Commentaries Implementing Victim’s Rights Commentary Beatty and Gregorie, in this article, develop a compelling argument on why corrections professionals should be tasked with the role of implementing victims’ rights despite the heavy burden of ensuring that perpetrators are punished that they already have.  I agree with the authors that the victims’ rights should be considered
Conflict Theory vs. Feminist Theory Inequality does not exist in a vacuum in the modern world; particularly, in an era that globalization has increased diversity. The differences between races, genders, ethnicities and biological and environmental backgrounds have been on display in society for centuries, with more societies exhibiting higher inequalities than others. While the number
Christchurch Mosque Shootings Christchurch mosque shootings in Venezuela took place on March 15, 2019, where 50 people were killed and over 50 others were injured. The shootings were carried out by a 28-year-old man Brenton Tarrant. Brenton arrived at Christchurch mosque in the afternoon and started shooting indiscriminately at the worshippers inside the mosque. After
Modern Social Welfare in a Global Context Canada is one of the nations in the world that provides social welfare to individuals in the community who are unable to cater to their daily needs. Social welfare is offered to the elderly, disabled, and unemployed people in the community in a bid to help them access
Basic Facilitation Skills Creating a comfortable environment and fostering a good working relationship is critical for any counseling session. For that matter, building rapport, setting the therapeutic environment and managing group dynamics are the essential facilitation skills that counselors utilize to establish appropriate working relationship. Building a rapport is important because it helps a patient
Case Study: Effects of Trauma on Families The Underlying Issues and What Model Would Work Best Trauma is a frightening event that threatens the normal functioning of a family. In this case, three people who have lost a family member and the incident has traumatized them. all the siblings tell their struggles with coming to
Food Addict Anonymous Food addict anonymous is a group for individuals who struggle with food addiction and it was founded by Judith C. in 1987 at West Palm Beach, Florida. The group has attained popularity especially with the increase of obesity rates in the United States and as over 200 groups are operating weekly across
Final Project: Writing the Grant Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives Need Statement Global Warming is a pertinent problem in the contemporary world with far-reaching consequences. Ranging from the ever-rising sea levels increasing the threat of catastrophic flooding to the changing weather and climate patterns threatening global food reduction, global warming poses an unprecedented humanitarian problem.
Childhood Trauma and Brain Development Question 1 In their seminal work The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, Bruce Perry and Maia Szalavitz examine the impact of trauma on brain development among children. The authors provide examples of several child trauma cases that they encountered to explain how trauma impacts cognitive development and how
Personal Awareness & Preparedness for Social Work Practice Part 1: Own Professional Lens Past Beliefs. People hold different beliefs towards every profession and social work is not an exception. Although the beliefs might vary across different communities, they have significant impacts on social workers and their practice as well (Sousa & Eusébio, 2007). For instance,