Geopolitical Phenomenological Influence On Population A phenomenological community is a group of people who share values, religion, interests, and beliefs(Patterson,2018). They are bonded together because of their shared interest. Religion influences the population in that some churches believe that family planning is going against the law of nature this has significantly led to population increase.
The formulation and implementation of all guidelines, rules, and procedures for the administration of the state's healthcare system are part of Massachusetts' healthcare policy. The diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of physical and mental illness and injury are all included in the Massachusetts healthcare system. The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission (HPC) is an established governmental organization
Introducing Nursing and social worker professions have challenging and unsuitable working conditions that lead to high turnover rates. CHE Behavioral Health offers digital therapy services aimed at behavioral and mental health. CHE employs licensed clinical social workers and psychiatric nurses to offer psychological therapy to their patients through digital communication. However, the facility has a
Introduction Nurses are fundamental professionals who are pillars in health promotion programs. Achieving quality of care is necessary to lower mortality and morbidity rates (Jackson, 2022). The Ottawa Charter initiated Health promotion that aims at upgrading health at the community level. It is also critical is shortening hospitalization and lowering the hospital bills that usually
ABSTRACT Nursing is the oldest profession that has remained highly appreciated and important to man. According to International Council of Nurses, (2017), nursing comes under the health and medical sector, which is very important to any nation. The nursing profession has various departments that facilitate its success. It also involves many activities in their service
Research Literature, Design and Sampling Research literature support In the journal; Fall among Adult Patients Hospitalized in the United States: Prevalence and Trends, Bouldin is of the idea that falls accounts of 70% of death of people of the age 75 and older (Avenell, Mak, & O'Connell, 2014). The writers of this journal indicate that,
The society is made of people from different classifications. It is imperative that everyone has equal access and treatment to medical cover regardless of their differences. The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) were enacted in a move to ensure that the public is able to access emergency services irrespective of their capability to
Introduction to the health issue The World Health Organization (WHO) through proper research has recorded mental health to be a global threat to the population. Statistics have shown that mental disorders are common among African American people who record-high the number of mental cases as compared to White Americans (Shrivastava, Shrivastava, & Ramasamy, 2017). This
Transition to Workplace In medical practice, transition to the workplace is seen as a rite of passage that nurses must go through. Essentially, the transition can either be seamless or be full of challenges. Numerous strategies can be utilized by nursing students to prepare them for transition to the workplace at a time when they
End of Life Care Funeral Ceremony Across the globe and in different cultures, a funeral ceremony is a way of paying respect to the loved ones who have passed away. The end life care and the burial process allows people to offer their loved ones a respectful farewell. Hospice facilities prepare families and friends for
Introduction             Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that results in to build of sticky mucus in the digestive system and the lungs. Consequently, the condition causes infections in the lungs and difficulties in digesting food. Usually, the symptoms of the disorder vary from one child to another but a child’s condition worsens with time.
NUR 408 Final The majority of countries across the globe are striving to improve the health status of their populations. The attempts to improve the health and well-being of the people are supported by national and local policies and plans. Regrettably, health care systems are facing myriad problems with regard to equity. Equity seeks to
Professionalism and Social Media Use In my use of social media, I have identified some conversations and posts that I have shared with others that may be inappropriate based on professional nursing standards. At one time, I came into contact with a band singer that my friends and I adored after he had an accident
Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Deep Vein Thrombosis Comparison of the Pathophysiology of Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Deep Venous Thrombosis Chronic Venous Insufficiency is a blood disorder that reduces the quality of life as well as productivity. The disorder is usually caused by the backward flow or blockage of the venous blood, which eventually causes venous
Root Cause Analysis: Case Study In a nursing context, such as that in the case under review in this paper, sentinel events are adverse occurrences whose consequences include serious harm or deaths of patients in the care of a health service. These events occur independent of the condition of a patient and reflect deficiencies in
Executive Summary A newborn baby under the age of 28 days is prone to a considerable risk of dying. As such, it is significant for the infant to be breastfed appropriately. In addition, the best care should be provided during this period to increase the chances of survival and lay the basis for a healthy
Virginia Beach Community Assessment Health is a complex result of where people live, learn, and work as well as the lifestyle and behaviors that a given population has adopted. As such. assessment of the current health status of a given community is not only related to health data and its outcomes, but also to various
Evaluating the Evidence: Handwashing in Improving Patient Safety and Preventing HAIs Healthcare associated infections (HAIs), also known as nosocomial infections, are considered the most common and severe complications in the healthcare context. These are infections that occur in patients after 48 hours or more of admission to a healthcare facility, and were not present in
Occult Bacteremia in A Baby Occult bacteremia is characterized by fever and bacteria in the bloodstream of a child. Such a child may look well, and the source of the infection may be unknown. It is common in infants under three months and those between 3 months and three years of age. It is hard
Stress and Immunity Different Types of Immunities Immunity is the ability of an individual’s body to resist harmful external substances from intruding into his/her blood system. The concept involves both specific and non-specific elements. The non-specific elements often act as a barrier to a wide range of external substances, particularly the biotic and abiotic pathogens,
Thinking About Roles How the Roles of Community Health Nurse as a Researcher and Educator Overlap Community health nursing is a diverse discipline. As such, a community health nurse can engage in research-based roles, yet these roles can extend to cover those of educators in the nursing sector partly. As a researcher, a community health
Prevention of Falls and Fall-Related Injuries Among the Elderly The increase in the aging population is becoming a concern for stakeholders involved in the global healthcare sector. An increase in the population of people aged 65 and older has been witnessed in both affluent and low-income countries in recent years. According to McPake & Mahal
Philosophy What is the philosophical method? This is a systemic method used by philosophers to provide arguments and reasons concerning problems affecting human life in modern societies. Vaughn posits that the philosophical method largely involves the careful framing and analysis of arguments (77). Therefore, to provide reasons and explain why certain problems occur, philosophers employ
Nursing Research In the 1980s, the American government established the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, which came up with the Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) meant to improve the quality of healthcare service in America. When using the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) method to research the medical field, researchers rely on the PICOT question as it
Health Care versus Politics The article featured here is the Kaiser Health News Morning Briefing published on January 13, 2020. Based on this article, the interest groups include the American President Donald Trump, Trump’s administration, voters, Americans, health insurance groups, and health care providers. Issues that interest these parties are politics and health care access.
Electronic Medical Record Introduction Electronic medical record (EMR) has impacted positively on patient care and the work lives of medical practitioners. Recently, medical knowledge, practices, guidelines, and processes have greatly changed. For instance, an evidence-based practice implemented by medical professionals has fundamentally improved the quality of care provided to patients. As a consequence, the lives
Interoperability Today, a nursing practice largely relies on the use of systems and electronic records. Technological systems have enhanced the provision of care as professionals are capable of collecting, storing, and processing patient data promptly. For example, health workers are able to capture and manage a patient’s data regarding diagnosis, medication, and care intervention. Interoperability
Change and innovation on Patient Safety Patient safety describes various forms of activities that can promote the effective development of harm prevention strategies in a healthcare system. It entails the comprehensive investigation of possible harms and related error incidents to improve the overall wellbeing of the patients (Litchfield et al., 2018).  The introduction of change
Caring for Vulnerable Populations Child maltreatment entails all forms of abuse and negligence of a child by a parent, caregiver, or any other individual in a custodial responsibility. Child abuse is a significant problem that affects children’s physical and emotional health status. According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS), an estimated 1,720
Professional Nursing Organizations Professional organizations and associations in nursing are critical in developing a flow of ideas, and proactive work to create and maintain a healthy profession that advocates for the patients’ and nurses’ needs, and enhances trust in the society. The major concern of the health industry is to provide quality and safe patient
Nursing Informatics Discussion 1: Introductions and Informatics/Health Care Policy Nursing Informatics Coordinator I have served as a nursing informatics coordinator. I was allowed to shadow a nurse informatics coordinator during my nursing clinical while I was in nursing school. As a nursing informatics coordinator, my responsibilities are to select and prepare new and effective technology
Principles of Ethical Decision Making The nursing practice is challenging because nurses encounter situations depicting autonomy or betrayal. In addition, nurses experience ethical dilemmas affecting their ability to make sound decisions. Therefore, the ability of a nurse to influence patient care outcomes relies on different factors, each of which a practicing nurse has the authority
Caring Dialogue What is caring as the ethical grounding in nursing? Caring defines the basis of upholding ethics in nursing practice. Hence, provision of care is viewed as the ability of a nurse to establish and sustain relationships with the clients. In nursing and caring, nurses do not primarily focus on ethical principles but show
Nursing Model Suchman’s nursing model empowers a patient to make fundamental decisions, act in a definite manner and share experiences of illness with other people. A person identifies the onset of illness during the first stage in which he or she recognizes a physical sensation or feelings of physical weakness like muscle ache, a cognition
Medicare Health Program National Healthcare Expenditure (NHE) grew 4.6% to $3.6trillion in 2018 accounting for 17.7% of the Gross Domestic Product and is projected to grow at an average rate of 5.5% per year for 2018-27 to reach nearly $6 trillion as reported by the CMS. 21 percent of the total NHE budget was channeled
Growing Leaders: Nurse Leader Development Introduction The healthcare environment has been increasingly complex, particularly due to emerging technologies, new inventions, and changes in care methods. The use of evidence-based practice principles in all care environments has particularly resulted in the constant need for nurse leaders who can take up responsibilities, initiate change, and promote monitoring
Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies Question 1 Nursing is a career that involves numerous core competencies that regulate and define it. In my career as a nurse, I have been involved in several activities and performed numerous responsibilities. I am a team member and a team leader in the healthcare facility I am
Informed Consent In the context of scientific research, informed consent represents a critical element of the credibility and value of a study. It describes the process of obtaining permission from patients or other respondents before conducting an intervention on them, or before disclosing personal details/information. Informed consent is dependent on an individual’s clear understanding and
Strategies for Dissemination of EBP In their article, Leeman & Sandelowski (2012) explore methodologies for use in qualitative research. One of the methodologies explored in the article is identifying causal mechanisms. Leeman & Sandelowski (2012) argue that qualitative studies are easily amenable to have them uncover causal mechanisms, thus contributing to building a theory that
Competent Care in a Culturally Diverse Nation: Film Review The YouTube video “Competent Care in A Culturally Diverse Nation” by Joe Turner, addresses various aspects of competent care in the healthcare environment, particularly in reference to the work of nurses. The video starts with a description of what cultural competence is, and its place in
Gonorrhea As the second highly infectious disease in the United States, gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted illness (STI). People with gonorrhea are likely to develop low immunity, inflammation of the pelvic, sterility, and extrauterine pregnancy. Due to the increased rates, it is important to review the causes, symptoms, prevalence, prevention, and treatment of Gonorrhea. As
Delegation in Healthcare Nursing practice is a multidisciplinary collaboration exercise in which individuals with different capabilities perform distinct roles. Different categories of nurses have distinct role descriptions assigned to them by the Australian code of practice for nurses. Additionally, delegation practice has to take these different levels of competency into consideration. Through case analysis, this
Need to Understand US Healthcare System among APNs Understanding the features and functioning of the system of healthcare delivery in the US is important to support effectiveness in the roles of advanced practice nurses in leadership, education of nursing staff, advocacy for patients’ interests in healthcare, guidance, policy-making, and contributions to critical thinking in decision-making.
