Homelessness in the United States Homelessness has become a major problem in the United States. The federal government has concentrated on addressing homelessness, which has adversely affected many individuals.  Homelessness refers to a condition wherein people lack a fixed, regular, and adequate housing structures. According to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s
The NASW Code of Ethics The professional practice of social work in America is regulated by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. The NASW Code of Ethics enlists the values, principles, and ethical standards that professional social workers in the nation are required to oblige to in the course of their
Building Confidence in Your Child: Text Review Renowned author Dr. James Dobson in his book Building Confidence in Your Child, provides parents and guardians with relevant skills on how to properly raise their kids. Based on an amalgamation of biblical teaching and scientific principles, Dr. Dobson’s masterpiece describes the importance of inculcating an unshakable sense
The Strengths and Limitations of Five Different Spiritual Assessment Methods Article Summary This journal article was written by David Hodge, and published in the health and social work journal of 2005. According to the article, the author believes that one of the tools and resource that can be utilized in the treatment of patients, as
  Women’s Equal Pay for Equal Work For various years, equal pay for equal work has been a topic of discussion and women have been fighting for it in everything they do. This paper will explore the possible causes of wage differences between men and women and several acts that have been implemented to deal
An Observation of Adult Daycare Program The adult day care program that I visited provided daytime care for adults in a group setting in the society. The program was located at St Francis of Assisi parish. The program was for adults who returned to their residences and caregivers at the end of the day. In
Effect of War on the Health and Life of Children The ongoing war between Israel and Palestine has brought about the continuous infringement of the rights of citizens. The rights of both the Palestinians and Israelites have been violated in many ways because of Israel occupying the Palestinian territory. In fact, the war has resulted
Abstract Values and attitudes are faces of admiration with which every person in the society regards an object; the admiration that everyone is concerned about. However, in search for a counselor, a person should look for one who is both professionally and expertly qualified as well as motivated by an authentic yearning to help others.
Abstract  This paper will address factors underlying the development of new counselors as they grow into professionals. As such, the aim of the paper is to reveal some of the fears and doubts that those wishing to become or are already training as counselors face. In essence, the discussion unveils ways in which Corey and
Social Worker Involvement A social-worker requires to know about the history of the family dynamic life course that focuses on both unpredictable and predictable changes that can affect the behavior of the entire family across their life course.  The dynamic life course focuses on all major stages of development from conception to adulthood that is