Introduction Working in healthcare field requires one to work cooperatively and efficiently with his co- workers and other stakeholders. A single visit requires collaboration among multidisciplinary group of clinicians, administrative staff, patients and their loved ones. This maybe through direct or indirect interaction and also communicating information to the team. There are different types of
According to “Katz, D. L., Doughty, K. N., Geagan, K., Jenkins, D. A., & Gardner, C. D." (2019), A branch of public health that deals with how people relate with the environment promotes well being, human health and fosters safe and healthy communities I referred to as environmental health. For any public health system, environmental
The profession of a nurse is primarily reliant on verbal and written communication. As a result of this, interactions between therapists and their patients can either improve or deteriorate. As of the time of this writing (Younas and Maddigan (2019, p. 1622). Everything comes down to perspective at the end of the day. Aspects of
Question 1 What is the value-based healthcare and how it differs from similar models of healthcare, such as pay-for service model and etc. Value-based healthcare refers to a healthcare delivery model through which providers, comprising physicians and hospitals, are paid according to patient health outcomes (NEJM Catalyst, 2017). Under the agreements stated in value-based care,
DSM-5 criteria offer the listing of disorders and conditions for 2020 submision.F06.4 represents the medical treatment for anxiety disorders for physiological conditions. Additional conditions which need clinical attention, mental illness, substance abuse.  Z56.9 Other Problem Related to Employment  Z56.82 Problem Related to Current Military Deployment Status  Z63.0 Relationship Distress with a spouse
The nursing profession covers a vast scope and is a lot more than just practical tasks. Unlike other professions, nursing emphasizes more on balancing many types of knowledge: practical, emotional, and social. It also emphasizes more on balancing many different titles such as educator, supporter, mentor and mentee. Moreover, balancing the stress and exhaustion that
Thank you, Johnson, for putting forward such an objective discussion about chronic kidney disease. I am pleased by the organization of your work and the detailed discussions of various concepts. Indeed healthcare providers are concerned by the significant rise of kidney conditions, which involves losing kidney functions over time. According to the National Kidney Foundation
Introduction Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is one of the neurological diseases which are rarely found. For example, among a thousand individuals only two might have this disorder (Riederer, Kopp and Pearson, 2012).  The disease involves the neurons mainly the motor neurons. Neurons aids in the transmission of impulse from the central nervous system to the
Demographics Variations in a population's age, size, gender balance, ethnicity, and race directly influence resources to be employed, and ultimately costs of healthcare provision as there are specific health risks associated closely with specific demographics. According to the NIDCD (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders) (2019), presbycusis (age- related hearing loss) is a
Nursing Workplace Incivility “Nurses Eating Their Young” A known and an ongoing issue of concern in nursing practice is workplace incivility. Nursing students begin their career with the pressure of experiencing bullying from their experienced colleagues at their workplaces. “Nurses Eat Their Young” is an internationally known idiom, that has surprisingly been in existence in
EPHM 7320 Occupational Health and Safety Management Abstract Risk assessment in the construction sector has become a relevant matter because of its manual handling operations. The flow of how goods can be moved and placed means that it can involve risks in injury to the construction worker, so it is such a crucial topic for
The Impact of Standardized Nursing Terminology Introduction Standardized Nursing Terminology has been embraced in various healthcare contexts in nursing practices because of their effectiveness in conducting daily operations. However, implementation of new coding systems and embracement of advancement in technology which works complementarily with the SNT can pose challenges. Rutherford (2008) confirms that many healthcare
Integrated Care to COPD Patient This reflective essay is based on the care management of a patient with a long-term condition. The paper looks into an integrated care approach that supports and empowers a patient living with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Additionally, the privacy and confidentiality of patient and carers’ information is maintained
Nursing Case Scenario Introduction In this case scenario analysis, I will provide an in-depth outline, discussion, and analysis of the assessment and care plan of a patient admitted in the emergency department. The patient’s signs and symptoms, presenting pathophysiology, and effective interventions will be analysed using a range of assessment tools. Besides, the essay will
HeaIOM Future of Nursing The Robert Wood Foundation and the IOM formed a coalition in 2008. One of its core objectives was to monitor nursing profession changes (RWJF, 2016). The purpose of the report was to form a plan for nursing growth and development in the medical field. The report was also a reflection of
Introduction Carrying out an accurate health assessment and distinguishing normal or typical from anomalous discoveries is remarkable among nurses' crucial duties, including other health care professionals. Here, the primary aim is to determine health assessment histories and suggest the potential discoveries of the tympanic membrane and study the thyroid gland by using the posterior and
The term patient care refers to the prevention, treatment and the general management of sickness and the correlating preservation of the mental and physical well-being of patients. As the hospital try to improve the quality of their health care and the resulting outcomes, there are in an increasing pressure to improve their results as they
Erectile Disorder DSM-5 302.72 (F52.21) Erectile Disorder refers to the inability or failure to keep or get a rigid erection rigid to have sexual intercourse. Many men experience sexual dysfunction during periods of stress. Besides, frequent erectile disorder may be an indication of health issues that require treatment. Also, it may be an indication of
Basic population profile African American living in Ohio 1. Education level-High school 2. Income level-Low 3. Physical environment-Suburban 4. Genetics –Racial discrimination 5. Social support network-Mostly single parents 6. Health services-No adequate to health and preventive health care 7. Gender-Both Male and Female Social determinants of health affecting an African American person living in Ohio
Technology has widely been regarded as a vital tool for the betterment of lives by positively influencing society in numerous ways. For example, the advancement in information technology has greatly improved data handling through techniques such as electronically storing medical data. This significantly reduces data handling cost while also improving accessibility and consequently accurate diagnosis.
Preliminaries prior to commencement of the teaching Credential and the name of the instructor: Estimated time for teaching: Thirty minutes Place where teaching will take place: Equipment and the materials required: Pamphlets Estimated cost: Nil The community intended for the study: Subject: primary promotion of health, washing of hands Reasons for choosing the topic: a
Gene therapy is an approach that applies genes in the treatment and prevention of diseases. This technique has a very promising future because doctors could use it in the treatment of diseases by inserting genes into an individual instead of using surgery or drugs (U.S National Library of Medicine, 2017). Several approaches to gene treatment
Abstract Advances and development of new technology has had an impact in many sectors and career fields including medicine. Technologies in medicine have enhanced medical care providers ability to cure and treat many diseases, sustain and prolong life, repair damaged body parts and also peer into human body. This paper entails some of the new
Critical Components for, and Obstacles to, Implementing Person Centered Coordinated Care Introduction Person-centered coordinated care is the type of the care system which is aimed at fitting somebody’s health and their social needs. The person who is receiving the health care services, as well as those who are providing the health care services, have to
In the recent years, studies have proved that depression is mental disorder that increases the risk of more complex health problems (University of Granada, 2016). Most people thought that depression only causes mental issues however, the truth is it is linked to physical health problems as well. This shows that it is important to get
Chronic Alcoholism and Disengagement Theory Introduction The main aim of this paper is to discuss treatment approaches and enhance health needs for people suffering from chronic alcoholism. The consequences of chronic alcoholism are far and wide. Moreover, it is not only the sufferer who is involved but also his or her family and the community
Overcrowding is a common occurrence during emergencies and therefore triaging is used to prioritize the patients that require immediate care. In situations such as flooding, earthquakes and other situations when casualties are many, resources are often limited. The triage system has been one of the best solutions to this ethical dilemma involving the allocation of
Patient care involves more than one healthcare professional and when the case is complex or there are instances of morbidity, more than one healthcare professional is required. There is therefore need for interprofessional collaboration within the healthcare setting. In nursing, the term interprofessional collaboration refers to the practice of different medical professionals working together with
1. Topic The relevance of a timely and structured clinical handover centred on the national standard 6, clinical handover.  Monitoring the completion and transfer of clinical data and nursing care.  Identifying and evaluating the barriers of effective handover.  Managing the communication channels during the transfer of patient care. 2. Audit Objective/Rationale This
DESIGN FICTION AND SPECULATIVE DESIGN OF THE FUTURE OF HEALTH CARE   1. Introduction Over the last one decade, new disciplines of design have surfaced and have continued to set the foundation for a different future. Some of these include design fiction (DF) and speculative design (SD) within critical design (Kolehmainen 2016). The disciplines focused
The origin of urolithiasis remains to be a mystery for urologists who have depended on the collection of urine throughout to assist in a therapy that helps in the reduction of the disease in animals. Urolithiasis mainly occurs when the balance between promoters and crystallization inhibitors is compromised in the urine. Amid the efforts undertaken
Abstract Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms found in blood or other potentially infectious material that can cause diseases in humans. Exposure to these pathogens mainly occur in health settings and from accidents in other work environments. The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard was introduced in 1991, with the primary objective being to minimize or eliminate chances of exposure
Introduction The Paper focuses on schizophrenia as a neurodevelopmental disorder. Schizophrenia has a disorder refers to a neurodevelopmental disorder with problems related to social interaction, repetitive behavior, verbal and non-verbal communication among patients. The signs of the disorders have their visibilities as early as five years during the development of the child. The symptoms continue
There exists a very thin demarcation between physician aided death and euthanasia. Physician aided death is where a physician provides a lethal means to ending life to a willing, terminally ill patient in the form of medication for him or her to administer at his or her own will. Euthanasia on the other hand is
1. Describe the health care organization or network. Banner Health is a non-business entity organization that is based in Phoenix, Arizona. This organization’s services are distributed to over 25 hospitals and 6 states within the United States of America (Kuhn, & Lehn, 2015). A nonprofit organization phenomenon means that the firm utilizes its surplus of
Professionals working in the health care field are faced with ethical challenges when dealing with their patients just like all other fields. This brings up the need to lay down principles that govern their day to day operations. According to Beauchamp and Childress, 2001, the four principles of healthcare ethics include autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and
Introduction International Relations (IR) mainly focuses on the aspect of comprehensively understanding the various developments that transpire across the globe, mainly from theoretical perspectives. It is under this context that the IR perspectives seamlessly elucidate on the factors that led to the withdrawal of the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO) under the
Maternal, Infant, and Child Health The improvement of maternal, infant, and child wellbeing is an important societal goal in the United States. The health of infants, children, and mothers influences that of the next generation. Currently, the USA maternal and infant mortality rates are high. Leadership is important in addressing this issue. Leadership First Steps
Certifications and Continuing Education in Your Professional Role Professional growth calls for joining a professional organization that provides members with unlimited opportunities. As a respiratory therapist, the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) is a professional body that can keep me informed about important trends in the industry, emerging technologies, new legislations, and other useful