Group Behavior and Teamwork Many organizations are currently utilizing teamwork to execute projects in order to respond promptly to the ever-growing market needs as well as to attain stability in the competitive business market. Teamwork is important in solving complex problems in addition to attaining innovative organizational goals since each team member possesses unique skills
Bioethics in Contemporary HealthCare Contemporary healthcare, which encompasses the fields of medicine and nursing, is subject to constant technological changes. Changes in technology transform the actual practice of medicine and nursing as it introduces new ideas, techniques, and methods of practice. indeed, amidst all this change, confusion is usually rife and numerous ethical dilemmas arise.
Capstone Paper Over a long period of time, healthcare systems have exposed patients to extreme danger, including deaths due to malpractices and system flaws. Medical errors like wrong dosage forms, missed dose, misdiagnosis, surgery on wrong patients, and wrong time interval are today’s norm in healthcare systems that interfere greatly with patient’s health outcomes. While
Dehydration among the Elderly Water is one of the most important nutrients for the propagation of life. The body uses the resource for a number of important activities, including transportation of nutrients and wastes, regulation of body temperature, supporting cell functions, and maintenance of the structure of tissues. As such, the lack of or inadequacy
Case Law-Werth vs Taylor Question a According to the case study, the case ended up the way I expected. I expected to see the court ruling in favor of Dr. Taylor. The course awarded disposition in favor of the doctor because he performed an emergency blood transfusion for the client’s best interest. In this case,
Hand Hygiene for the Prevention of Infection in Neonates Introduction Hygiene is one of the most prevalent causes of neonatal infections in healthcare facilities. According to Kuti et al. (2019), more than 25% of the neonatal deaths that occur each year can be attributed to sepsis, which is a result of infections. These infections mostly
Organizational Job Satisfaction Evaluation Job satisfaction is one of the fundamental determinants of employee’s attitudes towards work as well as the probability of their turnover. The level of job satisfaction affects employee performance in many ways, including reduced productivity as a result of low morale, and reduced innovativeness. Accordingly, organizations go to great lengths to
Motivations Characteristics of High Performing Teams Teamwork amongst employees is significant in ensuring the objectives and goals of an organization are achieved.   High-performing teams have common goals, visions, and objectives that are shared by all team members.  The members have open communication where they openly express their feelings and thoughts, and they focus on finding
Discussion 5 The Importance of Knowing the Scope of Business Being Reviewed When Using Financial Statements Financial statements are the essential organizational records that reflect the overall financial business activities, results, and position. The organization can monitor its operations, attract investors and maintain stakeholders based on a strong financial position. Knowing the scope of business
Ethical and Legal Management An alliance between a patient’s cultural identity and a clinician’s cultural competency can improve nurse-patient communication and ultimately reduce health disparities in an oncology unit. However, health disparities in a cancer care setting can be increased by communication barriers between the nurse and patients. In most cases, nurses are often unaware
An Essay Reflecting On Your Desire to Pursue a Nursing Career Choosing a career is a very crucial step in life that requires thoughtful decision-making, since the workplace is where many people spend most of their time in their lifespan, making a living. Different people engage different thoughts while choosing a career, for instance, nursing
Type 1 vs. Type 2 and Patient Education Diabetes is a group of diseases that result from the presence of too much glucose in the blood. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Both types have several similarities and differences. The two differ in risk factors, age of onset,
Importance of Nutrition in Health Promotion Food choices can affect an individual’s overall health, including how they feel today and in the future. It is estimated that about 33.8 percent of U.S. adults and 17.5 percent of children are obese, a condition that has been brought about by poor nutrition habits. Obese people are also
Critique of an Article by Guevara et al. (2019) In the article by Guevara, Parra, and Rojas (2019), the focus of research is investigating the significance of a nursing intervention relative to usual care in increasing adherence to therapeutic regimens among patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension. The study further aimed to explore the
Human Experience across the Health-Illness Continuum Introduction The Health-illness continuum is a model of care depicting the two extremes paradigms of health and illness. The model envisages health and illness along a continuum in which one the high end is health and wellness while the other extreme is represented by high-level illness and poor health.
CDC Event Assessment Wizard The movie ‘Deep Impact’, presents one of the most potentially damaging crises in the world. The movie begins when an amateur astronaut, Leo Biederman recognizes a strange object in space. The object is later found to be a comet heading for the earth. The effects of the comet striking the earth
Staff Development Program I have attended a continuing education program (CEP) that was organized and financed by the management of my workplace through the Human Resource Department. Ideally, CEP is training that involves adults returning to formal learning and instruction to stay up to date and relevant in their careers. The idea is to impart
Reflection on Learning I have learned all the competencies recommended by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) which will help improve my care delivery approaches, skills, and expertise. The DNP degree integrates evidence-based, patient care technology, healthcare policy and advocacy, interprofessional collaboration, scientific underpinnings for practice, organizational and system leadership, and advanced nursing
Hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism comes as a result of the production of low thyroid hormones in the body leading to low metabolic activities. The condition is caused by inactive thyroid glands due to sickness, use of some medications, radiation treatment, or even surgical removal of part or all of the thyroid hormones. All parts of the body
Effects of Pregnancy on Diabetic Women Diabetes is becoming common among pregnant women. The failure to manage the condition properly during pregnancy could result in serious complications to both the mother and child that could result in miscarriage or death. The effects we will respond to the PICO, what are the effects of pregnancy in
Independent Contracting in Nursing Nurses can provide nursing services in patients’ homes following referrals by health care groups providing services to patients. Independent contracting is an avenue for employment for many APNs. There are specific elements that ought to be considered by a nurse seeking to become an independent contractor or seeking a place of
Impact of Pay-for-performance in a Healthcare Organization Pay-for-performance is the policy of offering increases in the compensation of employees based on their individual performances on the job. In the healthcare environment, experts refer to this policy as value-based purchasing, involving the provision of financial incentives to physicians, healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, and groups for their
Alzheimer’s Causes, Signs, and Symptoms Alzheimer’s is an illness that leads brain cells to degenerate. Alzheimer’s is deemed as the leading cause of dementia which is a progressive decline in social, behavioral, and thinking skills. Alzheimer’s not only affected individuals suffering from the illness but also their loved ones because they have to be physically
DNP and Ph.D. in Nursing The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) are two of the highest qualifications in nursing. Both qualifications prepare nursing professionals for advanced practice roles, but the orientation of their skills, competencies, and mandates within nursing differ significantly. While the Ph.D. is primarily a role of scholarship
Diabetic Neuropathy Diabetic neuropathy describes a form of damage to the nerves that is possible in patients with diabetes. It is essentially a complication of diabetes that influences damage to the system of nerves in the body, primarily in a patients’ legs and feet. Considering the critical importance of nerves in the body, particularly in
Time Management The majority of my time is spent working. I work for a minimum of eight hours a day from Monday to Friday; thus, I accumulate a total of 50 hours a week in my workplace. Most of the remaining time is spent with my family. Since I have two children, I dedicate as
Medical Advice to Michael Ann’s Husband Serious medical conditions weigh on the patients and loved ones. It is not uncommon for the immediate family members to be anxious, panicked, and depressed thus unable to make the right healthcare decisions for their loved ones who are unable to do so for themselves. Therefore, the role of
Nurses in Homeless Care Individual success requires extensive planning and understanding of one’s weaknesses and strengths. As a trained professional, I believe having a well-structured mission is important in ensuring the proper achievement of goals. It would also help in reducing the number of complexities encountered in the growth and development process Miami Rescue Mission
Ways of Knowing in Nursing Nursing is viewed as art and science. Thus, the nursing profession requires one to play different roles to physically, emotionally, and spiritually meet the needs of patients through a holistic approach. Hence, one ought to understand nursing science for him or her to offer the best healthcare. Barbara Carper proposed
Importance of Job Satisfaction Introduction Job satisfaction is an important phenomenon in healthcare organizations. This phenomenon can be influenced by factors like a healthy working environment, competitive pay, manageable workload, competitive pay, evident progress of patients, in addition to the adequate staff.  Job satisfaction in healthcare organizations is important since; improves the quality of care
Analysis of Selected Adult Learning Theories Adult learning theories explore concepts related to change in behavior and experience, and they are organized sets of principles that give insight into the way adults acquire, retain, and recall knowledge. Knowing and understanding the various learning theories help people to understand how learning occurs. Over the years, several
Childhood Obesity In many countries, child obesity has reached endemic levels, and natural and environmental factors are the causes of obesity. Child obesity is a complex medical condition that increases the risk of other diseases and health problems, such as certain cancers, high blood pressure, and heart disease, among others. Essentially, obesity occurs when individuals
Promoting inclusivity Given the nature of modern societies, diversity is inevitable. In learning institutions, such as MGH Institute of Health Professions, diversity is a norm. The administration plays an important role in promoting inclusivity. Students also have an important role in making sure that inclusivity is achieved at the organization. One of the ways in
Conflict Resolution Conflicts arise due to poor communication and a lack of enough resources to enable nurses to meet their job demands. I experienced a conflict that affected the delivery of care to patients in one hospital that I was working in a few years back. One morning I reported for my shift only to
