Hard Work Self-Motivation and Resilience as a Route to Success for Young Men

Hard Work, Self-Motivation, and Resilience as a Route to Success for Young Men

In the contemporary society, especially in my country, Kuwait, there is a social issue that most of the young men have been giving up in their first obstacle and they want things in a cheap way. Some of them think that the government or the country should offer them a job, house, and money. These individuals have the urge to live extravagantly, but they do not have the resilience and the high motivational stance of making sure that they work hard to attain it.  This rush has made most of them to give up and, in the end, indulge in crime, which makes the country to face a high level of moral decadence. The movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” has a connection with the main idea of this social issue. Briefly, Chris Garden is a salesperson who struggles to find a job, which can enable him and his son to sleep under a roof and eat fresh food. The main argument of the movie is that people should be self-motivated, never give up, and invest a considerable amount of hard work to achieve their pursuit of happiness. This paper provides an insightful analysis of the movie with a keen concern for the social issue addressed in the film. Resilience and hard work without giving up are some of the prevailing themes that should be ideally embraced by most of the young people. This paper will discuss the need to have a heart of never giving up to succeed in life. The virtue of being self-motivated, working hard, and taking full responsibility for your actions are some of the vital areas discussed in this prospect.

In the movie, self-motivation is evidently seen in the behavior of the main character, Chris Gardner. A person should be self-motivated; being self-motivated can help the person to have self-resisting from the negative people. For instance, one negative opinion about the individual’s talent can kill the talent. Motivation can make the person’s enemy invisible for him because he/she will be busy with success. People should motivate their selves and work hard to achieve their goals. In the movie, Gardner is self-motivated to provide for his only child at the time of financial difficulties. The self-motivated heart depicted by the character is drives him to higher levels of aptitude. He is motivated to get the stockbroker job where he goes out of his way to measure up to the big investors by borrowing money to take a cab to meet his clients (The Pursuit of Happiness,). This intrinsic motivation in the contemporary society should be the norm. The current situation of unemployment could be quickly scrapped out if the young men and women of today, who should have an active mind and stay focused on the ultimate goal of making sure that they get the best of their adventure.

The art of giving up has caused death to the young men who cannot wait for the opportune time to exploit their talents. The broad perspective of the whole scenario connotes that the lack of resilience and the need to have cheap things make the young men have the advent of giving up quickly. After a failure, giving up is always the first and the easiest option for the person, but an individual should never consider giving up as an option. People should forget the word “give up,” as it makes the person to learn how to succeed and there is no significant success without hard work. Giving up is the worst end of an individual’s dream; it is better to fail than to give up because from failure, a person learns something while from abandon, a person learns nothing. In the movie, the main character never gives up.  One prominent thing that comes out clearly at this point is that holding on to a dream and surging on to try, like Gardner did, makes the difference between a successful person and a failure.  The fact that Gardner was able to go an extra mile of making sure that he does best against the financial constraint is a depiction of a high level of resilience that each youth should embrace (The Pursuit of Happiness,).

Hard work always pays because it is the key to success. People should work for their dreams instead of hoping for them. Even if an individual fail after hard work, he/she should be happy that try to learn from the mistakes. Life sometimes might be tough, but nothing is offered on a silver platter. Hard work is the valuable passion of a man; the person should create his/her golden chance instead of waiting for it as an idler person. Hard work and persistence postulated by the protagonist of the movie offers a perfect solution to the idle youths who do not want to put an effort in their work. The current state of affairs could be changed by sensitizing the youths on the various opportunities that are available for them to be more productive in building the economy of the country. Gardner focuses on the stock broker’s post even at a time when he is financially unstable and he cannot afford a place to sleep (The Pursuit of Happiness,).  The wife decides to leave her, and she goes to town. At these distressful conditions, Gardner still gives his best as an intern at the brokerage firm. The young men and women of this age should embrace the advent of hard work and highly spirited individuals to achieve their dreams and goals. This virtue is imperative in making sure that they create a self-sustaining environment for the whole fraternity of individuals.

Taking full responsibility for your actions is one virtue that is lacking in most men. It is important to give much attention to the act of being responsible because it is through this virtue that a person’s significance is depicted in the contemporary society. Gardner is keen to provide for his only son at every point of their struggles by ensuring that he eats and he has a good life.  The challenges of his wife leaving him and the loss of his business are not an impediment to providing for his child (The Pursuit of Happiness,). As young men grow into mature adults, they should remember to take responsibility for every action they take.  These responsibilities will make sure that an individual does not deviate from being aggressive in meeting various obligations, hence, making them resilient and respected persons in the society.

In conclusion, many people struggle to achieve their goals in life; this is neutral because goals are not easy to achieve. People should have motivation and hard work to make the impossible to be possible. When a person fails, he/she makes his/her dream easier because he/she can try another possible chance. Taking full responsibility for your actions as you pursue your goals is indispensable in the contemporary society. In order to rectify the social issue of young men giving up when faced with obstacles, the young men should first understand that self motivation is very critical in creating success. Additionally, the notion of giving up can be reduced by making sure that you stay focused and set the right objectives in life. Furthermore, hard work always pays and one will be rewarded according to the effort one makes in life to achieve their dreams. It is also quite important to take full responsibility of our actions by doing things right and exhibiting high quality of work whenever assigned.

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