Essay sample on US Civil War Timeline

US Civil War Timeline

On November 6th 1860, Abraham Lincoln is elected as the first Republican president. In his speech, he declares that his government will no longer endure the idea of half slave, half free. Just within his first month in office, South Carolina secedes from the Union followed by Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Texas in the next two months.

In February 1861, the Confederate States of America is formed and Jefferson Davis is elected as its president. In the following month, Abraham Lincoln would be sworn in as the 16th President of the USA. Having spent barely a month in office, he comes face to face with the beginning of the civil war that was triggered by an attack on Fort Sumter, South Carolina by the Confederates on April 12th 1861. The Union is forced to surrender the fort to the Confederates.

In order to contain the brewing conflict, President Lincoln calls for a special session of Congress. He also gives out a proclamation calling for 75,000 militiamen just three days after the attack. On April 17th, Virginia also secedes from the Union. This was followed suit by Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee, leading to the creation of eleven states.

Astonished by how events were unfolding, Lincoln makes an address to the Congress requesting for a Union army to be enlisted. Congress heeds the call and authorizes half a million men, an indication that the war would not end soon. On 21st July 1861, the First Battle of Bull Run begins whereby the Union forces are quickly overpowered and retreat back to Washington.

In March 9th 1862, the battle of Moniter and Merrimack begins. The confrontation is a draw but changes the stakes for naval warfare forever. It is from this war that both forces began using steel warships after their wooden ships failed. In the following month, the Confederates and Union forces confront each other again at the Battle of Shiloh where 10,000 and 13,000 lives were lost from both sides respectively.

Starting June 1862, the Confederate army is engaged in a seven day battle that would see him withdraw towards the North. However, they would regain their victory in the Second Battle of Bull Run in August where the Union suffered great losses. In Sept 17th, the Union forces face the bloodiest war in the Battle of Antietam. In this war, the Union forces lost more than 26,000 men.

In September 22, President Lincoln announced the first emancipation proclamation declaring the intention of his government to free all slaves in the newly captured territories. In January 1963, Emancipation Proclamation is issued. From this time on, the civil war became a war against slavery.

For the next one year, the war would still ravage on leaving scores dead, thousands of casualties and millions worth of property destroyed. In April 9th 1865, the war would come to an end following the Surrender of General Robert Lee of the Confederates to General Ulysses Grant of the Union forces in Virginia.

In April 18th1865, General Joe Johnston who headed the largest Confederates army is also forced to surrender in North Carolina. This came after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. In December 6th, the States ratify the 13th Amendment that would abolish slavery for good.

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