expanding rapidly quickly as the country is endowed with spectacular sceneries such water lakes and marvelous waterfalls. The most visited tourist destination in China is known as Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve. The
Pere Marquette Oxbow Lake Article Summary The Pere Marquette Oxbow is one of the most famous Oxbows in the United States of America. It forms an Oxbow curve on the same river, near Ludington in Michigan City. “Pere Marquette River is located in the Manistee National Forest that is surrounded by streams and forests” (Bharatdwaj
Immigration in Europe Away from the debt crisis that recently hit the European Union (EU), the migration crisis is the most recent calamity to have hit the Union. The crisis comes in the wake of an increasing number of refugees and asylum seekers coming into the EU countries in the droves fleeing conflicts in their
Life Cycle of Plastic Water Bottles Introduction The United State of America accounts among the biggest market that consumes largest quantities of bottled water. The US alone consumes on average a total of fifty billion disposable bottled water containers per annum. The large quantities of bottled water consumed add up to the increasing quantity of
Viability of New Oil Sands Developments Introduction Topics dealing with energy prices and costs have been discussed widely and at length by news media. Energy affects existence of human beings because energy costs have great influence in the determination of food prices. In situation where transportation is high, the prices of food and other products

Sample Essay on Mutual Funds

Outline Introduction: Provide background information on mutual funds and ways in which the investors earn money through mutual funds. Mutual funds refer to a funded program by various investors and managed by well-trained professionals. The funds vary according to the goals of the investors Types of bonds: Money market funds Balanced funds Equity funds. Tax
Globalization In a 2001 Financial Times published article, John Kay asserted that, “Geography is still important and globalization has not diminished the economic significance of location” (32). What is predominantly interesting in Kay’s column is his demonstrative defence of the significance of place as well as location in globalization. These comments were interesting due to
  Mexican Immigrants and Identity in the U.S Mexican-American immigrants in the U.S date back to around the 17th century and the first Mexicans in the U.S were registered in the city of Santa Fe. The defining moment is the Mexican immigration that came during the U.S-Mexico War that took place in the 19th century. 
Q 1 Comparative analysis of regional features of contemporary economy in Moscow Region Apart from being the main regional business and cultural hub, Moscow city possess a diverse collection of enterprises in different industry sectors, such as engineering, metalworking, construction materials, and security (Tarr 22). The industries normally depend more on the town’s skillful labor
Geography and Contemporary Economics Question One:  A Comparative Analysis of Regional Features of Contemporary Economy In the contemporary society, the economic status of any region of any country depends on the various economic activities that occur in such places. The type of endowment of resources that the regions have has a great impact in determining
Introduction “Globalization is evidence since 1980s, with increasingly prominent in the world, a new phenomenon and that is the basic feature of the present era.”[1] Globalization is our one of the most current topic of discussion, whether you are willing or not, it will affect you on your daily life or you job. Under the
How has the UAE government planned for future water scarcities? The UAE is among the ten leading nations in the world that are most water-scarce. The nation’s renewable fresh water is reducing. The crippling shortage of fresh water is an issue of concern because, if today the nation experienced inadequate renewable water supply, it will
Article Review “Human Trafficking in Mozambique: Root Causes and Recommendations”. UNESCO, Policy Paper Poverty Series, No. 14.1 (E). Human trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons through threats or use of force among other forms of coercion, such as fraud, deception, or abuse of power to influence the consent of a

Sample Essay on Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods Introduction Neighborhoods can be viewed as the set of social communities interacting in their day to day activities. The communication of the people can be in a local area, city, or given district (Coulton 371). Individuals of a given geography have certain features of a social set of networks. These characteristics make it easy to
Impacts of Global Warming on Ballona Wetlands Introduction Wetlands play a critical role in the ecosystem that extends beyond acting as an important habitat for numerous species of plants and animals. They also support numerous economic functions such as tourism. One of the critical roles played by wetlands today is tackling the runaway environmental pollution