Education Assignment: A Study of the issue of Technical Competence among Malaysian Undergraduate Students

A Study of the issue of Technical Competence among Malaysian Undergraduate Students


This questionnaire is aimed at assisting in the studying of the subject of technical competence amidst Malaysian undergraduate students by learning the integration of Problem Based Learning (PBL) in higher learning. You will take, at most, an hour to complete the questionnaire. Your private details will be maintained firmly confidential. In this regard, you will be assigned a number and instead of writing your name, you will be required to write the given number. Kindly answer every one of the questions that follow.

Assigned number:

. Questions associated with students’ insight in PBL

  1. Does PBL efficiently develop students’ technical competence amid Malaysian undergraduate students by that it eventually influences their knowledge attainment?
  2. What is the comparison of PBL with other kinds of teaching that you have encountered?
  3. What is your overall perception on the design of this course?
  4. Briefly explain some of your positive experiences of PBL
  5. Kindly explain some of the experiences of PBL that you found to be hard or unhelpful
  6. In programming, how do you think the implementation of PBL will improve students’ acquisition of proficiencies required in developing codes?

. Questions associated with students’ approval of PBL

  1. What was done by the lecturer that you found very helpful?
  2. According to you, are there any features of the facilitation that are unsupportive of group learning?
  3. What is your level of satisfaction concerning the facilitator’s assistance that backs your learning?
  4. What is your level of satisfaction regarding the influence of group members that enhances your learning?
  5. What are the insights, contentment, and inspiration toward the application of PBL in technical competence amid Malaysian undergraduate students?
  6. In 3D modelling, do you think exploring application of PBL will promote the incorporation of theory and practice in learning to allow students to think and design models?
  7. Do you think the incorporation of PBL into undergraduate technical learning will help in avoiding the crisis related to change in teaching policies?

. Questions associated with students’ inspiration in PBL

  1. Can PBL enhance students’ success in Mathematics?
  2. In which way does the PBL Computer science and IT class motivate your learning?
  3. Explain what motivates you most when studying Computer science and IT in PBL groups?
  4. Explain the most frustrating experience when studying Computer science and IT in PBL groups?
  5. Do you prefer PBL to traditional ways of teaching?
  6. Is it easy to pursue the activities in PBL program?

. Questions related to students’ learning achievement in PBL

  1. Explain what you have achieved and that can be attributed to the PBL-based class.
  2. Has PBL evaluation boosted your interest in technical learning?
  3. Has the PBL evaluation allowed you to completely illustrate what you have learned?
  4. In which way has PBL enhanced your learning?


In the following section, tick the appropriate choice in the space provided.

            No. Proposition Accept  Tend to Accept Tend to Deny Deny
24. I understand the kind of learning and the anticipations of group contribution.
25. It is simple for me to handle a problem when the syllabus is provided.
26. I always seek to offer the right feedback concerning my group members.


I am willfully awake to the fact that my peers are evaluating me.
28. My peers do not hesitate to offer me feedback regarding my performance as a member of the group.
29. My facilitator offers me helpful feedback regarding my performance.
30. I appear to understand how well I advance with non-PBL subjects as compared to PBL subjects.
31. In case I encounter hardship in PBL, I understand what I am required to do to triumph over it.
32. I am ready to respond to whichever question concerning what I have been tasked to study in case anyone challenges my understanding.
33. According to me, PBL is helpful to boost my comprehension of technical subjects.
34. When I face difficulties, I choose to seek help from my peers and not to my facilitators.
35. I comprehend technical subjects better through PBL than traditional methods of learning.
36. My facilitator directs me in my areas of difficulty as compared to just informing me the right answer to the question at hand.
37. My facilitator permits the members of my group to make some errors until we realize and work through the problem.
38. The facilitator frequently checks if my group is making strides in the right direction.
39. I take a lot of time on PBL subjects when judged against the time I take on non-PBL subjects.
40. I am grappling well with PBL.
41. In brief, I value PBL.


  1. Write anything else you deem fit concerning this study.

Thank you for taking your time to answer the questions