History Article Review on Common Sense by Thomas Paine

There are three major sections: 
Begin your paper with what kind of writing it is, who is the author,
and where and when was the work produced?

What are the work’s subject and major themes? 
Second, What do you learn from it about the period it comes from? What were the major events of the day?

How did people live and relate to each other?

What important ideas and beliefs were present. 
Lastly, What do they think about important matters of their day, and how do they convey these attitudes in writing?

How do they feel about the characters, issues, and/or ideas they include in the book?

What is their purpose in writing?

Does the author have a particular point to make, what is it, and do they make their point effectively?

I’m not requiring all the questions to be answered that is just an idea of what I need to have in my paper! Thank you!