Essay sample on Crimean War Timeline

Crimean War Timeline

The Crimean War is a historical event that began in October 1853 and went on till February 1856. In the conflict Russia was up against allied forces that comprised of Sardinia, France and the Ottoman Empire. There are several causes that have been attributed to the war but the immediate one was about the rights of minorities who were mainly Christians living in the land owned by the Ottoman Empire. Towards the beginning of the conflict, Russia was advocating for the rights of Orthodox Christians while France promoted those of Catholics.

The Ottoman Empire declared war on Russia in October 1853. However, the confrontation would only continue for one month before Russia destroys Turkish fleet off Sinope. The Ottoman Empire lost the war and had to seek help from the allied forces. On 12th March 1954, an alliance between France, Britain and Turkey is officially formed. In March 27th, British and French forces declare war on Russia. However, their advance would be cut short due to an attack on Turkey by Greece. In May 18th, the Western powers declare a blockade on Greece upon which the latter promises to remain neutral in the war.

The allied troops landed in Crimea on September 14th 1854 to take part in the Battles of Gama and Inkerman that took place on 20th of the same month and 25th of the following month respectively. Before the Battle of Inkerman, the allied troops had laid a siege on Sebastopol. In November, another Battle of Inkerman occurred where many lives were lost. However, this did not bring the conflict to a slow pace; instead, the stakes were raised even higher with each side focused on winning the war.

As the war continued into 1855, Piedmont that is also referred to as Sardinia joined in the Crimean War. As the war ravaged on, Sebastopol was capitulated to the allied forces on 11th September. One month on, the war was still intense with Russia pushing in their forces to conquer the Ottoman Empire. On 28th November, Kars is forced to surrender to the Russians.

On 29th January 1856, Sebastopol is faced with a massive bombardment carried out by the Russians. In the following month, Paris Peace Conference was scheduled to take place and it did go on as planned. The conference opened on 24th February 1856. After the fall of Sebastopol, Russia remained isolated and based on the losses that it had suffered, its only option was to make peace. Russia made peace with the allied forces in March 1856.

The Crimean War was mainly fought in and around Crimea. However, there were also smaller confrontations that occurred in the Baltic Sea, White Sea, Anatolia, the Pacific Ocean and Caucasus. At the end of the war, the religious issues had been resolved and Russia withdrew its troops and warships from the Black Sea. Besides, two nations; Moldavia and Wallachia were able to freely enjoy the labor of their independence without any interference.

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