China-United States Trade War Historically, the United States has been involved in several trade wars with several nations, such as Japan and even the European Union. The United States also has a long history of trade wars with China dating back to the 1990s. Through the use of Section 301 of the United States Trade
The extent to Which Environmental Issues Are A Matter of Security Environmental issues were never seriously considered to be global security issues in the Pre-Cold War era. Global security studies and issues in the Pre-Cold War era were majorly concerned with the concepts of military force and territorial sovereignty. However, the concept of global security
Effects of COVID-19 Part 1 The social and economic implications of COVID-19 are likely to reduce ethnic tension around the world. Foremost, this action will be possible because countries across the globe are required to combine their efforts to fight a common enemy, COVID-19. This necessitates the need for sharing of ideas, equipment, and strategies
Assignment 2 Introduction Rapid globalization has reduced the once vast world into a small global village. It has enabled faster transportation, communication, factor mobility, and financial flow. These improvements have made it easier for businesses to trade across borders and increase their customer base and profit margins. Any company seeking to market and sell its
Transformationalists View of Global Politics The impact of globalization on politics is critical in comprehending global governance. Transformationalists testify that the power of national and international governments are reconstituted and restricted to accommodate international political arrangements. Per Guoping and Zhou (2015, p. 178), forces of globalization eliminate geographical, political, and cultural borders. Additionally, globalization leads
The UK: Diplomatic Position and Power in International Relations International relations are affected by several factors, both within and outside the control of the countries involved. The diplomatic capacity and the position of a nation regarding international initiatives play an important role in influencing partnerships and trade agreements. For instance, the UK is considered one
New Orleans Abstract Climate changes are transformation in average conditions such as rate of precipitation and the intensity of temperature in a particular region. These variations in climate affect the ecosystem and communities globally, such as New Orleans. Different sections of this paper provides detailed discussions and description of New Orleans’s demographic composition, the impacts
The United Arab Emirates’ Soft Power 2020 Introduction The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has massively increased its soft power capabilities and global ranking this year, regardless of the currently raging COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the disastrous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has wrecked the global economy and limited international transport, the UAE has undertaken several
Article Review: China’s Military Sahgal, Arun. “China’s Military Modernization: Responses from India”. Washington: National Bureau of Asian Research, 2012 pp. 276-305 Article Summary The above article examines the effects of innovation of the Chinese military and the tactical posture of India. The article also outlines India’s reactions to these growing concerns. The article gives a
Foreign Direct Investment Introduction             Many policy makers are largely concerned with how to attract foreign direct investment in their countries. Additionally, the sender countries are concerned with the facilities, policies, and political stability of the host countries. Foreign direct investment is the investment in the production and businesses of a nation by either an