Systemic Lupus Erythematous Occurrence Systematic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disorder with a worldwide occurrence. However, women are more likely to be affected than men, with young women in reproductive years being the easy target (Bertsias, Cervera & Boumpas, 2012). SLE occurs when the immune system, the body’s defense, releases antibodies that attack the
Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) is one of the most recurrent implications of prematurity as well as a cause of neonatal mortality in addition to morbidity. RDS particularly affects neonates delivered before eight months of gestational time; however, the disease is also prevalent in full-term newborns with delayed lung maturation caused by
Professional Development Plan Introduction The path to professional development can be a challenge if not pursued with care. The choice of a career in itself is a concern that many people find difficult to go through. In my decision to be an MSN trained nurse, I had some professional goals and interests, and undertaking the
Experiences in Wilson Creek care Facility Wilson Creek healthcare facility is an expansive institution dealing offering several services such as wellness programs, residential and assisted living places, and long-term care among others. Wilson Creek is located in Michigan and it sits on eight acres of land providing residents with a place where they can easily
Stigma and Disease To be of use to the populace I would endeavor to crusade for the importance of birth control and the effects of early pregnancies in churches, schools, shelters, and homes etcetera. In the same breathe I would also partner with private and public health service providers to create awareness on infectious and
Postoperative Rehab Patient Education on Patient Management Pain is regarded as a highly personal and multifaceted experience for people of all ages although it is common among people who have undergone medical procedures. It is only the person experiencing pain who can say how and whenever it exists. Common victims of pain are elderly patients
Population and Public Health Response I agree with my classmate that it is not appropriate to term healthcare systems as sickness care systems. Indeed, a well-functioning healthcare system defends the given population against threats to its health status (Krebs, 2016). The healthcare systems are meant to improve the health status of individuals and communities rather
Child Abuse and Maltreatment Infants are most commonly subjected to various types of abuse and neglect. Some of these abuses include physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal abuse and neglect. In most cases, physical abuse amongst this age group usually shows up as unexplainable cuts, burns, scars, and bruises. Besides, sexual abuses amongst infants often go
The Affordable Care Act The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became law on March 23, 2010. The Act took effect on January 1, 2014, when subsidies for individuals and small employer groups began to flow, the Medicaid expansions took effect, and state Health insurance Exchanges began to operate. The Act has several objectives including
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Epidemiology Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disease of the gastrointestinal system. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disease affecting the gastrointestinal system. IBS occurs in fifteen percent of women and 10 percent of men with peak prevalence from 29-40 years. It affects women twice as men. 25-50% of the affected seek
Concept Exploration Virginia Henderson’s need theory is one of the most commonly used ones in today’s society. Many refer to Virginia Henderson as the modern-day Mother of Nursing. Virginia was a noted author and nursing educator, and the need theory is believed to be based on practice and her education. She argues that to promote
Healthcare Informatics Research and Innovation Technology and technological innovation are increasingly changing the way different sectors handle their activities. The health care sector is not an exception, where technological advancements are finding their way in health care record keeping, management, and retrieval. The passage of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH)
Information and Computer Literacy Technological advancements have made it necessary for technology to be incorporated into the modern nursing and medicine fields. For purposes of increasing the quality of healthcare delivered in the average American healthcare facility, various aspects of technology have been integrated into both medicine and nursing practice. An example is an informatics,
Information Technology Competencies Though information technology is improving service delivery in the healthcare system, there is much concern about the competency of the healthcare providers to use the search system. According to Fetter, the use of information technology can only lead to better service delivery if the nurses have skills in the use of computers
Health Disparities Health disparities occur among communities because of various factors. The most common influencer of the phenomenon is the existence of different socio-economic statuses, some of which are culturally tied. Identifying one’s social category can help to understand the health experiences of individuals and communities, and thus make appropriate decisions with regards to access
Pharmaceutical Waste Management in Healthcare Hospitals and homes commonly use pharmaceutical products, most of which have no clear disposal channels at the point of use. Most of these wastes from both hospitals and wastes end up in the soil, surface water and even drinking water. The pharmaceutical wastes deposited on soil from human excretion, and
Katherine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory Katherine Kolcaba developed the theory of comfort in the 1990s after conducting an analysis of the concept of comfort. To achieve that, she examined literature from various disciplines such as nursing and medicine. The model is a middle-range concept that is commonly used in research, education, and health practice. Essentially, the
Identifying a Framework The nursing framework that highlights the importance of knowledge, as a component of the socio-cultural orientation basic conditioning factor, in enhancing the prevention of hazards is Dorothea Orem’s self-care theory. The theory assumes that when an individual has knowledge of potential health problems, there are high chances that self-care behaviors will be
Denial of Healthcare Policy for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Introduction Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBQT) people across the world have faced numerous challenges over the years. From the denial of their rights to assemble associate with others and even to marry, the LGBQT have faced significant challenges over the years, and have
Book Critique: When Madness Comes Home by Victoria Secunda The acclaimed author of When Madness Comes Home, Victoria Secunda, has experienced mental illness firsthand. The author’s extraordinary empathy inflects this book as a companion to someone living with schizophrenia. Her painful personal experience has served as the origin of this book, a radical study of
The Role of Advanced Practice Nurses in Policy Formulation: Transformational Leadership Policy formulation is an essential part of advanced nursing practice because policies can define various standards and incorporate them into healthcare practice for the delivery of safe and quality healthcare services (Burke, 2016). The nursing profession is based on the science of caring as
NRSE 4550 Levels of Evidence Directions: Search the OHIO University online databases for 2 research articles. Each must be a different level of evidence on the research hierarchy. Answer the following questions: Article 1 APA reference: Shin, S., Park, J.-H., & Bae, S.-H. (2018). Nurse staffing and nurse outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Nursing
Healthcare Technology Trends The rapid growth of technology over the past few years has enabled healthcare professionals to share medical information via the internet. Thousands of people including teens, youths, and adults visit these sites on daily basis in search of effective healthcare content to manage their health and well-being. Obtaining online medical information has
Registered Nurse Professional Career Introduction Registered nurses are professionals involved in the provision of care in a broad array of settings. The notable settings include hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and care homes. In addition, registered nurses also educate patients and caregivers about a wide variety of health issues. Registered Nurse (RN) is an exciting career
Determining the effect of position on heel pressure in older adults The study questioned is designed to bring a correlation between the position of heel pressure and older people. It’s qualitative in nature though the viable who are older adults are quantitative in nature. The dependent variable is position on heel pressure while the independent
Quality Improvement Advanced registered nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses play various roles in different health settings. They not only help in providing primary care to patients, but they also help in leadership management practices across various health settings. This paper focus on the roles of advanced registered nurse practitioners and other advanced practice
Heart Failure Chronic heart failure is a prevalent health condition responsible for high mortality and recurrent hospitalization. To address the heart failure problem, physicians have conducted trials using disease-modifying drugs. Although the disease-modifying drugs are effective in reducing mortality rates, the burden of hospitalization has not been adequately addressed in trials. The trials discussed within
Controversies in Nursing High nurse to patient ratio results to the burnout syndrome opening room for errors and increased mortality rates. Nurses comprise of 55% of the hospital staff and nursing is also the area most affected by costs reductions. The reformers consider nurses an expense to be cut by increasing hours and reducing the
Journal 3.c. Prompt Evaluating Team Values and Effectiveness Competence Competence is used as a framework to help focus the members’ behavior on the factors that matter for the healthcare team thus driving success for the organization. Beyond possessing various skills, members of my healthcare team value competence by effectively undertaking their roles associated with the
Assessing and Treating Clients with Psychosis and Schizophrenia Pakistani Woman with Delusional Thought Processes Psychosis and Schizophrenia are conditions that affect the normal functioning of the human brain. Persons with these symptoms are not able to think properly, which leads to an inability to function normally. Treating the conditions requires that psychiatrists conduct a proper
Long-term Effects of Pain in Infants Pain in infants has been known to induce significant long-term behavioral and physiological reactions in infants, including those born prematurely. Infants can experience pain that can occur from teething, circumcision, and vaccine shots, among others. Infants can experience pain in different health circumstances such as illness or accidents. Pain
Massage Therapy Alternative therapies have been used in healthcare and in communities to assist people to deal with symptoms associated with different diseases. Some of the accepted forms of alternative therapies that have been accepted and are used in the mainstream healthcare system today include acupuncture, Ayurveda, massage therapy, and yoga. Massage therapy uses manual
Florida’s State Board of Nursing Structure and Authority of the BON Florida’s BON comprises thirteen members. Seven of the members are registered nurses that have worked as professional nurses for at least four years. One of them must be a nurse educator of an approved program, one must have advanced in the practice of nursing,
