How to Write a Research Paper for Middle School

How to Write a Research Paper for Middle School

Do you know how to write a research paper for middle school? This is a paper that explores a given topic and in detail. It uses solid evidence to support specific claim or argument. As a middle school student, this is one of the most complex assignments you have to write. As a result, it is imperative that you treat writing as a process, understand prewriting and even revision because they are crucial and play a great role in determining the quality of your paper.

Know how to write a research paper for middle school

One of the most important things you should focus on when writing your research paper is the mode of the essay, its accompanying rules and procedures. Note that you will use your evidence to support your argument or the thesis. Therefore, you keep all middle school assignment parameters in mind. They include

  • Sources of information- all your sources must be primary sources from the library or online
  • Research-you need to carry out extensive research on the topic assigned
  • Notecards-create two notecards per source and follow the format provided for your assignment
  • Writing process- after research, write your paper while citing relevant sources
  • Citing sources-create a Work’s cited page following the MLA standard for citing of your sources. Note that you should complete this in the format recommended by your tutor in your research paper assignment sheet
  • Typing and formatting-type your research paper (Font 12) accurately and format it in black ink, Times New Roman and double space it. The reason why you should format your research paper well is that it makes it presentable and easy to read. It also boosts your overall grade.
  • Total page requirements-depending on your middle school grade, your research paper should be between 2 to 4 typed pages plus a cover page and a Works Cited page.
  • Due date- submit your assignment on time. Your tutor will always offer a calendar for due dates and it is wise that you adhere to it.
  • Grades-the research paper will be worth 300 points or so. This depends on your grade and you will receive a grade sheet from tutor.

Most importantly, all sections of a research paper for middle school will follow MLA format. You can always learn how to write a research paper for middle school MLA format and perfect your skills.

Prewriting process for a research paper for middle school

Once you understand the basics of your assignment, you should start the prewriting process. Spend quality time, say half of the time allotted for your assignment on prewriting. It will help you understand how to write a research paper for high school with ease as well as your research topic.

Therefore, begin with a brainstorming session of the topic assigned and determine whether the thesis of your paper will work for the assignment.

Move on to carry out the research. Try to explain the differences between your sources and find ways to enhance your essay.

Use your notecards to organize your ideas and thoughts. This is very important because it enables you to present your argument strongly.

Once your ideas are in place, it is essential that you outline your essay. An outline is very crucial for any research paper because it is the blueprint for your paper. Therefore, having a strong outline enhances the writing process and makes drafting/editing easy.

Example of an outline

  1. Main idea 1-
  2. Key Idea 1

Support for key idea 1

Support for key idea 1 and additional support including details to mention

  1. B. Key Idea 2
  2. Continue with main idea

How sub points of an outline should be organized in MLA format

  1. Topic
  2. Introduction
  1. Thesis
  2. Essay map for instance character, contributions and skills
  1. Body paragraph one
  2. Body paragraph two
  3. Body paragraph three
  4. Conclusion, which should focus on other features, restating the thesis and a concluding quote

How to write a research paper for middle school and drafting process

Understanding how to write a research paper for middle and the drafting process is very essential. As soon as you have a solid outline and have your ideas in place, you need to begin your first draft. Stick to your outline and focus on smooth transitions from idea to the other or from one topic of discussion to the other.

Make your first draft and critique the structure of your arguments to make a compelling claim. evaluate your introduction and determine whether it is a hook, study your body paragraphs and ensure there are smooth transitions between them and go ahead to analyze your conclusion.


Editing and revising research paper for middle school

Editing and revising your paper is often the final and simplest step. Know how to write a research paper for middle school that is flawless, relevant and honest. For this reason, make the most of collaborative learning, proofread, edit and revise your paper. Check on


MLA headings, citations and bibliography pages

Spelling and grammar errors

Ensure your essay is accurate and meets all your tutors’ requirements.

How to write a research paper for middle school in 7 simple steps

  1. Choose a good topic

You may be assigned a topic and you may to choose your own. Therefore, select a good topic that you are curious about but avoid subjects that you already have a lot of knowledge about

  1. Brainstorm, refine your topic and develop a thesis

Carry out preliminary reading about your research topic and get at least one significant aspect to explore in-depth

  1. Research your topic and take notes

Utilize primary and online sources to gather credible information. This will help you to understand better how to write a research paper for middle school and settle for intelligent ideas about the subject you are writing about. Most importantly, your information should be Relevant, Appropriate, Detailed, Current, and Credible and not biased.

  1. Develop a thesis

Formulate a thesis by focusing on your purpose. Are you going to analyze? Consider small and major points of your topic and settle for those that prove your thesis. Start with the strongest points and support it with solid evidence. Once you have settled for the best ideas, construct the last or final thesis statement to include in your research paper.

  1. Write an outline

Use your note cards, review them and select the strongest claims to support your topic and thesis sentences. Order your concrete details (CDs) logically.

  1. Drafting

Get all the information from your outline and write them in paragraphs while keeping in mind cited information. Remember to cite all sources correctly including quotes and all paraphrased ideas

  1. Revise and Polish to eliminate all possible errors


Research paper for middle school examples

Example 1

Topic: Nutrition

Health and Environmental effects of Industrial Food

In an effort to increase food production and feed a population that is ever growing, several measures have been put in place to supplement organic food farming. One of the measures is adoption and practice of various industrial food production methods. The methods and operations aims at maximizing profits by optimally enhancing production. From their intense activities, the practices are prone to cause a lot of environmental harm due to heavy dependence on petroleum products and oil. This is coupled with extensive use of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones that degrade the environment.

You can read this research paper and see how ideas flow logically based on a simple research paper outline.

Example 2

Topic: Darien Scheme

Darien Scheme was one unfortunate ambition of few individuals to create a colony on the Isthmus of Darien in 1698. Following the ill faced scheme, Scotland lost its economic standing and became bankrupt. As per history, Darien Scheme was a William Peterson scheme, the founder of the Bank of England. Having extensively travelled through America and West Indies, Peterson, a Scot, drew most of his fortunes from international trade……………………………………………………………………………….

This link leads you to the above sample research paper for middle school. Find out more about research paper from the link.


Example 3

Gender Wage Gap

Gender gap is an issue that has generated tough debate in the US and many other nations across the globe. It is the difference between the wages that women earn and wages earned by. This can be measured in different ways but the most commonly used method has been evaluation of full time and full year wages.

This is a simple research paper topic for middle school. You can go through the entire paper at essay experts and learn more on how a good paper should be written.


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