Health Care Accounting Fraud in health care systems is a widespread crime affecting medical facilities worldwide. Some healthcare personnel engages in a series of dishonest filings in order to make a profit. This unethical behavior is similar to that occurring in other business organizations by employees on daily basis. Perpetrators can sell prescription drugs at
Benefits of Yoga in Managing Depression among the Elderly Introduction Depression is a complex mental illness that has profound effects on the elderly. Indeed, depression is caused by a collection of genetic, biochemical, and psychological factors, and can negatively affect a person or society. The World Health Organization has projected that depression will be the
Major regulations and agencies that oversee the health care industry Introduction In the contemporary healthcare industry, regulation plays a fundamental role in streamlining the implementation of major programs and sustaining positive patient outcomes and experiences. These regulations cuts across federal, state, and local government and can identify related health risks and effective mitigation strategies. Accordingly,
Improving Safety Culture through Enhanced Incident Reporting Incident reporting systems are integral in the success of medical organizations. Incident reporting promotes shifts the blames from individuals to the system when incidents occur. It is imperative to note that elaborate safety culture is common among well-established medical facilities. However, it is important to sustain a safe
Occupational Therapy Critical Success Factors Occupational Therapy Critical Success Factors The success of the occupational health industry in Baltimore, Maryland, like in all other areas, relies on the ability of the industry to anticipate external changes and adapt. Performance is linked to the ability of organizations offering occupational therapy to align or adapt their strategies
Financial Strategic Planning The healthcare industry is changing more than ever. The future success of healthcare practice depends on how best hospital administrators plan both on the financial dimension and strategically to address the ever-increasing demands. Financial and strategic planning is preparing for the unknown to ensure professionals and health care facilities are equipped to
Melatonin as a Viable Adjunct Therapy for Chronic Periodontitis Melatonin is a substance that is secreted by human multiple organs. Besides facilitating the regulation of the circadian cycle, melatonin also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on human tissues. The oral cavity is often an easy target for pathologic conditions, such as periodontitis and cancer. Scientific
Demand and Healthcare Uninsured in The United States Based on the information collected by Census Bureau, the number of uninsured Americans rose for the second time in a decade. In 2018, the rate of uninsured Americans increased by 8.5% compared to 2017. In 2019, there were 27.5 million uninsured Americans (Martinez & Baron, 2020). This
Significance of the Study Reduction of Gaps The study conducted at Georgia’s inner-city emergency departments revealed that there is a lack of value-based care as a result of the ineffective use of Health Information Technology (HIT) by the hospital administrators. This incompetence is a result of several gaps both in the human resources and the
Literature Review on Animal Assisted Therapy Animal-assisted therapy is a nonconventional therapeutic intervention that focuses on improving the physical and mental health of patients through the use of trained and untrained domestic animals and pets. Animal-assisted therapy has been applied, with success, to improve the physical and psychological health of patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s
Information Governance Data governance relates to the ability of the new clinic to exercise control and accountability of data generated by diverse healthcare systems. The practice of governing data includes the formulation and implementation of data policies and standards that control the utilization of data in the clinic. The core intention of data governance is
Information Governance Data governance relates to the ability of the new clinic to exercise control and accountability of data generated by diverse healthcare systems. The practice of governing data includes the formulation and implementation of data policies and standards that control the utilization of data in the clinic. The core intention of data governance is
Ebola virus cross-sectional study This article is based on a study that was undertaken with the purpose of evaluating the Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of healthcare professionals in Conakry had on the Ebola virus. Given that this was a cross-sectional study, there are various strengths and weaknesses that can be identified. One of the strengths
Recovery Audit Contractor The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), by 1990, had declared Medicare at high risk for improper payments and fraud due to its decentralized administrative structure, size, and scope. In 2002, the Improper Payments Information Act was enacted by congress. The act required all federal agencies to estimate and report annual amounts of
Euthanasia moral issues There are various ethical issues surrounding euthanasia. Euthanasia is among the most divisive healthcare topics in contemporary healthcare. Regardless of the arguments against euthanasia, it should be legalized because of the satisfactory moral arguments for it, especially when it is undertaken for the sake of saving terminally ill patients from unnecessary suffering.
Hypnosis in Dental Setting Hypnosis serves as an alternative to general anesthesia and sedation in the dental setting. This procedure can either be applied as relaxation therapy or as a Hypno-sedation. Moreover, it has a wide array of applications in dental care ranging from maxillofacial interventions to treatment of patients with a severe gag reflex.
Inter-Professional Education Inter-professional education (IPE) is a pedagogical approach to learning meant to prepare pharmacists to competently provide patient care in collaborative team settings. In essence, I have learned that IPE help pharmacists to successfully work with multidisciplinary teams of professionals through enhanced teamwork, collaboration, communication, and understanding one’s roles. Equally, I have learned IPE
Healthcare Coverage Plans at Seamus Company In efforts towards cost reduction, organizations are developing innovative approaches for healthcare coverage. Besides salaries, healthcare is the other principal employee-related cost that is incurred by employers. As such, any strategy for the reduction of healthcare coverage costs is always welcome. For Seamus Company, the healthcare coverage costs have
Pneumonectomy Pneumonectomy is an extensive surgical process that involves the removal of one lung or part of the organ. This surgical procedure is often performed to extract growths on the organ or remove a contaminated lung. In some instances, the lung is removed to treat conditions like tuberculosis and traumatic lung injury. However, not all
Licensing Requirement For Rehabilitation Service Provider Healthcare service provision entails the maintenance and improvement of the health status of people. Healthcare service provision covers a wide array of services like an emergency, preventive, rehabilitative, hospital, diagnostic, primary, palliative, and home care. All the aforementioned services are geared towards making healthcare accessible and high quality. The
Article Critique Health workers risk their lives as they are always at the vanguard of any response aimed at controlling and containing epidemics. The risk to the lives of health workers increases exponentially in cases of highly infectious diseases like Ebola. In 2014 a massive Ebola outbreak was reported in West Africa by the World
The Impact of Globalization on Health Globalization and attendant interconnectedness have created numerous opportunities for people from diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds to meet, interact, and conduct their affairs together. This is because of the effects of technology in countering the significance of traditional barriers against communications, transportation, and general interactions of people and
Social Determinants            Social determinants affect people’s access to healthcare services. Common social determinants such as varying income levels, literacy levels, gender, culture, race, and variations in physical environments affect healthcare provision. Discriminatory experiences in healthcare facilities affect patients’ ability to access to quality of healthcare services that they need. The
Beta-Alanine Supplementation and Sports Performance Beta-alanine is a supplementation recently discovered to boost sports performance by increasing fatigue threshold and limiting muscular acidosis. Consequently, it has been incorporated into almost every pre-workout formulation available in the market. Critical results have been presented to affect the inclusion of this supplement in the training regimen of sportspersons.
Chinese Education China is one of the countries that value education. However, there are some disciplines such as sex education that have not been addressed. It has contributed to the young children lacking an understanding of various sex-related issues such as gender violence. This paper focuses on policies related to sex education in China. In
Leadership Reflection Report Hunter claims that servant leadership allows leaders to show love, humility, and patience during the leading process. Servant leadership primarily influences decisions that focus on enriching the lives of people as well as building a better organization to create a just working environment. The behaviors of a leader should make a difference.
How the Complexity of Medicare Options Might be Difficult to Deal with for the Elderly The Medicare program offers beneficiaries several health plan choices. However, the options can be overwhelming for some people, particularly the elderly. Medicare managed care plan requires members to select between a private health care program and traditional Medicare.  Traditional Medicare,
Budgeting in Healthcare Operational budgeting is the process of creating a plan for expenditures required for maintaining the functionality of the healthcare system. Operational budgets provide estimates of the volume and sources associated with the types and amounts of future expenses necessary for daily operations and the income generated from the operations. The following is
Professional Advocacy Discussion Pharmacists are essential in healthcare as they ensure that patients get the right medication to manage their symptoms. They check the prescriptions made by physicians or other healthcare practitioners before dispensing drugs and in some cases make suggest alternative drugs that can be used when the drugs required are not available. Their
Management of Flu Pandemics The mitigation and management of flu pandemics pose a challenge to international health organizations, local governments, and scientists as well as healthcare workers. Indeed, the faster spread of virus pandemics to other places after they occur in a region is the major challenge encountered. The faster spread of virus pandemics is
Patient Experience and Staff Suggestions Introduction Internships provide learners with the opportunities to demonstrate skills and competencies learned in-class lessons in the actual work environment. The nurse in their internships must be directed by unique goals to make the activity successful. Executive Summary Healthcare organizations often monitor patients’ experiences as well as evaluate the opinions
Poverty and Inequality in Healthcare Outcomes There is a distinct relationship between socio-economic inequality within a particular population and health-related outcomes. In most societies, higher socio-economic variations can translate into reduced health outcomes. For instance, low-income households have poor access to quality and prompt healthcare services. Besides, extreme inequality can affect the mental and psychological
Management of Flu Pandemics The mitigation and management of flu pandemics pose a challenge to international health organizations, local governments, and scientists as well as healthcare workers. Indeed, the faster spread of virus pandemics to other places after they occur in a region is the major challenge encountered. The faster spread of virus pandemics is
Professional Advocacy Discussion Pharmacists are essential in healthcare as they ensure that patients get the right medication to manage their symptoms. They check the prescriptions made by physicians or other healthcare practitioners before dispensing drugs and in some cases make suggest alternative drugs that can be used when the drugs required are not available. Their
COVID-19 On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization termed COVID-19 as a global pandemic. By 8 May 2020, 3.9 million people were infected and 275,000 had died pointing out the need for a cure to combat the problem (Roser, Ritchie, Ortiz-Ospina, & Hasell, 2020). The situation continues to evolve each new day. A new
Improving Patient Throughput through Effective Capacity Management Introduction Achieving high throughput is one of the conventional objectives of healthcare institutions. The patient throughput is an indication of effective healthcare service delivery, as well as an indicator of high profitability. Accordingly, hospital managements often make significant efforts to enhance efficiency and effectiveness across healthcare departments, resulting
Abstract The outbreak of influenza A subtype virus might occur in the coming years. It would be important for the government to prepare for such an emergence. As a public safety worker, I would urge the government to incorporate various ethical issues in the emergency preparedness plans such as how the limited health resources including
Vaping- Collateral Damage: A Topic Proposal Over the last few years, I have noticed a trend of increasing preference for vaping among my schoolmates. More students are engaged in vaping, considering it a better option and a more modern social activity than smoking. The prevalence of vaping among young adults has increased not only within
Healthcare Vision, Mission, and Values            Medical organizations rely on mission, vision, and value statements to ensure that they are fit for the purpose they serve. The mission envisages why an organization exists, the values that define the character of its staff, and how they relate with partners and stakeholders. Consequently,