Cannabis use in Medicine Stakeholders both in Support and In Opposition to Medicinal Cannabis Use The World Health Organization (WHO) is one of the stakeholders in support of medicinal cannabis use (Smart Approaches to Marijuana, n.d.). WHO claims that nausea and emesis can be relieved by cannabinoids effects with more basic research. The American Pain
Star Point 3: Translation of Evidence to Clinical Guideline The internet has offered its users an unlimited supply of information. It has opened the social circle to almost everyone from friends, enemies to strangers. The recent cases of cyberbullying have led teenagers to self-harm and suicide prompting the need for clinical guidelines to protect teenagers
Bar Code Medication Administration Today, information technology is used to streamline work processes and improve healthcare outcomes. For example, healthcare practitioners commit medical errors, which usually lead to poor health outcomes. Some of these mistakes are caused by human error, which technology does not have. Therefore, healthcare institutions have invested in technology to reduce these
The Influence of Leadership in Nursing The nursing profession, like many others, emphasizes strong leadership since it is not only crucial to influence team members to provide the highest level of care but also ensures improved patient outcomes. Nursing leadership encourages employees to work harmoniously and selflessly. Besides, leadership in the nursing profession acts as
Effects of COVID-19 Epidemics change and impact on life. COVID-19 is one such epidemic that has had and continues to have a great impact on the world. Nursing education and education, in general, have been greatly impacted by the epidemic as this paper will inform. The novel COVID-19 came to the world’s attention last year
Abstract Workplace violence in hospitals is a major issue that nurses experience in their day-to-day activities. Nurses are often subjected to various forms of violence, such as physical and verbal, which have negative implications on their overall health and well-being. The purpose of this study is to come up with effective strategies for preventing or
Applying Leadership Skills in Exploring APRN Roles The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) tends to offer comprehensive medical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment services. APRNs need to demonstrate strong transformational leadership skills if the vision to transform the healthcare system is to be attained. Transformational is a style of leadership in which nurse leaders support, inspire,
Introduction Employee turnover is one of the many challenges of the conventional workplace, and every organizational management aims at reducing the rates of turnover among employees. Not only does turnover result in lower productivity due to increased workloads for the remaining employees, but it also results in increased costs of recruitment and training. One of
Nurse Leaders and Nurse Educators in Advanced Practice Roles: The Debate Unresolved A nurse leader is a licensed administrator in charge of nursing staff in a healthcare facility while a nurse educator is a registered nurse who has acquired an advanced nursing degree that enables him/her to teach a nursing curriculum in training institutions. The
Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice Dramatic changes have occurred in the nursing field, and they have promoted the quality of care offered by nurses to their patients. Florence Nightingale cared for soldiers during the Crimean war and is still recognized as a significant contributor to the advances in the nursing profession. Her work established nurses’ role
Off-Label Drug Use in Pediatrics Off-label drug use is the use of a drug outside its authorized product license. This practice is common in pediatrics. Several studies have been done to show the prevalence rates in different parts of the world. For instance, a study in the neonatal intensive care units in Australia showed a
Inter-professional Collaboration in Nursing Similar to other health professionals, nurses aim at providing quality patient-centered care and developing interpersonal skills while keeping up with the developing technology in their field of practice. However, specialists such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists need each other to achieve their goals and objectives. For instance, some of the goals of
Moral Beliefs The ethical principles of beneficence, fidelity, and justice influence the moral beliefs of nurses. I rely on moral beliefs guided by these ethical principles to address dilemmas I encounter in the nursing practice. The ethical principles provide a firm foundation to execute moral beliefs regarding prevention of potential harm to patients, maintaining relationship
Medico-Legal The role of nurses in healthcare settings has increased over the years. Nurses are required to care for their patients and the increased responsibilities that nurses have in healthcare settings place them at risk of being involved in medical malpractice cases. Nurses can face litigations due to malpractice. Patients or their family members may
Health Information Management Master’s prepared nurses lead multidisciplinary teams to implement evidence-based nursing practice meant to the quality of care. The nurses equally develop training programs meant to reduce health risks occasioned by chronic diseases like Tuberculosis (TB). TB-related data is utilized by nurses to assess, plan and implement community health promotions. Tuberculosis (TB) is
Applying Ethical Principles Ethical issues in nursing arise from time to time and it is the nurses’ obligation to ensure that they rely on the profession’s morals and values to make the right decisions. Nurses rely on the four concepts of health care ethics which include; nonmaleficence, beneficence, autonomy, and justice to assist them in
Coronavirus Response Taskforce The coronavirus pandemic has affected many nations globally including the U.S. It has resulted in a significant decline in the economy of nations evident in the massive job losses, shutdown of companies, and others. Regarding the adverse effects, many countries are trying to explore ways to ease lockdowns that had been imposed
Quality of Healthcare Health care quality, cost, and the safety of patients in health care settings are major concerns for patients, their families, and care professionals. Over the years, health care cost has been skyrocketing to a point that it is almost unattainable for most, especially those from low-income backgrounds. Similarly, patient safety has been
Using Prechemotherapy Education to Reduce Anxiety among Cancer Patients            The initiation of chemotherapy can increase a patient’s psychological stress due to the expected effects of the treatment on the patients’ health, economic impact of the treatment, among other factors. Delivering a pre-chemotherapy education session to patients might reduce patients’ anxiety
Benchmark- Nursing Process: Approach to Care Cancer staging is an essential aspect of cancer management and research. The anatomical nature of a tumor and the severity of the disease enable healthcare practitioners to determine patients’ cancer stages and the type of treatment that would be needed to manage the condition. A nursing care process is
Healthcare Information Technology Trends            Healthcare organizations leverage data and technology to improve the quality of healthcare services provided to clients. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) enhances quick access to information but is prone to hacking. Similarly, telehealth applications enhance the provision of distant care but have no clear standards of use.
Politics and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, the health care landscape has dramatically changed. The legislation’s goal was to increase access to care, make insurance more affordable, and reduce the number of uninsured people. Regardless of how beneficial and progressive, the ACA
Antibiotic Resistance: Misuse of Antibiotics Antibiotic resistance is a major concern in contemporary healthcare. The spread of infectious diseases, the need for preventive administration of antibiotics, and the propensity for overuse and misuse of antibiotics among patient populations however pose a challenge to the management of antibiotic use and prescription among healthcare providers. Various ethical
The Application of Data to Problem-Solving The assignment of an adequate number of staff to attend to patients’ needs in a hospital is a challenge requiring the use of data. Admission data is retrieved and used to project the number of patients likely to visit a hospital so that nurses can plan, direct, perform and
Informatics and the Development of Standards The health agencies at the local, federal, and state-level exchange data within health care systems according to a set of standards. The standards connect health systems and guarantee the security of data to provide optimal and seamless care to patients. The role of local, federal, and state health care
Women Outlive Men In many countries around the world, women outlive men because they are more health-conscious. However, certain countries report an increased life expectancy of men than women because the latter have begun engaging in risky behaviors subjecting them to more accidents and homicide risks. Biological factors are responsible for the differences in life
Cultural Competence in Healthcare Introduction In healthcare settings, cultural competence refers to the ability to offer health care services that suit a patient’s social, cultural, and linguistic needs.  In this regard, responsiveness to a patient’s beliefs and practices is paramount in ameliorating health care outcomes. Thus, healthcare centers that emulate cultural competence as a result
Career Objective Essay Growing up in Bronx was interesting and memorable until my dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was 14 years old. This was a very trying moment in my life. Despite wanting to do anything to help save my dad, my hands were tied. I could only help him by bringing him
Project Objectives and Strategies-Part III Patients admitted to cardiovascular healthcare units rely on the proficiency of nurses and other healthcare providers for caregiving services and disease management. Nurses working in cardiovascular units utilize their expertise and national guidelines in determining the types of patients who require telemetry services. Challenges in proper identification of cardiovascular disease
The Change Process Changing the Route to Class Taking a different route to class is likely to have both positive and negative impacts on my study. Changing the route will allow me to meet new friends along the way. This action will enable me to enlarge my social circle and build a friendship with new
The Telomere Q1: Would you classify telomere-based aging as stochastic or non-stochastic? Telomere-based aging is classified as non-stochastic. In essence, telomere-based aging happens steadily and the tendency to shorten often occurs within cell divisions. The shortening of the telomere results from the effects of a body’s DNA polymerase’s inability to replicate the chromosomal DNA ends
Financial Factors that Influence Health Care Today Increased population and lifestyle changes have contributed to a higher demand for healthcare services. When compared to previous years, people are also more of the importance of investing in their health and health insurance policies. Financial factors like advances in the approaches used in managing patients in healthcare
Nursing Informatics Modern technology has made it easy for healthcare practitioners to access patients’ data through different devices regardless of their location. This case is related to a nurse working as a nursing case manager who can work from home since her work revolves around fieldwork and can be performed through the communication networks available.
