Compare and Contrast the Impacts of Alienation between Characters in your one Book

Classic English Literature


Alienation plays a big role in the modification of the characters in the book, ‘Eye of the World.’ This essay compares and contrasts the impact of alienation among the characters. ‘Eye of the world’ is the initial book in the series, ‘The Wheel of times.’ The book was written by Robert Jordan and released first in 1990. The study asserts that alienation brings out the best personality in an individual. This is depicted through the journey they take, which has offered defining moments in the lives of the characters. The journey therefore undertaken by the characters greatly influence their identities.


Moiraine, an Aes Sedai creates the Eye of the World. Her inner intention is to reveal the inner powers of Rand and his friends. Rand is confronted by Aginor and Balthamel during the alienation. During this period, Moiraine comes to confirm that Rand is indeed the Dragon Reborn (Jordan, 102). His responsibility is to lead victoriously the forces of light in opposition to the Dark one, Shaitan. The start of the journey marks exposes the spiritual nature of the characters. The village is defined to be simple and quite until Moiraine emerges. The characters are said to be living simple and boring lives until the attack of the agents of Shaitan. All of their lives change as the journey commences. For instance, women and men rarely associated within the village. The journey makes the group of seven to rely on each other’s expertise and company for protection and survival.

The journey assists the characters to realize their inner strength. Rand and his friends initially lived in a village, unaware of their powers and their destiny. This is revealed only after the attack of the village by the Trollocs (Jordan, 284). During this separation, Rand, through the female magician comes to realize of his fate as the dragon reborn. His separation highlights his talents as a warrior. This bravery comes into play during the confrontations with Balthamel and Aginor. During the alienation, Perrin realizes that he is able to communicate with the wolves. Without the separation, it would have been impossible to realize that Perrin is a wolf-brother. Egwene comes to realize that she is an incumbent Aes Sedai, a magician. By the assistance of Moiraine, Egwene is able to channel, and exercises her ability as they journey to the Eye of the World. Nynaeve learns of her inner ability to channel. Unlike Egwene, she fails to accept her inner ability. Thus, the power to channel is not strengthened.


Unlike his counterparts who develop an inner strength for positive developments, Mat comes to inherit hatred and paranoia (Jordan, 680). This further alienates him from his friends and their achievements. Unlike the initial character of the magician, Moiraine comes out to be individualistic. This is depicted by her personal desire to know the real dragon reborn. She goes to the extent of coming up with this alienation plan. Through her magic, she manages to realize that the three men are significant in the future. Rand and his counterparts believe her when she reveals that they are endangered. Though a woman, they come to believe her words and follow her guidance to the Eye of the World.

Nynaeve is depicted as a strong and a brave lady. Despite the terrifying and the threatening journey, Nynaeve is willing to follow her friends. She hides her fears and weaknesses behind the hope for victory. When called upon to act, Nynaeve is willing to follow orders. This she does despite her young age. Nynaeve is barely ten years old, yet she is walking and cooperating with young adults who are ten years her age. Hence, Nynaeve refuses to be defined by her surroundings. She comes out as bold and mature for her age. When Moiraine emphasizes that she has to channel as her power is within a magician, she refuses to accept this duty and fails to own up this role.

Women characters are depicted more as real than objects. This is heavily contrasting with the present women in the period of when the book was written. Other than being real to themselves, these women are shown to have masculine characters. They also end up leading their men instead of the men leading them. For instance, Moiraine comes out as a leader of the troop. Attack ensues in the village and It seems the three characters are the target. Through her warning and guidance, they escape the weapons of their enemies. Rand and his friends manage to be convinced with Moiraine despite their stand.


Alienation indeed has played a significant role in the modification of the characters. The study asserts that alienation brings out the best personality in a person. Rand for instance came to realize that he was destined for greatness, as he was the Dragon Reborn, in whose hands the world was to experience victory from the hands of the Shaitan. Contrasting characters are revealed through the journey the characters make.  This offers defining moments in their lives. The journey therefore undertaken by the characters greatly influence their identities.


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