The transition from Disease Prevention to Health Promotion: Determinants of Health The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health promotion as “a process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. The process moves beyond individual behavior towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions.” Disease prevention is geared at downscaling
Why Is Research Important in the Health Care Industry? Health services research is a multidisciplinary field of scientific investigation that studies how factors, such as finance and technology affect access, quality, and cost of health care. Research is vital in health care as it provides all the information on these factors. Research enables medical personnel
Investigation of the Methodologies and Processes Used to Select Information Technology (IT) For Health Care Organizations. Typical Selection Methodology followed by organizations The appropriate selection of health information technology is a critical decision in improving patient care. The hospital management issues a request for proposal (RFP), which details the functions of the system to be
Healthcare for the Homeless Population The homeless are vulnerable people living on the streets and other places not intended for human occupancy. Essentially, homeless individuals and families may live in shelters, as well as lacks fixed and regular nighttime homes. Homeless people encounter healthcare barriers and housing challenges adversely affecting their health outcomes. The federal,
Healthcare Delivery The United States healthcare system is intended to provide essential health services and resources meant to promote better health and enhance the well-being of people. The system is composed of patients, nursing homes, government, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, and nursing homes. The healthcare services are delivered through well-structured financing, revenue cycle management,
Pneumonectomy Pneumonectomy is an extensive surgical process that involves the removal of one lung or part of the organ. This surgical procedure is often performed to extract growths on the organ or remove a contaminated lung. In some instances, the lung is removed to treat conditions like tuberculosis and traumatic lung injury. However, not all
Pulmonary Lobectomy The Winchester Hospital (2020) defines lobectomy as the surgical removal of the affected lobe from the lung due to lung cancer, fungal infections, lobar emphysema, tuberculosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), abscess, and benign tumors. These conditions result in the malfunctioning of the lungs as well as the surrounding blood vessels and other
Definition and Discussion of Organizational Change Organizational change denotes any alteration that occurs in the work environment, for example, relationships and roles of workers in an organization. The change is meant to create adaptability of the multicity of changes and counter competition that may occur in the future. Organizational change can take different modes, including
Stark Changes from 2019 to 2020 On October 9, 2019, the Health and Human Services (HHS) department outlined a number of changes to the Stark law and Ant-Kickback Statute (ASK). The physician self-referral law, popularly known as Stark, prohibits physicians from referring patients for designated health services to an entity in which they have a
Advanced Practice Nurses Roles Introduction This report discusses the four Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) roles, evaluates the rationale for choosing Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) over Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS). Additionally, the essay discusses the plan for future clinical practice and transition to the Nursing practice role (NP). Indeed, APNs are involved in the provision of
Positive Organizational Culture Organizational culture refers to the belief systems, shared values, attitudes, and set of assumptions that workers in an organization share. Positive organizational culture is shaped by individual socialization and upbringing, leadership and management, and strategic organizational directions. Such positive organizational culture improves teamwork at the workplace, enhances work enthusiasm and morale, increases
Leadership Impact Reflection My enrollment in the education leadership specialist program has significantly enhanced my ability to lead others in my field of specialization. I have acquired new knowledge in various areas of leadership that will be useful in my career. Some of the leadership concepts that I have covered exhaustively in this course include
Diversity of the Healthcare Workforce The minority in society often face several challenges in accessing equitable and quality healthcare. The ever-increasing disparities in healthcare have highlighted a real ethical and moral issue plaguing the dispensation of quality healthcare in society. Diversity of the healthcare workforce is a current trend in healthcare human resource management (HRM)
Health Care Program Evaluation Proposal Theoretical Framework Program evaluation is an essential responsibility for health professionals overseeing a clinical or medical program. For every program to be successful, an effective evaluation plan ought to be put in place. By designing or selecting an effective evaluation plan based on a theoretical framework and program setting, Moreno
Core Processes The United States federal and state governments play major roles in improving patient safety. These levels of governments have put in place numerous measures. The measures concentrate on various aspects such as core elements of care, national patient safety goals, clinical practice guidelines, and the importance of infection risk control. Core Processes or
Andragogy Discussion Andragogy represents the theory of adult learning that postulates the appropriate ways in which adults can learn differently. Learning continues throughout a person’s life. However, as a person ages, the method of learning also needs to change. Andragogy is thus the art and science of adult learning (Clapper 8). Pedagogy and andragogy are
Exploring the Trends in Personal Protective Technology Personal Protective Technology (PPT) ensures healthcare personnel’s safety in hospitals, especially in the wake of infectious disease outbreaks, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Majchrzycka et al. (2020), listed personal protective technologies as a range of items that safeguard health workers against hazardous biological agents. These include respirators,
Management and Leadership Traditionally, leadership is viewed as a key subset of management and employers are keen on specifying skills and expectations that qualify one to be a manager as well as a leader. Within the health care settings, the status quo remains as institutions race to recruit nurse leaders. An online search of the
Making Informed Choices about Health Care Patients evaluate health outcomes to make informed decisions regarding quality, cost, and experience associated with healthcare services. According to Lee (2004), patients consider outcomes like mortality to influence their choice whether to seek healthcare services from specific providers or not. As such, a high mortality rate is associated with
Manager Experience I remember being pleasantly surprised by a decision to involve me in my treatment. On this occasion, I was due for minor routine surgery on my left knee. I did not expect the surgeon to take me through my treatment plan because I assumed that he thought I did not need to know
Certified Nurse-Midwives Introduction Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) play essential roles in preparing and providing sexual and reproductive health services to patients in offices, hospitals, clinics, and homes. The CNMs possess unique skills and knowledge they utilize to assist people and communities they serve. The CNMs are on the front line in protecting and enhancing the health
Affordable Healthcare USA Introduction The Affordable Care Act, which is also commonly known as Obama Care, is a renowned US statute that was introduced into law by the United States’ president. This Act has increasingly become the most important regulatory tool in United States’ healthcare system particularly following the introduction of Medicare as well as
Health-Related Fitness Components Fitness activities can help improve all the aspects of human health components. These include cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. This implies body exercise is important in improving fitness. However, the amount of exercise must be considered and should be neither too little nor too much. In designing an exercise
Traffic Accidents in Qatar The issue of traffic accidents is a global issue due to the high rate at which traffic accidents have been on the rise over time.  The matter becomes even worse when the case is in developing countries. Developing countries have recorded the highest rates of traffic accidents varying from minor to
Modifying Project Schedules for Time and Resource Constraints A project in its most basic definition is a set of coordinated activities with defined starting and finishing times undertook to achieve certain objectives. During the life of a project, it is likely to undergo time, cost, quality, and resource constraints. This, therefore, brings up the need
Gender and Emotional Intelligence Human emotions result from the interaction between physiological stimulation and the appraisal of situation identification. Whenever an individual is exposed to physiological stimulation, the stimuli, as well as the signs and conditions around the individual will determine the emotions that the individual will experience. Individuals respond to physiological stimuli differently. The
Admission Essay Administrative and leadership roles provide one with an opportunity to align healthcare organizations with the quality provision of health. Therefore, a degree in this field and subsequent qualifications make my future exciting. Again, there is a need for large proportions of students to find motivation in healthcare leadership roles. This is because there
Health Care System and Reform The United States healthcare structure is the subject of much polarizing open deliberation. At one point, there are individuals who contend that Americans have the most excellent health care system on the planet, indicating the openly accessible state-of-the-art offices and medical technology that have become profoundly typical of the framework.
Electronic Health Records (EHR) With the growing need for the provision of the best healthcare information to clients in a globally interconnected world, the healthcare industry has opted to move towards the adaptation of an Electronic Health Records system. Electronic Health Records refer to electronic versions of patient healthcare records produced in any healthcare setting.
Population dynamics Any discussion of population dynamics tends to concentrate on population growth, usually considered as a scourge of sustainable development, and a thing that can be easily fixed by implementing mitigation measures. However, such an approach is simplistic as population dynamics is a complex and nuanced issue (Bloom n.d). Population dynamics not only involves
Assessment of Community-Level Barriers A community is a social group of individuals who live in a specific location where they share resources, cultural and historical heritage, and have a common government. The community consists of people interacting with one another and exhibits a harmonious way of living. The level of cohesiveness is affected by their
Social Determinants of Health Care A variety of social, personal, environmental, and economic factors contribute to personal and individual health. For instance, highly learned people with stable employment and quality education, safe homes and neighborhoods, and access to effective health care remain healthy throughout their lives. Poor results of health are worsened by the interaction
Healthy Habits Every time I strive for optimal well-being and health, free from major illnesses as I wish to live my life energetically, actively, and fully in a state of the most favorable personal, interpersonal and environmental comfort. I have taken charge of my health and believe that I am on the path to good
Abstract Rehabilitating young offenders has become an increasingly debated subject. With a sizable number of these juveniles being re-offenders, the correctional programs have turned rehabilitation and treatment a primary priority. Due to age, young offenders are treated contrarily than adult criminals. There is more emphasis on rehabilitation and treatment than just penance. In the recent
Emerging Occupation Health Issue Introduction Aim The aim of this review is to identify occupational cancers, in particular, Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) as a developing occupational health issue within Australian petroleum industry. AML is a blood cancer that is found in excess among employees or workers engaged in manufacturing petroleum products. High risks of developing
Training Plan Budget It has recently been noted in our organization that the Analytical Department has been lagging behind in meeting its operational objectives as well as personnel development. In regards to this, an evaluation was done by the company’s internal auditor, and the top of the list of recommendations was to train the personnel
Article Summary The article by Horner, Salazar, Geiger, Bullock, Corbie-Smith, Cornog and Flores (2004) examined how healthcare professionals’ behaviors can be changed particularly in an endeavor to eliminate disparities within the healthcare sector. The authors observed that the communication process between healthcare providers and patients, especially the minority populations, is characterized by immense challenges. They
Parental Acceptance of Alcohol Consumption At Home Contribute To Alcoholism Later In Life Each home has its norms and some norms affect the way in which one grows. Parents dictate the norms, thus children tend to practice behaviors allowed by their parents. One behavior prevalent in the youth is binge drinking. Current studies into the
Research Project Executive Summary Achieving valuable health care provision in Southwest would require tricking a balance between equipment acquired and human resource to use them. Counter to it, the number of patients attending medical services at the center has tremendously increased. There are shortages of healthcare workers and general staff to perform effectively and efficiently
