Essay on The Rogue valley Transit District Campaign

The Rogue valley Transit District Campaign (RVTD)

Strategies and Tactics

Because of the current challenges that RVTD is experiencing that include inadequate funds in supporting public transit as a service, the firm cannot ensure services’ reliability and efficiency. It is also facing a threat to its existence. Consequently, the firm started a campaign that is aimed at increasing supporters’ number of the funding levy. This will raise property tax for Rogue Valley. Proper strategies’ development as well as tactics is required in order to increase RVTD’s needs awareness for funding for women aged from 30 to 49 years by 15% and between 50 and 60 years by 15%.

Developing reliable tactics and strategies that will increase property tax of the company will prevent it from exiting the market because it will make its operations profitable while enabling it to meet the ever growing public transportation needs. As such, the firm intends to increase potential sponsors’ number for funding tax which is a measure for augmenting funds sources and improving services’ quality. Therefore, the company will raise funds more sufficiently and this will raise RVTD by enhancing efficiency in transit services. More revenue will also be generated.

For RVTD’s needs awareness to be increased among the women between 30 and 49 years old by 15%, RVTD ought to be focused and determined in coming up with strategies for long-term funding via different approaches that include long-term plans as well as services’ expansion in order to reach different market targets. This implies that the firm has to expand service hours within the current routes and in the lately identified routes in order to increase the collected revenues. There are several days when this ought to be applied including Saturday. Dong this would be responding to increased revelation that more financial support comes from the public because of the increasing transport needs over the weekends and more specifically during Saturdays.

It is a fact that the human resource of RVTD is well-managed and efficient. This is why mobilizing resources can be easy for this company and making significant adjustments that will increase RVTD’s funding supporters in order to raise property tax for Rogue Valley. The company should depend on several outreach programs in targeting women between 30 and 49 years. Actually, it can be easier instead of cheap for the company to increase RVTD’s needs awareness for funding to women below this age category by making sure that every outreach program tackles the funding levy.

In addition, RVTD ought to recoup and seek important trust from the public by implementing relations’ strategies. As such, the desire of the company to raise awareness about the anticipated levy should depend on the relations’ strategies for the public. This way, the company will have a favorable public perception which will amplify vital support for the levy among the target groups. As a result, funding will be increased and this will enhance efficiency in service delivery.

Additionally, proper market analysis and research ought to be performed prior venturing into any market. This way, RVTD will identify the potential customers in the target age bracket and rally supporters so that it can earn trust from them and increase funding as well as achieve quality in the overall service delivery. This requires RVTD to offer alternative transport means as well as perpetual education to the public in relation to its commitment in community service in order to eliminate negative potential clients’ perception.

The firm ought to use different media in creating intimidate nexus among women in the 50 to 60 age bracket. Contrary to the past years when information about a company was rare, RVTD should depend on different electronic and print media in informing its target audience regarding it progress as well as to appreciate their vital support. This way, the company will have enhanced communication for its proposed funding among the women in this age bracket.

Additionally, the company can also depend on brokers and agents in enhancing potential client’s access in this age category in order to provide information that relates to this levy. RVTD can also consider using customer referrals and “thank you” program in relation to quality and reliability of its services. The firm ought to prioritize door-to-door campaign that targets women in the 50-60 age categories. Apart from informing the target group, this will also ensure that the firm can depend on them for support and this will assist in earning trust from them.