Maternal, Infant, and Child Health The improvement of maternal, infant, and child wellbeing is an important societal goal in the United States. The health of infants, children, and mothers influences that of the next generation. Currently, the USA maternal and infant mortality rates are high. Leadership is important in addressing this issue. Leadership First Steps
Certifications and Continuing Education in Your Professional Role Professional growth calls for joining a professional organization that provides members with unlimited opportunities. As a respiratory therapist, the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) is a professional body that can keep me informed about important trends in the industry, emerging technologies, new legislations, and other useful
Health Care Accounting Fraud in health care systems is a widespread crime affecting medical facilities worldwide. Some healthcare personnel engages in a series of dishonest filings in order to make a profit. This unethical behavior is similar to that occurring in other business organizations by employees on daily basis. Perpetrators can sell prescription drugs at
Benefits of Yoga in Managing Depression among the Elderly Introduction Depression is a complex mental illness that has profound effects on the elderly. Indeed, depression is caused by a collection of genetic, biochemical, and psychological factors, and can negatively affect a person or society. The World Health Organization has projected that depression will be the
Major regulations and agencies that oversee the health care industry Introduction In the contemporary healthcare industry, regulation plays a fundamental role in streamlining the implementation of major programs and sustaining positive patient outcomes and experiences. These regulations cuts across federal, state, and local government and can identify related health risks and effective mitigation strategies. Accordingly,
Improving Safety Culture through Enhanced Incident Reporting Incident reporting systems are integral in the success of medical organizations. Incident reporting promotes shifts the blames from individuals to the system when incidents occur. It is imperative to note that elaborate safety culture is common among well-established medical facilities. However, it is important to sustain a safe
Occupational Therapy Critical Success Factors Occupational Therapy Critical Success Factors The success of the occupational health industry in Baltimore, Maryland, like in all other areas, relies on the ability of the industry to anticipate external changes and adapt. Performance is linked to the ability of organizations offering occupational therapy to align or adapt their strategies
Financial Strategic Planning The healthcare industry is changing more than ever. The future success of healthcare practice depends on how best hospital administrators plan both on the financial dimension and strategically to address the ever-increasing demands. Financial and strategic planning is preparing for the unknown to ensure professionals and health care facilities are equipped to
Melatonin as a Viable Adjunct Therapy for Chronic Periodontitis Melatonin is a substance that is secreted by human multiple organs. Besides facilitating the regulation of the circadian cycle, melatonin also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on human tissues. The oral cavity is often an easy target for pathologic conditions, such as periodontitis and cancer. Scientific
Demand and Healthcare Uninsured in The United States Based on the information collected by Census Bureau, the number of uninsured Americans rose for the second time in a decade. In 2018, the rate of uninsured Americans increased by 8.5% compared to 2017. In 2019, there were 27.5 million uninsured Americans (Martinez & Baron, 2020). This