Reasons why Massachusetts General Hospital Produces the Future of Healthcare Massachusetts General Hospital is an academic training hospital with strong dedication, and a good reputation in novelty, patient care, and fundamental science research. It is among the best hospitals in the U.S.A having a major training center for the Harvard Medical School. The hospital is
Long-term Effects of Early Childhood Intervention on Educational Achievement Early educational interventions in the childhood years are extensively boasted as a useful approach to avert learning challenges and to boost academic achievement. Preschool interventions are fundamental to the majority of human service reforms. Federal and state spending for kindergarten surpass $20 billion yearly, and are
Pre-post analysis of intervention to improve health of kids with asthma 5-15 years in Boltmore city, Maryland Introduction             Asthma defines a chronic inflammatory illness that affects the air passage in the bronchus, and it is usually characterized by varying symptoms that include wheezing, chest congestion, dyspnea and coughing. The disease is tentatively caused by
Californian Nursing Statutes With reference to the Californian statutes, an individual who has been trained in nursing is allowed to practice in this field as long as legal obligations have been met.  Among these obligations include licensing, accreditation, certification and registration. These conditions are provided in sections 680 to 686 of the Californian Business and
Executive Summary This case study on Akron Children’s Hospital concentrates on several key subjects in the medical field. To start with, the study gives a brief introduction that explains the industry covered in this case study. Secondly, the study highlights a brief history and background of the organization, emphasizing on the various stages it has
Interview with healthcare worker: Rosalind Wright Background Information Rosalind Wright is the Director of Medical Staff Services at a local hospital in Savannah, GA where she resides. Wright has been working at one of the local hospitals for a period of five years. Wright holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration. She has a primary
Enabling Technology and the role of the Health Informatics Professional MD5 CASE The current and emerging informational technological systems in the health care organizations include the following: Genetics and Genomics Studies indicate that generic genomics is being used for various purposes for instance; they are used to identify gene mutations that are most likely to
Abstract Healthcare managers have an important role to play in the advancement of cancer research. Without the support of healthcare managers, cancer researchers will continue to face the same challenges they have faced over time. Healthcare managers have the power to make decisions that will make it easy for cancer researchers to do their work.
Whether Energy Drink Affect Human Many health professionals have been asking whether energy drinks have detrimental effects on human, as no proper research has proved in totality that they are indeed harmful. In recent years, the market for the energy drinks has swelled, as more people than before turn to these products for “quick fixing”
Sudden Death (Grandmother) Due to High blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Event outline                 When I ‘looked back’ at my family’s health history, I found out that the family has had several cases of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. However, I had not been keen on the effects brought about by the two conditions until
End-of-Term Reflection Letter At the beginning of the semester, my main goals were to develop mu ability to use concise and clear language when communication my ideas to my audience. I never wanted to write long sentences that only create winding sections in my paragraphs. I had seen good writers who know exactly how to
Stress I interviewed a few members of my neighborhood on the most common stressor that they face in their lives. Most of them identified an unhealthy lifestyle as their most common stressor. An unhealthy lifestyle is composed of poor eating habits, minimal physical exercising, drinking excessively and/ or smoking. The group is composed of young
Treatment Contingency Plan for Handling Hospital Infections Introduction There are several hospitals that have been registered by the Director of health. They are approved by the hospitals, nursing, and maternity homes. Recent nosocomical infections in Good health hospital in the past year In the past year, the level of nosocomical infections at the Good Health
INTRODUCTION Definition of accreditation Accreditation is an elaborate process that involves evaluation of an organization’s systems, structures, processes by an independent organization with the aim of ensuring that the organization meets the pre-established criteria and standards (Bialek, Duffy & Moran, 2009). Importance Accreditation is done to ensure quality in the provision of managed health care
Competition, Marketing Mix, and Pricing The success of a business is dependent on the generation of a constant stream of clientele or customers that would be crucial in generating revenues and profits. In the case on the Cleveland Clinic, the clientele would mainly be derived from members of the community that require different health services.
Traumatic Injuries-SLP Introduction In a company setup, many factors can threaten the health and safety of the workers.  As a result, companies have put in place departments that are responsible for the occupational health and safety of the employee.  In a computer microchip processor manufacturing company, there are many machines and workers involved.  The work
Sustainable Health care This paper will analyze a recently published online news article that addresses creating a sustainable health care plan and organization. What is the article about? The article is about Wellmark and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, and the platforms that they have put in place so as to promote sustainable health care for their
Managed Care Introduction Managed care refers to an approach regarding healthcare delivery services meant to put inadequate resources to better use with the aim of optimizing care of patients. Its main beliefs are the foundation for effective management of pharmacy reimbursement. Research reveals that a small portion less than fifteen percent of prescribed drugs is
Quantitative Research for Nursing Nurses are usually exposed to physical and nonphysical types of violence, bullying, as well as sexual harassment while undertaking their responsibilities. According to Spector, Zhou, and Che, nurses are usually vulnerable to violence in their workplaces, and the violence depends on the employment setting. The authors clarified that emergency departments, elderly
Three Major Problems in the Health Care System in the US Introduction We are all consumers of healthcare. Yet in various occasions, many are ignorant of what they are actually purchasing. A health care consumer needs to understand the history of the U.S health care delivery system, how it operates today, who runs it, what
Abstract Obesity is on the rise in Saudi Arabia at an alarming rate. The research study will focus on the current obesity situation in Saudi Arabia, and the steps individuals and the community have considered as a whole to protect themselves. The data collected and analyzed indicates that obesity prevalence ranges from 14 percent in
Managed Care Organizations Disadvantages of a Managed Care Managed care refers to a health insurance plan that provides quality services and care to those enrolled as members (, 2014). One of the criticisms of managed health care is the strictness of SOPs that have to be adhered to. For instance, patients are required to get
Accountable Care Organizations An accountable care organization is a healthcare organization that involves independent providers, such as physicians and medical establishments taking care of quality, cost, and the overall medical care delivered to a specific patient’s population (Cimasi, 2013). The organizations tend to use a model that is based on delivering quality healthcare to a
Community Meeting Committee meetings can be practically productive if they are always prepared beforehand. When an organization’s manager appoints a committee, he/she has to be specific about the committee’s objectives (McConnell, 2010). The responsibility for community meeting arrangements lies in the hands of the Chairperson together with the committee secretary. I happened to attend a
Healthcare systems are integral in the welfare of any country. Healthcare management is one of the aspects that every leadership will strive to foster in order to directly influence the lives of the citizens. In third world countries, constraints have been manifested due to lack of adequate facilities. Because of this, deplorable conditions have often
Advert’s Appeal to Consumers The anti-smoking advert is very well designed both graphically and textually in order to attract and appeal to the targeted audience. The usage of a female model is bound to get the attention of males, while the trendy clothing adorned by the model is more likely to get noticed by the
Middle Range Theory In the field of nursing, researches are done occasionally to support various practices that nurses engage in. Nursing is an area that is based on evidence, and has therefore developed as nurses today work as researchers both in learning institutions and in health care centers. Under the quantitative research, several trials done
Why are so many kids allergic to peanuts and tree nuts lately? Even though several people enjoy food products made from peanuts, some especially small kids are developing severe allergic reactions towards peanuts. So much exposure to such food products may cause lethal anaphylactic shock, particularly to those who have peanut allergy. For such
Introduction Nutrition is a significant element of a healthy way of life; however nutritious foodstuff is not always available to all (white, 2012). Social economic status refers to the elements of the economic as well as the social status that differentiates and characterizes individuals (Doocy & Burnhm, 2005).The definition and evaluation of Social Economic Status
Drivers, Stakeholders, and Realities of Process Improvement It is impossible for human beings to achieve positive results in whatever they do without having a sense of direction because there are very many issues that keep on affecting performances. Therefore, mission, vision and values act as tools of maintaining focus on what is expected to be
Evaluation of the HIV Surveillance Program at Florida Department of Health Introduction Social intervention is all about ways of improving the people’s welfare. It can be an intervention targeting a certain gender, a specific population, or the whole nation. These interventions are mostly the work of the government in ensuring high levels of development in
Lifetime cover limits No. Whether a subscriber requires lifetime insurance or has one already, the Affordable Care Act, a health care regulation provides new covers and privileges which make the cover a bit easy and fair to understand. The ACA requires the subscriber’s plan to cover his/her costs for vital health benefits in order to
Affordable Care Act The health care act is meant to address the state of health of United States citizens by lowering the costs of medical care and increasing the number of insured individuals in the country (Department of Human Services, 2013)). Hawaii is one of the regions with a very low number of people with
Coding In the medical field, coding is very important in handling the tasks of reimbursement, payment, billing, and ensuring provider’s compliance with the government regulations. It enhances translation of descriptions of diagnoses into numerical or alphabetically. In a case study scenario, one of administrators, Stan, confronts the director of HIM seeking to change from ICD-10
Chemical Safety & Industrial Hygiene Introduction After having been appointed the new director of occupational Health and safety at a small corporation specializing in manufacture of computer microchips processors, my role is to take up the duties that come with the position head on. First on the agenda is the formulation of a new company
The Role of Care Givers in the First 1000 Days Introduction The first 1000 days of life, defined by the period between conception to a child’s second birthday have a great impact on the well being of any given child (Center for Community Child Health, 2017). Impacts of poor care during these first 1000 days
Drug Investigation Debates of the medical significance of marijuana have continuously rocked the American media over the past three decades. History shows that marijuana as medicinal alternative has been used in the United States for more than 150 years until 1942 when federal legislation illegalized the drug. The past 30 years have seen renewed efforts
Liberians, a Call for Action The Ebola epidemic has been on the watch in the entire globe. Various media sites such as CNN have already given their views regarding the alleged source of the deadly virus. Research also shows that West African countries such as Liberia and Sierra Leone were the first to show signs
Special Consideration Category Health Experience for Admission I always liked Dentists though I did not initially enroll in the course. A dentist in my neighborhood made me laugh and like the field when he told us that if we fail to take care of our teeth, he would pluck them out. By then I thought
Liberians, a Call for Action The Ebola epidemic has been on the watch in the entire globe. Various media sites such as CNN have already given their views regarding the alleged source of the deadly virus. Research also shows that West African countries such as Liberia and Sierra Leone were the first to show signs
The Ebola epidemic was first seen in Zaire in 1976, and the disease was named after a local river in the Yambuku area. The recent Ebola outbreak in Africa has been termed as the worst, claiming a lot of lives and creating tension worldwide. The situation is however different this time round, with effective use

