William Kyle Carpenter is a United States marine who retired from medicine. Kyle received the military honor in 2010. Carpenter’s military honor is the highest in the United States. Among all individuals that have been awarded a military honor, William is the youngest. Corporal Kyle received the military honor after his act in Afghanistan (Greenbaum, 2015).
Introduction The Ancient Greek art flourished during the Classical Period. It was one of the most important art forms in Western culture during this period, and it inspired all subsequent Western art. Greek art practiced a realistic representation of human figures, animals, and plants. The Greeks were great innovators in the arts, particularly in sculpture
British colonial control was repressive throughout the Americas. The British favored colonial control over kingly rule. England aimed to make colonies self-sufficient and improve colonists' lives. Many colonists could not abide being under an overlord they couldn't see or visit. They believed the British simply wanted their devotion and obedience in exchange for trade, riches,
Introduction Margaret Fuller was born in the year 1810 in a region known as Cambridgeport, located in Massachusetts. Fuller was the oldest child of Timothy and Margaret. Margaret Fuller grew up to be an influential writer. Fuller was ranked as the most influential individual in the 1800s. Fuller was also considered very innovative in her
  The Industrial Revolution changed the face of American industry. During the industrial revolution, the agricultural and craftsmanship economy's status changed abruptly to become an industrial and machinery-based economy. However, the machinery and industrial economy had started earlier in the United Kingdom and then, later on, spread to the remaining parts of the world (Mohajan,
While The Gift of the Magi is a magnificent work in and of itself, O' Henri's novel is also painful and inspirational at once. O' Henry uses the Three Magi as a symbol in his stories (The 3 Wisemen). They bring gifts for Jesus, including gold, frankincense, and myrrh, when they arrive at Bethlehem. Fragrant
Credits: NASA "The Eagle has landed…" Mission Objective The primary objective of Apollo 11 was to complete a national goal set by President John F. Kennedy on May 25, 1961: perform a crewed lunar landing and return to Earth. Additional flight objectives included scientific exploration by the lunar module, or LM, crew; deployment of a
American front led to near-constant repression and devastation of its troops and colonial residents. Nonetheless, the adoption of open-minded situational analysis led Britain to massive developments in planning, diplomacy, logistics, operations, strategy, and tactics, making it the most advanced naval force. The reason Britain trumped over French troops in the French and Indian War in
William Kyle Carpenter is a United States marine who retired from medicine. Kyle received the military honor in 2010. Carpenter’s military honor is the highest in the United States. Among all individuals that have been awarded a military honor, William is the youngest. Corporal Kyle received the military honor after his act in Afghanistan (Greenbaum, 2015).
The British authorities presented the Proclamation of 1763 at the end of the Indian- French conflict to placate Native Americans by limiting territories expansion by European immigrants. A proclamation line was established, which divided British possessions on the Atlantic coast. The Royal proclamation was issued by King George 111 to claim British territories in North
Virgin and Child. 1150-1200 Virgin and Child in Majesty-1175-1200 When you look at these two paintings, you realize that both of them are sculptures of two women each holding a child. The central subject of the two sculptures are the two women and their children. The ambiance of the two sculptures is eye catching and
Introduction British women have witnessed a massive transformation during the four years of World War I. The women were affected both positively and negatively, bringing about a significant change in society. It led to the social, economic, and political change in women's concept bringing them to the light. The Great War is a watershed in
American enlightenment can be traced back to the 18 th century as argued by the ‘America a Concise History’. Among the outstanding colonial Americans who propelled the enlightenment ideas was Benjamin franklin whose ideas on the various aspects of leadership shaped the American social development in the century. The facets of his influence are identifiable
Introduction Just like any other sport, hockey has been subjected to significant changes over time and is usually guided by the economic forces of demand and supply. Any new initiative or commission in the sports industry is often back-tested to ensure that the demand for this initiative is substantial. Similarly, before hockey became professional sport,
Overall in history, many events seek to become turning points that affect the environment that individuals live. The focal points make the foundation for continuities and changes in many parts of the world. In Britain, the Industrial Revolution was of great significance in staging civilization and mechanism of conducting essential activities. The changes impacted on
Since the advent of the 21 st century, Zombies have increasingly dominated the landscape of popular culture with greater diversity in the representations of the undead being imagined. An increasing volume of narratives about zombies introduces human sexuality themes, granting the living dead their own sexual identities. The concept of zombie sexuality evokes a provocative
Part A: Two Short Critical Reflections Critique of Website Definitions of Latin America And Evaluation of Authenticity According to Owlocation, Latin America refers to the 21 countries in the American continent that speak Latin. The link to the website is https://owlcation.com/social-sciences/What-is-Latin- America. Wikipedia defines Latin America as a region that consists of entire South American
As the first world war ended and American troops returned home, the African American soldiers who had fought beside their white compatriots, having experienced nonracist treatment as they fought abroad, returned home to an America that barely recognized their service. Expectations were still that they would abide by the segregative laws that discriminated against them
Background, context, perspective, and history A handful of aircrafts in aviation history exist as innovative and unique as The Me 262 fighter jet, which was built out of sheer worry. The jet was necessary for combat and was perceived as a technology masterwork. The Me 262 had an immense impact in the aviation world on
Chep stood in the kitchen in shock. He was wondering what she had just witnessed. Beside him lay Luanda Magere, son of the Sidho clan, a great and brilliant warrior who profoundly affected the Luo community (Sobania 122). This warrior revealed to be might just as his name suggested, "The rock that builds." He had
Richard Henry Lee introduced a resolution on July 7, 1776, which argued that all united colonies are free and have a right to be free. Adams's biography in 1805 explains that it took a committee of five to decide on which the declaration was supposed to accommodate. Therefore this final draft was written by Thomas
Defination The contemporary English phrase sock is derived from the Old English phrase socc, which capacity "light slipper". This comes from the Latin soccus, a time length to describe a "light, low-heeled shoe" worn by capacity of Roman comedian actors,[2] and deriving from the Ancient Greek phrase sykchos. History Socks have advanced over the centuries
The USS Chief Book Report is named after the former USS CHIEF AM-315 as a sign of honor of all Chief Petty Officers’ service and tradition in the United States Navy. Notably, the construction and fitting of the USS Chief was accomplished at Sturgeon Bay, located at Wisconsin; then the ship was accepted from Ellsworth
Located in East Texas, United States Nacogdoches is a small town which was founded in 1779. The town is described to be "the oldest town in Texas" based on “local promotional literature from the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau.” According to Bolton and Herbert, there is proof that Nacogdoches attracted settlement from over 10,000 years
Democracy is a familiar word to many people but it is important to note that it is a concept that is still widely misinterpreted and misunderstood and to some extent, it is a term that was being misused by the old single-party regime. With the many challenges and misunderstanding that surrounds the democracy, the idea
The Purloined letter written by Edger Allan Poe offers a profound understanding on the detective fiction poetry. The published story was Edger Allan Poe third story that analyzed triptych stories featuring C. Auguste Dupin. Notably, the story endured scrutiny because of the author’s different scope of creativity through psychoanalytic concepts and the content. Particularly, the
Hip hop originated from the poor streets of New York City that were mostly occupied by African American and Latino people specifically Bronx. This is dated back to the 1970s when hip-hop started as a form of Djing, and not many people knew about it (Alridge, & Stewart, 2005). Classical music has a rich history
Introduction Colonization and even the subsequent Canadian government assimilation strategies employed by the colonizers brought by them very severe problems to the existing indigenous people. There was the marginalization of the inhabitants of the land more so them that stayed along the fishing water bodies, leaving them affected in all quotas of the human existence.
Hamlet Shakespeare's first series of excellent essays are among his successful, exciting, and best plays. The play illustrates factors transpiring death, power, love, family, and deception without offering the audience a solution to these problems. The play through the various characters such as Hamlet, who is the prince, Claudius who is the cousin to Hamlet
  William Kyle Carpenter is a United States marine who retired from medicine. Kyle received the military honor in 2010. Carpenter’s military honor is the highest in the United States. Among all individuals that have been awarded a military honor, William is the youngest. Corporal Kyle received the military honor after his act in Afghanistan (Greenbaum,
Ancient Greeks were a highly religious people. They believed in many gods who had superhuman powers and strength and appeared in human form. Prometheus was an ancient Greek MYTHOLOGY 2 god, son of Lapetis and Themis. He was brother to Atlas, Menoetius and Epimetheus. He became considered as the god of wily intelligence, craftsmanship and
The word religion comes from a Latin word, religio which means something that unites. A religion is simply faith or a belief or something that is used to catalyze by reducing problems in life as well as human suffering. In most instances, a religion is comprised of little gods and goddesses as well as spirits.
Until recently in the history of world civilization, the West has looked down upon the Africans as people who are incapable as well as lacking civilization. To them, the Africans were incapable of logical reasoning. As a result, they have utilized a number of terms to describe the people of African descent; primitive, zombies, pre-logical
The Eurozone is made up of 17 countries that have come together to participate in sharing their economies and reap the benefits of economics of scale both in the short term and in the long term. In the past 15-20 years, the European economy has gone through a deep financial and industrial transformation. On the
Introduction Potter (2009) acknowledges that when modernism is mentioned, art and literature are the first two things that come into picture. However that should not be the case since modernism touches on a whole wide aspect of the human living culture. In history there was a period that came after the agrarian period, where there
Introduction According to (Evolving World 2003), The Second World War started on 1 st September 1939 and ended on the 2rd September 1945. It was a global war, caused by the invasion of Poland by Germany and subsequent declarations of war on Germany by France and the United Kingdom. On the other hand the punishment
Romanticism Romanticism era was in the 18 th and 19 th century and was mainly characterized by intense energy and passion. Romanticism was a movement between 1800s and 1910 with a concept that involved imagination and passion in works of art. The essential concept of Romanticism was to revolt against the already existing order of
1. Author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, commonly known as J.R.R. Tolkien, was an English writer, poet, university professor and philologist that is best known for his works in the literature industry. Best known for his books such as The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion, Tolkien was a great writer. However, this was
The African American culture is mostly referred to as the black culture 1 . This is because of contributions of the African American to the US cultures to form the American culture around the 1960s. The basis of this culture is in the historical experience of the blacks in America 2 . This culture finds
The historical perception of sewage treatment was based on the conveyance of raw sewage into water bodies such as oceans and rivers. According to historians, the sewage would be satisfactorily dissipated and diluted. Amusingly, early human habitations were, in most instances, erected near water sources. This means that these water sources could double up as
Introduction The agenda of sustainable mobility emphasizes a key role on the railways in the 21 st century, as this form of transport provides an efficient mode of transport. With the prevailing policy anxiety concerning the environmental agenda, rail is being considered to have the advantage over other transport modes, and the railway transport promotion
United States operates Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility on the southern part of Cuba. The U.S. military detention center is often referred to as Gitmo (Cucullu, 2009). Some human rights activists have criticized Guantanamo Bay, and the debate involves various political figures. The issue of Guantanamo has recently been addressed to the U.S. Supreme court, although
Introduction William Cuthbert Faulkner was born on 25 th September 1987 in New Albany, Mississippi. He has been recognized as one of top American writers of the 20 th century particularly from the American South. His parents moved to Oxford, Mississippi after they lost their wealth where they started a whole new life again. Faulkner
Introduction The history of the Vichy government dates back to 1939 when Germany invaded the Northern part of France. The World War 1 was underway, and Germany had all the might to turn against France. Therefore, on settling, they launched an attack against the French regime. After a few days, it was evident that the
Illicit drugs have been a very lucrative business since the 18th century, as a result of the huge amounts of cash that is collected from the business, questions have been asked about the criteria that are used to determine which drugs to be prohibited and which one to be legalized. It is evident that the
Introduction The life experience of women in the United States has been an area of interest since the colonial period. The research study has been based on identifying the role, responsibilities, plight and the general image of omen in the society. The view of women in the society since memorial has been associated with a
History of Terrestrial Survey hardware The first use of electromagnetic signals to determine the presence of remote terrestrial metal objects attributes to Hulsmeyer in 1904, but the first description of their methods for location of buried objects appeared six years later in a Germany patent by Leimbach and Lowy. Their technique consisted of immersing dipole
Abigail Adams [1744-1818] was the wife of the second president of the United States, John Adams, a mother of four sons and one daughter. Her son Quincy Adams would become the sixth president of the United States. She received little to no education claiming that she was ill earlier in her life. However, in one
Introduction China, since its founding in 1949, maintained a centrally planned economy and until the end of 1978. The implication is that the government managed a large proportion of economic resources, set production objectives, and controlled prices. According to Chow (2015), almost three-quarters of the nation's industrial manufacturing were made by centrally organized state- owned
How has Leadership Changed over the Last 10 Years, and why? Leadership has evolved tremendously over the last ten years, with a shift from the traditional styles such as directive and autocratic to more engaging and democratic styles. According to Mind Resources Institute of Learning & Innovation (2017), the changes in leadership in the recent
Reform movements have been with us since time immemorial. Different sectors of the population voice their grievances with the aim of achieving certain social, economic or political objectives by striving to influence the target groups’ opinion. There are different tactics and ideas employed by the leaders and the nationalists of these groups to reach their
The Hispanic population consists of a very large group with incredibly interesting and at the same time painful related experiences. Hispanic authors and poets have strived over the times to creatively present to us these views in their pieces of art some of which have contributed so much to the sharing and learning of the
The 1972 Munich Olympic terrorist attack became a tragic massacre of Israeli athletes by the extremist Palestinian Black September Organization (BSO) operatives and the West German police. The terrorist demanded the release of 241 prisoners held in West Germany and Israel. The incident puts a mark in history as it naturally spurred increased security measures
Cahokia is an archaeological city located in Illinois near Collinsville. Before its current state, the native Mississippian Americans who built large mounds inhabited the city. Construction of the mounds started in the early 1050 CE by construction of small mounds. The efforts bore fruits later on in 1200 CE when the mounds count got to
At the beginning of the first century, Rome was a Republic governed by the wishes of the citizens through an elected Senate. The Senate had a duty to advice on the appointment of consuls and generals over certain portions of the army. However, over several centuries, the city grew through the conquest of the Italian
The Black Panther Party was a revolutionary, socialist and Black Nationalist organization that was active from 1966 to 1982 in the United State s of America. The party also had other international branches that operated in Algeria from 1969 until 1972 and in United Kingdom in the early 1970s. (Aaron F. Dixon, p.5-) During its

