Education Sample Homework Paper on Education and evolution

Education and evolution


Education and evolution

Researchers suggest that American students lack sufficient education in math and science to compete globally. The controversy about teaching evolution affects and reflects this problem as it holds that the main purpose of teaching sciences is to develop equity as well as equality globally. This is because, what is taught in schools about them, links with the culture in a powerful way that shows that man has developed. Science and mathematics are essential discipline in economical and world works. Evolution is defined as gradual process that involves a change from simplicity to complexity. Darwin is one of the recognized scientists when it comes to evolution. He developed the theory of natural selection. The theory states that changes associated with evolution arise when a generation produces offsprings that have variation.

The variable feature of the individuals helps them to survive differently. Those individuals that are lucky enough to possess characters that will increase their chances of surviving also have higher chances of reproducing (Ridley, 2009). The offsprings that are born are usually lucky enough to inherit the same survival traits from their parents. This helps  them in improving future generations. This is because; the traits will be passed from one generation to the other when the individuals with the variant traits reproduce which gives a way to evolution. What the theory holds about those individuals is that if they belong to the same origin, they will possess similar traits. The theory proves that evolution is real because at early stages of development, all species have a similar appearance but as they grow, they develop different features.

Scientists have tried to distinguish their work from religion by providing proofs to their works. Unlike religion that is based on faith, science has been attached to some theoretical and practical proofs to make the two different. US Courts have rejected attempts to require public schools to teach creationism or intelligent designs because they are associated with poor and learning environment are not suitable to provide them with quality education that is demanded in science. The poor do not have enough money to offer quality well equipped learning requirements that will in return help learners in gaining the concepts that taught in class.

The Christian commitment to truth should lead Christians to support the Darwinian and neo-Darwinian scientific research. This is because the researches have proved to affirm that they are based on truths and thus, they should not be an exceptional for Christians not to support it. The neo-Darwinian model is very fertile as the authors describe it. The author means that the model is effective and the offspring is produced are viable. The author also means that the model provides knowledge that is rich enough to advance the understanding of individuals. One of the examples given is the Mendel Law, which holds that it is during the period of germination that living species acquire variations through genetic inheritance. The two gametes from the two parents involved in reproduction fuse and this results to the offspring obtaining characters from the two parents (Stubbe, 2012). The offspring gets certain traits from the two of them depending on the nature of genes carrying the trait. For instance in a human being, the zygote obtains the dominant genes may they be from the mother or the father.



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