Comparison Essay on Yoga Typology

Yoga Typology

Yoga is a spiritual exercise which includes, breath control, simple meditation and commonly practices for purposes of relaxation and health especially by the Hindu. The purpose of the exercise in the case of Sheldon’s system is giving students a better comprehension of their spirit. Somatotypes, which refers to physique variety and nature of people are core qualities and one of often aware of their essence by evaluating such qualities and estimating them in others. Sheldon, in the system makes the attempt to prove temperament, which is differences behavior in an individual, is related to their physique, which is the physical body development or appearance.

The physique index has 3 figures, endomorphy, mesomorphy and ectomorphy while temperament index has 3 figures as well which include viscerotonia, somatatonia and celebration in that order. Endomorphic component of physique index is responsible for oval shape of the body. The index of physique in endomorphic indicates the body, often has a massive abdomen, where hip measurement is broader than the chest. The endomorphic men have the tendency to add weight around the stomach while endomorphic women add weight on the buttocks and hips. However, viscerotonia temperament often occurs in people of endomorphic physique. The viscerotonia index temperament endows the possessor with the softness of their mind and body, and the people also have characteristics like love for eating, physical comfort, enjoy company and sleeping. Their faces, however are usually babyish, flabby and they have easy and soft movements. The viscerotonic, emotionally show whatever they feel and when troubled, seek consolation. Such people often make interpersonal relations very easy and they are always ready to embrace the world and console others. Such people also have essence weakness, love eating a lot, relaxing often and they have excessive amiability, nevertheless, they fear death.

In the mesomorhic component of the physique index, the body is given a hard, firm, upright quality and an outline that is relatively triangular. A physique of mesomorphy shows broad shoulders and narrow hips for the men while the women they have more broad hips. The Somatotonic individuals are believed to be conquerors and doers. They tend to have high endurance levels, have feelings for others, sleep less and they are insensitive to distraction, pain and noise. What is more, the somatotonic have essence of obstacles, for example, they have a willingness to dominate, blind obedient people and insensitive. Somatotonics are also afraid of growing old.

In the index of physique, Ectomorphic, gives the body’s fragility, flatness of chest, linearity and in general, delicacy. Physique with high ectomoprhy, often is line and does not have much breadth anywhere, having a poo slender muscled limp and delicate bones. The celebrotonic temperament variety, goes with a physique, high in ectomoprhy. Usually, the cerebrotonics are so occupied with their own consciousness and they are more likely to practice yoga than majority of people. The individuals with high cerebrotonia, are seekers as well since they love reading a lot.

However, just as other possessors of different kinds of physique and temperament, the cerebrotonias possessors have essence obstacles they need to learn in order to overcome them. For example, they are often over reactive about anything, have poor sleep habits and distorted sexuality among others.

With the information on Sheldon’s theories on index of physique and index of temperament, I can conclude my index physique is ectomorphic, while I am a cerebrotonic temperament index. The major characteristics of the cerebrotonics is they are introverts, that is they are self-centered and shy, and these reflect my on characteristics. People with high levels of cerebrotoia are believed to lose themselves in dreams, for example, I have dreamt of making numerous friends after I moved to a new city since I was anxious of fitting into a new environment. Probably, this arises because of the fear of rejection by your community of friends and family.

What is more, one of my major weaknesses is that I respond to anything and sometimes, I tend to think I simply do not want to be a loser. I believe if I do not overreact to anything, people can take advantage of me making me a loser. However, when I want to calm down my nerves caused by exhaustion, boredom or tempers, I prefer having some time to ‘cool’ in an isolated, serene area. Cerebrotonias are also made with social phobia and prefer having some privacy moments to themselves. I prefer to stay in the house and watch TV, rather than go out to a gathering. When I was younger, I believed some of the best moments I had were those I spend with myself. Just as characteristics given about individuals with high cerebrotonia, there comes a time when they do not feel embarrassed at anything, they do not care whether they are disliked or liked and they no longer fear gatherings so much as they would prefer to avoid them.

Make any sound while I sleep and I lose sleep for sometimes. After a normal day, I try my best to sleep completely but I am unable to do so if there are any sounds being made around me. Unlike the viscerotonics, who are relaxed people naturally and capable of sound sleep despite sounds made. While I was growing up and I was in teenage years, controlling my sexual urges and thoughts especially at social events was hard. So much as I and my friends enjoyed to hit on the opposite sex, the feeling was so intense in me such that I would almost do anything in order to enjoy it more. At that time, the sexual urge was great. In school, I and my friends, who were adolescents, would spend a lot of our free time talking of girls in our school and the approach to use with them. That was our life as a teenager. Moments that were very daring and shy as well. What generally drove us to do such things was he high curiosity level we had and we also were anxious about discovering ‘fun’ stuff.

The cerebrotonics could also admire some qualities posed by Somatotonics, like their physical endurance but they will not admire their insensitivity. The cerebrotonics also find insensitive characteristics by the somatotonia, who use the character to better themselves in different ways or to better the society. For example, a number of elected leaders are believed to be Somatotonics and they actually use their insensitivity characteristics to ensure they win, they pass laws to ensure anything being used that affects their level of consciousness, is fully banned and users are compelled to face the law.

Some of the somatotonics who chose to join others professions however, tend to be extremely violent compared to their colleagues, since their character of insensitivity makes them not to understand issues that affect a group of people unless they get hit over the head and due to thus, they apply the same techniques to others.

The cerebrotonics as well make good legislatures with the Somatotonics. Insensitivity characteristics of Somatotonics and the manner in which they are dominated by their intellectual brain, would make great debate on what needs to be made into law, for the better approach of all individuals in society. Being an active individual in a different discussion, so long as they are debatable, makes me believe I actually belong to the cerebrotonics.

Yoga by students is supposed to help them understand their essence of weakness as well as learn now they can overcome such weakness as well as how they can go through their time to time activities without any obstacles bringing them down. Students, however, should have ability to bring unity to conflicting temperament traits. In as much as the student cannot change who they are, this process helps different people from different temperaments learn each other’s weaknesses and traits and to treat them positively regardless of differences between them all. This creates love and unity, since all can work together and assist one another deal with their weaknesses.