Sample History Paper on Rowing

Rowing is nowadays one of the major sports in the Olympic games. Rowing refers to the sport of propelling small and long boats by the aid of levers or oars fixed on the sides of the vessel. In the contemporary sports industry, rowers compete in a group or at an individual level. In a group
Historical interpretations are a recipe for assessing the outcome of the American civil war between the north and the south and the subsequent reconstruction of the southern part of America. Individual historians hold diverse views concerning civil wars and the reconstruction of the south. The idea of reconstruction has different perceptions from various historians and

Sample History Paper on Oil

Introduction Oil exploration in southwestern Iran, at a location known as Masjed Soleyman, began at the beginning of the twentieth century (Kubursi, 2015). The global significance of oil was later recognized by the Western nations, which led to a British-German-Turkey conflict to control oil pipeline at the beginning of World War I. Throughout the early
Introduction The English language is currently the most spoken language in the world with about 400 million people speaking it as their native language and about 200 million people speaking it as their second language. It is part of West Germanic branch of the Indo-European languages. The history and development of the English language can
Globalization is the procedure of global integration arising from the exchange of ideas, products, worldviews and distinct cultures. Development in transportation such as steamship, steam locomotives, container ships and jet engines and telecommunication including the increase of telegraph and its current offspring, web and mobile phones have been major factors contributing to globalization, generating further
ABSTRACT Man has always been striving towards making the world more habitable and his work easier day by day. Man has invented tools and machines for use in all his activities; farming, house tools, hunting, mining. The early man invented tools for aiding him in farming, hunting. He used simple available materials for his tools.
The cathedral of St.Lazare is located on the side of the hill in the Burgundy region which was once a major village of Roman Gaul-town of Augustus Caesar. Later in the medieval times it became one of the busiest, most important towns in Europe. The cathedral was constructed in about 1120-1132 to accommodate the many
Culture defines people of a given region since it is made up of traditions beliefs which are unique from one region to the other. People tend to have a given a particular belief, and that belief is what defines them as it is all about day to day practices and it guides on how people
Introduction Chinese philosophy refers to any form of several schools of philosophical thought in traditional Chinese. There is some school of thought, and each talk about how one should live or how the society should be organized. Each philosophy is unique in its way, and it was applicable at a given time in history. Philosophies
Jazz is a music genre which came up from the creativity of different people from diverse backgrounds. It’s a known fact that it originated from New Orleans, USA. The music genre was often played at funerals and sometimes in churches too. Even before the jazz music, for the people of New Orleans music was just
Introduction Urban revolution can be defined as the emergence of urban life and how the settlements have been transformed from a simple life to a more complex life that may include trading and other manufacturing activities. The second urban development is a major signal of how urban centers rose to dominance and how some of
ABSTRACT Estimations of casualties following the January 12 th Haiti earthquake are derived from reports based on observations made on the buildings that were destroyed. Information about the casualties and total damage were also derived from satellite photos and images. Based on information derived from these reports and satellite imagery it is worth noting that
THE ENGLAND PROBLEM AND ITS CONTRIBUTION TO CAPITALISM Max Weber was an America philosopher who sought to explain the interconnection between the society, law and the economy. According to Weber, Western civilization had the most synthetic form of social structure. Weber had pointed out that the England society had no rationality. This is because law
1. Using Samuel Farbers the Origin of Cuba Revolution Reconsidered as your guide, discuss how and why the Cuban Revolution of 1959 was not merely a response to external forces like U.S foreign policy. How, in other words, were revolutionary leaders like Fidel Castro autonomous agents pursuing their own intellectual/ideological visions of what an independent
The Documentary Hypothesis is a theoretical explanation for the sources and content of the first five books of the Old Testament. 1 According to the theory, the composition of the five books resulted from the combination of four distinct traditions from different periods in the history of Israel. The sources of the traditions are entitled
Jesus at the Vanishing Point is the first chapter of The Historical Jesus: Five Views, a book that covers the field of research on historical Jesus. The Book’s editors, Eddy and Beilbly provide a survey of the five stages of the quest for historical Jesus in forty-six pages. Each of the five views has a
Part One Chronic Renal disease is the continuous loss of kidney function over given period. However, the symptoms of Kidney failure are not concrete, and they might include the loss of appetite and feeling unwell. In the article ‘Unprepared for the End Stages of End-Stage Kidney Disease”, the narrator is a Doctor by profession. He
John Trumbull was born in 1756 and was a son of a prominent family in Connecticut. He attended the Harvard College and showed a keen interest in portraits while in school. He served in the Army during the Revolutionary War as an assistant to the General. However, his father wanted him to be a lawyer
Introduction The Mona Lisa painting is a famous painting that was done by Leonardo da Vinci. It is a portrait which has been attributed to be the most famous art in history today in the renaissance period. The painting was done for a period of 15 years with a unique technique that is referred to
How Did Mexican Working Women Assert Their Labor and Constitutional Rights in the 1938 San Antonio Pecan Sheller’s Strike? Until 1938 San Antonio had never been known or heard to be a strong union tower, however, this turned out to be the genesis of the uprising of the laborers, a strike that attracted 60,000 and
T.C. Boyle bases the short story ‘Greasy Lake’ on the deep adventures of the narrator who endeavors in carrying on his defiant desires. The story features three teenage boys, Digby, Jeff and the narrator, who on one summer night resolve to search for trouble. The boys start of the night intoxicating themselves with alcoholic drinks
The cold war marked a period in history characterized by a tension among the Soviet Party and the United States and its allies. Dr. Strangelove, by the director Stanley Kubrick, is a fictional work which takes the audience through the events of the cold war. It explores the events which resulted in the World War
Effect of Reconstruction in the Meaning of Freedom to Americans The era of reconstruction refers to the time of civil war that ended in 1877. This was a war that experiments the interracial democracy in America and holds the hope of many Americans both the blacks and whites as the origin of democracy for the
Syrian cinema has been in existence starting from the early 20 th Century. The first movie with origins in Syria was released in1928 and was known as Al Muttaham al Baree which in translation means the innocent suspect. The Syrian film industry has been under the care of the National Organization for Cinema which happens
Introduction The study of gender relations in China during the High Qing era (1683-1839) focuses on challenges that stretched all the way to late-nineteenth-century,(Gould, 2015, P.288). Perspectives that emphasized the subjugation and oppression of Chinese women have been a subject of scholarly dissertations and research especially on the opinion of Susan and Ellen Widmer. Placing
With the development of the globalization English has gradually become a global language of the modern world. Being able to speak fluently a foreign language is an essential skill to everyone’s future. In China, as a compulsory course, English becomes one of the important courses in schools. Without good English performance in high school, the
Before the 1906 earthquake, Francisco was among the richest and most influential cities along the Pacific Cost. The city had a population of around 400,000 people. It was ranked as the seventh largest city in U.S and the economic centre of the Western States. Mining activities and railway services were the lending economic activities. According
Introduction Barack Hussein Obama is the current President of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 and reelected in 2013. During his time in the presidency, Obama contributed widely towards the development and welfare of America. He also took part in helping other countries especially those in the third world. His contributions
The African continent is both a historical and geographical entity. Africa’s place in the world history whether geographically or historically has largely been influenced by the impact of Europe which affects perceptions of ourselves Africans. Geographically, European mapmakers chose to depict Europe as being to the north of Africa and therefore Europe being up and
In his work The Rise of Western Christendom, Peter Brown narrates the tale of the evolution of the Christianity, particularly as it relates to Europe and the Roman Empire. However, unlike other similar paperspresented by other authors, Brown gives a bigger scope to understand the meaning of Western Europe. He also pays significant attention to
Since the start of the 21st century, Texas has experienced one of the fastest population growth rates in America at 1.4%. Although this trend has persisted since the 1990s making Texas the second most populous state after California, the recent growth has been as a result of different factors from those affecting population changes in
Slavery is the act of making one work against his or her will often for little or no pay. The expansion of the Europeans into the new worlds created a demand for labour to work on their farms on cotton. However this labour demand could not be adequately met by the local labourers hence the
Apple will return to its roots with education tools and new iPad The Apple Company has had some challenges in the recent view years due to the stiff competitions from other companies manufacturing phones, laptops, and computers and offering different services related to these products. Apple is rated as one of the best companies in
Edward Hopper was born into a middle-class family in Nyack, New York, in 1882. His love for art started very in his life because his parents introduced him to the art alongside his sister Marion while they were still young. Quite often, Hopper attended concerts, museums, cultural events and theatre with his parents to observe
Introduction Dada was a twentieth-century intellectual movement that developed in reaction to the atrocities of World War I. Many scholars in the fields of literature, medical research, performance art, and visual arts responded critically to traditionally established order, which they believed was responsible for warring activities between European nations (Adams 478). In visual arts, Dada
River Ganges is also known as Ganga the holiest river in any religion. The Ganges originates from a cave at Gaumukh in the Indian Himalayas. Though regularly polluted, it plays important roles to Hindu community. River Ganges basin extends approximately one million km2 and encompasses parts of India, China and Bangladesh. The river is 2,525km
Early adolescence can be defined as the time between 11 and 15 years. Age of 16 years was calculated using data on birth history. 15 years was used as the cut-off. This is the most common age which neonatal outcomes are most adversely affected. Eliminating child marriage is crucial to eliminate adolescent motherhood which is
Women have been the subject of societal oppression and harassment since the beginning of early recorded history. Women oppression and harassment seem to become a norm in the society wherein women have been constantly seen as subordinate to men. This concept by which the society sees women as secondary and unequal to men have caused
  The Watergate scandal played a crucial role in the American politics, since it made many American citizens to question the leadership in their country and critically evaluate the concept of presidency. The scandal revealed Nixon’s abuse of presidential power and created an atmosphere of cynicism and distrust among many Americans. Watergate proved the disappointing
The purpose of this essay is to highlight the various aspects of life in traditional Maori society. Furthermore, this paper intends to illustrate the role that nostalgia has played in how published works and other literary works have depicted the social and cultural organization of the traditional Maori society. The Maori descended from Polynesian settlers
  Introduction Pakistan after independence faced several serious security and economic issues, which not only disturbed the internal peace it had but also affected its economic growth. These problems have now converted to internal threats such as inflation, political instability, militancy, religious extremism, and more specifically terrorism. Terrorism is a major issue that has threatened
History recalls hunting and gathering as one of the earlier mans practices. This involved struggle which was their only way of survival. Being a difficult way of life, it was more of a culture for they had learnt it and embraced it. However, life may have seemed easy to them because they were used to
  Sigmund Freud and the Study of Human Behavior He is an Australian neurologist who first saw the light in 1856.He founded psychoanalysis which was a clinical way of treating psychopathology through conversation by the patient and the psychoanalyst. Born of Jewish parents of the Freiberg, He studied medicine from the University of Vienna and
These are an initiative project meant to better comprehend the shaping of the south by the liberation movement of the blacks and women, in the war of Vietnam their natural calamities and the conservative politics that they practice. In addressing the civil right movement, I am going to discuss the race and its practice in