Informatics Standards and Technology Expansion Informatics standards have enormous implications for technology growth. The standards are making data more accessible to patients, medical organizations, and professionals through varied applications essential in advancing high-quality and safe care. Data standards are encouraging technology growth by encouraging companies to manufacture innovative systems suited for patients and healthcare providers.
Reflective practices are essential in helping nurses think about what they do at their workplace. It shows students learning experiences and how they can use what they have learned to improve the lives of patients and themselves. Reflecting on personal knowledge and skills gained during a professional health policy presentation helps deal with complex real-time
Resources in Healthcare Simulations The electronic health record is increasingly becoming an essential component of medical practice. Medical schools and lecturers have recognized the need to integrate electronic health records (EHR) simulation in medical training. The healthcare simulations need a simulation setting, computer, clinical scenario, and electronic health records to function effectively. The primary resource
Health Literacy Program for Children and Adolescents Information on health literacy is essential for children and adolescents to empower them to adopt positive health behaviors through a positive change in their attitudes. It is essential to influence the targeted age groups to develop positive health behaviors from a formative age. The health literacy program would
.Nursing Informatics in Healthcare Healthcare-related technology plays a critical role in the management of patients and information storage in today’s dynamic world. The application of information technology in nursing has revolved around aspects like patient data storage and recovery, development and use of decision support systems, imaging informatics, use of electronic health records (EHR), and
Forum Description Telomere Telomere-based aging is categorized under non-stochastic theory as it is associated with the degradation of chromosomal DNA within body cells. The programmed non-stochastic theory implies that aging follows a sequence. The sequence is determined by regulated changes in the gene expression, the effect of systems responsible for normal cell replication, and repair
Healthcare Reform The U.S. healthcare system faces numerous challenges including rising healthcare costs, an increasing number of uninsured individuals, ineffective fee-for-service payment systems, an inadequate number of healthcare professionals, medicinal and technological advancement challenges, and others. Leaders are committed to finding solutions to these issues that impact the ability to successfully implement cost-effective programs, maintain
Nursing Model and Theory Difference Between a Nursing Conceptual Model and a Nursing Theory   The nursing conceptual model is the facilitative framework used to organize and conduct research work. The theoretical model pertains to abstract and general prepositions that give a unique frame of reference to observe human beings, environment, health goals, and actions
Week 2 Discussion: Principles of Leadership and Management in Nursing Nursing assessment is usually the first step in care provision. Nurses conduct focused nursing assessments to ensure that they carry out a comprehensive assessment of a specific part of the body as part of their role in diagnosing and managing health conditions like renal diseases
Healthcare System and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality The Healthcare System The ascendancy and power of the medical profession is a historical factor that has influenced the modern healthcare system. With time, medical professionals and healthcare providers have exerted substantial authority and control to organize the health care system, as well as enhance
Nursing Informatics Role in the Clinical System The literature review focuses on the topic of the role of nursing informatics in the clinical system. The recent advancement in technology has led to its adoption in almost every aspect of the healthcare sector. Nursing informatics combines nursing science, information science, and computer science to enhance the
Nursing Nursing care for children requires an assessment of factors such as the socio-economic status of the children’s parents or guardians, their cultural background, their social roles as well as their community. My first responsibility as a nurse would be to understand the living situation of the child by asking the child questions such as
Differences between qualitative and quantitative research Qualitative research Quantitative research It is non-numerical, descriptive, and uses words. It is numerical, non-descriptive, applies statistics or mathematics, and uses numbers. It aims to get the meaning, feeling, and describe the situation (LoBiondo-Wood et al 355).   It is an iterative process whereby evidence is evaluated.   Qualitative
Miami-Dade County Community-Based Problems Community-based problems vary in type and magnitude from one community to the other depending on the specific characteristics of the communities in which they occur. Understanding the nature of such problems can help community leaders to develop strategic plans for addressing them effectively. Healthy people2020 initiative outlines measures that should be
Spirometry: Correct Ways to Remove Dirty Gloves and Proper Hand Washing One of the most common respiratory health screening tests is spirometry. As per Barreiro, spirometry is a tool that can be used to detect, follow, and manage patients with lung disorders (2004). It assists in assessing breathing patterns, detecting the presence or absence of
Projected Timeline/Budget/Evaluation – Part V Not every patient with a cardiovascular condition should be placed on telemetry monitoring. The capstone project sought to address concerns on the effectiveness of utilizing telemetry in monitoring patients with cardiovascular conditions. Healthcare practitioners consider that there are some instances in which the use of telemetry monitoring can be avoided.
Clinical Significance Evidence-based practice (EBP) enables nurse practitioners to evaluate scientific studies to understand the effectiveness or risks of specific treatments or diagnostic procedures. However, even the best EBP may not work for all patients. Therefore, nurses need to evaluate the effectiveness of the practice change that is implemented based on research. Houser (2018) presents
Nurses’ Role in Policy Making and APRN Compact Response Post 1: Arielle Hello Arielle, I think that your post provides clear evidence of the role of nurses in policy making across all levels and extensively addresses the discussion question. I also agree with your arguments concerning the role of nurses in policymaking and how they
Health IT Current Trends Pennsylvania Medicare telehealth legislation supports cost reimbursement based on the provision of live video specialty services. The eligible service providers include physicians, registered nurses, certified midwives, and providers under a managed care system (HAP, 2020). The use of interactive video is required for the services to qualify for reimbursement on the
Infection Control in Neutropenic Clients Neutropenic patients happen to face a high risk of infection, which can be attributed to various factors. First, their immune system is weak owing to chronic diseases, such as acute leukemia, or due to various treatment procedures, including chemotherapy. The weak immune system is also a result of immunosuppression following
Why EBP Is Essential In Practice of A BSN-Prepared Rn Evidence-based practice (EBP) is very crucial in the field of nursing for the delivery of quality patient care. The practice allows nurses to include patients in the entire process of care delivery and make informed decisions based on scientific research. A continuous and updated integration
Health Informatics Tools Public health informatics has been beneficial to public health surveillance and other health areas including emergency response, environmental health, and administration. It is argued that public health informatics relies on aspects such as mathematics, information science, and engineering to address various issues faced within healthcare. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Ethics and Evidence-Based Research Contemporary healthcare is characterized by the integration of evidence-based practice and clinical research to dispense quality healthcare. Both evidence-based practice and clinical research are based on ethical guidelines that regulate the conduct of health professionals across the entire field of nursing. The evidence-based practice encompasses the application of evidence to nursing
Ethical Misconducts in Research Studies: A Case of Tuskegee Syphilis Study Research studies are carried out with the aim of solving societal problems; however, some studies have adversely affected the sample population due to the way they were handled. For example, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, and the New Zealand Study of Cervical Cancer withheld treatment
Federal and State Legislation Part 1: Legislation Comparison Grid Health-related Bill Name   Title VIII Nursing Workforce Reauthorization Act of 2019 Bill Number H.R. 728 Description The bill was introduced into the House of Representatives by David Joyce in January 23, 2019. One of the reasons for the bill’s introduction as to ensure that various
Sharing Supervision and Liability as a Nurse Manager In a typical health care facility, there are several nurses depending on the ward, shift, and the number of patients who are all under the nurse manager. The title of a nurse manager comes with privileges, but a lot of responsibilities, and one should have impeccable skills
Week 8 Discussion: My Nursing Destiny As I come to the end of this course, I am proud of my nursing accomplishments, especially with regard to being equipped to make a difference in society with unique nursing skills. I am glad I have become a better nurse by gaining extra knowledge from professional nursing organizations.
