Polyunsaturated fats are basically the fat molecules which have more than one carbon bond that is unsaturated also referred to as double bond. Saturated fat on the other hand refers to a type of fat that contains a high proportion of fatty acid molecules and do not have a double bond. They are considered to
Research shows that the most important meal of the day is breakfast but this will all depend on what one decides to take. For one to be effective in his/her daily duties may it be physically or mentally, the main determinant is what is taken in the morning. For instance, healthy eating recommends that many
African American Wives and Perceived Stressful Experiences Statement of Purpose The statement of purpose is the topic of research in which a whole research article revolves. The significance of the statement of focus is that it helps an author to focus on a specific dimension and research only about the topic. In this research study,
Organic Foods Introduction Organic foods are produced using organic methods of farming that involve less synthetic and modern inputs. Organic foods are nutritious because they are not processed via irradiation or with the help of chemical food additives, and industrial solvents. Organic foods are produced by complying with organic standards that are set by national
Mortar and Pestle Mortar refers to a bowl-shaped holder made from ceramic, hardwood, or stone, while pestle refers to a blunt, club-shaped object that is used for milling by grinding or crushing, or pounding substances like grains, herbs, or medicines. The substances to be milled are placed at the base of the mortar then the
Statement of Interest on Application of a PhD in Nutrition Program In my childhood, I was not aware of the health problems that could be brought about by poor eating habits. Thus, my body weight increased overwhelmingly until I would not take it anymore.  This created by interests in understanding the healthy eating habits.  In