The great Sun Tzu one said that the “The Supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Many centuries later Abraham Lincoln used this tactic to defeat the Southern States by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. In 1860, 11 states wanted to withdraw from the union that is the United States. These seceding
In a remote village in East Africa, there are ululations and drums, coupled with dance. Women are arriving in a thatched homestead carrying jerricans and woven baskets full of cassava and other farm products. There is an unusual celebration and the smoke that is coming from the mud kitchen next to the main house tells
Millions of individuals have lost their lives and property destroyed as a result of wars. As much as governments across the globe try to avert the chances of any conflicts happening in the modern day, there is always that fear that someday a war far much worse than World War I and II may erupt.
The Black Panther Party was a political party which was established in 1966 by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton to challenge brutality made against the African Americans by the police. The unique party purpose was to protect the black neighbourhoods and offering of social activities, for example, free breakfast for black American children and medical
Introduction The Brazilian population draws most of its cultural, artistic and economic aspects from Africans, particularly Angola and Congo. In the dance discipline, more emphasis is on the significance of dance as a key cultural tradition. People use dancing as a tool to communicate with others. It emanates from people’s thoughts and is part of
Antrim writes about people who hurt and are grieving lost loves, ruined lives, and often their dispossession in a world they have lost familiarity with. The characters seem to inhabit the spaces between words, and they are usually in pain but unable to identify its source. Many of the stories deal with people who have
  The Mexican-American War (April 1846–February 1848) pitted the United States and Mexico following the annexation of Texas in 1845 by the U.S. The war, which arose over a dispute as to whether Texas started or ended at the Nueces River or the Rio Grande marked the first U.S. armed conflict fought on foreign land.
Briefly outline the history of the European Union to date? The European Union’s (EU) baby steps can be traced back in 1945 after the Second World War with the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). ECSC’s main aim was to integrate coal and steel industries in Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and
Introduction Economic development is a key target for all nations around the globe, including those leading in development. Although nations utilize different factors such as offering the necessary incentives, utilizing the market-based competition, and proper signaling, scholars argue that the elements do not guarantee special policy deals. As a result, experts recommend the need for
Introduction The subject of African history has been determined largely by interaction with European countries. European connection with the African continent gives a definite relationship between the two continents, and the factors that led to European development, and Africa’s dependency. Scholars such as Walter Rodney claim that before Africa came into contact with Europe in
Goodwin's classic Team of Rivals gives an account of Abraham Lincoln's capability in creating a bipartisan government during a difficult period in the history of the United States. Lincoln created a cabinet that consisted of his political competitors and other intellectuals with diverse political views during the American Civil war (Goodwin 9). Lincoln tactfully incorporated
Aeneas is the name used with reference to the tragic hero in the Aeneid. Hektor, on the other hand, is the tragic hero in Iliad. Both are fathers and husbands but are portrayed differently. Both are warriors who are committed to protecting their city and were actively involved in various battles. Hektor is depicted as
Time-travel sci-fi came into existence in the late 1800s. Time-travel sci-fi is a type of fictional creation whereby there is time travelling through mechanical mean. They often involve either travelling to the past or the future. However, in most cases, it usually involved traveling to the past. The core of these stories is always changing
Economic growth refers to the level of increase in goods and services produced per capita in a country over a specified period. There is a close relationship between development and economic growth with different factors spurring economic growth. Over the last few decades, there has been contrasting economic growth and development between China and Sub-Saharan
The development of the ancient church and early Christianity was majorly contributed by; political contributions by the Romans, intellectual contributions by the Greeks, and religious contributions by the Jews. Before coming of Christ, Romans added politically in the environment. Firstly, they developed a unity of humankind, creating a favorable environment for the world for the
Terrorism remains the biggest threat to national security in Pakistan as well as the rest of the world. The emergence of several terrorist groups over the years has made the war on terrorism even more challenging. However, efforts are still being made by many nations to combat terrorism and ensure that people are safe. One
Paleolithic Period and How It Affected Civilization Paleolithic period is also called stone age period. It is the cultural phase of the stone age that began about 2million years ago patent by the use of refined stones tools. It is the basis of human culture typified by the use of stone implements. Paleolithic age covers
Different countries present different narratives about their experience during the Great war. In German, the feeling of the responsibility of Nazi time and the Holocaust reminds the hard moments of 1914-1918 conflicts. For Russia, the experience of heroism and immolation of the Great Nationalist War of 1945 is perceived the highest in the national vitality
Introduction Yavuzer, (2020) argues that the main functions that distinguish humans from all different primates are the bipedal gait’s continuous use. This available function is visible as this type of definition function, with which skeletal variations similar to bipedalism are mostly used to pick out our extinct hominid progenitors. Given the lack of fossil stocks,
Compare and Contrast Ancient Rome with Modern-Day America Introduction There are notable similarities and differences between Ancient Rome and modern-day America. Researchers have agreed that superpower societies eventually collapse. Though it is long since Ancient Rome collapsed, in its place we see in 2019, the United States, a new superpower exercising its dominance. Opinions are
New York Slave Revolt of 1712 New York is a city with a good reputation with regard to social and economic progress. However, history reveals that in the 17th and 18th centuries, New York was a focal point for the slave trade. Here, African men, women, and children were sold and used as slaves by
All about Ecuador South America as a continental is home to a rich cultural heritage stemming from ancient and modern interactions. Individual countries in the continent are home to some of the world’s famous animal species and plants. One such country in the continent is Ecuador: a northwesterly country in South America that boasts of
Clausewitz on the Trinity of the People, Military, and Government General Carl Philipp Gottfried Von Clausewitz is best known for his 1832 book On War. The piece of literature is a classic treatise on wars that are based on Clausewitz’s observations and battle experience during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. In the
Modern Youth The question of youth and morality has always dogged different generations since time immemorial. From the times of Cicero in ancient Rome to the modern world the actions of the youth have always been put under the microscope due to their perceived untoward behavior. Modern youth in a bid to express their need
The primary source selected is about the chronicle of higher education. This chronicle talks about movements seen all around the universities against racism and slavery. These movements include Rhodes must fall. This movement arose in South Africa, where the students wanted the removal of the Cecil Rhodes monument. Cecil Rhodes was a diamond mining baron,
Apartheid in South Africa Apartheid was a South African philosophy that initiated the separation of the races among South Africans. The ideology was established by the members of the National Party who were aiming at controlling the South African economy as well as its political system. Racial discrimination was the norm during the period of
humn 3981 assign 4 PART A Writing on the wall: Culture, Identity, and Politics In the essay, Culture, Identity, and Politics, Green and Sue illustrate the Latin American way of life and politics. The people are not only known for their love of soap operas but also their love of literature and music. However, their
Impacts of the Cold War After the end of World War II, there was an emergence of the Cold War between the U.S and the Soviet Union. Ironically, towards the end of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States were allies, who contributed significantly to ending the war. However, they developed philosophical
Class consciousness in The United States Within contemporary society, people live and do things based on where they are able to fit comfortably. Those who can afford that which is expensive life and prefer what is affordable to them and that trend cascades down the chain of economic muscle. It is out of such awareness
The United States Constitution Concept of Rights and Responsibilities The constitution of the United States is the supreme law in the country. The declaration of the independent document signed when the United Stated gained independence is the primary influence on the American constitution. The constitution acted as a basis for the enhancement of human liberty
Age of European Explorations and Conquest European nations embarked on myriad global explorations and conquests at the start of the fifteenth century. The period between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries is often referred to as the age of exploration. The period saw Europe expand its influence in America, Africa, and Asia. The inherent competition between
Role of Women in Rome, Mesopotamia, and India Civilization Today, most women enjoy equality although society is still largely patriarchal. The same can not be said for ancient women. Indeed, gender discrimination was rife, in fact, it was a way of life. In the ancient civilizations, most societies regarded women as of low social class; thus,
Obesity in Aboriginal Population A continued increase in prevalence rates of overweight and obesity is being witnessed around the world with the latter becoming a major health concern in Canada. Obesity is seen as a major problem in the Aboriginal population where the prevalence rates are reported to be higher than the national average. According
The Equal Rights Movement Introduction The equal rights movement, also referred to as the civil rights movement was a struggle for social justice, which ran for approximately two decades. The struggle came immediately after the abolition of slavery and was based on the realization that while slavery had been stopped, there was still a lot
The Building of the United States In Chapter 6, “The intimately oppressed,” Zinn narrates how women, both White and of color, were oppressed by law as well as men. Prior to being forced to work, women had other responsibilities. Women were expected to be the child bearers, and they would give birth to as many
The Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770 The Boston Massacre occurred when British soldiers fired at a group of American colonists in King Street, Boston, killing five men and injuring several others. This paper examines two accounts given from a patriotic and a loyalist’s point of view in deciding which is believable. Discussion 1 Having
The Second World War The Second World War was a war that was fought by almost all major nations in the world. The Second World War started in 1939 and ended in 1945 after six years of death, pain, and suffering. The Second World War involved more than thirty countries allied in two main antagonistic
The Equal Rights Movement Introduction The equal rights movement, also referred to as the civil rights movement was a struggle for social justice, which ran for approximately two decades. The struggle came immediately after the abolition of slavery and was based on the realization that while slavery had been stopped, there was still a lot
The Building of the United States In Chapter 6, “The intimately oppressed,” Zinn narrates how women, both White and of color, were oppressed by law as well as men. Prior to being forced to work, women had other responsibilities. Women were expected to be the child bearers, and they would give birth to as many
Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois on Black Progress The experience of African Americans in the U.S. has influenced American history in several ways. However, the major themes surrounding the African American experience in the United States are those of exploitation and discrimination. For African Americans, the question has been how long the exploitation and
Menocchio and the Humanist Philosophy Introduction Traditional philosophers worked within different environmental conditions. The renaissance period, for instance, brought with it a lot of philosophical changes and different schools of thought. Amidst the dominance of the religious movement, the humanist/reformation movement was also growing. The humanist movement was characterized by the value for knowledge and
Bartolome de Las Casas Bartolome de Las Casas was a Spanish conquistador who partook in the conquering and annexation of the New World, the Americas. Bartolome de Las Casas stands out from the litany of Spanish generals, soldiers, and folks who made the colonialism voyages to the Americas due to his role as an advocate
Free Trade Areas and Difference from Colonization Trade is the backbone of the contemporary world. Even more important today is free trade that aims at removing trade barriers and traditional national protectionist tendencies that often hinder the smooth flow of trade. Part of the agitation for free trade is the fact that it is mutually