Abstract Globalization has caused several changes to nursing practice. Today, issues such as cultural diversity have received much attention. The focus on these issues has resulted in the need for nurses to know how to address various dimensions of culture in treatment. Various transcultural assessment models have been developed to help nurses understand how they
Predictive Analytics and CDS Discussion Early detection of an infection is the key to mitigating symptoms and improving health care quality and outcomes. Retrograde analytics have been used for the longest time but have proven labor-intensive, inefficient, and only helpful for future reference. A necessity arose to preempt future complications, hence the development of the
Nursing Management Case 2 Q.1 Astute management is essential in the nursing field as it not only results in the dispensation of quality health care but also in the protection of nurses’ welfare. In the contemporary nursing field, nursing administration covers issues appertaining to staff hiring, dismissal, and organization in health facilities. Assistant nurse managers
Concept of Health and Promotion Interventions The concept of health changed dramatically in the last century to include aspects of physical fitness. In the past, the concept of health focused on the eradication of diseases and illnesses. As such, the perception of health did not cover aspects of physical fitness. Indeed, it did not make
Mid-Range Theories and Nursing Research Mid-range theories are specific theoretical frameworks enabling nurses to connect theory learned in class to the actual nursing practice. These theories have been evolving since the 1980s and have reached a point in which they are required to expand specific nursing knowledge through research. The mid-range theories are poised to
Reverse Case Study: Home Care for the Elderly Client with Dementia. The case study involves Mrs. White who was involved in an accident 14 years ago that led to a traumatic brain injury. She has lost the majority of her cognitive abilities; hence, she is dependent on her husband to do most of the day-to-day
Here and Now in Health Philosophy and scientific studies of people’s interactions with the environment are important sources of psychological insights that promote the development of medicine and care provision in nursing. Naturalism proponents believe that philosophy aligns with science and that philosophical theory can be proven using investigative approaches and research findings. They view
Community Health Nurses Community health nurses play principal roles in enhancing the quality of health and promoting the wellbeing of people within societies. These nurses rely on evidence-based practices to deliver quality patient care. Further, they are unique as they have to support family caregivers to improve their quality of life. However, community health nurses
Nursing Practice The healthcare field is driven by factors such as healthcare needs of the population, people’s lives and lifestyle-associated diseases, cost of care and concerns on the quality of healthcare services offered, and increases in the number of the aging population. Scientific discoveries and technological innovations have also been influential in promoting changes in
The H.R. 5029: VA Suicide Prevention Services Act is a House of Representative bill that was introduced by Rep. Steve Watkins (R-KS) on 11/08/2019. The federal bill is currently in the first phase of the legislative process and it requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to staff each VA medical center with at least
Living Donor Protection Act of 2019 Living donors are important because they offer kidneys, liver, and other essential organs to families, friends, colleagues, and outsiders. Only a few organs derived from those who pledge to donate after death are usable. As a result, the organ transplant waiting lists are consistently growing. Unfortunately, living donors are
The DNP Project: Ethical Considerations Advances in human health and welfare depend on research on human subjects. Patients enroll in research for different reasons. Some of these reasons include hope for improvement of health status and the need to enhance their knowledge on specific areas of healthcare. While reasons for enrolling in clinical research may
Catapult to Success Organizational culture influences the environment and employee morale at the workplace such that a good culture results in a positive working environment and consequently, high employee morale. On the other hand, a poor culture leads to low employee morale due to a negative working environment. Five attributes; namely, communication, flexibility, integrity, ethical
Roles of Registered Nurses and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in Policy Making As healthcare systems advance and change with time, nurses are expected to change as well. Part of this expected change involves increasing participation in policy formulation. Both registered nurses (RNs) and advanced practice nurses (APRNs) have a significant role to play in policymaking
Healthcare Technology Question 1 In case there was a threat of a deadly influenza virus in the community public health data such as risk factors for the disease would be useful to determine the need for a mass inoculation program. This would identify the target group for the inoculation program to limit the spread of
Prostate Cancer Screening Cancer screening refers to the process of testing individuals to detect cancer before or after having symptoms. The two conventional guidelines for screening prostate cancer are Prostate-Specific Antigen Best Practice Statement: Update 2009 and National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines for the use of tumor markers in testicular, prostate,
Reflection on Cultural Awareness Obtaining cross-cultural communication skills is the best approach to applying cultural awareness to communication in the current clinical practice. Understanding that each patient is unique helps improve nurses’ interaction with others (Purnell & Fenkl, 2019). Nurses must explore other people’s beliefs, values, and worldviews to establish favorable relationships with them. The
Human Experience across the Health-Illness Continuum Health is linked to a wide range of factors that includes physical environment, mental status, social life, and lifestyle practices. People experience periods of health and illness throughout their lives. While traditional perceptions of health focused on the physical body modern concepts of health and illness recognize the concept
Informatics and the Development of Standards Nursing data standards enhance the delivery of healthcare services to the people. These standards provide uniform approaches to data management at the federal, state, and local levels of government. The federal, state, and local level public health agencies coordinate efforts of multi-agencies, provide funding, and monitor outcomes during data
Applying Performance Improvement Tools to Improve Patient Satisfaction Score With Pain Management This assignment on my geriatric nursing unit involves undertaking an intensive campaign aimed at raising patients’ satisfaction scores with pain management. Notably, patients’ stay in the geriatric unit is about six days. Our current survey indicates that the response rate is 25% which
Nursing Burnout Introduction The term burnout was first used by the American psychologist, Herbert Freudenberger to describe the emotional fatigue experienced by people working in humanity related occupations such as the nursing profession. Characterized as a syndrome of emotional fatigue, decreased performance, and separation from work-related activities, burnout among nurses is a precursor of medical
Personal Leadership Portrait Leadership in the healthcare profession focuses on ensuring that healthcare practitioners maximize their potential and work together collaboratively to promote positive patient results. Leaders have a duty to their organization to support their subordinates and drive the organization towards its goals and overall vision. The roles of leaders in healthcare are dynamic
Oral Health in Pregnant Women Oral health is a serious health burden across the globe and affects different populations in different ways. The prevalence of oral health issues among pregnant women is one of the key concerns around establishing approaches towards more effective periodontal care. Pregnant women are an already vulnerable population because of the
Political Competence Advanced nurse professionals are trained to participate in policy developing processes. However, they need to stay informed about the changes in healthcare issues and policy. Nurses rely on online social media platforms, health care policy podcasts, conferences, and webinars to stay informed. Online social platforms help nurses to stay updated on issues relating
The Role of the RN and APRN in Policy Evaluation Registered Nurses (RNs) and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) promote and shape health care policies by providing views and suggestions on how to improve public health. These professionals are well-trained and interact with patients at the local levels. Opportunities in the form of existing support
COVID-19 Testing Mandate The testing mandate enacted in the United States is meant to monitor the prevalence and spread of the COVID-19 virus. The nursing home administrators are required to comply with the new directive by conducting tests and issuing certificates. The COVID-19 testing is supported by scientific evidence, and hospital administrators are expected to
Euthanasia Question 1 Euthanasia is a tough topic given the religious and moral inclinations of the people. In today’s context, the enactment is predetermined on a case-to-case basis (Pesut et al, 2020). In the event a patient requests me to terminate their life, I will be bound by duty and oath to not do it.
Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome Question 1             ARDS is an acute injury to the lungs because of increased alveolar permeability. The clinical indicators of the condition include diffuse bilateral lung infiltration, severe hypoxemia, increased physiologic dead space, and reduced lung compliance. Question 2 The risk factors associated with the development of ARDS in the patient
PPE and Psychological Symptoms The objective of this study is to investigate the association between using personal protective equipment (PPE) and psychological symptoms among health care workers in Saudi Arabia. Tan et al. (2020) conducted a qualitative study to investigate the psychological effect of the COVID-19 on healthcare professionals in Singapore due to lack of
Neurological System Physiology (Structure and Function) The nervous system is unique in the wide range of thought processes and actions it can perform. All components work in a coordinated manner to achieve bodily functions. The neurologic system is divided into the central and peripheral nervous systems. The former comprises the brain and the spinal cord.
VIP Medicine VIP Medicine refers to special therapy for patients based on his or her popularity or wealth. The practice involves the special treatment, such as faster access to treatment, reduced waiting time, and availability of physicians on call. The implications of VIP treatment are necessary for understanding how VIP medicine promotes patient-centered care. VIP
Applying and Sharing Nursing Research Evidence Nursing research has a tremendous influence on the current and future professional nursing practice. Thus, it is an essential aspect in educational and clinical processes. Applying and sharing nursing research evidence is important in nursing practice as it can help to improve nurses’ knowledge about nursing practice, improve patients’
Health Care Database and Workflow in Clinical and IT Resources Health care requires computerized assistance to make evidence-based medicine increasingly possible. For instance, Electronic patient records (EPRs) can be based on well-established clinical standards to offer access to health data and align with Clinical Decision Support (CDSS). Secondary use of patient data, including data mining,
Kant’s Moral Philosophy in Gone Baby Gone The movie Gone Baby Gone raises several ethical issues. The setting is Boston, a major city known for many horrifying illegal activities. The main character, Patrick Kenzie, is a private detective tasked with tracing the missing daughter of Helene McCready. Jack Doyle, a reputable police chief is eventually
