How to Write a College Term Paper

How to Write a College Term Paper

Knowing how to write a college term paper is key to successful college performance. In fact, term papers always account for a greater percentage of your final grades at the end of every semester. Therefore, it is critical that you know how to always deliver high quality college term papers in order to be sure of the best end term results. Contrary to what some may think, writing a term paper for college is quite easy as you will find out herein.

A college term paper can be in the form of an essay, research paper, dissertation or any other academic paper. The aim of writing the paper is to test your analytical and writing skills. Besides, knowing how to write a college term paper will also demonstrate that you can carefully read, understand and follow instructions.

The skills on how to write a college term paper are not only useful during your course but extend even further to other levels of study and career. Mastery of good term paper writing skills will enable you to successfully write other academic papers, reports among other materials. In fact, it is also another ideal way of enhancing your oral communication capabilities.

Guidelines on how to write a college term paper

College term papers are common assignments that you will always be asked to write towards the end of every term. In fact, every student is expected to write a couple of term papers for various course units before the semester comes to a close. This implies you have to know how to write a college term paper that is not simply good but also unique and outstanding in order to attain better grades.

The following guidelines will assist you in making the right preparations for writing a college term paper.

Read and understand the question (s) of the paper

It is always advisable that you get things right straight from the start in order to create a compelling paper. Always take time to first read the instructions and questions of the paper so as to know what is required. In case you are not sure of what is required in the paper, make sure that you get clarifications.

Note that without understanding the question, you will have lost the path and could eventually end up with a poorly written term paper.

Identify your topic

After knowing what is required in the paper, it is important that you settle on a topic to discuss. However, there are instances whereby the question will highlight a specific topic for the paper. If you are given the opportunity to choose a topic for yourself, always go for something that is easy to work on based on your capabilities and interests.

A good topic should also be one that people can research and find information about. This implies you should not choose a topic that is too complex. Besides, it would be ideal if you went for a subject that interests your audience.

Do research on the topic

Depending on the subject that you have identified to discuss in the term paper, you should proceed to gathering information in order to be more conversant with it. Try to get a variety of views about the topic so as to properly understand its different aspects. Both primary and secondary sources are recommended and can offer you the required information.

While doing your research, remember to always take notes of the important and striking points that could help in developing a logical argument about the topic. Besides, it is also important to note down your sources for reference in the paper.

Develop a thesis statement

A thesis statement or hypothesis is the main claim in an academic paper. One of the most important things to note when writing a college term paper is that such kinds of academic papers require the writer to take a specific stand. It is the claim which will be discussed to conclusion in the paper.

Your thesis should be a claim that others can dispute or something arguable. Besides, it should also be one that you are able to comprehensively explain in the paper. Therefore, you have to reason out the ideas obtained from the research with creativity and logic.

The thesis should be an answer or response to the question. By defining the one for your paper, you will be able to easily put together the best points for the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

Create an outline

With reference to the thesis, you should identify and highlight the main ideas to be shared in the term paper. The work of an outline is to provide a precise plan of how the various parts of your paper will be handled in the required order.

The first parts of an outline should clearly indicate the title and a brief description of how the introduction will be crafted, including the thesis statement.

The second part should highlight the topic sentences or key points for the body paragraphs. Besides, it also needs to show examples, evidences or additional information that will be used to give an analysis of every paragraph.

On the last part of your outline, you should also briefly make a short statement highlighting how the discussion in the paper will be summed up.

Steps on how to write a college term paper

By following the recommended procedures outlined below, you can know how to write a college term paper quite easily and fast.


Always make your point in the opening statements. The HIT approach is an ideal one that you can try out. This approach dictates that you start the paper with a Hook, Introduce the topic and give the Thesis.

You can use a question, anecdote or quotes to create a hook for your readers. After that, make a short, clear and straightforward introduction to the subject of the paper. The introduction paragraph should end with a well written thesis which smoothly leads to the body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs

When writing the body paragraphs for your paper, it should be noted that all points or ideas expressed therein should be supportive of the thesis. Always mention the topic sentence for every paragraph in the first statements.

In order to develop strong body paragraphs for a college term paper, try to always give multiple examples, evidences or quotes to support the argument of the topic sentence. For all the information that requires referencing, always ensure that it is done according to the recommended style for the paper.

Create short but subjective paragraphs with sufficient information and proper analysis of your discussion in the paper. Always stick to the main ideas of discussion and avoid vague statements.


In the conclusion of a term paper for college, you should restate the thesis, give an outstanding detail from the body paragraphs, summarize the discussion and leave the readers with something to think about.

Use different words to remind your readers about the main claim of the paper, then wrap things up by giving a comment or pointing to future expectations on the topic if any.

Examples of College Term Papers

You can also easily find out how to write a college term paper by reading professionally written samples. The following are some examples to motivate you in writing good college term papers.

Example 1

Sample college term paper on the Street Corner Society

‘’Historically, Street Corner Society forms part of the few works that can admissibly be referred to as masterpieces of sociological exploration. Park and Burges understood that environmental and commercial factors were transformed into a communal association by the customs and ambitions of those people who live in cities. The sociologists, in their focus on objectivity, never lost sight of the morals that guide human behavior (Park, Burges & McKenzie, 1984)

This paper analyses some of the most important concepts of Street Corner Society through a review of the book by Whyte…’’

Read the rest of the sample here.

Example 2

College term paper on Trade of Prostitution

‘’Prostitution refers to the exchange of sex services for money. It is a trade that generates about $100 billion annually across the globe (Kovari & Pruyt, 2012, p. 1). The factors that shape the trade of prostitution, practices and behaviors towards the trade vary a great deal from one society to another based on cultural, social and political structure of the society…’’

Follow this link to read the whole sample.

Example 3

Term paper essay about E-Learning in Saudi Arabia

‘’E-learning concept has several definitions, descriptions and terms. All of them depend on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and this is their unifying factor. A common definition of E-learning is that it refers to directives that are presented using digital sources that include mobile devices or computers whose intention is to support learning.

Among the common terminologies for describing e-learning include virtual learning, online learning, internet learning and distance learning…’’

Simply click here to read the rest of this sample term paper.


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