History of People and Honey Bees Bees are renowned for their role in pollination and honey production. Human interaction with honeybees has often been based on products like honey and wax that humans can harvest from honeybee colonies. To determine when the relationship between humans and honeybees began, researchers have examined the presence of archeological
Cause and Effect of the Seven Years War The Seven Years War was a global military conflict that was experienced between 1756 and 1763. The war involved most of the great powers of the time including Great Britain and France. The Seven Years War fought in numerous battlefronts such as the West African coast, North
Nineteenth-Century Indian Removal Red Indians were the original inhabitants of the U.S. However, over time, foreign populations forcefully encroached on their indigenous land. Spanish conquistadors were the first European nation and foreign people to come into contact with the Red Indians when they discovered the Americas in the late 14th century. Several decades later a
In the Rose Garden of the Martyrs Revolutions occur when people who are tired of political oppression and suppression topple an authoritarian government and replace it with a favorable regime. Revolutions can either be peaceful through mass protests or be born out of armed struggle. Successful revolutions result from the integration of both internal socio-economic
Federal Land Sales The national debt is a concern to all leaders of the various governments of the world because it determines a country’s economic capacity to sustain its operations. As of today, The U.S. national debts run at trillions of dollars and it continues to rise each year because of the funding requirements for
Contested Rebellion and the Presidency 1789-1825 The 1789-1825 periods refer to when the founding fathers became the first administrator of the United States. It is during this period that George Washington became the country’s president and set up his cabinet to spearhead the nation’s rebuilding endeavor. The period represents a defining in America’s history because
Reflection Paper The Columbian Encounter This topic describes how Columbus stumbled into the New World and his interaction with the indigenous communities he met there. Since the 1200s Europe has engaged in trade with the Europeans through the Silk Road that connected the two continents (Davidann 15). The trade between Europe and Asia was however
African American Lakeisha John is African American. She comes from a family of six; four siblings and her parents. Her parents Mr. John Sanders and Mrs. Chantal Sanders were born in the United States. Lakeisha’s grandparents were also born in the United States. Mr. John Sanders is white and his family tree indicates that all
Fascism and National Socialism Between World War I And World War II Introduction Fascism and National Socialism are far-right authoritarian political ideologies that were established in Europe after the First World War. Fascism was established in Italy and made prominent by Benito Mussolini who rode the wave of fascism to power in Italy in 1922.
Positive Liberalism Positive Liberalism is the basis of personal freedom and social progress. The aim of positive liberals is to ensure institutions of governance empower individuals socially, politically, and economically. Therefore, positive Liberalism is necessary for promoting participatory democracy. Nancy Pelosi, a strong democrat chose to focus on the health of immigrant children, citing the
Fascism and National Socialism Between World War I And World War II Introduction Fascism and National Socialism are far-right authoritarian political ideologies that were established in Europe after the First World War. Fascism was established in Italy and made prominent by Benito Mussolini who rode the wave of fascism to power in Italy in 1922.
African American Lakeisha John is African American. She comes from a family of six; four siblings and her parents. Her parents Mr. John Sanders and Mrs. Chantal Sanders were born in the United States. Lakeisha’s grandparents were also born in the United States. Mr. John Sanders is white and his family tree indicates that all
The treaty port system was a unique phenomenon utilized during the nineteenth century aimed at ensuring that the isolated East Asian nations could be forced to accommodate global models of trade, finance, and military, as well as political powers. The treaty port system was anchored on statutory frameworks and rooted in a broad array of
History of Czech Lands The Czech Republic has experienced numerous civilizations, such as the Celtics and Slavic people who gave the country its Latin name, Bohemia, and contributed to the development of cultures that are still celebrated in the country. The modern-day Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and is bordered by Austria, Germany,
The Jews and the Heretic in 13th century Spain 13th century Europe was characterized by the political dominance of the Catholic Church in contemporary politics and its numerous crusades against heretics. The 13th century was also a period of massive development and expansion of the, hitherto, small nation of Aragon (modern-day Spain) into a massive
The Crossing and French Revolution films The Crossing 1 The crossing is a television movie that depicts events that took place during the infamous crossing of the Delaware River by George Washington and his army and the battle of Trenton. The crossing of the Delaware River is such an iconic event in the history of
Ethiopian Civil War The Ethiopian Civil War resulted from conflicts between the Ethiopian government and the Eritrean liberation movements. Moreover, the Civil War arose due to the invasion of the Somali forces into the Ethiopian territory. The Civil War conflict and crisis presented an opportunity for the Soviet Union to spread communist ideologies, with the
Man’s Search for Meaning: A Personal Assessment Finding the meaning of life is an important objective among individuals. The success of finding this meaning serves as the basis of an individual’s happiness and contentment in life. My perception and understanding of life and existence involve a sense of obligation towards society and others. I believe
Ancient Mayan Writing In the prehistoric world, several civilizations developed various forms of communication which gradually developed and coalesced over the years to form distinct languages. In pre-Colombian America, the Maya people developed one of the most sophisticated languages accompanied by a salient script that enabled their seamless communication and writing. The ancient Maya, just
Mexican/Chicano Struggles for Rights Mexican Americans, being a minority, have often advocated against master narratives that disparage them and their communities. Author Catherine Ramirez in her book, Domesticating the Pachuca, analyzes the importance of Chicano cultural production in the socio-economic and political struggle of Mexican Americans. In the book, Catherine advocates for the shifting of
Faces of Latin America Part A: Critical Reflection Latin America has undergone tremendous change with regard to urbanization, gender roles and environmental concerns. The peasant rural folks are migrating to urban centers in search of new jobs. Significantly, women have made significant strides in education and politics, and the industrialization process have adversely affected environmental
Japanese Culture and Civilization Language, customs, and beliefs are the marks of society. Each society has a unique culture that defines them and sets it apart from other societies. One of the most distinct world cultures is Japanese culture. With centuries worth of history, Japanese culture easily defines the inhabitants of the long island.  Most
Hard Times and the New Deal Explain the lasting impact of the period on the American psyche. The Great Depression had severe impacts on the psychological life of the Americans. Individuals and families struggled to cope with the crisis that affected almost all aspects of their lives. Men were no longer able to perform their
Free Trade Areas and Difference from Colonization Trade is the backbone of the contemporary world. Even more important today is free trade that aims at removing trade barriers and traditional national protectionist tendencies that often hinder the smooth flow of trade. Part of the agitation for free trade is the fact that it is mutually
Richard Meinertzhagen’s Kenya Diary: A Colonial African Soldier’s Interpretation The period between 1880 and 1906 was characterized by the scramble and partition of Africa by European powers. Britain, then a European superpower, colonized vast swathes of territory in West, South, and East Africa. To impose their authority and dominance, Britain sent in a group of
Eighteenth-Century Trade between China and England Question 1 In 1793 England sent a special mission to Qianlong Emperor with a request for expansion of the contemporary bilateral trade agreements between the two nations. The special mission of the British was spearheaded by Lord Macartney and was aimed at persuading Qianlong Emperor to open up more
England’s Role in the Second World War Historical Question For my research paper, I intend to investigate, analyze, and critique the role of England in the Second World War that took place from 1939 to 1945. England’s role in the Second World War remains convoluted particularly after the late entry into the global conflict by
History: Basketball Comes to Fort Shaw Indian School I learned in the podcast  ”Stuff You Missed in History” In the episode called “Basketball comes to Fort Shaw Indian school” that Fort Shaw Indian school was established in late 1800 as part of the plan by the federal government policy to civilize Native Americans. The Native
The Reconstruction Era Reconstruction was an era in American history in which attempts were made to address the existing inequalities caused by slavery. The Proclamation of Amnesty, Andrew Johnson’s, and Congressional Reconstruction plans were instituted to solve the problems that arose from the readmission of Confederate States into the Union. Proclamation of Amnesty also known
Impact of Globalization on World Culture and Economic Activities Globalization is associated with worldwide economic integration and the emergence of a borderless global market. The phenomenon has significantly influenced social, political, and cultural aspects across the world. Its major consequences are the transformation of traditional religions and belief systems, disintegration of the traditional social fabrics
Annotated Bibliography Falconi, April M., et al. “Shifts in Women’s Paid Employment Participation during the World War II Era and Later Life Health.” Journal of Adolescent Health (2020): 66(1), S42-S50. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1054139X1930504X. Falconi and her colleagues developed an observational study, which was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health in 2020, to evaluate the employment history
David Syre Biography David Syre is one of the most talented and charismatic American artists. He uses his art to encourage and promote unity. While he spends most of his time making art, he is also known for his business skills and investment plans. Syre, who has greatly contributed to the growth of Whatcom County
Politics of The Moon Landing and Overall U.S. Space Program Since the 1970s One of the greatest achievements of America from a space exploration viewpoint was the moon landing that occurred on July 20, 1969. This development came after a dramatic speech by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 that underlined America’s commitment to winning
The Social Life of Coffee Book Review Brian Cowan, The Social Life of Coffee: The Emergence of the British Coffeehouse. (Yale University Press, 2005) In The Social Life of Coffee: The Emergence of the British Coffeehouse, historian Brian Cowan examines the cultural implications of the emergence of coffeehouses and coffee drinking culture in 17th century
Life in Colonial America England and Spain were the first colonies to compete for the New World’s wealth. The New World became an attractive region to build colonies because it provided land to cultivate tobacco, wheat, rice, and cotton. The English settlers found the New World attractive to trade, as they could ship timber and
Crisis of the Third Century The size of the Roman Empire could not allow a single man to rule over the whole empire. Thus, a crisis emerged in the third century when two groups, the Persians and the “barbarians, claimed the leadership. The term “crisis of the third century” touched on the wars that broke
The Impact of the “Cult of True Womanhood” on 19th Century Reform Efforts Introduction The Cult of True Womanhood is an ideology that emerged in the mid-nineteenth century between 1820 and 1860. This new ideology prevailed mainly in the United States and Great Britain among the middle class. It defined women as pillars of virtue.
Civilization Civilization is a combination of strategies that a state, empire, or a group of people incorporates in its policies with the aim of achieving a general turn in the way it administers and operates in its administration. Examples of civilization are African civilization, Islamic civilization, and Olmec civilization. The evidence adduced by Ivan Van
Empowering America’s Middle-Class Citizens Introduction As a global leader, America is well known for implementing viable and sustainable policies that focus on fostering civilization, economic stability, and democracy. Notably, the country places particular emphasis on safeguarding its economic stability. This is an essential factor of effective functioning and assures its populace of continued upward growth
Contributions of the Moorish Empire to European, African, and world civilizations The Moors provided a lot to European civilization. In addition, Moors’s expulsion from Italy was a serious drawback to European countries. The Moor took the area away from the Visigoths, including the big record of kingdoms demurred by the Moslems. However, under the concept
Child Exposure and Infanticide in the Classical World The exposure of children was a serious problem in many parts of the world such as the Roman Empire. It affected the social, political, psychological, and economic aspects of life. It is a common practice where children abandoned in unsafe places during the war end up suffering
The state of China for the Last Twenty Years from the Year 2011 China’s government has gradually been changing since nineteen ninety-one after the cold world war. During this period, the agenda of socialism was abolished and all parties that supported socialism withdrew their support. The government of China has changed from one party leadership

