Gender Hegemony and Dual Consciousness Part 1: Gender hegemony is a gender order that favors one gender group; for instance, hegemonic masculinity over the other gender, mainly hegemonic femininities. The gender of a person had less to do with the physical characteristics of a person and was mainly learned after birth. The role of a
“The Class Struggles in France, 1848-1850” by Karl Marx Part I: The Defeat of June 1848 The July Revolution that took place in 1830 ushered in a new era in France. With the installation of Louis Philippe, the Duke of Orleans, as the king, the country entered a new era marked by a major shift
The Creation of Patriarchal Marriage Historically, the marriage institution has dimmed the role of a woman giving rise to patriarchy and gender inequality.  In a world where the “welfare state” has been jeopardized, a woman’s only option of survival is to “marry well”; this is a way of economic security. Nevertheless, once married, her husband’s
Multiculturalism Policy in Canada Question 3: Policies Constituting Canadian Multiculturalism Policy Multiculturalism was originally used to counter biculturalism in Canada. The use of multiculturalism terminology has extended beyond Canada. For example, it was adopted in Australia.  In Canada, multiculturalism is used to refer to a society consisting of diverse ethnicity and culture. Additionally, it refers
Impact of Discrimination on Racial and Economic Inequality A comprehensive study and analysis of contemporary racial and economic inequality in the United States cannot be done without considering the impact of past economic, racial and economic discrimination. Racial inequality is concerned with the study of the advantages and disparities affecting the various racial groups in
Part A What is materialism? Materialism is a form of metaphysics that asserts that matter is the universe’s fundamental reality and that the actions of material components are the only rational explanations for all phenomena in the universe (Barbour 66). In this perspective, spirituality and religion are considered unable to explain fundamental phenomena in the
Medicaid Healthcare Insurance Medicaid The healthcare system in U.S has evolved over the years to include implementation of healthcare insurance programs such Medicare, S-Chip and Medicaid.  Medicaid is a health plan to millions of Americans from low-income status that is administered by states according to the federal requirements. Rosenberg (2018) reported that in January 2018,
Karl Marx Question #3 Capitalism refers to a political and economic system in which a country or state’s trade and production industry are privately controlled for profit-making motives (Jahan & Ahmed). The system can also be referred to as a free enterprise or private enterprise. There are various features that distinguish a capitalistic system from
The Ruling Ideas: Marxist Analysis of American Popular Culture Part 1 German Ideology is a collection of manuscripts comprising of polemics written by communist philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It is based on the argument of what distinguishes humans from animals. It provides an in-depth analysis of the relation between the concepts of human
Sociology of Diversity Q1: Give an example of a group of people who have been represented as inferior in the history of Canada, and discuss how this form of representation may influence the identity formation of individuals who are identified as part of that group. When discussing your example, consider why identity formation is complex