Benefits of Stem Cell Research Diseases are some of the most challenging aspects of human life. Since antiquity, humans strive towards not only prolonging life but also leading healthy lives. Advances in science, technology, and medicine have been instrumental in this regard witnessed through triumphs over some diseases and improved life expectancy. Despite these triumphs,
Abstract The church in the African American community was traditionally established to serve the ministerial needs of the community. Through the years, the church has played important roles in the lives of African Americans, not only through addressing their ministerial needs but also active involvement in the political, economic, and social lives of the members.
Bringing Feminist Sociology to Smart-Girl: Building a University-Nonprofit Partnership The project identified in the case study involved empowering girls to eradicate gender-based inequality in society. The research was carried out in Colorado spring, and the societal problem addressed by the project is societal inequalities, with the central theme being girl bullying. The study focused on
Purposeful Classroom Environments Purposeful learning environments enhance diversity and encourage students to exploit their potentials. Encouraging diversity in cultural texts, facilitating class discussions, and varying the learning styles maximize learning effectiveness and encourage learners to incorporate religious perspectives in learning. In purposeful learning environments, educators incorporate alternative viewpoints or histories from diverse perspectives. The texts
Capital Punishment and Equal Treatment of Criminals The capital punishment practice has attracted debates on whether it is justified or not. I do not support capital punishment because it is irreversible and can potentiality lead to the execution of innocent people. The Eighth Amendment supports capital punishment if it is not deemed as cruel based
Colonialism and Canadian Aboriginal Family Life Canadian Aboriginals, also known as the First Nations, are indigenous peoples of Canada. The Aboriginals lived and existed in Canada for several years before the discovery of Canada by both the French and British. Before the colonization of Canada by the British, the First Nations had elaborate, well-established, and
Assimilation and Multiculturalism A significant concern in immigration research is diversity perspective (multiculturalism and assimilation) leads to greater gains, particularly in areas of high immigration concentration. In assimilation, minority group members abandon their traditions and gradually adopt the dominant groups’ cultural practices. Over time, the newcomers shed the culture of their home country so that
Self is the Product of Social Processes The self is a product of social processes because it results from social interactions and the preconditions of such interactions. The self is seen as a social emergent because it is something that develops continuously (Kärtner, Keller, Chaudhary & Yovsi, 2012).  Self is not initially there, but after
Reproductive Versus Transformative Learning Focus and the Relevance in Global Citizenship Education The race for global citizenship education from the lens of cosmopolitanism has faced two opposing framing paradigms. On the one hand, reproductive learning envisions disregard of learners’ values, experience, and ultimate identity; instead, it emphasizes mimicking content, process, and social structures perceived to
Global Inequalities and Access to Resources Natural, human capital and technology are significant resources utilized by nations to generate wealth and enhance production, aspects significant in socio-economic growth. However, there are varied barriers that influence the successful and efficient use of these resources thus increasing inequalities in nations. Natural resource is used to general wealth