Sample Essay Paper on World War 1

World War 1 World War 1 started in Europe and was indeed a global war. It began in 1914 and ended in 1924. Indeed, the war marked the fifth-worst battle ever experienced in history. Information and statistics showcased the deaths of more than 9M war combatants who were involved in the case. The latter led
Essays on the World War II experience of Japanese Americans The Second World War was one of the central events of the twentieth century that left Japanese and Americans with a significant scar. The six continents participated in the war with Americans and Japanese becoming the major participants causing a significant number of deaths and
Greek Civilization A colony refers to a distinctive territory under a specific ruler. In the colonial period of the 10th Century, Europe established colonies in America in order to harness the economic opportunities in America and establish political power and prestige. Knossos is an ancient monumental figure in the history of Greece. The term refers
Introduction Background Information on the Second World War Adolf Hitler’s desire to fulfill his personal interests on behalf of his country, together with his supporters known as the Nationwide Socialists or Nazis has often been regarded as one of the major causes that sparked the Second World War.  After the First World War, much of
President Obama’s Inauguration Speech of 2009 Speeches serve the purpose of vocalizing thoughts with the aim of passing on important messages to an audience. In 2009, President Barack Obama had an opportunity to give a speech to mark his first inauguration ceremony. I did not attend this ceremony but I watched it through the media.
Civilization’s History Part 1: For each item, fill in the missing term or terms. The May Fourth Movement looked to the October 1917 March Revolution in Russia as a model for China’s own nationalist revolution (Turner 147). Under South Africa’sApartheid system, four legally unequal racial groups included whites, Asians, blacks, and people of mixed race
Reflection The first black president in the history of the United States was elected in 2008. Before the election of Barack Obama, many comedians, movie actors, and novelists tried to figure out the culture gap. They explored how life in U.S.would be under a black president. This article discusses the ways in which a black
Part 1: For each item, fill in the missing term or terms. The Triennial Act required King Charles I to convene Parliament every three years (Fritze & Robison, 1996, p.526). Trouser-wearing members of a revolutionary uprising of the French working class were called the Sans-culottes (Turner et al, p.78). Three laws of planetary motion developed
The El Mozote massacre, which took place in 1981, is considered one of the worst atrocities in the history of Salvador in the wake of its civil war. In the month of December year 1981, government forces descended on the village of El Mozoto literally known as “red zones” to illuminate guerrilla insurgents. The Atlacatl
Prohibition Question 1: Background of prohibition The prohibition dates back to 1893 when the prohibition movement was strengthened. The movements involved the Women Christian Temperance Union that supported prohibition. The campaigns were able to enact prohibition regulations. Later in the period, prohibition became a national effort focused on controlling alcohol drinking behavior. The events and
Stoic and Christians serving of God or Logos Both Stoic and Christian followers believe in serving God’s will. Neither the Christians nor the Stoic believe that God who is their logos does or follows the will of humans. They both acknowledge the will of God and work to serve it fully. They believe in God’s
The Gullah People in South Carolina, USA During the 1600s, most English colonizers in the new settlements required more workers to cultivate thousands of hectares of land on the Sea Island plantations. Even though some workers were from the American communities, most of them were from the African communities. Southern Carolina is one of the
The Louisiana Purchase The purchase of Louisiana occurred during the presidency of the Thomas Jefferson regime. At that time, the purchase encountered domestic restriction on the grounds that it was considered unconstitutional. Despite the fact that he concurred that the Constitution of the United States did not hold procurement for obtaining territory, Jefferson chose to
Introduction The United States of America has participated in several wars. These wars include the war for the independence of America to the current day war on terrorism (Grant, 2012). This essay will discuss the particular war America participated in and the cause of the war from America’s perspective. The essay will also discuss the
El Mozote Massacre The El Mozote massacre, which took place in 1981, is considered one of the worst atrocities in the history of Salvador in the wake of its civil war. In the month of December year 1981, government forces descended on the village of El Mozoto literally known as “red zones” to illuminate guerrilla
The Gullah People in South Carolina, USA During the 1600s, most English colonizers in the new settlements required more workers to cultivate thousands of hectares of land on the Sea Island plantations. Even though some workers were from the American communities, most of them were from the African communities. Southern Carolina is one of the
Stoic and Christians serving of God or Logos Both Stoic and Christian followers’ believe in serving God’s will. Neither the Christians nor the Stoic believe that God who is their logos does or follows the will of human. They both acknowledge the will of God and work to serve it fully. They believe in God’s
Prohibition Question 1: Background of prohibition Prohibition dates back in 1893 when the prohibition movement was strengthened. The movements involved the Women Christian Temperance Union that supported prohibition. The campaigns ware able to enact prohibition regulations. Later in the period, prohibition became a national effort focus in controlling the alcohol drinking behavior. The events and
The Louisiana Purchase The purchase of Louisiana occurred during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson’s regime. At that time, the purchase encountered domestic restrictions on the grounds that it was considered unconstitutional. Despite the fact that he concurred that the Constitution of the United States did not hold procurement for obtaining territory, Jefferson chose to continue
Introduction The United States of America has participated in several wars. These wars include the war for the independence of America to the current day war on terrorism (Grant, 2012). This essay will discuss the particular war America participated in and the cause of the war from the America’s perspective. The essay will also discuss
Research Topic 1 Should funding for the U.S space program be changed? According to Denman (2013), the U.S has spent a lot of millions on space exploration. As the arguments continue that much money has been spend on space exploration, some people feel that these should be used on financing the underdeveloped countries or reducing
Mata Hari Throughout the First World War, numerous individuals were blamed for being spies and helping the foe. One of them, Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, has been remembered for all time as a standout amongst the most unbelievable ladies ever. Utilizing the pen name Hari, Margaretha headed a profession as a fascinating dance expert, was blamed
Mercantilism Introduction Economic development is a dream, which became a reality for some countries in the West and some selected ones in Asia such as Japan, Chinese cost regions, and South Korea. The social and political changes of the late 20th century and the recent technological advancements have led to deep changes in the economic
Twelve Years a Slave This is an objective film about an African American at liberty who was captured and subjugated. It is an adoption of Solomon Northup’s memoirs. Solomon (Chiwetel Ejiofor) opens the scene as a slave working on a plantation. A sequence of memories alters the story to a prior time, when Solomon, living
American History Section 1 Why was it said that the Sun never set on the British Empire? The British Empire traversed the entire globe; as a result, it was always daylight in some parts of the empire. This is why the saying that the sun never sets on the British Empire came up (Foner 153).
Islamic and Statecraft in an African Civilization: A Case Study of the Mali Empire Introduction The Mali Empire had emerged by 1235. Its founders were the Mande-speaking people who lived South of Ghana; a region so well adored with gold, which to them was a source of wealth (Fyle 11). Previously, the Malinke kingdom was
Policy-making in the Federal System’g’]yhptli;h fj[   h]r’ ]h[y] Federalism presents a system of government where the same country is under the control of two levels of government. These comprise of the national government, which handles issues affecting the entire country, and local government which handles issues of local concerns. This is a situation, which
Response Paper Prompt of Caribbean Arts This paper makes use of two films about a man who made an attempt to reach the planet in just a night. Peter Minshall is the only man, in the film, who was able to reach 80% of the planet in a single night. Mas Man (The Complete Work),
Bill of Rights and Amendment It is quite unthinkable to survive without rights, especially in a democratic country. The Bill of Rights allows citizens to raise their complaints to the government, and to exercise their freedom without fear of reprisal. The Bill of Rights is catered for in the Constitution, but it is not explicitly
African Traditional Religion Religion is one of the oldest practices that human beings have elicited as a social-cultural activity. It forms an identity of a certain settings and this defines the type of people practicing a certain religion. In light of this, this study provides a summary of some books that explains the traditional religion
The State of the American Dream As of late, the term American Dream has regularly been deciphered to signify “becoming passionately successful” or “striking it rich.” the expression has oftentimes intended to signify a great accomplishment, something to that effect, or other. This news feature is based on interviews. A year ago, I heard analysts
The Early 1900’s American History THEODORE ROOSEVELT’S DOMESTIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS President Roosevelt’s domestic accomplishments made him one of the most progressive United States’ (U.S) presidents. His first major accomplishment was realized when he mediated the coal strike of 1902 that involved 140,000 miners in part of the Pennsylvania state (Giroux 111-1120. This was a significant accomplishment
Federalism and Separation of Powers Representative democracy involves detailed filtration, refining and mediation approach to political will-power formation and expressions. This mode of leadership provides healthy platform for modeling objects, techniques and processes in political actions and competitions (Urbinati, 2008). Therefore, with effective representation in democratic issues, there is high chance of people’s active participation

