Interview Summary and Findings on Anti-Violence Partnership AVP organization

Interview Summary and Findings

This paper depicts an interview that I conducted with a representative from the Anti-Violence Partnership AVP organization. It is a nonprofit firm that has committed and put efforts to assist the crime victims. Its objective is to end violence via initiating programs that supports, protects and counsels the victims.

As a nonprofit firm, AVP offers voluntary services to the victims. These services include; supporting victims who are suffering emotionally due to crisis. This firm creates awareness to the victims concerning the progress of their case. Through this organization, victims get to know about their proceedings in court. Anti- Violence Partnership is also beneficial when it compensates crime victims. It aids them to access protection orders and to be in touch with the police to enhance harmony.

In this interview, the respondent’s view in respect to my questions enabled me to learn a lot about nonprofit organizations. His response concerning the nonprofit financer fund was that he submits the bills of victims who are involved in the crime. This individual ensures that money reaches the state of PA. This is because the funds are usually donated by private agencies and the government.  Clearly, I found out that there are various non profit firms that have engaged with AVP. They include the behavioral health section, hospitals and victim firms.

The interviewee also responded that they administered counseling programs to the crime victims. This was one way of assisting those who were involved in such cases. He further revealed that the mission of the organization was to ensure that it brought violence to an end. The firm could accomplish this via the counseling programs that it had introduced to the victims.

Evidently, these programs were essential in this case because they benefited the entire society. I also noticed that besides relating with various organizations, AVP had also major stakeholders in the project. They included the police and crime victims or clients whom they reached through emails and phone calls. During the interview, I realized that this nonprofit firm faced main problems. This was in regard to the manner which they administered their services. For instance, they had to meet all social needs of clients without disrupting the agency.

Based on the response from the interviewee, he revealed that they overcame such challenges by coordinating with the city victim advocacy in Philadelphia. They also collaborated with support committee that represented victims in the society. This coalition assisted them to handle the problems that they encountered. As a result, this made the firm to be in a better place to offer aid to the victims and their families. Different firms get back to this organization by returning to their offices to appreciate their responsibilities. As a nonprofit firm, AVP has a way of recognizing the outcome it imposes on individuals in the community.

Their impact is direct because they connect with clients via counseling sessions. By assessing their housing issues and compensation at the firm, they are in a position to determine the beneficiaries and non beneficiaries of their services. On asking if the firm had a strategic plan, the response was that they lacked because it was under a new administration. Evaluating on leadership factor at the organization, the respondent claimed that it seemed to have a bright future. Based on meeting their expectation, his response was that they are still working hard under the new leadership.

In relation to his judgment, he had a strong believe in what AVP was practicing. This is because it was in accordance with NGO concepts. He further added that the services which they offered were valuable when they changed the lives of the crime victims. In this regard, they perceived themselves to be vital in the society by ensuring that victims had access to their services. The interviewee responded that AVP organization accounted its annual reports to Pennsylvania commission on crime and delinquency PCCD. Furthermore, they also accounted their activities to the office of the Attorney General.

The entire procedure was transparent because they involved their clients to participate to the state level. On asking him about their activities and how they differed from other firms, he revealed that he was only aware of how they conduct operations at AVP only. From his perspective and personal experience at the firm, the challenge he encountered was to access stubborn individuals in the community. This motivated him to identify people to assist their organization to reach the rest in the community. Personally, since he started working at AVP, he leaned to be more social with members of the society.

His words of advice to students of nonprofit management is to ensure that they study and gain skills concerning administration and its objectives. This is because they will be aware of the concepts that non profits organizations embrace to become successful. It is also vital for students to understand aspects that are applied in human resources. For instance, being familiar with regulations that apply in such organizations will enable them to interact and help victims in a comfortable way. In addition, students need to realize that to progress in managing the nonprofit sector; they need to associate with all kinds of individuals. In this regard, students have to embrace the virtue of patience. This is because, in managing nonprofit firms,, they have to wait to earn good returns.

Interview Observations

In general, the entire interview was successful because the interviewee was compliant when he responded all the questions well. My feelings towards this interview are that I learned a lot about managing nonprofit organizations. I noticed the efforts that these firms incorporated to offer their services to the victims of crime through the AVP organization. I felt that through the connection that they created with crime victims and their families, it was a step that contributed in restoring peace in society.

The overall details that I was able to obtain were the mission of the AVP organization. I found the firm to be beneficial when it extended its help to victims of crime. This was via changing them into better persons. In this interview, everything went right as it was arranged. At some point, the conversation was deep when the interviewee revealed the manner in which they served people and the setbacks which they encountered. The positive part of this interview session was that the response was on a general level.

Evaluating this interview, the results were that leaders who intended to manage a nonprofit organization were required to be patient to earn their efforts. Another outcome that I found out from this interview was that nonprofit organizations such as AVP became successful. This is because their operations were transparent and they engaged their clients. The most interesting information that I gained is that leaders in non profit firms need to relate well with stakeholders to enhance progress.