Effectiveness Improvement at Home Depot The management style at Home Depot gives the employees the independence and freedom to make decisions regarding their contributions to the daily operations of the company. As such, the level of engagement allowed in the company permits employees to take ownership of the company’s operations of success. However, this does
Deciding to Eliminate Employee Programs Situational metrics The strategic areas are employee performance and staff retention. Hence, the metrics to be used in examining the value addition of the organizational wellness and work-life balance programs include the level of performance, behavior change, and physical and mental wellness. Broad array of wellness and work-life balance programs
Social media Social media refers to websites and applications that enable users to generate and share content or to partake in social networking. Due to advancements in technology and communication over the years, social media sites have not only increased but also opened up new possibilities such as their use by organizations as a recruitment
Deciding to Eliminate Employee Programs The CEO at Rex Technologies is contemplating retaining health insurance, sick leave, child care, and paid vacation programs. The decision is as per the analysis conducted in this week’s case study. However, the CEO is in a dilemma to make the right decision using metrics that provides accurate data and
Challenges of Global Human Resource Management Human resource departments are transforming as many global organizations continue to grow their operations, and face numerous and complex problems. The transformation of human resource management is associated with numerous rapid changes that businesses encounter in their operations. These changes may be a result of various factors such as
Q Case Analysis Q had recently raised $15 million in a Series A round and had expanded from New York to Chicago and San Francisco, with high customer satisfaction in all three markets. As CEO, Teran knew that he wanted Q to keep growing—the question was how. Should it focus on acquiring more customers in
Introduction Since the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in 2014, the army has been struggling to return to its pre-war operational state. A constitution of different HR companies forms the new Standard Requirements Code (SRC) – 12 structure. According to Field Manual (FM), 1-0, the SRC 12 force structure should consist of (i) A
People/Predictive Analytics Big data is fast changing how people work with many organizations witnessing a surge in the amount of data. The introduction and use of big data by organizations have in a way replaced the human workforce. Big data also serves as a significant innovative force to organizational staff with the knowledge and capacity
Case Study Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Given the dynamics of the working environment and the potential of intimidation today, the United States Department of Justice estimates that 80% of all rape cases occur at the workplace. The case brought against the Denver County jail is an example of sexual harassment at the workplace. Analysis of a
Transitional and Transformational Change Bill Clinton once said, ‘The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.’ The concept of change and its uncertainties has, over the years, promoting the development of different approaches to managing them among many businesses. Notably, there are three types of change, which