Sample Essay Paper on Asian History

Introduction The period between 1896 and 1910 demonstrated the intellectual experimentation, as well as adaptation of ideas from the Western countries into the Korean tradition. It also embraced the contemporary practices of Japan and China who were the neighbors of the region. At this time, Korea was in the process of reformulating its traditional concept
Heroes Heroes are specified human figures who people look up to and admire or learn from their lives. The protagonist acts as the supposed hero who will engage in counter conflicts with the objective villains. There are different categories of heroes, some of whom the society fails to understand their relationship with being heroes. The
Introduction Colonialism and its impact on the politics, economy and socio-cultural aspects of East Asia form an essential part of this paper. Japan, its colonial days in South Korea and the effects of its colonial principle is essential to the understanding of the existing structures in South Korea. Other than South Korea, there were other
Jefferson & Hamilton Introduction This paper will analyze the differences between Jefferson and Hamilton, on the different issues that the two leaders failed to agree on. Alexander Hamilton was born in 1755 in the British West Indies. He was one of the most influential people in the history of the United States of America. Hamilton
Introduction Living in a foreign land is differs from living in ones motherland. This is attributed by the fact some element of culture, customs, social control, as well as peer pressure are varies from one group of people to another within the same or from different geographical backgrounds.  At the same time, religious believes, the
The Right of Habeas Corpus in the Context of the War on Terror The paper discusses the right of habeas corpus in light of the war on terror. A number of issues will be addressed. Firstly, the paper examines the evolution of habeas corpus within the American and English traditions, including the meaning of the
Part A: Short Critical Reflections of Two Selected Readings 1. Critical Reflection on Writing on the Wall: Culture, Identity and Politics In this text, Green and Sue, explores culture, identity and politics characterizing Latin America. A culture of watching telenovela connects people together, as those without television sets drop by their neighbors to catch a
Critical Book Review: How America Eats: A Social History of US Food and Culture by Jennifer Jensen Wallach Author’s Research Question and Thesis Jennifer’s book presents a new way of understanding the history of America. The author argues that food forms the most important part of human life yet it is ignored when it comes
Mesa Verde Mesa Verde is the biggest archaeological preserve in the US and is the only cultural national park preserved by the National Park system. Mesa Verde covers an area of approximately 52,000 acres (Zentner para 1). Down in the recess there are Pinyon pine, ponderosa pine, Utah Juniper as well as gamble oak. As
The Middle Passage and Early American Slavery African Americans have faced a lot of challenges, oppression, and injustices among other racist-related problems in America for centuries. This has been the situation since the historic period up to the present days. Even though African Americans have faced these many problems and challenges, their cultural and spiritual
African-Americans Many ethnic groups exist, and there is no end to their listing. African-American is one such community that this paper will explore. It will give detailed information about who exactly the African-American are. For clear understanding, it is significant to point out the areas of residence of this culture. For a group of people
A Case Study of Conflict Analysis: Syria The civil war in Syria, which has escalated in scope over the last three years, has left over one hundred thousand dead and many others displaced. The war started in the southern parts of Deraa city in the year 2011. This was due to the protest that erupted
Abraham Lincoln and Slavery Introduction The undertakings of Abraham Lincoln concerning slavery are amid the key concerns in the history of the United States. Lincoln regularly articulated moral resistance to slavery both in public and private life. At first, he anticipated leading a campaign for the ultimate extermination of slavery through preventing its further development
Feudalism Feudalism was a system of leadership applied in politics, economics and social interactions in Medieval Europe (Ruff, Wheeler and Wiesner 123). This is a period that covers the 9th to the 15th centuries. The nobles referred to as the lords held land that was indeed the Kings land. They provided in return the core
Africans in America:  Migrant Entrepreneurs in New York City Introduction African immigrants constitute a relatively smaller percentage of the United States immigrant population. However, their numbers has been increasing every decade since 1965. The relaxation of the United States immigration laws in 1965 increased the population of immigrants into the country from different parts of
African Americans Introduction Many Americans today assume that humanity is divided into biologically separate races, which descended from groups that evolved on different continents (Zack, 2012). For example, those who believe that blacks have their origin in Africa and the whites came from Europe. Belief in the biological validity of race can rest on some

Sample Paper on Caribbean History

Caribbean History Introduction             Caribbean history unveils the important role that the region assumed in fighting the colonial powers of European nations since the dawn of fifteenth century. It further reveals the role that the region played in perpetuating decolonization during the post world war period in the twentieth century. Genocide, slavery and conflict between

Sample Essay on The Canal of Panama

The Canal of Panama Introduction The Panama Canal is one of the largest cargo projects in the world providing global trade link between USA and trading partners (Authority Panama Canal 21). Currently, the Panama Canal accommodates about 5 percent of the world’s total cargo volume, which is seen to expand further by the close of
The Creel Committee and the World War I As the first wartime propaganda agency in the US, the Creel Committee, which was also known as the Committee on Public Information (CPI), exercised all popular media groups, as well as sophisticated target audience approach to explain about the incoming war to a split and doubtful nation.
The American Civil war – The Differences between the North and the South Introduction The American Civil War of 1861- 1865 was a battle that led to the death of more than 600, 000 Americans. The causes of this war can be traced back to historical injustices that had characterized different aspects of American society.
The Great Awakening Great awakening is a period of evangelistic religious movement in the United States of America (USA) that took place from the late 17th century until the 19th century and swept through the British colonies. There are three phases of the Great Awakening events. The first evangelistic movement occurred in late 1700, immediately
American Politics Q2 The politics that is played in America has a greater influence that the political parties take in the political sphere. A political party is a union or a group of people that come together with an aim of achieving ordinary objectives that have been agreed upon by the members. The set up

Sample History Essay on Confucius

Confucius Confucius was born in the Chinese state of Lu in the year 551 BC (Kaizuka et al., 12). He based his philosophies on good morals that give inner peace to every individual. The Chinese people commonly referred to him as Master Kong (Kaizuka et al. 13). According to historical records and data in China,
Gone are the days when business managers would propel their businesses to greater heights by only analyzing the culture and the needs of their local market. Today, the corporate world has risen above operations of a single country-concentrated market to a globalized international platform (Thite 251). As a result, business managers have found the need
Why History Matters Often, history students and scholars have faced criticisms from people who downgrade history as a dead subject. Many people have questioned whether it is necessary or even helpful to explore contexts that are thousands of years old. However, these critiques lack the understanding of what history entails and of its contribution to
Iranian Islamic revolution that occurred in 1979 is depicted as a reaction to western values and influence (Bashiriyeh, 2011). The revolution that was led by Ayatollah Khomeini aimed at opposing the governance of Pahlavi Shahs, which was supported by the America and British government. Shah came into power in 1941 to succeed his father who
The Cold War Introduction The Cold War was the rivalry that grew after the Second World War between the Soviet Union and the United States, and their respective allies. This war was based on economic, political, and propaganda fronts. The war rarely took the path of armed conflict and when it did, it was minimal
The American Revolution stands out as an important history for both the United States and Canada. In the 18th Century, the British had colonies along the eastern coastal area of the current United States. At the same time, Canada was also a colony of the British Empire and was an important of operation. London was
Tudor England Contents is an official website that documents the British history of the Tudor monarchs that ruled for at least 118 years.The Tudor dynasty ruled from 1485 until 1603 that hailed from the Wales and English origin[1]. Henry Tudor who gained both Lancastrian supporters and their rival House of York managed become the king
Age of Industrialization and Imperialism The industrial revolution and Imperialism are highly correlated. Imperialism was as a consequence of the changes that came with the industrial revolution. First, the industrial revolution brought about advancements in production. Goods that had been produced on a small scale could now be produced on a larger scale. The home

Sample Essay on African History

African History The African continent is diverse in culture, religion, politics and ethnic groupings.  There are various aspects of African history that can never be exhausted in one sitting. Africa being the second largest continent in the world as well as the second most populous continent has 54 sovereign states dominated with various experiences and
Augustine on the Earthly City While in the City of Hippo, Augustus learned of the destruction of Rome and the rumor that attributed the destruction to the people’s negligence towards Roman traditional idols. This information brought confusion among the Christians in Hippo, to whom Augustus was the Bishop. In clarifying the misconception and encouraging the
Introduction Media is the plural for medium, which means the channel through which information is conveyed. Mass media are forms of media that are used to convey information or news to a large audience by use of different forms of technology such as radio, television, internet, music, news papers and magazines. Mass media has several
Eleanor Roosevelt According to Goodwin (2008), Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born in October 11th 1884 at 56 West 37th Street in New York City. Her parents, Anna Rebecca Hall and Elliot Roosevelt were both socialites who had a famous background because his uncle from the side of the father was a president called Theodore Roosevelt,
NATIVE AMERICA’S VIEW ON POLLUTION The Native Americans are considered the pioneers of environmental conservation initiatives. According to Barry and Gane (2014), the Indian culture teaches the existence of harmony between humans and the natural environment. The native Indians viewed man as an integral part of the society to whom the responsibility of protecting and
Mexican Muralist Movement A mural is a piece of art painted on a wall or a surface. Smith and Ewing’s definition is that “a mural is an embellishment executed upon a wall” (13). The mural is not only done on a wall; it can be done any other surface, for example a ceiling. A mural
Racism, White Privilege, Affirmative Action, and Reverse Discrimination Fleming, Nasir (2014). The Moment I Realized What It Means to Be a Minority. Retrieved from: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nasir-fleming/my-discovery-of-a-raciali_b_6221952.html This article argues that, in United States, people are not equal and the perception of “race” still institutionally and socially puts citizens of color at a disadvantage. After harsh realization
Thomas Edward Lawrence Introduction Thomas Edward Lawrence was born in August, 1888 in the Welsh town of Tremadog, out of wedlock. His parents were Sir Thomas Chapman and Sarah Junner. His mother, who was also an illegitimate child, was a governess. Although Chapman had been married before, he left his first wife and family in Ireland
The World Trade Organization (WTO) Brief History The World Trade Organization (WTO) was started on January 1, 1995 following the successful completion of the Uruguay Round negotiations from 1986 to 1994. The organization is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. As at June 26, 2014, WTO had membership of160 countries, representing more than 97% of global trade.
How the cold war ended The rise of the nationalism and ethnic politics in the world affected the Soviet Union significantly. The capital of Russia was well aware of the challenges that it faced and had implemented policies in these areas. Despite the fact that the Soviet Union was aware of some of the challenges
The History of Hong Kong (Handover of Hong Kong from British to Chinese leadership, after it was taken away from china as accounted by the historical events in the history of Hong Kong in this paper) A new page in Hong Kong was opened when the clock struck midnight on 30th of June 1997, when
Overview The disintegration of the Ottoman Empire began in the 17th century and successive events led to its final collapse in the 20th century[1]. The fall of the empire was attributed to lack of a sufficient government and military to quell the internal and external revolts that occurred during that period. The government had been
Specific Events in the Korean War The Korean War could be regarded as a test of powers between the U.S and Russia. The two countries were the super powers at the time. Accordingly, the issue of disarming the areas that each country controlled at the end of the Second World War could be said to
Slavery Introduction The concept of slavery and slave trade has been considered as one of the oldest institutions in the history of humanity. This is because it has been practiced for many years in every continent in the world. This means that there is nothing peculiar about the institution of slavery because it has been
The Middle Passage and early American Slavery (pre-1793) The African Americans whose origin was Africa were transported from Sub Saharan Africa’s North Western and Middle Western regions as slaves (Hine, 2005). This was during a period when the white colonial landowners in America had resulted to Black enslavement to solve their economic woes in their

