Challenges and strategies of Providing Health Care in Underdeveloped Countries   HEALTHCARE CHALLENGES 2 Challenges and strategies of Providing Health Care in Underdeveloped Countries Underdeveloped countries tend to have less access to health care, lack of financial resources or information thus creating barriers of accessing health services. Narayan et al. (2000) argues that health worsens
  1. Introduction Every profession has a responsibility of guarding its integrity. In medicine, there are acceptable codes of conducts which have been clearly laid down by the relevant organization bodies. Members who practice medicine are expected to uphold these codes of conduct to the letter. Wherever and whenever there is conflict in interests relating
The lab test determines which blood cells agglutinate with antigen-serum when they are mixed. This helps in identifying unknown blood types and the ones which can be donated to a recipient in need of the right kind of blood group. Serum RBC Ms W Mr X Ms Y Mr Z 1 – + + +
Artemisinin is extracted from a Chinese herb known as Artemisia annual and is firmly established as an effective treatment of malaria. Nevertheless, its effectiveness extends to the treatment of parasitic infections such as schistosomiasis. Artemisinin is composed of dihydroartemisinin (DHA), artemether, artesunate, and arteether. In this vein, they have shown immense potential in sidelining cancerous
Immunity Immunity is the ability of the body to protect itself against the bacterial and viral infections that try to attack it. A patient, a male patient of about ten years at the hospital, was suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. From the description of the patient, he was suffering from cholera because he was dehydrated,
Preface Malaria is among the deadly diseases that cause fatalities in a short time if not diagnosed and treated early enough. It has caused millions of deaths around the world, including India. Historically, the highest number of malaria incidences in India took place in the 1950s, according to the World Health Organization (Samby et al.,
1) Develop an aesthetic appreciation of the science and the art of nursing. The aesthetic is an artistic strategy to beautify something/someone by an individual or an organization. Nursing is one of the most diverse aspects of the world that involves improving the lives of the needy through medication. Aesthetic is significant in the art
Community Citizen Center in Illinois As senior citizens age, they lose independence. They face different and diverse obstacles attributed to increasing health care costs and insurance rates. Jesse White acknowledged that elderly persons need supportive care services to meet and fulfilling the special needs of senior citizens. As a result, he developed diverse programs providing
Reflective Journal Ethical Issues in medicine Medicine is an area of specialization that directly affects human lives. Whenever an individual is sick or feels ill, the first realistic step to take is seek medical attention. Everybody expects medical procedures to be flawless and give the best most desired results, however, this is usually not the
Pursuing a Career in Medicine Medicine is one of the most competitive careers in the world, with doctors ranking among the most sought after professional. Conversely, the competition in pursuing a career in medicine is keen as there are specific entry requirement that pre-med students ought to meet to qualify for the few slots available.
Difficulties in Becoming a Doctor for International Student in US Introduction International students come to the US with the hope of getting a better education that will enable them to climb the social ladder in the US as well as in their home countries. There have been attempts to compare the health systems of different
Vascular Surgery Fellowship Personal Statement Introduction I always knew I wanted to be a doctor. This is because of the interest I had in solving other people’s health problems. When I was still in elementary school, I developed a passion in the circulatory system. I realized I had a deep passion for surgery when I
MMR vaccine and autism Introduction Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an amalgam of neurodevelopment disorders that are manifested as mild to severe deficiencies in social and communication interactions coupled with limited, repetitive and stereotypical behavioral patterns (American Psychiatric Association, 2012).  The spectrum of disorders that are associated with autism include but are not limited to
Impact of Malaria The history of the Confederate Army of 1861-1865 reveals that Malaria contributed to its weakness. This took place during the reign of President Jefferson Davis who unfortunately lost his wife in their three-year period of marriage due to malaria. The disease almost killed him at some point, and this made Davis reluctant
Introduction Rehabilitation counseling is an important part of the geriatric health care; this is because the prevalence of the conditions that may arise because of the challenges increase with every decade of alters life. The primary aim of the rehabilitation counseling is to help people who have disabilities gain or regain their independence through the
Osteoarthritis and Total Joint Replacement of Knee Abstract Osteoarthritis (OA) is among the most prominent degenerative conditions and is of significant health concern to adults of 25 years of age and above. Prevalence is higher among women aged 50 years of age and above. Some of the leading risk factors for OA include: age, obesity,
Admissions Essay for a PHD Program in the Dental School I believe that our destinies are determined by the choices we make. Being a Puerto Rican, I chose to accept and embrace challenges by moving out my comfort zone to pursue biological sciences in the Unites States of America. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree
Emergency Room Overcrowding Problem Definition Emergency room overcrowding is a chronic and systemic problem in public healthcare units, and affects almost every emergency department across the country. Overcrowding in ER has several negative impacts not only to patients, but also to the service providers. On the side of the patients, ER overcrowding exposes individuals to
Special Life Circumstances My family background is a crucial component in tracing the difficult road I have had to endure through life to what I am today. As a first generation American, I am already too familiar with the many challenges that my parents had to overcome as immigrants in the United States. I come
Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Early Diagnosis of Malaria Results In detecting Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum infections, the OptiMal Pf/Pan Test achieved sensitivity and specificity of more than 90%. The ICT Pf/Pan Test was comparable in terms of specificity (>92%); in terms of sensitivity, though, it was 72-79%. Performance of the OptiMal Pf/Pan Test was
Isocaloric fructose restriction and metabolic improvement in children with obesity and metabolic syndrome Introduction Fructose has been associated with increased blood pressure by; increasing the sympathetic activity, increasing the rate of sodium reabsorption and elevating the level of uric acid and also  reducing the rate of the rate sodium excretion in the kidney tubules. It
ABSTRACT This study seeks to ascertain whether the addition of ketamine to morphine for acute post- thoracotomy pain management enhances analgesic effectiveness and lowers pain intensities when judged against morphine alone. The significance of the study lies in the establishment of the appropriateness of ketamine plus morphine or morphine alone in a patient controlled analgesia
Return To Sport Concerns Following Injury Rehabilitation: Practitioner Strategies For Enhancing Recovery Outcomes Introduction Sports injuries are a major threat to an athlete’s career and success. While some injuries are negligible due to little or no impact they pose on the athlete’s career, others are serious with the potential of ending the athlete’s career as
Significance of Studying in the United Kingdom The United Kingdom’s educational systems are among the best in the world. My aim has always been to study in the UK because I have always known that studying with a diverse group of the brightest people from all over the world offers a lot of opportunities both
Methods to assessment glycemic control With the increasing incidences of diabetes, maintaining strong glycemic control is important in preventing complications like microvascular and macrovascular as demonstrated my many health researchers. Studies show that, despite the improved knowledge of treating a variety of diseases, it is difficult to maintain the recommended glycemia level in our clinics
Reflection on the Poor Judgment Clinical judgment is critical in the medical profession, as it evaluates the performance of the medical care providers, as well as the generation of information necessary for the medical care managers. With the rapid rise in modern research technology, the mythical aspects of clinical judgment have to be minimized to

Sample Essay on Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s disease The Huntington’s disease (HD) is a genetic illness that leads to the damage of the brain cells. The initial symptoms are frequently understated difficulties with mood or cerebral aptitudes (An et al., 2012). An overall lack of harmonization and a wobbly gait regularly follow. With the continued progress of the illness, uncoordinated and
Do the Benefits of Medical Marijuana Justify Its’ Legality? For a long time, marijuana has been depicted in the media as an illicit drug utilized in making individuals high.Additionally, individuals using marijuana have been perceived as drug addicts and hippies looking for a way ofevading the reality. Legalization of the medical usage of marijuana by several states has