How to Write an Essay Introduction for a Book

How to Write an Essay Introduction for a Book

Writing an essay for a book tends to be descriptive and analytical. When you have this assignment, you must prepare for a thorough job that involves a deeper understanding of the book in question. In while describing the book, you paint the content plainly for the reader to visualize your essay. Do this in a persuasive way, and give them every reason not to miss reading your whole paper. Besides this, you must introduce your essay in a captivating manner that wets the reading appetite of your audience. Read on and find out more hints on how to write an essay introduction for a book.

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How to write an essay introduction for a book

Before you an essay for a book, take your time, read the book, think deeply about the book and demonstrate your understanding.

An essay about a book can take any format. In most cases, your tutor will give you a guide to follow in order to come up with an essay that meets your course objectives. Stick to these guidelines because they form the basis of grading and evaluation of your work.

When writing your essay introduction, do the following:

Stage 1: State the title and author of the book – As you think of how to write an essay introduction for a book, your focus should be on identifying the text fully. Clearly capture the title and author of the book you are writing about. This helps the reader to know what you are doing.

Stage 2: Give publication information – Here, state the publisher and the city of publication. Also, capture the year publication, current edition and the number of pages.

Stage 3: State the genre – As you introduce your essay, classify the book appropriately. For example, state if it is fictional or nonfictional.

Stage 4: Give a brief review of the book – At this level, summarize the main ideas, which the author is advancing in the book.

These four stages should help you do an excellent essay introduction. However, your work will be easier and enjoyable if you read the text and grasp its theme. As you read, keep the following questions alive in your mind:

Questions to ask before writing an essay introduction of a book

  1. What is the main issue that the author is addressing in the book?
  2. What is the author’s thesis statement?
  • What is the order of ideas in the book, thematic or chronological?

If you can provide accurate answers to these questions, then you will draft your paper with ease. For now, let us consider an example that will help you gain more insights on how to write an essay introduction for a book.

Example #1: Sample essay introduction for a book

In the Essay on the Novel: The Color Purple by Alice Walker, the writer digests the book to help readers understand it better. Here is the introduction:

Alice Walker’s, The Color Purple, was published in the year 1980 in California. The setting of the novel is in the rural areas of Georgia. In this book, black women demonstrate their love each other and documents their tales in the hands of their abusive men. Throughout the book, the author focuses on the struggles of black women as they strive to gain self-esteem and respect. It captures  their effort to realize equal treatment in the society. The two main themes of this novel are violence and oppression.


Notice how the writer introduces this essay by laying the foundation and helping the reader understand the novel easily. In the first two sentences, he identifies the author and title of the book plus the year and city of publication. The introduction also gives the context of the book by painting a setting characterized by violence and oppression. You can read the rest of the essay here.

Steps on how to write an essay introduction for a book

The following guidelines on how to write an essay introduction for a book should help you identify relevant information to include in your paper.

 IDEA 1: Provide enough background information – Besides giving bibliographical details, which should include the author, title and publisher, furnish your audience with historical background of the book. For example, identify the time and region within which the events of the book are taking place.

IDEA 2: State the author’s purpose – Since you read the book before writing, explain to the reader why the author wrote the book. Was the author under the influence of any prevailing circumstances?

IDEA 3: Identify the thesis of the book – This could be hard for fictional books. However, when writing an essay introduction on a nonfictional book, be sure to bring out the author’s main idea. The author’s thesis shows his work’s contribution and significance.

IDEA 4: Give your thesis statement – After identifying the author’s main idea, it is now your turn to create a statement to propel your argument as you write about the book. Your thesis should come toward the end of your introduction paragraph and must coherent with a convincing evaluation of the book.

Your thesis statement should have the following parts:

  1. The main argument of the book
  2. Strengths and weaknesses of the book
  • Your evaluation of the book regarding the strengths and weaknesses

As you will see from the following example, an introduction of your essay sets the pace for the rest of your work. Study it to gain more knowledge on how to write an essay introduction for a book.

Example 2: Sample essay introduction for a book

Consider the following essay on  ‘A Random Walk Down Wall Street’. The writer reviews the book, explaining various angles, which the author uses to advance his argument. Here is the introduction:

Burton G. Malkiel’sA Random Walk Down Wall Street’, is an investment book, which was published in 1973. Since then, the book has been revised seven times and the current edition was published in 2012. Malkiel is a Professor of Economics at Princeton University and the Chairman of Chemical Bank. This stamps his credibility as an authoritative voice in addressing matters of investment and advising potential investors. Thus, the theme of the book is investment.

The author wrote the book to help investors understand the advantages of purchasing and withholding an index fund against purchasing and selling individual securities. The author also saw the need of educating potential investors on the need of making a good choice of a performing portfolio.

From this introductory excerpt, the reader gets what the book is discussing right from the onset. The writer brings out the qualifications of the author, including his educational background and career history. Importantly, in the introduction, the writer quickly emphasizes the main reasons that pushed the author to write book.

With this example and the above principles of how to write an essay introduction for a book, let us look at a final section of the guide and you will be free to compete favorably in writing good papers.

The general rules of how to write an essay introduction for a book

Write interesting stuff – No reader has all the time to waste on a boring essay that is flat and dull. Start your essay with a hook to grab the attention of the audience.

You never get a second chance to impress – Your introduction will make a lasting impression to the reader. Give it your best shot so that he or she will develop the interest to read the rest of your paper.

Have your audience in mind – As you write your essay on a book, keep in mind the person who will read your final copy. If it is your professor, ensure you are address everything contained in the assignment brief.

Read the book before writing – You cannot write an essay introduction for a book without reading the text. Set aside some time to go through the publication before you create your essay.

We hope these instructions have enhanced your understanding of how to write an essay introduction for a book. Find more essays below:

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