Sample Paper on Holocaust

Holocaust The Holocaust was the worst form of genocide to have happened to a single race in the twentieth century. The Holocaust involved a systematic and bureaucratic persecution of Jews, sponsored by the Nazi regime, together with its collaborators.  During the Holocaust, more than 6 million Jews were executed in Nazi Germany and other German-occupied
Civil Rights Introduction Civil right movement in the United States was prevalent in the years 1950 and 1960. Most of the minority groups fought for their deprived rights. They come out strongly to demonstrate for their basic right such as voting right and right to good education. Public institutions were exposed to the whites during
The Evolution of modern US Society The American society’s prehistory starts with people migrating to America from Asia. The ancestors of the present American natives were the Paleo-Indians and they were hunters and gatherers who migrated into the Northern region of America (Raphael, 56). Native people believed that everything in nature, for example, plants, animals
Activism in the United States in the Year 1900-2000 Introduction What may seem so radical and uncouth in one generation may appear very reasonable and wise for the next generation. The America of today is what it is because of the sacrifice of activists, and movements that fought very hard for better lives, rights, and
                                              Movie\”The Berlin Airlift\” The Berlin Airlift was the initial key test of the Free world’s motivation to go against the sovereign aggression. It started in June 1998 when the soviet leaders complained about how the technological difficulties would derail all the traffic congestion by water and by land, throughout the Western controlled sections in
Outlawing of the Haida Potlatch Ceremony Introduction The Haida tribe was one of the Native American communities whose beliefs systems were passed down orally through different techniques such as songs, stories and dances. This community held the belief that they were surrounded by supernatural beings which were in the form of spirits (Gates 20). These
Labor Unions A labor union is an organization of workers that is formed for the sole purpose of protecting the welfare and rights of its members and advancing their interests with regard to achieving collective workplace goals such as improved benefits, increased wages, and better working conditions. Development of Labor Unions in U.S In the
Introduction This study focuses on the life of Herbert Norman, who worked in the Canadian foreign department[1]. Much of his life is based on mystery and accusations of being a spy. The study highlights his background, the themes, and opinion on whether the documentary is biased or unbiased. Background Norman was born to Canadian missionaries
Emergence of the United States as a Superpower 2. How did the United States emerge as a world power by 1914? Be specific—discuss the example of the Panama Canal, the liberation of Cuba in the Spanish American War and subsequent “imperialist” kinds of actions Panama Canal construction The construction of the Panama Canal by the
Question Three United States’ Objectives in the Cold War Cold war lasted for a period of forty-five years. It started as a result of prolonged disagreement between the United States and the Soviet Union. There were social frustration and distrust between the two powerhouse especially when It came to administration in Poland. The disagreement arose
Significance of the 1992 High Court Mabo Decision The high court of Australia made the decision to acknowledge Murray Islands in 1992 3rd of June, as not the property of the Crown but that the people of Meriam. The high court of Australia made the decision to acknowledge Murray Islands in 1992 3rd of June,
DO4 Forces Transforming the American City in the 20th Century In the article ‘What is an American City,’ Michael Katz gives an account of the birth of cities in the United States, with emphasis on the impact that the Second World War had on the cities. Katz maintains that the years after the Second World
Essay Component and Survey Report Introduction President Barrack Obama in his second term made significant changes in the United States immigration policy. Most of these changes were targeting abolishing of the famous deportation of the illegal immigrants especially those with family members. It is important to note that majority of these immigrants voted in favor
World War II             World War II describes a global war that took place between 1939 and 1945 although several related conflicts started earlier. The war involved majority of global nations that included all the great powers, which eventually formed two conflicting military alliances. According to Lee (21) World War II is the most extensive
The rise and fall of the anti saloon league Introduction Many historians, for example, Ernest Hurst Cherrington developed a towering interest in the rise and fall of prohibition, hundreds of authoritative texts have been written with an exceptional focus on the utmost characteristics of this period.  The eon of prohibition dates back to the year
The Seminole Tribe The history, culture, and lifestyle of the Seminole tribe in the prior-European contact period The Seminoles descended from the Creeks, who were descendants of the Lamar. The Seminoles trace Georgia, South and North Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. The Creek state was created through assimilation in the historic period, as it was an
Free Trade Areas and Difference from Colonization Trade is the backbone of contemporary world. Even more important today is free trade that aims at removing trade barriers and traditional national protectionist tendencies that often hinder the smooth flow of trade. Part of the agitation for free trade is the fact that it is mutually beneficial
The word frontier is a term that carries a deep cultural meaning. To many American citizens, the word adduce clear representations of bleak landscapes that were full of wild animals and lurking Indians, for many people, the Frontier was a place to be feared as well as to be civilized by clearing the forests, building

Sample Personal History Essay

Personal History Essay My decision to pursue a graduate degree in the field of psychology strongly hinges on the experiences that I have gained in this field both from an academic context and a practical point of view. I have a strong desire to improve my critical thinking and researching skills in the field of
Harriett Tubman on the US Currency The US Treasury Department is planning to put a woman’s face on $10 bill note that will be released in 2020.  Jacob Lew, the Treasury secretary, is responsible for redesigning the new face of $10 currency. He indicated that the currency will feature a notable woman in American history
Heart of Darkness Civilization refers to an enlightened   human society with high cultural, industrial, scientific, and governmental levels of advancement. There are different cultures and no single one of them can claim to be the perfect one. During the scramble and partition of Africa, the Europeans went there with the pretence of taking their civilization
Abstract Foreign policy of the United States refers to the various ways in which the country integrates with foreign nations in order to create a harmonious, cohesive, and prosperous global community. Different administrations use varied strategies aimed at achieving effective foreign policies. President Obama has been in the limelight for the strategies enacted when the
US Government Foreign Policy Every government has a responsibility to perform certain functions to its people. There are certain principles that guide this kind of interaction.  The government also must relate to other states in different spheres regarding sectors like trade. Every state is sovereign is not in any direct control of any other state
Lincoln’s Evolution of Thinking Lincoln had apt taste or concern for the advancement of humanity. Even with the development oriented notion, he proposed for just means of achieving so. In his speech in Wisconsin fair to the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, he states that labor is the source from which all human needs are supplied
Introduction BMW has been providing luxurious cars with ingenious designs for almost a century. Formed in 1916, under the name Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke(BFW). Later on in 1917, it adopted the name Bavarian Motor Works and used the two colors (blue and white) of the court of arms of the Bavarian. The company started with the manufacture
The US Foreign Policy The United States foreign policy refers to the way in which the nation interacts with other nations. It is the formulated standards of interactions that its organizations and other stakeholders consider. According to the Foreign Policy Agenda of the Department of State, the U.S.’s foreign policy goals are to create and
Abstract The paper describes the United States’ Foreign Policy as a very important economic, political, and social tool of the nation. The policy has undergone many changes since the start of the 20th century. The paper clearly shows how the U.S. adopted a non-interventionist policy that lasted up to the Second World War. With the
Challenges on the Colonists in America 1. From early 1600s, there were major changes on how the colonists in the America understood God and the role of the region in society. These changes played an important role in building the foundation of the United States. Because they had a crop of well-educated individuals, the Anglican
Analysis of NSC-68 and the Patriot Act NSC-68 The NSC-68 was a Top-Secret report that was compiled to mitigate the most pressing threat that confronted the United States during the Cold War. Various departments took part in the preparation of the report key among them being the Defense Department and the CIA. The NSC-68 was
1.0 Abstract Small and medium enterprises business in the lower economic regions in Saudi Arabia forms the largest percentage of all businesses with a huge number of employees in the Saudi Arabian kingdom. However, small and medium enterprises’ input to the economy is little. Their visibility in the market is drastically diminishing due to inability
Debating the Constitution At the time of ratification, the government was in chaos thus the constitution was ratified so as to build a democratic society for the future generations. This essay analyzes the historical context in which the ratification debates were conducted, concerns expressed in speeches prior ratification and differences between Federalists and Anti-Federalists arguments. First, there are
Hitler and the WWI Some events take place because of manipulation by various players. Some people are shaped by the role they play in shaping a given ideology.  The World War I marked a time for the reshaping of events and ideas that later led to the World War II. At the same time, it
Politics of Gender How did the politics of gender change in the 1910s and the 1920s?  What movements or trends were significant in bringing about these changes?  What sort of limits and resistance did these movements and trends encounter? Women were sidelined in the political field. They were disallowed to participate in voting, contesting or holding government/public
Country: Malaysia Committee: UN Committee Topic Area: Syrian Civil War Delegates: Since it began in the early spring of 2011, the Syrian civil unrest, now known as the Syrian Civil War, has seen mixed reactions from countries in various parts of the world, with some providing support while others opposing the same. The impacts of

Sample Essay on Consumerism

Consumerism Consumerism is defined as the increased spending on luxurious goods, homes and food. This happened right away following the last part of World War II. Financial depression had taken place throughout the war. The end of the war saw the country improve its consumption rates due to increased job opportunities, high wages and high
History Question 1: Discuss the relationship between religion and state under the Ottoman and Safavid empires. The Ottoman and the Savafid Empire were all rooted in the Islam religion from different branches.  The Savafid Empire religion was based on the Shia Islam while that of the Ottoman was based on the Sunni Islam. In the
Economic Problem in China Economic development of any nation is important because it enhances the economic, political, and social welfare of the citizens. A country whose economic development is sound has a wider tax base and this enables it to collect adequate revenue. The amount is used to finance development projects such as construction of
The Silk Road Introduction Silk route of the so called silk route is deemed as the world’s oldest and one of the most important historically overland trade route which was a network of trade routes that was core to the cultural interaction between regions in the Asian continent and connected the west and east from
With Malice toward None: A Life of Abraham Lincoln by Stephen Oats The life and personality of former United States President Abraham Lincoln was and remains a wonder to many. Several biographies have been written to explain the kind of person he was, including this book by Stephen Oats (Oates 7). The review will majorly
History of Modern Israel/Palestine Israel is found in the Middle East region and borders countries like Egypt, Jordan and Syria and was granted liberty in 1948 after several years of conflicts between the Arabs and the Jews. In order to accomplish the goal of creating a Jewish state, it was imperative to ensure that majority
How the American Society Has Instigated Stricter Gun Control Regulations in the USA Introduction Over the years, there has been several advocacies for the introduction of stringent gun control measures in America by several human rights’ lobby groups. This is a fact highly publicized and supported by the current US administration. Despite the severity of the issue, the debate
How Wikileaks is good for the society Introduction The paper will investigate and point out in different dimensions how Wikileaks is good for the society. Information experts have attested that Wikileaks is a non profit making organization whose sole aim is to disseminate and transmit original information without naming and acknowledging the sources of such
The Social Structure of the Eighteenth-Century In the eighteenth century, Britain was not as large as it is today, as its population was still below 10 million people. Most of its population resided in rural areas while the urban population was growing at a very slow pace. However, what differentiated Britain from other Western countries
How the American Society Has Instigated Stricter Gun Control Regulations in the USA Introduction Over the years, there has been several advocacies for the introduction of stringent gun control measures in America by several human rights’ lobby groups. This is a fact highly publicized and supported by the current US administration. Despite the severity of the issue, the debate
Cultural Inheritance of the Middle Ages The West received numerous cultural, political, religious, and economic inheritances from the Byzantine civilizations in the middle ages. Among the most significant inheritance, include science and religion. This is because the ancient philosophy and metaphysics is closely related to byzantine science that was the practice of the Byzantines in
Evaluation of cause of invasion of Cuba by US in 1898 Introduction The United States invasion of Cuba in the year 1898 is usually referred to as the Spanish American war. The US government due to its concern for Cuban government released a warship in the year 1897. The war ship was named USS Maine
The Growing U.S. Involvement in Vietnam between the Periods of 1950 to June 1965 Vietnam War was a battle in Southeast Asia, mainly fought in South Vietnam between government forces assisted by the United States and guerrilla forces assisted by North Vietnam. The war started immediately after the Geneva Conference conditionally split Vietnam in 1954
Hillary’s Iraq: Syrian Civil War Historical background to the conflict The genesis of the war in Syria has a long and protracted history. At the end of the First World War, France was granted a mandate over the northern portion of the province of Syria which was previously under the Ottoman Empire. The area therefore
Socrates’ Definition of Justice Socrates sees justice as that which should be inclined towards achieving correctness between the just and the unjust. As much as justice is normally inclined towards dealing with consequences, Socrates suggests that justice is way too powerful to only concentrate on wages and consequences (Morgan, 2014). His ideas closely resemble Glaucon’s
Truman’s Doctrine Introduction The speech by Harry Truman, then President of the U.S to join Congress on March 12, 1947, was chiefly focusing on U.S plans in opposing and checking the spread of communism (Merrill, 2006). The Truman Doctrine declared support to Greece and Turkey economically and militarily. On the Friday of February 21st, 1997,
Themes, Symbols, and Motifs in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” is a film about a ring, which was created to gain power and the consequences it brought to the community. Initially, the ring is owned by Sauron who later loses
Vietnamese Goddess Quan Am Bo Tat Most nations accommodate multi-religions leading to their diversity in beliefs among their people. However, there are countries such as Vietnam that fall under multi-religious nations but are still recognizes for different traditional and mythical practices and beliefs.  The Vietnamese honor their traditions and are among the few people on
The Meiji Industrialization, its Impacts and Japan’s Commemoration Introduction The Meiji restoration period is the period that lasted from the mid-19th century through the early 20th Century in Japan. This period was characterized by great changes in political, social and economic systems, they key results of which are related through the Meiji industrialization narrations. The
Saudi Food Tradition Introduction Traditional foods comprise a vital aspect of individuals’ cultural heritage, historical background, and their environmental condition. Moreover, traditional foods symbolize a significant element of individuals’ diet and are highly connected to their food traditions and nutrition (Rijal 107). Increased levels of globalization have impacted the lifestyles of the Saudi Arabian country
The Origin and Early Development of Pictorial Art in China Introduction This research paper is talking about the Origin and Early Development of Pictorial Art in China and it brings out the written or painted language that played an important role in the lives of the ancient china. It also presents how art has led