Sample Healthcare Paper on Liberians

Liberians Introduction             Liberia is one of the West African nations that are severely hit by the deadly Ebola epidemic. The country has particularly experienced the severest outbreak since a group of Ebola viruses were identified in 1976. On this note, the virus has been associated with a remarkable rate of mortality with an estimated
Types of decision making How decisions are made in coalitions In a coalition, decision making is usually made through consensus. This is because in most cases, there would be no decision that would be accepted wholly by all the parties. Despite this fact, in some instances, voting takes place to decide whether a decision will
Career Roadmap 1-The Present The future of the quality of health care may not be at stake as sometimes may seem. Through education and experience that the current healthcare personnel’s are achieving, good tidings seems to be on the way in the near future. One thing that is evident is that the quality of health
Introduction The issues pertaining to healthcare are so sensitive that the healthcare providers need an extra caution when handling the patients. The satisfaction and the confidence that patient would have over such institutions, depends on the professional merit. One must be rest assured that whoever is handling their health issues is obliged to take legal
In various activities that people engage in, there are things they will do that will involve stress, which is harmful for their health. Be it at home, at the place of work, on the streets, at school, there are various causes of stress that result for the activities that one engages in. the paper will
Capstone/Internship Overview of the Organization Brief History of the Organization Hamilton Community Health Network is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to offer comprehensive, quality and community-oriented health care for the underserved in the entire Genesee County ( 1). It was initially known as Hamilton Family Health Center. It was formed in 1982 by
Ebola Health and Safety The uncontrollable outbreak of the Ebola virus has been a near global disaster. The virus has had adverse impact on how governments run and how the international system runs as well. The virus has been epitomized by thorough medical check ups at the entry points of international air ports. To worse

Sample Essay Paper on Health behavior

Health behavior Our everyday activities such as the time we retire to bed, the foods we eat and how we exercise our body throughout the day have significant effects on our health. These behaviors can either positively or negatively influence our health care and stipulate our average health. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits requires more than
Abstract The diet we choose and consume in daily meals contributes much to ensuring that our bodies are healthy. Poor feeding habits can lead to serious conditions such as malnutrition which in turn causes impaired immunity and high susceptibility to infections. Infections pose a challenge to nutrient absorption in the body thus reducing nutritional benefits
The cost of healthcare and the effects on American people Healthcare is a vital component in the excellence of any economy. Without proper healthcare principles, many people, especially the marginalized may find it difficult to access quality care. This being the case, governments are tasked with the role of ensuring the majority, if not the
Health Information Systems and Informatics Essentials Hamilton Community Health Network (HCHN) is a non-governmental organization whose key goal is to provide complete and quality care to individuals in the whole of Genesee County. This health organization was established in 1982 to react to health problems of low income earners in the community whose medical needs
Book of the Year to the Exercise Science Prior to the twentieth century, many people did not consider exercise physiology as a serious profession. They perceived exercise physiologists as personal trainers who earned meager incomes from their clients. Athletes did not find the need to employ such professionals because they did not emphasize on healthcare
Information Security Domains; (D1) Access Control Information security has been a concern of most organizations around the world. Many organizations have experienced serious cases of security breaches that mainly target their information. This type of attack on an organization’s information may lead to unauthorized sharing (leaking) of information, inability to access information by the members
Economic Terms and Health Care History The healthcare systems of many countries have been forced to change with the undesirable changes in the costs of living. For instance, USA has been one of the countries that have been forced to make changes in their healthcare systems for the purpose of meeting the affordability of the
Respiratory Therapist Preceptors Training Program Importance of the Preceptors Training Program The project on respiratory therapist preceptors training program would be very influential in clinical education in the modern medical setting. It would help to enhance job performance among the respiratory therapist preceptors in the hospitals, since it offers additional understanding and incentives to the
Part 1 Committee Name: Model United Nations Conference Committee Topic: Preventing the Spread of Worldwide Health epidemics Country Name:  Djibouti Name of the Delegate (Your name): Africa has been fighting several epidemics over the last three decades among them HIV and AIDs, malaria and tuberculosis. Currently, western Africa is fighting the Ebola virus. Djibouti has
Personal Professional code of behavior Trustworthiness facilitates building of confidence of the public (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010). This virtue is part of the professional code of behavior. Trustworthiness is significant in the health sector, as patients need to confide in the practitioner. This code leads to confidentiality and especially in sharing of the
Stranded in an Island Being stranded in a deserted island can derive painful and learning experiences. Recently, my friends including a doctor, carpenter, hunter, farmer, and a religious minister accompanied me, as we headed to a community to provide healthcare relief. However, we got stranded in an island after the aircraft developed mechanical issues. Based

