English Essay on Key to College Success: Discussion

Key to College Success: Discussion

  1. Explain in your own words why the SQ3R process is so effective.

The SQ3R method is so effective because it helps one to discover the most important facts and ideas in a textbook and retain the information in preparation for an assessment. The step-by-step approach to studying helps to build mental frameworks for linking words to thoughts. Its effectiveness can also be seen through how it helps a learner to organize what they read in their mind as well as how it helps one to separate the most important information from what would be considered as less relevant details. Although it takes time to master the technique of SQ3R, it is an important approach that helps learners to maximize their reading comprehension and retention of written information. Because it is an approach that helps to extract the highest amount of benefit from study time, it saves time that could have been spent perusing through non-important work.

  1. The author believes that reading is an “analytical process that requires the reader to make meaning from written words.” Explain how this is done and give an example.

Reading is a multi-dimensional aspect because it is more than just the words. For example, economics books outlining how different sectors support the economy are focusing on explaining complex processes. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the readers to take time and focus on each line, and rationally and critically think about the presented information. This is a process that requires thinking analytically about this information to infer what the author meant to say. By making sense of presented information, a reader is able to develop a higher level of understanding that is beyond recall. A journal article may be explaining a national phenomenon by presenting different levels of complementary information. To make meaning of the information, the reader will have to examine the causes, evaluate presented ideas, and test the assumptions and arguments to make more meaning of the written words.

  1. Why is it so important to read with a purpose? Give examples.

It is very important to establish a purpose before embarking on reading. This is because, without a purpose, it is very easy to lose your focus, such that by the time you are done reading, you find that you do not remember what you have read. Reading with a purpose helps a reader to find what they were looking for using relatively minimum amount of time. It is an efficient and effective way of reading. For example, you might embark on analyzing the development of a character throughout a novel that has multiple characters. Without a purpose, a reader may wander into other sections of the novel and fail to focus on the character in question. By the end of reading little information, if any, will have been collected and learnt about the character.

  1. What is the difference between skimming and scanning? In what circumstances is each technique appropriate?

Skimming and scanning are speed-reading methods that enable readers to go through a vast amount of information very rapidly. The two methods are different in purpose. Skimming involves moving one’s eyes rapidly over a text with the aim of capturing only the major ideas as well as a general overview of the content. Skimming is more appropriate when reviewing text that has already been read and most useful when reading material that does not require more detailed attention. It is a method that helps to locate information quickly without having to read through everything. In contrast, scanning involves covering a vast amount of text rapidly with the aim of locating a specific piece of information. It could be a date, name, or statistic. It is a technique that is appropriate when the reader understands the structure of the material and is in a hurry to locate certain information.

  1. What note-taking system described in the book would work for you, and why?

Note-taking is an important part of studying. Of the discussed note-taking systems, the outline method would be most effective in my studies. I prefer organized work that graduates from one aspect to another. The advantage of using an outline is that it enables the reader to record content and relationships in an organized manner. I prefer this method also because it is easy to review and it turns points into questions. Being a well-organized system, it reduces the amount of editing that is required at the end of a lesson. In the case that the lecturer provides guided notes, the outline method becomes even more effective because the structure is already in place and all the reader has to do is fill in the spaces. I prefer this note-taking method because I am used to reading extra material after class and the outline helps me to focus on the areas that could be assessed.

  1. Explain the writing process and why it is important to successful writing. Have you used such a process before?

The writing process that involves planning, drafting, revising, and editing is systematic in a way that helps to express thoughts with clarity. Organizing one’s ideas in a way that the reader will understand takes time, focus, and commitment. This is why the planning stage involves activities such as brainstorming topic ideas, conducting research and noting the thesis statement that will guide the writing. After the planning stage, the writer focuses on drafting the paper to reflect the projected outline. This is the part where ideas are organized to express one’s thoughts. Once the drafting process is complete, the writer has to revise and edit the work to ensure the paper fulfills the requirements of the assignment and is free of technical mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

The writing process is important in successful writing because it guides writers to express their thoughts and achieve their purpose for writing. I may not have used this process before, but I plan on following the guide to produce quality work in college.


  1. How can you eliminate mistakes in your writing? How will good writing factor into your future career goals? Be as specific as possible.

One of the ways of eliminating mistakes in writing is through proofreading and involving a peer reviewer for feedback. It is also important to revise one’s work to ensure the identified mistakes are corrected. This is a process that I plan on incorporating into my writing. Most importantly, good writing will carry on into my future career goals through the way I will draft memos, notices, and business documents in my field of experience. My aim is to become a business leader. Therefore, good writing will be necessary to communicate with other professionals on a daily basis. Mistakes can distort the message and cause confusion in a business organization, but good writing prevents such inconsistency.

  1. What is a thesis statement and how would you go about developing a good one? Develop a good thesis statement for you take-home final exam (see Syllabus).

A thesis statement is a point of argument that guides a writer throughout the writing process. It is a statement that a writer uses to explain to the reader what a paper contains. It offers a concise summary of what an essay claims before the writer embarks on presenting supporting evidence. For example, a writer may state that “legalizing the use of marijuana in California will greatly benefit the health sector by giving patients access to its lifesaving features.” This is an argument that can be opposed, but the writer has a chance to provide evidence to support the claim.


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