How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

Leads on How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

What makes a good research paper? Well, every part of an academic research paper plays a crucial and irreplaceable role. These sections, including the abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussions, and conclusion, are what constitute to a standard paper. However, most students and researchers put emphasis on these sections apart from the conclusion. Is it because it is the last part? As you go over these guidelines on how to write a conclusion for a research paper, keep in mind that the energy you start your paper with is equally necessary when concluding your research.

What this handout is all about:

  • Writing a research paper conclusion
  • Errors to avoid in a research paper conclusion
  • Sample research paper conclusions

As you read these tips, remember that they are suggestions and not fixed rules to adhere to. Always be flexible and adjust your research paper conclusion depending on the audience and purpose. Are you ready? Here we go…

Basic Instructions on how to write a conclusion for a research paper

Ideally, a conclusion refers to the last paragraph(s) of your research paper. Paragraphs because bulky papers may have detailed concluding remarks, exceeding the usual paragraph, which is common in average research papers.

Just like the final chord of a song, a conclusion creates a different mood in the mind of the audience. A compelling conclusion will convince your readers that you did your homework to support your thesis statement.

Thus, a good conclusion will earn you reputation from your readers, as they will have the desire to read more of your work in future.

Summary of how to conclude your paper:

As you think about how to write a conclusion for a research paper, here are simplified things to have in mind as you approach the last sections of your assignment:

  • Reaffirm your topic and its importance– go back to your topic of research and remind the reader its significance.
  • Restate you thesis statement– Remind your audience about the main idea in the research paper.
  • Capture the counterargument and woo readers to agree with your stance. These are views, which oppose your position in the paper.
  • Call for action to the audience – Challenge the audience to do something so that your paper sticks on their mind even after reading it.

Note that once you have achieved these tasks, you will be free to engage a celebratory gear and count yourself a genius.

The following example will help you understand ways of drafting an appealing conclusion for your research paper:

Example #1 Research Paper Conclusion

This research paper on Ethical Issues in Access to Water has a nice conclusion for the understanding of these writing tips. It says:

Objective: To find out ethical issue that surround people’s access to water

Thesis: There is need for the establishment of measures, standards and indicators for the promotion of good health and protect ecological systems and natural habitats.


Several factors exacerbate the current water crisis in the world today. Among them are climate change, rapid industrialization, urbanization, high population increase and mismanagement of water resources. However, besides these interlaced factors, it is possible to contain the crisis. Of greater importance is the urgent need for excellent management practices and foster a good interlink between the uses of water and its impact to the environment. Policies should be put in place to promote equity for water rights so that everyone has equal opportunity to access healthy and clean water. This will eliminate wastage and extravagance.


From example, the writer restates the topic, and highlights its significance. The conclusion emphasizes that it is possible contain the current water crisis in the world. Additionally, the paragraph revisits the thesis by echoing the need for policies to promote equity in sharing water. This example offers excellent hints on how to write a conclusion for a research paper. Read the rest of the research paper here.

More ideas on how to write a conclusion for a research paper

A research paper conclusion has a wide range of functions. While we may not exhaust the list, we have identified important roles that this paragraph does to your paper. Read keenly and discover how you can devalue your well-researched paper with a few lines right at the bottom.

Provides bridge for your reader – It helps the audience to transit from reading the paper back to their daily lives. This further cements why you did the research analysis and compiled the details. Indeed, it is reminder that their time to read your work was not in vain.

It is your last chance to say a word– At this point you have limited space to talk to address your audience.  It allows you to make your final comments on the issues in the research paper, demonstrate why your research matters, synthesize your thoughts, and take the reader to a new level of understanding the topic. Aim at ending your paper on a positive note and stamping a lasting impression.

Your conclusion opens your mind – A good conclusion will take you beyond the confines of the issues you raised in the research paper. It will help you make new connections and better elaboration of your findings. To master how to write a conclusion for a research paper, think about the impact of your paper to the readers including how you would want them to remember you.

Your conclusion should make your readers happy – Your concluding paragraph should give readers something to go home with. Alternatively, they should start viewing issues differently because of your paper. It may offer suggestions that impress the reader and enrich their lives variedly.

Things you should NEVER include in your research paper conclusion

Your research paper can be a few lines, a paragraph or a several paragraphs depending on the size of the paper and guiding instructions. At all times, stick to your assignment instructions since your lecturer’s word is final.

Starting your conclusion with overused phrase – you do not have to stick to stale phrases of ending texts.  After all, your readers already know that you are closing your research paper. Some of the phrases to kick out of your memory from today include:

  • ‘In conclusion’
  • ‘In summary’
  • ‘In closing’

These hackneyed phrases work well when making speeches but not in research paper writing.

Stating your thesis for the first time – Your thesis should first appear in the introduction. Your audience will disregard your work if you do not position your thesis well. At this stage, reiterate your thesis.

Introducing new ideas – No new point or idea should come in your conclusion. If you have not mentioned the idea in previous sections, then you do not need it.

Repeating your thesis word for word – As you figure out how to write a conclusion for a research paper, do not openly tell the reader how lazy you are by copy pasting your thesis. Reword your thesis to harmonize with other parts of the conclusion.

Example #2 Research Papers

The following research papers have excellent conclusions to look at. Read them and see how the tips we have learned so far apply.

  1. How Race and Gender Help in Peace-building Strategies
  2. The Nokia Microsoft Alliance in the Global Smartphone Industry

How to write a research paper conclusion like a genius

Answer the ‘so what’ question – As you wrap up your research paper, why should the reader care about your topic or findings?

Revisiting your theme – After going through the methodology, graphs, and figures, probably your reader does not remember your theme in the introduction paragraph.

Synthesize your findings– Do not summarize your research paper, do a good synthesis. Include a summary, addressing the main points in the body of your paper. Show your reader how the examples and main ideas support your theme.

Propose a solution – A good research paper offers solutions to an existing problem. This will help the reader apply your paper in his her real life.

The four hints on how to write a conclusion for a research paper should put you at par with veteran writers.

More examples:

One of the ways to perfect the art of conclusion writing is learning from experts. Examine the following research papers. Their conclusion paragraphs are worth your time.

With this guide, nothing should stand between you and excellence. All the best



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