Improve and Embed Project Management Practices in Organizations

Developing a Framework to Improve and Embed Project Management Practices in Organizations

Following high demand for better and effective project management practices within organizations, it is important for organizations through their respective managements, to ensure that there are effective strategies for better project management practices. However, according to Fernandes et al (p846), many organizations are unable to achieve the above requirement due to lack of understanding of project management practices especially through the development of effective embed project management practices. Therefore, this article provides a clear understanding of the important of successful embed project management practices within various organizations as revealed by Fernandes et al (p846). Similarly, various organizations are able to use the research findings from this article in curbing challenges faced because of poor project management practices within their organizations.

From the findings of the research by Fernandes et al (p846-856) indicates that most of the organizations that face project management practices fails to develop and use the required standardized project management practices. Similarly, Fernandes et al (p854) also revealed that poor project management practices might result to due to lack of proper PMP implementation practices. For instance, these organizations need to use implementation approaches such as coaching of the organization’s workers on the use and importance of project management practices (Mirza, Nabeel, Pourzolfaghar & Shahnazari 723). Therefore, the above idea contained within the article concerning embed project management practices is important to organizations because it helps organizations to develop effective embed project management practices. In the process, it will help organizations in ensuring that effective organization’s expansions are developments are achieved. Hence, the document should be used by organizations with or without better project management practices.













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