Sample Case Study on Health Care

Like other professionals, health care providers have standards of practice that set the requirements for which practitioners hold accountability (Nettina, Mills, & Jacqueline, 2010). The standards provide patients with a way of analyzing the quality of care that they are given. Most health organizations have a quality assurance program that allows for a systematic, deliberate
Healthcare: How to Quit Smoking Introduction Services allied to clinical prevention strive to meet and fulfill the needs and wants of the populace to improve healthcare. They establish a healthcare culture aimed at preventing diseases and promoting healthcare based on the best scientific evidence. Socioeconomic influences on health, however, have hindered members of the public
Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality Research Question: How can health facilities improve and manage patient safety and healthcare quality? Graban, M. (2009). Lean hospitals: Improving quality, patient safety, and employee satisfaction. Boca Raton: CRC Press. Patient safety and healthcare quality is a major issue. The inadequacy of patient safety may affect health systems and allocated
Obamacare 1) What is your initial gut reaction to this article? When I read Kimberley Leonard’s article titled, “Obamacare’s Improved for Insurance Sign Ups”, I got the impression that the technological glitches that have derailed the website since its inception in 2013 could be a thing of the past. However, upon a closer
Outsourcing Health care Services for War Veterans Introduction The US Department of Veterans Affairs is facing an increasing budgetary constraint coupled with the need to provide quality healthcare services to war veterans in all states in the United States. The primary challenge for the US Department of Veteran Affairs is how to reduce healthcare costs,
Symptoms of Depression and Survival Experience among Three Samples of Smokers Trying to Quit Many individuals in the United States and the world suffer from depressed issue that relate to smoking behavior. Researchers have equated these signs of depression to the attempt to quite smocking. This paper is a research article critique of the study
Benefit of Medicaid Expansion Introduction The history of Medicaid began in the era of President Lyndon Johnson, whereby on 30th July 1965, he signed into law the amendment on Social Security Act that formed the Medicaid program. Though the federal program was created more than five decades ago, there are changes and amendments that have
Children’s Health Insurance Program (Maryland) Children’s Health Insurance Program involves a plan of health and medical services coverage targeted at eligible children within the U.S. It is a program under the public medical insurance arrangement, through Medicaid and other detached, individual CHIP programs. It is a not for profit arrangement in public policy, advocating for
Diceros Bicornis: One Endangered Species Common names Diceros Bicornis is commonly referred to as the Black Rhinoceros or Hooked Lipped rhinoceros. Conservation Status The Black Rhino is currently experiencing an increase in the poaching challenge. Unless something is done to conserve the Black Rhino they will soon become extinct (Agrawal and Krishna 72). There is no
The Health Care System – Linkages and Alliances The health care system under analysis is that of Hunterdon Family Medicine Residency. The primary objective of the medical center is to educate residents on how they can utilize precepts and values that are fundamental to the practice of medicine by family physicians in New Jersey. Residents
CHAPTER 5: ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSIONS Introduction HIV/AIDS is a topic of concern all over the globe, but its prevalence in Africa has made scientists and scholars to offer new insights at its prevalence, causes, and possible intervention methods. The Sub- Saharan Africa is the most affected by the ravages of HIV/AIDS globally (Oluga, Kiragu, Mohamed
Pros and Cons of Managed Care Plans Managed care plans are a multifaceted type of health insurance that are contracted by the health providers and other medical facilities to offer patient’s care usually at reduced costs. Since there are different providers, there also exists different plans and network. Basically, the managed care plans that restricts
The Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA) Introduction Genetic information non-discrimination act (GINA) is the official title for this federal law. This act prohibits health service organizations from using genetic information in making health related decisions. Genetic information in this case refers to genetic tests or incidences of genetic disorders in families’ medical histories. With regard

Sample Article Review on Anxiety

Emotion regulation, social anxiety disorder and anxious responding According to Helbig-Lang et al (2015) anxiety disorders are largely considered as mental illnesses. These illnesses, which are predominantly social, are often characterized by constant fear of negative judgments in social contexts. This is however a type of disorder that is developed overtime throughout the socialization process.
Aspects of Occupational Therapy An interview was carried out on Joe Reagan, who is an occupational therapist working with Select Physical Therapy in Pensacola. He starts by differentiating the role of an occupational therapist and that of a physical therapist. He asserts that an occupational therapist works with upper extremity and functional based tasks to
Data Standards and Medical Coding Every health institution needs effective technology or ancillary methods to help improve the value of their Electronic Health Records (EHR). EHR is important in any health facility as it makes their work easier. One of the most important EHR technologies refers to those that aid in improving data standards through
Political realities at Magnolia Hills Hospital Organizational politics concerns the pursuit of agendas based on individuals’ choices as well as their interests in organizations, sometimes without concerns about the impact; such pursuit has as the main objective the aim to accomplish individual and organizational objectives. Politics, consequently, plays an important role in any organization (Cropanzano
Cardiovascular Health in the News In their article titled, “Long-term Use of Aspirin and the Risk of Gastrointestinal Bleeding,” Huang et al. (2011) have reported that aspirin, which many guidelines recommend for long-term use in preventing cardiovascular disease, is linked to gastrointestinal bleeding. Nonetheless, the authors are quick to point out that the duration and
Negotiation Concessions Murff, H.J., and J. Kannry. 2001 (September/October). Physician satisfaction with two order entry systems. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 8(5):499–509. The term to be used in this component is a fault. For a physician to be satisfied with an entry system, which has not been effective, the system would be replaced due to
This is a research proposal about the extent of discrimination by age in the provision of mental health services in the UK. The research is based on the fact that although mental health service provision should be universal, there is a lot of evidence to suggest discrimination especially by age. The objective is therefore to
Introduction Emergency Medical Services (EMS) comprises diverse and complex systems and personnel treating over twenty million patients a year. The patients with complicated and traumatic medical conditions require medical personnel with considerable skills, knowledge, and judgment to effectively address the healthcare issues in an out-of-hospital setting. Critically ill and injured persons require proper care to
Hirschsprung Disease Introduction Hirschsprung disease is a congenital disorder. That is, when the baby is developing in the womb, the nerve cells do not develop through the full length of the bowel (Elhalaby, Coran and Blane 77). The disease has been termed as one of the rarest disorders of the bowels. In a normal person,
Associate Degree Nursing (Registered Nurse) The idea of Associate degree nursing materialized after a research done in the United States around 1950s. According to the study, it was possible to train individual within two years to the nursing profession (Adorno 23). The current paper will address various aspect of Associate Degree Nursing based on some
Breast Compression in Mammography: Literature Review Introduction Breast compression is vital in mammography because it aids in the production of the desired diagnostic mammogram. Breast compression is also crucial in optimizing the image quality of a mammogram in order to obtain the best image possible. To achieve this, it is necessary to ensure that the
A report on obesity in Saudi Arabia The remarkable growth population across the world countries has negatively affected people’s lifestyles, with most of the people changing their lifestyles in most parts of the world. The current state is highly supported by epidemiological data, which shows that there is a high prevalence rate of lifestyle diseases
A review of US Department of Health And Human Services report on “The Health Consequences of Smoking – 50 years of progress.” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The health Consequences of smoking- 50 years of Progress. A report of the Surgeon General. Atlanta: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease
Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery refers to the operation an individual undergoes in order to alter or enhance part of his/her body appearance. Generally, plastic surgery has two branches, which are cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries. The discussion about the two has generated a heated debate about their justification. This paper will point out the fact
Nurses practices in regard to patient sleep quality This paper analyses nurses’ practices in relation to patient sleep quality in the ICU. It reviews various articles that document information related to the issue in question. The first article by Castren et al (2014) admits to the fact that patients’ inability to sleep well is one
Nutbeam and Harris Planning Model Obesity poses health danger to the community as well as the government. It is therefore crucial to find ways to intervene before the situation get out of hand. In the United Kingdom, children obesity has risen beyond 10.8 per cent. This is an alarming rate that is worrying to the
Social Class Differentials in Dental Caries Experience Introduction             Dental caries, which is also known as tooth cavities, caries and decay is the breaking down of teeth as a result of activities of bacteria. This ailment brings about formation of abscess, tooth loss and tissue inflammation around the tooth. Dental caries is listed among the
SLP Assignment The Session Long Project (SLP) is one of the approaches used to make a follow up on issues that mostly occur in the health sector. In most cases, the SLP for substance abuse is aimed at helping the victims or addicts come out of their problems. The SLP model used for the African
Evacuation And Sheltering Of Special Group-Elderly People In Tampa, Florida During the time of disaster, local governments and other agencies may find themselves in a situation whereby they have to evacuate the whole population while considering the needs of special groups within the population. In Tampa, where the population is majorly of low income, these
Social Class Differentials in Dental Caries Experience Introduction             Dental caries, which is also known as tooth cavities, caries and decay is the breaking down of teeth as a result of activities of bacteria. This ailment brings about formation of abscess, tooth loss and tissue inflammation around the tooth. Dental caries is listed among the
Introduction Partnership describes an arrangement within which parties, also referred to as partners, decide to engage in a cooperation that can enhance advancement of their mutual interests. Such parties may include individuals, business entities, not-for-profit institutions, government organizations, or learning institutions. According to Walter (2010, 122), partnership prevails within a range of sectors including religious,
Synthesis of Literature Review Introduction This study focuses on the effectiveness of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The study will focus on the outcomes of various studies in relation to the fight against HIV/AIDS. NGOs have been highly instrumental in the fight against HIV/AIDS in various parts of the world. The
Diet and Cancer Introduction             Diet refers to the summation of the food that individuals or organisms in general consume. Dieting consist the general dietary decisions which cultures and individuals make, when selecting what to eat. Diet may also be known as the nutrition taken for the purposes of weight management or health reasons. Different
Alzheimer Dementia Introduction             Dementia is a constitutive term that refers to the respective symptoms that become evident when certain diseases affect the brain. There are numerous forms of dementia. This study discusses Alzheimer Dementia disease. The Alzheimer Dementia alters the chemical composition of the brain, and this ravages the brain by destroying the brain
Obesity in the United States Introduction The current state of obesity in the world is worrying, with major trends also noted in the United States. This has led to an increase in activities to mitigate the widespread in some states. Obesity is a disease, which affects many people in the society and every person has
Barriers to preventing spread of HIV in concurrent sexual partnerships SEX Pleasure Karen says, “Sex should be fun as long as it is between one man and one woman.”However, the respondents believe that men tend to have sex for pleasure and fun as opposed to women who have sex at times as an obligation. The
Professional Medical Interview I had an opportunity to interview one of the professional medical insurance claims processors last week. I was able to get Ms. Lau Jansen, of the McLaren Medical Foundation based in Detroit. I must admit that the process of getting an interview appointment and booking was not easy but I remained persistent
Crisis Communication in Healthcare organizations In a crisis or disaster what is the best way to disseminate or communicate information in an organization? The best way to communicate is to establish a plan that will aim to explain what went wrong in the organization and who was in charge at that time. This is important
Integrating Theories into Counseling Sessions Counseling is a process that involves human interaction where the affected person expresses his/her thoughts, emotions, and behavior, while the counselor offers a systematic approach to resolve the problem. Counselors usually exercise various theories depending on specific aspects of their clients’ conditions and functioning. Counseling theories are utilized to express

