Diversity Essay Diversity is multifaceted as it includes race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and disability. To work with broad arrays of diversity, it is imperative for social workers to undergo training on cultural competence to learn on how to eradicate barriers that they prevent the provision of care among the different group. The
Appraisal of Proposals In recent years, New York City has had to deal with a lack of housing given the increase in the homeless population. According to the 2017 report by the Coalition for the Homeless, more than 62,000 people currently sleep under the street shelters. This implies that there has been a 79 percent
Child Collectors World Child is a non-profit adoption agency based in London. The organization is Hague accredited and helps with international adoptions. The Duncan family is a family of 10, eight siblings and two parents Bruce and Marilyn Duncan. All the eight children under Duncan’s care were adopted and seven out of the eight are
The Critical and Feminist Perspectives The novel Across A Hundred Mountains by Reyna Grande gives a story of how a character, Juana, grew up from adolescence to adulthood facing numerous problems in the process. Juana’s life and encounters connect to the critical and feminist perspectives. Juana’s adolescence, in particular, was challenging mainly because of the
Social Problems A social problem refers to an issue or a condition that negatively affects a large group of people in a society and needs to be addressed accordingly. There are numerous examples of social issues such as poverty, mental illness, being orphaned, and disability that has an initial impact on the individual. This is
Rebellion in Adolescents The rebellious nature of adolescents shows in different ways. For instance, rebellious adolescents are often involved in fast driving, violent arguments, shoplifting, and flouting of rules. Rebellion is a risky behavior demonstrated by the youth which the parents have to contend with on a daily basis. Rebellious adolescents mention the need for
Social Work Practice Contrasting Problem-Solving and Strengths-Based Approach The strengths-based approach has changed social work theory and practice. The approach mainly focuses on an individual’s self-determination and strength. Tong (2001) argues that the strengths-based approach sees clients as resourceful and resilient when they are in adverse conditions. Thus, the approach helps them to build on
Case Analysis and Strategies of Intervention Plan Part 1: Case Analysis War Trauma Trauma is a psychological response to disturbing and distressing events that stress and overwhelm the human ability to cope with different emotions and situations. Trauma causes damage to the normal operation of the human mind as it reduces the consciousness and sensitivity
Social Work and Human Services             Human and social service is a diverse discipline and it is critical in society. The profession is an avenue for improving peoples’ lives. Consequently, anyone working in this field must figure out how humans think and apply relevant skills to promote positive habits among people and organizations. While social
Theories Reflection- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Theory There are several theories or approaches important in social work practice. Some of these approaches include crisis and task-centered practice, cognitive-behavioral practice, humanistic practice, empowerment and advocacy, systems and ecological practice, anti-oppressive and multicultural sensitivity approaches to practice, as well as strengths, narrative, and solution practice. The theory or