Training and Summary Online Training: Write 5 things you learned from the training The training was about children and adolescents affected by traumatic brain injury. It involves a detailed presentation and a post test. The five concepts I learnt from this training include; the similarities between Local Management Entity (LME) and the Managed Care
Transformation of Aboriginal Family Life in Canada The Aboriginal people were the original inhabitants of Canada way before their colonization by the French and British in the 16th century. Aboriginal communities in Canada, such as the Inuit and Metis, had cohesive systems of governance, language, culture, and family structures that regulated their interactions and relations.
Conflict Resolution 1. What causes conflicts? Based on the materials and discussions what makes some conflicts more difficult to resolve (protracted) than others? Conflict is part of the intrinsic human nature and a salient feature of human society. The certainty of competing goals, aims, objectives, needs, and wants of people within a society ignite and
Locating an Empirical Research Article A study on the “challenges of achieving sustainable community health services for community case management of malaria” by Boakye et al (2018) is given an in-depth view. Authors of the article examined Community Case Management of malaria (CCMm) using Community Health Workers (CHWs) as an approach that was geared towards
Appreciative Inquiry Analysis of the National Science Foundation The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent public institution charged with funding and promoting scientific research in the United States. NSF plays a fundamental role in the development of scientific research and innovation in the U.S. and is, therefore, heavily funded by the American federal government.
Theory Identification and Analysis Human behavior is complex and to gain insight into this aspect, social workers often utilize various theoretical frameworks. Social workers also utilize theoretical frameworks to create positive outcomes for their customers. Therefore, having an understanding of human social behavior is essential in social work practice as it allows social workers to
Productivity Management Challenges in Human Services Organizations One of the common challenges in the service industry is productivity management. Unlike in industries dealing directly with products, measuring or even improving productivity in the service industry, specifically human services, can be challenging due to several factors and the industry’s characteristics. Some of the common features of
Relationship Between Purpose of Study and Data Analysis Techniques Research typically involves variables, conditions, and groups of participants to determine the relationship between variables or groups. Descriptive statistics describe the characteristics of the data in a particular study (Weiss, 2015). Generally, there are four types of descriptive statistics: central tendency measurement, position measurement, variance measurement,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy The importance of psychotherapy or counseling theories cannot be underestimated, especially when a social worker is addressing an issue that involves a client’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Counseling theories help social workers to navigate through the journey of a client from diagnosis to post-treatment. Numerous theories have been established, and they form
Integrating Theory into Professional Practice As psychotherapy is increasingly focusing on the relief of symptoms, therapists are largely relying on comprehensive theories of personality to guide their therapeutic practice. Notably, every personality theory integrated into therapeutic practice should be testable and have its validity established before a therapist uses it as a framework to guide