Nursing Education There are profound changes currently witnessed in the healthcare system that needs to be addressed through continuous nursing education. Nursing education provides a succinct understanding of the nursing practice and experience relating to care management and improvement in the quality of healthcare services offered to patients. Essentially, nurses can transition from a Registered
Hypothyroidism vs Hyperthyroidism Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism are the two common abnormalities of the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism refers to a condition whereby the thyroid glands produce abnormally low thyroid hormones. This disorder, directly and indirectly, involves the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormone affects growth and development by stimulating the production of growth variables, such as nerve growth
Developing the DNP Essentials Essentials for Advanced Nursing Practice Doctoral Programs The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) outlines numerous essentials for advanced nursing practice doctoral programs. One of the essentials that the AACM outlines is the need for nurses to explore methods for promoting health, preventing disease, and reducing the risk of disease
Nurse Burn Out and Patient Satisfaction Amid a national nurse shortage, there is growing concern that high levels of nurse burnout can adversely affect patient outcomes. The hospital nurse workforce is increasingly facing greater workloads that result from a national nurse shortage, fewer support resources, and rising average patient acuity. Taking these facts into account,
Berwick Article and Reflection Outcomes Lesson from Berwick’s Article As noted in the article, the quality and access to healthcare services is major problem around the world. There is a need for all the involved stakeholders in the sector to take the necessary measures to achieve universal health coverage and enhance the quality of care
Nursing Care of Older Adults Ageism is a concept used to refer to stereotyping, intolerance, and discrimination towards people based on their age. In my view, ageism remains a widespread problem that potentially affects the provision of healthcare services to the elderly. The older population contends with ageism on a daily basis. I have witnessed
Chronic Bronchitis Case Study Respiratory illnesses often present with symptoms linked to infections or inhalation of smoke or other pollutants like asbestos and tobacco that could affect the structure and function of the respiratory system. The case study that will be addressed in this essay is based on a 64-year-old male, R.W., who has been
Early Detection of Prostate Cancer in African American Men The Strategy The topic of interest, in this case, entails the early detection of prostate cancer in African American men. I will use the existing literature to develop a comprehensive clinical understanding of the early detection of prostate cancer in African American men. I will use
Growth and Development in Adolescents: A case study Adolescence is a time characterized by rapid physiological and psychological changes in both men and women and thus comes with several challenges. In the case of Jeff, for instance, it is necessary for both the parent (Betty) and the nurse to understand the changes that are going
Health Promotion Theory The modern-day practice of nursing relies on the public health model that deals with health promotion and disease prevention. Health promotion is concerned with protecting and raising the health standards of individuals and entire communities.  The concept of health promotion is buttressed by several models or theories, such as the social cognitive
Health Data Access The confidentiality of data in the academic spheres requires researchers to conform to the highest standards of privacy. As such, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) stipulates that one should meet specific requirements before getting the privilege of accessing individually identifiable health data. As such a researcher who would want
Early Detection of Prostate Cancer in African American Men Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men. Over the past few years, there have been concerns about the high risk of prostate cancer among African American men, which forms the foundation for the PICOT question-related discussion. Prostate cancer is a common diagnosis
Health Promotion Theory Paper Effective management of public health and control of determinants of health is a mandatory part of public health management. Healthcare professionals make significant efforts to develop strategies through which the public can be able to monitor their health determinants independently, and thus develop effective approaches to preventing and reducing the implications
BSN-Prepared Nurses and Patient Outcomes             Nurses are expected to possess the knowledge and proficiency necessary to comprehend and utilize the rapid advances witnessed in the healthcare sector. These competencies, skills, and knowledge are acquired by nurse students who pursue Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree programs. As such, BSN-prepared nurses are instructed on
Concussion Patient Question one: Explain the pathophysiology of the neurological disorder. A concussion is one of the most common traumatic brain injuries, even though it is not severe. According to Silverberg et al. (2019), about 3 million Americans experience traumatic brain injury every year. It mainly emanates from recreational and sports activities that are associated
Cultural Diversity and Competency Cultural diversity is an important concept in the nursing practice. It ensures that nurses accord quality health care services to patients without discrimination or prejudice. Cultural diversity is a broad term that envisages inherent differences relating to factors such as gender, race, disability, age, and ethnicity of patients seeking medical services
Application of Data to Problem-Solving A patient scenario relevant to the topic involves a 93-year old bed-bound woman taken into the emergency room after experiencing some abdominal pains. While a nurse is interviewing the patient, the elderly woman asks for his son, whom she lives within an apartment, to be called. During the physical examination,
Gratitude and Well-Being Article Summary Background According to the article, gratitude is regarded as a state or a trait. Gratitude as a state is the act of an individual being grateful for a particularly pleasant experience during which an individual might have shown kindness or generosity to him or her. As a trait, gratitude is
Concept Analysis Antecedents and Consequences Identifying antecedents and consequences helps in clarifying the characteristics and context in which symptoms manifest. In the article, antecedents are gender, age, marital status, ethnicity, culture, disease characteristics, type of treatment, and caregivers (Lee, Vincent, & Finnegan, 2017).  These antecedents affect the experience of symptoms. Consequences are the varied health
Importance of Internship for Healthcare Provider in The Hospital Units Introduction Over the years, the health care sector has witnessed changing population needs, trends of diseases, as well as a rise in not only complexity but also the burden of chronic diseases. These changes present significant challenges for healthcare providers as reflected in the lack
Respiratory Treatment Subjective Findings for Tuberculosis Tuberculosis is one of the infectious diseases that affect most people across the world. Patients with tuberculosis report symptoms such as a prolonged, persistent cough that lasts for more than two weeks. The coughing may consist of blood or blood-stained mucus from the lungs. Other symptoms include fever, pain
Endocrine-Nursing Anesthesia 7. What conditions may cause a thyrotoxic patient to develop thyroid storm? A thyrotoxic patient may develop a thyroid storm due to overproduction of the thyroid hormones. Graves’ disease is the leading cause of hypothyroidism since it inhibits the regulation of thyroid hormone production (Hines and Marshall 134). Other causes may include infection,
Case Study: General City Health System Potential Additional Services The General City Health System can build alternative sources of revenue in numerous ways including commercializing its intellectual property and investing in pharmacy operations. Building alternative revenue sources can play a huge role in ensuring that General City Health System (GCHS) remains financially stable and strategically
Professional Nursing and State-Level Regulations The state boards of nursing attempt to protect the public through regulation of the nursing practice. The regulations stipulate the level of education and scope of practice required to provide safe and cost-effective care. The regulations vary from one state to another but aim to ensure nurses access growing evidence
The Nursing Career Sense of Purpose I desire to provide patient-focused care to all of my patients. I suppose that patients are not merely objects stationed in hospital rooms neither are they a set of medical conditions, but people who deserve their dignity and safety to be upheld. Per Mikesell & Bromley (2012), patients require
Evidence-Based Practice Changes Evidence-based practice has transformed the hospital discharge process area of nursing. The process of releasing patients from hospitals is marked by varied factors including patient circumstances and needs. The release planning is often challenging because healthcare providers have to formulate care plans and the support that the patients will receive after discharge
How Today’s Demographics Affect Family Health Why is this family at risk for poverty? The family is affected by poverty due to physical violence, drug abuse, poor education, early pregnancy, and unemployment. Janelle experienced physical abuse from her husband in the presence of her daughter Danielle. Consequently, Danielle suffered from attention-deficit disorder and learning disability
Annotated Bibliography on Technology in Nursing Introduction There has been an increased use of barcode technology in healthcare in the recent past as a strategy to reduce medical errors and the cost of care. In the last five decades, there have been significant efforts among healthcare providers to adopt barcode technology to enhance their service
Patterns of Knowing in Nursing The patterns of knowing in nursing are critical in the dissemination of patient-centered care as they act as a guardrail to the choices made by health practitioners. The main patterns of knowing include: personal, empirical, ethical, aesthetic, and emancipatory knowing. Despite the mentioned patterns being used interchangeably, the patterns may
Nursing Care Framed by Watson’s Theory of Transpersonal Caring Nursing is a profession that advocates for professionalism, collaboration, prevention, and education to promote and meet a high standard of care. Nurses are often driven by numerous factors to commit themselves to nursing practice, and one of those aspects is the trait of caring. Under the
Concept Analysis of Patient Teaching (Education) Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains a serious health problem globally. The disease is a leading cause of premature death, disability, and morbidity. Available preventive and rehabilitative interventions include lifestyle changes and medications. When applied appropriately, these measures can lead to a better quality of life and improve cost-effectiveness across the
Assessment of Lay Article Validity Lay articles published in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Ebony can be accessed by a larger audience when compared to professional sources. While the information published on lay articles might be useful to provide the public with an idea or simplified information about important topics, the validity and credibility of information
Annotated Bibliography on Technology in Nursing Introduction There has been an increased use of barcode technology in healthcare in the recent past as a strategy to reduce medical errors and the cost of care. In the last five decades, there have been significant efforts among healthcare providers to adopt barcode technology to enhance their service
Long Term Benefits of Breastfeeding Cases of mothers not breastfeeding their babies have been on the increase in the recent past.  The increase in these cases largely relates to a lack of information among women (Jarvis, 2011). For example, it is arguable that very few women understand both the short-term and long-term benefits of breastfeeding.
