Human Resources Management (HRM) Research proposal Assignment on The Effects of ‘Negative Social Interaction’ at the Workplace

You helped me draft some interview questionnaires a month ago. I have also made some minor changes later on. Thank you very much for your previous help, and this time I hope you can help me with some revisions to my drafted proposal. If you’d like, you can read the full content of what I wrote.//

So here are some recaps: I was drafting a research proposal on the negative sides of social interaction in the workplace, mainly focusing on the Chinese service sector. Therefore, I now have feedback from the teacher and hope you can revise based on the teacher’s comment. (Comments are marked in the document. Please check it out! And she mainly comments on the first part of the proposal) //

I think we need to narrow it down to a specific topic; ; I wonder if we can narrow it down to the aspect of ‘social interaction at the workplace: the Work-life Balance in the Chinese service sector.’?//

Also in the section on contribution to the literature? Can we write it this way? Offers HR development professionals with evidence supporting implementations to minimize negative workplace interactions..etc. My thoughts are confused at the moment:(//

If anything, you can make revisions directly to the proposal or mark it with a new document. You don’t need to write me a new proposal! Once again, thank you very much for your time and help. Please get in touch with me if you have any confusion! //

Best regards,