Sample Essay on Global Health

Global Health The world has been faced with several out brakes of diseases with the recent case being the Ebola virus. The virus was first reported in the democratic republic of Congo but has of recent times escalated to many countries since it is very much contagious and can spread from one person to the
Depression There are variants in the society that exert pressure in the lives of people thereby bringing a dynamic shift in the well-being of people hence causing psychological and mental problems. One of the mental problems of great concern in the current society is depression. Depression is a condition characterized by symptoms of self-distress, sadness
Compliance Interview Agenda (Questions and Answers) Would you say that compliance is one of the major strengths of our organization today? (4 minutes) R. Without a doubt, compliance has been one of the major strengths of our organization for years now. In fact, our organization’s success and competitiveness have greatly been owed to its compliance
Long-term Effects of Radiation Exposure on Health This article comprehensively explains the effects that emerge due to frequent exposure to radiation. The authors try to evaluate the various health hazards that come up due to continued exposure to radiation through case studies of atomic bomb survivors, individuals working and living in radiation infested environments. The
Healthcare Administrator As a health administrator, I focus on planning and supervising the service delivery by doctors, nurses and assisting technicians in the organization. Since an administrator is required to make decisions that help in improving the organizations, coordinate and relate well with other healthcare professionals, I consider having a board of advisors comprising of
Socialization Analysis Socialization group comprises of a support or a treatment group where people with mental and other health complications such as Asperger’s Syndrome are trained on living normal lives by overcoming social problems (Knippenberg, Patterson & Associates, 1). The socialization group under evaluation is the counseling group for the treatment of ADHD and other
Developing Effective Healthcare Delivery Systems Hospitals in the US are registering low profit margins since the inception of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010. The yearly demand for healthcare services are expected to rise, but the US economy does not offer an assurance to the healthcare providers, who have invested heavily in this sector.
Women and Heart Disease: Statistics and Current Treatment According to Peters, Huxley, & Woodward (2014), heart disease is the leading killer of women not only in the United States but also across the world. However, the number is significantly huge in the United States whereby for every four deaths among women, at least one is
Ambulatory care Introduction Definition of ambulatory care This is the medical care provided to the patients outside the hospitals. In most cases, the patients receive the care while at home. Most of the health care providers who provide the outpatient care include registered nurses and community health workers. Services offered The health care personnel in
Emergency Preparedness for the Mass Gathering in Mekkah Introduction The Hajj which is the annual pilgrimage to Mekkah is one of the largest religious mass gatherings in the world (Hughes, 2014). The annual event attracts more than three million pilgrims from all continents of the world. It is marked as one of the pillars of
Early Childhood Carries Abstract Early Childhood Carries refers to the incidence of one or more decayed tooth surfaces that mostly affect preschool aged children between birth and 71 months of age. It is a significant public health issue that is found in both selected and general populations. In this regard, it is essential for dentists
Early Childhood Carries Abstract Early Childhood Carries refers to the incidence of one or more decayed tooth surfaces that mostly affect preschool aged children between birth and 71 months of age. It is a significant public health issue that is found in both selected and general populations. In this regard, it is essential for dentists
Health Care in the United States Introduction The United States has done very well in so many sectors of the economy for a very long time now due to its wealth in minerals, a strong democracy, and a fair income for every American citizen (Moran 199). However, despite all these successes, it has had serious
Look Back Analysis This paper depicts various ways to conduct post implementation audits of a health care finance institution. This review determines if the information that was submitted initially was correct. It also incorporates the predicted outcomes that happened and the lessons learnt to improve the analysis. Assessing the Return on investment project, it is
Autism 300 Introduction According to Ratajczak (2011), prevalence of autism has been rising over the years across many countries globally. Autism involves a developmental disorder portrayed through lifelong developmental disabilities (King et al, 2009). Some researchers extend the definition of autism as a multi-system metabolic ailment rather than merely a brain disorder. Individuals with such
Community Health Needs Assessment Introduction This report will provide information and summary of Chester County community health needs assessment of children with dental health care needs. Quantitative information from the US census and Chester county department of health will provide the required statistics for the report, which will be compared to the Healthy people 2020
Conflict in healthcare Overview of the dilemma Conflicts in the healthcare setting are on the rise, with healthcare organizations, which were considered safe and sheltered from political strategizing, increasingly facing conflicts of various forms. Healthcare professionals today, including doctors, nurses, technologists, and surgeons, work in environments that are complex and prone to conflict. The complexity
Importance of physical activity during pregnancy Abstract Health-related topics are often overlooked as many scholars shy away citing an array of reasons, key among them being that these topics are not easy to identify in the broad data sets available. This paper, therefore, explores the rationale behind physical activity during pregnancy. Keywords: physical activity, pregnancy,
Homework table Year 0 1 2 3 4 5 Total cost               Software licence (annual) $120000000 $8000000 $10000000 $5000000 $11000000 $5000000 $159000000 Implementation $250000000           $250000000 Support $15000000 $10000000 $10000000 $5000000 $12000000 $3000000 $100000000 Hardware (refresh every three years) $6000000     $5000000    
Chapter 1 of Research Proposal Introduction Workplace violence assumes different forms. Until now, it remains detrimental to the development, unity, and teamwork within the work place. As such, the study reviews strategies on how to prevent violence in the work place. The focus of the study is on sexual assault in the United States Army
Introduction Employing the contemporary fable “The Ambulance in the Valley” (see below) as a case study, respond to the following questions: a) How was the boundary set and how did this decision define “the problem”? How else could the boundary have been set?  b) How does the establishment of the boundary establish the preferred interventions? 
Research ‘I want you to save my kid.’ Qualitative methods of research involve the way of analyzing data in the form of words that are obtained from interviews, pictures from taking videos, and also objects such as art. A qualitative study is more explorative in nature and seeks to explain or express variables operationalized in
Introduction This paper provides a critical analysis of a previous research study by Bronwen Lichtenstein. This study, Professor Bronwen Lichtenstein discussed how stigma can be a huge barrier to the treatment of sexually transmitted infection amongst the American population (Lichtenstein, 2003, p 2). The critical analysis evaluated and assessed the research processes, methods used, data
Abstract Effective communication skills for managers are a key determinant of success in healthcare organizations. Operational healthcare practices require accurate information to be communicated to all parties, an aspect that can be realized through good communication skills and leadership. The continuous process of developing communication skills for leaders is through self-study, learning, guidance, and experiences.
Metastatic Breast Cancer and the Listeria-Based Cancer Vaccines Literature Review Breast cancer denotes the commonest cancer in females and accounts for about sixteen percent of all cases of cancer. Nearly 200,000 instances of breast cancer are diagnosed every year in the United States. The widely studied risk aspects of breast cancer encompass race, age and
Preparedness for the Zika Virus: A Public Health Emergency Abstract The World Health Organization (WHO) has categorized Zika virus a public health emergency concern. Most health agencies around the world have also designed and proposed different measures aimed at increasing their preparedness and intervention in case of an outbreak in a specific country. For instance,
Health Care and the Financial Cost to Society Introduction The health care costs have been growing in the United States at unsustainable rates. This has prompted leadership in the health care sector to identify initiatives and strategies aimed at containing health care costs while improving quality and value of medical services. The contemporary health care
Health Care and the Financial Cost to Society Introduction The health care costs have been growing in the United States at unsustainable rates. This has prompted leadership in the health care sector to identify initiatives and strategies aimed at containing health care costs while improving quality and value of medical services. The contemporary health care
Combating Medicare Fraud and Abuse Introduction In the management of healthcare institutions, different parties are usually involved in fraud and abuse of office. These types of malpractices have very severe effects both the operations of the government and also to the other stakeholders of the health facilities. The persons that are usually responsible for committing
Abstract Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) operates as part of the United States Department of Labor and was founded under the OSHA Act in 1970. In proportion to OSHA, organizations have to practice secure work endeavors, offer safety gadgets, and ensure that every worker is trained regarding safety and hazards strategies and progressions. Some
Abstract Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) operates as part of the United States Department of Labor and was founded under the OSHA Act in 1970. In proportion to OSHA, organizations have to practice secure work endeavors, offer safety gadgets, and ensure that every worker is trained regarding safety and hazards strategies and progressions. Some
Cosmetology Industry Introduction During the 2009 global recession, more than 92,000 businesses in different parts of the world experienced failures at different levels. According to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, the cosmetology industry held steadfast. This was substituted by the evidence that the spas and salons that were non-employee based increased by 72% in
Abstract             Global warming is a concept that has particularly attracted the attention of many climate scientists all over the world. This report aims to define what global warming is, what green-house gases are, how these gases contribute to global warming and how one can create a green hospital. The report is argumentative in nature
Hillsboro County Introduction The county of Hillsboro is a safe haven. This is because it is one of the best places in the locality for bringing up children. The county enjoys state of economic and social strength. The residents of the county are well informed about what happens in the world. However, the broadcasting stations
Abstract In the US, there has recently been a workforce shortage in the health care industry due to increased number of patient to practitioners as the recruitment process has failed. Nevertheless, the urgency to look for the actual solution has at times improved because of the varying health care landscape. Health care organizations strategies for
Exercises and Health-Conscious Diets Introduction Health-conscious eating and engaging in physical exercises are ideal ways of keeping the body free from various diseases such as cardiovascular challenges. People who embrace physical activity achieve firmed bodies which in turn translate to self-confidence and high self-esteem. Health-conscious diets are also essential in helping individuals overcome external cues