Ethical Principles The concerns regarding studies with human subjects engage subjects varying from voluntary contribution with respect to fair assortment and impartiality (Gallagher, 2010). The following is a discussion of two ethical principles that are vital to the performance of research concerning human subjects. Informed Consent: It exists to make sure that every study engaging
Crucial Factors Researcher Must Consider in Choosing s Research Design. A research design provides the structure of any given scientific work by giving directions and the systematic process of the research. First and foremost, the researcher should note that the research method they choose will affect their findings and the conclusion of the results. A
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Designs Both qualitative and quantitative research are used in clinical practice, with the qualitative methods used to give complete and detailed descriptions of a phenomenon, while the quantitative methods are used to present statistical models that explain the phenomenon (In LoBiondo-Wood & In Haber, 2014). Strengths of Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Recommendations for Affordable Care Act Every American should laud the healthcare reform package that President Obama signed back in 2010, as its goals are meant to benefit everyone. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that every citizen enjoys quality healthcare, and at affordable prices. We cannot start judging the impact of the law before
The Self-Determination Act of 1991-20 Years Revisited The Legal-Ethical Implications for Nursing Practice From the article, it was noted that advance directions were envisioned to lessen uncertainty for families and health care providers in conditions where patients were not able to raise or express their desires (Duke, Yarbrough, and Pang, 2009). However, when advanced directions
Disorders of the GI Tract, Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreas The function of the liver is to filter out toxins. Some of the disorders associated with the liver are cirrhosis, neoplasm, drug-induced lesions, and cancer of the liver. The disorders of the gallbladder include gallstones that usually block the bile ducts. Cancer may attack Gall ducts

Nursing Essay Paper on Quality of Life

Quality of Life Introduction Dementia, in its immediate context, is the term given to a range of diseases that prevalently tend to retard the thinking ability of a specific person to the extent that it interferes with the daily activities of the affected person. To this effect, the person has various hallucinations that can make
Quality of Life Introduction Dementia, in its immediate context, is the term given to a range of diseases that prevalently tend to retard the thinking ability of a specific person to the extent that it interferes with the daily activities of the affected person. To this effect, the person has various hallucinations that can make
Reflection on Ethical and Legal Decision Making Health care professionals, be it doctors or nurses and experts naturally expect out of their partners the qualities of dependability, responsibility, individual respectability, and mastery (Appelbaum, 2007). These days if health care administrators are not pushed or nudged to follow rules, they will not make the service delivery to
Implementation of EHR to Nurses Introduction Given the fast-changing health care environment, the sector has among other things to work at leveraging the health care IT to improve quality, costs and access for patients. Nurses have a great impact on whether adoption of EHR fails or succeeds since they the change agents in the health
Summary The article evaluates the main factors that hinder effective delivery of cervical and breast cancer screening services in Nebraska primary care. With the help of a GAPS model, the researchers develop a practice-based intervention program whose aim is to enable clinicians identify barriers to implementing the every woman matter (EWM) program. Seven clinics participate
Leadership is a vital skill for all nurses (Middleton, 2011). This might appear obvious for nursing practitioners whose positions grant them direct management responsibility, but even nurses who are recently qualified need to have the leadership skills. Nursing practice requires the confidence and skill for leadership because it involves the management of patients. Just like
Research Summary and Ethical Considerations Introduction This study summarizes the research on the isolation of patients with flu. The study also discusses the ethical consideration. Qualitative analysis is used in the study to prove the relevance of the ethical considerations. The study also explains ways through which the findings can be used in the nursing
Introduction About 2.6 million members of the operation for freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq have a high chance of developing PTSD.  PTSD is aharm that affects an individual as result of a life threatening coverage or trauma. This affects all members regardless of their sex, age, beliefs and class. Therefore it requires specialists to be
Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail Corporations are constantly evolving and undergoing change due to external and internal forces. In wound management, such a change is the use of new dressing material such as alginates, hydrocolloids, hydrogels, transparent films, and silver, augment various substrates that are essential in the wound healing cascade (Evans, 2012). Establishing
Individual Client Health History and Examination Introduction The disease landscape including prevalence, severity and type of diseases have changed significantly in the world today. This also calls for innovative and different approaches in the treatment, management and prevention of these diseases. Various diseases and infections need different medication approaches and standards since they exhibit different
Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Process: Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Prophylaxis Introduction Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is a process undertaken during various health care researches in order to enhance quality care by providing improved patient outcomes at affordable costs. With regards to nursing, Evidence Based Practice (EBP) process promotes levels of satisfaction among nurses as they
Nursing Research Conducting an integrated research that comprises both qualitative and quantitative research has immense advantages in regards to the expected results. According to Lund (2012), combining these methods gives the researcher the possibility of triangulation. This is defined as the process of employing an array of methods, data sources, and researchers to examine similar
SMART-Formatted Goal Related To Your Professional Leadership The contemporary society has placed weighty emphasis on patient-centered care due to its assurance of high-quality health care and patient satisfaction. Policymakers, researchers, and patients have discovered that tailoring care to patients is the best way to go in order to attain efficiency and reduce costs. Responding to
The rise and fall of the anti saloon league Introduction Many historians, for example, Ernest Hurst Cherrington developed a towering interest in the rise and fall of prohibition, hundreds of authoritative texts have been written with an exceptional focus on the utmost characteristics of this period.  The eon of prohibition dates back to the year
Projected Timeline/Budget/Evaluation – Part V Not every patient with a cardiovascular condition should be placed on telemetry monitoring. The capstone project sought to address concerns on the effectiveness of utilizing telemetry in monitoring patients with cardiovascular conditions. Healthcare practitioners consider that there are some instances in which the use of telemetry monitoring can be avoided.
Personal Essay on Responsibility Different people have different interpretations of what it means to be a responsible human being. For a parent, it could mean providing for the social, economic and emotional needs of your family. It involves being a role model to your children. For a career individual, being responsible means delivering what your
Job Satisfaction and Burnout in ICU Job satisfaction and burnout are common problems experienced by nurses in the intensive care unit. Previously, nurses were not trained on how to handle patients in the intensive care unit, which led to a reduced number of staff, qualified for the job. Intensive care unit services require special knowledge

Sample Essay on Briefing Paper

Briefing Paper The issue Since the introduction of affordable care act (ACA), the number of uninsured persons seems to have reduced significantly. Some experts claim that the number has reduced by about 40 percent (Roby et al., 2013). However, the most worrying issue is that even if this number has reduced significantly, the uninsured persons
Building Clinically Integrated Networks The issue For a long period, the American healthcare system has relied heavily on a fee-for-service model. However, this model is slowly coming to an end following the need to improve service delivery and ensure that majority of the people have access to healthcare. Although this is good move especially at
EHR Paper EHR An Electronic Health Record, EHR is an electronic record of the details and contextual information of a patient’s health status. The record adopts a longitudinal format of information generation and storage based on successive encounters in healthcare delivery environments. It includes progress notes on the patient’s health status and conditions, the demographic
City of Hialeah, Florida, United States Geographical description Geographically, according to data from census the city of Hialeah has been considered to be one of the largest municipalities in Florida as it believed to be serving over 224,000 people that live in approximately twenty square miles zoning. It is elaborated that the city is located
Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Miami Dade County Nationally, it is reported that the cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases are on the rise with medical practitioners pointing that the rate is alarming. CDC is reporting the incidence of the diseases has steadily risen between 2006 and 2014. It is asserted that in 2014, United States had
Advanced Nursing Role Among The Diabetic Introduction The National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) has emerged as one of the critical approaches through which Joint Commission enhances and push for significant dynamism in patient safety (Ramke, Lee & Brian, 2012). For example, in diabetic medication, the Joint Commission has been able to ensure safety advancement in
City of Hialeah, Florida, United States Geographical description Geographically, according to data from census the city of Hialeah has been considered to be one of the largest municipalities in Florida as it believed to be serving over 224,000 people that live in approximately twenty square miles zoning. It is elaborated that the city is located
Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Miami Dade County Nationally, it is reported that the cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases are on the rise with medical practitioners pointing that the rate is alarming. CDC is reporting the incidence of the diseases has steadily risen between 2006 and 2014. It is asserted that in 2014, United States had
Advanced Nursing Role Among The Diabetic Introduction The National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) has emerged as one of the critical approaches through which Joint Commission enhances and push for significant dynamism in patient safety (Ramke, Lee & Brian, 2012). For example, in diabetic medication, the Joint Commission has been able to ensure safety advancement in
City of Hialeah, Florida, United States Geographical description Geographically, according to data from census the city of Hialeah has been considered to be one of the largest municipalities in Florida as it believed to be serving over 224,000 people that live in approximately twenty square miles zoning. It is elaborated that the city is located
Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Miami Dade County Nationally, it is reported that the cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases are on the rise with medical practitioners pointing that the rate is alarming. CDC is reporting the incidence of the diseases has steadily risen between 2006 and 2014. It is asserted that in 2014, United States had
Advanced Nursing Role Among The Diabetic Introduction The National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) has emerged as one of the critical approaches through which Joint Commission enhances and push for significant dynamism in patient safety (Ramke, Lee & Brian, 2012). For example, in diabetic medication, the Joint Commission has been able to ensure safety advancement in
Appraisal Exercise: Context of barriers to Pap testing in Korean women Problem statement Cervical cancer forms 9% of all growth of cancer among women in Korea. Even with the cost effective Paponicolauo test provided to help detect and fight cervical cancer early enough, the rate of Pap test participation in Korean women remained low. There

Sample Essay on Culture Interview

Culture Interview Introduction Understanding different cultural beliefs and practices is a vital consideration when working in a cross cultural set up (Kirmayer, 2012). The nursing profession requires the health care providers to have a wide understanding of different cultural aspects in order to provide excellent patient care. Using the LEARN communication model, I was able
The Role of Leadership in Promoting Safety and Quality of Care Leadership is a major skill for those in any health care profession at all levels. This is not only in the management position but also at all levels ranging from the student nurse to the nursing director. Excellent skills in nursing should be developed
Disseminating EBP in the Workplace Health care organizations should consider executing various strategies to enhance and support evidence-based practice (EBP). Despite a promise to enhance health care practices, EBP has encountered several barriers in its implementation, resulting in poor decision making among health care professionals. EBP requires clinicians to be armed with new skills, as
Evidence Based Practice in Mentoring It is important to have a mentor that provides evidence-based practice when training new nurses, procedures or teaching new EBP information. Evidence-based practice is widely appraised, accepted and recommended by many professionals in the practice as the one with scientifically proven evidence for delivering quality health care (sigma theta tau
ETHICAL DILEMMA IN DENTISTRY Ethical dilemma refers to the state in which one has to choose mostly between two or more options which are equally identical in magnitude or importance. Notably, the choice of one does not entirely solve the impending challenge. Dentistry sector just like other professions is not an exceptional to this perennial
Ethics in the Nursing Field The bigger community-citizens, people who require medical care, inter professional group members and nursing compeers look ahead to and are entitled to more than basically knowledge and adequate qualification. All these people in the society look forward to observe good character from nurses (Chen, Werhane, and Mills 11). Good qualities
Remember to put your name on your work (you can provide a cover sheet). The annotated bibliography should include the reference in APA format and two paragraphs. The first paragraph contains a short summary of the article (no citations or quotations). The second paragraph describes how the research relates to your project, any limitations and/or
Professional Nursing Practicum Class Final Discussion questions: What was your philosophy of nursing practice when you first enrolled in the BSN program? What is your philosophy of nursing now?  How has this experienced prepared you for your next step in your career? Please take some time to think about this question.  Its answer should be
INSTRUCTIONS: Sources must be cited in APA format.  Please make sure, in text citation is correctly done in APA. Reference citation in APA should include the date when it was retrieved. Should be in APA style/format.  Reference should not be older than five years. Pls use authors/references/journals/sources from  USA! A Risk Reduction Seminar Objectives Differentiate