How people perceive skydiving is risky and in the same time a good experience

How people perceive skydiving is risky and in the same time a good experience


Skydiving is a type of sport of jumping from an aircraft at a given altitude of approximately 6000 feet; it is usually within a period between which a person opens the parachute. This sport began as a major activity and part of the military training but currently it has been adopted as a sport that is trained and engaged in by many as part of leisure. It is a sport that is very misunderstood and filled with many common fallacies and misconceptions and keep people from trying thief beautiful sport. It is heavily regulated by national organizations. It is surprisingly safe to participate in it regularly. From my own experience, skydiving has been in thought but the reality downs in me when I once tried. This work therefore is going to bring out the various misconceptions about this sport and how good the sport is if one participates in that is how an important game it is.


Skydiving is understood by many people as a common fallacy in case a give sky diver knocked with another sky diver in the sky during the process. But people normal fail to reason critically that two falling objects in the sky rarely do they collide if both originate from the seam point with the same speed. This is simple high school physics. In real sense during sky diving process an automatic activation device is used by the participants in whom the device measures the pressure as the diver loses the altitude. The device is set such that as the diver comes down on free fall, it measure altitude and speed of the diver. At a high of seven fifty feet and the speed of 78 meters per second the device will go off automatically and the Para chute will open. At this high if the diver is unconscious then he or she may injure himself. But if the diver is normal the landing will be amazing and adventurous. In large sample the chances that the device will malfunction does not outweighs normal landing and good functioning of the device. Therefore to me sky diving is enjoyable extreme experience.

Jumping is fun, skydiving is not only falling, it is flying-the closest we have been able to come allowed, no mechanical individual flight. It offers maximum freedom that one is able to experience. I therefore want to explain how my first experience was in order to express in what way fun it was.  On the day of jump, I went to the center in the morning and the accelerated free fall training was given to us. The progress included basic parachute tools information, free falling information, emergency events, parachute introductory, canopy control, and lastly landing information. This is why I find this to be one of the safest sport because everyone is given all instructions and equipment necessary therefore I realized that safety is guaranteed if everyone is keen and careful

We were few persons in the classroom. We all studied all the essential lessons to brand a safe skydive. We used harmless gears to study parachute equipment, canopy regulator, and landing. Of course when the flight took off from the ground is when I started feeling extremely worried and excited, I was the most terrified person on board while other skydivers remained very relaxed, probably fear is the risk factor here that is likely to cause minor accident otherwise when one is confident there are fewer chances of mere mistakes that causes risk of accidents.

My jumpmasters were there with us and he was there to hold me as I walk towards the exit door because others had already jumped. I was feeling heavy perhaps because of the parachute equipment, the place was so cold and my goggles were blown off by the wind. I and the master did the go out procedures together and lastly let ourselves out of the airplane. I started feeling a bit encouraged because I was not all alone but was on the hands of our master.

I periodically opened my altimeter to check whether I was in the proper altitude so that I could twitch my ripcord and open the parachute. The required altitude to pull it out remained 5500 feet; I gave a sign to my jumpmaster. That was very enjoyable, when my parachute unlocked faster, after my covering was opened, I checked for any fault. It was seamlessly in good condition and stable. I realized everything was safe because before departure all parachutes are ensured for safety and functionality hence there is no worry of accidents due to faulty parachutes.

I could view the surroundings from high levels of altitude and I enjoyed the view. I could as well see the landing point and I knew everything was fine. I started preparing myself for landing so that I do not fall. It was a five minutes adventure but a very nice one. All along I was with my jump master by my back and I felt not scared when I could see him. Therefore this sport must not be feared because as a beginner and always there are people to monitor your progress to the end

Of course faulty parachutes can kill the skydivers but most often human error is involved such as fear, not following instructions and carelessness. This is a sport just like any other at the same time is very explorative, and it helps in body relaxation and for fun it also helps shed off misconceptions about skydiving hence creating confidence

I used to think that skydiving was the most risk activity that most people who attempts that die but statistics shows that accidents by car are much more than that. And to curb this studies shows that there are medical examination that are conducted for skydivers just before the event and this minimizes the deaths that might be caused by other diseases in the event. The skydivers are also provided with safety apparatus such as helmets to protect against head injuries, safety goggles and others.


The height looked scaring being high above clouds but the entire adventure takes few minutes. As the aircraft reaches the appropriate height and the jumpers take their way, the freefall takes only a few minutes and one opens up the parachute in no time. There is no risk of getting lost because you are alerted at the height to jump; the free-fall takes the same direction. Therefore the sport has much fun and little risks than it is mistaken by many therefore I advice each one to try it out at least once in a life time and be sure you will never want to miss it.