Sample Essay on Cancer

Cancer Cancer involves many diseases that entail some cells budding abnormally in an uncontrollable manner, with the ability to extend to other parts of the body. Characteristics The major signs that one has this disease are the presence of tumors and lumps in one’s body. Conversely, not all tumors are cancerous and thus it is
Critical Factors in Implementing an IT System in Health Facilities A section of Health care firms has delayed in initiating medical records that operate on electronic platform. The first reason is that health centers had numerous objectives to accomplish hence they became reluctant in embracing medical records that are electronic.  For instance, majority of hospitals
Childhood Obesity Introduction Childhood obesity has become one of the most serious challenges in the 21st century both within and outside the United States of America. It is estimated that forty three million preschool children below the age of five years were overweight 2010 (World Health Organization. (2012). this represents a sixty percent increase since
Childhood Obesity Introduction Childhood obesity has become one of the most serious challenges in the 21st century both within and outside the United States of America. It is estimated that forty three million preschool children below the age of five years were overweight 2010 (World Health Organization. (2012). this represents a sixty percent increase since
Benefits of Antiseptic Mouth Rinse An antiseptic mouth rinse denotes a solution that decreases the microbial organisms in the oral cavity. Other mouth rinses may be provided for other application such as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and analgesic uses (Osso & Kanani, 2013). In addition, other mouth rinses function as saliva substitutes and seek to counteract acid
Master Patient Index (MPI) The Master Patient Index (MPI) refers to a database that is kept by health care organizations with the aim of recognizing medical records for patients (Green, Bowie, & McGraw, 2011). The three data elements that are found in MPI include Internal Patient Identification The acceptable data for this element include the
Water Fluoridation Legislation Introduction The author analyzes water legislation and measurement of the fluoride level in water. The study was carried out in South Africa. The dosing tolerances established by the water fluoridation legislation seem to have been violated at some instances by water providers.  This is the reason why the author used inter-laboratory data

Sample Essay on Salud program

Salud program Salud program was created to address the obstacle that seasonal workers faced when they were expected to meet their basic healthcare needs. It is evidence that majority group of seasonal farm employees working in the field move from one crop to another. They work on a temporary basis with specific employers. Working as
Leadership Roles in Nursing Overview Based on the age discrimination and employment act (ADEA), Mary should not be forced to retire on the basis of her age, but on the basis of her inability to perform her duties. The act does not set any age limit for retirement, but it recommends that old people should
Miamis Indian Tribe History of Miamis Indian tribe During European colonization of North America, the Miamis were living in southern Michigan and Illinois. Around 1700, they relocated to the Maumee and soon they were the most powerful American native tribe in Ohio. The Miami Indians used Algonquindialect language. In addition, they were connected to the

Sample Essay on Volunteer H

Volunteer H Introduction Baig Rehabilitation Centerbeing the first outpatient clinic to be opened in Saginaw, is one of the best rehabs for physical and age related conditions. Since the year 1980, it has been in the frontline offering a Tri-City community service.Services are offered by licensed professionals including administrative personnel, medical director, speech pathologists, physical
Physical Exercise as a Relaxation Technique for Managing Stress The benefits of physical exercises in managing stress are well documented and well established. In this research paper the focus is on physical exercise as a technique for stress management. Ananalysis of the various types of stress and its impact on health are discussed. The effect
Health Insurance and Quality In addressing health care reforms, health institutions target to improve the quality of health service provision and at the same time reduce costs incurred which improve patients’ involvement. The health care system faces major challenges in quality service provision, which clearly depicts the urgent need for reforms in the health sector.
Data Standardization One of the greatest difficulties in using a data dictionary in the healthcare sector relates to data standardization. The healthcare sector is characterized by high data volumes and similarly high data traffic. Moreover, healthcare enterprises have a variety of departments across which communication has to be done and information sharing has to be
Andrea Jung Introduction Andrea Jung is one of the effective managers and leaders renown globally for her effective leadership, in management and advocacy for issues affecting women globally, a fight she took on boldly and posted positive outcomes. This paper will look into her personal and professional background, her style of management and skills, while
New Epic EHR Proposal Medical informatics is a field of science concerned with the management and handling of all types of health data and information by the use of computer technology. The health care system is keen on collecting health data for future use, research and general management of patients. This data, however, over the
Health Behavior Assessment and Modification Project Summary 1 In an article “Assessment of Lifestyle and Eating Habits Among Undergraduate Students in Northern Italy,” Lupi et al. found that students who lived at home have totally different eating habits from those who lived away from home. For instance, those students who lived home ate healthy meals
Healthcare Discussion Questions Discuss an Addiction and How the Addiction Affects One’s Life. An addiction is a chronic relapsing disease of the brain. Addictions are characterized by habitual drug use despite harmful consequences of using the drugs (NIH, 2014). An addiction is a disease of the brain because drugs change a brains structure and how
Food Environments and Obesity: Household Diet Expenditure versus Food Deserts Part I: Identify the Articles 1.               What is the number of the article you have chosen from the Final Project Articles document? Article Number:     5   2.      What is the full APA style citation of the article you identified from the references list
Obesity in the Middle East Obesity in the Middle East has been a point of concern currently in the world. Middle East leads worldwide with the number of obese people mostly women. This health problem has been in the region for so long but those living in the area did not see it as a
Memorandum Re: Medicare’s Two-Midnight Rule Over the years, companies and organizations have always aimed at minimizing cost and maximizing benefits. This trend seems to have been followed by health insurers, hospitals and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the United States. In this effort, the companies have developed policies, guidelines, rules and regulations which
Systems Integration of Databases in Healthcare Current state of systems and standards in health care industry Databases form an important part of any industry. Just like in most organizations, the health care industry has decided to adopt intensive use of database systems in their daily routine. The systems aim at integrating databases found in the
Hunger and its Effects Hunger is the situation where an animal is in a situation where they desire food. An animal in this case also refers to a human being. Hunger is caused by a lack of or inadequate presence of food. If a human being does not eat for sometime in a day, he
What have you learned about inter-professional education (IPE)? So What? — Why is it important for pharmacists to collaborate with other professions? Now What? — What are you going to do to apply what you have learned and continue to build these skills? Length: 250-500 words (one-half to one-full page, maximum).