Sample Essay on Lady Jane Grey

Introduction Lady Jane Grey is remembered as the shortest serving Queen of England; she ruled for nine days. She rose to the throne after the death of her cousin King Edward VI even though she was fifth in line.[1] Edward VI had made it clear that she should take his place when he is dead
The 1995 and 2015 versions of the film, The scarlet, depicts the hardship that people undergo as they are condemned by situations around them. The situation may be religion, belief, ethnic background, gender or even race. The different setup in which the film is set to bring out the unwarranted treatment that leads to the
Imagined Communities: Reflection of the Origin and Spread of Nationalism This is a book written by Benedict Richard O’Gorman Anderson and published in 1983, which was later republished with additional chapters in the year 1991 and later 2006. The book tries to explain the ideologies behind nationalism. Anderson wrote the book after realizing that there
The Meiji Industrialization, its Impacts and Japan’s Commemoration Introduction The Meiji restoration period is the period that lasted from the mid-19th century through the early 20th Century in Japan. This period was characterized by great changes in political, social and economic systems, they key results of which are related through the Meiji industrialization narrations. The
Saudi Food Tradition Introduction Traditional foods comprise a vital aspect of individuals’ cultural heritage, historical background, and their environmental condition. Moreover, traditional foods symbolize a significant element of individuals’ diet and are highly connected to their food traditions and nutrition (Rijal 107). Increased levels of globalization have impacted the lifestyles of the Saudi Arabian country
Negative Effects of Rising Tuition Costs in Canadian Universities Education is a powerful tool in the life of any individual especially in a rapid developing global society. It is capable of determining a person’s future. It enables individuals to achieve desired goals, aspirations or dreams. Other advantages include respect, effective and efficient time management and
The Origin and Early Development of Pictorial Art in China Introduction This research paper is talking about the Origin and Early Development of Pictorial Art in China and it brings out the written or painted language that played an important role in the lives of the ancient china. It also presents how art has led
Introduction Lady Jane Grey is remembered as the shortest serving Queen of England; she ruled for nine days. She rose to the throne after the death of her cousin King Edward VI even though she was fifth in line.[1] Edward VI had made it clear that she should take his place when he is dead
Identification terms and Major Essay Truman Doctrine A policy was announced by President Harry Truman of the United States on March 12, 1947. It served as a clear warning to the USSR- even though there was no specific nation that was mentioned-that the United States of America would intercede to support any country that received
Social Contract Theorists Social contract theorists assert that morality involves a set of rules that direct individuals’ behavior and such rules must be acceptable to rational people, provided that other individuals would accept them as well. Social contract theory asserts that states exist to enforce the regulations that facilitate social living. States adhere to the
The History of North Africa in the 1980s- 1990s Introduction Between the 1980s-1990s, most MENA- Middle East and North Africa countries were governed under Islamic law such that Islam had a significant influence over state affairs. The origins of relationship between religion and politics emanated from the ancient Muslim world where the Muslim dynasties in
Medieval Mayan Civilization Introduction The medieval Maya was the Mesoamerican civilization established by the Maya people. The Maya civilization was well-known for the hieroglyphic scripts it developed that subsequently became the commonly known and established writing system during the pre-Colombian times. The Maya people are also famous for their art, mathematics, architecture, astronomical system, and
Teaching American History American history is one of the most important subjects in school since it reveals aspects of our past that enable us to comprehend ourselves and the world around us. Americans show great interest in history, with historical novels becoming bestsellers and series and movies about history spellbinding audiences. Many people express the

Sample Essay on Image of the Statue

Image of the Statue The image is known as Augustus of Prima Porta, a name it was given based on the town Livia Villa, the Augustus wife, in Italy where it was discovered. Augustus di Prima Porta is a 2.03-meter-high statue of Augustus Ceasar. The statue was constructed in 20 B.C. and it was discovered

Sample Essay on The Social Contract

The Social Contract The perils of anarchy have been highlighted in the society, leading to the creation of various forms of government that enforce a set of rules and regulations protecting the interests of the people. The need for the social contract was highlighted by Thomas Hobbes who lived during the English Civil War between
Group: History of Watchmen What does the group’s thesis/claim say they will try to prove about their topic? The group’s thesis is clear when its presentation reflects on historical events within the graphic novel. It proves on the topic that violence is never the solution. In what ways was the group successful in proving their
Arabic and Islam in the Formation of the Arab World Introduction Arabic language is ranked among the top six languages spoken across the globe. It is also a Qur’an language used in the holy Islamic book. Clearly, a large number of Muslims use this language. It is categorized under Semitic languages which incorporates Amharic and
The Life of Chesty Puller Lewis Puller is recognized as the toughest man to wear the US Marine Corps’ uniform. He was nicknamed ‘Chesty’ because of his body stature and his toughness. He had a perfect posture, and his torso was strongly and fully built like that of a bull. While some men became legends
China and the Korean War (1950- 1953) Introduction In late 1950, the United Nations Command (UNC) through its forces was pushing into North Korea. The presence of the United States navy in Taiwan and the support provided by the Soviet Union influenced Chinese leadership, through Mao Zedong, to intervene in the Korean War (Chen 118).
Comparing Oklahoma’s Constitution and the U.S. Constitution The United States of America (USA), often called the United States (U.S.), is a federal republic that comprises 50 states. Oklahoma is a state situated in the South Central United States. The U.S. constitution and Oklahoma’s constitution have numerous similarities. The powers of the government are divided into
The Role of the Civil War in Shaping the American Identity Introduction The American Civil War was one of the many events that strongly influenced the transformation of America into its present nation- state condition. As in most countries in the 19th century, immense changes were experienced in America during the civil war period as

Sample Essay on Venezuela

Venezuela Venezuela is situated in the northern part of South America. The nation gained independence after splitting from Gran Colombia.  Much of Venezuela’s 19th century historical records are illustrated by periods of political uncertainty, dictatorial power and revolutionary commotion, followed by a chain of autocrats in the early 20th century. Numerous peculiar and fascinating animals,

Sample Essay on The Persian Islands

The Persian Islands Introduction Persian Islands; the Kish Island, Tonb-e koochak, Tonb-e bozork, Kharg Island and Aboomoosa have ancient connection to its people culturally and to the neighboring lands geographically. Each of them had a purpose in the ancient history. Kish Island for instance, was a central point where civilization exchanges hands between the Susa
A Changing Japan in a Changing World as seen by De Coningh, A Dutch Trader in Yokohama Bibliography De Coningh C. T. Assendelft & Chaiklin Martha. A Pioneer in Yokohama: A Dutchman’s Adventures in the New Treaty Port. Pittsburgh: Hackett Publishing Company. 2012. De Conigh was among the first Dutch settlers in Japan and his
The Role of an Individual Opposed to Slavery George Fitzhugh argued that ‘the negro is but a grown up child” who requires the economic and social protections of slavery (Boundless 1). He contended that blacks would only be economically secure and morally civilized through slavery. Fitzhugh’s statements are however against the humanity rights and Christian
Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People Introduction The Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People (also known as Liberty on the Barricades) is a masterpiece of the French Revolution. A canvas is 11-feet wide hanging in the gallery of the Musée du Louvre, which is recognized for reserving the greatest French historical paintings. For example, it hangs
Enlightenment and the Great Awakening The eighteenth century was characterized by two major cultural movements, which played the main role in redefining the relationship between American colonist and England. The Great Awakening and the Enlightenment were two movements that advocated for different ideas. The former advocated for the promotion of a fervent emotive religiosity while
The key issues that are currently affecting countries in the global south include globalization, lack of developmental capital, unemployment and poverty. This paper will argued that globalization is the main factor that has led to poverty, poor economic growth, and underdevelopment in the global south. Most countries in the global south were subjected to some
Ellis Island hospital The Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital was the first public hospital to be opened in United States in 1902. However, this was a hospital like no other because the facility was mainly used to hold or take care of the sick immigrants. It was more like a detention facility for the new immigrants

Sample Essay on American History

American History America is a country with a rich history given the myriads of immigrants that form part of its population today. Some of the races that migrated to America from the 16th through to the 18th century include Europeans, Latin Americans, Asians, and Africans. This essay seeks to examinethe motivebehind the migration of Europeans
The Development of Women Rights in American History Gender as a topic, is very critical and continues to attract support and opposition in equal measure. The sense of gender equality being championed in the American society today has come a long way. In the past, women had limited rights and opportunity to career development. Most
The principle of Utilitarianism Let us talk about utilitarianism.  According to the utility’s principle, we should do whatever will yield the utmost amount of contentment and whatever is essential to prevent the utmost amount of contentment.  Utilitarians believe that the right thing to do is what yields the utmost amount of contentment.  Nevertheless, there is
The 9/11commission report The 9/11 attacks were carried by militants related to the al-Qaida, an extremists Islamic group. They targeted against the US, the attack involved two planes were flown to the World trade center, and one hit the pentagon outside Washington, D.C and a fourth one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. This attack
Ending Slavery through Disunion “Missouri Compromise” http://www.history.com/topics/missouri-compromise This is one of the articles that shed light on the aspects behind the Missouri Compromise of 1820. How it addresses the tensions that rose amid the pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions across the US and especially with the Congress indicates how peace was realized. This also reflects on
The Abolition of Slavery from Thomas Jefferson’s Perspective Introduction Thomas Jefferson, throughout his life, was a consistent opponent of slavery and slave trade. In numerous occasions, he referred to it as a hideous blot and a moral depravity. He also claimed that it was the biggest threat to the continued existence of the new American
AMERICAN REVOLUTION   The American Revolution is among the world’s first and most significant revolutions. The revolution’s enlightenment ideas were instrumental in inspiring the American colonies reject the oppressive British rule and establish a new nation. While the revolution helped create a republic, which is the United States of America, it also became a model
These papers may include some summary of the readings, but should also include some analysis and/or reflection. You might connect the reading to themes in labor history, tie in concerns from other disciplines, critique the author’s methods, etc., but essentially anything is allowed if it shows a close reading and strong analysis/reflection on ideas in
The life of cleopatra Introduction – thesis statement body paragraph include footnotes or parenthetical quotations work cited 3 sources conclusion
Your response to the prompt should be about a paragraph in length but no longer than a page. It should begin with an introductory sentence that responds directly and completely to the prompt. This sentence establishes your main point (that is, your argument or thesis). In about four to six additional sentences, you should present
1. Why (and to Whom) is King writing this letter? 2. Why does King believe non-violent direct action is necessary for the Civil Rights Movement? 3. How does King respond to the accusations that he and others in the movement are breaking the law through their actions? 4. On the fourth page of his letter,
The main question this paper addresses is: “What does Adrian Johns’ think is wrong with Elizabeth Eisenstein’s characterization of the impact of print on the development of science?” The goal of this paper is to focus your attention on understanding and clearly communicating the respective authors’ positions. Note: Occasionally, I think this and similar assignments
There are three major sections: Begin your paper with what kind of writing it is, who is the author,and where and when was the work produced? What are the work’s subject and major themes? Second, What do you learn from it about the period it comes from? What were the major events of the day? How did